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Dream interpretation a lot of Water 😴 dreamed of why a lot of Water dreams in a dream


Saw a lot of water in a dream – the events that happened will literally cover you with your head. Worries and worries will not leave time for rest.

A dream can also mean falling under a flurry of emotions shown by someone close to you who need your participation.

Where you saw a lot of water in your dream?

A lot of water outside according to the dream book ▼

Had a lot of water on the street – significant changes in life are expected. Perhaps a new interesting acquaintance, an exciting journey or a love adventure full of feelings.

Why dream of a lot of water around ▼

A dream with a lot of water around promises the appearance of luxury in your life. If the water is clean, troubles and worries will bypass you. Scale water indicates the appearance of troubles, problems, difficulties.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

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I dreamed of a lot of Water, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why a lot of Water is dreaming in a dream, just write a dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

a lot, a lot of water (like the sea) and one of the unfinished residential premises went under water and we began to quickly run away from the neighboring. in a dream there was a deceased friend of mine and we took off saved bags with things

I dreamed of a lot of muddy water, then loaded dead fish with someone and poddlich some rats and rodents like Andatra

I dreamed how I was in some kind of water cycle, as if floating on something&# 8230; my feet got wet, as if on an escalator I was lifting up out of the water into a house, a wonderful guy with anorexia was waiting for me there.. I said that I really want to be so thin. he brought me sneakers and I was looking for socks to put on dry shoes

On the street, outside the window, there was a flood of dirty water, the cars went under the water and she reached the window sill, although everything was dry from the side of the yard. There was a fear that she was about to pour into the house. But while they were fussing with loved ones to accept something, she abruptly retreated. And after that, unknown people came to the windows and looked inside the house. I looked out of the window and began screaming to disperse them.

On the street, outside the window, there was a flood of dirty water, the cars went under the water and she reached the window sill, although everything was dry from the side of the yard. There was a fear that she was about to pour into the house. But while they were fussing with loved ones to accept something, she abruptly retreated. And after that, unknown people came to the windows and looked inside the house. I looked out of the window and began to scream them away.

Hello! I dreamed of the late younger brother, rocks around rocks and water, I was in the water. the water was not calm. a ship was approaching me. I did not drown, I can swim, but at the end of the dream, my brother appeared from somewhere&# 8230;

I saw a lot of standing water after the rain. The courtyard of a storey building was flooded with this water and it stood there. And I looked and thought about how to get her out

I dreamed that I saw water similar to a pond and on the water with the top in places there was mud, I got into this water, I don’t remember how I began to get out to swim along it to the shore and got to the shore with clay, then I went further along the road and saw a lot of people walking along the road, I stopped and looked around me there was a lot of water, I didn’t know what to do, then I looked in my backside and saw waves appear on the pond from where I got out, as if someone was huge in this pond and lifted waves, then the waves rose more and more and someone shouted to me: in the water the bull is swimming, run, I began to look at it but did not see it and ran in front of me there were 2 roads, one like a stitch and the other in the form of an iron bridge but very narrow,people ran along these roads, I stopped and began to choose the road along which to run and chose this bridge and ran and there was a lot of water around me, but it was not the same as in that pond, cleaner then I woke up.

i got lost in the city. I was looking for a way could not get out of the city, there was water around .I find a house, I went in there, a friend was sitting with an older sister, we go out with an older sister, and a friend stayed in the house and this house collapsed on a friend and again water .

I dreamed of a lot of water after the rain, but the rain itself was gone. The vegetable garden was flooded, a hole formed in the stretch ceiling due to heavy rain.

Ex-husband and a lot of water in the street around.A flash of old feelings between us, he said that he was bored and did not know how to continue to live.

The sea was not very calm or I don’t know the river .dirty water melted .straight big pieces of ice were fed into the water with a crash . The water then flowed calmly then raged in strong waves .I was on the run and looked at it.

I am indoors with my employees, but this is not an office. One of the employees constantly removes the carpets on the floor. I also thought that he was shaking these carpets all the time, but I didn’t say anything to him. He picks them up three carpets and re-sews them all the time. One of the carpets is green. Carpets are new enough but dusty. Then I go out and when I come back I see a large corridor and an open door door to the toilet . There are many people, they laugh and seem to be hiding someone. I just remember that one of these people was the same employee who made the carpets under my feet. It turned out they are hiding my former deputy, who left with a big scandal and did a lot of nasty things to me as a leader and personally to me as a woman. They all laugh and I got very angry, started screaming, kicked out the deputy and then pushed the deputy’s mistress out of the room, I don’t know how she got there. She fell down, only the headband was stripped. She had a jug of orange juice in her hands, which, when she fell, spilled.

hello, I had a dream today, a dream was running through me water and I heard it, and at the van where she ran where I stood the water was muddy

it seems that my house is standing and there is a lot of water with green mud by the river, so I see that the corner of my house is undermining the water, I get scared then the water at home recedes and the river flows by, but in this dream I see that the owner of the store where I worked is removing the door from the store thank you in advance

It’s like a disaster all around on the street in the water. And I run where it’s dry and my husband seems to be near . And next to a wave and a passenger plane in the water is moving towards us, but we were able to dodge. The plane fell apart and we thought how to get out of us and we began to build a raft took material from the collapsed plane. The water was blue, as if not dirty . It was sunny and green outside. I don’t know, I work at an aircraft factory. Maybe the plane is somehow connected with this. And my husband works there.

Today is Tuesday night 16.ten.2018 initially dreamed that I was driving in a car and suddenly a stream of water came along the road, and the car washes away to the river bank, but the car did not drown but remained standing, the water subsided, and the next moment I was on the river bank, went swimming, swam a lot and suddenly I realize that it is already dark, night and I hear a robot advancing a large influx of water, I quickly swam to the shore in great fear. And at the end of the dream, my husband sadly shows me how the car was damaged by the flow of water, but right there before our eyes he corrects everything, and says that it’s okay, but I’m trying to wipe off the parts from the rust&# 8230;.a dream filled with emotions&# 8230;.now I’m worried, I always see the prophetic son&# 8230; and I’m sick now&# 8230; what is it all about?

I had a dream where my friends and I are under clean water, we sit at the table and talk, it seemed as if it did not bother us. And I feel that I do not have enough air and I float to the shore and my friend follows me

good day. Dream &# 8212; I am standing in a flooded apartment, the water is cold and muddy, my daughter is sitting on my neck. I leave the house on the street and there, too, everything is in the water. I thought a flood. Why did this dream?

At first I dreamed that I was in the water. In a lake surrounded by a dark forest, night. Something scared me, but that was before I started to wake up to a dream. I swam to the shore, trying to get out and suddenly woke up, but not in reality, but in a dream. Something happened, because of which I and my family (father and brother) got into the car and drove, as it seemed to me, through the park. We drove through the greenery. We drove under a tree, where there was a fountain, a couple of drops of water fell on me. Then the car picked up speed, we dodged through the bushes, there is a lake, the car jumped over it, and beyond the lake there is another one, we drove into it, I jumped from the car, the car went under the water, and I am afloat. In front of the forest is dark, with water going into it. It felt like the water wouldn’t let me in. And the feeling of fear came again. At this moment I woke up, for the present.

I walked with my brother in the city center, and then we went for a run and left our things on the side, and then went to another place forgetting about our things, and when we remembered about them we returned and there I saw my friends and went with them, and my brother disappeared somewhere, we went into a very large pool, and it was deep there, and I began to drown, and so I learned to swim

From the window of the house where I lived until I was 17, I see my first love with a naked torso swimming in a cold river, in the evening, in the fall.

My mother wants to go to her friend to spend the night and I stand in tears in front of my mother and ask her not to leave, but my mother says that she cannot stay. I told my grandmother about it and she said that I can come to them. Then my grandmother comes into my house with my mother and puts a 10 liter eggplant with clean water in the middle of the room

I swam in the Yakom Sea, having passed the Yakiy Choven, and I was less likely to drag out from the shore, I couldn’t whimper a little more. I am standing near the water and I don’t want to taste the riba, I’m catching it by my hand and in it I’ve got some good teeth, I’ve chewed it (one at a time, no blood ’’ I kicked the riba near the water, it poured further and all. And in the beginning, I drove to the shore, there is a bully&# 8217; yatero little kittens.

I dreamed that they fell off a cliff in a car into the water with a loved one, both got out. The water was cloudy.A feeling in a dream of regret that we will not pull the car from this cliff and fear that there is nothing to work on.

When I appeared in mine, they put me in some kind of cage, then I began to jump against my will and started to jump from there, they put me in another, but even there I jumped out then they put me on some island where you could see all the cells of the faces I did not remember people in the cage where I was still sitting, the monkey then I started walking into some river just below the knee and so I walked to some house with one room and there was water there, too, further I cannot tell

Very small village and very pretty. Summer, everything is green around and cut lakes, a lot of water and a sunset
I go and shoot all this beauty on my phone

I got into some house, I leave it to go home and there is water around to the very porch and it rains the water is clean

We (don’t remember who) walked through the forest. There were caps of snow (the grass was visible, but I remembered that there was snow). All in all, everything is gray &# 8212; the sky and mb was fog. A stream of water gushed out of nowhere, it knocks down, walks up to the shins +-. The water is warm, + – clean, somehow they coped with the group. Then the stream subsided, or after a while there is a second stream of water, it is already cold and very strong, up to the waist, it blows everything in its path. I thought that we would not get to where we were going, but then, as it seemed to me then a reasonable insect, his name was Ladn. He did not speak to us, he simply, somehow moved especially, and I understood him. Where the name comes from, I don’t know either. Okay helped us, he gave us skateboards&# 8230; and we, standing on them, were able to swim from above on the stream. Then the stream subsided again. (Further, I don’t remember the dream clearly, we were underground, we were looking for something there, but I clearly remember that there were underground fountains (human handiwork), they were decorated with diamonds, etc. (the association was like with a fountain at VDNKh), then we started going back. We walk in the snow, I remember that it was no longer loose, but wet. We walked past the lake (the landscape is gray again), it was quiet, when suddenly the water boiled, and some female voice (a person from the group) tells me, you see, it’s an underground fountain beating. And the water boiled very much. For some reason it was creepy. We went further, after a while something hummed, the group was alerted, we realized that it was again a stream of water. I tried to discern where he came from, since there were no longer any reservoirs nearby, but he just appeared from nowhere: a bush, earth, etc. The first stream poured in again, warm and weak. It was necessary to look again for ways to escape from the second stream. And Ladn appeared again. Most importantly, it looked like a Thin stick, and as a head it looked like a white flower. The dream ended abruptly, I was already at home. Oleg was nearby, as if they were also on that journey, although I don’t remember them. Ladn appeared again, he wanted to tell me something, took me to my mother’s room, my mother followed us. And he began to poke at mom, pointing at her, and then at the forest that was drawn on our carpet. I deciphered: “when my mother went into the forest” (and I felt that it was without me), he tried to show something else, but I could not understand, he was angry, and I even got drunk that he would bite me. I felt that it was something important, that the consequences concerned me. And the dream ended. The most interesting thing, I did not know what an incense flower looks like. After sleep I googled &# 8212; it turned out to be small and white, almost like in a dream&# 8230; Please help me, I think this is a very important dream.

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