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Dream Interpretation Abandoned. Why dream of the Abandoned to see in a dream – Dream Interpretation


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Now you can find out what it means to see the Abandoned in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books!

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Dream interpretation – abandonment

Do you feel like you have been kicked out or excluded from a certain area of ​​your own life?? Do you feel abandoned or abandoned? You have allowed a person or group of people to take a special place in your life, and now you feel disconnected from them? If so: it’s time to become the main authority in your life yourself, to look for your own inner truth.

Abandonment: May indicate unresolved issues from childhood or even past lives.

If this is the case, you need to sort out these issues right now.

Self-pity will only make matters worse.

Feelings of abandonment: can also occur after the death of the person who helped you to have self-respect.

It’s time to look inside yourself in order to find confirmation of your own significance there.

Abandonment can also: indicate that you should accept yourself as you are.

Are there aspects of your personality that you have discarded? It could be potential talent, ability, or instinctive urge.

Think about what it can be and what place it will take in your life.

This could be a sign that it’s time to drop inhibitions.

It can be a symbol of great freedom, where you throw off the chains and conventions that bind you.

Signs of abandonment: may appear to you on the eve of gaining independence and freedom.

Dream interpretation – abandonment

Dream interpretation – Forgotten and abandoned garden

Dream interpretation – Abandoned house with ghosts

Dream interpretation – Abandoned school, school study

School is always "school" life, her own Conscious Development (the dreamer studies the School from the inside..).

The Dreamer met with Odnoklassniki near the abandoned School – these are the Dreamer’s reflections on her conscious Development (against the background of Odnoklassniki, as it were. ).

Outside, the dark School is burnt – suggests that the Dreamer has a life experience, She is many years old, but inside the whole whole is Her "intelligence", which remained unchanged, or survived.

I tried to understand where I am, I was lost in an unfamiliar space – in reality the Dreamer lost touch with her "inner teacher", Consciousness-Soul.

The dreamer was Scared in a dream, but they all came out safe and sound – suggests that you need to pay attention to your own "inner fears", who held the dreamer "inside myself", preventing her from developing and self-realization (School – mind, development).

Dream interpretation – Abandoned house

Dream Interpretation – Abandoned military facility and husband

Returning to a previously experienced conflict of (military) interests with the husband (training ground). Conflict remained on the agenda for a long time, but you preferred to ignore it (abandoned). Moreover, it significantly took away your emotional energy (water splashes with a fountain) and drained your nerves (electric light is on). But patience has come, you are ready for a showdown (we are waiting for the military to turn off the light and water).

And now you and your husband have nothing to hide from each other (lie naked). The situation gains integrity after a conflict resolution (a man finds a woman for himself).

Mental release (going to the toilet). Feeling of vulnerability (naked), unclear further actions (night). But you understand that there is a new stage of life ahead (dawn is coming soon). Along the way, you manage to fall under the influence of the experienced negative. Something that no longer has power over you, but so far really hangs over the shadow of the past (she got her leg soiled with feces). Your husband will support you (the sister covered) while you are in a vulnerable state of liberation from the experiences of the past (urinated)

Dream interpretation – abandoned hospital

The dream prompts about the limited sphere of communication of the Dreamer (deeply in interests and inclinations), but in the conscious sphere – the Dreamer is not there, no one knows her there and no one can count on patronage (a failed trip to Tver with an unknown person).

In short, it’s time to think about your future conscious status, your place in life (education, development, formation).

Dream interpretation – Abandoned cemetery and graves in the water

A dream about the dreamer’s emotional world, closed from loved ones and from others.

A hint from a dream – you need to think-reflect about your future autonomous life, and not be afraid to slide, as Mom believes, otherwise your life experience will never be and will only come across "scoundrels" (as the heroine of the actress Tatyana Vasilyeva speaks about men).

That’s it, good luck!

Dream interpretation – Abandoned train station, football with android demons

Your dream with images "strange creatures"(demons), with an abandoned station and abstract, dashing dances, painted faces, like clowns – it can mean difficulties in contacts, careless handling of documents and information, taking on many small matters, as a result of which a person periodically falls into time trouble.

In the best case, there is a great interest in religion, art (poetry, music), intuition, subtle movements of the soul and the ability to empathy develop, you feel well the atmosphere, the mood of people, you can influence them, but you yourself can be influenced by others. it may seem to you that the world around you is up in arms against you, there are ill-wishers around.

Sleep advice: yoga, meditation, spiritual practices for the development of intuition, hidden possibilities are fruitful.

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