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Dream Interpretation Acne on the back 😴 dreamed of why acne on the back in a dream see

Felomena’s dream book explains acne on the dreamer’s back by the fact that in real life he does not feel joy from the position he occupies, his occupation does not suit him.

If you see such dreams quite often, you should seriously think about it and carefully look for a new job that will appeal to you.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed about acne on my back, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what you dream about Acne on the back in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

In a dream, I dreamed of 4 pieces of white pimples on the back, but large ones, what this can mean?

I squeezed out a huge, old pimple on my husband’s back. There was no blood, but the pimple seemed to sit in the meat of her husband’s back.

Hello! I dreamed that I was standing with a naked back, which was covered in pimples. And my ex-boyfriend comes up to me from behind, wants to squeeze them out and hugs my back

I looked at my daughter’s back on her shoulders with small pimples. I take off my T-shirt, and she has ripe white pimples all over her back. Some with a crust under the nisi are also felic. He pressed one like toothpaste, but it did not come out to the end, I quit pressing.

I saw my former job.where do I want to go back? Leader woman&# 8230; She spoke to me very coldly..and I did not dare to ask for a return&# 8230; then I saw.that my whole back is covered in pimples.were with pus..

Pimples on the back are purulent and a lot
Turned my back and saw in the mirror . I was scared so in reality this was not

I saw my back, she was covered in pimples, they were all over the back. They were anointed with some kind of blue ointment.

I stood in front of the mirror, and my whole back and stomach were covered with pimples, I turned around, looked at them and thought that it was probably from shugaring, and then I saw that my teeth also deteriorated, and I found holes in my teeth

On the scapula (back), a large abscess.I squeeze it out myself, I don’t feel pain, only disgust.At the same time, there is a dir.- r institute.- i am where i work.She watches everything, no one is surprised at anything, does not comment.I take the cotton pad out into the street, throw it on the ground.2 dogs run up and one of them eats it.

I dreamed that my entire back was covered with creepy purulent pimples, like a carpet. I touched them in a dream and was very upset. Didn’t understand where they came from. Earlier, in real life, a few years ago, I had acne on my back due to liver problems. In a dream, I recalled this incident and thought that, apparently, there were problems with the liver again and I needed to think about the treatment. But I was very worried.

I look at my body, and it is covered with pimples like chickenpox .Especially the back. I’m not scared, I consider this a common thing, I will plant it with a cream and everything will pass. Then a friend comes in, she has exactly the same pimples, only less than mine, and I tell her not to worry that everything will soon pass.

I dreamed that my brother had a pimple on the back of his shoulder, almost on his back.
I helped him squeeze out a lot of this gruel

I dreamed of a pinch on my boyfriend’s back and I wanted to squeeze them out, but I didn’t. The prischi were purulent

Hello.I had a dream that my son had acne all over his back, I squeezed them out, there was a lot of pus, they were already lumps, and I squeezed everything out until they bleed, and they slowly disappeared, at the end the back became almost clean, there were two pimples and then dry already

I had a dream that many huge prischis were on my back, at the same moment I looked in the mirror

I saw my back in a dream. Nothing more. Only the back covered with scarlet pimples. And the fact that I was very unhappy with my back.

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I dreamed of acne on the back in children for whom I work as a counselor, the dream is unpleasant

I squashed pimples on my sister’s back and blackheads. Warm colors prevailed. They caught her so that he poured and poured straight and froze me and her

First dream pimples on the back. A large amount, I felt with my hands. I was scared and unpleasant.
Second dream, I was pregnant. And she was not happy and was very afraid.

I meet my ex-husband, I look and his whole back is covered in ugly eels, there is no living place, and some even pulsate

I dreamed that my back was covered with small red pimples. I say to some man there that as soon as summer comes, all acne will go away under the sun. The man also has several sore pimples on his back.

Write your dream here for interpretation&# 8230; dreamed that she squeezed out a pimple to her lover on a pliche.

Hello! I had half my back in huge red pimples. I started touching them and woke up that’s all I remember from this dream

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