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Dream interpretation acquaintance with parents why in a dream


If in a dream you dreamed of a spontaneous acquaintance with the parents of your half, then you should expect the successful completion of some business, the return of the old debt and the fulfillment of these promises. The dream interpretation will explain why such an unexpected phenomenon is still dreamed of.

How to make a prediction?

In a dream, an acquaintance with the girl’s parents happened? Remember all the nuances of what you happened to see. The dream interpretation is sure that depending on the details of the vision, it is possible to predict how a certain life period will end.

If the girl’s parents seemed cute and benevolent, then in reality everything will turn out well. I dreamed that they were unhappy with the meeting? Probably, at this stage, fate decided to test you.

In a dream, you tried with all your might to avoid the girl’s mom or dad? Attention should be paid to business and health – past problems will exacerbate again.

Need help?

Why dream of an unplanned meeting with a guy’s parents? The dream interpretation believes that you need someone else’s care and guardianship, or, on the contrary, someone needs your support.

I dreamed of an unexpected meeting with the guy’s relatives? On the personal front, favorable changes are coming, the improvement of existing alliances and family ties.

According to Miller

Miller’s dream interpreter indicates that such a vision is especially favorable for a young girl. Meeting with a guy’s relatives in a dream literally means that she will soon get married and well-being.

Do not hurry!

I dreamed that you met the relatives of your beloved right on the street?

The dream interpretation is sure that you are bored with the current situation, and you strive to change it. The main thing is not to overdo it in your zeal and do not alienate your loved one.

I had a chance to see dad and mom at once in a dream in the house of a loved one? Prepare for some truly epic change.

Act more decisively!

Why dream of spontaneous acquaintance with the groom’s parents? If in reality they are not yet aware of your existence, then in the future the dream book promises pleasant communication, mutual understanding and long friendship with them.

If the previously planned acquaintance with the groom’s parents in a dream happened in extremely strange circumstances, then this means that some need to be careful in the relationship and choose words in conversation.

I dreamed that you were getting to know the groom’s relatives again? You tend to think too long about making decisions, and this often pushes you away from the goal.

Interpreting behavior

The dream book warns that the interpretation of sleep must be done taking into account the behavior and mood of the characters.

  • Satisfied parents usually dream of harmony and understanding.
  • Sad – to the luck that you miss.
  • Pale in black clothes – to bitter disappointment.
  • Thoughtful – to the need to control the situation and actions.

If in dreams there was an acquaintance with the already deceased relatives of a loved one, then the dream book believes that their souls looked from the other world to look at you.

Let go of the past!

Why dream of meeting the parents of the ex? Probably, soon you will have to face an old acquaintance in the real world and get to know him from a completely different side.

In a dream, seeing the parents of the ex means that you do not let go of a certain memory from the past, and this slows down your life.

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