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Dream Interpretation Acquaintances 😴 dreamed of what acquaintances dream about in a dream


If you see your friend in a dream and have a pleasant conversation with him, soon your affairs will go uphill. An unpleasant conversation with a raised voice promises humiliation, disputes, scandals.

What an acquaintance dreamed?

Sick friend in a dream ▼

Why is a seriously ill friend dreaming? Illness is a cost, so it is not surprising that such a plot in reality promises large expenses associated with everyday life, everyday life. They can be both forced and unplanned, and pleasant, desired – buying furniture, clothes, household appliances.

The deceased friend from the dream book ▼

If you saw a dream about a deceased acquaintance, pay attention to his words, remember what the dream told you. What has been said may come true in reality or contain advice, information that will help you in solving complex problems.

Or maybe you will receive an indication of errors that need to be corrected. In any case, pay attention to the speech of the deceased.

How many acquaintances dreamed?

I dreamed of many acquaintances ▼

If a young woman dreamed of many familiar people, then, according to Felomena’s dream book, she will have success in society, popularity, admiring glances. Against the background of such demand, the dreamer will find great love or many pleasant, fleeting hobbies.

What was the friend wearing?

What is the dream of a friend in a black scarf ▼

A familiar woman dressed in a black scarf – the dream book interprets this image as a reflection of your state: mood, health, attitude to life. Look inside yourself, think about the reason for such negative emotions.

If you feel tired, headaches, general loss of strength, then consult a doctor, perhaps the lady in the headscarf symbolized your ailment.

What gender did you dream about?

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

Friends dreamed, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the acquaintances are dreaming about, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I dreamed that I had a pleasant conversation with my friend (with whom we have not talked for several months after a major quarrel and do not keep in touch by mutual desire), so in a dream I had a strange feeling during the conversation, I was extremely surprised.this dream is being dreamed for the second time (with a slightly different plot)

Hello!For a long time I love a young man-good friend.Previously, I constantly dreamed that we had physical intimacy with him. In the end it happened in reality.The relationship between us after that sadly remained the same for a number of reasons. Now we do not see each other at all due to circumstances beyond our control, but I dreamed several times already that when we met I was terribly happy with him, and he was always drunk and rudely repulses and laughs at me.What is it for?

A dream of such a plan may indicate that you are not sure that he will be glad to you.

I dreamed about a guy&# 8230; familiar&# 8230; I don’t like him&# 8230; I didn’t even remember him for about 3 months&# 8230; he doesn’t smile&# 8230; and doesn’t look me in the eye&# 8230; what does it mean?

I was walking down the hallway to the lesson and suddenly I saw a guy who liked me with a peripheral vision, then I went into the class at the time, but it turned out that the lesson had already begun and everyone had done the test, but then I found myself in the courtyard of the college with my classmates and suddenly I saw the friend of that guy who likes me, and suddenly he shouted my name but I didn’t turn around.To. my classmate is also called like me. I shouted to him which one, he answered something, but I didn’t hear, then he threw me a golf ball, but my classmate caught him and here I woke up.

Hello! I dreamed of a handsome, tall, well-built male doctor who had operated on me recently. I don’t remember what exactly I said, but it was as if we had known each other for a long time: in a dream I sleep (my sister is next to me), and he suddenly appears and so carefully wakes me up, says something, and in the process quickly and beautifully braids me scythe (basket) that I did not notice it. Later I get up and noticing my hairstyle in the mirror, I’m just shocked that he even knows how to collect his hair like that and I wonder why he did it, and only to me? Although I’m married&# 8230; The length of my hair is average (just below the shoulder blades). What does it mean? Tell me please.

I dreamed of acquaintances (and some friends), but they don’t know each other, they never even met each other..girls were with guys, but not with those whom I know&# 8230; well, I was there by itself..well, this meeting took place in the school auditorium (so it seemed to me)

I dreamed of a friend with her roommate, but not as cheerful as always, but thinner and sad

I dreamed of an acquaintance (my husband’s sister), with whom I have not communicated for a long time (after a quarrel), it seems like she came to my house, with spots on her face, with a knocked out tooth, dyed hair white and I talked to her, and I went to contact the first. What is it for?

Hello, every day I dream that I walk along some roads and meet all the people whom I have ever known in my life, I greet someone and move on, I call someone but they don’t hear me, I just look at someone and move on. I see new people every day. The dream itself is very difficult. What is it for?

I dreamed of an acquaintance who did not see me and walked by. I ran after him, caught up on the stairs of some sort, where he and his friends were going down. I greeted him, but he did not recognize me and continued to go downstairs in bewilderment. The place was public, like a college. Then I was very upset in a dream.

I dreamed of an acquaintance with whom I had not seen for half a year, I have feelings for him, he lives in another city. In a dream, we met him at some school, as I saw him I immediately went downstairs so that he would not see me. Then they started talking, he had to swim to be taken to the school, he passed. I then went to his mother’s room, and it turned out that I was pregnant. That’s all.

hello, my classmate dreamed of me, he drowned last summer and now I dreamed about it
I don’t remember

I dreamed that my friend Polina poured a potion of truth to my friend Slava at a party. He came up to me, closed his eyes and began to say that he loved me. I took him to a separate room, Polina was sitting there (there was a sofa and a TV in the room). We sat with Slava in an upholstery and watched TV. Then he said that the party would end soon, and he still had to figure out what to tell his friends where he had disappeared. Five minutes later, Polina and I also went, but only home.

the late colleague journalist dreamed as if he had an anniversary and I was going to write an article about him in the newspaper

I dreamed that I was beautifully dressed at a party, I felt very comfortable and met a banker friend whom I had not seen for 20 years, the meeting was pleasant

I had a dream that I was at a friend’s house and suddenly a dog pressed me by the brush and opened its mouth to her and threw Her aside and so a couple of times and then noticed that a friend had a beautiful tattoo on his legs like a ship on his leg, she liked it

A friend dreamed of all his acquaintances standing in one of the rooms of an abandoned house. Then a girl came out from somewhere and stretched out her hand and he fell and came out of sleep, and at the same time when he woke up he really had a headache

I have an acquaintance (Pasha), we have known each other since 5 years old, now we no longer communicate only if we see each other we can tell each other &# 171; hello&# 187; and sometimes talk. Today I dreamed about it, I had colorful, bright colors as if it were in reality. I walked with his younger brother (Nikita) and then Pasha comes out of our entrance (we are apartment neighbors), he walked and limped, at first he didn’t see Nikita and me, then he got to the sandbox and got on the wheel and approached him the children said something and he laughed loudly, then he saw us and waited until we approached him and went further somewhere, we go and from somewhere Nikita had a waffle cup with ice cream, he could not finish it, and gave it me, but I didn’t want to, then Pasha’s former classmate came from somewhere, I offered her ice cream and Pasha immediately screamed &# 171; no, I want&# 187; I turn to him, he opened his mouth so that I could give him ice cream (he was busy with something) and then a piece of ice cream falls to the ground and I only have a waffle, I give him a waffle in his mouth from my hands and he says&# 187; damn, I wanted ice cream&# 187;. And he had a little more mouth dirty in ice cream. Everything and I woke up.
But the dream was like it was reality. Everything is so bright and colorful, the sun was shining.

Hello. I had a dream from Friday to Saturday. Deceased acquaintance in white clothes took a box with her husband’s shoes. The husband is alive.

My friends were sitting in the office. I came in. Then they started to laugh and ship me with another person. They said that he has 2 hats and he can give me one if it’s cold.

Hello! I dreamed of an acquaintance who died about a year ago! I dreamed about it at 3 a.m. My friends and I gathered at 5 in the morning for the river to swim. It’s a holiday. He woke me up, gives me a cell phone and says, take a dip, call and disappeared, was wearing a blue tracksuit. I immediately woke up with a little fright.

I often dream of acquaintances, I don’t remember him at all what is it for

I am 11 years old in my life (in a dream too), and a completely unfamiliar person asks me for my hand and heart (he is also 11 years old). I, in turn, agreed. At the wedding itself there was no one but the two of us, then his friend appeared and joined our first wedding night. At this moment I was completely calm. For some reason I am the only one undressed and naked and my, husband&# 187; touched my chest. Earlier in the day I had a dream, preparing for my wedding, relatives and classmates participated there, but the groom himself was not.
Sorry in advance if I did not print correctly. &# 128522;

Hello. I dreamed that I was walking down the street and suddenly I met my old acquaintance (we did not see her for about a year, or maybe a year and a half). She smiled at me and we went somewhere. After a moment I sit and play some muses.instrument (although I do not know how to do it), and she communicates with her friends, looking at me. I finish playing and she tells me to go see her off at the subway. I run to the subway, and she is already waiting for me there. It started to rain and I turned in the wrong direction, but a second later I was running in the right direction. Then we hugged and parted. Everything.

I dreamed of a rainy day a friend came up to me, she had a battered face and she demanded documents and debt, but I forgot the keys to the house and returned to another friend, and she went further along the road, I saw a car in a ditch and jumped on it, she turned over in the water why is this dream in a dream.

Hello, I dreamed that (friend) my covenant to walk.Calls on the phone and asks where you are ? Says that it has been waiting for me for a long time.

I dreamed of porn casing where I did not pass the selection, my friend who silently made it clear that I did not pass, collected some kind of reward in the form of silver tassels, and the girl waited for me to collect, found another cache with such tassels and, but she said that stealing is not good , and I went after.

Hello, I had a dream when I walk and talk with the guys, we talk well, we go laughing, but I don’t know them)

I only remember that I moved to Kazakhstan, there was a friend of mine who constantly wanted to sit with me, after which my friend Anya came there and changed the textbooks there, I already went through the 8th grade and we left the class with Anya and ended up in my first school in my hometown and I remembered that I saw a hall with machine guns there and went there with Anya, on the way I met a guy who I liked walking up the stairs of my current school and he took my hand, Anya climbed up to the top on the way to me and we went down with him and the dream ended

My friend and I were in the car, some guys came up from the car, pulled him out, and lifted him, threw him, and he fell, satisfied, got up

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