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Dream interpretation Admiration 😴 dreamed of why Admiration dreams in a dream to see


According to the dream book, to admire someone – you have someone who loves you.

If you dreamed that you evoke general rejoicing, it means that having got rich, you will not lose your best spiritual qualities.

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of Admiration, but the necessary interpretation of the dream is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the dream is about Admiration in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I dreamed that I was sitting at the airport, I was wearing beautiful red silk clothes in an oriental style, and chic long white hair.And the people around me admire my beauty, but at the same time I remain modest.

mom dreamed that she and I were standing in front of the church and holding hands. on the dome of the church there is a huge cross that rotates and at the same time tilts from side to side. we look and admire what we see. it would be interesting to know what it was all about, t.To. I am now in my sixth month of pregnancy

I dreamed of the sea, swimming in the water, I see a delightful coast, it’s just not probably a beautiful view!

I dreamed of the sea, swimming in the water, I see a delightful coast, it’s just not probably a beautiful view!

I was wearing a knee-length dress &# 8212; very beautiful and comfortable, the hairstyle was made of long hair, lush, the hair gathered in a large bun over the entire surface of the head was gathered and pinned at the top. The hair and dress were beautiful, deep purple and slightly freshened with a silvery sheen.I saw myself from the outside and was in great admiration of my appearance and why I woke up and apparently even spoke in a name is Natasha, 55 years old, light Russian, not married, but I really love a man 13 years younger than myself and it seems to me without reciprocity.

I had a dream in which I ended up with a loved one on the canyons, there was clear water. Lilac, blue and blue colors prevailed all around. I was so amazed by the beauty and the view around that I could not take my eyes off and, one might say, I was mesmerized.

I dreamed that I was walking with a friend and show her beautiful places, we both really liked them. there were something like palaces, lawns. I knew these places in a dream. but in reality I have never seen them

I dreamed that I walked the catwalk in snow-white comfortable shoes, a beautiful white short dress with a very beautiful hairstyle, and everyone who looked at me admired

My friends and I walked and entered the pantheon . I admired the beauty, both outside, everything was in flowers, and inside. In the middle there was a large bed where the old man lay and seemed to be alive, reading a book, praying.Then, like he disappeared or the pantheon was already closed, we began to go out, and the crowd, with happiness, began to dance and sing in the same place. I also thought that this should not be done, we are in the pantheon

I dreamed that I was in a society where there are a lot of people, they admire me, give me compliments and I really like it. I look great, beautiful and confident, I have long thick hair. but I am looking for my beloved in the crowd, I do not see him, but I know that he is somewhere near and waiting for me.

i dreamed that men admire me, I feel my incredible attractiveness and self-confidence, I like all men who see me when I appear in front of them

I was in a beautiful gray dress that I really liked.But the part of the back that was open was ugly (stooped and pimpled).

An amazing view of a stunningly beautiful mountain opened before my eyes. I take my camera and take great pictures,

Write your dream here for interpretation&# 8230; dreamed that I arrived at the sea. with a classmate with whom I have not communicated for almost 10 years. I have never been to the sea at all. in a dream it is so beautiful, bright, clean, calm. I’m happy to run, flopped into this sea. happy)) there was someone else with us. like a man&# 8230; I don’t remember exactly I didn’t see him clearly. and when she began to go out near the shore, she flapped her hand and someone bit me, I take out my hand, but like a finger, some fish clung to it, or&# 8230; it didn’t hurt much. then from the shore we watched as the fish swam big, including. I didn’t even want to leave, it’s still b, a man saw such beauty for the first time)) well, in the end, the next day we come and there is snow, winter&# 8230;. I’m in winter things and&# 8230;. strange&# 8230;

among people I know and unknown known and unknown from the book I sing songs very well, many are admired and among them there seems to be someone like Ramzan Kadyrov

I dreamed about our future home with my family, huge, beautiful, on the banks of the river, with large, six rooms. From the house you could go to the terrace, which passed over the river, meandered between the trees, high above the ground and ended on the porch of the second house, which was also beautiful and cozy. I ran into the 2nd house, and could not get enough of it. I repeated it here so cool!

It all happened suddenly, at first I stood alone, then I began to see how relatives and other people admired my body, then someone started running after me, I was very afraid of him and hid all the time, but he could not catch up with me, I hid in what -that building he entered there and when he was next to me I woke up

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