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Dream interpretation alien Garden 😴 dreamed of why someone else’s Garden dreams in a dream

If you dreamed of someone else’s garden, you will be forced to deal with issues that, in principle, do not concern you.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of someone else’s vegetable garden, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why someone else’s Garden is dreaming in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

Sleep today, watering someone else’s garden with water from a hose, a well-groomed garden, walking along someone else’s arable land on the ground, a neighbor follows me for a year.

I saw my former parent’s garden with a good harvest, and there was a potato and corn after the rain

I slept on the couch and woke up to see a former lover who sits with his back to me at the table and is engaged in signing documents.Continuation of the dream: in the garden, where juicy greens found black sandals, and then their own.

At first I sit at the table with the Poles. Feast. And then I get up and go somewhere and see a vegetable garden and start weeding near the fence from the outside. And behind the fence my grandmother sags and I go up to her and start helping. She tells me where else I need to shout the ground. I went into the ruins of her house and start screaming the ground. Fertile land. Chernozem. And when I was at the table it was a color dream. And when the earth went to scream it was white.

The vegetable garden is already with the harvest, but the tractor plowed half of it and the potatoes were on top
This is the parental garden, and I shout to the tractor driver, but he does not hear me.then I shout to my father that look what he does

My mom turned 85 on February 7. Last year, for the first time, due to health reasons, she refused to deal with seedlings and generally a vegetable garden (she lives alone in her house). She offered to do it to me &# 8212; her eldest daughter. I did not immediately, but agreed, t.To. I never did seedlings, but in my mother’s garden I did what she said. I thoroughly approached this issue (I constantly drew information from the Internet) and as a result, I grew an unprecedented harvest of everything that I planted. I gave myself completely to this work, and my mother, to my surprise and disappointment, did not help, but in every possible way interfered with me, constantly reproached that I was doing something wrong. She got used to managing herself, pointing out everything to everyone, but here she was out of business, because.To. I didn’t ask her about anything. She said that she had already regretted a hundred times that she had allowed me to work in the garden and that it would have been better if it was overgrown with grass. I endured until the end of the gardening campaign and decided that I would not do the gardening anymore, so as not to irritate my mother and ruin my ruined health to the end. Mom’s health is now very bad. On February 11, my sister and I organized a birthday for mom &# 8212; daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren and granddaughters with families. Everything went great. On the night of 11 to 12 (in the morning), I had a dream that I came to visit my mother (it was the end of summer on the street), and she was busy in the beds and everything was growing so magnificently, especially a large number of large forks of white cabbage. I was very surprised t.To. she feels very bad. We did not talk about anything in a dream and I woke up kind of dumbfounded. This cabbage stood before my eyes. Perhaps this means something and I would like to know what.

I walked up the stairs to the top, but there were no stairs back, I went down to someone else’s garden on the wire, but there was no way out .fence everywhere.

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