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Dream interpretation amulet, talisman, symbol of what the amulet is dreaming of, talisman, symbol in a dream according to Astroscope dream book


If you saw a strange plot in which some symbol or magical object took place, for example, a talisman or amulet, dream books foreshadow a meeting with some influential person. These images, according to experts in the field of dreams, indicate that in reality you will receive protection and protection.

Seeing a symbol or sign in a dream is a prophecy, command or parting word from the Universe.

The complex interpretation of this dream implies that any kind of symbol that appears in your dream must be remembered, and then its meaning must be clarified in dream books. For the most part, symbols in a dream are clues for the dreamer about what is destined for him in reality.

To dream that you find or you are given a talisman or amulet – you will receive powerful patronage and protection.

The amulet and talisman are just images that hide the main meaning. Something will happen in your life, as a result of which you will either get a new friend, companion, patron whom you can completely trust. A very positive dream.

To dream that your beloved is giving you his talisman or amulet (for a girl) – get a marriage proposal.

Traditionally, such dreams precede the actual receipt of a marriage proposal. The archetype of these images (amulet and talisman) is very strong today. You can safely expect decisive action from your beloved.

To dream that you are losing a talisman or amulet is a loss of protection or trust of someone close and dear to you. Otherwise, you will lose your luck and well-being.

Sleep is negative in all respects. Apparently, in reality, you have to go through a situation as a result of which you will lose your "amulet" (someone who protected and supported you in every possible way in difficult times).

To dream that you are giving someone a talisman or amulet – the highest degree of affection, paternal or maternal instinct.

Taking into account that by giving someone an amulet or talisman, you thereby assumed responsibility for the recipient of this gift. It is necessary to find out – who in reality the seen person is for you? Do you really tend to feel the warmest (parental) feelings towards him and the desire to protect, protect? Perhaps the emotions listed are still only at a subconscious level. You, however, need to finally determine – whether you will in reality really provide patronage to the person you see, or the desire to help him is only momentary, superficial.

To dream that you are making yourself a talisman or amulet yourself – fear, uncertainty, a distorted idea of ​​reality.

It is believed that talismans and amulets are used mainly by people who are extremely insecure. You made an amulet for yourself, which means you are ready to resort to the help of otherworldly forces in your desire to protect yourself from something and protect. The main thing that you should pay attention to is the question of what exactly causes primal fear in you, what gave rise to it in your reality? This is a very disturbing dream that requires deep analysis and immediate response.

Why is the Amulet dreaming in the Modern Dream Book

Losing an amulet in a dream is a sign that you should not lose faith in reality You will find more than you will lose.

Miller’s dream book: Talisman

Wore any talisman in a dream – to the appearance of a devoted friend and to the location of influential persons

The woman dreamed that the beloved man gave a talisman – to fulfill the innermost desires associated with marriage

Modern dream book: Talisman

A woman received in a dream as a gift from her beloved a talisman – to the embodiment of her desires for marriage

Had a dream: Talisman – interpretation of the Esoteric dream book

Love dream book: Talisman

Brand in a dream according to the Modern Dream Book

A person with a stigma – to reveal the true identity of someone from your acquaintances

The process of branding – to sadness or depression due to severe loneliness

You branded someone – to be brought to trial as a witness

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