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Dream Interpretation Ants in the house 😴 dreamed of what Ants dream about in a house in a dream

If ants dream in the house, this means that in the near future luck will be favorable to you and your family. If in a dream ants crawl into the house, then it will take more effort than expected to complete tasks.

If in a dream there are a lot of ants in the house and you cannot get rid of them, then the dream speaks of upcoming small things that will take most of your time. The dream book advises not to worry and just patiently complete all these tasks.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

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I dreamed of Ants in the house, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Ants dream about in the house in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

In a dream, I bought a house, there are many familiar people in it, I indicate what and where to do &# 8212; paint, glue! I go into the bathroom, open my wallet and a bunch of big black ants crawl out of there, in fear I throw this wallet

I dreamed that in the corner of the house there was a stick, many ants were crawling along it, one red cockroach (very large) he was hiding, then there were also 5 pieces of large black cockroaches with red breasts. Ants crawled in a line, and cockroaches at the very top of the stick crawled&# 8230; I poisoned them all and then I don’t remember seeing if they were alive.

Good afternoon Tatiana.I am glad to welcome you, my name is Elena . Dream, I stand in the kitchen and see how the dough is kneaded from a large bowl &# 8212; this is, for example, to know what volume, the cup is on the table and many ants climb out of it in different directions.

dobrij vecher tatjana spasibo za predlozennuu pomosch Snilsia strannij son mnogo melkih muravev v dome okytannih v beluu pautinu polzuschie dlinnimi dorozkami kotorih [dorozek] dovolno priozkami kotorih [dorozek] dovolno priestly nogo me rasuschie dorozek. Spasibo yanna

Good afternoon, today I dreamed that in the ceiling of my house the wicks and ants and beetles, the wooden supports seemed to have rotted and from there a lot of the insects written earlier come out, in our bedroom there are a lot of ants running exactly where we sleep, what is all this for? I hope everything is for the best

Some old room, there is ground on the floor, in this ground there is a door as if to a basement, I opened this door, and there, right next to the ground and near the door, ants crawl, I walked on them, but they did not touch me. I remember exactly that I really needed to get into this basement. Seeing that there is earth under the door, and I will not be able to get there, I started to leave, the earth collapsed along with the ants. I still left. Then I remembered that the thing that I had to take in the basement (keys) would be in another place. Please explain the meaning to me) Thanks in advance.

The red ants were in the corner in the house, I saw the ants themselves, and the anthill in the corner, they tried to get on my left leg and bite, and I just cracked my leg and threw them off.

I came as a lady to my mother, to visit, and in Sebch’s room I was sorting things out on my bed, there was food in addition to clothes.. When I started to take out the food, crumbs fell out of it, and ants began to run on these crumbs. At first there were about 10 of them, I got scared and began to choke them, they still fled to their place, and in total there were about 20 or 30 of them&# 8230; and at the moment when more ants started to run, I woke up.

Hello! I dreamed of a lot of ants in the kitchen, and supposedly I sprinkled them with salt, but they ran from one place to another.

In a dream, many ants climbed the wall, which I began to poison in the house where I was going to move. I poisoned them with all sorts of vices, but not all survived

Small ants in the house there are a lot of them rubbed with yarrows what to kill, but they didn’t die, I love them, the color was brown

in my father’s house, queens of ants were crawling, I cleaned them with a wet broom, from the floor, from the wall.cleaned the whole house, room by room.

Ants of huge size, in huge numbers in the house on the floor. They are washed away by a stream of sticky liquid that came from nowhere and goes somewhere under the wall

I saw a lot of them ants, they crawled on the ceiling on the bed, everywhere at first they were small and then they became big and black

Hello, today I dreamed of black ants, there were a lot of them at home, they ran there and then I killed them and there were a lot of relatives there, they also helped, but mostly I killed myself

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