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Dream interpretation Archery 😴 dreamed of what Archery dreams about in a dream

The interpretation of the dream of archery often depends on whether the target was eventually hit. If you shoot and miss, you will probably make a decision in reality, which you will later regret. A hit portends good luck and the implementation of long-standing plans.

According to Felomena’s dream book, if they shoot at you, it means that someone may wish you ill, spread rumors. When a girl sees a dream about her lover, where he shoots from a bow, perhaps this person is not yet ready for a serious relationship, for family and adult life.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of archery, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why you dream of Archery in a dream, just write your dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

In a dream, I shot from a bow at the objects around me and small animals: a cat, a squirrel, a mouse, while I was holding the bow incorrectly &# 8212; aunt forward. I don’t remember exactly, but it looked like it was something like a competition, but only I was shooting a bow. I hit the animals, although they sat almost at peace and immediately after being hit they pulled arrows out of them. All animals are alive.

First, the school library (I finished school 2 years ago). I choose a book, I can’t remember the title for a long time, I remember &# 8212; &# 171; bile&# 187;. I was in the library with a friend, not a schoolboy. I leave the library and the next moment I am on the plane, I remember the moment of fastening the seat belt, I feel the takeoff. After a moment, somewhere in ancient times in some kind of battle, I am with a bow, on the front line, I give instructions to the boy standing behind, I don’t remember his face, but this moment was remembered, I worried about him.

bachila yak all stripping from onions, tse bulo to be fine, for such a reason, I actively took part in the whole, I see that the dream is special, and that I’m going to screw it up throughout the day. for good luck, dyakuyu)

Travel in time, went to different eras, and to the war. There were two more people with me (friends, but in real life I don’t know them). At each battle, I stood on a high place and saw very little the battle itself, and tried to hit the enemies, shooting from a bow, but all the time I missed.

I was preparing to shoot from a bow with a stretched title and arrows, but I did not shoot at whom I do not remember.The dream picture changed from one to another, in the second picture I met an old acquaintance, the picture was happening at my ex-wife’s, and he left the drugs there, which for some reason I took, the ex-wife asked me from home for some unknown reason, as a result of which the police arrested me , I took drugs, put the leftovers in my pocket, also distributed them to friends, whose faces I do not remember

My name is Elena. I am 35 years old. I dreamed that I ran past some kind of trucks, cranes. I was afraid that they would touch me. When I already ran, a young man shot me from a bow, and I clearly remember a man, a brunette with a small beard and mustache, hit me in the right ear with an arrow. Some woman (and I perceive her as a friend in a dream) shoots at this time in front of me and hits my left ear. A man runs up to me, takes out an arrow, my blood flows, asks how I feel and kisses me on the lips and at the most interesting place I wake up.

I was taught to shoot a bow. Some person supported me, showed me how to hold a weapon, I did not see his face. It was dark either before dawn or dusk. There were targets ahead to shoot at. But before lowering the aunt, it was necessary to string raw meat on arrows, like on a skewer. I remember well these pieces hanging from the arrow.

in a dream I fired a bow at adults, in my opinion there was blood, I don’t remember exactly. then the young people and I, disguised as mud, walked along the canal under water, at the end of the path we came out of the water. I had a dream today

Good evening Tatiana! My girlfriend dreamed about me, in the guise of a warrior. Fit, slim. She saw me pull the bowstring. In general, I clearly saw the drawn bow. I shot the tightrope. The arrow hit the middle of the rope and stuck.

I found myself in a different time, when people had to survive and fought every day.I had archery.I was against the guy I see for the first time.There were 3 attempts&# 8230; 1st unsuccessful, like his 2nd, too, the same..And he began to shoot apples and hit me in the arm, it hurt.Then he turned his back and I took it and shot him right in the back and he fell.

i dreamed that I was in some forest, like in late autumn with some old man (he was dressed in gray and had gray hair). for some reason he asked me to show my skill in archery, that is, to shoot with him, and for some reason I immediately agreed and started shooting at him very quickly, releasing arrows, and he began to catch all these arrows, he was two steps away from me. then he said that it was enough to shoot and I stopped laying. then we went somewhere in the forest and he said that he would give me some kind of gift and that I would find out about him later.then for some reason I took the bow by both edges and began to bend it, and it began to smooth out into the old machine gun, I once again took it by both edges and began to bend it and it folded near the map, but those cards were very large and for some reason there were several small ones cards that I folded and made a heart. then I started having a dream in which a young girl and a guy were lying on the bed and sleeping, and the same heart of cards lay on the bedside table.

I saw in a dream a man who had an arrow in his cheek. He took out his bow and shot 5 times at another man. I looked at him, but did not see arrows in him, his face was red, and he told me that an egg had been thrust into him. I replied that I had nothing to do with it

A man with a bow and arrow ran after me and shot. I waved my hands away, one arrow hit the palm, the other in the back. I ran to the road, fell and asked someone to call my best friend, with whom I am in love. Thinking that I was dying, I asked him to take my things, then I asked him to pull out the arrows..he said that he didn’t want to take them out because it would hurt me, but still I persuaded him and he pulled them out. I woke up and my back hurts in the place where the arrow hit in a dream.

They shot at me from a bow, hit me in the kidney once, then I wanted to shoot, but the bow was a toy did not work

Clear day, the sun is shining, green grass, several trees. Several guys with me. It’s kind of like a game; one guy is standing with a bow and arrow, and the other is 15 steps away from him and behind him is a tree. After which the shooter closes his eyes, the retreating goes away and the shooter shoots. The same thing happens on the opposite side with the other guy. Then the result is compared. Both hit the trees clearly, and a white cord was pulled from the bow during the shot to the arrow. We got two stretched white laces, and some guy sweats and squeezes them together with one hand, showing me that the shots are not bad at all. I just watch it all the whole dream. But it feels like it’s all my work and I liked it.

In the camp they asked who knows how to shoot a bow. Before that, I shot a little, so I agreed, because there were few who wanted to. The bottom line is that it all happened while playing football. There was a bell over the football goal that I had to shoot when a goal was scored. But no matter how much I tried it, I didn’t succeed, although I aimed directly at him. And the other 2 boys always succeeded

I dreamed of a dark room and how I was sitting on a chair, people I know stand in line in front with a bow and shoot at my heart, but I do not die

In a dream, I am at home with my husband, it was already night and it was raining heavily outside.
I ask my husband if he closed all the doors, he replied that he closed. In a dream, the door is transparent, it looks like a mesh door and an iron grill, and I see through this mesh that the motorcycle stops, I tell my husband that something is wrong, who could come at night on a motorcycle. A second later, a guy is standing in the doorway, like an advertising agent, his husband asks him what he wants, he tries to explain about advertising, but his tongue gets tangled. I ask him why he cannot clearly say and I see two guys from behind and one has a bow and arrows in his hands. I shout to my husband, lie down on the floor, he has a bow, but my husband does not lie down. Suddenly I see my husband also has a bow, he pulls the bow, shoots an arrow and hits the husband who is kissing, but he also managed to release an arrow and hit her husband right in the middle, just above the belly. I cry, and my husband is trying to pull the arrow out of himself, but at that moment I woke up.

I shot from a bow, but the place of the arrows I had balls and all this took place in a Japanese bath. It was very hot there and one girl kept stopping me from aiming.

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