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Dream interpretation Baby girl 😴 dreamed of what the baby girl dreams about in a dream


A baby girl dreams of joyful moments in the life of a sleeping person. Everything that will happen in the next period of time promises to have favorable consequences and give you pleasant emotions. You may have to meet a person with whom you feel happy.

Who dreamed of a baby girl?

If a pregnant woman sees a baby girl in a dream ▼

For a pregnant woman, a dream in which she saw a baby girl increases the likelihood of having a girl in reality. In addition, such a dream promises good health and easy childbirth for the expectant mother. Don’t worry about your baby’s fate – you can take good care of him.

What did you do with the baby girl?

What does a dream mean in which a girl had a chance to feed a baby with breast milk ▼

Felomena’s dream book says that if you saw how you breastfeed a baby to a girl, it means that your worries about the current situation, haunting, are absolutely groundless. All fears are far-fetched and have no clear basis for existence. All your worries will be a waste of energy and nerves, and the problem will be resolved by itself after the required time.

Where was the baby girl?

What is the dream of a baby girl in her arms ▼

Holding a baby girl in your arms in a dream means that in real life there will be a long and exhausting struggle for your happiness. Someone will try their best to frustrate your plans and interfere with your plans. You should not despair, the victory will be yours, but for this you will have to try.

What did the baby girl do?

Why see in a dream how a baby girl smiles in her arms ▼

If you dream that a baby girl is smiling in your arms, this portends that fate will be favorable to you and will give you many chances to implement your plans. These opportunities will only need to be recognized and used in time.

What babies girls dreamed about?

If you dreamed about babies, girls are crumpled ▼

The dream, in which the babies of the girls were crumpled, predicts that soon there will be a great opportunity to make big profits. Of course, this money will not come for free, you will have to work hard to earn it. But the result will exceed all expectations.

If the baby was naked, it means that you suffer from loneliness. There is no person in life with whom you can share the warmth of the soul and the unrealized feeling of love. This dream hints that in the near future such a person will appear on your life path, the main thing is to be able to consider him in the crowd and not miss.

Twin girls who appear in a vision warn of a possible loss of friendship or love feelings. You risk losing the trust of your partner or friend and breaking the bond that exists between you.

If, according to the plot of the dream, the baby girl was dead, there will be serious disappointment and collapse of hopes. It will become clear that the ideas that you intended to implement and made grandiose plans for this were not destined to come true. This can unsettle you for a while and make you experience intense mental anguish. Remember that life does not end there, try to start over – someday everything will work out, it just cannot be different.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed about a baby girl, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the baby girl is dreaming about, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

The dream was black and white. Me, my mother, grandmother and godmother walked through our area, but it was completely different. Some factories, something incomprehensible. It was winter, we went to the TV company. My mom just gave birth to a baby girl, but she didn’t know about pregnancy at all. It was very dirty in our house and she left the girl with her grandmother for the day, but grandmother was with us. I was very worried about the girl, because she was hungry all day. Grandma said she just boiled milk and left. And I very much reproached my mother for the fact that she did not know about pregnancy. And the girl was very beautiful, although I did not see her. I asked who she looked like, my mother said that she looked like my sister Nastya. She is 5 years old and has bright bright blue eyes. What does this dream mean.

I was addicted to a baby girl in a stroller, very pretty, smiling, clean, not mine, I drive her in a stroller, she smiles at me, gags and I’m going to educate her and I understand that she is my salvation and that I am switching from my pain to her.
I am a widow my husband died 9 months ago.

I dreamed about a girl &# 8212; the baby, like a naked nanny, she wrote on my hands without a diaper, I washed her, washed her – the child the child did not even make a sound, very calm, pretty, rolled in a stroller

I dreamed of a neighbor who died in reality, but was alive in a dream. She gave birth and I knew that she had to die after giving birth. Then I see my wife holding this baby. The baby has blue eyes and the child reaches for me, I raise my hand and he grabs my finger with his hand and squeezes it painfully. Then I take my hand and see the teeth in my mouth, I bring my finger and the child bites him painfully, but not to blood and it is impossible to pull the finger out, I start hitting the child in the face with my palm, each time harder, but she just laughs and continues to bite. Dimly saw the money. I woke up.

I had a dream on Saturday morning. I gave birth to a long-awaited girl, the doctors took her from me and began to bathe her, I also bathed her with them, kept her under running water. then I called my husband and said that she gave birth 01.ten. I was walking along the corridor of the hospital and saw my baby lying on the windowsill on a diaper, not wrapped. I took her in my arms and walked with her. The dream ended. I’m not pregnant, but I’m really looking forward.

I dreamed that someone was holding 2 twin girls in their arms, 1 was not very beautiful, and the second was healthy, and I ask you to let me hold a beautiful baby in my arms and go with her

Find a baby girl in the trash can! Before that, some grandfather left her, I watched it, then he left smiling. Then I told my relatives about the girl and everyone was very happy, my mother took the girl in her arms.

the baby is about a year old, played at my house, but I can tell the gender, the father came and said that the niece gave birth to a son.

I dreamed of a baby girl, maybe a month and a half, I hold her in my arms, and she tells me, in some sort of hoarse voice. I quote&# 187; you have 2 hours, in two hours there will be a nuclear explosion&# 187; and something else, I was scared and surprised, this girl was the daughter of one of my friends, but not close ones

I’m pregnant now, I dreamed of a baby girl with very bright gray-green eyes. I had a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday (from 15 to 16 April).What does it mean? thanks.

I dreamed that a friend of mine had a daughter, and he brought a newborn daughter to me in diapers and lowered her to live in an aquarium with fish

I dreamed of a baby girl in a crib, and a girl came to visit me, and then, as I understood, her boyfriend came, and during the day I had a dream as my mother walks with the child, then puts her on the asphalt, and the child runs to the road, but I have time grab her. What does this mean?

She was breastfeeding a beautiful baby girl, there was a lot of milk and fat . The girl is cheerful, beautiful and such tenderness was between us, even in a dream it was felt.

I saw a girl, about 5 years old, thin in a raincoat, she trembled finely, no man’s, was sitting in the park on a bench&# 8230;. took her to her family for good. what does it mean?

In a dream, I was lying on the bed with my husband, and between us a girl aged 3 months, she smiled and at some point repeated some words after me, which was surprising for me (by the way, we have no children yet), and then even more surprising, I saw her not firmly on her feet, holding the doorknob and smiling. The dream was like reality in all real colors, except for a baby.

good day! I dreamed of an apocalyptic future where people live on water on ships and boats. I did not see water and lifestyle in a dream, I just knew that this was the fact of my existence in the new world. By chance, a baby comes to me, I know that the girl, I did not see her naked, she was in clothes or diapers. I don’t know if I saved her from someone or something, or they threw her up, or left her alone on a boat passing by, but I feel like I saved her. In a dream, I had no children, I was there at my real age &# 8212; 25 years. In real life, I have no children either. I remember in a dream I fell in love with this girl, like my own daughter, rushed with diapers, with bottles, rocked in her arms. I did not see in a dream how she was growing up, but intuitively understood it, felt that several years had passed. And I caught a glimpse of how this girl, whom I already perceived as my daughter, was running around the ship. Her age at that time was 7 years. This is where the dream ends. Thanks in advance for your reply! 🙂

I dreamed of a girl, a baby, in a pink dress, beautiful, smiling, I hold her in my arms, whether it is my child or not, I don’t remember

I nursed my baby girl, she’s not more than a month old. I remember that I was very happy at that moment. I made her a mixture in a bottle, but did not have time to feed &# 8212; woke up. The action took place in my parents’ house. I carried the child in my arms all the time.

I dreamed that I gave birth to a girl and my former boyfriend held her in his arms and said that we would call our daughter Polina, The girl was so smiling, more than once did not even cry

baby girl. held her in her arms and kissed her. it’s like my child, in the present I have no children and I’m not married. the girl smiled, did not cry

I dreamed of a little girl, 6-7 months old, painted like a doll (eyelashes. shadows, blush), very beautiful. They gave it to me in my arms, I carried it up the stairs (we went up). At some point, she slipped out of her hands, and slid onto the battery under the windowsill. She did not hit, only a sadina appeared on her right cheek. but it immediately tightened into a small round crust. HER mom, supposedly my friend, did not even pay attention to it.The child is very small, and it was scary and pleasant for me to hold her in my arms.What is it for?

Hey. I dreamed about how an adult woman threw out a child. there was already a black dead cow in the back of the truck. and I ran to save the child, already confident that I would leave him with me. the more milk i have i breastfeed daughter. and all these thoughts came to my head so quickly. but it’s so hard for me to climb on the barrel, I’m not a very small woman. and my cousin comes to help me. and pulls me out baby. I haven’t seen a face. but the hair is curly and gathered like a hair clip. I also thought, well, you need to be small and your hair is long. in life I am a 28 year old woman with higher education I have a husband and a daughter I work as a pharmacist. and in a dream I seem to be confused well, you know, and I’m going to earn money by prostitution and I think about it as in the order of things

I dreamed of a relative who was sitting in her car. I got into her car on the passenger seat and saw a girl in the back seat &# 8212; baby. She sat looking at me and was wearing a blue jumpsuit. I reached out to her hands and she got up and came to me. I took her in my arms. She looked at me and took my jacket with both hands. I asked a relative about the child. She said that the girl Katya gave birth to it. At the same time, I knew this girl from work. Then a relative said that the baby needs to be fed. A small car turned out to be driving 4 &# 8212; x the year old daughter of my relative, who drove the car wagging. I woke up. I had a dream on Wednesday night.

I do not remember dreams well, but I remembered this one, at least its essence. I dreamed that I want to breastfeed my daughter (very small, baby), but the girl refuses to eat, because.To. my milk is YOURSELF. This is such nonsense. At the same time, in my life I am not married and I have no children.

Hello Today I dreamed that I was holding a baby girl, but she was with closed eyes, and I seemed to call the dog and she jumped to us, I was scared the dog was old. It all happened either on the bus or on the train. And I’m pregnant now, I’m 4 weeks pregnant

Hello ! my name is Elena, I am currently pregnant, but only 6 weeks from Friday to Saturday I had a dream that I had an abortion or lost a child, and there was a friend nearby, I held her daughter in my arms and cried because I wanted my child, but it didn’t work out and I can no longer have children and I wondered, but I had a boy or a girl, why could this dream be?

I was holding my sister in my arms, she is still a little baby, she is only a month old
I walked with her, then another girl stole her 6 years old, a relative, I found her on the ground and carried her to my mother, I somehow turned out to be in the hospital, but there were dolls.

Little children lay in the cradles and the woman took one child, it was a girl, and gave her to me and her husband with a smile, as if it was our child. She was a very beautiful girl with purple eyes.

Fell asleep at lunch. Wife is pregnant with daughter. I saw in the morning that she gave birth to a girl . Child wear bright yellow clothes. Everyone rejoiced, threw her into the air. I took it in my hands and dropped it . She didn’t fall to the ground, caught by the little finger. Then she began to laugh violently.

Hello. I have no children yet. I am indifferent to children. But I had a dream that I was holding a girl in my arms and this is my daughter. She smiled at me. next to me was my mother (my mother was most interested in me giving birth to a girl, my husband wants three sons). then I breastfed her. And I dreamed of a place &# 8212; the courtyard in which I grew up with my parents from birth to 5 = until they divorced.

Hello!. I dreamed of a newborn girl I found in a basket of eggshells in the kitchen. I took her in my hands and went into the room. as soon as I touched her and she opened her light green eyes. I tickled her and she laughed out loud.

good day! I dreamed about a newborn girl today. I did not give birth to her, but in a dream I understood that she was my adopted daughter. I went for milk and on the way back I began to ride on merry-go-rounds. In my heart I am worried that the child needs to be fed. And the bottle is in my hands.

I dream that my mother gave birth to a child, this is a girl, while this is the fifth child of my mother, although in real life my mother has three. But I remember my feelings in a dream &# 8212; this is happiness.

Hello, my name is Daria. I dreamed about a girl I was breastfeeding her. And she says to me: Dasha&# 8230;. I answer Mom!! I am a mom and you are a daughter. She agrees with me. Che why&# 8230;..

I had a dream where I saw a baby girl who was very beautiful and was growing rapidly. Doesn’t look like me at all. I have no children, but I would very much like a baby))

In a dream, I dreamed of my own daughter in a kind of house, they took her away from me, as it were, for a short time and took her to the ward.Then I somehow find myself at my mother’s house, it turns out that she gave birth and my friend. I saw the mother’s child, even took it in my arms, at first she cried a little, but then she began to smile and clung to me.Later I began to panic that my child was not with me, that he needed to be taken.I called my boyfriend and said that she had given birth to a child, then we find myself a mother and a friend in some building and are waiting for my boyfriend, suddenly he comes in with large packages, he gives his mother money and says, well, show him, and I don’t have a child yet

good day! My sister is dreaming, she is in rubber boots, we walk with her somewhere on the street and look, and she hooked the baby wrapped in a diaper with her boots, I lifted it in my arms, and the child began to turn around, it was a girl. She had several bandages on her face, on her neck, she began to take everything off herself, there were abrasions.I tried to stop and wrap it up again, but it didn’t work. Made it clear that she was fine

Hello! I dreamed of a little beautiful girl up to a year old, in a dream it was my daughter and we played with her, the dream was joyful and I was happy. And the previous night I dreamed that I caught a fish with my hands in the lake. Why these dreams in a row can be?

I wake up in the hospital and next to me lies a newborn baby, a girl with blue eyes. I wanted to adopt her

I dreamed about the newborn daughter of my friend Although in reality I have not yet seen her Mother held her in her arms and she walked and laughed

Hello, from Tuesday to Wednesday I had a dream that I and my family were getting on a train somewhere to go, when entering the vestibule of an electric train, an unknown woman unexpectedly calls me and gives me a one-year-old girl dressed in a vest and a diaper, as well as 2 -e stuffed big bags with things and explains that the child and things should now be picked up and immediately runs away.After a while, after the train departs, no one approaches me and then I begin to understand that the child was thrown to me .

I dreamed that I gave birth to a girl and when I took her in my arms, she smiled at me broadly, as if she recognized me. And then I played with her and she laughed.

I went to a concert with a chaise longue, and there the bandits took several people hostage, we murdered with a chaise longue. And they went to my parents (but they are not alive) came and they have a child sleeping in a stroller, a girl is so beautiful.I asked where the girl was from, my mother told me that Tasya had brought her (she also died like 9 days).Mom told me whose child is that the girl’s parents have problems.And on this I woke up.

I dreamed about the village of my childhood.As if there were dances in someone’s house and I went to them, but the house is not familiar to me.And I went with the baby, but the baby is not mine, but the girlfriends with whom we supposedly agreed to raise her in half.She stays with me most of the time.At the dances, I dreamed that a guy began to look after me, invite me to dances.And then everyone at the disco gathered and gave me the keys to the Hyundai car.It’s like a gift from a stranger.In general, then I met this stranger, they began to dance, he introduced himself as Sergei, but in the end it turned out that his name was actually Anton, that he just divorces girls.Well, I went home, I come, but there is no baby.I thought that my friend took her, but she did not take him.I had to go back for a child.I came back, and I got that guy with a new one.He ran after me and tried to apologize to me.Back at the dances, I danced with different men.With one minute then I was invited by another.

I myself am not pregnant, but I dreamed that I was holding a daughter wrapped in a blanket, whom I had recently given birth, for some reason she had very dark and long hair for a newborn. and even at that moment I was scared about what I would tell my husband, because he so wanted a son.

I have a sister, there are two of us in the family, but I want another brother, and I had a dream that my sister was sleeping with me in the room (the third child in the family) she was named one of 3 names – Lydia, Lyudmila, Lyubov.everything that happened in a dream, as it seemed to me, happened in a year.

We drove in a car, a girl was lying behind, a little girl, she was sleeping. I wondered for a long time how little my sister is and when she will start to speak. Although there is no sister, only a brother, and even then he is an adult
The dream took place in an eastern city, a la Dushanbe.
The girl lay in my arms and kissed me on the cheek a couple of times.

I dreamed of a baby girl in my arms, while I clearly understood that this was my future daughter. In a dream, she smiled at me and looked at me

I dreamed that I took a naked child and began to wrap it in a diaper, but she was constantly unraveling.and it was a girl

Hello. Immediately dreamed of a child who was injured. And I cried a lot and ran with her to the ambulance. Then I ran to my mother at school (she is a teacher) and everything is fine with the child, you just need to change the diaper. She was very calm and smiling

i dreamed that I went into the apartment I didn’t understand whether I lived there or not and I could smell an unpleasant smell, I went to the balcony, and there was the corpse of a man unknown to me. Soon the police should arrive, and in the meantime I take the sleeping baby girl (daughter) in my arms, carry her in my arms, wash. And at the moment in my life I am pregnant, the term is a month

I dreamed of a newborn girl, as if it were a daughter, but I already have a daughter of 11 years old. The most interesting thing in the dream was that the girl was growing incredibly fast, right before our eyes. I talked, began to sit, walk, etc.d. Then some kind of traveler.

I feel like it’s my baby, but I don’t remember the moment of birth.Little pretty girl, I’m talking to someone.that she needs to cut the umbilical cord and hold it in my hands.It was cut and fixed, which I don’t remember, and I woke up.

I dreamed of a baby, a small child (girl), and I hold her in my arms as if being at home. And before that I had a dream with a child.

I dreamed that I was holding a small child (girl) in my arms, but he does not cry, but is silent, and I am at home. Before that, I also had a dream associated with a small child.

i dreamed that I found a newborn girl with green and very kind eyes in a stroller. I took her home

at the moment I am pregnant, and today I had a dream that I gave birth to a girl, then we somehow ended up in the forest, but I was without a child, we were in a tent, leaving there I saw that a bear cub, a wolf and other dogs were sitting, why am I then she screamed very loudly in a wrong voice and they all ran away,

Hello Tatyana, today I had a dream that my sister is getting married, but I try on a veil and a dress too. The dress is not white, but blue or green and I understand that I can get to the wedding. Next, I dream of a newborn girl and I understand that I need to feed her. And then I see myself in prison, but not as myself sitting, but as an outside observer. And everything is so clear and obvious that now I think what this dream means to me. Thank you in advance

Hello, today I had a dream that my sister is getting married (and she is already married), but at the same time I try on a veil and a dress, but it is not white, but blue or green. And I suddenly realize that I can’t get to my sister’s wedding. Then I dream that I am in prison and cannot get out of it. I’m not serving time there, but just an outside observer. And then I dream about a child, a girl in diapers and I need to feed her. The dream was so obvious that I thought that it was reading for me. thanks

I found two small newborn girls in the water hoses, in which the ox just came, not at the same time, with a difference of 5-6 minutes. From fear of what mom and people would say, I first threw them into the river, returning home these children lay at home on the ground. I took them, wrapped them in a blanket, took them home and went to class. Arriving home at our house, women came to congratulate the children. What does it mean? I am married and I have four children, 2 moles and two twin girls

The baby (girl) dreamed that my sister found her, they thought that she was thrown under our house and she froze, after she was brought into the house, I said that you need to pat her on the cheeks. so we did it.the girl opened her eyes. I wanted to keep her. I don’t remember further

I dreamed that I saw a friend with her daughter, whom she recently gave birth to) and in another dream I dreamed that my child was with shit

daughter of an acquaintance whom she does not want to take in her arms. I took her to me, laid her next to me. And the girl smiles all the time, her eyes are blue, blue. I call her – you are my merry girl. And she still laughs and her eyes are bright blue. Woke up from the fact that her hand went numb from her head


good afternoon, I am already dreaming about a newborn girl, my. I was pregnant with my son, I dreamed about a girl. in other dreams, I sometimes choose things for a girl, then with an exchange card I run on ultrasound and doctors, what is it for? thanks

my brother had a daughter, I hold her in my arms and I understand that there is another eye on the side of my temple, but the girl clearly looked at me, but I myself felt a little fear from what I saw, my brother was asking as if when the operation would have removed the extra eye.The brother replied that they are waiting for a certain age of the girl .

I dreamed that I was carrying a girl in my arms, baby. Dream colored. but at the end I saw how my ex-husband stabbed his father with a knife and began to call our son and I woke up with horror.

The essence of the dream: Friends who could not give birth to a child, and now have already parted, and there are no children in new families either, a beautiful girl was born (similar to my cousin, who is also a baby now).
Plot: We walk with a friend in the courtyard of the house where I used to live (for a long time), there is a strong wind outside, we go into the apartment where he lives (in reality he never lived there), there his wife (in reality the former) stands and holds on hands of a baby girl, they say that this is their daughter, she puts her on the floor, a girl in clothes lies on her tummy and looks at us, I like her and seems beautiful.

I had a dream, as if I had given birth to a girl, she was so small in a tender pink suit, I held her in my arms, fed her from a bottle, then changed her clothes and put her in the crib, and the crib was so beautiful with delicate flowers .It’s not the first time a baby has been dreaming .

I dreamed of a newborn girl, as if I had given birth to her, very pretty, cute, smart, she was wrapped in a swaddle in a small light blue cage, and a burgundy blanket, her husband brought her to me and said that I gave birth to her, well, something like that.

I dreamed that I was a friend who wants to get pregnant, enters the house in her arms with a baby, the child was wrapped in a pink blanket.

i dreamed that I met my ex-boyfriend, then we sat in nature and talked, then we unexpectedly kissed. then the guy said that he would leave for a second, and after a while he returned with the child. as I understood it was his nephew. she looked 2 years old and she had incredibly beautiful purple eyes, I sat and could not see enough. she was very beautiful, but the main thing that touched her was her purple eyes.

i dreamed of a friend letting me hold the child in her arms, the girl and she slips out, she gives again, and again I don’t hold her and we fall.

Hello! I dreamed that I found a small baby on the street, for some reason I knew that the girl, took it home. I tried to breastfeed, because in reality there is colostrum from the first child. The girl took the breast with pleasure. Then I decided to undress, see if everything is in order, for one thing and check if the girl is true &# 8212; all nothing but her handle was very terrible, you could even see the bone, as if eaten, or something. I began to call an ambulance and woke up.

Hello! I dreamed that I found a baby on the street, for some reason I knew that the girl. I took it home, tried to breastfeed, because I realized that there was still colostrum left in my breast from the first child. The girl took the breast with pleasure, but not for long. I decided to undress to check if everything is fine. All nothing, one left handle, it was very terrible, as if it had been severed, the bone was already visible. I called an ambulance and woke up.

I was 6 months pregnant and all of a sudden I dreamed that the radial of a 6-month baby, but he was kind of older, was already looking for up to a year girl!))

Newborn premature baby girl dreamed .her mother abandoned her.I felt sorry for her, I shook her in my arms and wanted to pick her up

newborn girl refusenik.premature.left for dead.I took it in my arms and shook it.she seems to have grown up.

I saw a newborn girl, as if it were me who gave birth to her. But there is no husband (I’m divorced). Called Tanya, I clearly remember the weight of 5 kg. The girl was smart and developed as if she was already about a year old, but lay in diapers like a baby. I was looking for someone to leave her with, because I had to go to work

Dream buv koloroviy me my mother’s sister dreamed with a cholovik
The woman moved the important homeland well, the native holsik and I dreamed about how she gave birth to the girl;

Dreamed of a baby, girl!they left her, I found her, I took her, fed her, she got a fever, went to the doctor, they said to go to the hospital with her, well, the child was not mine, they said to be sent to the police. To find her mother.

in general, it all started with the fact that I ended up in a house unfamiliar to me, where there were many kids, I was asleep, in the middle of the night all the kids start to cry, a woman and a girl ran up to me and started to wake me up, they say, I had to rock it, then it turned out that it was my mother and sister, I was drawn in one of the rooms and in this room there was only 1 bed with a tiny girl, I took her in my arms and began to swing and then she stopped crying as if she had died, I started hysterical (I study in medicine), began to do an indirect heart massage, did and then the baby came to life began to cry loudly, I took her in her arms, she grabbed me and looked with such small eyes, still small but understanding, in general, she calmed down and we went to bed, as soon as I closed my eyes a man in a white robe appears, he took my hand and said now she’s yours and dissolves.

The girl is very small. I take her in my arms and she constantly shudders. fear appears on the face. then smile. for some reason she’s naked during the whole dream. and I don’t even try to dress her. as if it should be. and then she went for great. and I want to take it out through the hallway. and I can’t cross. there is shit everywhere on the carpet. heaps. And some people are around all the time. only I don’t know them. or don’t see. But I feel that I am not family.something like this.

hello i dreamed of a settlement in front of a mountain.people abandoned children of girls of three.newborn.when I was going to them I was condemned.I fed and talked to them.that together we can handle.we will succeed

We drove along a long road and a car with an open top behind the wheel was a loved one, I sat next to me and between us a baby up to a year and we had fun on a warm summer day

Hello Tatiana. The dream is like this: I am holding a month-old baby (girl) in one blouse and she wrote to me. What does it mean?

I dreamed of how I came to my parents, put my baby daughter somewhere, I went somewhere, then I come for the child and I have a quarrel with my parents, as a result, I sit on my knees in front of the sofa on which my daughter lies and cry, then I leave the place with her

I dreamed that my sister gave birth to a girl, the head was told separately by the doctors so that we go to the hospital, we rode in the bus, I am holding a medicine girl

I just drowned at sea &# 8230; pebble at the bottom that looks like a billiard ball &# 8230; grabbed it and get off the bottom not mrgu &# 8230; all crawling along the bottom and when the air ran out I suffocated &# 8230; then I woke up My mail [email&# 160; protected]

I dreamed of 4 baby girls as if they were lost on the bus in some way that I didn’t was one of them that I allegedly brought to the police and that’s it, and the other guy was like&# 8230;..

I dreamed about a girl, my daughter, she was already about 1-2 years old, but I don’t have children yet, in a dream I carried her in my arms, took her with me to some kind of picnic. at home I wanted to put her to bed but did not know where, there was no bed for her, I was afraid to leave her so that she would not fall in a dream.

Hello, I gave birth to a beautiful girl in a dream, they brought me her all dressed in pink, there were many people who were discharged from the hospital, I was overwhelmed with such happiness and joy in a dream that I have 2 daughters (I have a child and I can’t get pregnant second in my life) I cry with happiness and want to tell everyone about it, then I find myself in the store t.I need to buy clothes for the child, I’ll go to the store, and there all the shelves are in pink clothes.I choose to buy booties with gifts or not, and then I woke up.thank you .

I dreamed that I was in a maternity hospital and a nanny came and began to hang tags on children, and gave me a boy, not my child, but I say that this is not my child and I have a girl..and then she found my girl and gave her to me..I also showed it to someone later..and kissed

Baby (girl) sleeps on a large bed. When I got closer she woke up. I began to stroke her head, cheeks. She bit my finger. Does not hurt. Then I took her in my arms to carry her to another bed. Feelings in a dream and after waking up were very warm and bright

I took in my arms my late grandmother, who was ill with stomach cancer, she was emaciated, like a skeleton, then a baby girl appeared in her arms, very beautiful and she smiled.

I dreamed that I was being served a baby, it turned out to be a girl, with insanely expressive and brown eyes, she smiled and was calm. she was dancing in diapers, but I also wrapped her in a blanket. I knew that this was my child. although I have no children. there were people around.

I dreamed that I was pregnant and during pregnancy the child felt bad and maybe he would die. For some reason, my grandmother gave birth to him and at that time I was crying, because I could lose him, as if he could die. When I came home, I saw that my grandfather was holding him in his arms, he was healthy, my grandmother was standing next to him. The child looked like a girl, although I did not know the gender. She slept and did not cry at all, after which when everyone left, I tried to put her on the bed and then I woke up

Hello! I dreamed that I had already given birth to a daughter in a dream, and I protect her very much, as if I feel that something will happen to her, maybe because I am looking forward to her very much

I’m in a shopping center, there are a lot of different goods, I first look for a friend, I advise what to buy, then I remember that I have a child, I start looking for him, I find, then I look for a mixture for him, I bring it, I spread it right in the store. I take the baby in my arms (girl), he turns into a kitten, pees at me and scratches, mom looks at me and takes him

I dreamed of a little girl, a baby, I hold her in my arms and breastfeed&# 8230; and in my dream it was very good and quiet

I dreamed of a newborn girl, in a dream I knew for sure that this was my daughter, and I love her very much. And I hold her in my arms. a little later, another story, I remember that I have a daughter, I go to pick her up, and I scold myself that I left her, I forgot about her. I go to pick her up, she cries, I take her in my arms, she calms down and looks at me with big, beautiful, blue eyes. What I remembered well, the girl dreamed of, dark, moderately well-fed, healthy, and very beautiful.

Yesterday I dreamed of a newborn girl herself gave birth, but all my relatives, even my husband, are not happy

hello tatiana, tonight and during the day I had a dream with a baby girl, at night I dreamed that the child was mine, we moved to another apartment where the baby was sleeping, my boyfriend and I went outside to collect cherries, the girl was left with someone from his relatives, then I don’t remember how they came home, but the second dream had a dream as if one girl gave birth to a baby and refused her, I took her to me, like I didn’t have any milk to feed the baby, yes, at first the baby slept then my friend says you hear , I repeated 2 times, I asked her what?I went to the baby and she whimpered a little, I took the baby and my friend to buy milk, went to the booth, I was looking for all the milk, then I gave the baby to my friend to hold, and she went somewhere, when her friend came back crying and her baby blanket was empty in my hands, I felt the baby, I asked where the baby was, she said my mother took her, that is, her mother took the baby and went to the store with her, I took the baby again for myself, I still remember I took the same blanket and covered it, then I do not remember.please tell me what it is?I will be very grateful, and even 2 roofing felts 3 times I had dreams in a row about a baby girl.

hello my friend is pregnant and she will give birth next month. and we haven’t seen her for a long time. dreaming as if I came to her and touched her belly, rejoiced as if I touched mine. then another friend of ours appeared and began to prevent me from removing my hand and squeezing it while I was holding my stomach. then she gave birth. I came back to her and held her child in my arms, it was a girl. I was happy again as if it were my child. then I told her &# 171; you see, I told you that you will have a girl&# 187; and when I told her, whatever I said, she was always silent and looked at me with happy eyes! all&# 8230;

I got this baby out of the river, there was an elderly woman behind my back, I knew that this was Matrona and she told me that now this is your daughter and her name is Valya

i dreamed that i gave birth to a girl&# 8230; saw in a dream a tiger running towards me, as well as a spider standing in place&# 8230;

I remember in someone else’s house that I had a baby girl here. And I know he hasn’t been fed for two days. I start looking for a child with horror, fearing that he has already died. But still I find her in a depleted state, I take it for myself and save the girl.

i dreamed that I gave birth to a beautiful girl, but she was without both hands. The girl is cheerful, smiled at me. The dream was pleasant, I was overwhelmed with happiness, but the only thing that darkened was the absence of brushes. what does this mean?

I walk down the street and see my friend (my friend’s mother), but her appearance is different than in life, she is carrying a stroller, I go up to the knots, say hello, but I can’t give her patronymic name correctly, I ask whose child it is, she told me says that she and her husband decided to adopt him, because.To. the children left and they became bored with her husband.She allowed me to take her in my arms, it turned out to be a girl, but her cap fell off, I try to put it on, but she twists and cries, the cap turns out to be small, I put it back in the stroller, but the cap flies off, I’m talking about this, but familiar says it’s okay. I leave, go to work, but she comes there, and I again take the girl in my arms, she does not seem to be crying.

Hello, I had a dream about a baby last night &# 8212; girl, I tried to change her diaper. But the point is that 11 years ago on June 2 at night I gave birth to a daughter. Her birthday is June 2 and I dreamed of a baby on the night of June 2.

I had a dream about a baby last night &# 8212; girl (02.06.2015), I tried to change her diaper, but I was afraid to touch her, and my mother said – be brave the first time chtoli. I began to change diapers, and the baby smiled at me in a dream. And my daughter had her birthday yesterday – she was also born on the night of June 2 11 years ago. What is it for?

Holiday House. My school friend and I come and settle there. Then, looking at a man, I don’t know him, there is a baby in his arms and he doesn’t know what to do with him, his baby. This is me, for some reason I know. Putting things in the room, it looks like a barrack with bunk beds. Nearby there is a village. I am going for a walk . Field&# 8230; chamomile and all och beautiful. When I go back, I see a man with a baby, he sleeps, hugging the baby to him. I go up and say – you need to feed him, what will you feed him!? He says syrupy water, I was advised. I wonder and take out, where I do not know, the mixture and give him. Then, I take the baby away from the man with the words – you will strangle him in your arms, and lay him next to the man. I don’t undress the child, but I know for sure – it’s a girl. I do not know why. Then I tell the man – the child needs to be washed. Then, I invite him to my home. At home, the child is already washed and the man is feeding him. Why at home, I don’t know, because I’m in a rest house. The baby didn’t cry&# 8230; was calm and I was very surprised by this.

It was my newborn daughter, my husband and I slept on the same bed.I woke up and took her in my arms to feed and rewire.

in the carriage, I know that the girl is a stranger, I am carrying her somewhere, I hear the words behind the scenes, it would be necessary to take blood, check that the parents have the opportunity to save her and I know that the parents are not relatives.a girl in diapers is sleeping in my arms, beautiful, I smile and walk along the corridor of the compartment carriage, go out into the vestibule and most likely wait for someone, admire the child

I hold a doll in my arms, and then it turns out it’s a child, my!in a dream, I love her so much, she is always in my arms and I constantly drop her, when she falls, she doesn’t even cry.then she fell and had a dent on her head, and she began to shrink and turn back into a doll.I sit over her crying and ask her not to die, I pray to God, I beg him to revive her.and she begins to grow and becomes a child again.

I rode in a car with my little daughter, she was still a baby (I have no children yet), and a dog. The dog was big, white. The car moved to Kuwet. There was knee-deep water all around. And the dog saved the kid while I tried to open the door. it’s not clear why, but the dog died later.

I dreamed that I was getting on the train with my family (wife, daughter and son), entering the vestibule of the train, from the platform unexpectedly an unknown middle-aged woman called me and gave me a one-year-old girl dressed in a vest and a diaper, as well as 2 stuffed big bags and explains to me that the girl will be taken away and immediately runs away. Some time passes, the train leaves, the girl is in my arms. And then I begin to understand that the child was thrown to me .

She dreams that she was given a baby girl and for some reason she does not have parents.I have to become a mother for her.I take her to my home and she lives with us.I remember how she cried, I breastfeed her, changed her clothes.The child is pretty, well-fed.

good day! I had a dream that I came to the reception for the first time with a newborn girl. They ask me when she was born, but I don’t know, t.To. it was not me who gave birth, but my child, as if adopted, but where did she come from, I don’t know. And the girl seems to be still a week old, but she is growing right in front of my eyes. I hold her in my arms, and she keeps growing and looks for four years, dressed. I tell the doctor and everyone else that it is growing by leaps and bounds, like in a fairy tale. And I wonder why she’s growing so fast. I have no children, and I really want a daughter. I often dream of little girls.

they gave me a newborn baby girl, as if I gave birth to her.I put it to bed at home. the next day I forgot about her (because I realized that I could not give birth) but I saw the bed at home I looked into it and she was.

I (or my husband and I, I don’t remember exactly, but then my husband was definitely with me) found a newborn girl, and could not find what to wrap her in, found some kind of rag.we decided to keep her (girl) for ourselves

sleep: a man takes a girl of 9 months, throws it into a hole and turns on the drilling rig. Pulls out the child &# 8212; puts on a diaper and photographs. And so 5 times. I seem to be looking at these photos and at the same time see his abomination. then I dream that I am taking the dog for a walk, we pass by the cemetery, and we see a newborn child lying on the grave and screaming. I call the Ministry of Emergencies

we pick up the child from the hospital, but he is not ours, he is given to her husband, but he hurts him .I ran up and started looking, but the girl turned out to be alive and I took her in my arms, covered her with a handkerchief and where we went.

hello, I dreamed of a sister, and that she had a child (although she was not married yet) she herself took delivery, although it felt like I was there, she did not tell anyone anything, and hid the child from everyone, and I found him in the garage at my parents at home, when I told that I had found a child, then a joyful commotion began in the house that another granddaughter appeared, (1 this is my daughter) I dreamed of dreams from Thursday to Friday, why would you tell me please.
and my mother dreamed about my ex-husband who was drunk and all in apologizing in shit.

Mne presnilsja son chto u menja pojavilsja mladenec devochka k chemu eto?

in a dream, I gave birth to a very beautiful girl with black curly hair, but when I started looking at her face, I saw another eye between her eyes and then another one I was scared and did not know what to do with this child

I dreamed as if my friend and I were standing near the forest and heard the crying of a child, we ran into the forest and a little further we saw the child, we ran up and looked and there the child was lying, a girl in a pink sheet, I took her in my arms and she stopped crying and then immediately dream that I was this girl took home

Hello! I had a dream that my former boyfriend, now deceased, arrived in a police car with a newborn girl. I got into the car, took the child in my arms, held it for a while and gave it back to him. Why is there such a dream?

a woman handed a baby girl into her arms, and now it was supposed to be my girl. I was 100% in agreement, despite the fact that the financial situation is not very good. Then the baby began to turn into a kitten, and then into a white bird

A beautifully dressed little girl (in ruffles, in pinkish clothes). I wore it in my arms and all the time I wanted to go up to the top floor. I was looking for an elevator, but there was no elevator. And she began to return to where she was.

Hello, I dreamed of a naked baby girl, and in a dream I realize that this is mine, I took her in my arms and she warmed up and fell asleep.she clung to me tightly, and I thought that everything happened so quickly that I did not have time to buy anything.PS the girl was dark-skinned and with black hair

My close friend, whom I have not seen for a long time, as if she gave birth to two girls, came and brought them to me to give them &# 8212; three months old and older, she does not need them. A three-month-old girl is very small, the size of a kitten, and as if her uterus is blue and sticks out through the stomach like a blue tumor. And a friend told me that the child has a pathology of the uterus. Is talking:&# 187; Well, you will cure her! Take it, I don’t need her&# 187;. And she has not yet decided whether to give the second girl or not.

In a dream on the road, I found a newborn girl, she was injured. I tried to help her .I felt sorry for the child and I cried.

I dreamed of a newborn girl.I held her in my arms and nursed her.It was unexpected for me, but I was very happy.

I was pregnant from the beginning under water, but there I could breathe and it was so beautiful and pleasant to walk there, and then I could observe beautiful trees and was already on land and again in the water I found myself and gave birth to a girl that was not full-term but healthy only the doctor said during the examination now I will scold you, I was scared at that moment, but she said that the child is healthy, only the goiter is there and when my friends asked her and she was not a full-term doctor asked and you were waiting for him I said yes and she did not answer only said once I was waiting well, that’s it everything, the child had a strange ear that was not developed, but I held it in my arms!and I wanted to feed the child with a mixture from the doctor, I kept asking what mixture to buy, she did not answer me . and the place of the child was in me, I gave birth to a child and the place was still not pulled out of me ! but the dream was pleasant and colorful

I held my baby girl in my arms and I smiled at her&# 8230; then somehow the appearance of the person I love appeared&# 8230; and thought..he will return to me if I gave birth to his daughter?

i dreamed that i’m pregnant and give birth to a girl and feed her with my milk

The first time I saw a dumped granddaughter, I wiped her, or rather wiped her eyes, and today she saw her swaddled up, and they waited for me to babysit

I dreamed of a big beautiful yellow bird, I called her and she went to me and turned into a beautiful little girl who clung to me and did not let go, and I hugged her and did not know what to do with her. The child was so nice and handsome with golden hair that I decided to take her to me and raise her. I carried it home, but there were obstacles on the roads and it was hard for me to carry it.To. the shoulder joint hurts, I wanted to finish the dream, but I no longer dreamed of it, but the thought of a beautiful girl in my thoughts, because I fell in love with her. What does it mean?

Hello, I had a bright and colorful dream tonight!
I dreamed of a girl (baby), bright blue eyes, I would even say blue. I held her in my arms, and I also saw her in a stroller and all the time she sincerely smiled at me as little children can. There was tenderness in my soul and feelings overwhelmed me from the fact that this is my daughter. In a dream, my mother nursed her, as well as helped me with my first son. In real life I have a son, but in a dream I saw him too. In a dream, he was walking on the street, I called him home, and upon arrival he asked to go to the toilet :).
Tell me why such a dream can be dreamed?

I walk through the courtyard with private houses and see a lot of black teenage cats looking at me, they sit quietly and do not move, and at that moment a large light dog takes my hand in its mouth, it does not bite, but on the contrary is very friendly and is next to it there is another same dog. At this moment I have peace of mind.

i dreamed that I was visiting somewhere, but it seems like people are strangers, but the relationship with them is kind.First, the girl and the boy slept, then the girl woke up and I’m going to walk with her.But I understand that I am already taking two girls for a walk, they are looking for a stroller for me, but at the same time I take one in my arms, talk to her (lisp) .a pretty girl and I put her on the pot, she pisses and so much.a whole pot, then some kind of jar.The dream was so pleasant.

I dreamed of a very small and very thin newborn girl I wanted to help I was afraid that she would die worried I tried to breastfeed her and she began to suck and I woke up

I dreamed about a baby girl today . I dream that I took her out of the blanket, she was in a diaper .I also remember her face, she was very beautiful .and then I show her to my husband, I scream, look, look how beautiful she is and kiss.

Hello! I bring my newborn girl home, there is still a mother with children around, I carry her into my room, lay on the bed, she is in a cap and a pink diaper, smiling. I understand that this is my daughter, I start to dilute the mixture, try. In the room, I, my daughter and grandmother, she is no longer alive and she grumbles. But I am happy and I go up to the girl and look at her, I remember exactly all her features, she does not cry.

I saw a newborn daughter in a dream. My ex-husband nursed her from time to time. When she looked at me. then smiled. I felt great joy&# 8230; We prepared the apartment for living&# 8230; I insulated..taped up the curtains so that it wouldn’t blow.

i dreamed that half of the shift brought a baby girl and asks if we had thrown it away, but it is not ours, she has such beautiful blue eyes like our sons and I beg my husband to take her to us because she looks so much like us

First, pregnancy, I saw myself already at term, but with a small belly, then I gave birth, but very quickly and painlessly, then I saw the baby, she somehow grew up quickly, ran constantly, very energetic, some kind of work dreamed of, I’m still there she was pregnant, everyone asked if some Sasha would mind that I was working pregnant. I still had a son, as far as I remember, older. All dntals were very bright, even the smallest. I saw a huge summer field. The dream is bright, bright and came with very good emotions.

I dreamed that I gave birth to a baby girl and she lies in my stroller.And that I gave birth to her very easily and without pain

I dreamed that I gave birth to a girl and she lies in my stroller.And that I gave birth to her very easily and without pain

i dreamed that in the yard of my parents I was extinguishing a newborn girl she was still covered in blood as if she had just been born (someone threw her) I took her in my arms and all the dream I ran away with her somewhere to protect her

i dreamed that I gave birth to a girl, although I was not even pregnant. childrk healthy, cheerful. husband is happy and I am too, everything is as in reality. for some reason she has 2 names. what does such a dream mean?

baby girl with blue eyes, I looked at her. A very large house, I went to look at the rooms, there was a woman there

Tatyana I had a dream and does not give me rest, I dream as if the deceased man is alive with my mother (she is alive) I’m going to follow him somewhere and see as if we are in the room they are sitting at the table at my mother’s child in her arms I’m asking who is it she says that this is their child and they are hiding him from my father (he is alive) because of the child, as it were, the nanny is watching and she got angry and said that I would take my sister and would raise the girl like me only with blue eyes

i dreamed that a newborn girl that someone dyot was put on her mother’s hands and ditina bula was wrapped up and gave yy milk and ana said that she didn’t want milk

I was driving with a young man in a car, the baby was in his arms, then he gave it to me, I took it in my arms, looked at it and called her Alyonushka

i dreamed that i gave birth to my mother asked what time it was 9.02 asked who the girl is and then I feed her breasts she smiles beautiful eyes

I dreamed about a newborn girl, I am sure in a dream that this is my daughter, I am very happy and share my joy with everyone around me, I say that I do not need more happiness

First, I came to my friend in the maternity hospital, she just gave birth, and I went up and took her baby girl in my arms and loved her. Second.I swam in the sea under water and saw a big black fish like a catfish

ja praktičeski kazduju noč vižu novoroždjonuju devocku v rozovoj šapačke s dvumja bumbončikami.ona mne ulibajetca i ja custvuju kak ja vosne jej toze ulibajusj.mne vse vremja jejo ktoto na ruki dajot i vse vremja guljaju vozle more s beloj koljaskoj.poslednjuju nocj 19.eleven.2016 prisnilasj devocka kotoruju mne peredaval moj bivšij molodoj čelovek s kotorim ja v sore.kagbutto mi jejo krestili v boljsoj krasivoj cerkvi.videla etu ze nocj sto ja po telefonu otsilala foto našim druzjam sto mi pozenilisj i na foto bili nasi ruki vmeste a na nih obručaljnie koljca.

Hello, I bathed and tried to swaddle someone else’s baby, a girl, in a red blanket, but I could not cope with it until the end of sleep. My adoptive mother, woman and her granddaughter were waiting for me. The girl is calm, did not cry, smiled.

This is a very clean and bright room on an ordinary bed on white-blue swaddling clothes, they were trimmed with beautiful lace, a chubby healthy pink-cheeked beautiful baby girl lay and smiled, I sat down to kiss her and she wrote to me, I raised my head and said that this is a sign for my wedding (at the same time she was delighted herself) bent down to kiss her again and she pissed on me again while the baby girl laughed so much with her childish laughter that everyone in this room felt so much fun and for some reason it was so good and I must say my eldest son was standing next to me ( 20 years old) and I woke up

a girl of 6-7 months smiled at me and pulled her hands, I took her in my arms with joy, the girl’s mother was surprised

Hello, I dreamed that I was breastfeeding my breastfeeding daughter. repeatedly. I am currently pregnant with my first child.

I dreamed that I became a mother
I have a child girl,
I bought her food and shook it on the pens at home .

Baby girl turned out to be my cousin’s daughter. She has two daughters: Nastya &# 8212; 9 years old and Sonya – 4 years old. But the baby girl’s name was Svetlana, since her mother (my sister). I asked my sister why she called the girl by her name, she replied that she had an abortion for herself a long time ago. Why did I not understand such an answer. The girl is pretty, I did not cry, I held her in my arms, fed her from the nipple. Everything happened in my mother’s house in a room where 1.5 months ago my stepfather died, yesterday he would have turned 74.

I dreamed that I was holding in my arms a happy baby a girl whose name was Maria and a tall young man was standing next to me, it looks like I love him madly and he is me.

Hello . I had a dream that I gave birth to a child, a girl with blue eyes and snow-white hair, we were driving in a big car in the same car there was my daughter and a newborn &# 8212; she was sitting in the arms of some woman and did not take her blue eyes off me, I kept repeating the whole dream that I could not kill her, she is my child ! and I woke up (what does it mean please tell me !

I came to some kind of wedding She should be on ice..then I take the girl in my arms and go and fall under the ice and go out with the child from this place and go with him to the shore The child is not easy..

I had a dream. that I’m in some building.I heard that my baby was crying, I came, and there they looked after her.I took her in my arms and she began to smile.She was so beautiful black hair, swarthy and eyes like coals.she looked at me like that and smiled she was about six months old, she was in sliders and then I lowered her, and began to teach her to walk, holding both hands.I was so glad in a dream that I have a daughter.although in real life my husband and I have not been able to have children for two years.

I played with him, he was 7-8 months old, very beautiful and sweet, constantly smiling, laughing, I was very happy with him. Taught to walk, he only crawled. There was a feeling of joy and happiness

How would my mother give birth to my little sister and I held her in my arms and did not want to show her to anyone? I was jealous

I hold the naked baby, playing with her I raise it high, she laughs happily. Next to my mother, on the other hand, my sister with her husband, and some kind of boy. The room is very sunny.

I saw how my wife gave birth and saw my daughter and I knew that she was healthy and smelled so good from her, I could smell the baby

I rode in a minibus and another 5-6 people. One woman kept a small child on the rivers. The woman was with another woman (maybe even a mother with an adult daughter). The taxi stopped and they started to get out&# 8230; One of the bottom asked me to hold the child while they get out, (very small taxi ((. I took it but they call and run away. I was left with the child confused and scared. Then I somehow understand that this is a girl)).

I have a pregnancy of 12 weeks in reality, in a dream I held a small dog in my arms and called it zhuzha

Hello! I asked the man to give, give me a baby girl. He gave. I brought her home. for a while she lay on my chest. And when I decided to change diapers she said (baby) that she can sit on the potty. And I woke up.

Hello help me .Today I dreamed that I found a young man in a locker.As if this youngster was dying, I saved the youngster and gave milk from a bottle.she smiled at me, I wanted to take it for myself, but I was afraid.

I dreamed of a month-old girl, supposedly mine, she got up and began to climb the Shvetsky wall, in a dream I knew for sure that the 15th day and she was exactly a month old, I had to register the child, and I ask her name, and she told me &# 8212; &# 171; Seryozha&# 187; then I decided to feed, took her in my arms.

Hello! My name is Violetta. I dreamed of a baby girl as if it were my daughter. She didn’t cry or laugh. I kept her on my knees with her head to her stomach, completely naked, and she suddenly began to urinate and a lot. I then washed it in a green basin, put it on and handed it to my mother in her arms, and I myself began to hang curtains in the room.

In a dream, I was lying on the bed, and my husband gave me a girl dressed in baby rompers. I held her in my arms, and then I saw that she had a nose like a bird with a curved bite.

As if I had given birth to a girl, nursed her, she looked like my husband, she was quiet in my arms, but when she saw my mother-in-law, for some reason she began to cry.

Hello. I am pregnant. I dreamed of a baby girl today. He was crying, I took her in my arms to put on my stomach, but I saw that she was soaked and went to wash her.

Baby girl what a daoa to me &# 8212; then a woman. In diapers, pretty, only very teasing, she did not move, but alive. I put it off, as if I forgot about it, then I remembered &# 187; Oh! She needs to be fed !&# 187;
She did not cry, lay still.

I dream of a dark-skinned baby girl, I did not breastfeed her because I smoked. And I told my daughter: since we don’t have a dad, I will call you what I want. Alesya

I gave birth to a girl, I was breastfeeding, I walked with her, but the most interesting thing I did not know about my pregnancy

I was holding a baby in my arms – it was a girl, the fact is that my daughter recently died, she was 2.5 years old, and the baby from the dream was very similar to my daughter, I even felt her smell.

I dreamed that the girl was supposedly my daughter.Age 2 years.Light girl. I also dreamed that it was at my work, namely at the Hotel. I worked for a long time as a children’s animator.

I had a dream in which I am married, I am in my mother-in-law’s house, I do something and hold a baby girl in my arms

I dreamed that I had a newborn sister. I take care of her, and I sit while my mother has gone somewhere. I am 21 have a brother younger 12 years old. Why such a dream?

I was lying on the bed with the baby. My father was still lying next to me. She was lying on a pillow. She was at least 3 months old. She looked at me, smiled and pulled her hands to me. I took her pen and smiled back at her. I remember they asked me what her name was, I hesitated a little, I wanted to say first one name, I don’t remember which one, then I gave the name that I want to name my daughter. I remember that the girl was fair, but with brown eyes. My father was a person who is not indifferent to me, but he is not with me now. I have no children, and I don’t have a young man either.

In a dream, I asked with my boyfriend at home and suddenly I got nowhere from.child.
fed my girl but I had no milk

An unknown woman gave birth to 10 girls. I should have helped ny put them to bed. And I felt like a man.

I dreamed that I gave birth to a girl and she was clean and calm in my arms, we lay down on the bed and lay

Hello, I have a dream that I had a little girl (baby) in my arms, and she was constantly in my arms. So quiet, calm, and very beautiful. But then I dream that the whole world is crumbling, and I constantly hold her in my arms and try to save her, and I succeeded, and then I woke up.

I dreamed that I gave birth to a girl and was very happy. Also, my daughter gave birth a couple of days later when she was 11 years old and her child died because there were many defects. Moreover, the child remained to die in our house and my husband told me in the morning that the child of my board had died. The daughter in a dream seemed to be normal, not understanding Asya’s seriousness due to age

I had a dream about how I was driving on a bad view in the car and my sister was sitting in the car and she was holding a newborn girl in her arms

I dreamed that I gave birth to a premature baby girl, just a crumb&# 8230;.but she is alive, and they said she will live&# 8230; after which some kind of destruction appeared, and I made my way through some ruins to my girl

I dreamed that I gave birth to a girl and my future husband and I gave her a name and we were very happy

Girl in my arms, in light clothes. The girl’s name was Katya. As if my 15-year-old neighbor would give birth to her. And her mom and I nursed her. And the young mother did not approach her daughter.

The former young man, already in marriage, again marries his wife and they have a daughter in their arms, then his wife gives her daughter to my friend, but I take her into my arms and she escaped from her hands at the beginning, but then calmed down, he called me on cell, I had a dialogue with him, then I remembered that he was having a wedding and remembered that he offended me and wished him happiness and hung up

I dreamed about a child, a girl of about 8 months, but I don’t know how I got it, I know she’s a stranger to me, but from somewhere I have. Then we walked in the north, the weather was good, we played with her, but it seemed it was winter outside, because the child is walking warmly, but then we ended up at the station, and it was already snowing and she fell asleep, then I could not catch a taxi for a long time to go home, but then somehow I arrived, and then I don’t remember. I had this dream when I fell asleep this afternoon before lunchtime.

I came for an ultrasound scan, and they told me that I was pregnant, and the term was already decent, I saw the girl on the monitor, they said she was healthy, then she even opened her eyes and said in surprise: &# 171; mom?!&# 187;, even got up on her legs, and I seemed to hold her in my arms, I saw it, but she seemed to be still in the womb! Even the name knew her! Then I slept somewhere else, but with the knowledge that I was pregnant, and even my tummy grew. And in a dream I thought that childbirth was from March / April)). What does this mean?

From Thursday to Friday I dreamed that I found a stroller with a child on the street, a girl who was very lightly dressed, there was snow in the stroller, winter, brought it home, then everything was chaotic, it seemed like there were parents in the end, the child did not cry at all

I dreamed about a one year old girl. She lay on the couch and laughed, and suddenly she let go into her pants on a small. And I started to change my shirt, I didn’t touch only my pants.

I was in the yard of my ex-girlfriend. My ex-girlfriend and I were sitting with strangers. Then it became empty in the yard and someone gave me a little baby girl, they say, look after her. And suddenly the yard became empty. I was this baby and someone else was with me, but I don’t remember exactly who I carried it everywhere with me, kissed it. But when it was time to give it to the little ones, there was no one to give it to. I was looking for the person who gave it to me for a long time, but he was not found. So I took her home. But the house was not familiar to me, but my relatives were there.

I am pregnant I dreamed of a very small child in pink clothes. And then the deceased mother dreamed she was crying&# 8230; and the rest do not remember what happened.

In a dream, we were driving a car, my friends and my sister, I knew for sure for diapers, for a baby girl, and I know that this is my child

In a dream, we were driving a car, my friends and my sister, I knew for sure for diapers, for a baby girl, and I know that this is my child, but sitting in my friend’s arms because I eat pumpkin seeds. And then I think where to throw the shells, and thoughts about buying diapers against the background of all the sleep.

Hello, I dreamed about a child, a little girl, probably 1 month living, but in the form of a doll, but living what is it?

Hello) As if I’m a baby and my sister is about 7 years old (in fact, she is 7 years older than me and I’m 38) and my parents are young so beautiful and they wear me everywhere in white wrapped up and my mother is beautiful young and Daddy kisses her with a strange tongue to her pulls)))

I dreamed of 4 baby girls in a cradle, all of them are mine, they smile, and I change their diapers, they crap and even smelled feces

I’m 16, I had a dream that I have a little baby girl.I was lying on the devan with him, I moved away and when the child came, fell out of bed, my mother started scolding me, then I took the child in my arms and roamed him, I felt good when I held her

I dreamed about a girl, about half a year old, I knew and felt that this was my daughter, she smiled, I smiled with her too. The sleep was not always calm, I was distracted by my mother, who constantly sent me to work or took me shopping. And I left my baby and went to the store. And then, with her brother in her arms, she ran to her baby home

I leave the house with a child in my arms. Immediately a lake and crocodiles swim in it. A neighbor, holding her child in my arms, enters this lake and bathes with crocodiles. They do not touch her, and in general they are calm. There are 5 of them.

I dreamed how I was babysitting a baby girl 2 months old, about. I put her to bed. I was not her mother. And her mother put her twin brother to bed

I dreamed of a little girl (baby) of about 7-12 months, not older than a year, for sure, since she could not walk on her own. I was just studying. A very beautiful girl, for some reason she fell in love from the first sight. I played with her, nursed her, I even remember some kind of pool, how I held her in my arms, and she rinsed her legs in the pool. The girl was dressed in pink, and her hair was dark.

I am not pregnant..I have son.I’m single..but i had a dream that i’m pregnant with a girl..and in a dream I saw her in my womb..she smiled at me

I dreamed that it was as if I had given birth to a daughter and was feeding her with a mixture, she was walking, and before that she constantly dreamed of pregnancy, it happens that I see my birth, and sons and daughters dream

I dreamed that a man fell through the ice. I screamed and called for help, I was afraid to climb, because I knew that I could not swim, I called an ambulance in parallel, then the guys passing by began to jump after the drowning man, when one began to get the other out of the ice, I also began to help. And then a girl runs up and gives me the baby and runs away. In a dream, I immediately fell in love with this child, girl

For the second day in a row, a small child-girl dreams. This is not my child, but a stranger. The first time I walked with her, and the second time I took it from my friend’s friend forever

Hello!Here is my dream: a bunch of babies are crawling and crawling, as in a nest, all the girls, naked, hair all over the body, I take one and hold it to me, it is warm, clings to me, I am pleased, I stroke it on the hairy back&# 8230;

I had a dream where I nursed a newborn baby and sheltered him from the cold. It seemed to me that the girl is my sister’s daughter.

I am now 15 years old and in a dream I am also 15 I have a dream with a baby girl I look after her, take care of her, take care of her, I’m with her all day, as if it’s my child

I have 3 daughters. In a dream I saw a baby girl. The baby just lay. I thought that I and 4 children gave birth to a girl.

Thanks in advance for the interpretation. I dreamed that my Mom was holding my newborn dotsya, I didn’t see the birth itself, but it’s strange that we were standing and talking near the garbage can.
The little girl is all in pink, so good-good, and in a dream I feel very happy.

a man in a dream with his baby girl, whom he gave to me and on my shoulder, she slept and even tried to breastfeed

I had a dream&# 187; that they don’t want to give me my child, but I don’t have a child yet. And then they give it and she is very beautiful, like the sun, warm, happy. &# 8216; what such a dream could mean

Everything was so airy and pink, a lot of beautiful toys and outfits for the girl and an expensive stroller

good day! In a dream, it was as if I had given birth to a daughter, everything was fine until a distant relative took her in her arms, after which the girl became very feverish.move away.And my mother did something that the child began to recover, but in a dream there was a strong feeling of anxiety for her life all the time

From Wednesday to Thursday, I had a dream: a girl, up to a year.And I understand that this is my daughter’s daughter, granddaughter.I held it in my arms and saw it crawling in the crib.

In a dream, I saw a baby girl, as if it were my child, I loved her very much, she did not scream and was beautiful&# 8230; We came to some psychologist for a consultation..pov climbed the stairs, saw the painted walls in warm colors (orange, yellow, blue)&# 8230; And then they woke me up. I’m 19 years old, I live with the martyr. How to interpret such a dream?

As if my friend gave birth to a girl, she is dark brown-eyed, so pretty, and I was introduced to her, walked with her, and so the whole dream and I am pregnant. But in the present, not in a dream, I’m really pregnant

Hello! I dreamed that in the market I was holding a baby girl in my arms, as if not my own, but I held her very carefully and was looking for her relatives all the time. Then I wrapped her up because it seemed to me that she was cold. she was very sweet and constantly smiled at me, and I had a strong state of anxiety from the fact that no one was looking for the baby.

Hello! I dreamed about a girl, baby, I feed her from a bottle.but some people want to take her away from me.but i don’t give

I dreamed that I gave birth to a daughter, and she is already starting to walk.A big store as if my father had a dream, and I take money there.

I gave birth to a girl, but the ex-fiancé took her and his mother away from me, but he brings me to see her and I could smell her straight hugging her

Hello. I dreamed that I came to the hospital with my pregnant sister and found out that I was allegedly also pregnant for a period of 14 weeks . Then a failure in a dream, and immediately as if I had already given birth and they brought me a baby girl in a white envelope, but her face was covered.. then some kind of failure, and again I see this girl in the arms of an unfamiliar man who says that this is not his child, but he will bring up..

I was given a foundling

it was well packed, but no food, found it in a coffee shop

then they gave it away and I half-killed her and told myself that let this child stay with me and could not let go of my hands

liked it so much

the girl was so beautiful I immediately fell in love

I dreamed that I had a child who was 3 months old and I chose food for him with my husband.I was holding in my arms or my husband

I dreamed that a woman I knew let me hold her baby girl. The baby was wonderful and calm. I held her and lull her. But suddenly the baby vomited, but not me, but somehow to her mother. The mother was very upset, and the baby smiled at me and was happy.

I don’t remember exactly the whole dream, but in the dream there was always a baby girl who was next to me for the whole dream

I’m in the hospital, the ward is large, there are many mothers nearby. I sit on the bed. I feel good, nothing hurts, no fatigue. I sit and argue why they are not carrying a child to me. And then a doctor comes in with my child, a little one, swaddled in a pink swaddling cloth in a white cap. I reach out to take her in my arms and that’s it. Sleep ends, I wake up

I dreamed of a crib, I go up to it, and there is a little girl on her stomach, about 2 months. I take her in my arms and say to myself, is it really mine

For the first time I see a girl who gives me a baby girl in all pink. I take it well and the child smiles

I dreamed that I was carrying the baby in my arms to the house, and she says whether I’m waiting or waiting, this was her first word, then I fed her with soup.

In a dream I saw myself and a month-old baby in my arms. I knew that this was my child, my mother was standing next to me, I had to leave and leave it to my mother. It was a girl.

I dream about a girl (baby). I ice with her in bed. She smiles, hums and I understand that she is mine. So small, strong and clean. And happy with my husband. But in reality, my husband and I do not have common children, but we want.

Hello, I dreamed that I was holding a child in my arms (I am right-handed), and someone gave it to me, wrapped in a terry towel, not completely, my stomach is slightly open, the child laughs, I feel joy when I wake up this feeling remains

I dreamed that I gave birth to a girl, the room she had a pink girl, white hair, a blue stroller

I had a girl, but how sick the little coffin was, I was upset, even afraid, the deceased grandmother said it didn’t matter to her as a buddit cerebral palsy, a green dot on her forehead

I dreamed of a little girl, she was my cousin, she was the daughter of a woman whose son died and no daughter

I had a dream where my Zalovka is holding a young girl, she tells her my girl is so good and beautiful and joy is on her face!! And as if everything was choking me, it was so bad as if it did not happen in a dream at all!! I heard different voices of the zalovka, but I said that I shouldn’t wake up, she has no way of knowing what that fright is.

Dreamed of a strange open wound on the body, turned to the hospital for help. I was informed that I had a baby girl, but the baby was taken away, and the wound itself should heal. They told where I can see her. The girl was taken away by the elderly living in the old house. It was a poor but warm house. There were two more young men, and an elderly woman looked after them, treated. Upon arrival, I was greeted with the words that the girl is all right. I was offered to look at her. but you shouldn’t take her, she’d better stay with them. Noticing the strange package at the front door, I came closer. What I saw shocked me, the girl had the wrong body proportions &# 8212; her head was not childish at all, but an adult woman with rough facial features. The woman repeated her words adding that it would be better this way.

good day,
I dreamed that I was unexpectedly pregnant and immediately gave birth, it was suddenly. A girl was born who grew up very quickly, not by hours but by minutes. In a dream, I breastfed her, blankets, held in my arms.
Thanks for earlier.

I dreamed that I have a baby daughter, I also showed her to my friends and said that she was very beautiful

I dreamed very little (girl)
She lay on the diaper and looked at me and smiled and played with a rattle

Hello! At night I saw a baby girl in a dream, I held her, hugged her, played with her. The newborn was in a red suit. What does this mean?

I dreamed that I had a baby girl, a baby girl, she had blue eyes, and she smiled at me, I held her on the arms and was very happy. Then I named her Varya.After, she grew up she was about 5 years old, she was very beautiful, and happy . For reference I am 14 years old and I am a virgin

I dreamed of a little girl yaku I gave birth, and I already spoke in winter in my dream! We walked a long way, walked, chuckled at what nachebto, I wore in my arms all the time.

I dreamed of a baby girl at my place and as if she were mine . My husband and I collected her diaper clothes, bottles

I am in a dream with a baby in my arms, this is my child, a girl, I have to go to a doctor with him, a colleague, how to weigh it, register it?

I got up very early today. From the evening there were experiences. But at seven in the morning I fell asleep again. I dreamed of a one-year-old girl dressed beautifully, very kind and charming baby. I caressed her, she was in my arms. And as if my sister was born and was so happy about it. A place&# 8230; apartment, a lot of sliders and baby’s undershirts were dried on the battery.

In a dream, I found a newborn child, a girl, decided to take it for myself. Then the mother of the child appeared, who eventually abandoned her. I even got milk that I used to feed the girl. She smiled at me and everyone was happy

Good morning,
I remember that in a dream my cousin asked for help with the child, a little girl, like a newborn.
The girl cried when she was in her arms in an upright position, but when she was lulled to sleep she calmed down
In the interval, I don’t remember what happened, but at the end of the dream, the baby girl stretched out her lips so that I could kiss her.
I kissed.
I remember this girl very much as in Java

I dream that they are giving me a baby girl wrapped in odial or a plaid I won’t say for sure, but the girl was fair, then I start to run away as if they want to take her away from me

I dreamed of a girl of the year not yet that she is my daughter, and she is about another man and she has dark hair. She smiled at her dad . It was a dream and his mother, who was holding her in her arms, wrapped her in a jacket, it was cool, and access was easily dressed

Hello. As if my 7-year-old daughter and I were in the hospital and there was an abandoned girl baby. All skinny, sick. I began to look after her and the child began to get better in front of my eyes, smile. I hold her in my arms and think that I will take her, but I have three children, and I’m already used to her.

The girl I gave birth to from my beloved dreamed very much like him, the young man was slightly detached, but he was happy with the baby, a dream with a girl and a martyr dreamed several times

I dreamed of a large room, where there are many women, some with baby girls and I took turns babysitting and admiring them all. Girls had brown or blue eyes

I am pregnant. I don’t know the floor yet, I dreamed that I was giving birth, and I gave birth very easily, as if I spat out a child, it was a girl. This girl was so small that it fit in a pocket of my pants, where I wore it, I swaddled it and put it in my pocket, I hardly remember the rest. I remember breastfeeding her. The dream was colored

I dreamed of a girl that I gave birth to her myself, nursed her and went somewhere with her on a bus, the road was through the forest

I dreamed that I gave birth to a girl and left the child to look to my older sister (she is 4 years older than me and is married, she has children).
And in real life, we recently quarreled with her and while we do not communicate, do not judge strictly &# 8212; I’m definitely right, I assure you. In my place, any person would have done the same to her for such an attitude.
And for some reason she didn’t take maternity leave and go to work as usual. Then I come home from work, and my sister took my daughter to the trash can says. I’m hysterical and cursing, I run out to that trash can and I can’t find the baby&# 8230; then I woke up at 05:30 on Tuesday morning.
Please help explain.

Good morning, I had a dream in which I take in my arms a girl whom I myself gave birth to, a very beautiful, blue-eyed, white face

Hello, I had a dream in which I took care of a baby. I stood in the bathroom and washed her. I remember exactly that it was a girl. Because she began to cry, and while holding me over the bathroom, she said pis and she began to shriek. I have no children at all and in a dream I thought that this was my child. There was no one surrounded but us. Before that, this topic was not touched upon in any way and I did not think about it before going to bed.

I dreamed that it was my baby, the girl was in a stroller, I was asleep, I got on the bus and forgot about her, then I remembered and came back for her for forgetting people condemned me

I had a little child, a girl in the form of a doll, and one day she fell off the couch, her neck cracked and she began to choke and died, but I didn’t see dead anymore

Senodnya at night I dreamed of my newborn daughter, it happened in the maternity hospital, but when I first stuck with her, she was already sitting with Hades for a year or a half, she was very similar to me and with blue eyes, I was very happy! But I have two sons and a daughter, I never wanted and do not plan now, I thought, except that if I have two first boys and if by chance a third child appears, then let it be a girl&# 8230;

I am 19 years old, I dreamed about a child, a girl, a baby, in a dream it felt like I didn’t know who the father of the child was, I carried it in my arms and dressed in overalls, I also dreamed that I brought the child home and remembered that there were no diapers.

I dreamed that I was sleeping in my room in habitation (I live here) and that a woman comes (I don’t know her in real life) wakes me up and says to look after the baby, puts the child on the neighbor’s bed and leaves

Hello!I dreamed that the mother of the person I like is passing me a baby girl.She passed it on with love.I didn’t immediately understand why she was giving it to me, but took it, and she squeezed my finger very tightly.And I shouted this man out loud, said she squeezed my finger so hard!!

A baby girl with a nipple is dreaming of a baby in her arms, and the nipple, as before, was a chamomile, and in the middle is blue. And the rivet falls off, and she starts to swallow that nipple and I had to climb with my fingers and get the rubber thing from the nipple. The girl starts crying, I ask the bus to stop so I can find a store where to buy another pacifier. On the way I meet a woman who points at the bus driver and says that he has his own store, I ran after him. I bought a pacifier, but before giving it to the child, I myself licked this pacifier.

I had a dream as if I was the child of a baby girl and left her with me later as if she was crying I tried to give my breast to feed and there was no milk

At first, I dreamed that I was being anesthetized, and when I got away from the anesthesia, my hands were chopped in catheters and a baby girl was lying next to me and we were on the same drug, so I could not move in a dream. Then I woke up.

I dreamed that my child was such a beautiful girl, I held her on the arms, but the people close to me were unhappy

I am pregnant, I dreamed of a baby girl who smiled at me in a dream, I also carried her in my arms, but she was not my daughter, but a cousin

I live in the city.But the dream was like a road from the crossroads home to the village where I was born, the procession of the funeral of a baby girl was going on, I remember that there was a long open hearse, and there were still randomly naked babies dead, and I ask everyone why they were naked, but they answer me, it’s hot today&# 8230; I went to the village by a straight road, the funeral procession turned to the left off the road into a forest belt&# 8230;

I went pregnant, and then I had a little girl, I did not see the birth process.

Before birth, I walked pregnant around my house (as I thought in a dream), there were a lot of beautiful shops with cosmetics, I looked at everything and admired.

In a dream, I collected it for a walk, looked for an envelope, a stroller, etc. She is no longer quite tiny, she could be taken out into the street.

The girl was asleep, I held her in my arms and looked at her, I thought about how beautiful she was.

Kept a baby girl in my sleep
She didn’t look very happy and complete
It was hard for me to hold her
And I don’t like baby girls
Then, it was necessary to wash it

To me Anya and my best friend Tanya, who is not present in real life, two beautiful babies descended from the sky in a transparent bag from the sky. They smiled sweetly and didn’t cry at all. I remember later they were lying in the basket. My friend and I also named them Anya and Tanya. We fed them with breast milk. They were so beautiful there is nothing to compare. Like something light and divine. From the place where my friend and I found them, I was able to fly as if on wings, pushing off the ground with my feet home. There was already a friend Tanya with her second baby. Mom asked where they were from, and dad just stood and watched. But I said that I would tell you later where they came from. And then dad asked, look An lilac blossomed. And I remember that before my friend and I were taken to him by the general from our husbands.
And we ran away from the general and found babies. And before that, we were at home and I wanted that lilac to bloom with me.

I dreamed that I needed to go somewhere and then I see a girl about 3-4 months old to a baby. Lies with a smile, healthy-looking, and I quickly put it on and went to the meeting .

I left my abandoned baby daughter and my mother and grandmother, the deceased, raised her, and I came to their house like I felt sorry for her, but did not take her for myself.

In a dream they gave me a baby girl in my arms. I had to nurse her for a while. Who gave I don’t know. The child is also a stranger. Calm, nice baby. It was nice to hold her in my arms, to babysit. At some point, urgent matters appeared, I handed the child over to friends (it seems to my daughters) so that they would take care while I was busy. But while she was doing her business, there was a thought all the time in my head: did they change her diaper??

The baby was brought said if you want to adopt&# 8230; so happy about it I am a child of 8-9 months when the hold on my hands was so plump soft did not even cry on my hands&# 8230;

I dreamed of my adult daughter with a baby girl in diapers in her arms and the girl tells me that I have a pain here

I dreamed that a strange woman came to me, we talked, and then she began to pick up the baby, the child screamed mom!

I dreamed of a baby girl and I held her in my arms, she was very beautiful, calm, did not cry or laugh. I just held her in my arms and looked at her face, she was dressed and swaddled.

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