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Dream interpretation bag with Money 😴 dreamed of why a bag with Money dreams in a dream

Dreamed of money in a bag – expect profit, one-time payment, reward. Financial affairs will slowly bounce back.

The amount of financial remuneration depends on the type of bills – the larger the money, the larger the amount of the fee to be received.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of a bag with Money, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why a bag of Money is dreaming in a dream, just write a dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I was going home from somewhere, I saw on the ground, there was not a big black handbag lying near the bench, I looked around there was no one, I took it and went home.I came home, opened it in a place with my mother and there were a lot of dollar bills, we counted, I asked how much it would be in rubles, my mother said 17,000 and I woke up

I open the door with a key and look for a bag&# 8230;.I find her hanging high on the wall &# 8230;.I get up on something and take my bag off the wall&# 8230; I open there is a card and money&# 8230;.on the map, some route I leave the room and, in general, everything woke up

I dream that I need to fly, the plane resembles a large house with 2-3 floors, suddenly I discover that the children are lost &# 8212; two sons, although I have one son, I leave my bags on the plane with a friend, I run to look for children, I don’t find them, I come back for bags, I don’t find a purse with money, with things in place. A friend says that there was no purse with money. I leave the plane in disarray, not knowing what to do without money and where to look for children.

Hello. my name is Margarita. from Friday to Saturday in a dream I saw two large wads of money put into my black bag. and my ex-husband dreams almost every day

In the morning, I went to work. It was a sunny, warm day. When I reached the bus stop, I saw a gym bag on the bench. There were wads of money in it. I took my bag and went home. On the way, I called to work and asked for time off before lunch. I came home, shifted and counted the money. I threw my gym bag in the trash and went to work.

I am in a house that I really like, I would like to live in it, but people who I supposedly know live in it. My sister and I go into it, we have a bag with a huge pile of money in our hands. The hostess offers to put the money in a bag that belongs to us. My sister is leaving for our bag, and we are talking with the mistress of the house very peacefully. Then finally my sister comes, we put a bunch of packs of money in OUR big bag

Hello Tatiana! I had a dream – a large bag full of packs of money (hryvnia) I had to give it, and I tried all the time to choose a pack that I can keep for myself, but I don’t remember whether I left it or not. But I have the feeling of a huge amount of money, as if it were not a dream.

I dreamed that I was walking with my bag and it was full of bundles of paper money, thousandth and five thousandth bills. In a dream, this money is mine.

I went to a public toilet, hung my bag on a hook (I know that there is a decent amount of money).Left the toilet (it’s clean, didn’t see anything in it). Then I remembered that I forgot my bag, came back and saw that the door to the toilet was open and my bag was hanging, as I hung it. People enter..come out&# 8230; Cross the road (dirty) &# 8230; go bags. I’m terrified: there are documents, money&# 8230;.

I found a bag, opened it. and there are brand new bills&# 8230; many, 1000 and 5000. and in all the pockets there were wads of money.

I dreamed that I earned a lot of money, they were tied in bundles and lay even, in my opinion, in a brown bag and like all large paper!

I left my room went to the kitchen to drink water I drank then when I was walking back I saw a large bag lying on the floor I decided to take a look I opened the bag and there was a lot of money and there were all paper bills I wanted to take the bag and carry it to my room but I I could not because they put a knife in my back from behind and took the bag from him his face was closed was in a mask

I wanted to go to the buffet at school and buy a bun, I went for a bag. When I came and looked in the bag there were several bills. But I could only see one, it was 500 rubles.

at the entrance I found bills of money, followed the trail of money and immediately saw a bag with money and some papers there were some documents, it seems

ladies bag full of money. knocking on the door to the godfather &# 8212; no one is home. passers-by and I’m afraid of robbery. and wake up. I see under the window on the street a large number of fresh huge purple hpisanthemums. I stand and admire

I rode on the bus, found that my bag was missing, I began to look, I looked around for bags, I took in my hands, I looked not mine, I was upset, I almost cry, I went through a lot of bags. Suddenly I look ahead of a 12-year-old boy talking. I go to them. I need a bag, one of them says no need to behave like this, I’m just kidding, here’s your bag. I open. everything is there (paper money. bank card) I felt the joy of finding and at the same time was angry with this boy

Hello Tatiana! I am Natalia. Dream: Get out of the car with a friend, the evening is dark. I straighten my ginger bag over my shoulder (tangled in my coat). We walked along the path behind the houses about 15 meters, a strange feeling of lightness and lack of.I caught myself right there!I went back down the path, where I stopped to recover (the bag could slip to the ground). But she’s not there! Although no one followed us! A feeling of panic overwhelmed, money and documents in the bag! I looked around, saw an old black bag thrown.There was money inside.I took it as compensation, put the pack in my pocket (there was paper Russian money, but not much, a pack in an elastic band is possible). Woke up terrified. Fear chained the whole body.

Everything happened cafe. I liked the man and he talked to me, Then a young woman appeared, as it turned out, we started a conversation with her, she offered to eat, and he told her to buy pies and something else. I offered to cook something, well, cook it myself. She’s gone and so am I. In the same building, I left my bag and ran for groceries. Suddenly I saw a lot of water near the excavator and people who were calm in the store. They went up and down. I remembered about the bags and ran to where that man was sitting. I came running and saw how they were talking very nicely, but it did not bother me. There were two small rats near me, one was calm, and the other crawled under the leg and bit, I took it in my hands and began to show these two (man and woman). I began to wonder what they were doing here. I had no fear. Then she let go of the rat, saw the bag and counted the money. Everything was in place. I woke up.
I would be grateful if you could give a transcript of the dream.
Thank you in advance.

in general, there was a fire, they gave me 10 thousand and went to the store and ended up on the river, the money was in my hands and the bag ran

I went into the house and went to the kitchen there I met my late grandmother she looked at me silently and then put money in my bag looked at my living grandfather and he gave me money too and then she stood and looked at me without taking her eyes off

Today I dreamed that I was driving somewhere with my deceased ex-husband, (the place is not familiar to me) I left for something, and when I returned, I did not see him and the first thought that he left me again only this time took my purse with him ( I left him to hold) and there is money and documents. And again, some woman with a smile tells me something about him, meaning that he doesn’t need me (I had similar dreams before and he always left me with other women)

I found a bag near the school, white, it had 1000 tenge at first, then I came back to hush up the tracks so that they would not find me, and I remembered that I did not look in all my pockets, and in another pocket I found about 100,000 tenge. went home. and woke up.

I walked along a long corridor, rather a school one, to the toilet, there was a red or orange bag near the toilet, I looked into it, and there was a wallet full of rubles and dollars, I wanted to take 1 ton.R., but didn’t take.Is gone. Then she found out that it was her husband’s bag, he also approached her in a dream, he says he finally found it.

took a wallet there money three thousand and put it in a big bag like a sports bag there was something else went somewhere along the bridge ended up at a red brick house went there a long table on it something stood out of food I was looking for a friend who died but she didn’t sat next to me women were not young

I don’t know where I got in my hands a pretty business bag with documents and 1 more lady’s bag. my 10-year-old son was next to me. there was a feeling that there was something bad in the bags&# 8230; for some reason I decided to leave these bags on the bench and left with my son on the tram, however, as the tram started, I jumped out of it and ran to pick up these bags &# 8230;. I saw them that they are standing on the bench&# 8230; but then I woke up

i dreamed that I found a briefcase with documents and money and it was on the ship. I lost my shoes there and found this briefcase.

I dreamed that I found a leather bag with 360 thousand dollars in the subway, I saw the money itself. Near the turnstiles I found, I ask the guard, whose? answered someone lost, take away. Well, I took. A year has passed (like in a movie), I have already bought an apartment with this money. And then a woman comes to work and looks for her bag. I hid it at the reception desk. Then she saw the alarm clock on the table, and I knew that the alarm clock from this bag. In general, there were a lot of details, in the end I returned everything to her. I don’t know how, but the dream ended exactly on this, I definitely returned them, and told someone else about it.
Where did this figure come from in my head, I don’t know, but I remembered exactly the amount of 360 thousand dollars, I don’t know how much there were rubles, I saw 50 rubles

Hello . On the way I find a red bag with money with dollars and euros.

Hello! I dreamed that I found a bag with money (euros, rubles, coins), but I took only a huge pack of euros, and then shared them with a friend.When I took out the currency from my bag, I mentally made plans for the future.

I had a dream today at about 6-7 in the morning that my colleague brought large bags (fabric with a zipper) with paper money. For some reason, the bags were open and he asks to cover the money so that passers-by do not see. I cover the money with some kind of packages. At the end, I fasten the bag with money, but I tear off some button from the bag and the lock. A colleague demands that I return the lock and the zipper. And I give it to him. Then I woke up.

I dreamed that I left the bag on the bench and then could not find it, I began to ask people and the woman returned it to me, the bag was beautiful golden color in it everything was in place, including. h. and the money is beautiful, different euros, dollars, rubles.

Hello . I ran somewhere at night with 2 bags of paper money along an unknown street . on the road to the right was an eagle or a similar bird that fell on its back when I ran past . then on the right there was a field from which a lot of planes took off at once . then I found myself at home and began to pull out more money from the wall from two holes when suddenly my little son was near me . I saw many needles sticking out in the wall and thought that he would get hurt right now . screamed his name and woke up from that scream .

In winter, on the street, I accidentally dropped my purse with documents and wallet. Then she returned down the same path and found her. At first I did not find money in the wallet, and then in another branch of the wallet I found the same amount as it was, but in large bills . (five thousand rubles each). The color of the bag was white, and it lay on the white snow. Was unbuttoned.

I stood on a mountain and jumped into the gentle azure sea, I had no fear or fear, but then I noticed how some people in the middle of my sea put big stones and also started jumping there, after which harmony and joy disappeared in my dream and I was upset

i dreamed that my son and I found a purse with money and took it for themselves not the owner’s claims

forgot a bag with money and documents in a cafe, walked through the market with my son, saw that there was no bag in her hands, was scared, wanted to return to find&# 8230; woke up at this place.

I made some kind of deal and I have a full portfolio of bundles of money in dollars and rubles.

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