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Dream Interpretation Balcony 😴 dreamed of why the Balcony dreams in a dream


Felomen’s dream book interprets the balcony of his own house as an opportunity to receive honor and respect among colleagues. You will be able to successfully end annoying tasks and earn a promotion at work.

To see the protruding structure of someone else’s house – to feel dissatisfaction with the circumstances of personal life. The symbol, seen in dreams, portends an unexpected advance in career plan.

What did you do on the balcony in a dream?

What happened to the balcony in a dream?

The balcony collapsed in a dream ▼

Why dream that the balcony has collapsed? A dream warns of the occurrence of serious problems and major troubles in everyday life, which will be extremely difficult to cope with.

What balcony did you see in a dream?

Why dream of a balcony without railings ▼

Dreaming of a balcony without a railing? You need support and support from a loved one. In the near future, difficulties will arise in all areas. Dealing with them can be easy and simple if there is a reliable and loyal person nearby.

Who did you see on the balcony in a dream?

A woman with a child is dreaming on the balcony ▼

We saw a dream in which a woman and a child stood on the balcony? Happiness awaits you in family life, the time will come for tender and sensitive relationships. You and your significant other will finally be able to recreate the wonderful atmosphere.

How other dream books interpret?

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of a balcony, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Balcony is dreaming of in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

Hello! Please tell me what an excerpt from my dream means&# 8230; I go out to the balcony, under the balcony there is water, a river, maybe, &# 8212; I did not see the banks, just like in Venice, for example, but there was nothing but water&# 8230; then either a boat or a small yacht floats up, I even saw its color, pretty, painted in red and black tones, as if geometrically, with taste)) In it, (or in it), foreigners, &# 8212; and two mulattoes began to climb or reach out to me on the balcony, asking something in English, I answered them, also in English, I was interested in our communication, and they were nice to me..The time of day, I suppose, was later, no heavenly bodies were visible, but there was no daylight, the water was calm, dark &# 8212; grayish, but not frightening, but I would not want to be stingy in it either&# 8230; Thank you in advance))

Anastasia, the fact that in this dream you were standing on the balcony, probably, suggests that you can look at the situation from the outside, thus solving problems.

I dreamed of a large (spacious) balcony (there were no railings, there were no fences), very high, white pure snow lay on it. I sat on the left at the edge, and looked at the balcony. It was night.

Maria, the fact that you were standing on the balcony in a dream most likely means that you will soon get a promotion or another rise in business.

Hello! please tell me what my dream means: I go out to the balcony (skyscraper), a teenage girl stands behind the railing on the edge and looks down, I shout to her &# 171; what are you doing, get out of there, fall down&# 8230;&# 187; She turns around looking me in the eye and falls down, look down she crashed&# 8230; Feel my guilt.

Had a dream: grandfather walks with our child 2 years old on the balcony. Suddenly the child breaks down and falls from the balcony. The grandfather manages to grab the child by the hand, but at the last moment he does not hold the child and the son falls. I had a dream on Wednesday early morning. Very bright, clear, small details were remembered. We are very worried, please tell me what this can mean. thanks.

Hello, I dreamed that: I was standing with my friend on the balcony about the 9th floor, he says that he wants to build a balcony at his house, then he climbs somewhere to look at the structure of the balcony, breaks down and falls down, but not on the asphalt, but the carpet lying on street, I cry, I run down to him, when I come running it turns out that this is no longer the same acquaintance, but my young man lies&# 8230;..but he is alive, he didn’t seem to break anything, he hurt himself so badly, we are waiting for an ambulance&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;.

Such a dream, in which there was a balcony, probably warns that this person can make ambitious plans, but they risk collapse.

Suddenly there was a horse locked up on the balcony. She was very cold and I set her free.

Several times I have already dreamed that I am standing on a very high balcony. and looking down! Either a balcony in a large concert hall, another time in a luxurious banquet hall..third time in the palace!

I dreamed that the daughter on the first high floor is in the room,
I come from the street to the balcony, she crawls out the window onto the balcony and jumps down, although three meters down, flies head down, bends near the very ground and gets to her feet, and I scold her for taking such a risk and frightening.

Hello! Tell me what a dream can mean, today I dreamed from Thursday to Friday, stood with my husband on the balcony talking for some reason, holding it locked on the other side (from the street, as it were), something fell, my husband reached out to get it, but broke and fell down&# 8230; from the 4th floor, the balcony of my house was.

Hello!I dreamed that I intentionally jumped from my balcony (4th floor) and fell down, but almost above the ground I kind of turn on my ability to fly and start flying and cling to a tree trunk, hugging it with my arms, thereby not allowing myself to break, I also jumped out from the balconies of relatives and also included the ability to fly to hug a tree&# 8230; I was not afraid to jump and I was sure that I would not crash.

Your dream, in which you made a jump from the balcony, probably suggests that you can take a risk, but everything will be resolved safely for you.

I have a glazed balcony at home and somehow I go to the balcony, but there is no double-glazed window, the whole space is open and it has become longer. trees and flowers grow, but walking on it was unpleasant for me. And then I went home there is no cupboard in the kitchen. Mom said that she threw it out because it was already old and Mom removed the glass unit on the balcony too.

Hello! More and more often I dream that my eldest son (6 years old) falls from the balcony, I do not have time to catch him and I see him flying down. He does not die, the dream continues, there remains only the feeling that he has fallen, and that everything is not so bad, but not so good either. When I wake up, I start to worry about my son. Tell me why is this dreaming? The balcony is different every time, it falls differently each time, and this has become a dream often.

The fact that he falls from the balcony most likely indicates that you are worried that he will not meet your expectations.

thanks. You know I really have such anxiety. He goes to first grade, entered the lyceum, and now I’m afraid that he will not pull the load. Thank you very much, it became even easier on my soul!

Hello.Today I saw a weave dream. I stand on the balcony and there are a few more people with me. One of them is familiar. She bends down and the lattice turns out to be filed or it was changed to something fragile &# 8212; the girl starts to fall, I have time to grab her hand. Next episode: some children on the balcony &# 8212; and they also cloud on the sawn lattice and one by one the girls fall. Next episode: a man walks onto the balcony (I don’t know him) &# 8212; and begins to check, it turns out that all the grilles are replaced, they are like from light aluminum. Inadvertently, the man begins to fall, I grabbed his hand. We entered the room. What does it mean&# 8230;

The fact that you saw such a dream most likely warns that you are too arrogant.

I had a dream in a cat. a white fighting dog popped into our apartment from the side of the balcony. she runs around the apartment.
starting to examine the balcony. I wonder how this could happen.
(we live on the 5th floor)
I slid from the balcony to the ground. land right under the balcony.
I see that the balcony is a little ruined. from different sides in the cracks.
and even something has already fallen off.I am alarmed.
I’m driving someone close to the cat.I also went out onto the balcony to the apartment so that God forbid it did not collapse.
and I hurriedly jump over the balcony into the apartment.
What does it mean&# 8230;

Your dream of such a plan most likely indicates that you will look at others with superiority.

Good day! please tell me the pushing of my dream. I dreamed that I was on a wooden balcony without a railing at all, supported by columns below and covered with a beautiful beige canvas, and behold, I was standing on this canvas and I had to go down, but I immediately realized that I could go down this canvas, because.To. it hangs down. after I got off one column tilted, I wanted to fix it, I started to do it and the whole balcony collapsed.I’m worried (already in reality). thank you in advance.

Your dream most likely reflects the fact that at this stage you are afraid that you may lose the positions that you have achieved.

I had a long dream in which I went out to the balcony 2 times and saw a square from it. I read that one of the interpretations could be unpleasant news about absent friends. And before going to bed, I wondered to get an answer in a dream, where is now one of my friends, with whom I cannot get in touch for 6 days. Will I get bad news about him?.

Hello! Please decipher the dream: Some girls or women come to visit me, call my young man and go out into the street with him, I run out onto my balcony (3rd floor, not glazed, the house is old) to call him, he answers that he will return now, but is even further away, that he stops hearing me, at this time a guy is walking on stilts who is trying to draw my attention to himself, I tell him to help me call my boyfriend, but he does not, and starts throw firecrackers at me, from which I successfully evade, but I never cease to be afraid of them, this guy says that I should not be afraid and invites me to try to be like his stilts, and after one unsuccessful attempt to be like them, I give him the stilts.

Your dream most likely suggests that your curiosity can provoke jealousy for you in this relationship.

Your dream, in which there was such a balcony, most likely indicates that you can get the opportunity to look at the situation from a high level and evaluate it properly.

good evening! Please help me understand the dream. I dreamed that I was climbing from above through the window onto the balcony (the balcony is glazed with large windows on the 2nd floor), white threads stretched across all the windows for curly flowers prevent me from climbing on it. I got entangled in the threads, my friend is standing on the balcony, helping me to crawl through these threads. I climbed in, looked at the balcony windows, showed my friend that some windows were already starting to break. We leave the house, we meet the owner of the apartment on whose balcony I climbed. I told him that we were worried about him, so I climbed onto his balcony. Then I ended up in a big store. Came out of it and ended up in Egypt. There I saw in the desert a large jacuzzi bath surrounded by Arabs. I got into the bath. The water is comfortable, clean, green. I walked in the water to the other side of the bath and froth the water, I felt a very good shampoo. At the other end of the bath, a maid stood in the water, preparing to wash my hair. I went up to her, sat on the toilet seat. Pressed the button to start the jacuzzi. Instead, my toilet seat began to rise above the water with me. I was scared that people (Arabs) surrounding the bath would see me naked and pressed the button again, the toilet seat began to sink back into the bath.

Most likely, such a dream of yours suggests that you can look at the situation from the outside and then you will be able to get answers to many of your questions.

Hello, help with sleep please!dreaming about our apartment, our balcony but without railings, and my little son sits on a chair, and wants to get off him, jumps, runs and cannot stop and falls from the balcony, I did not see the fall itself, only then that the child is lying and a bunch blood, I ran down, my head is covered in blood but whole, and breathes and tries to ask where his cars are.but the chest seems to be compressed, and does not cry at all&# 8230; went on to the hospital, and so they refused to give first aid, they said that everything is fine, without even looking at the baby..

Such a dream of yours most likely indicates that you can take the position of an outside observer in an event that is important to you.

The fact that in your dream there was such a balcony most likely indicates that you can rise above the current situation.

today I dreamed that I was going out to the balcony and it was ruined&# 8230; and there are so many bricks everywhere&# 8230; horror &# 8212; and I’m shocked&# 8230;..a man walks next to me and rebuilds my balcony. I run down to the 1st floor to my dad and he is angry that I ruined everything on the balcony&# 8230;&# 8230; what would it be for? dreamed from Thursday to Friday.

my daughter saw me that I was washing the balcony in my former apartment.The floor was bright yellow and there were many natural flowers.THANKS&# 8230;

I had twice a similar dream. first. I see an apartment on floor 5. I am in a room with a balcony.the door to the balcony is open. I need to go there, but I’m scared, because the balcony is unusual, it is open and made of thin boards, and there are cracks between them (like a box for fruit). I go out, step on them, they break and I break, but I manage to catch.
second dream. the same apartment all the same. in one room I see mum toli sleeping toli just lying. then I go to the same room with a balcony, my husband is sitting there on the bed or sofa, looking either at the wall or at the TV. I go to the balcony and see his shoes and socks there, and right now one shoe will fall.I’m scared the same way, but I’m running to save the shoe. I step on the boards, they break and again I break, I hook again. my husband does not pay attention to it, he also looks somewhere. Mom comes in and only then he gets up and pulls me out.

This balcony in your dream is most likely a reflection of the fact that you will soon get a chance to look at the situation of interest from the outside.

good day! had a dream in which my cat jumped from the balcony, I looked down, started crying, and ran down, he crashed. nothing will be scary? (my cat is so white).

good day.
Today, March 13, (from Tuesday to Wednesday), I had a dream in which I see my baby (2.5 years old), who climbed into a car, and, not knowing how to drive it, drove&# 8230;. I ran after him as fast as I could&# 8230; Didn’t have time to catch up.
The kid drove up to some kind of dilapidated staircase&# 8230; and straight down! When I ran up, I saw a crashed child, a car (top view)&# 8230; grief and calm enveloped me&# 8230; in general, a bitter dream.
Very worried&# 8230; In general, when a fire is dreamed, the child gets sick steadily. noticed. The feeling was that the loss was irreparable..
Please tell me what this is?
Best regards, I look forward to hearing. thanks.

Hello! I had a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday that I clearly understand in a dream that I am on the 5th floor and go to the balcony and wonder how long and large it is. I wanted to show it to my guests, but when I entered it, I saw that onions were scattered all over the balcony and it was already dark outside.

And so she left the balcony without showing it to the guests. On the balcony, the feelings were so pleasant from the weather and twilight, but when my foot stepped onto the balcony in a dream, it was a little scary so as not to collapse.

Hello! Help interpret sleep! . dreamed of a balcony slab with old broken pirils. in a dream I went out onto this balcony and felt a sense of fear, but not for myself, but for the children. there was a desire to repair the railing as soon as possible.

Hello! Please tell me what the dream in which I chase a stranger from my balcony can mean? The balcony is mine, but it looks different from what it really is, like the apartment in which I live, it has all kinds of opening doors, this man leaves one of them, and I open the other and look down from the balcony. I understand that after this stranger I need to wash everything here. thanks. Natalia

Hello. Since childhood, I constantly have a dream that I go out onto the balcony in my parents’ apartment, lean on the railing, which starts to fall, but somehow I climb, call for help. Each time the dream ends in a different way. This time I call my father for help. But my grandmother (who died) hears my cry first, then my father runs up. I’m worried about my grandmother, I tell her to leave the balcony. At this time, dad begins to quietly pull me out (my legs hang down, and my body is all on the balcony), but the tiles under me are slippery and it’s hard for him to do it. Then my mother appears, she sits down on her haunches near the broken rail, like she also wants to help me and falls down.I scream: mamaaa. And the father asks: I wonder how she is? and for some reason after these words I have hope, maybe everything worked out?

Hello.For the second time I had a dream that I was climbing over the balcony railing into the apartment of an unknown man.(in fact, he lives in a neighboring house, I don’t know him) This time I went into his room, examined it.She took the watch from the cabinet, turned it over in her hands and put it back. Then she went out onto the balcony and the dream ended&# 8230;

good day! Tell me what my dream means? (My mom and my neighbors are dead). I go out to my balcony and step over to the balcony of my neighbors, and my mother from our balcony hands me a plate of cheesecakes (there are 4 of them in it.) and says take the sour cream from the neighbors, put it in a plate, I take a can of sour cream and pour it into the cheese pancakes. Then I want to step back again, hold on tightly to someone else’s balcony, but I’m afraid that I will fall and say no, I probably won’t risk it. And the neighbors are looking at me.

good day. I remember dreams very rarely, which is probably why today’s dream is especially disturbing. The husband and I are standing on the balcony, the son also comes in and out. I reproach my husband for something that he did something wrong in relation to the child. It seems that this was the last straw, the husband immediately approaches the edge of the balcony and throws himself down. Son sees it too. I am shocked, but I don’t look out of the balcony, I don’t run downstairs, they perceive it as something that has already happened, which cannot be changed. My son asks me: mom, what to do? I answer that there is nothing to be done and I seem to go to bed. I woke up in the morning in some kind of confusion. I had a dream on the night from 24 to 25 lunar day. Please tell me what it can be?

Hello, tell me what such a dream can mean: &# 171; Standing on the balcony and looking down, watching how crocodiles are teeming below, trying to attack each other, when suddenly a tiger jumps out of the balcony and begins to attack and gnaw at them, and a cat jumps from the balcony behind the tiger, which also begins to attack crocodiles, which later begin to scatter . Even in the dream, it was clearly seen how the tiger tears apart one cocodilla.&# 187;

I dreamed that I was standing on the balcony and looking at the road from a height, which is visible through the fog and a convertible was leaving it, my ex-boyfriend was riding in it, I was looking at him from the balcony and he was looking at me when he was driving. then he drives behind the house, I don’t see him and I think whether or not he will come to me. I leave the balcony, open the front door, and then my mother came and asks: what will we give my brother for his birthday? maybe wallpaper. I tell her why does he need wallpaper? and she says: then maybe ceramic tiles? Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello, I dreamed that I went to the balcony (large and found at a high altitude) And there my friends are sitting.We chatted with them and a little girl climbed onto the balcony.But then I immediately got out.And then suddenly the balcony began to fall down, I thought everything would break, but at the last moment he began to fly and calmly landed what does this mean?

Hello, I dreamed that I was jumping from the window and some creature was chasing me. Falling, I grab onto the balcony of some apartment below and enter. Behind the door of this apartment, this creature. And I open the door and close it with a key and she does not see me. Later, in fear, I run from her, and she lags behind.

Today she dreams that in my bedroom on the seventh floor there is a short plump stranger woman and a girl of three years old so that my daughter or relative.I see that this girl opens a window in this room and falls from it. I tried to grab her, but it didn’t work. I quickly go down to the first floor and see a broken girl and clots of liquid and a lot of people already gathered.. The woman who was in my apartment tells me to wear a black bandage like them too.

Hello! I have already had a dream twice in which I am standing on a balcony located very high. It offers a beautiful view: mountains, river&# 8230; At the same time, I feel calm and happy on the balcony. There are some nice people next to me. Now I am in the stage of job search. thanks for the consultation.

Tell me, just a couple of hours ago I had the following dream:
I stand and look at my grandmother’s balcony. It is very wobbly, rusty and dirty. Although, in fact, she has a plastic, nice and solid balcony. Here, I see a boy, 2 years old, no more. He seems to be playing with an unreliable balcony structure, and then he loses his balance and ballads. I want to help him, but I can’t.
This ends my dream.
The dream is strange, t.To. there are no little boys in my family, and I have no children. The dream was very agitated. And why is the balcony exactly grandma’s? I have not lived there for more than 2 years, I have been married for a long time.
I would be grateful for your help

Hello Tatiana.I dreamed of my former neighbor, whom I had not seen for several years, as if we were in the apartment in which I lived before, and for some reason the neighbor was in my blue terry robe. Then I go out to the balcony, there are cats, and two birds in a cage, like parrots, I went out to save them from cats.After that, for some reason, I walk along some street and see a man of an unknown person who falls with a loud thud on the asphalt, I see blood, I am scared and I leave.Then I stand in my former yard and look from the bottom up at the neighboring house, and to someone I show this neighbor’s balcony, and on that floor of another. Please tell me what it is? Thank you in advance

On the balcony, I climbed over the railing, where there is a drying room, trying to pick up a clothespin. As soon as I took off the clothespin, I’m already holding it in my hands, the thought comes to jump off to commit suicide.

I dreamed of how my grandmother’s sister pushed me from the balcony from the grandmother’s room there is a small hinged balcony. And she pushed me. I didn’t even have time to scream.

My deceased husband took me away in a truck, I was happy and looked at a beautiful white balcony, with beautiful white curtains in an old (whitewashed) house. I thought that this balcony is mine, and the house needs alignment of the walls.

good day! I used to dream about my ex-boyfriend. I already saw a similar dream when we parted with him, and now half a year has passed and again the same circumstances and the same pictures. and so, I came to visit him, he hugged me and offered me and began to say something&# 8230; I was afraid that my girlfriend would see him, but he insisted that everything was fine. We were sitting on the balcony with him, at that moment his passion came in, saw us&# 8230; he showed her something, as if he kicked out, and came back. A similar dream that I dreamed 1.5 years ago was the same (with the participation of a girl) only then he left with her, and I was left to stand on the balcony alone. The dream came true, we parted&# 8230; what does this dream mean? For 1.5 years we have not seen each other and have not heard&# 8230;

Today I dreamed in the morning as if a stranger was climbing onto a bolkon trying to enter but the balcony couldn’t be closed, he was shouting something out there, I’m a league against the Sased, but for some reason I refuse on the first floor and my grandmother opens the seats for me and I woke up

I sit with my friend on the balcony, I see two girls on the next door, I go to them on the balcony and at this moment one of the two girls jumps from the balcony (floor 12-13). I’m scared, the second girl and I run downstairs, but the first is not there. Then it turns out that she did not crash, as she knows how to move through the air. Then we see her smiling and waving around the corner.

In a dream, I dreamed that the frame fell off the balcony, but the stele did not break in it, it turned out to be whole, we went down after it, raised it and my friend in a dream, I knew he tried to put him in place, but there was not enough piece although the frame was intact, he took a piece from somewhere logs and put between the frame and the balcony so that the frame would become even, even in a dream in the same I hid from everyone that I had a rash and I did not understand from where the big and small spots were.I went to the doctor and she asked what kind of phone I had and a photo but about my rash is not a word, please explain what it is

I dreamed that children, one girl and two twin boys, climbed onto the balcony and I scold them and ask them to call their parents

Hello, please help me solve the dream. I am in my parents’ apartment, suddenly I hear cars honking outside the windows and I understand that someone is having a wedding in our yard. I rather run to the balcony, run up to the door, pull the handle and do not go out (for some reason blunt), I look out the window of the door and still wonder why I don’t see anything. Then I realized that I had to go to the balcony and look out the window overlooking the street. I look out, and there is not a magnificent wedding, as I imagined, but just some one car a little decorated with flowers, and not a groom.I haven’t seen a bride. And when I jumped out onto the balcony, I hear my neighbor says:&# 187; Everyone from the balconies leaned out&# 187;! Indeed, I look at other balconies, and there, too, people look everywhere. Suddenly I see my childhood friend, with whom we have not communicated for a long time due to a quarrel, unexpectedly, from where I don’t know, jumps onto my balcony and stands on a canopy from the side of the street. I was very worried about her and began to call her to my house, to my side, but she did not.

I dreamed that I was standing on a beautiful balcony, and there were a lot of people below, I ran into the apartment and shouted – they came to my concert!although in life I am very shy.

I dreamed of a beautiful high balcony, I’m standing on it.I see a lot of people below, all in beautiful things, summer.I stand and see them from top to bottom..Then I run into the apartment and happily shout to my brother – They came to my concert!Although I’m not fond of anything like that.Life is gray.

Hello Tatiana. My name is Artyom. I am very interested in one dream, which has already happened twice, and I think that it is possible that there will be more. Kind of like, a dream within a dream. I wake up in it more than once, if you count it, then 15-20 times. He was creepy out of himself. It’s dark all the time, I can’t turn on the light in any room, the apartment is not mine, but it feels like I own it.People I don’t know walk around the living room. As soon as I approached them, I immediately woke up. After that, I get out of bed, I want to enter another room, doors, there are two of them, in this dream made of wood, in the middle there is corrugated glass. So, I’m heading into another room, and suddenly, terrible, corpse-looking hands begin to crawl against the glass of the left door, scratching. I immediately rush into this room, through the right door, and I see only a guy who is not familiar, or rather a silhouette. I didn’t do anything, I decided to go back into the room and turn on the light, because it’s dark all around, but it didn’t turn on, I checked everywhere, the same result. After which I felt very creepy, and I woke up, but it turned out to be another dream. Later, I woke up more than once, but each time not for real, and the dreams were different from each other, but the essence was almost always the same, creepy, someone outsider, or rather, something, there is no light. There was even a moment when I once again woke up, realized that it was still a dream, and lay back, inspiring myself to wake up, and I woke up, again in a dream. It seemed to me that it lasted for an eternity, but in fact, three hours. I was surprised.
I dreamed something like this once more, but in other rooms there were no those terrible hands that I remembered most clearly. I will not describe everything in the same detail, the essence is the same. I will only add one moment that I remember from the second dream.
All around the darkness. I head along the corridor, enter one of the rooms, and see many creepy silhouettes, seemingly human, although who knows, helped me, to make out something, only dim moonlight. I looked at them, remembered my first dream and went back to bed, so that all this would go away as soon as possible, because I was uncomfortable. Just like before I woke up and woke up. But in one of my dreams, I heard the TV work, and not just a playing broadcasting channel, but a hiss, interference, and went to watch, because I thought that since the light did not turn on, this is a sign meaning that if I find a light source, I will wake up. So, I went to the TV to watch the screen glow. But when I approached him and looked at the screen, there was no more interference, and I saw myself on the screen. as if they were filming me from the side, and not just from the side, as if the camera was right on the TV. I began to look closely, and suddenly, as if I shuddered, I saw on the screen that something was approaching me, or rather, I saw a silhouette from behind my shoulder, and he rushed at me, I got scared and dodged, after which I spat on this venture with light and went back to bed, and woke up again repeatedly.
This dream lasted about fifty minutes in reality, but like the first one it seemed endless. I would be grateful if you could tell me if it means something that? It’s okay to see yonder in a dream. Maybe some vitamins will help me avoid such dreams. Thanks in advance!

A moment from a dream: I am visiting a friend in Moscow (although she lives in Vladimir in real life). We are standing on the balcony. Balcony with windows. I peep. and there is night and light in the windows. And so beautiful. We chatted with a friend. Then I accidentally said a foul word, and she said that grandma hears everything . Some kind of anxiety was present in this dream. I don’t remember much.

I (my deceased mother was next to me at that moment) look out, but do not go out onto the balcony, its fence is concrete and high (somewhere with the height of a person), higher than usual, so that only the sky is visible, but inside it is like a concrete box. Also here I dreamed that two small multi-colored birds flew into the room, one in color is similar to a titmouse, flew around the room, climbed into things.

I (my deceased mother was next to me at that moment) look out but do not go out onto the balcony, its fence is concrete and high, higher than usual (somewhere with the height of a person) so that only the sky is visible. Inside it’s like a concrete box. Also here I dreamed that two small multi-colored birds flew into the room, one has a color like a tit. They flew around the room, climbed into things.

my partner and I were talking in the room (we didn’t quarrel) and she went and jumped from the balcony of the 14th floor. I saw her flying to floor 4 and then stopped.

I stood on the balcony with my ex-husband, and the balcony seemed to be separated from the house, it was scary. But with sweat everything fell into place, there was a feeling that I was saved.

I dreamed that I was on a train and there were a lot of people I was in some kind of carriage with people whom I know then something happens and I run away from this carriage and some man is running after me I run to other people whom I know in a dream and shout help then I I find myself in some house, this man runs away all my friends whom I know from the beginning and they became his servants obeying only him, he wanted me to marry him and wanted to catch me, I didn’t want that and ran away everywhere, then I ran into some room there was a large window and then this man entered this room I came closer to the window and then fell down and this man saved me then everything became muddy and I don’t remember anything else I woke up

I’m standing as a skemto on the balcony, passing through the window through the window of a child, someone . I can hardly get it, but there is a lot of water at the bottom .the balcony is unfolding like a is high it becomes a fear.then some other balcony on the ground and there are some people with me and there is no fear .thanks.

good day!
I had a terrible dream today! Good Friday too!
The child stood on the balcony (he is now 6 years old) and looked from him into the street&# 8230; 7th floor&# 8230; I was in the room going about my business and asked my grandmother to look after him &# 8230; at this time he begins to indulge, pretend that he falls from the balcony&# 8230; and already all bent over it.. I scream to my mom, watch, watch him. and she somehow ignores ..laughs it off. at this moment I turn and see how he clings with his hands to the balcony railing, but already from the other side &# 8230; I run up, I try to grab his hands, but I don’t have time, he breaks down &# 8230;. I see him flying face down! &# 8230; I’m screaming an ambulance for mom! but I myself realize that I need to run downstairs&# 8230; I imagine his broken face and I think that now the teeth will have to be repaired, the face will heal for a long time, I think, but I just hope that I’m alive. and at this time, for some reason I think where are my street clothes, that I need to go to the toilet first &# 8230;. and then I wake up from the alarm clock&# 8230;.
explain, otherwise it’s somehow scary &# 8230;.. the dream was after 6 in the morning already &# 8230;. color dream

I dreamed as if my family and I were standing on a balcony that does not have handrails, and my aunt, trying to straighten the ropes, fell backwards from the balcony.and I also dreamed as if I had a new phone.

in the evening everyone was going to sleep. mom was in the bathroom dad in the kitchen, a friend climbed into the parent’s room on the balcony and started smoking, and I wanted to go with her, she gives me a cigarette, but she falls. I go to my dad, and when I come back I look my mom comes out of the bathroom and I show my friend to leave.

I dreamed that I went out onto the balcony to smoke and I was scared to feel dizzy and I lay down to smoke and I was afraid to get up and some kind of wind and I crawled into the house and the dizziness subsided

I was hiding on balconies in different apartments. I was scared of something. Someone powerful pursued me and wanted to kill me. It was as if I teleported to one balcony, or I just don’t remember how I got there. I began to crawl out and saw the mistress in the house. She was not afraid of me, but on the contrary, she tried to help me, but she told me to find a way out of the apartment myself, they say it’s so simple. I went out and ended up in a house with a huge number of stairs, elevators, a. In one word, a labyrinth. I feel bad in dreams like this. Often the heroes of my dreams do not like me, criticize me or do not notice.
I also remembered that I often see corridors, stairs, elevators and apartments in my dreams. I often run in these dreams. There are places in them where I feel comfortable and would like to stay, but something or someone scares me and I have to leave the place and run again.

fell in love with a guy who helped me to lift a carriage up a mountain with a child .I gave him tea and when my husband knocked on the door, the guy jumped from the balcony of the 3rd floor, taking my shoes and left his.

The balcony is dreaming, me and dad run out onto the balcony to look for my son, and he somehow caught on the sides of the balcony and I did not have time to grab him and he fell

I dug dry ground and then saw how a friend jumped from the balcony of the second floor and survived, I carried him.I dreamed of football I played with friends.

there was a balcony in my room, although before it would not have been there, it would have been glazed, long, big, beautiful, I was happy, walked and spoke on it, here I will put a chair, there is a hookah, and outside the window the sun, heat and greenery are somehow exotic))

Hello, today I had a dream, in it I open the door to the balcony, and it is gray like before the repair, with rotten doors, almost no glass, and outside there is a strong wind, night, cold, trees bending.In one word, this dream scared me a lot.

Heard the scream of the child ran to this scream and saw that my mother was standing on the edge of the balcony and trying to jump

I sail on a steamer in the form of a house, I look at the water, it is black. Suddenly I tumble over the railing and almost fall, but someone lifts me back to the deck. Some woman appears and says we have sailed, now we’ll go to the beach and the sun is already shining and the sand is yellow and everything is fine. Then I run to the store to look at the shoes, my husband appears with the children and says why you need shoes, but I choose everything, I look but in the end I don’t buy anything.

Goodnight!I had a dream half naked in a dressing gown.Stood on the balcony.Then I called my man.and pokpzali in a dream.that he is fighting with his mother.He didn’t answer.Then I see a 3 bedroom apartment.The sheaf stands in brown.armchair yellow white walls cozy and beautiful large rooms.I look my beloved is standing at the wall from work.Said massage and kiss

I am standing on the balcony, his handrail breaks off and I fall and I understand that I died, then I was alive again, although I was a woman

I’m standing on the balcony with my former martyr. how it happened that he fell out of it and grabbed me with him and I flew after. he crashed, and I fell on the roof of the other balcony and screamed for help..

In a dream, I saw my father’s acquaintance repair his balcony on the tenth floor and fell out (this happened a couple of times, and even his son seemed to fall too), but in the end he was unharmed

I saw my children behind the balcony of the 9th floor, I wanted to pull them out, they held on to the taut ropes, laughed, and while I pulled my hands, they let go and flew head over heels downward, and I shouted

hello, I dreamed that I was going out to the balcony, but there was no railings there, there was a kakity board and the balcony was crumbling down and down, and the balcony was crumbling

I dreamed that we have a house opposite. I went out onto the balcony and I saw a man fell from the balcony by accident. he fell on his back, I run up to him and tell him not to move and call an ambulance. the ambulance arrived and he got up, only broke his ribs in some places. and he fell from the 7th floor.

I am standing on the balcony, which is sloping downward, an iron fence is pressed through like plastic and falls, and I am afraid that I will also fall over, but I reached the door and crawled out into the apartment

The man in the batman mask is walking down the wall of my house. I go up and watch him try to climb through my balcony into the apartment. His eyes are kind of strange sparkling that terrifies me.I turn on the balcony light and it falls.

In a dream I was with my parents in an apartment on the fifth floor, went out onto the balcony, looked into the yard and saw my ex-girlfriend leave and at that moment the balcony collapsed from under my feet, I fall down and wake up.

I dreamed of a 4-room apartment, well furnished, own, new.And I go out to the balcony and see that the floor is too high.And I start to fall, but then a young man grabs my hand and pulls me away from the edge of the balcony.

I stood on the balcony with a friend, we smoked, the balcony was not fenced. It was a balcony on the first floor, but the foundation of the house was high enough. I stood on the balcony in socks, and the floor was painted, then, standing on my feet, I began to slide off the balcony and slide down (i.e.e. fell), but stayed on my feet. I went and rang the doorbell, a friend opened the door for me and I went back to the apartment. Then I dreamed that I moved in with him and we were going to live together, dreamed of his parents and that I was making a change in his room (removing the second table).

I dreamed that my child was walking along the ledge of the window, I understand that I will open the window and he will fall out, I make an attempt, and I cannot, the child falls, I look down, I get scared, but he gets up, and I still have doubts about what ended well

I dreamed that I was throwing my mother off the balcony, but who was not my mother, but in a dream she called me my daughter, and my father asked me to throw her off the balcony myself, but in life he is also not my father and before this I had nightmares in the atom of the same house where I wanted to throw off the so-called mother and I also remember exactly that I never threw her off

i dreamed that my father, he was alive, jumped from the balcony very high to his feet and went and I stayed on the balcony and looked at him

I dreamed that I was falling off the balcony, that is, I was falling, but I lingered on the handrail, I was very afraid that I would fall on it, and I would still lay it on it and my neighbor was standing there . and still very often snitsa ex-wife of her husband

I can hear something going on below. I go out and see from the sixth floor that instead of a green courtyard, trees, below there is a flat road to the side of the house, and a clear area, like a parking lot. EVERYTHING neat, clean, bare. Fright, almost tears, scream, &# 171; What Have They Done&# 187;?&# 187;&# 187;

I judge on the edge of the balcony a child is in his arms, he dabbles in spinning and suddenly turns out to be behind the railing, grabs them, but I fell as if I could grab him but hesitated. I look down, and the child crashed into a pancake but did not see blood. At first I want to tell my parents, and then I realize that this is a crime and I run away, no one saw, no one will know that he was with me

Hi, I dreamed that I was standing with a friend on the balcony, each leaning against the wall, she starts to fall and we follow her. I have time to grab the floor and my friend I get out further . It turns out a friend grabbed me

I dreamed that a masked man wanted to be thrown from the balcony, but as if I knew him .looking into the distance .someone is running to help me

I went to the balcony, I understand that my renovated apartment. I look at the railing, and they are not high enough. Since I am afraid of heights, I am not comfortable standing like that. The balcony is very beautiful, but the view from it is not very industrial, some kind of industrial. I went out into the hall, closed the doors and thought in a dream that we need to make other railings on the balcony forged. Moreover, the association of wrought iron railings and fences in the cemetery flashed through my thoughts.

Hello.. Today I saw in a dream how my pet dog jumped out of the room onto the balcony and, jumping over the railing, fell down. please help interpret the dream. thank you in advance

I dreamed of a balcony that was not glazed and there is my 4-year-old son. I tell him: do not climb, or you will fall, but he still climbs and falls&# 8230;&# 8230; Floor 7-8. I understand that he will probably break, but I jerked down and woke up with that.

Well, it was like this, my step-grandmother closed me at home, and said you weren’t going anywhere, she seemed very angry to me and I decided to run away then I abruptly went to the balcony and opened the window and just wanted to jump from the 5th floor as I was scared but suddenly I heard a voice inside me, he repeated the same words: Don’t worry, jump, you won’t die &# 8212;
After I listened to the voice, I jumped down and thought that I was going to die, but there was not a single scratch on me.

We are at my house with my boyfriend, then we hear that my parents came and he jumps out the window and holds on, I’m screaming, you will fall, all alarmed, and he I will go down, everything will be fine, then all at once and we are on balcony, climbs, keeps, I say don’t do it, and he: yes, everything is fine, don’t worry, I love you! I start to cry and am afraid all over, and then I woke up.

The whole dream, all its action takes place on the balcony. Something happens before the action itself, it is not imprinted in my memory, then I see how my 2 year old son scrambles to see what is behind the balcony (we have it not glazed) and my husband (his dad) sleeps on the clothesline where the clothes are dried.I drag my son away and tell him not to climb over like this anymore, I take him into the room.And I myself am thinking of someone to call for help, so that my husband can be taken from the ropes, I’m all afraid that he will fall.And then I go out onto the balcony and see that he is no longer on the ropes.I ask some girl (I don’t see her face and it feels like I’m unfamiliar) – He crashed? Nods-Yes. And cry.
Although the relationship with her husband is more than cool. I was very excited by this dream.I would be grateful for the interpretation of this dream.

Hello!I dreamed of an apartment that was not very furnished. like mine and someone is trying to penetrate as to themselves.It’s scary to go out onto the balcony – the floor is made of iron mesh in places, there are holes in places&# 8230;

good day! I dreamed that I was going home, looked up to my balcony and saw that there was a fire, and my cat was sitting on the edge of the balcony. I shouted to him and he jumped down from the balcony.

I stand on my balcony and look at another bolkon and there lives that person that I like and I look at this bolkon and wait for something

dreamed of a window, and there was a storm, and after the storm outside the window it turned out that there was no balcony and it was so scary to open the window and go out into the unknown

I dreamed today that my child was standing on the street side of the balcony and my grandmother was standing on the balcony on the side of the apartment, and I went up to the balcony and saw my son there and said you’ll fall, and then I heard the cry of the child, he fell and I ran into the street and I then woke up

i dreamed that my father was building a balcony, more precisely, lengthens it, expands it, on the other side of the balcony an old friend came, I apologized in front for that and he wanted to jump off, I could hardly hold him.Then he jumped all over the balcony and said that it was a bad balcony and.and I ended up in Chechnya where I served and saw my commander, he lost his uniform, swore at me, I found his uniform and he took me home.

Very often I have a dream about the fact that my balcony in the apartment breaks off from the wall, and almost falls, but it remains hanging on the bars of the reinforcement. At the same time, I need to enter it with a risk &# 8212; then some flowers grow there, then the computer remains, then you just need to stay there. I never fell down, but the feeling is not pleasant, and the realism of the picture is complete. What is it for?

Hello.This is not the first time I dreamed that someone was falling from a height, today I dreamed that I was standing with some unfamiliar people on the balcony.They are drunk and some kind of plump girl began to approach the edge, I say don’t come so close, she did not obey and under her it was as if the floor had fallen through, I don’t remember exactly.I covered my face with my hands, as in other similar dreams, and cried.That’s all i remember.

I see myself in the mirror of a pregnant woman for the fifth child, I go out onto the balcony, my husband is sitting there with his back to me, behind the balcony is my eldest daughter, she is 12 years old, holding onto the balcony railing, on the right, behind the balcony, there is a nephew (15 years old and in this the moment he enters the Suvorov school). I appeal to my nephew-&# 187; Hold on, don’t fall&# 187;. He stumbles, but he is delayed, and my daughter stumbles and falls down from the eighth floor, I look out the balcony and see her body falling to the ground. Not feeling my legs, I go downstairs, run up to her, and she lay face down and under her a pool of crimson blood. She’s in a white jersey. Then her husband lifts her in his arms, turns her over and it dawns on me that she is dead.. Then my heart-rending cry and I wake up

I was in the village with my parents, went to the balcony, hang clothes, there was a friend at the bottom, we talked to him, then he left, and I only had to hang one towel, and as soon as I finished the balcony began to fall down with me, there was the second floor. I hit very hard, but I stopped and went into the house, my whole body was bruised.and I woke up.

I dreamed of a green meadow, hills, mountains, on the same mountain I stood with a guy, he climbed into a box and rolled down the mountain, I was scared for him, ran after him, but when I caught up with the box, I saw that he was not in it, I ran to the house where his friends were in some apartment.I climbed from the street onto the balcony of the apartment on the second floor, a guy came out to him, helped me get in and opened the door for me to the apartment, where there were still young people. I said that their friend got lost, falling from the mountain. They said there will be and then joked and laughed. Then that guy sent me an SMS – everything is fine. What is it for? The guy in the box is the person I used to like&# 8230; I don’t know the rest..

night. I am standing on the balcony and the guy I like and I to him too, but he is in a relationship.stands under the balcony and starts doing something with the trees, with the Christmas tree, like pulling them out, and then climbed over the balcony!

daughter was hanging something on a rope behind the balcony, leaning heavily on.And I grabbed her by the legs and, holding her, pulled her back.then scolded her.

Hello, I dreamed that I was going downstairs from my balcony (on the 5th floor) and somewhere on floor 3-4 I was looking down at the ground. in the same dream, I dreamed that standing on the balcony I saw fluffy chubby chicks colored like parrots.

Two cats ran around the house, then one after another they jumped from the window of a high-rise building and crashed, and then a huge gray cat jumped into the same window and, as I did not try to drive him out, I could not.

I dreamed that my son was falling from the balcony, I did not have time to catch him, I heard a scream, he fell on some bushes, I ran down, cry, I took him in my arms &# 8212; he is alive, but in my opinion I see blood, then instead of our son it turns out our dog, which died 6 years ago, I don’t remember further

Hello! tell me the interpretation of my dream. I dream of a multi-storey building in which a guy who likes it lives . he stands on his balcony, and I stood not far from the house, and sometimes glanced at what he was doing on the balcony.then I watched him, there was a large box on the handrail on the balcony itself.he began to climb over this box and fell off, I ran up to him, he regained consciousness and I called an ambulance and left with him to the hospital, and was with him all this time. and reported everything to his parents.

1st dream. I dreamed about the girl I love. Like she’s getting married. But this is not a wedding yet. She cut her hair and her face changed for the worse.
2nd dream. (after waking up) The same girl, everyone is sitting at the table, she is already pregnant, a little time later I accidentally fall from the balcony of a high-rise building.

i dreamed that my balcony fell and I, as if not upset, moved to another to hang linen and a neighbor came up with a friend as if to call me for a barbecue

Hello, I dreamed that I was in an apartment that seemed to be my own and at the same time I understand that this is not really my apartment and we are on the 9th floor, although in fact I live on the second floor. I look carefully and am all carried away by a conversation with my girlfriend, who puts her newborn daughter on a large bed. At this time, my children are walking around, and in reality I have two sons, and in a dream I have three children for some reason, but I do not clearly see the third child, I can not even say whether it is a boy or a girl, it seems more like a boy. And suddenly, while I was talking with a friend, I noticed that the children went out onto the balcony, and I see that the balcony has neither windows nor walls, just a playground, and we are on the ninth floor. And my eldest falls down, followed by other children. I have an insane feeling of fear and panic, then a second confusion What to do. I throw myself onto this balcony and throw myself down after them. Moreover, it is very sunny and beautiful around, warm, summer. Amazingly we land, everyone is alive. It’s my mindless fear that someone hurt something for himself, suddenly inside the bleeding, because such a height&# 8230; And then I see my youngest son and he has a nosebleed and a broken wrist of his left hand, I am terribly scared to cry, I feel bad, I take him in my arms, he is courageous about enduring and tells me that everything is fine, I am in pain and very scared for him, I wake up from this and the thought that he is left-handed with me and that I need to run to the hospital to check internal organs.

I dream that when I go out onto my balcony it is skewed, I start to panic that I’ll fall, but I cannot leave it. And once I dreamed that it was falling apart when I was on it. The other day I had the same dream that the balcony was skewed, and some witch stood on the balcony and whispered something at me, I ran into the room and began to disown her. Today again I dreamed that I was standing on a skewed balcony, and in my soul there was a panic. I live on the fifth floor.

I dreamed that they gave me a dog (Yorkshire Terrier).I played with him, he ran around the room and ran to the balcony.I stood on the threshold of the balcony and watched as the dog ran along the balcony, then it crawled through the crack (there really is a huge hole on my balcony that the terrier could really crawl through) and fell from the bottom (6th floor) I first stood, rooted to the spot, then ran downstairs, the dog was gone.Then, like some kind of failure, and I’m on the train, and below, under my feet, a dark-colored cat walks and constantly tries to jump onto my knees.
What does this dream mean?I don’t know why, but he worries me. 🙁

the dream was very strange with a continuation, I woke up 2 times, but it continued, the balcony in it was from the parents’ apartment (loggia) and my apartment, in which I now live. In the first part, a construction cradle was hanging behind the balcony and there were some children in it, they were making noise and I asked them to leave
in the second part, a naked man entered the kartyr from the balcony and offered to have sex, I first kicked him out, and then agreed
in the third part a woman entered the apartment from the balcony what she did I don’t remember
all strangers never saw them

I was sitting near the ride and spoke loudly&# 8230; MY DEAD MOTHER HEARED AND STANDED LOOKING AT ME&# 8230; AND WHOM I SAT SPEAKING WITH LOOK MOM SAW ME.

I dreamed about the balcony of my rented apartment. there was either cleaning or renovation. there was a window frame on the wall (white flying paint) on the floor there were some boards, tore my blue sneaker, it was lying under one of the boards.

I dream that I am standing on the balcony and I understand that the frame on the balcony starts to feed, I hold it so that it does not fall, and this continues for a very long time in every dream for a long time, then the frame still falls out and moreover it was my own house. Today I dreamed that I was again standing on the balcony, but this was an unfamiliar apartment to me, and again the frame on the balcony fell out and I almost didn’t fall out of it, but they had time to pull me out.

Hello! What I remember: first, my friends and I went up to the animals and there was a stallion, we looked at them, stroked&# 8230;..then I dream that I am alone, sitting at a table near the balcony window, looking out the window &# 8212; I see that as if that stallion galloped up to me, he jumps right into the balcony door, breaks through the glass and lands in the apartment&# 8230;..I was scared, he seemed to me huge, strong, healthy&# 8230;.then he jumped and reared up in front of me&# 8230; it was scary that he would crush, but I understood that he was friendly and wanted to play with me&# 8230;.I don’t remember the color of the horse&# 8230;.maybe gray or spotted&# 8230;.It was evening&# 8230; dark&# 8230;

I stood in the apartment and saw a big black dog, she walked around the hall and sometimes looked at me. I remembered to call the cat home. I went out to the balcony and began to call him. A black cat came up and disappeared, I called him again, and when he came up a second time, the right side of the balcony collapsed (tilted abruptly) and I rolled down it. Afraid that I would fall, I reached the balcony door and closed it. as soon as I closed the door. Muddy water appeared from the inner and outer sides of the balcony, the water stood a little and quickly disappeared. When the water was still standing, my grandmother (deceased) was next to me and warned me about troubles. And when the water disappeared, my mother left the next room in a wheelchair and asked: what happened? I looked at my grandmother and then at my mother, and woke up. What does it mean?

I walk with my mother down the street, raise my head and look at my balcony and there are two guys in the window, one in a blue jacket, I remember, I start to worry and tell my mother to go check what is there, she didn’t care, I went up to the house and I see how they jump together at the same time, and fell on the asphalt (floor 6 was), the bodies turned out to be intact, but their faces were disfigured, because they fell down, two women came and dragged them along the ground, and as a result, their hand remained on the road, on this I woke up.This dream scared me a little

Hello Tatiana !
In a dream, for some reason, I ended up on the balcony of supposedly neighbors, I wanted to rehearse dancing there, but the balcony suddenly broke off and hung. I managed to catch on the windowsill with one hand. The other hand was busy with something. Then all the same I managed to knock on the window. A neighbor opened the window for me at a very old age, who could not help me get into her apartment. she said she would call her son. But, then suddenly his wife turned out to be instead of him, I so understood in a dream. Somehow, I decided to just get sick myself, which I did. (Neighbors are certainly not mine in reality.) I would be very grateful if you explain to me what this means. My young man lives in Kazan, and I am in the southern part of Bashkiria, I am very worried about our relationship with him. thanks.

good evening. my name is Grigory. I am standing on the balcony, there are still people on the left and on the right, familiar, everyone is having fun . children swing on the clothesline, among them my daughter. suddenly she breaks down and hides behind the railing, I take a deep breath, horror in my head, look to the left, mother of the child. woke up . in a good mood. ? thank you in advance.

I dreamed that my daughter was standing with her hair down on the edge of the balcony, a strong wind was blowing and she was falling. I look down she lies in a flower bed. When she fell she screamed, mom is faster. I run out of the apartment and shout, mom call an ambulance urgently, and run down.

Hello. The dream was like this. I stood in the room of my apartment and through the window I saw my balcony as if it were below, while I knew that it was destroyed, but I did not see it

I dreamed that my 5-year-old daughter with flowers (she loves them very much) fell from the balcony in my mother’s apartment (6th floor), my friend did not have time to grab her hand, I start screaming, but somehow soundlessly (my throat just squeezes , they bring her to me, she is very sluggish, then she falls asleep, then she wakes up, and my mother says everything, yes, everything is already, and in the confusion I start to call an ambulance, but I am sure that everything will be fine&# 8230;.Help me understand what this dream means. Thank you in advance

I was in an apartment on the 7th floor, very spacious with a man, 2 young men came to him (one dark, the second fair) with whom he discussed working moments, young people left the apartment and 3 girls entered our apartment, and my man forgot say something to them and ran to the balcony to shout after them and did not have time to stop and flew from the balcony to the ground, I ran to the balcony to see what happened and saw how he hurt his back, he shouted that his back hurt (I was scared, I was shocked), having kicked the girls out of the apartment, I ran up the stairs to him and tried to call an ambulance, the weather was late autumn, it was snowing.

Hello.I had a dream today, October 2 (Thursday) in the interval from 8-00 to 10-00 in the morning.I was present in the dream, the dog of my family and my former boyfriend (broke up 2 months ago about my initiative, met for 6 years). The events took place at my house, on the balcony.My ex kicked the dog off the balcony (3rd floor). I screamed and swore at him very loudly, in fright I ran downstairs after the dog, called her.When found, she was alive, but in poor condition.The guy kept repeating: &# 171; What’s wrong?&# 187;&# 8230; He didn’t realize that he had done something terrible. In a dream, I came to the conclusion that we would no longer communicate with him.
I remembered one detail: multicolored blinds hung on the balcony (in real life they are not), but I remembered only 2 colors of the blinds &# 8212; dark blue and hot pink.

Hello Tatiana! I dreamed that I was standing on the balcony with a classmate, we think that the second floor, and my classmate decides to jump, but in fact it turns out that the floor is higher, she flies, I look down at her, but I did not go down to help her! And on the same night I dreamed that I was diving into a pool of clean water!

Hello, I dreamed that the balconies were collapsing and my boyfriend went to fix something in it, he had an instrument in his hands, and this balcony fell with the guys, then I ran to him, and he smashed his back on me, he stayed alive, then I dreamed that I live in another place Belarus, I wanted to kill from a guy in a dream there was a gray cat, he did not let me go, I started to hurt him to tie even fingers cut off on his hands and did something with his legs . He treated me very rudely, even so I killed with a cat , !(I don’t know what it is, because in life I am a kind person) Thank you if you can help !))


hello, I dreamed that I flocked on the balcony and watched that 2 boys, 5-6 years old, were falling from the next balcony, red-haired such .fell, and then got up, I called them, one of them turned and his face was like a downs, ugly and they ran away &# 8230;. this dream passed within 15 minutes

I had a dream that I left my house, and saw a balcony there, which in fact is not in my house&# 8230; he was big handsome&# 8230; I tried to climb it there were steps &# 8230; and then I don’t really remember

Hello!I had a very strange dream today!My mother and I are in my apartment, we are running, we are going somewhere, and I give her some things that she would put in her bag.And after that, for some reason, they did not go to the doors as usual, but to the balcony, I tell my mother, go through the door, and she told me that she doesn’t open, and after that she climbs over the railing of the balkon and says now you climb and I tell her that I am I have not done this before and will not do it now either.And I tell her to climb back here and go through the door, And she says that it is faster this way, and she abruptly falls down from the balcony (it is on the 5th floor) and turns out to be below and lies on the oval.she didn’t move.and I ran abruptly downstairs and meanwhile I call an ambulance.I take my mother in my arms and hold her and plu.and in the meantime an ambulance arrives and takes her to the hospital and tells me that she is alive and wakes up to live.that nothing is terrible.she just passed out.And sweat om I woke up and that’s it.Help Please Explain the dream.Why is He.

I sit on the top of the balcony in my parents’ house, then it starts to break down, and I don’t remember whether it fell or did not fall! I asked for help, like someone responded&# 8230;

I sit on the balcony floor and cry, the already deceased father of my child comes to me and begins to console me, smiling a little.

in new buildings we went out with my son to the balcony and there is no railings and he fell off and flew to the bottom and I screamed in horror and woke up, my son is 29 years old

I dreamed about my dead dog, which has been gone for 5 years. He was on the balcony and with his nose opened the handle of the glazed windows on it. They opened wide. I was very afraid for my live cats in a dream that they would break, I managed to catch the cat, I was so worried in a dream, but saved. While the cat was already distracted from the fly jumped through the window, I did not have time to react and he crashed. Lay dead on the pavement. It was summer, greenery all around. I see a woman walking from the balcony with a group of guys, runs up to my cat, takes a knife, turns it over and cuts his stomach, blood runs, then it seemed to me he was still alive, he made sounds. The guys who were with her begin to drag her away from him, and I scream like a madman that this is my cat and that they shouldn’t touch him. Please tell me what this dream was about?. I really love my cat and cat. And the dog that died was dear to me. Why did he try to open the windows on the balcony in a dream when I tried so hard to close them behind him?. Thanks in advance)

I often have a dream with a balcony without railings.half a year ago I had a dream that I got a one-room apartment – sunny, cozy, renovated.For some reason alone.I opened a balcony, and there is a balcony without a railing at all.The eighth floor, and next to the balcony there is a rock (pillar), a block) four meters in diameter with a flat platform at the level of the balcony, but two meters from the balcony, Two months later, again, I was already in the apartment, I opened the balcony door, and there in general no balcony, Ten days ago I had a dream that my husband and I went into a high-rise building, allegedly opened our apartment, went out onto the balcony, and then we woke up on the balcony on a high mattress covered with clean white linen, I was horrified – my husband was lying on the edge of the balcony without railing, and I’m at the wall, I got scared, and my husband calmed me down and said that he was not afraid of heights and everything was fine, We left the apartment, I closed the door of the apartment with some rusty key, We went out into the street and my husband said to me, you see here everyone has such balconies, but some, after all, sheathed balconies to the very top – beautiful and safe, I woke up. What is it all for? How alarming everything is.Help me please!

I dreamed that my friend and I went out onto the balcony, on the right side there was a huge hole that a small child could easily fall out. A friend began to climb through the hole and, holding on to the railing, hung and began to laugh. I was scared and stood looking. And then she abruptly began to fall and hung in the air, standing for some seconds and started laughing again and said that she would not fall. Then she abruptly flew to the bottom and fell on the asphalt and hit her head hard, that after this you cannot survive, there was the 5th floor. And then she went home alive, only she was in shock and did not feel pain, and her eyes were filled with blood, then her parents took her home.

in a dream, my little son sits on the edge of the balcony, I cannot grab him, he falls, I jump after him, the second floor, I take him alive, I carry him in my arms and wake up

good day. in a dream walked along the edge of a balcony without railings at a sufficient height. in the end, I managed not to fall and stand on a stable place on the balcony

Hello! !
Today I had a dream that on the flight of the 15th floor (I was looking at the birds there) 2 men in an untreated form came to me, I asked them to leave, but they did not, then I began to call my mother, one of them got scared, and threw off from the balcony right in front of my eyes (but I didn’t see him as he fell), I don’t remember any further, I was woken up by a phone call

I do not remember everything, but I do remember that my beloved cat fell from the balcony, from the 12th floor, although I have only 4.I ran down in tears, he turned out to be alive, sat and waited for me.

The apartment is new, but I think it’s okay to her, my parents are visiting, I go out and see the balcony and see the window ajar, I close it, and I tell my dad that there are other small triplets on the balcony, and he can smoke, then I go into the apartment, I look around and see many many rooms

I vaguely remember the beginning of the dream, but I was on my balcony and saw that there was no roof and therefore the glazed windows were falling apart. I tried to tie them, but they fell, but did not break.

I am in my old apartment, I stand with a smile and look out the window and see how a guy and a girl are crawling up the bolkonnas (I noticed them on 3-4 floors) and I lived on the 5th and 5th floor building . I ran to the balcony, my balcony is glazed, but the doors are open, and when I saw them I swore (they say, how are you, let’s climb in), the guy climbs onto the ropes, balancing and swinging back, flies down, he flew like a sheet of paper, as if planning (not stone) and the girl looked at it, she didn’t say a word and I woke up . I don’t remember both the girl and the guy on the face, maybe they’re familiar or not .

Stara kvartira de mi lived koli me bulo rokiv 2-4. The little ones came to the rescue there. Warmth, sincerity, furniture, there are boules. I then go to the balcony. And there is a kraєvid: nibi is very high on top, everywhere is snig, blue vogniks, beauty and unassailable form.

I stand on the balcony and see how the window starts to break, but they remain in place in this state. At the same time, there is a sense of fear.The balcony also began to slip out from under my feet, but only slightly.

I dreamed that a guy who I like (we talk a little with him) climbs up the balcony to the second floor to me, and I help him to climb. What does it mean?

I went to the balcony. It was large with wooden floors. In a dream, I said that you can dance salsa on it. And there were also washed sheets

Mom stood on the balcony pier to open the second sash and fell down. I saw her fall on her leg and face down on the asphalt, I ran to her, shouted, ash broke her voice but did not reach woke up. And when I ran down the floors, I saw a man with a cigarette. Shouted to him without stopping: call an ambulance, and he said, he would wait and grin
please give an interpretation, I am very worried. thanks.

Hello! I dreamed that I was standing with a guy, on a small balcony without a railing, without anything, just a stove, and inside there was a big fear that I could fall, but there was practically nothing to hold on to, and inside was just fear.

Hello. I dreamed that we were standing with my husband on the balcony. Suddenly someone comes to us from the room. The husband turns his back on the pyrilim (and in a dream it seemed that he was not sober) and waddles over them. I see how he flies with his back to the bottom. I wake up with my heart pounding&# 8230;.

I stood looking out the window (in front of the balcony) suddenly a fire broke out and the neighbor’s garden flared up with a blazing fire, everything was on fire and suddenly the balcony collapsed, I was very upset, I asked if it was possible to restore the balcony? I was told no, I was depressed, I said I needed to remove the door leading to the balcony and make a wall instead, but I wanted to sell the house and buy a new one with a balcony

Today in a dream I saw my parents’ house, in which my father is building a 2nd floor with 2 balconies. I watch them. What is it for.

Good afternoon, I had such a dream: I am standing on the balcony, at the bottom something like a canvas is stretched to jump on it. But it’s high and I’m very scared. My husband is standing below, I persuade him to come upstairs to me, but he does not react to it in any way, he just stands. I woke up with a very unpleasant sensation. The husband has been living separately for the last few months, and I love him and persuade him to return to us.
I would be grateful for help in interpreting sleep.

A thief entered the covered balcony, suggested to her husband to throw him off the balcony, there was a scuffle, the frames were destroyed, the thief escaped through the apartment, but was subsequently caught.

I had to go for a dog walk.but for some reason I went to the balcony from the beginning to smoke.the dog zaomny went and jumped from the balcony.

The balcony is often dreamed of in an unusable state, the door does not close, it remains open&# 8230;.frames barely hold &# 8230;.everything is in a very shaky state&# 8230; this dream has already dreamed more than once.

I dreamed that my mother had a boy, and she is already 68 years old&# 8230;..the boy is about 7 months old there&# 8230;.I went for a walk with him in my arms&# 8230; took the elevator high&# 8230; he crawled away and somehow fell out of the balcony, there were only his booties&# 8230; I looked down and with horror began to pray&# 8230; quickly went down the elevator, ran out of the entrance, but the child was not downstairs, because the entrance is on the other side&# 8230; I began to run around the house, but it was so long and not through&# 8230; had to go through the underpass directly&# 8230; ran to the opposite side of the house and I see my brother crawling alive and unharmed, only the hairs in the dust and the lips at the mouth seem to be torn and dangling like rubber bands&# 8230; I took him in my arms and I see my mother is already coming to my meeting&# 8230; There was confusion in my soul, fear and an unexpected outcome of what happened&# 8230; To make it mean?

I have a dream that I open my eyes and see through the window that kittens are crawling into my balcony through the open window, I get up and go to the window and see that there is a bird or a chicken on the table on the balcony, and the middle of it has already been eaten by little owls (beautiful), and some of them sat on the balcony frame.I didn’t see the bird from the inside, only from the side, I didn’t see blood either.

Being in the room and looking out the window, I was surprised to find that the balcony had collapsed.I tried to understand when it happened, and even sort of remembered that there was a noise.I told my mother about this (we live together).Then for some reason I look out of the window below my own and see that some people (in a dream I am sure that these are wipers) are removing debris and things that have fallen from the balcony (for some reason, these things are construction.materials in bags) I was surprised that there were so many things on our balcony (although in reality our balcony is not cluttered) I look at everything from above and do not dare to go down, I also see people looking from other windows

as if the mother-in-law’s funeral and people are leaving and a little baby, naked, climbs over the balcony and breaks, I don’t have time to grab him, although I ran and see him lying on the asphalt

Hello. I dreamed about how I was sitting on the balcony at night like. and behind the balcony my dad appears and, as if from nowhere, the scene further struck me with its horror.I’m on the pavement, my dad falls out of the way in front of my feet and I scream I eat daddy dad let me help, I reach for him, turn him and on his other shoulder there is some kind of cut to the bones. not a pleasant picture

Hello, in my dream my friends are on the balcony and one of my friends is very close.I said not to stand so close, but in the end she falls, but no serious injuries are visible, she just screams that it hurts, maybe I should worry about her?Thank you in advance

I got into some kind of house. He was tall. It had a balcony like ours at home. I met some red-brown dog. I made friends with him. The middle black dog came in and left. Uncle Vernon from Harry Potter came and threw my dog ​​from the balcony. I quickly went downstairs and my dog ​​died.

I go to a beautiful house in a not crowded village. He’s not mine, but I want him to be mine. Girlfriend’s grandmother walks in. The house is not cleaned, but I really like it and I know how to put it in order. From the room I see a balcony overlooking the mountains. Owners come, I’m embarrassed, I think they will quarrel with me, I’m afraid of my friends, I don’t know how to be

I dreamed that I was standing with some unknown girls, and there was a hole in this balcony, I became interested and I started to fall, and the girl grabbed me and saved my life

I was looking for groups on the Internet. I found one actor, but I don’t remember his name. he still played in the movie world war z, I clicked on the link, the game opened, but I immediately closed it, and started looking for a group shot, I don’t know how I know this name, I saw it for the first time in my dream, I remember it. I clicked on the link, the game opened, the same as the first time, but a little different. one and the other as from horror movies. so I started to play, and then the game turned into life. I walked along the corridor of the apartment, at the end there was a refrigerator with a wire and drops of blood in the apartment there was no light only in the evening, and the light from the street from the lanterns, I went to the left, and saw a balcony, I stood on it and jumped down, before that there was music terrible, but then I heard a scream when it was not my scream that fell, I remember everything, especially how I fell down, when I fell, the scream stopped there was no pain there was darkness and at the end of the roofing felts I said whoever "the shot is better"

I dream of my wife standing on the balcony, and next to me is the Pirate dog, but I don’t know who lived with my mother and died a long time ago or who lives now (they are similar, both black and large).Then, somehow vaguely, as if we had another car (it seems the Volga), and the wife persuades the Pirate to go into the kitchen and suddenly, the front brick wall of the balcony does not crumble, but completely falls off completely.The wife and the dog run into the kitchen without fuss, and I’m always in some kind of excitement.And suddenly from the kitchen to the balcony jumps out, as it seemed to me our dachshund, and like an arrow jumped from the balcony. Then I see myself downstairs near the dog, and she is lying on her back alive, crawling, or itching, or from pain, and then rolls over to her feet. And I think that we need to take her to the doctor, And the Volga must have been smashed by a wall, and I remember my real car, it’s still standing in the yard.And it is also vague that the dog is mine, or some kind of fluffy. And all the time I feel anxiety, anxiety and worry.

My parents were visiting the parents of my beloved) after work, he usually comes to my house, but in a dream I called him and he said in a cheerful voice that he would not come and stuff like that..I asked the address where he was, he said and then I started to call a taxi, but the phones of the cars were not available and my mother, having learned about this, made my father go with me to this address, he refused and my mother threw him from the balcony of the 4th floor. I heard the crunch of his head, we ran for the ambulance..and I dialed my boyfriend’s phone number and told him what happened&# 8230; and he laughs&# 8230; it turned out he smoked drugs and I broke up

As if I need to go out onto the balcony, but I remember that you can’t lean on the railing.To. the balcony railing itself is broken off from the base of the balcony. In a dream, a feeling of fear and fear would not forget that you cannot touch the balcony fence.

Hello! I dream that I entered an unfamiliar apartment and immediately went to the balcony. Under the balcony, there is either a tram line or railway tracks. Opposite the house (where this balcony is) is an old empty industrial building. I stand and look around, suddenly something fluffy falls on my head and rolls over the back of my head and back, and so on 2-3 times. I looked down and saw a cat and a kitten. Then I turned around and saw a bunch of dead owls behind me. And then i &# 8230; urinated directly on the floor&# 8230; I realized that I needed to clean everything up, went out, took a bucket in the bathroom, took some water and returned to the balcony. But the balcony floor was completely empty and clean, covered with linoleum. But I washed the floor with clean water anyway. Explain, please.

I dreamed of a large one-room apartment like mine, on the 7th or 8th floor, there were strangers in it, my wife and I went out onto the balcony and looked at the landscape, suddenly my youngest daughter, 4 years old, jumps out and runs along it, and the railing ends and it breaks down. I have a hysterics, they called an ambulance, went downstairs, she lies still alive in blood with broken legs and calls us. I calm her down, take her in my arms and bring her to an ambulance. And then I woke up.

Hello. I had such a dream: It’s difficult to translate all this into a text, okay, in general, I’m standing with my uncle at home in my grandmother’s room (7th floor), replacing the windows, a balcony without railings sticks out, I don’t know why, but my uncle and I had to go to this balcony, and I already scary, in the end it goes first, or I don’t really remember this moment (we were talking about it), we stood for literally five seconds and then bang a crack and my uncle starts to quietly leave, well, in short, I did not have time to leave, he collapsed, I fly and immediately I’m clinging to something, I’m holding on (I’m not particularly scared already), I said: like, let me wait, and you can think of something to get me out, but who did I tell you, I still didn’t understand!? as if to myself, and then something that I was holding on to breaks down and I see from below something else that I can grab onto, but I’m one and a half meters away from the wall of the house, I quickly began to wave my arms to get closer, and in the end I was hooked and somehow quickly I ended up in the same room from where it all began, my uncle and someone else was standing there, we started talking I don’t remember what it was about and it’s all over! another dream began .

It’s hard to translate all this into a text, okay, I’ll postorany, in general, I’m standing with my uncle at home in my grandmother’s room (7th floor), replacing the windows, a balcony without railings sticks out, I don’t know why, but my uncle and I had to go to this balcony and I’m already scared, in as a result, he goes first, or I don’t really remember this moment (we were talking about it), we stood for literally five seconds and then bang a crack and my uncle starts to quietly leave, well, in short, I didn’t have time to leave, he collapsed, I’m flying and immediately for something I cling, I hold on (I’m not particularly scared already), I said: like, let me wait, but you can think of something to get me out, but who did I tell you I still didn’t understand!? as if to myself, and then something that I was holding on to breaks down and I see from below something else that I can grab onto, but I am one and a half meters away from the wall of the house, I quickly began to wave my arms to get closer, and in the end I got hooked and somehow quickly I ended up in the same room from where it all began, my uncle and someone else was standing there, we started talking I don’t remember what it was about and it’s all over! another dream began .

I dreamed that my young man and I had a very strong fight and he threw me off the balcony&# 8230; with such hatred that I would die, but I woke up and it turned out that while I was flying, I fell somewhere very far from home and ended up in a shelter for drug addicts and began to understand that I would be very bad there, then I woke up.

I was standing on the balcony.. he was broken.. that is, there was nothing. just the floor and that’s it.

I have a dream when I jump from the balcony. And at the same time, in a dream I like it, as if it were my vocation in a dream. I jump and land on two feet and climb back up, jumping that it could mean?

Hello Tatyana, the fact is that today I had a dream that my dog ​​jumped from the balcony but not herself, but because my brother wanted to throw the toy onto the balcony but threw it higher and it flew over the balcony, I immediately ran to see what happened to mine surprise since we live on the 4th floor the dog survived.

I dreamed that I was looking after two girls, one of them, my four-year-old sister, the second, as if the neighbor’s girl was also older than four, and now I dream as if the girls climb onto the balcony and I pull them away from there and they climb onto the cornice and almost fall, but I pick up and pull back .then I don’t look at the fact that I ate them, pulled them out, they still climb there, but I only managed to catch them .

I was in my apartment. and my husband was at home. I did not see, but felt that my son fell from the balcony, although he is already big enough for 12 years. I remember how I ran up the stairs to the street from the third floor and screamed and cried. clearly did not see her son on the ground, but as if it was him

three men entered the apartment and I asked how they got to me, they said that through my collapsed balcony there was an embankment to the balcony door and I remembered that there was gold on the balcony and I was looking for it and found nothing was missing worried about some ring with a stone as a marquis and I found him

I returned home and found out that the balcony had collapsed, and only mine, on the very last floor, and debris can be seen on the ground.I was surprised how the uppermost balcony could fall without catching all the lower.

a friend leads me through a high-rise building and says something that touches my soul and I start to cry, she calms me down, then I go out to the balcony (I don’t see my friend on the balcony) like I’m looking down but I’m not standing on the edge in the center

good day!
I dreamed about my apartment, many friends with children, and at some point I hear a strong blow, I go out to the balcony (12th floor), but there is no frame and there is a cry in the yard, a boy with his dog fell out&# 8230; horror&# 8230;

interpretation of sleep a man climbs on the balcony of my apartment night interpretation of sleep a man climbs on the balcony of my apartment at night

In my dream, a balcony appeared that was not there before.And my friend Dasha came out onto this balcony.She stood on the edge of the balcony, looked down and jumped down!

Hello!! in a dream I saw my son fall from the balcony, since we live on the 5th floor, I felt a little scared. the dream was repeated several times during the night this particular passage.

good day! I dreamed that I was standing at the window, and opposite a tall building with balconies on which people, most of them children, were standing, this was a school. and suddenly the balconies start to break down and people fall down

I went out to the balcony and sat there stroking my cat, it’s summer outside and I just stroke the cat. Then it became dusty on the balcony, and when I stroked the cat again on the forehead, it began to become covered with dust, as if all my hands were covered in dust, although they were clean. The cat exploded sharply and jumped from the balcony, (from the 8th floor), thereby fell not on its paws, as it always happens, but on its back and did not move. It took 2 seconds after I saw him lying on the ground, my grandmother called me with shouts &# 171; Fluff!&# 187; (that’s my cat’s name) and &# 171; What’s up!&# 187; and only from seeing this horror, I wanted to scream, I woke up abruptly from fright, so whether he was still alive, I’m not sure because he did not move. I am very afraid for my cat&# 8230; Why I can’t understand this dream?

my child fell from the balcony from the 6th floor, I called an ambulance, but she did not come. then after a while the daughter came and was alive and well. there were only a few abrasions on the face. i asked her it hurt you. she said no.

I was standing near the corner of my mother’s five-story house, which died 8 months ago .corner apartment .I dreamed that the balcony partially collapsed &# 8212; somewhere 3rd part .Just where there is a bedside table on the balcony. Well, I did not see this process, I saw a fait accompli.And then the bedside table, which was lying on the ground, turned out to be on the bedspread and somehow flew into place.I dreamed of a blue bedside table, well, it is like that.

I dreamed today.. I’m standing on the balcony of my ex-boyfriend (now we are friends) he is not there. He’s in the next room. I smoke. I call him and he says something to me, I start to cry. I step on the balcony and jump. I remember well that on the balcony there were red curtains and brown, plastic windows (although everything is completely different there). After I jumped, I don’t remember what happened. But I remember that the next day he hugged me and said &# 171; sorry&# 187; and I cried again.

Hello!I dreamed that I went out onto the balcony, and it seemed to be divided into three parts.And the middle part began to fall, but did not fall.My brother stood next to me and said that he was afraid of my balcony all the time.Please help me figure it out.thanks

good day! I dreamed of an unfamiliar girl who climbed up to me through the balcony.She brought a beautiful branchy flower in a pot.But then someone broke his branches.

good day.In a dream, I open a small door below my height to the balcony-loggia. The balcony is empty and looks like it is trimmed with wood panels. My cat is sitting on the balcony window and wants to jump out into the street. I understand that the apartment is not high. (now our apartment with my husband is on the first floor). But in a dream it seems that this is not my apartment, but that my husband and I want to move into it.The balcony looks like the balcony of a 3-room apartment where my husband and I lived with his parents 20 years ago. Then I see myself on the street, in the courtyard of the house, where there is an apartment with a balcony, and I meet my husband there, he went out on reconnaissance (where is what is)

And the day before, I see in a dream an apartment where I live with someone (girls), but not my husband, and suddenly I find that there are a couple more rooms in the apartment and entering a room that I did not suspect before I see a made double bed and an elevation on her. I pull off the coverlet, and under it the girl sleeps and wakes up at the moment the coverlet is torn off. No aggression on my part, she is not afraid. On her face, bewilderment (how she was discovered?) I’m surprised how I haven’t noticed her before. I invite her to go out and move freely.

I dreamed that my wife was standing on the balcony, leaning her back on the partition, as if with her head outside the balcony. She sways, overflowed to crumble and my wife falls down, I run to her on the street, but I don’t see her. and wake up

I had a dream that I was going out onto the balcony, and there my ex-boyfriend was standing and showing the inscription he had drawn&# 187; I’m sorry for everything. From a loved one&# 187; (painted snowflakes), he froze strongly, he was all red, I let him into the apartment and the dream ended.

The main thing I remember is that my spaniel dog fell from the balcony and broke three legs, front and one back, the fractures were closed, but it is clear under the skin that the bones are in different directions

I jump from the 9th floor, (I live on it) from my balcony, and do not fall, but land on my feet, as if nothing had happened, this has been dreamed many times already

I had a dream that they were celebrating some kind of holiday with friends and acquaintances. The apartment was on the 16th floor. And now the male half, including my boyfriend with whom they have been together for almost 5 years in real life, went to the store. I stayed with the ladies, we went out to smoke on the balcony. He had no railings, and then they just take me and hang me off the ground. The fact is that two girls have young people in real life for about 2 years, and the third is generally married with a child. And so, they open their hands and I fly down. And down there my boyfriend and his friends are walking. I fall before their eyes. And the dream changed.

I’m sitting on the couch, suddenly it became so sad. There is a person in the room, roofing felts says to jump, roofing felts just sit, I go to the balcony, I look down, and there are people who say jump, which is not scary and that I am their first. I look at myself, tied with ropes and they reach down to people, the ring is on my chest, but I never jumped, because of something I moved away from the balcony and the dream went in a different direction

Good afternoon, Tatiana! Besides. that today I dreamed of climbing a narrow balcony and some guy was helping me, even recently I have been dreaming of all kinds of mysticism, which is sometimes scary. Could you explain to me what this is. From the last thing I remember, how some force dragged me across the floor of someone’s house, then it would release it again with a magnet to the floor and drag it, I ran away from there, got into the car. But even there they caught up with me, punching the door with a fist and I woke up. And just recently I dreamed that I was in the forest. A blonde girl dies, I look at her and suddenly her eyes open, she comes to life. Then someone rushes at us, like robbers and I understand that I have to run, suddenly I suddenly fly up and they pass by without noticing me.

Hello! I dreamed about my brother, who is now 9 years old, but in a dream he was 2 years old. I dreamed of how my young man (MCH) and I lulled him, put him to bed, played with him, and at some point I left him with him, and I went to the kitchen to do business, came back and see that my brother was not there, but MCH is watching TV, I ran to look for my brother in all the rooms and found him only on the balcony, at the moment when I entered there he was already jumping (joyful) from the 2nd floor and fell into the grass on all fours and seemed to disappear into this grass (and the grass very small in size) I was so scared that I woke up abruptly.

I was on the top floor of the house, realizing that the elevator does not work and there are no stairs down, I decided to go down the balconies, after 5-7 floors I stopped. I went to some floor with 2 elevators. Standing there, the phone rang, ringing &# 171; favorite&# 187; and i woke up. What does it mean?

now I’m working on my subconscious and for the second day in a row I have been dreaming of a boy who sits on the balcony, even behind the balcony, on the threshold, and I try not to approach him, so as not to frighten off, so that he does not jump

a dream, I see a balcony in the middle of a hole into which you can fall and my mother is dancing to the radio, I tell her do not dance there, you can slip and fall, she at first does not listen, but then she still decides to follow my advice and then slips and hangs, holding on balcony floor

I dream that I’m walking behind my house with my younger brother and I’m heading home, I stopped because my brother was playing and I call him, but behind me I hear someone else calling, I turn around, and there is the middle brother who no longer lives with us anymore of the year.and it passes.when I turn around, and my brother’s friends are jumping around the house at the next house, like a spider-man in films, straight so sharply, they look and jump at my house.I go to the entrance and look at my balcony as if it was blown up and there are practically no railings, not even the glazing itself, just the pieces of iron stick out.and these guys jump around the house so many like mad, I start screaming &# 171; what are you doing, don’t you dare, get off&# 187; but I cannot scream, I whisper in my sleep&# 8230; and start to run home.I run home, and there my parents are scared, but everything is fine with them.I woke up from the fact that I was in a cold sweat and cried a little in my sleep&# 8230; could not sleep for two hours, after which she dozed off a little and another dream began, but in the same apartment, and the balcony still seemed to be if they threw a huge firecracker, or a grenade and it was so blown.I go home with my friends to the toilet, go out.and one says to me, she will tell you now why the damage is on Yulia and who did it, I say &# 171; who?&# 187; they &# 171; you&# 187;, I say &# 171; how?,I do not wish evil&# 187;.and Julia is a girl with whom I communicate well, she does not refuse me anything and I do the same.and then another says &# 171; you kind of jinxed her, caused damage, then that you are constantly with her, musi-pusi, my Yula, Yula!that you treat her so well&# 187;.I speak &# 171; what nonsense?how can it be&# 187; and they tell me &# 171; we went to the fortune-teller grandma, she told us so&# 187; and after that I woke up.what does it mean?

I dreamed that in a five-story building it was simple in turn, balconies came off and fell, from top to bottom. I was on the second floor. The top three fell, but mine did not, but later it also broke off and fell&# 8230;.

I went to the balcony, my husband was standing next to me on one side, and on the other side of me was a child of 7 years old and I was holding his hand. Suddenly the edge of the balcony starts to break off and I realize that I am falling. We fall in threes, but I hold the child’s hand tightly and raise him so that he does not hit hard. I fell down, but did not feel pain, I got up, there are people around, I say, this is how the housing manager looks behind the balconies and went back into the house.

Recently I had a dream that I was standing on the balcony in an apartment in which I had previously lived with my grandmother for 25 years.Literally 3 weeks ago this apartment, without telling dear uncle.I try to get her back in every way.And already 3 times in a row I saw that the new owners had difficulty, but returned my apartment to me.What would it mean 7 I am sure that my dream, even in a year or two, it will come true.With sw.Natalia.

Summer, everything is green around.
I stood in the yard in which I grew up, but I don’t live and looked at the five-story building. On the second floor there was a glazed balcony or loggia and on it stood a guy with whom I once studied at the same school and talked in the same company. Then I made my way across the field through the snowdrifts to school.

I dreamed of a hospital bolkon I was walking with my son.son proshol and ate walked on him. when I crossed, I found myself in the hospital corridor.after the corridor I found myself on the street near the hangar there were a man and my mother.I went outside the hangar and there were a lot of huge smoked and salted fish.but this slave was not whole, it was half cut or eaten, that is, the head was.and I ate this fish

I walk on a large balcony, as if I had a friend&# 8230; floor high. no fear&# 8230; it seems that there were no fences before, and when I walked on it, so as not to fall there was a fence made of white and red brick, this fence is partial: there is half a meter, no 15-20 cm, with such frequency&# 8230;

I began to dream that I was standing on the balcony and when I looked to the left at the top, I realized that the balcony seemed to start to crumble there and begin to fall, all I’m starting to think about is, how is my little son. I will die and he will remain with his father without me.
When I fell, it was strange, but I tried to slow down the process and make sure that I did not fall at a strong speed. When I fell, I was still alive, but I realized that I was all beaten off. Even in all my dream it was somehow darkish, gray
after I fell, it seemed to me that I was lying there for a very long time and my relatives could not find me.

from Thursday to Friday I dreamed that a lover came to visit me (but the yard, house and place are unknown to me) with his family – mother, wife, their relatives, whom I have never seen in my life. The atmosphere of the conversation between us is friendly, no one looks at me askance, except this man. Watches how I behave and watches my reaction. I don’t understand what this dream means. If possible, decipher what all this means, please.

Hello.It’s already dark outside, I’m on the street near a storey building.I am downstairs, I hear a noise, I lift my head and see the shadows of my parents, they scream and seem to fight.The balcony is not my apartment, where my parents live.And then someone pushes dad and he falls flat from the balcony and breaks, I am still trying to catch him so that he does not crash, but he falls so quickly that I have no time to do anything.I didn’t have time to approach my dad, my mother very quickly falls from the balcony with her face and stomach on the asphalt, I look at her and I’m scared.I understand that she also cannot survive after such a blow, and then she very quickly turns onto her back, lies and tries to tell me something, I don’t understand her, I wake up from fear.Here’s a dream.
My dad died this year on May 8, this is no longer a dream, this is true.thanks

There were several women standing high on the balcony and one man who was bothering me, a stranger, we don’t know how to land, then she falls down just about to collapse, but landed calmly.

I dreamed that my friend had a fight with his girlfriend (in general, over a trifle). I tried to calm him down, he seemed to calm down, but then he got up, ran out onto the balcony and jumped off him.
Previously, I dreamed in the same colors that I and two of my friends (a girl and a guy) were on a concrete slab coming out of the balcony. For some unknown reason, my friend and I fell off a little, I swung forward to save myself and did not have time to catch him.

I run away from monsters through the balcony, I am imprisoned, I run away through the window, today I went to jail, I ended up at home, I ran away so that no one could see through the balcony. And then, riding a bicycle, I saw the bridal bouquet flying

I dreamed that my father and I were standing on the balcony. I tried the railing on the balcony for strength, and my father tried it on the side and my father fell, but did not crash, but stood up as if nothing had happened and was safe and sound

I had a dream that We talked with our Aunt-at home in the apartment then went to the bolkon or litter, I don’t remember exactly the conversation&# 8230; we have with her ..what exactly I don’t remember..
She had a mobile phone in her hands, I remember exactly..
we talked sney and then she pile up – pile up.and falls&# 8230;..
then I started screaming screaming into the room came hysterical was I could not say exactly what..
having said I say call an ambulance call .
as it is not clear for me especially not who did not want to call an ambulance&# 8230;
I’m starting to ring, I say tell me the ambulance number, tell me ..
VSK as whether they are silent or&# 8230;
do not want..
no one even ran to the bottom..
going out onto the balcony, I realized that someone had already called an ambulance&# 8230;
probably some of the neighbors..
and here ..I don’t remember how then everything is further vaguely &# 8230;

The husband fell from the balcony of the 3rd floor, stood together&# 8230; and as if I was accused of falling, I, breaking my voice, screamed an ambulance, an ambulance.ambulance. He got up and went to his doctor some&# 8230; mother-in-law called me Sharpei for some reason&# 8230; then I saw him in the hospital where he began to pull his face and neck, shake him up like a paralyzed&# 8230; I lay down next to and stroked and said that I love and never leave&# 8230;.

I dreamed that I was in my grandmother’s apartment, I go out to the balcony, I see a woman there with a little girl.The woman climbs over the balcony, and seems to descend, as if in the air, and the girl climbs over the railing, I understand that she will now fall, I want to grab her, but I don’t have time, she falls down, I see how she falls, as if from a very great height and hits the ground. And then they again find themselves on the balcony, the girl is alive, she just got some injuries

time of day night, dark sky and many city lights. I’m on a balcony without railings of a very tall and large building built in the form of a wave, like a huge hotel. almost at the sky. there was no fear of heights and lack of railings. two swarms flew from the side of the city, it turned out to be birds, in two columns and a lot, similar to blackbirds. they flew past my balcony to the hotel building and, having flown several meters away, these two columns made two turns from the bottom up, circled in this way twice and flew away in the same swarm.

I dreamed about the apartment in which I lived before. Nearby is a neighbor’s balcony, which later collapsed and I could not go to the neighbors. Then our balcony began to collapse. opposite the ladies, the multi-storey one was flooded to the floor.There was a heavy downpour..The whole city was flooded with rainwater. Then I went to call my girlfriend to show that everything is so bad, I look, and the water has gone abruptly, it became light, the sun is shining, the trees are green.Generally spring.

On the balcony, a little boy walked, I took in my arms . He wrote on me, came in to change his clothes.And she went out on the street, as if the deceased husband should come up. and woke up

Good afternoon! I dreamed that my husband and I were lying on the balcony, and next to us was my boss and her husband (they work together, I know him too), we talked, then we switched sides on which we were lying, my husband and I lay down on the right side, they to the left.

the railing from the balcony came off on one side and I hung together, take it off at a height, and then the railing came back.

Hello &# 8212; my name is Sergey on January 22nd it will be 30 years old, well this is so suddenly a very long dream comes in handy &# 8212; I’m on public transport and talked to some kind of guy, he looks a little like a former prisoner, but like a kind one he pulls out a white stone from his pocket, it seems to me that these are drugs and cutting off 2 pieces from it with a fingernail, throwing 2 pieces off of it says to try with a sound like a click on the teeth, they get to me in my mouth it tastes orange and so not so much, but he slightly calmed me down, he says well, what will you bunch on, the transition is abrupt into another dream, how did the TV switch to another channel, I stand in the evening in the courtyard of my almost circular 9th floor and look at the sky at 21 or 22 and I see an airplane flying high in the sky and fireworks in front of me, then again the transition is dreaming of an old friend with whom we know but have not communicated for about 10 years and he asks me to help open a pharmacy in our city, I am looking for places in different places of the city and again I go to a building like a guma but only shorter at times 2-storey boutique in general, the standard inside looks like gum &# 8212; my wife and I and a group of little acquaintances &# 8212; some woman makes an order from 6 and Arabs like the security wants to see how we all cope with the task that no one expected and suddenly release 6 black panthers everyone is in a panic but we do everything wisely and with the arrangement someone even bitten but there was no blood in a dream eager scams happened with cats so as not to fall into their clutches, we lured them behind some doors and smeared their nose with mustard then they lost their scent and calmed down, and then the transition as if in an hour I left the arch and looked at the neighboring house from and from the 5th floor some guy falls to the ground, he abruptly stood up and said something like (why &# 8230;&# 8230;.) and fell sharply on this, I woke up, I think yeah, I dreamed so much garbage (thanks to the lists)

At first I dreamed that my 2 friends were fighting, then my boyfriend, my friend and some girl came. I’m trying to kiss my boyfriend but he doesn’t work. I go to the balcony with my niece and see such a picture, some kind of color flash looks like a fireworks dog running, then I
The balcony begins to collapse and I do not have time to drive my niece and we fall. I got caught on something and did not fall and I grabbed my niece and brought her home. Then as if it seemed to us and we crawl on all fours to a friend. And I wake up

I’m standing in the street with my girlfriend. I see another beloved person on the balcony, with his wife, who knows about our relationship. He looks in our direction and they start to swear. I only hear snatches of phrases. As a result, she pushes him off the balcony and he falls&# 8230; I run to him, my legs are taken away, I crawl on my knees, I understand that I am alive and I try to scream to call an ambulance. And with this cry I wake up.

It was some kind of holiday, I was standing on the balcony, my wife came up to me and handed me our daughter, but I accidentally dropped her, and then I jumped after her

Hello! I dreamed that my guinea pig fell on the things that were hanging on the balcony, then the pig fell down to the 4th floor where things were also hung there, then even lower and on the second floor it got stuck&# 8230;.and then mom to help her body and took and began to pour water on her and it turned out that she fell down with a bucket&# 8230;.an ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital&# 8230;&# 8230;

I remember that I was standing in line with a girl I don’t know. Then we went to the balcony, did not talk much, and I sat on the visor, was at a high altitude, but for some reason I was not afraid. Then the visor began to break, I somehow did not pay attention, but it broke, next to me I saw the roof of another house, it was lower than the house in which I was. Then I started to fall, I wanted to jump on that house, but I flew by. I was calm. While it was flying, everything was kind of blurry. When I started to approach calmly &# 8212; dream or reality? Then I calmly woke up, I was in a good mood, which is very strange&# 8230;

I dreamed that my dad was jumping from the balcony and crashed, there was a lot of blood and brains everywhere . and I was pregnant in a dream .

My cousin accidentally fell from a balcony from a high height&# 8230;. and straight onto the asphalt! Her mother, my own aunt (who died a year ago) seemed to be still alive, and when she saw this she wanted to jump after her, but she was restrained, talking about who the grandson would stay with (my sister’s son)

we stood on the balcony of our apartment, fifth floor. not for no reason, one sister began to climb onto the next window through the wires and it is not clear what she was standing on, we shouted to her from the first, when suddenly, the second sister jumped abruptly from the balcony, without screaming, without emotion. I stood on the balcony and screamed her name.

I went out to the bolkon, it is glazed and I heard a crackle and quickly went down like the ash of a bolkon, and there was something that I don’t want to show

I went to the balcony and saw that there was no piril, and the floor was high. Side balcony door. And I got scared that I might slide down. Then I lay down on the balcony on my stomach in order to get to the balcony door (which is on the side) in order to move into the room. And while I’m lying on my stomach, afraid to move so as not to slide down, trying to somehow get out, at this moment my friend passes by me and it seems to me that he can accidentally push me, which I tell him about caution. He walks by and exits through another door on this balcony, which is, as it were, on the right side of the balcony. Whose balcony I did not understand.

I dreamed that my mother fell from the balcony from the 5th floor and hit her head on the edge. But she survived and we took her to the hospital. But on the way she felt bad and she died.

I dream that I go out onto the balcony at home, throw one leg over the railing, it gets scary, I wake up

Hello, I dreamed that I was walking down the street and my late father was cutting out of my old apartment, and before the air he was talking to his late mother (my grandmother) and asks her to convey a message to me, and jumped off on my glozes when I went with someone else’s stepladder.before that I kissed a strange woman

i dreamed that small children fell from the boy did not survive, but the girl survived

Good morning !I have a dream as if I came to my friends’ house and they live on the 5-6th floor, and as if they have 5 imported veliks on the balcony and it was as if my friend and I had smoked on the balcony, what is the dream?

I fall from the balcony and wake up when I have already fallen. I am 13 years old

I saw myself with my son that we are standing on the balcony. Then he falls but lingers. I want to help him up, but he says that he himself and immediately breaks down and falls down and screams mom. And I fall for him. Where we fell I have not seen. But then in a dream, as if we were flying and I tell my son that everything is fine. We protect people from dangers.

Good afternoon, Tatiana!
why is there a dream about the fact that the deceased father saves me from the fall of the balcony of the old apartment?

I began to see multi-storey buildings often. I am in them, but something is sure to collapse and I knock out. The balcony cracked in the last dream.

I left the house and looked up, &# 8212; the neighbors, apparently new, were repairing the balcony and construction dust flew down on me and other neighbors who had left the house.

I dreamed that my husband was standing on a visor in a black sweatshirt and crying in a hood, and there were women friends and relatives nearby. And I call him and ask him to get off with tears and hold out his hand to him, he gives it to me and I sighed with relief and we went on.

I saw a balcony in my parents’ apartment in a dream, I and someone else (I don’t remember) were standing on the balcony and suddenly it began to swing strongly and we managed to get out of the balcony and suddenly it fell down from the 5th floor. This was really scary

Hello, I dreamed that I bought an apartment in a new building on a high floor which I don’t remember. Without finishing, then I see one room with renovation with furniture, I sit on the couch, watch TV, and in the other, repairs are underway that some hired women are doing. I get up from the couch and go to the balcony and I can’t come to the edge of the fence all the time it seems to me that I can fall from a great height already my stomach is cramping or, as my friend said, the intestines stand on end so scary, so I went out several times as if to persuade myself the apartment is mine and I am glad that I bought it rooms spacious two balconies how not to go out on them but still hold on a bit for the fence and run away. Then my aunt, whom I hadn’t seen for 16 years, came to me and tried to make coffee for her on a carob coffee maker, but all the time that something was falling apart, in general, she couldn’t even be surprised. became very high right up to the chest and so powerful and my aunt tells me This is the apartment I like. And I felt so good and calm next to her. That’s the whole dream

With litter, grandmother went to the balcony and jumped with her
I stood on a stool and just started to climb

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