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Dream interpretation beast, animals why the beast dreams, animals in a dream according to the Astroscope dream book


If a wild beast visited your dream, carefully remember everything that happened to you. Dream Interpretations believe that animals symbolize powerful forces of nature, with which in the near future you will have to deal within the boundaries of reality. And at the same time, the dreamed animals should become a serious clue for you. If in a dream they behaved kindly towards you, then in reality you will be able to humble unbridled passions and establish peace with your ill-wishers. Whereas aggressive animals in a dream are an extremely alarming sign.

Dreamed of wild beasts or beast – unbridled passions; your inner primal fears and desires.

In the traditional interpretation, animals (animals) symbolize the natural, primitive emotions and desires that live in your soul. The final interpretation of what he saw will depend on how the dreamed animals behaved towards you.

If you dreamed that animals or an animal were attacking you – you can become a victim of a rapist or a maniac; primal feelings and emotions will get out of control.

Sleep warning. In the near future, try to control yourself as vigilantly as possible. It is possible that your natural, primitive emotions will find a way out and will greatly harm you. According to another version "beast" – this is someone aggressive and very cruel. Beware of communication with unfamiliar people.

Dreamed of affectionate, friendly animals or an affectionate beast – you will find help from the forces of nature.

You have managed to curb your primal fears and desires. Moreover, we entered into a close alliance with them. Now, in order to accomplish what you want, you should listen to yourself.

To dream that you are catching a domestic animal or animals – enter into friendships or love relationships.

A new person will appear in your life in the coming days. It remains to wait quite a bit to understand what kind (friendship or love) relationship will subsequently bind you and this person.

To dream that wild animals or beasts are chasing you is a bad name; the machinations of ill-wishers.

In this plot, like a fierce beast, envious people, gossips and other ill-wishers behaved towards you, which can greatly darken your real life. Stay alert and remember that one of your imaginary friends may be the attacker.

Animals according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

To go to a zoo in a dream and see animals there – to experiences; wild animals dream of their enemies; to clearly see the beast is an accident; animals escaped from their cages – to troubles in the family; beasts are chasing in a dream – to ill fame

Why do Animals dream in the Modern Dream Book

White animals – to a meeting with friends

Wild animals – to an unpleasant conversation with a friend

Wild animals in the zoo – to experiences without a good reason

Tame animals – to a meeting with a long-absent friend

Domestic animals in a woman’s dream – to a love relationship with a charming person

They caught wild animals – to a quarrel with loved ones

Wild beasts attacked you – you will be trapped

Feeding wild animals – to disappointment

Running animals – to get rid of danger

Hunting for wild animals – good news

Killed by a wild beast – unfortunately

They ran away from animals – to gossip and rumors

Caressing animals – to difficulties in new affairs

Animals in traps – to intrigues and troubles from relatives

Free the beasts – to failure through the fault of their negligence

They set traps for animals – to the absence of any changes

The case of animals – excessive attention to intimacy

Head of the beast – you should choose your friends carefully

A stuffed animal – to unexpected support

Seeing yourself in the mirror in the form of a beast – to loss and disappointment

Sad animals in cages – to victory in an important matter

To be with the beast in a cage – to accidents and accidents

To be in bed with a terrible beast – to endless failures

Refreshed animals or their internal organs (paired) – to everyday adversity and emotional upheaval

Wild beasts in a dream according to Freud

Wild animals are a traditional symbol of love affinity with elements of aggression and violence. If animals attacked you in a dream, then you are afraid of the consequences of your love meetings (for men); want to have a passionate lover, are prone to masochism (for women).

Hunting wild animals – you are proud of your love successes, while being indiscriminate in the choice of partners

Miller’s dream book: Predator

Dreamed of a wounded or killed predator – to a happy overcoming of troubles.

Predator according to Freud’s dream book

They entered into a close relationship with a predator in a dream – they are dissatisfied with their personal life and have latent sadistic inclinations (for women); you have a strong craving for masochism (for men)

Predator cubs – want to have children (for childless); tend to blame their own love failures on their children

Identified themselves with a predator – disappointed with their current position and tend to find peace in the world of dreams

The predator hunted or devoured prey – you want to throw out the accumulated potential in the most unusual and sophisticated ways

Fight between predators – you are destined to get new unforgettable sensations from love intimacy

Tame predator – you tend to suppress your fantasies and desires

Modern dream book: Predator

Had a dream: Animals (animals) – interpretation of the Esoteric dream book

Menagerie in a dream based on Miller’s dream book

Menagerie in a dream according to the Modern Dream Book

Fangs in the Modern Dream Book

Had a dream: Hyena – interpretation of the Modern dream book

Shot a hyena – a stranger will save you in a difficult situation

Fighting a hyena – to victory over competitors

Fed the hyena – to health problems or difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex

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