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Dream Interpretation Beat Me 😴 dreamed of why Beat me in a dream to see


You are beaten in a dream – an unfavorable omen. Serious family problems, quarrels, conflicts with close people, relatives are possible.

Restraint should be shown in relationships with household members. Watch your own speech, try not to provoke a quarrel with offensive words.

Who beat you in a dream?

I dreamed that my father was beating ▼

A dream where your father beats you reflects existing experiences and doubts. You are about to do something that your dad is unlikely to approve, because of this you feel remorse.

Dreaming that the dead man is beating ▼

If you dream that the deceased is beating, there is a high probability of a terrible reckoning for committing a sinful act in the past. Repent before it’s too late.

I dreamed that my mother was hitting ▼

Felomena’s dream book defines a dreaming mother who beats you as an impending misfortune for the whole family. You will be tormented by a feeling of guilt, but it is useless to look for the guilty among the victims.

How you were beaten in a dream?

She dreams that she was beaten to the blood ▼

I dreamed that you were beaten to the bone – the haunted offenders have in reality prototypes made of flesh and blood, these are people from your environment. A dream also indicates the presence of fear, fear of a particular person.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

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I dreamed of Beating me, but the necessary interpretation of the dream is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why you are dreaming of Beating me in a dream, just write a dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I dreamed that a person I know in absentia beats in a dream. This is the man with whom my relative lives. A few months ago, my relationship with her soured. On my initiative, she left the house that belongs to me. She lived there for many years. And she believes that it is not worth saying thank you for this, moreover, she reacted very negatively.

Beaten on a business trip in a restaurant, there was a gold ring on his hand! Did nothing myself, did not answer! Was beaten in a dream by a person with whom I don’t communicate at all in real life!

My friend and I entered the room to our friends. The first friend extended his hand to say hello to our mutual acquaintance, he did not answer, then I held out his hand to greet, and he said something to me and began to hit me in the face, I could not stand crying, there was no blood, something answered and we left. What is it for&# 8230; The one who beat me in real life says it’s good to treat me.

Hello!I dreamed that an old friend was hitting me in the face and back.But then when he left, I feel the strength, my muscles have grown and my shoulders have become pumped up. I see a large and wide scar on my back.

I was walking home in the evening in the winter, it was already a bit dark, and they started digging up to the woman who was washing the car, I said that I’ll take it all on the phone and send it wherever needed, then two young guys came up to me and one said give me the phone, I said that I’ll delete everything , he repeated many times give it back, if you twitch, I will beat for 3 days, and I turned, and he grabbed the phone and gave me fists all over my body, I was lying in the snow

I bought a used car and after a test drive I drove to work.there was something celebrating. And among all was my father. I stood there with them and went to meet the seller. The seller was a man aged and with him two sons of my age (30 years old), I explained to them that the electrician was not working properly and the price should be reduced.the man agreed and while we were talking the car disappeared. When we started looking, we came across a lot of dogs, but their lion drove them all away from us. I kept thinking where it came from. When the search did not instill in anything, I said that let’s go make a purchase and I myself will continue the search. After that, the punks were waiting for us who attacked me with the words chech it is you who want to do here

I dreamed that my boyfriend with whom I meet in reality was very strong in my dream, for nothing, for no reason, he beat me
But I didn’t leave and didn’t run away from him

They didn’t beat me very weakly, not in the face, the dream was not very bright and not very dark, but the colors were definitely there, I remember the color of the opponent’s jacket &# 8212; red.

I dreamed that I was arguing with a drunk young man, he was rude to me, then I sent him away, he came up to me and hit me with an empty bottle of cognac on my lips, my tooth chipped a little without blood, but I felt with my tongue that there was a chip on one front tooth, and the upper lip began to swell, while I looked in the mirror and I liked my lips, but there was a slight pain, I cried a little while laughing. Why can this dream? thanks.

I dreamed of a room with a bed on which I was sitting, and my ex-husband, standing in front of me, beat me with his fists in the face and head, and I seemed to enjoy this beating.

For the second night in a row, I dream that my husband’s brother is beating me.he is very angry. (Before this dream, I really fought with him.)

I sit like that on a chair and my boyfriend starts to scare me I start crying later he starts hitting me in the face (cheek) and I get hysterical

My dear uncle beat me in a dream, I remember that he kicked me in the legs.I cried very much, he also put out his cigarette about me

Hello, I dreamed that my sister was beating me, I find myself in the hospital and they tell me that I am disabled for life, in real life my sister and I do not communicate at all

I had a dream – my younger sister beat me, gnawed my flesh. I was glad that no one but me sees her. Mom died, but in a dream she was in another room, did not respond to a request for help.

Hello! dreamed of my niece that my evil son beat me (I am his mother) on the head with his fist.We moved to the city and in the sold house he got out of his bedroom and began to beat

I walked with my friend near the school. I don’t remember exactly, but in my opinion my friend messed up something and 3 guys came for him. Attacked one of my friend. I can’t stand aside and began to defend him, but they turned out to be too strong, one of them (as I understood that this would be the main one) kicked me, that I already flew about 10 meters. By the way, they were talking about some site, in my opinion with hoodies (sweaters).

Dreamed from Friday to Saturday. I was beaten by a friend whose status I respect. I beat this thing that really has not decided the matter in which I figure. The man failed, but I got. They hit on the head, a few good blows, there was no pain, there was a feeling of despair. And it became clear that my friend was very angry with me.

I was beaten by a boy whom I like, but he did not reciprocate, we hardly know each other, but I know enough about him, I dreamed that we did not get along, and his best friend complained to me about him, almost cried, and then we fought with him, even though he was stronger

I dreamed that my acquaintance and I began to meet, after a while I went out into the street and there was a crowd, I came up to me, girls came up to me and pounced on me, they began to be, but I fought off them

Dad and I were driving in the car, I had a birthday, we were visiting, and when we were leaving, he took my phone from me. I asked him, he started to beat

i dreamed that my mother was screaming, beating me and strangling, as a result of which she killed me and from this I woke up

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