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Dream Interpretation Beloved 😴 dreamed of what the Beloved dreams about in a dream


If a loved one is dreaming, you don’t have to worry. The current relationship in life will not be overshadowed by betrayal or lies. Dreams of this kind always evoke positive emotions that will set the tone for your life in the coming days. Everything is fine now and there is an opportunity to enjoy reality.

Who dreamed beloved?

What a loved one looked like in a dream?

If you dreamed about a naked beloved ▼

If you saw your betrothed naked – this dream means that you still do not fully understand whether it is worth associating your future with him. Perhaps this choice bothers you in connection with the upcoming acquaintance with the relatives of your beloved, it is worth revising the previous plan and adjusting it based on the current situation.

What did the beloved do in a dream?

Beloved leaves you in a dream ▼

I dreamed that a loved one leaves you for a rival – in the real world, treason to your beloved is possible on your part.

If he left you for another city or country without warning – in fact, perhaps, the feelings are not serious, when you break up, you cannot avoid a serious heart-to-heart talk.

She dreams that her beloved has come to you ▼

A loved one, after a long separation, came to your home – the dream book interprets the plot as a possible separation that will not please you at all. Experiences due to self-doubt and fears that love will leave, darken reality more than real negative events.

What did you do in a dream about a loved one?

Wait for your beloved according to the dream book ▼

Why does a girl dream about something like that? Most likely, she is at a crossroads, a lot in her fate depends on her decision. While you are waiting for your loved one, you miss many chances and irrevocably lose your youth and time, so postponing the decision is not the best thing to do. Do not ignore the wise advice of loved ones.

Say goodbye to your beloved in a dream ▼

If you had to say goodbye to a loved one – a dream is a harbinger of problems in a relationship, a series of unpleasant events awaits you that can lead to a deterioration in heart affairs. If after parting it was easy for you at heart, you will quickly find a new groom.

Praise your beloved in a dream ▼

If you praise your smart and beautiful loved one, you will be presented with a pleasant surprise. Expect a romantic rush from a coworker or maybe a boss. Dreams that he is unhappy with praise – a gift from a stranger awaits you. Perhaps the knowledge that they sympathize with you is already there and there is already hope for his first step.

How a loved one behaves in a dream?

Feel the indifference of a loved one in a dream ▼

A dream in which you are upset, as you feel the indifference of a loved one, means that doubts about the truthfulness of the chosen one overwhelm you, upset and confuse you. You feel uncertain about the correctness of your actions and judgments. Being surrounded by quarrelsome people is reflected in your character.

Beloved is silent in a dream ▼

The beloved is silent – he dreams that everything will remain unchanged, life will delight you with its calmness for a long time, those around you will become supportive of you, and their actions will be predictable.

I dreamed that you were expelling your beloved ▼

If you dreamed that you were expelling your beloved with ferocity, you are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs. Doubtful acquaintances or rash acts can aggravate the situation. In case you get kicked out, expect unusual and extravagant behavior from your other half.

You dreamed that your beloved was alone?

You saw a loved one in a dream completely?

See the face of a loved one in a dream ▼

The face of a loved one dreams of knowing the inner world of your companion. The relationship has reached a stage where there is no need to be shy or hide anything from each other.

To see the appearance of your own spouse – perhaps his innermost secret will be revealed to you. A dream warns against rash judgments and quick conclusions, show tact and restraint.

What did you do with your beloved in a dream?

Sitting at a table with a loved one in a dream ▼

If you are sitting at the table with your beloved, the Felomena dream book promises you a romantic evening or pleasant communication with a wise interlocutor. Perhaps former classmates will call you to a meeting, where you will receive a small surprise in the form of a meeting with your beloved.

Sleep with your loved one according to the dream book ▼

Sleeping with a loved one dreams that a long-awaited reconciliation awaits you, cooled feelings will soon flare up with triple strength. Expect an evening full of love and understanding, and maybe you will have to decide on a bold act and open your heart by telling a secret.

What happened to a loved one in a dream?

Do you still love this person

When you saw a dream about a loved one?

If a loved one dreams every day ▼

A loved one appears in a dream regularly, every day is a sign that the relationship with him is restless and anxious. According to Felomena’s dream book, daily problems do not let go of consciousness at night, which can ultimately affect health.

You need to take care of allocating a few hours for yourself, you can either visit a beauty salon, or sign up for a pool or sports club.

Seeing a loved one in a dream from Thursday to Friday ▼

A dream about a loved one, seen from Thursday to Friday, is always a good sign. If you felt joy and satisfaction in a dream, then you will be surprised by a pleasant surprise. In the case of negative emotions experienced in dreams, there will be a temporary deterioration in the relationship or a short-term loss of financial independence .

Dream about a loved one from Friday to Saturday ▼

A loved one dreams from Friday to Saturday – the dream needs to be interpreted, starting from the details of what he saw. If you met your real lover, it is interpreted as a sign of an imminent marriage.

Kissing him – treason awaits. Quarrels with your fiancé – you can count on a romantic candlelight evening or a gift.

Meet your beloved from Saturday to Sunday according to the dream book ▼

I dreamed that a beloved man got in the way and this happened from Friday to Saturday – expect good news and successful offers.

If your beloved cheated on you in a dream – a harbinger that you may be faced with gossip or inaccurate information. Change your perception and stop paying attention to angry and grumpy colleagues.

The beloved is dreaming from Sunday to Monday ▼

Saw a loved one in a dream from Sunday to Monday – in the future you can count on an exciting journey or a few days spent alone with the groom. Also, a dream may mean that you have to be very surprised and at the same time rejoice at some event.

What is the dream of a loved one from Monday to Tuesday ▼

If a girl or a loving woman dreamed of her beloved from Monday to Tuesday, this is evidence that a strong spiritual relationship awaits you. You will have a pleasant evening, a good mood will not leave you for a long time.

You can also hope for a trip to the sea on your next vacation, start planning your vacation now so that it will be remembered for a long time.

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

Dreamed of Beloved, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Beloved is dreaming of in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

beloved holds in his arms and strokes on the head

l d, probably a dream in which your beloved strokes you on the head suggests that you do not have enough subconscious care and courting from him.

Hey! Help, I really need your help!
My ex is constantly in my dreams, not every day, maybe every other day, week, month..and dreams are not clear.. then he gives hints, then his friends give hints.. then follows..then offended.. what can i do about it.. after all, this is a dream, and in religion I will not do anything until he himself is aware of everything.. how do i know, maybe he doesn’t love me in real life, but in dreams it is different..I’m going to lose my mind soon with these dreams. What should I do? What is it all for.

Dreams of this kind are most likely an attempt by your subconscious mind to assess the current situation.

Well I really don’t understand&# 8230; It just drives me crazy&# 8230; Maybe I understand this whole situation, well, maybe somewhere far away.. maybe something worries him.. or me.. I don’t understand anything at all&# 8230; HELP TO UNDERSTAND.

After we broke off our relationship, I dreamed he was drunk so dear loving who wants to return everything.

Yana, the fact that you dreamed of your beloved in this form probably indicates that he regrets.

Julia tell plz if you dream of a loved one &# 8212; lies in the hospital in his bed, smiles and he has a beard the same color as his hair, never saw him with a beard, neither in reality nor in a dream, smiles and hugs me.

By the way, now he is not around – he is in another country &# 8212; and for a very long time did not make itself felt &# 8212; I’m worried and maybe I have encrypted such a dream to myself.

Lera, the fact that your beloved looked like this in your dream probably means that you miss him, you are afraid that he will change during the time of separation.

i dreamed that my beloved and I were driving in the car and we had the same wedding rings on our life we ​​have not seen each other for a long time and we have different wedding rings and he is married and I am married and we have different rings.what does it mean?

Hello. I spend a whole week dreaming about the same content. Where am I, my beloved says that he does not need me. It already bothers me, and I’m winding myself up. He says he is madly in love&# 8230; I don’t know what to do, maybe this is a sign? Tell me what it means?

I dreamed that my beloved person, who in reality is an unrequited love, jumped over the fence to me while I was picking walnuts from a tree. I threw myself on his neck. He circled me for a long time in his arms, then we talked for a long time, and then he said that he had to go and left. Help me decipher, please)

Hello.. I very often dream about my ex, but usually just his silhouette and most often his face&# 8230; But this time I dreamed that something said to me, and at that moment in my soul, as in those days, there was a thrill&# 8230; What does this mean?&# 8230;.

If you dream that a loved one saves me from danger and my fears

Natalia, perhaps a dream in which you see how your loved one saves you, suggests that in real life he will show himself from the best side.

I talk with my beloved on the phone, and I hear that he is talking to someone in the phone, wait, my good&# 8230;.
and I tell him in response, wait, and he seems to move away!

Maria, perhaps your dream about a conversation with a loved one speaks of a change in the relationship between you.

I dreamed that my former lover, whom I still love, finally returned to me, said that he loved, he could not live without me, said that neither my husband nor his girlfriend was a hindrance. He hugged me very tightly and kissed me&# 8230;&# 8230;. at first I thought that it was my dream because I have been waiting for such an act for a year&# 8230; t.e.I thought of everything myself&# 8230; then I thought that maybe he actually still loves me&# 8230;.and then I decided to understand the dream book&# 8230; and did not understand&# 8230;.

Larissa, perhaps in real life you will feel just as happy.

Now I am with my beloved person in separation, we had a fight. I see the two of us in my dreams&# 8230; sit in his car and kind of talk and he is very calm, peaceful and looks at me with a smile&# 8230; and some guy outside washes his car and opens the door and offers to wash the car mats..and he tells him that they are clean, in fact they are very clean&# 8230;
&# 8230; in another dream we are in his car again&# 8230; but he is very angry and emotionally, nervously talking on the phone, I am sitting next to&# 8230; calm and just as calmly think that he is talking to some woman at work..I myself covered myself with a blanket with a white (in a small flower) duvet cover and smoke. suddenly I notice that on the duvet cover a barely noticeable pair of ash holes&# 8230;..I don’t remember further.

mika, perhaps you subconsciously experience separation, which is why your beloved is dreaming.

I broke up with my beloved almost two years ago, and I periodically dream about him&# 8230; for example: that we are sailing on a boat on the sea, and dolphins are swimming in front of us&# 8230; and we rejoice, laugh&# 8230; and we are good together.

Svetlana, if you dream of a dolphin, perhaps you will have a reliable faithful friend, but not your boyfriend.

I dreamed that my beloved unexpectedly came to my house, although I did not invite him and did not wait at all. He asked me for some thing for a while, and then he says: &# 171; If You Can’t Borrow I Can Buy It From You!&# 187; And I say: &# 187; It is completely unnecessary for me, take it and you may not even return it.&# 187; I climbed the stairs and climbed to get what he asked for, and then suddenly took my hand and said: &# 187; Let’s help, take my hand at least!&# 187; I hold his hand and give him the item he asked me for. And then he declares: &# 187; I know you weren’t expecting me, but I came for you and I want to take you away from here. I will wait for you on the street near the car.&# 187; He leaves, and I look out the window and really see him waiting for me. What does all this mean?

The fact that your loved one behaved this way in your dream probably means that you can get an unusual offer from him.

I dreamed that I was walking with my beloved and then they wandered into some kind of gymnastic ground, he everywhere began to try to climb on them. And then some girl came and started with him, at first he still paid attention to me, like look how I can&# 8230; and then he didn’t even give a glance..looked only at her and admired her flexibility..It started to make me very angry and I told him about it, but he somehow reacted to it sluggishly because he looked only at her, could not even take his eyes off..what is it for.

Nena, perhaps a dream in which your loved one admires another girl and does not pay attention to us, speaks either of your subconscious fears about this, or that a similar situation can happen in reality.

I dreamed that my beloved came to my house and asked me for some thing for a while, and when I wanted to give it away, he took my hand and said that he had come specially for me to take me with him. Then he said that he would be waiting for me on the street near the car and if I love him, then I should leave with him.

Daria, perhaps a dream in which your loved one comes to pick you up suggests that this is either your subconscious desire, or a similar situation may be in reality.

I dreamed for the second time already that my beloved on the other..only this time he got married..rather, he was going to get married, and I was next to him as a friend, he asked for advice, etc.NS
everything was so brief, but I clearly remembered that girl in a wedding dress and how he took her by the hand and led her.then she stops and says that she forgot something and leaves, and I went up to him and began to discourage marriage and even try to seduce..I almost succeeded..and then I woke up.

p.s: this girl was not at all like the one in the first dream..well, that is, another in general

Nena, perhaps a dream in which your loved one marries another girl, speaks of your subconscious fear associated with the possibility of a similar situation in reality, that is, it is simply jealousy, although it is certainly impossible to exclude that something like this can happen in reality.

I dreamed that the person I love suddenly came to visit me with my older brother (in reality, they are old and very close childhood friends). My beloved was very caring and attentive and was constantly eager to help me in anything. Spoke : &# 171; Lean on me, take my hand,&# 187; or &# 171; Don’t pick it up, it’s very hard, better me, and so on. The strange thing is that in my dream my lover has a different hairstyle, he has long hair (although in fact he has a short haircut). What does all this mean?

dasha, perhaps a dream in which your loved one, shows all kinds of help and support towards you, speaks of your subconscious desire for this to always happen in reality.

I dreamed of a loved one with whom we parted a year ago. I dreamed that we were sitting in his car, I put my head on his knee and he began stroking my head, saying that we would never part, that he would never let me go again&# 8230; What could it mean.

Elena, rather, all the dream in which you see how your beloved, with whom you are not together, says that you will no longer part, reflects your subconscious desire for this to happen in reality.

Julia, thank you. 🙂
And if I knew that this person would come back again&# 8230; the meaning would be the same?

Elena, the likelihood that your loved one will return to you in reality, of course, exists, especially if you "know it".

I rarely dream my beloved.two or three times for the entire period of acquaintance (for 3 months). but now I’m not dreaming .does it mean something?

Anastasia, we dream of a person in a dream, or we do not dream, as a rule, it depends on our emotional and subconscious state.

My beloved constantly dreams that I am leaving him with some unfamiliar man, each time different &# 8212; now with some kind of blond, now with a brunette&# 8230; I laugh at his dreams, because in real life everything is fine with us and I’m not going to go anywhere&# 8230; But still interesting &# 8212; what can this mean? thanks for the answer!

Natalia, most likely these dreams of your loved one are the result of his subconscious jealousy, which thus manifests itself through dreams.

In a dream I dreamed that a young man returned to my home, with whom we parted more than two years ago. In a dream he said that now he will live here.

Maya, most likely this dream is the result of your subconscious processes associated with past relationships with this young man, you should not attach due importance to it.

my young man dreamed that upon arrival to his home, I only stayed alone with him did not allow myself to be touched, avoided him, dodged, although in general I behaved normally all the time. As he says, not a dream, but a real nightmare.
that night I dreamed that I was dying, but so happy, I was following the reactions of my family and friends, but when the news that I was dying reached the guy and he rushed to the hospital, it dawned on me that I could not leave him here and woke up
what is it for?

Lena, perhaps these dreams serve as some kind of warning for you, if possible, try to avoid dangerous situations in the near future.

Once again, good afternoon! The black cat became a warning for my actions, which had to be weighed, thanks! Here is a new dream, he dreamed from Monday to Tuesday, it seems to me that it is also significant: I suggested to my classmate, she used to live next door (and in reality, on the eve I met her husband) old things – shoes, a coat, she gladly accepted them and I also took off my boots and gave them. Having said goodbye, I went out to their garden in socks and light clothes, covered myself with a blanket and stood on some kind of hill, i.e.e. not to the ground. My beloved person with whom I parted came up to me, I threw back the coverlet, he took me in his arms and carried me to the car, he seemed to me so strong and strong when I hugged him than in reality. He stayed with me, realizing this, I started to put things in order in the house, wash the sink, in the morning he leaves for work and sends me an SMS, where he lets me know that he is leaving for another ..

Svetlana, probably such a dream is the result of your subconscious, which in this way, through a dream, is trying to return the former relationship between you and your former loved one, if, of course, I correctly understood the essence, namely, that your beloved was not with you already before sleep.

I dream of my beloved, with whom we had a falling out, and as if I were trying to call him, but he did not pick up the phone, I was upset, offended, but then my phone rings, I look and this is ON! Said something to me, said goodbye and that’s it.

Julia, perhaps such a dream reflects your subconscious desire for him to be the first to contact you.

I dreamed that a guy who I liked for a long time was sitting in front of me. We just look into each other’s eyes and he smiles at me. I understand that somewhere a little further away his brother is sitting and watching us.

Vika, perhaps such a dream reflects your subconscious desire so that in reality he would show signs of attention to you.

I often dream of the warmth of a loved one. We parted with him, I haven’t seen him for a long time. He is far away. But in a dream I often feel his warmth, as if I were entirely in his arms

Elena, most likely such a dream reflects your subconscious desire to be with you in reality.

I dreamed of a young man whom I loved and love.(but I didn’t think about him.and did not remember for more than three weeks, he just seemed to be there, somewhere in the heart, not in the mind)

i dreamed that we were together with him, next to him, that everything was fine, that he loved me, and I loved him&# 8230;.I remember that in a dream he hugged me very tightly and tenderly..and never lost sight of.

but the fact is that he is very far away at the moment.
in Brazil, and I am in Russia &# 8230; now. and what is it for, I cannot understand

Dasha, most likely a dream in which you see yourself with your loved one reflects your subconscious desire for this to happen in reality.

I dream of him often. Now only once a month.we broke up more than half a year has passed. Walked in a dream together on my business. I didn’t get it smart, I have him beautiful, everyone stares at him. I tell him, they say, go to the stop. I finished the business myself, got on the bus and forgot about it. When I arrived, she began to call, my mother picked up the phone, I looked, she was walking next to me, but she didn’t see me, I got ready to go back to the bus stop and woke up. Mother was all in black

Lena, most likely the dreams in which you see your former loved one in such situations reflect your subconscious processes in connection with the breakdown of relations with him.

I dreamed that I was in my apartment and there my current beloved was drinking tea with his ex, and talking.then we wanted to leave the apartment, but we were told that it was impossible to leave there the dog died infected, declared quarantine.and we stayed in the apartment for the bed and three of us need to go to bed, but for some reason I am afraid of my current beloved and somehow feel the protection of my ex.I’m afraid that threesome sex will upset my beloved.

Lyudmila, perhaps a dream suggests that in reality you may find yourself in some difficult personal situation.

What does it mean if a loved one holds your hand. And the first one holds it out!
dreaming many times in a row! And he’s always shorter than me!

sfsha, most likely such a dream reflects your subconscious superiority in something, in particular, perhaps in growth.

I slept at a party today, and before going to bed I said &# 171; in a new place, dream about the groom to the bride&# 187;. And I dream about my beloved, but the scenario is such that I come to his house, and he introduces me to his new bride. (and we live in different cities, in real life). And he says, I’m sorry, I found myself another bride.

Alexandra, such a dream can be both the result of your subconscious worries about the fact that the relationship with your loved one may deteriorate, or an omen that this may happen in reality.

Hello, I had a dream that a loved one comes up to me and gives a beautiful, large, round, gold medallion when he smiles, and at this moment I feel extraordinary warmth, I feel very good and everything is fine, and the next day I dream that my beloved person sits next to me and holds a pectoral cross in his hands, rubs it, and seems to even hold it out to me, and I also feel very good, warm and pleasant, and then the next day this cross that I dreamed of was on it, the problem is that the person is not knows about my sympathy!What does such a dream mean?But I love so much

Fl, most likely such a dream reflects your subconscious desire that in reality he showed signs of attention to you, or the dream portends that in reality a relationship is possible between you.

Hello. I recently had a dream about my beloved, we parted with him about six months ago, everyone has their own life, but I still love him. I dream that we are with him at his house, kissing in the kitchen. and then the doorbell rings and he says to me: my mom has come, go to the bedroom for now. I obeyed, went to the bedroom, but I listen to the conversation. his mother went into the house and quietly so affectionately asks him: where is Julia? he answers her just as calmly: in the bedroom. mom asks: in what? he answers: in our. in a dream, I felt happy that both he and his mother loved me and took care of me. what does this dream mean? please answer, I am very interested, especially since I see him in a dream not so often. in my opinion, this is only the second time for the entire time of our acquaintance with him.

Julia, this dream most likely tells you that your beloved’s mother interfered with your relationship, but now you can count on her favor.


lisa, this dream most likely portends a period of confrontation between you and another woman, the object of which will be your loved one.

Hello! Today in a dream I saw that my husband and I wanted to get married, as if we were not divorced, but only the term of our marriage had expired and we need to register again. And I saw friends who were at our wedding in reality, they demanded that I arrange a wedding today, set the table. But I did not want to do this at that very moment, I found reasons that I had to apply to the registry office and only after a month everything could be arranged and in the end I changed my mind about getting married.

Svetlana, perhaps this dream suggests that you should rethink your relationship with your beloved.

Hello, tell me, please, lately I have been dreaming about a loved one every day (at which I started dreaming constantly after we parted) what does this mean? and can this mean that he is dreaming because of his experiences?just parting was on the note that we love each other&# 8230; Thanks in advance!

Lisa, a dream in which your beloved is dreaming, most likely indicates that you are subconsciously experiencing separation.

Hi, I would like to know about my dream&# 8230;
I dreamed that he stayed overnight with me, but at the same time my whole family was at home, I, as always, slept on my couch, and I only made a bed for him next to me, and when it was night (it was dark) he climbed onto my couch &# 8212; under the blanket (nothing vulgar) and gently hugged him, I also hugged him, it seemed that I even felt how he smelled, I didn’t want it to end&# 8230; then my mother came in, he somehow quickly found himself in his place, that my mother did not notice anything, I pretended to be asleep, my mother came up to me and told me -&# 171; don’t lie together&# 187; and left the room, then he climbed up to me again, hugged me again, I again kind of felt his smell&# 8230; and then I woke up&# 8230;
* I don’t know if this is important, but we never communicated in real life only on the Internet and by phone, we crossed paths a couple of times, but only when we didn’t know each other yet&# 8230; but he said that he loved me, although sometimes I doubt that he is telling the truth&# 8230; but I know that he will not lie for the best goals&# 8230; I love him. I recently told him about this, he somehow got out, we did not communicate with him for 2 days, and then I dreamed about it&# 8230;.

Ira, most likely, this dream suggests that your mother may interfere with your relationship with this person, or you do not take decisive steps, due to the mother’s upbringing.

I dreamed that a loved one says that he wants to marry another&# 8230; Like, I love you, but I have to marry her (this is his ex-girlfriend)..I had a dream from Thursday to Friday&# 8230;

Tanya, your dream probably suggests that you are not sure about the feelings of this person.

I dreamed of my ex-boyfriend whom I still love very much, we parted ways with him for a year already
So in a dream it was that we were in his apartment, everything was fine, we walked with him, but suddenly his mother came and kicked me out of the house and this guy also kicked me out of the house
what does it all mean.

Olya, this dream most likely suggests that you subconsciously think that your beloved broke up with you under the influence of his mother.

If I dreamed that I was making a choice between the one I love now and with whom I broke up&# 8230;

Anastasia, the fact that you made a choice in a dream most likely portends you doubts about your personal life.

I dreamed that I was going for a walk with my boyfriend, and I understand that it was not him. Very similar in appearance, but speaks completely differently, different manners, clothes, gait. My boyfriend is shy, often serious, and very polite and decent. And the one with whom I walked &# 8212; brazen and cheeky. In reality, my boyfriend dresses in light, and in a dream he was in a flashy orange T-shirt. I painfully try to understand whether it is him or not, then I think that it cannot be him and I wake up in horror. I don’t know what scared me so.
thanks for the help

Daria, such a dream, most likely, promises you quick changes in your personal life, the appearance of a new loved one.

I dreamed that we agreed to meet with my MCH. I came earlier, I’m sitting waiting for him. I see that he is walking, I get up and go to meet him, and he passes me by without noticing me and greets some girls. I’m shocked. I go up to them, take his hand, turn him to face me and ask &# 171; what does it all mean?&# 187;, and he is silent and only grins. Then I understand that he is drunk.(although he never drinks any alcoholic beverages in his life.) From this I get furious and start slapping him on the cheeks, and he still stands and laughs.(maybe this is important.He was in a strict suit, although he rarely wears them, while I, on the contrary, in some terrible sports suit, not yet in size, and a lot of people are staring at us. this made me very uncomfortable.) then I woke up.
I would be very grateful if you can help me understand what this dream means. Thank you in advance.

Angelica, the fact that your loved one did this in your dream most likely speaks of your subconscious jealousy.

I have known a man from Syria for half a year. We have never seen each other in real life.We communicate on Skype, write letters to each other by email. He invited me to visit Syria, I cannot go there yet. He really wants to meet me in real life. I invited him to stay in Ukraine. From Thursday to Friday I have a dream that he came to visit me, I liked him with my mother, daughter. Mom liked him, he talked to his daughter like a little one (in fact, she is now 25 years old), carried her in his arms, I felt sorry for him, he looked tired, tortured. I had a scarf on my head (in my life I never wear it), he constantly corrected it for me.Then we went to the village to my mother’s sister, I introduced them to him.The dream in general was pleasant for me, in the end the young man was cheerful, joyful, and I wanted to feel sorry for him. I would be very grateful if you can help me understand what this dream means. Thank you in advance.

Oksana, your dream, in which your beloved was present, most likely promises you happiness with him.

Strange room. Half light. Me and he are sitting next to each other, slightly in an embrace (he is in a half-turn to me). I kiss him gently, firmly, fervently, passionately on his left bare shoulder. He looks at me in surprise for 2 seconds and answers me with a kiss on the lips &# 8212; hot and unusual. While he kisses me, I deviate slightly, as if embarrassed. I noticed the presence of other people in the room.

Lyuda, what you dreamed about your beloved most likely speaks of your close psychological connection.

Hello! i dreamed that my beloved person called me and said that he was tired of not saying that he had another one that he loved for a long time. and I had to pull every word out of him. I cried a lot, I was just hysterical in a dream.
But in reality, we parted half a year ago by my decision. now we talk occasionally. I love him, but according to him we cannot be together now. thank you in advance!

Nastya, the fact that you dreamed about your beloved may indicate that you are still worried about this breakup.

I met a loved one, and he flies away&# 8230;.(in life he is already indifferent to me)
And I felt that love overwhelmed

Daria, the fact that you dreamed of a loved one most likely indicates that this affection is still key for you.

I dreamed that the girl was cheating on me with a friend (whom she does not know, did not even see) what does this mean?

Tim, the fact that you dreamed of cheating on your beloved probably means that you subconsciously do not trust her.

I dreamed my boyfriend I love.But we parted with him and he left.i dreamed that we corresponded with him and he wrote to me, wait for me at one in the morning.he came, confessed his love to me and said that he wanted me to be the mother of his children&# 8230; and we still couldn’t kiss&# 8230; someone bothers us all the time..

Lizko :-), the fact that you dreamed of a loved one most likely indicates that you are waiting for his initiative in getting closer to you.

Hello, I had a dream that really hurt me.I dreamed that a person who I really like and about whom I dream strongly avoids me and asks to be left alone, although he does not even know about my sympathy for him, but apparently in a dream someone told him that he I like&# 8230;..what does this mean?maybe that I really need to forget him?
but 2 weeks before that, I bought a new sofa and on the first night I said to myself&# 187; in a new place, dream about the groom to the bride&# 187; and me &# 8230; he dreamed, but he also turned away from me and did not even notice me&# 8230;.how can i understand all this?Tell me please&# 8230; really looking forward to your reply.!

Annessa, the fact that in your dream your loved one avoided in you most likely indicates that you are afraid that he will not understand your feelings.

I dream of a man I love, but I know her about his attitude towards me. Dream that he invites you on a date, persuades him to meet. Although I haven’t seen each other in my life for three months.

Maria, the fact that you are dreaming about your beloved most likely means that you are waiting for active actions from this guy.

I dreamed that (a young man who went to my friend and is with her at the moment, but I still love him) hugs tightly and holds his hand&# 8230;&# 8230; what does it mean?

I dreamed that I came to work for my beloved to figure out why he disappeared. But he was not at his workplace. Leaving the building met him, we greeted. Then he took me and his hand, we stood talking. I was angry with him but spoke to him calmly as usual. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what happened next. Why is this dream please tell me. Thank you in advance&# 8230;

Anyuta, what you described most likely suggests that you will suspect him.

Hello! I dreamed that I want to have sex with my ex-boyfriend (in a dream he is not an ex), but he can’t do anything, no matter how hard I try. In general, I do not know what it would be for, but I would not want it to be something prophetic) I’m going to give birth to more children from him. Please explain.

And another such moment, I very often dream of his parents, this is usually why?
Thank you in advance.

Alexandra, the fact that you dreamed that your loved one had similar problems probably indicates your lack of confidence in the future of this union.

i dreamed that my beloved was dancing with me in a dream, and we felt so good&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230; what is it for?And the other day I dreamed that he says that he loves me, and kisses&# 8230;..what is it for?

Lena, the fact that you danced with your beloved probably promises you a period of flirting.

Hello! In real life, my boyfriend and I have a tense relationship. He went to live with his parents. His things stayed at my house, but he said he would pick them up later. From Saturday to Sunday, I had a dream that he came to my house supposedly for his things and, bowing his head like a naughty kitten, said that he would not take things, he wants to stay with me.
I would be very grateful if you can help me understand what this dream means. Thank you in advance.

elena, what you described probably suggests that you believe him to be guilty.

Hello, for a month, I dream every day that my loved one and I are together again, after all that has passed. Now we walk together in an embrace, then our betrothal, the moments as we live together after parting. In reality we lived together, this summer, shortly before marriage we parted. Why such dreams?? Thank you in advance

Lisa, what you saw in a dream of a loved one probably expresses your strong emotional need for this person.

Hello!In real life, there was a very fiery and unforgettable romance, but it just started just as quickly and ended&# 8230; He kind of made up with his wife&# 8230; But today I slept in a new apartment, in a new place and dreamed that he called and arrived, went to sleep on different beds, but after a while I could not resist, and he came to me&# 8230; again a stormy night, he hugged all night, in the morning he had to go to work, but no one could lift us, we just lay in the upholstery and could not part&# 8230;.What-it can be?
Thank you very much in advance.

Nastya, the fact that you saw this person in a dream probably means that you cannot refuse from the plans already drawn up. But perhaps some communication will remain between you.

I dreamed of a person I love, but his image slowly flowed into the image of a brother (dear, younger), that is, in fact, I communicated with one person who was then. people., then brother

This means that your loved one is a very dear and close person for you. He is spiritually kindred to you.

I have been dating a man for a month.
I dreamed today that after making love he gives me two kittens &# 8212; one more, one less, fluffy &# 8212; and tells me to play with them while he is busy. It all happens in the car. After he gave them to me, he gets out of the car naked, I look at him and smile, I think &# 171; well weirdo&# 187;. And he so calmly approaches some group of teenagers, greets them, they talk about something, after which these teenagers come up to me and start stroking these kittens with me.:) for me the dream was pleasant)

Kittens are problems, there will be a bigger and smaller problem, which your chosen one will pass on to you. He will show himself in an unsightly light, flaunt his worst qualities, but you will only shrug your shoulders, because his nakedness will not be reflected in your feelings (sincere, of course). And you can easily cope with problems by playing, maybe people connected with your lover will help you in solving them.

my beloved and I parted in July, for the second night in a row I dream that he is either marrying a dredge, then going to the cinema with another, and I am constantly next to them and look at this, and it is also unpleasant, but no longer fatal. What is it for?

Catherine, the fact that you are dreaming about this man’s wedding probably means that you are still worried about the return of this young man.

Hello.I have such a situation.the person I really like gradually began to disappear from my life.I experienced pain inside, and suddenly I had a dream that he invited me to a party and there he told me that he didn’t love me.then we went to dinner and I don’t remember anything else.what does it mean??

Oksana, the fact that you dreamed of this most likely suggests that you subconsciously expect your loved one to return to your life.

Hello! I had a dream today in which I exchange glances with a man who is very sympathetic to me, so furtively, I felt flirting on his part, but I myself tried not to show my sympathy, but he looked at me and I felt his gaze even without looking at him, but then he left with a friend and I looked at him and our eyes met … in life I am with my husband and he is married, but there is flirtation between us in life … what does this dream say?

Katya, the fact that you dreamed of your beloved person in such a dream most likely indicates that your relationship will be colored with new colors.

I dream from Thursday to Friday, as if I went out for a walk in the evening in home warm clothes, twilight, the lanterns don’t burn at all, although it’s not scary, it’s even cozy, it’s kind of warm. A premonition of something good&# 8230; I go to visit my friend, and in a warm company, on a soft sofa, we watch TV. Suddenly my beloved’s mother enters the room with a plate of grapes and begins to treat. (where did it come from, my beloved was never actually with my girlfriend). I ask you to tell Andrey (that’s his name) that he can come, because it’s not too late (7, 8 pm). The mother leaves and somewhere in 10 minutes he comes, smiling, sits on the sofa. For some reason, we are all very cheerful and comfortable. Suddenly he turns to me, and I look at each other with a smile, he touches my cheek and we kiss. Moreover, people around (a friend, a friend’s mother, our mutual friend) do not pay attention to us and watch TV, as if nothing is happening, and there are very interesting things on the screen&# 8230; During the kiss, I clearly, to the smallest detail, felt the lips, the taste of the kiss and extraordinary joy and at the same time calmness.. Please solve the dream.

Anusya, such a dream most likely suggests that you are not sure how the family of your beloved will accept you.

From Monday to Tuesday, I had a dream that I was talking with my beloved on the phone and walking along unfamiliar streets, our mutual friend is walking next to us, who always knows about our problems (he is my relative). in a conversation, my beloved says that he wants to leave me, that he has become not interested in me, and stuff like that. we talk calmly and he finally decided to break up, and I understand that this cannot be avoided. (in reality we are really in a quarrel, because of his indifference, but for the second week now, he is not even looking for an opportunity to explain something. please tell me why this dream, will something change, thanks&# 8230;.)

Irina, the fact that your beloved left you in your dream is most likely. indicates that you are not sure of yourself, that you can keep the relationship.

I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend confesses his love to me and asks for my hand from my father, he doesn’t approve of it, it seems like he is against us being together, his father refuses him, and he leaves, I clearly see it. And at this time I just stand in silence.

Tanya, the fact that in your dream he asked for your hand, most likely, indicates that you have a chance to restore the relationship.

My boyfriend and I parted a little over 2 years ago and I still dream about him. At the beginning of our parting, he dreamed of me in a dream, he constantly blamed me for our quarrels and partings. Then vinyl. that he quarrels with his girlfriend because of me, because he loves me, I didn’t see him so often, but as soon as I see him, all over again he starts dreaming again. Now I dream that we are together and he constantly kisses me or tries to do it, tells me in a dream that I have a withdrawal and that I want to be with him. He dreams constantly, as soon as I see him before seeing him, he dreams the next day I meet him on the way what does it mean

Catherine, the fact that in your dream you often see this young man in a dream, most likely, indicates that you are very attached to him.

Hello, I dreamed that I was lying with a loved one. He uncertainly began kissing me, but only touched with tongues.
Then put his palms on my chest. Said he was terribly worried all this time. Hearts were beating hard. It all happened as if after parting we were together again. In reality we parted. What does it mean ??

Lisa, such a dream, in which your beloved was, most likely promises you a second wind in this relationship.

good day! Please tell me, I broke up with my ex-boyfriend 2 years ago, and it is not clear that we parted &# 8212; he left to work and then we just started talking less often. dated for 5 years. I know for sure that he loved me VERY. I got married this fall. My husband is wonderful&# 8230;.My ex-boyfriend also lives with a woman and her child, does not want to communicate with me, and when we rarely see each other, he blushes and tries to quickly pass by. And here for more than a week I have been dreaming almost every night of my ex-boyfriend, that we are fighting with him and everything is fine with us, in a dream I dream that he is me and I love him. What could it mean? Answer please.

Victoria, the fact that you are dreaming about this person probably means that you want reconciliation with him.

Hello! Please explain my dream. I call my friend on a mobile phone, and his wife answers me, her voice is very shrill and loud, I was a little confused and said who I needed and I hear his voice from the room, he tells her that this is probably by keys, tell her that I will deliver to her. Then we go to the cinema, while I’m happy and I think he finally invited me to the cinema. Then we pass along the row and he does not have time to sit next to me, t.To. seats are taken by others and sits down through several seats. I see that he is glancing sideways at someone, it was his wife, she was sitting on the other side of me and at the same time looked at me.

Svetlana, the fact that in your dream he behaved this way probably means that you feel that you do not have enough of his attention.

my beloved rang at the door.prm as in reality I even woke up

katerina, the fact that your beloved came to you in your dream probably promises you a new stage in the relationship.

Good day. please explain to me the dream that I had recently. In a dream, my loved one was in my house..parents greeted him generously, laid the table and had a nice conversation. And I helped mom in the kitchen. what can this mean.

Syoma, such a dream probably suggests that your loved one will be adequately accepted by your family.

help with interpretation, please. several times already I dream that I want to kiss my beloved, and he turns away&# 8230;

Diana, the fact that in your dream you cannot kiss your beloved probably means that you have not yet come to an understanding with this person.

Hello, I dreamed that I, pregnant, walk through the clothing market with a loved one. And at one counter where we stopped, the saleswoman said that I have a lot of fans, to which he answered her, she is only mine and I will not give her to anyone. I’m really pregnant from this person, but we are not together now. What does it mean ??

Lisa, the fact that your loved one said this in your dream probably means that you will soon be convinced of the sincerity of his feelings.

Good day.
My young man and I did not understand why we parted, or not&# 8230;.The day before, we talked to him&# 8230; He told me &# 171; Do not torture yourself; ah, from Monday to Tuesday I dreamed that he was indifferent to me&# 8230; I go into the house and look in the silk bath, he kisses another girl&# 8230; What does it mean.

Elena, the fact that your loved one behaved this way probably means that you do not trust him now.

I have been in a quarrel with my beloved for three weeks. I do not worry much, because I think that we will make up. Usually we have this often. For the first time in the entire quarrel, I dreamed about him that night. As if calling me and we talk for a long time. I don’t remember what exactly. But he is very dissatisfied with something. Could this mean that he misses or thinks about me? Or maybe he will take the first step? )) Thank you in advance!

Mika, the fact that there was a long conversation in your dream probably says that reconciliation will be gradual.

Hello! I dreamed that my boyfriend puts a ring on my finger, but it does not at all look like a wedding ring, very bulky, with a bunch of stones, turquoise prevailed, in general, it is clear that the ring is expensive, but not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In general, he put it on me, and I took it off my finger. What may mean something, please explain.

Alice, the fact that there was such a ring in your dream probably means that you are confused by the pathos in the behavior of this person.

tell &# 8212; ex-boyfriend dreams 2nd week every day. In recent days, I dream that we are making up and he invites me to secretly escape from everyone, promises that everything will be fine. WE HAVE NOT COMMUNICATED WITH HIM FOR OVER A YEAR. Please explain.

Victoria, the fact that your beloved is often found in your dream most likely indicates that you are experiencing hard separation, you need to talk.

I have a relationship with a married guy. In a dream, I allegedly saw his mother, who gives me a set of pots. I tell her &# 8212; Present them to your daughter-in-law, and she answers &# 8212; I gave it to her, but she did not justify it. Please tell me what this can mean?

Love, the fact that your dream was such a gift, most likely indicates that you are waiting for a marriage with this guy.

And before going to bed, I asked God to give me an answer in a dream, how the relationship with the guy with whom I am in love will develop, but at the moment we are not meeting on his initiative (he found out that I have a husband with whom I am going to divorce). Fell asleep immediately after asking your question! And I remember that I dream as if my beloved sits on a motorcycle (in real life he drives a car) on the other side of the road and looks at me. And at this time I am leaving somewhere with another man (I don’t remember my face). I look at my beloved, he has jealousy and resentment in his eyes, and I understand that I do not want to leave, but must. Then I see myself as if from the side, that I jump into some kind of pipe (like a well) and fly down. The next moment I already see that I am sitting next to my beloved on his motorcycle behind him. He turns at me, doesn’t say anything, and then I wake up! Help me explain, I love him so much, I’m worn out all over! I really want us to be together again. thanks.

Olesya, the fact that in your dream you and your beloved were sitting on a motorcycle probably means that together you can embark on a dangerous adventure.

Yes, everything came true. We had a secret romantic date (on his initiative), which smoothly turned into a passionate night. I had to contrive not to be caught on &# 171; crime scene&# 187;. In general, the relationship was restored. Thank you for the interpretation.

Hello, please tell me if you dream of a former beloved person who came to me, and my mother does not know him in real life, but in a dream she knows.And left him to spend the night herself.And the next day we go for a walk with him to some kind of site, then we sat there and many of my friends came and we left when we walked, I called my friend, then somehow we met her and my boyfriend ran up to her and kissed her, and when we met he didn’t do it to me.And she says to him, I remember you that you came to see me on dates, he says yes, only they said that my name is Sasha, and Dima and everything seems to be..Please tell me what it is for?((((((((

we parted not long ago, but I often think about him and want to return everything&# 8230;

Veronica, the fact that your loved one behaved this way in your dream probably indicates that you are jealous of him, despite the fact that the relationship is no longer there.

I beg you, tell me, I dreamed that at first we went on vacation with my parents and my boyfriend. We celebrated various local holidays&# 8230; and again the scene changes, I dream that we live in a huge mansion again with our parents&# 8230;.but then he says that he wants to leave that he feels bad with me&# 8230; and that he found another&# 8230;.and for the rest of the dream, I dream that I’m trying to return the attention of the ego, but it doesn’t matter if I cry all night, the pillow is wet ((((I beg you to tell me what it means

Nastya, the fact that your loved one behaved this way in your dream probably means that you value his attention too much, look for flaws in yourself.

Hello. I dreamed not of my beloved, but his ex-girlfriend, who at the moment may be with him again (not sure). So, as if we are in the courtyard of my father’s house, she stands with her toli mother or grandmother with bags of groceries and waits for our former MCh, and I collect the washed laundry from the ropes, and carefully put everything in a pile, while there are children’s things, I try so that she could see them&# 8230;. then I ask the little sister on the balcony to come out and help me bring it all in, and that girl says to me: &# 171; And I would have brought everything myself, in small stacks several times&# 187;, to which I just took the whole bunch of things and brought it in myself.
I searched a lot in the net, I can’t find what it would be like to dream about, like folding clean linen and a stack of linen, this is for income, but what does that girl have to do with it. Help please, you are good at eo. Thank you in advance

Alxandra, the fact that there was such a conversation in your dream probably means that you are somehow competing with this girl, it is important for you to show superiority.

More than half a year has passed since we parted!He very often began to dream of me – that he comes, says that he loves, that he is returning, namely today I dreamed that the Beloved came and said:&# 187; Yesterday morning I Japanese that I can’t live without you!&# 187;
What does this mean?
NS.WITH.And about 4 months ago, I had a dream that I was closing the door and when a small gap remains before it is completely closed, I see it inside!

Yana, the fact that there is often a loved one in your dream, with whom you are apart, most likely means that you are still waiting for his return, but you yourself will not take the first step.

Hello, please help me once and for all to understand the similar dreams that I had today.

we parted with our beloved on my initiative, 10 months have passed. I loved and suffered very much, I dreamed of him very often, but that we were together again never dreamed. And I even forbade everyone to think about it.
after 10 months, I suddenly dreamed that we were together, that I was sitting on his lap and he and he hugs me. and so good!

the next day he showed up, became interested in my life, but what he understood or realized there I don’t know, maybe nothing at all. I could never get specific answers from him.
I toli from happiness, toli from stupidity did all sorts of stupid things and generally offended him. We have not communicated for 2 weeks now, and it seems to me that this is a total end. I forbid myself to think again, and

today I dreamed that everything is fine with us, that we are sitting by a large fountain, that we are walking, he tells me, stop doing nonsense, let’s meet normally. And again he says to me that I am so strange that it is not known from which side to approach me (although in life everything is the other way around – he is strange). I was so happy, hugged him, sat down on his knees again, kissed him on the cheek. and he was delighted. And it was such a relief that we FINALLY solved everything in 3 years. such an understanding.

And when I woke up, I didn’t really want to live. Here I have a question – these dreams are projections of my sick subconscious and my desire to be together?
and when he dreams just like that, often, is a participant in the events in my dreams, this again means that I think, subconsciously strive to be with him?
Thank you very much.

Lily, the fact that his image often appears in your dreams probably means that you think a lot about him. And such dreams may indicate that you still see an opportunity to restore this relationship.

Lily, I wrote about my dream in front of you!Now I went to read the interpretation and came across a statement of your dream!You would not like to chat?

Hello, please tell me, I had a strange dream today.The truth is probably fortunately that it was not from Thursday to Friday, but already on Friday, as I fell asleep after 12&# 8230;.In general, I dreamed that I was talking on the phone with my loved one, and I heard that he had a girl talking there and she said that I needed from him and was very indignant&# 8230;&# 8230; I woke up and I’m very worried about what it would be, we really love each other, we want to get married, though because of his work we rarely see each other and we rarely get to talk on the phone, I worry and sometimes say to him that I feel bad without him, not enough he devotes time, he is very business-like and so it turns out he is engaged in journalism and teaches, of course I am worried and jealous a little&# 8230;.but I think that he has no one but me.But this dream shocked me&# 8230;.now I’m not myself.Please tell us what it means. Thank you very much in advance.

Victoria, such dreams are probably a reflection of a lack of communication with a loved one.

Hello! I have a dream that my former beloved person asks why he cannot get through to me, and asks that I buy a card so that he can contact me. And I constantly dream that I’m talking to him. I ask where he disappears, he answers me. Says when he comes. (in real life, I haven’t seen him for over a month)

Dasha, the fact that you heard this from your beloved in a dream probably indicates that you lack communication with this person.

Hello! I already dreamed a couple of times that my former beloved man would marry his current girlfriend. The wedding procedure itself is not visible, but I somehow realize it and cry very loudly about it. In my last dream, I was invited to their wedding, but I did not go and burst into tears at home until my ex’s father came and began to calm me down. Please tell me what this means.

Natalya, the fact that in this dream a loved one behaved like this probably indicates that you are unpleasant for the attention of others to this young man.

And I dream of a young man, only when we spend the night with him, we fall asleep together and I dream that we have a serious relationship, feelings, in other cases, t.e., when we don’t spend the night together, I don’t dream of him
in reality, I don’t think about him and I don’t feel anything but sympathy for him, and we rarely see each other

Soni, what you see in your beloved’s dream when you spend the night with him probably indicates that you are experiencing vivid experiences from his company.

Hello! Today I had a dream that it seemed like we decided to live separately with my beloved for a while, but when we parted, she stopped communicating with me, I tried to call her, but for some reason her cell phone was taken by her work employee and at my requests pass her the phone, he replied that it was too late to talk. Her mother was also present in the dream, who told me not to call and look for a meeting with her until I could prove to her that I was able to achieve something in life and recommended to do it faster.To. feelings can cool quickly. In life, we now also talk about the departure, I don’t want to do this and am afraid of losing her, but my parents still don’t know anything. Help me understand this warning or just my worries.

yur, the fact that in this dream your beloved stopped communicating with you probably indicates that you are afraid of cooling feelings between you.

Hello, today I had a dream that I was visiting my MCH. at first we sat in the kitchen, there was an empty table, clean plates, and in them bones.
then the semblance of pies. His mom served the food, but she ignored me.Then we went to his room and he lay down on the sofa next to his mother sat down, and I was on an armchair . He spoke to me very rudely, but without immotions, then he asked me to leave. by the way, I have never been at his house and I do not personally know my mother. The atmosphere was very dark.

Tasya, the fact that your loved one behaved this way in this dream probably indicates that you are afraid to make a bad impression on his family.

Fate has already confronted me 3 times with my ex-boyfriend&# 8230;
But he has a girlfriend now&# 8230; One day he invited me to visit, they sat drinking tea talking&# 8230; He all shamelessly hugged me, kissed me on the cheek&# 8230; And because of this, long-forgotten feelings flared up in me&# 8230; It was already late and I stayed with him&# 8230; And I dreamed that we were having sex with him, it was like on a willow&# 8230; I immediately remembered the first time I spent the night with him, then we had nothing, but I dreamed about it and again, as if on a willow&# 8230;
Tell me what this is all about.
I would be grateful!!

Elena, the fact that you saw your beloved in such a context in a dream probably means that you will soon become good friends.

I dreamed of a former lover with whom they broke up.In a dream, I say goodbye to my beloved, I leave, I walk for a while alone along the road. He catches up with me suddenly, and walks alongside. I’m distrustful of him at first. And then we smile at each other and hold hands as we continue our journey. I lay my head on his shoulder and tears of happiness flow. We’re walking the road up. What a dream can mean?

Catherine, the fact that you saw your beloved in a dream like this is probably. suggests that you can soon wait for him to return to your life.

i dreamed of a former young man throwing sand in my face.with aggression?what is it for!?I’m very interested even though I’m married!

So, I really like my classmate, we are not together, I constantly think about him, he recently began to show signs of attention, maybe he likes me. So, he very, very often dreams of me, as a sympathetic person with whom I communicate very well. But, recently, from Saturday to Sunday, I dreamed that we first talked about something, and then hugged each other tightly and merged into a kiss! It was in the park, it was crowded and we decided to go into the apartment, retire, we hugged, but to my surprise, he was a cut shorter than me, although in reality this is not so, he is taller than me! When we entered the courtyard, we did not know what our apartment was and decided to find it by guessing! There were many strollers near one entrance, when we entered there was no free apartment! It ended with us staying on the street together! What can such a dream promise?

Yulia, the fact that you kissed him in a dream most likely indicates that this person can become your boyfriend.

If you dream of a guy you love, but he does not pay attention to you and in this dream you kiss with him?

Hello ! I dreamed my beloved! which in reality I think is indifferent to me.A dream as if I were living with my friends at a friend’s apartment! The apartment is large, looks like a large building with an assembly hall .I can say like an old hospital 1 My pet was there too with his friends! In a dream, I felt that he was not indifferent to me, and even when my girlfriend (who in reality was jealous of him) lifted her dress, where she could be seen from the back . He said (LOWER THE DRESS AND THEN VIKA WILL SAY WHAT) although I somehow wasn’t going to say anything, I didn’t get jealous! and he also snatched the phone from my hands, which was a stranger, there were messages and he submitted that it was mine ! then we left with the girls and I was afraid that I would return right now and he would not be &# 8230;..and woke up so I didn’t get back

Hello, I would very much like to know&# 8230;
Today I dreamed that my beloved and I were living together, together (although in reality this is not the case, we are not going to do it yet).
I saw how we stood in the kitchen and kissed. Moreover, the room had large windows and are located on three sides&# 8230;
I also remember that we talked about the need to find another job to ensure our &# 171; families&# 187; but we were happy.

The fact that in your dream your loved one behaved like this and you lived together probably means that you should be prepared for the fact that you can start a new successful stage in a relationship with this person.

Hello! The man I have feelings for went to another country. I had a dream that he arrived, I was with a friend and he was sitting in a cafe, I say something and it annoys him, I didn’t like it, I expressed it to him and left with my friend, then my friend gives me the apples that she took from the table. Then I decided to return to him, he was not there. I was scared that I was losing him, then I called him on the street, unexpectedly it was covered with snow, although I was hot and was in light clothes, then he picked up the phone, I tell him something, he says that he does not believe my love. Why is it interesting in a dream? I write him SMS but he does not answer them.

This behavior of your loved one probably suggests that you yourself will give him a reason to be jealous.

good day.
2 months have passed since we parted with my husband. During this time, I had many different dreams, but 2 of them still keep me on my toes. Perhaps you can tell me what it is: an overloaded subconscious mind or the attempts of the Universe to reach out to me?
First dream. I’m going to go to the beach in an unfamiliar city. I know that with a loved one in a quarrel. I can already see the water’s edge, people sunbathing. Suddenly I turn around and leave. At the same time, I dial his number on my mobile, and tell him that our quarrel has already got me and that I am waiting for him in half an hour on the distant beach. Then evening, sunset, we lie on the grass near some river. Kiss, hug, everything goes to sex. Suddenly I stop him and ask: What’s wrong with you, you are some kind of strange. It seems like not with me. He answers me that he loves another, with whom he cannot be, t.To. she died, but he also loves me in his own way, so he will be with me. And alienation due to the fact that, they say, memories rolled over. I pull on my dress, and just put my head on his shoulder, he strokes my hair, calls me tender words. I have a feeling of bitter hopelessness and a foregone conclusion. In real life, he really once told me that his first love was a girl who later died, but they say &# 171; it was a long time ago and no longer matters&# 187;.
Second dream. We’re driving in our car. The time is real (well, that’s how, for example, tomorrow. I’m wearing clothes that I bought after the breakup. The car has a broken headlight just like it is now). We made it up (I clearly know that after this breakup, I kind of look at my near future), laugh, kiss, hug. I ask him to stop, run up to a passerby, read him a long tirade that I want to share HAPPINESS with him, kiss him on the lips and run back to the car. The passer-by starts to smile and tells my husband &# 8212; take care of her, she is so alone. And the husband answered him &# 8212; I almost lost her once, the second time I will not allow it. Such situations are repeated several times in a dream. Then we sit in the car at night, kiss, and suddenly my husband says to me: I want you madly. We start undressing each other right in the car. And then I wake up from the alarm clock. Remarkably, all the emotions of this dream were transferred to reality &# 8212; joy, happiness, laughter, passion..

Sorry, somehow it turned out long&# 8230;

Such a dream most likely indicates that a loved one can lose your trust by committing a stupid rash act.

Hello. I dreamed that we woke up with our beloved in my room in bed, although we do not live together. He went to shower. My mom came into the room and asked who was taking a shower in the bathroom. I called his name. Mom was happy and gave him a larger T-shirt. He put it on right after a shower. When I asked her why she did it. she said that &# 171; this is my future son-in-law&# 187;. Everyone was happy and calm. Although in reality, my mother cannot stand him and does everything to make us part. Now my beloved and I have been quarreling for several days.

The fact that you woke up in a dream with your beloved in the same bed probably means that you can start an affair that will receive approval in your family.

my beloved and I had a fight about 2 months ago..and this is not our first parting (he still likes me very much, it can be seen, but he is afraid of something and therefore we kind of parted..I love him very much.. and I have dreams about him every day..and in my dreams we are always together.we are good together..what does it mean?and will we get along with him again?please help me and tell me.

my beloved and I had a fight about 2 months ago..and this is not our first parting (he still likes me very much, it can be seen, but he is afraid of something and therefore we kind of parted..I love him very much.. and I have dreams about him every day..and in my dreams we are always together.we are good together..we walk holding hands.he is always good to me..we are talking.have fun with your friends.but sometimes I also dream like this: everything is just like in life..we don’t talk..and my girlfriend helps me make peace with him.she walks up to him and speaks to him..he understands everything.agrees but does not return.. what does it mean?and will we get along with him again?please help me and tell me.

Your dream, in which your loved one behaved like this, probably suggests that you can make peace with him, but are not yet ready to take the first step.

My beloved left me 3 months ago. I would like him to come back. I dreamed that I was kissing him, and he seemed to be answering, but I felt that he was somehow reluctant to approach me. This means that I am not interesting to him?

Hello!!I dreamed that my boyfriend should be burned at the stake!And when we said goodbye, he said: You are the only one for whom I have such feelings!I cried the whole dream. What does it mean.

Sleep from Saturday to Sunday
Today I dreamed of a person whom I love very much, but he not only does not reciprocate, but does not even want to communicate with me&# 8230; I dreamed about him twice in one night. Rather, in two different images.

At first, it was like I was standing near a school store. And he comes out like this from there, takes my hand and says &# 171; You have such a beautiful hairstyle&# 187;. And I stand and understand that I cannot let go of his hand. He already eats how to pick it up, and I look at him with a loving look. And I never want to let her go.

Then I dreamed that he came to work for us as an English teacher. And this one asks me &# 171; I hope you don’t love me anymore??&# 187;. And I do not answer so clearly, confused. &# 171; That, yes of course&# 187; And at the same time, I’m very afraid that the class did not hear his question. Then he took me to some quiet place. Nature, river, bridge overgrown with moss. And he begins to tell me something philosophically clever and literary beautiful. I still didn’t understand what, but there was something about the fact that he was my teacher, and I was his student&# 8230;

P / s. I dreamed about it only the second time, but since the first time after I start trying to score it.

Most likely, such dreams are a reflection of the fact that you suffer from a lack of attention from your loved one.

I dreamed the following: my beloved walked me home, before reaching the house, we stopped, he kissed me and asked:&# 187; when will we have children?&# 187;

I dreamed that a guy with whom I really like, and who now has a girlfriend, but he says that he loves me..
here’s a dream: what kind of room, we are sitting, he is some kind of guy, me and his girlfriend, she sits on his lap, and he says no, let’s change, like I have to sit on his lap, then the situation happens, that I want to take him away..but that doesn’t work, and I leave, but I understand I need to return, and I come back and see him with her at the bus stop, I come up and say: come with me, he smiles, and I see that he is glad that I am his took away.I can feel it&# 8230; and she agreed with this&# 8230; we left, he said that he was waiting for me to come for him&# 8230;..
And I wake up..

The fact that your loved one behaved this way in your dream most likely means that you can get into a situation where he begins to manipulate you.

before .I had another dream with him that we were walking with him in winter, everything is cool, he hugs me.kissing&# 8230;
Then we come to some house, where we want to kiss, but I see 4 girls looking at us and discussing, and somehow the light turns off, and I start to feel comfortable. then it turns on, and I feel uncomfortable &# 8230;.then suddenly.I see my house is a veranda, and a tabby cat, and I understand that this is the guy, he just turned into a cat&# 8230;

The fact that girls were looking at you in this dream probably means that your beloved does not hide your relationship from his ex.

Dream of a loved one, as if he is on the other, she is younger than me (so eleven years old)&# 8230; I feel that he loves ME, but with her because..or pity her.Although he looks at her as if with a grin&# 8230;.In life, we parted with him like a year, we have a relationship like friendship, but I still see that he loves&# 8230;..And then I dreamed that I was showing my girlfriend rotten teeth&# 8230; And all in one night.Thank you in advance

My boyfriend recently enlisted in the army.But we parted.And I still love him&# 8230;.Yes, and I know he misses too&# 8230; And now I dream that I have already forgotten him, that I do not need him&# 8230;.and so I’m all so happy walking around the university, I go into the classroom and there he sits&# 8230; looked so serious and disappeared&# 8230;.just disappeared abruptly&# 8230; the audience was huge and I was looking for him throughout the accustomed to everyone&# 8230; but did not find&# 8230;.and now I woke up in disappointment

The fact that in your dream there was a loved one in such an image, most likely, it means that you will meet a person who will remind you of him.

Hello Alina.It’s Elena again.I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend again.the fact is that I recently wrote to him, but he does not answer.and I already thought that everything, the end.Well, I dream that we are walking down the street with him, we are talking, I am happy, we put up with him&# 8230; and I realized that in my dream we are already adults, because it is clear that a lot of time has passed&# 8230; and we met by chance&# 8230;.but we were very glad to see each other&# 8230;.and we confessed to each other in a dream that there are still feelings&# 8230; and very strong&# 8230; just getting in the way&# 8230; like this&# 8230;.and even when we walked the weather was so sunny&# 8230;.and we walked in a place where we would never have crossed&# 8230;

Most likely, this dream of yours is the fruit of your fantasies about changing relationships with this guy.

I really like one guy and another girl with whom we used to be friends. And I dream that we are talking so calmly about my rival, about her blue eyes and how much she lets them down. And in life we ​​are not familiar with him&# 8230; tell me why such a dream?

Hello.The dream is like that. As if my friends and I went somewhere to rest, there was a very beautiful landscape, a bluish river, everything is green, next to the houses for rest. First, someone gives me flowers, then someone kisses, and then I talk to someone, and I ask none of our friends to say that we seem to want to be together.,and then someone grabs me by the arms and legs and throws me into this river, I swim out, and there my former beloved man holds a firecracker and throws it at me, I float away, and she explodes next to me, then they pull me out and my friend says, here you ran after him, scored, but he also started to run, and you don’t react to him, so he puts a spoke in the wheels.

Such a dream, most likely, warns that a new romantic acquaintance awaits you.

I dreamed of my former boyfriend, we started dating again in a dream) And I still love him very much!

such a dream.. I’m sitting next to a girl who I like, just sitting and talking sweetly, it’s time for her to go and I take her hand and stroke her and look at her, she looks at me and suddenly we kiss her&# 8230; Tell me what it is

Hello!Please help me decipher the dream.
I dreamed that I did not go for a walk with my boyfriend, holding hands (I actually know him, and in a dream he was very handsome) and then we went to the classroom to study, sat down at the desks together. then i see my boyfriend.I go down to him, and he is so calm, he hugs another girl and looks me straight in the eyes and I read in his eyes: &# 171; why?&# 187; (my boyfriend came to the audience because some girl called him to look at me that I was walking with another).we didn’t fight.everything was calm. in general we parted.I never saw them again, I only knew that none of us was dating anyone.
time has passed (I feel &# 8212; about a year.), I’m learning, and someone says to me &# 8212; go down to the first floor, there is your ex-boyfriend. I’m going down &# 8212; I am glad to him, I close my eyes from the back &# 8212; he grumbles and says he is going to the army next week.I look at him and think:&# 187; you are dear to me, but nothing can be changed and it would be worth?&# 187;.
Thank you very much in advance.

Most likely, such a dream involving a stranger suggests that a new love will soon come into your life.

I saw as if my boyfriend got sick (he hasn’t written for a month already) He has a temperature of 41 degrees I started shouting at his mother (in my life I don’t know her) why she allowed it I put my cold hands on his forehead and he tells me that he it felt so good that I didn’t take them away What can this mean?

the following dream plot is often repeated: in different settings and in different places I meet an ex-boyfriend, with whom I have parted for a year, but I still have feelings for him. he is sometimes alone, sometimes in the company of girls or friends&# 8230; always different, but I walk by and look at him. he sits and looks back at me for a long time. in a dream, I still expect him to return to me, but his eyes betray some kind of thoughtfulness and sadness. and in a dream I feel that he doesn’t care about me, although he doesn’t show it in any way. heavy emotions remain after sleep.

but today I dreamed that we were talking in the audience in front of a couple (although he is studying at another university), he calmly and slightly uncertainly and with a loving look is interested in my affairs, I felt some warmth from him and again indifference..talked, he walked away and struck up a friendly conversation with the company of other girls. I head for the exit and see how he is looking in my direction but not directly at me. and his face became completely different, like that of another person. this face lost the unusual features of my beloved, and became somehow insipid unremarkable.

please help me figure it out. thanks in advance!

Dreams like these, involving an ex-boyfriend, are likely to warn that there is a chance to return the relationship.

you know I used to dream about him&# 8230; with the other&# 8230; for example the station, he leaves somewhere I run to see him say goodbye&# 8230; run and cry&# 8230; I come running and there he is with another..well, typical dreams&# 8230;.I thought that he would stay with her no matter how many times we met together&# 8230; but now they seem to be okay, but I dream about him for 2 days in a row&# 8230;..1 dream first I am with my friends in a cafe&# 8230; eat sit&# 8230;.have lunch&# 8230;.well it.d, then it’s as if I’m calling one of my friends to the park for a walk&# 8230; someone comes up to us from familiar people&# 8230; 1 of them is a guy who looks like a girl&# 8230;..he says something to me and at the same time leads somewhere&# 8230; and then shows the phone&# 8230; which my ex’s number calls..shows me a finger in front&# 8230; and there is our old place&# 8230; he’s in a white suit&# 8230; handsome so&# 8230; then we are in a small car, not comfortable, with someone else, I sit his head on my lap&# 8230;.he confesses his love&# 8230;.apologizes..I kiss him on the forehead&# 8230;.2 sleep&# 8230; some kind of school&# 8230; we are looking for some kind of offices&# 8230; i see it&# 8230; go through push it&# 8230; he runs after me&# 8230;..and again asks for an apology&# 8230;..I personally resigned myself to parting..why dreams.

Probably, such a dream indicates that you really want to take revenge on the guy who offended you.

What does it mean if my beloved person (I now have him) hugs me and I did not even expect, as if it appeared as a surprise and hugged me strongly

I recently dreamed about a guy who is indifferent to me, but I like him for probably a year now and very much.In a dream, he walked along a corridor in which there were a lot of people, his and my acquaintances.And he goes smiling gently somehow and because of this I lose consciousness (very strange) for a few minutes.I come to myself in the same corridor and he sits not far from me and again smiles so sincerely.I have been dreaming about him more often than ever lately.I am indifferent to him.Please tell me what this can mean.

Such a dream, most likely, promises you an unexpected meeting with this person. which will make a strong impression on you.

i dreamed that my beloved was giving me a large bouquet of roses, but then my head started spinning&# 8230; what would it be for?

I had a dream that I was lying with my ex-boyfriend on a cart with apples and we were kissing, very tenderly, I was calm and good.Somewhere nearby there was a wedding, and to our right is a military post.I’ve been dreaming about it for a couple of days in a row.
And in life, we sometimes sleep with him at rare meetings, but there is no communication as such, because.To. he has a girlfriend.
That evening, he called me after learning the name of the film that we watched together, the conversation was short.
Tell me if this means that he misses, or that he also dreams of something like that ?

The fact that you were in such an atmosphere in this dream most likely indicates that you can experience many pleasant moments in a relationship with this person.

thanks!Indeed it was)
He also told me that he also had dreams, and for several days in a row, as if we were on a wedding with him, a romantic trip, a joint bath.
What does it mean?

good day. I have a whole string of dreams with my ex. We broke up 9 years ago. We still communicate, although I have been living with another man for a long time. Yesterday I put a comb under the pillow in order to dream &# 171; narrowed&# 187;. In the end, the dream was like this.

I go to work for a person who really likes. We are talking. And suddenly my common-law husband calls and says that we are going out of town for the weekend. It’s supposedly summer in the yard. I agree. The soul is calm. Suddenly, a message comes to a smartphone from an ex, where he writes to me that his whole company is going to a friend’s birthday in the village, and asks to drop everything and go with him. I remain confused and understand that I love my ex – such a strong feeling that I have never experienced for any man after breaking up with my ex. and there is one thought in my head – how to get out and what to tell my husband to go with the ex. At the same time, my confusion and this message are seen by my work colleagues and everyone understands that I am ready to give up everything. I wake up with this feeling of love and feeling of confusion.

Such a dream of yours most likely suggests that you still love your ex, but are afraid to hurt the feelings of your civil husband.

I received a message on my mobile from a loved one, his number was displayed with the text: (at first it seemed to me that a clock was drawn there), but then I saw the text: hello, today we will give each other sweets. what is it for?

Hello))) I ask for help. A loved one often dreams, but in a dream he does not talk to me, even when I turn to him&# 8230; Silent and everything (((And so always&# 8230; What does it mean?&# 8230;

I very often dream of a guy who I really like&# 8230; I dream about him almost every day&# 8230;
then I dream of being hit by a car and sitting with him in the hospital.
then we kiss&# 8230; but today I had a dream, as if he was introducing me to his new girlfriend..but at the same time his hand is on my waist..I look at him, and he is terribly high&# 8230; probably two heads higher..and his girlfriend is so fat&# 8230; don’t remember her name&# 8230; but I shook her hand&# 8230; and then rode in a minibus with her friend and talked about this guy&# 8230; and suddenly I notice that he is sitting in front with this girl and hears everything&# 8230;.and I felt terribly ashamed&# 8230; I woke up&# 8230; the dream was colorful and clear.
what does it mean?

The fact that this guy is often found in your dreams, most likely, indicates that you devote too much time to thinking and dreaming about this person.

I dreamed as if I was standing in a store and my father and I were choosing a jacket for myself, and the guy I like (he doesn’t know about my feelings for him) but he also likes me) stands and waits for me, saying why don’t you go and leave, I’m running after him then I turn around and run away from him myself and he also turns around and runs after me we laugh then when he caught up with me he wanted to hug me and I woke up (

people, which means if you are looking for a loved one in a dream? I dreamed that it was as if I was running around houses, porches and looking for him, then some woman came across to me and said: he is there&# 8230; I went there and that’s it, the sleep was gone (((
and we recently parted with him ((((

What does it mean if I dream a lot, as if I’m looking for my beloved in a dream and I’m afraid that the dream is about to end and I won’t have time to find him. I have never been able to find him yet.(In life we ​​are not together, but I do not know about his feelings for me).There were dreams that I saw him, I wanted to hug, but he pushed me away.

Hello! help me please. My husband and I broke up (or rather, he took a break in the relationship). I dreamed about him today. I left the bathroom, and he is in the hallway.He hugged me, began to hug me. Said he was wrong and now everything will be fine. I clearly remember how his body felt when he pulled me to him. We kissed so tenderly. Is it possible to hope that everything will return or is it just my subconscious craving for him.

The fact that in this dream the beloved behaved like this, most likely, indicates that you are now ready to resume a relationship with him, but you are in no way ready to make naked.

good day.i dreamed that my beloved told me that he didn’t love me, I cried, and he threw himself from the 10th floor.what does it mean?

good day!I had two dreams at once about my beloved. I will tell you that we do not know each other’s parents yet. The young man’s father died and he lives with his mother (mother is tough, they are constantly in conflict).My parents are divorced, I live with my mother, I don’t communicate much with my father. In general, in the first dream, I saw my beloved talking to my mother and telling her something incessantly, and about everything in a row, but she only answers in monosyllables, and then she tells me that it is surprising that he is so sociable). In fact, my young man is very restrained and judicious, he will not say too much). In the second dream, I am at his house and suddenly his mother comes, he tries to hide me and is very nervous&# 8230; but my mother turns out to be a normal woman, we find a common language with her, I praise her house and the order in it, she says that I am a very nice girl. What does it all mean?

Most likely, your dreams indicate that in fact it may turn out that you get along well with the mother of your beloved.

I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend, still about his reality, he lives with another girl, and it seemed to me that there was an insane passion between them. in a dream, he breaks off relations with her, he does not do this very easily.chooses me.but as if she doesn’t want to just let him go and says something bad about me&# 8230; but he leaves her.regrets and realizes that he loves me.come back to me.

what is this?my fantasy or maybe he still thinks about me?
thank you in advance

The fact that such events were in your dream is probably the fruit of your fantasy, an attempt to pass off wishful thinking.

I dreamed that in my room there was a girl on the couch, her legs were covered with a blanket or sheet, which I love.. I look up at her and see how she stares at me for sec 3&# 8230; then smiles!! What does it mean??

Hello. yesterday had a fight with your beloved.and at night the ex-boyfriend first dreamed, he tried to kiss me all on the cheek and made an appointment (although 2 years have passed since the breakup, and I practically never dreamed of him).and then the current one already dreamed, we swam in an embrace on some river, the water is so clear and suddenly algae appeared.and panic. he dragged me away from there, and then we were already sitting on the shore in the water and he hugs me so tenderly from behind, and it became so good and calm. what could it mean?

Such dreams most likely indicate that you should be prepared for the fact that in the end you will have to make a choice between the relationship of the past and the present.

Hello.So I really love one person, but so far the feelings are unrequited.And I almost constantly dream that I’m fine with him, he invites me to meet, and says that his friends convinced him to be with me.What does it mean?

Hello))) I hope you can help me.
2 months ago I started dreaming about one guy, I dreamed very often. At that time, I did not feel any sympathy for him, so well, cute, nothing special, we did not communicate with him, just hello for now and that’s it.
Once I dreamed that I was saving a friend who is drowning in a lake with clean water, but then I start to drown myself and the last word I shout is his name, after I see that I am already saved and my friend too.
I also remember the dream very well: I’m sitting with him at the university, he hugs me from behind, I don’t like it, I say that a lot of people see it, and he responds &# 171; can’t I hug my girlfriend, then he gives me a nice little figurine and I accept it, he runs down the stairs and I follow him, but I don’t find him.
In one dream, I had a child from him, but then, frightened that the child was not around, I notice that the baby is with him, and I see his love.
In the end, I fell in love with him, and it looks like he also has sympathy, but very tiny, he just thinks I’m good, or maybe not&# 8230; I don’t know what it all means, I just got confused&# 8230; Decode my dreams please.

The fact that this person often occurs in your dreams, most likely, indicates that you will soon become very close to this person.

Hello, we somehow absurdly parted with our young man (
so I had a dream that he and I were sitting on the couch and hugging, music was playing, and then his mother came up making the music louder and said: -That’s where you are, go to bed..
takes it and takes it away from me to another bed, which is not far away..
I sit further on the couch, and I see him lying on that bed, he wants to get up there, come up to me, but his mother is sitting between us, then I leave the room, and after a while he comes out&# 8230;..

at this moment I woke up)

The fact that you saw such a plot in a dream is probably. suggests that you still have a chance to find a way to restore this relationship.

I dream about the same person every single day.this is a grown man&# 8230; I like him.but no more.he is married.I think that nothing can be between us.constantly dreaming that we are walking with him, holding hand as if summer is so beautiful around around 17 pm..bright sunlight.what does it mean?my friend also dreamed that he was holding my hand and we were standing near some grove&# 8230; then I dreamed that we were looking at some kind of solar eclipse..the last time he was so happy.hugged me, smiled, as if we were taking off with joy, he circled me in the air, lifted me general, I dream about him every day&# 8230; I can’t take it anymore..

The fact that this person often participates in your dream is probably. suggests that you may spend too much time thinking about him.

I love him, and he knows about my feelings, but I do not see reciprocity from him, even on the contrary, he turns me on. And then I dreamed that we were talking about everything, sitting at a desk in a stake, and we were talking very nicely! He even has some feelings for me, although in reality he is indifferent to me&# 8230; Why such a dream? thanks!

Sorry for the typos, I’ll reprint it again. I really love one young man, and he knows about my feelings, but does not show reciprocity to me, avoids me&# 8230; And yesterday I suddenly had a dream, as if we were sitting at a desk and talking, and this conversation is very pleasant, we are very good with each other, in his eyes you can even see that he loves me very much, and I love him, although in life I do not see any manifestations of his feelings for me. Please tell me why I have such a dream? thanks!

This is your dream, probably. suggests that your expectations from a relationship with this person are very high, it will be difficult to justify them.

I don’t think about him at all, I have a loved one&# 8230; I love him, why should I think about him?Meaning?

Hello! I recently had such a dream. I came to school, and there, in my opinion, there was some kind of sports event. I came, and there are all ours, our class. I came up and said hello. They began to talk nicely and cheerfully, talked about everything in general that you can talk about. And he stood next to him. Everyone looked at me and laughed. Then I moved away, some kid was brought to me, I rudely kicked him off. She came, and he looked at me, gestured with a gesture, they say come here. We moved away, he told me, you’re home soon?I say, well, yes, I’ll go soon, but what? And he, let me show you, at the same time we will come to my place, I will return the book to you. I-okay let’s go. We walked together with him, talked nicely, discussed our class, school, exams. Came to him, he gave me a book. I tell him, okay, I’ll go home. I’m here next to, I’ll get there by myself. And he pounced on me, grabbed my hands, got up on his knees and said, please don’t go, forgive me for everything, I love you!I answer him, they say, please stand up, don’t be humiliated, okay, let’s try to start all over again. He got up, we sat on the bed, he hugged me tightly, and then a kiss&# 8230; And that’s it, I woke up. And, he also told me that he would not give me to anyone. Why such a dream?

Such a dream is most likely a reflection of your strong desire to please this young man.

Hello! I dreamed of my ex, but still a loved one for me&# 8230; that he came to my house, and my brother calls me and says that he came to me and I see him on the doorstep and I am so surprised in a dream that he came&# 8230;.and he gives me a bottle of cognac, and there are several notes on the bottle&# 8230; hugs me and says that I am dear to him and starts crying&# 8230; and then he leaves&# 8230;.After that, I look at the bottle, I see these notes and happily run into the room to read them&# 8230;.I don’t remember what was written, but some kind words&# 8230;

Such a dream, in which a loved one came to you, most likely reflects your desire for this to happen in reality.

Hello! I recently moved, and where I lived I had a loved one. After moving a year later, he began to dream of me dreams were so beautiful: kisses, caresses, cute words. He saved me from any trouble, and I thanked him for that. But then I stopped dreaming, I thought that he forgot me. But recently a classmate dreamed about who was going to leave school, and I stopped him under the pretext that he had friends here. But he interrupted me and said: &# 171; Then How Can You Leave? And I told him: &# 171; Nobody keeps me here&# 187; After the conversation, he confessed his love to me, he left after a while comes in the guise of my beloved and gives me roses, I hugged him and ran away. I have no feelings for my classmate. What could it mean?

Yet such a dream most likely indicates your strong attachment to your loved one, which exists to this day.

Hello. I dreamed that my beloved, with whom we parted, was sitting in an armchair at my house and telling me:&# 187; I should probably leave?&# 187; And I answer him:&# 187; No, what are you&# 8230;&# 187; He stayed and we began to talk &# 8212; he was discussing renovations at my house.

Hello! I have a very beautiful and at the same time tragic story. I am married, I have two children (there was no happiness in marriage). 1.5 years ago I met my beloved, he is a very difficult person. in May of that year we parted, he went far, I dreamed only once or twice. Three months ago, we renewed our relationship (everything that happened was explained by embarrassment of circumstances and a test of feelings), we were very beautiful, we met, but suddenly his attitude towards me deteriorated, when asked if he had anyone, he answered no, that he has no time for girls. a week ago they parted again, but literally the day before that he said that he was sure only in me and only me he could believe. now I dream about him. today (from Thursday to Friday) I dreamed so that when I woke up, I didn’t even realize at first that it was a dream, it was so obvious. he came to me, so calm, even contented, at one point in a dream I saw that he had two heads and I don’t know which one to kiss, and for some reason such a sight didn’t scare me at all. he came with the intention of marrying me and we are choosing a house for our future life together, we are always there, holding hands, kissing, but all this is somehow restrained, although I know in a dream that he loves me very much. Please help me figure it out, I know, I feel that this dream is not casual, it carries something important. BUT WHAT ? thank you in advance. my beloved lives in another city

Your dream, in which a young man appeared in this form, most likely suggests that he is able to make you happy in this relationship.

Hello.I’m 05.02.11 (today) dreamed of a guy I really first the dream was very strange, but in the end this guy dreamed.
at school my friend and I stood and changed clothes.suddenly he comes out from somewhere, also with a jacket. does not pay attention to her friend, although they are familiar, we often walk together.
and so.
he changes clothes.we change clothes.and then he starts for no reason at all to tell me something about shoes.that I can’t wear long-sleeved sweaters.we argue.quarrel.and then I wake up wondering.
what does it mean?thanks in advance.
This guy doesn’t seem to like me, although I can’t get an exact answer.

Your dream, in which there was such an argument, most likely suggests that you may be too afraid of a difference of opinion with this young man.

Hello! In real life, I broke up with a guy for about six months, but I’m still not indifferent to him. Today 05.02.11 i have a dream &# 8212; I clearly see his face first, and then we kiss. But then some girl (like a friend) comes up and climbs to kiss him and he reciprocates her, and I even saw a piece of his tongue in her mouth. I got very angry and left. Thank you in advance!!

Your dream, involving this young man, most likely indicates that he can give you a reason for jealousy.

why dream that I see my beloved with another girl, and then I understand that this is his sister.r what is it?

I dreamed of a young man with whom we are not together now, his mother and my mother. In a dream, the young man and I were as if together, were in his apartment, talked and I also talked with his mother &# 8212; she showed me some photos, we laughed together, hugged his mother, we were in a good mood. And his mother also talked to my mother (although in real life our mothers do not know each other).
What does this even mean?

Your dream, in which your loved one was next to you, is most likely the result of the play of your imagination, dreams and hopes.

Hello! I had a dream that I was cleaning my ex-boyfriend’s house, what is it for.

Hello again. Today I dreamed of my beloved again. Now I went to his house, it was spring outside, warm, sunny. I clearly saw his room. clearly saw him, face, body (in general, from head to toe). he was delighted with my arrival, for some reason I saw us naked, but there was no intimacy between us (I remember exactly). maybe I should be the first to write to him and try to make up ? thank you in advance

Your dream in which you came to his house most likely indicates that you may be ready to take the initiative in reconciliation.

In a dream, my ex MCH and I were together again. But not everything went smoothly. He became so cruel, treated me not as his girlfriend, but as an enemy. I didn’t like it. I liked another man and I to him. This man insisted that we be together, but my MCH was a hindrance. No matter what, I met both. They both knew about the existence of the other and they didn’t like it. My MCH even fought with him and beat me. Once he told me:&# 187; If you do not go to this man and say that you cannot be together, you will forever lose me&# 187;. It was difficult for me to make decisions, because I was used to both of them, but I also wanted to decide. I fucked up this man and began to explain everything to him. Said we can only be friends. He kissed me for the last time, and this was seen by my MCH. And the dream ended with the fact that I tried to explain to my MCH that it was &# 171; goodbye kiss&# 187;.

Most likely, such a dream of yours indicates that you can meet this person and think that you broke up with him in vain.

I broke up ten days ago with a beloved person – strangely they parted, like they quarreled and hurts very much..but I dream about him all these days&# 8230;
before the quarrel, I dreamed that we were swearing with him so much in front of my mother – and I see she quietly talk = let her go&# 8230; is the first he’s gone&# 8230; 2 weeks have not passed..been together for 4 years&# 8230;
second dream then he sits next to me – we hardly talk..he keeps his palm on my leg&# 8230; and so I feel good, woke up was very painful&# 8230; it is not..understand it
track.a dream I dreamed that we were running somewhere&# 8230; then we run up to the water, a little muddy and I cling to my foot and somehow we find ourselves in the water and make love&# 8230; the kiss is so passionate – but deep down I understand&# 8230; what it shouldn’t be..that i’m wrong&# 8230; that he is to blame and not excuse me..then he disappears somewhere and I see a lot of men and lay it out on the pier naked – my friend gave me a hand &# 8230;
track.dream that he kisses me again general, intimate caresses and I woke up as if I touched his head&# 8230; at the same time feel it ..having an orgasm&# 8230;
and the last dream is that he is in the circle of my relatives, I do not communicate with him inside the resentment &# 8230; around even those relatives with whom the last time did not communicate..we are all getting ready to sit down at the table..even my first lover is there&# 8230; and then I see a dead grandmother – she carries lions – mellow and delicious and I eat this plum&# 8230;.then I wake up and it hurts me from the fact that I constantly see in a dream..
how to move away and not see him in a dream I don’t know&# 8230; think a lot, but it would be nice if it passed

The dreams this young man is involved in most likely warns you that you better not give in to his attempts to rebuild the relationship.

answer my dreams..we probably are not destined to survive this stage&# 8230; this is separation forever and probably they are talking about cheating?

Hello girls. I had too strange a dream. My (or not mine, difficult relationship) young man, still loved, is getting married. I am attending his wedding and he pays a lot of attention to my person, but the most interesting thing is that in a dream I constantly tried to consider the face of his bride, but he seemed to be gone. Then I talk to his brother and it all grows into kisses. I never had anything with my brother, he is not my type and I am friends with his girlfriend. Then I fall out of the window, my beloved is spinning around me, but as soon as this bride appears, he says that she loves me, but she obliges him and leaves. Then a lot more happened, but I don’t understand already.
Helpeeeee. I’m in panic. I rarely see dreams, and our relationship with him is so confused that this is important to me. Thank you in advance.

Most likely, the dream in which he got married indicates that you are worried that you may lose him, but you are sure that he still loves you.

Hello, I dreamed that I was walking along the sidewalk and I was hit by a car, when an ambulance picked me up, I woke up in the car and saw that there was my neighbor who I liked very much, I was told that it was he who hit me ..A tear ran down and he asked why you were crying, I said that I love him, he replied that he liked me too, but he could not be with me, he was 25 years old, and I was 15 and he was afraid, but when I was discharged from at the hospital, he said that he wanted to meet with me and then I woke up and saw that he was sitting with my dad and drinking tea, he said hello to me and gave me some chocolate.I wanted to ask what it all means

Hello &# 8230;.I dreamed that my beloved was walking with the other and they were smiling as if in reality&# 8230; what do you mean write&# 8230;..

Hello.I dreamed that my boyfriend and I were lying on the bed, we were watching a big TV together in a dark, small room, then we fell asleep
in a dream, I wanted him to hug me somehow, and I, too, lay and thought about it
What can he mean?thank you in advance

Tell me why you dreamed that my beloved and I were playing with 2 children, a boy and a girl, and then they turned into a puppy and a kitten, what is it for?!

Hello, please tell me&# 8230;
in dreams from Thursday to Friday I have the same dream, or rather, its meaning is the same&# 8230; it already starts to scare me, because it is on this night that I dream&# 8230; and even dreamed on Christmas time&# 8230; although I don’t think about it and I don’t screw myself up&# 8230;
we met a guy for a long time, we had a strong relationship, we loved each other madly, he offered to get engaged to me, in his family I was accepted as their own&# 8230; said meet this is our Nastya&# 8230; went to visit together, to birthdays, other holidays, constantly spent time together&# 8230; but suddenly he said, like I’m not worthy of you&# 8230; you need someone older&# 8230;
later we still parted, supposedly rest&# 8230; now you need friends, and family for life&# 8230;
here we have not communicated for 7 months, but I have dreams as if after a long period of time&# 8230; after parting, he comes back into my life and tries to establish&# 8230;.I resist for a long time, as if we are different, but nothing will happen&# 8230; but in the end we are still together and insanely happy&# 8230;
don’t understand it&# 8230;
I have already realized everything for myself long ago that nothing can be&# 8230;
I do not think about this topic&# 8230; and still dreams exactly from Thursday to Friday and this is what&# 8230;

Most likely, your dream, in which your loved one took part, reflects your strong affection for this young man.

I dreamed of a loved one, but we were not with him, he had a girlfriend, as if I felt bad, he came to me and we went to the store, walked talking, I tell him the girl does not allow me to communicate, I don’t remember what he answered me , we walked with him in an embrace, I touched his hands, they were rough, in this dream I was happy because he was near.what can mean?

I had some strange dream&# 8230; I once studied at a music school, graduated 3 years ago. And then I dreamed that I was sitting in class, but it was almost over, and then he comes, greets the teacher, she says to him &# 8212; you are not studying with me today, why did you come so early? And he answers &# 8212; I just came to wait for another occupation. She tells him &# 8212; well sit then. And she continued to study with me, and he sat and kept looking at me. The teacher told me homework and went out somewhere. We stayed together, and then he got up, went to the piano and began to play my favorite song. I caught the tune, podosch and began to sing, and he looked and smiled. I ask him &# 8212; how did you get the song? She is Serbian, not ours! (I am half Russian, half Yugoslavian by nationality). He says &# 8212; well like that! And he could not know these songs in any way, because I have them and none of his friends have them anymore. And what else surprised me in this dream is that he played the instrument and studied at the muses. school, although in reality it is not so. We finished the song, I tell him &# 8212; oh time is already out, tntt it’s time! He says &# 8212; no, I don’t need anywhere. I ask him &# 8212; why did you come? And he told me &# 8212; so simple&# 8230; Come on, I’m taking you. Well, we went with him, while we were walking, they talked about music (which, again, is strange, because he never did music). It surprised me a lot&# 8230; Why such a dream? Well, it ended with the fact that we left school and I saw just as if from the side, as we go to dawn.

A dream in which this person behaved like this probably indicates that he will be able to win your attention.

Almost a year ago, I left my civil husband, with whom I lived for 2 years, there was no such love..I left because I met the person I love madly now..but my ex still suffers, said that I am his only love, lost 34 kg, I do not communicate with him at today I had a dream that he was somehow unusually beautiful in my dream, grabbed my hand and we fell from the mountain into clear water..the height was enormous..there was a lot of greenery&# 8230; I was not hurt, and even scared when we flew..and from the outside I realized that I did not need to communicate with him, because my communication can hurt my beloved!why dream of such nonsense?

A dream in which a young man behaved like this, most likely, suggests that if you renew a relationship with him, you will never regret it.

the one who dreamed, the person I love. but we are not together with him. he cheated on me. a month and a half ago. because of this we parted. but he recently started to write to me.wants to return.and today I dreamed that I was sitting next to him, and his face was all disfigured as if.and looks at me as if to blame. and I say to myself &# 8212; I will love you like that too!and kiss him.also dreamed that he had a new phone.after which I found out that on the same day as I dreamed it all, he really bought a why then did I dream that my beloved had a wounded face and why did I say in a dream that I would love this too?

This is probably a dream in which your loved one was present indicates that you can see this person in a very unpleasant light.

Beloved dreamed twice, at the moment he is serving in the army.
The first time I dreamed that I was calling him, and a woman answered the call.
The second time I dreamed that he called himself and said that he was wounded in the stomach, but he is alive and is now in the hospital, for some reason, during a conversation, I constantly hang up as soon as he finishes talking, and then I want to talk again and I call back.
Why such dreams can be dreamed?

Most likely, the dream in which the loved one was, suggests that you can be jealous of him and not believe his excuses.

Hello. I have such a situation..I talked with one guy very closely for three months, but he had a girlfriend, we had a strong attraction to each other, but he didn’t want to leave the girl. I broke off our relationship. after I tore everything up, he dreamed for two weeks in the same dream, walked by me and was silent. but now I dreamed that he wrote me a declaration of love in contact, that he remembers all the moments when we were together, and also, I saw him very drunk because of me, he shot a video for this. please tell me what this means&# 8230; we have not communicated for 7 months, but very often we accidentally see each other

Such dreams with the participation of that young man, most likely, indicate that he suffers without you, but cannot show this to you.

hello, I am constantly dreaming that in a dream I am looking for my beloved girl, and as soon as I see her, I immediately wake up..we are located in different countries..what does my search for my beloved mean in a dream?

Hello! A year ago, my friend had a dream: she was visiting, she sees her lover (at that time he had only platonic unrequited love, only in dreams), he walks across the room past her, with a brisk step like down the street and not visiting, not noticing her, she holds the hand of her child, her son (in a dream she saw her son as well, but she never saw her in life, it is not known what he looks like), the beloved went to another room and the dream ended. This is a vivid memory, and before and after it is impossible to remember. The guy in a dream seemed to be busy with a child or something else and left by, as if he was not a guest at all, and outside the room, asphalt, street, roads began &# 8212; no walls, walked from the street, and crossed over to it, just walking a few steps across the room. Thanks in advance for the interpretation, we hope that such a short passage from a dream will mean something, it would be very interesting to understand its interpretation.

This dream, in which a young man behaved like this, most likely suggests that this guy had obligations that interfered with their relationship.

Hello. my boyfriend and I had only a platonic attitude, we did not meet, but there was a strong sympathy. I myself stopped communicating with him, because he did nothing to keep us day, we met him, he constantly lowered his eyes at the sight of me, did not want to face my eyes. and there was a friend with him&# 8230; and then I dreamed about him and his friend, on the same day, as if his friend was my brother, there was a very dark room, it was raining, he helped me in some kind of life situation, but this guy just stood there and was silent&# 8230; tell me what it means&# 8230;.

A dream in which you behaved with this person in this way most likely indicates that you may have a negative attitude towards him due to his indecision.

I had these dreams when I just graduated from school. I was seventeen years old. They had one dream every month. I just don’t know how it happened. But it really was like that.

June dream. I don’t know what this may mean, but over the summer and autumn, I already dreamed quite a lot about Sergey. Every month some kind of dream. And only once. I would have dreamed all at once, and only.Somehow alternately. At the end of June, when I came to my grandmother for the weekend, I had such a dream: as if I were walking along the school corridor with Sergei and talking about everything. I found myself on the street, at our crossroads, where cars are a dime a dozen. But in a dream there was nothing like this. I just saw one black car and saw Kristina and Sergei there. I began to come closer and look better. When I got very close, I noticed that Christina was sitting not in the front, but in the back seat, and instead of Sergei, there was a person who was not familiar to me. And the second front seat is free. Without hesitation, I got into the car and drove off. Here’s what it could mean I don’t know? In general, I am an amorous person, but I have never dreamed such dreams about anyone, like Sergei, and at that, immediately and in order. No one dream a year.

Your dream, in which there was such a car, most likely suggests that you could have a serious impact on Sergey’s personal life.

August dream. In this dream I was in different scenes.Something different was mixed.The only thing I remember well is that wherever I was, Sergey was near me.When I turn around and he’s already behind me.When she opened the door, and he was already behind her and smiled at me.Now I just forgot a little, but I remember the motive.After all, too, as in reality I dreamed.

September dream. I remembered this dream much better than others. I dreamed about it on the fifteenth of September. It was not just a dream in reality, but as if everything was so. Only two scenes flashed. In the first: I felt like a married woman. Sergei and I are sitting in the car (Moskvich) and trying to put it in the right place.This is happening in our village, near our gate. Just move it from its place, and it rolls down somewhere. Barely put her in her place. Second scene: We are driving through our city, along the main road, cars are driving somewhere. Moreover, the car is so cool, like a Jeep, only it seems small in appearance, but inside it is too big. As if we were not going somewhere alone, but with several classmates. But for some reason I am sitting in the back seat, and Tanya is driving in the front seat next to Sergey. Scene 1 again: We have already driven down our grassy road. Second scene: Again Tanya sits in front, and I in the back. We are driving, talking heart to heart, suddenly Sergei turns back. My heart skipped a beat. An oncoming car was driving right at us, I really wanted to tell him, but our Jeep itself drove around it. I don’t believe this is a dream. But why, it never really happened.

Most likely, your dream, in which there was such a development of events, indicates that you could build a harmonious relationship with this person.

June dream. Continuation. Second scene. I just didn’t write everything together. Sergei and I are walking along the school corridor. I, I don’t know why, asked him to lift my skirt (he used to do it to me and I felt pleasure, because he did it to me with tenderness and love). The first time she turned her back on him, but nothing happened. I again began to ask him to do it to me. I turned a second time, and then, as he immediately pulled her up sharply for me. Up to underwear already. I certainly did not expect this from him. And also

Such a dream most likely warned that this person would allow himself too much.

half a year ago they imprisoned a person whom I love very much..he really is not mine, he has a wife, but I found out about her after I fell in love with him&# 8230;.I dream about him almost every day for these half a year..what does it mean?

good evening.please help me figure out the dream&# 8230; I often dream of a former beloved (broke up a year ago)&# 8230; first dreams that he constantly tells me that I broke his heart.I want to hug him, but he pushes him away.but now dreams have gone on the contrary – he reaches out to me, and I push him away&# 8230; thanks a lot in advance!

I dreamed today that I was somewhere in the dark, and
next to a guy who is very
love, we talked about something..were constantly near
he hugged and began to kiss, there was a feeling that I was not sleeping at all, I felt how he gently hugs..
&# 8230; only his lips were strange
soft but rough..

good day!We parted with MCH about six months ago, but I continue to love him and think about him. HE constantly comes to me in a dream, sometimes drunk, then dreaming in my different life situations and after such dreams I become sick for several days, because.e. thinking about him&# 8230; From Sunday to Monday there was a dream like this:
It’s like spring, May, everything is blooming with white flowers and I can smell different smells of flowering trees. I come to visit the MCH home, where his relatives meet me as a respected, rich guest from far away (in real life we ​​live with him in different cities) and his mother puts us to sleep on a clean white bed, and sends his wife and child to another room. We sleep under different blankets and we both know to sleep at a pioneer distance from each other. And only in the morning he dares to touch and kiss me. I reciprocate. We are happy. At this moment, his mother was cleaning the kitchen and saw our hugs and kisses, and tells him: -What are you doing? You have a wife in another room?! At this moment, my wife comes out with a child, sits on the bed at my feet and in every possible way tries to curry favor with me. I take her son and go for a walk with the child&# 8230;
Then there was a sequel&# 8230;
We stand with the MCh on the street where the trees are blooming, beauty! I tell him: -Come, I’ll show you my new car! (actually bought a car in real life). And he says: -Why is she to me? Better come to me to make repairs in my house. Without much desire, I go to his house, but the house is really renovated and there is only vanity around, his mom, dad, wife and child. I looked at all this from the side and said to myself: -Why do I need this? It’s so beautiful outside!&# 8230; And left their house breathing freedom.
What does it mean? Maybe the answer is obvious? Thank you in advance!

Such a dream, in which you refused to help him, probably reflects the fact that you better avoid communicating with this person, he will try to use you.

Please tell me, if in a dream I saw an unknown person, he confesses his love to me, and by his energy I understand that this is my beloved, I reject him, I say that my beloved does not have such an appearance and he here transforms into him and hugs me.

Hello, please tell me why this dream is like this:
My young man came to me in the evening, but my mother refused to let him in, and moreover, she said that he would not appear here at all. I ran to the window and saw him leaving with a swift step. I had a fight with my mom, and I followed him. I met him on a lighted street, where he said to me: Stupid, it was all for show, and that he still loves me the same.
(At the same time, my mom has with him in real life &# 8212; very good relationship)

Most likely, your dream, in which a loved one took part, most likely indicates that you are afraid that the young man’s parents will have a negative impact on your relationship.

I love one girl, but she does not suspect about it, and sometimes I dream about her, why is this dream

Tell me, I had a dream like this.
My beloved and I have already parted for half a year.And he’s from another city.
And I dream that but came to my home (never been there before) I came and sits with my relatives (not familiar with anyone of reality) at the table, my parents call me to everyone, but I don’t go.He came so unexpectedly and I don’t know what to do.It seems to me that I do not look like that, I really worry very much.

And I also remembered that I was standing, as it were, behind the cabinet door, and so that he would not see, I cut pancakes into pieces.It is not clear why.Small, like for salads, cubes.

And I never saw him.Woke up.What does it mean?

The fact that in this dream this person came to you, most likely, means that you subconsciously expect this from him.

I had a dream that after parting with a guy to whom I have the same feelings that I’m lying in bed, he sits on the bed with white hair, kisses gently on the cheek, I get up happy after sleep, I look around and I think it was true or not, we already parted with he is two months old but I was happy with everything in the relationship there was nothing wrong with me and I still love him just the same.I had a dream from Thursday to Friday.

Most likely, such a dream of yours in which you behaved like this, most likely, indicates that you can still keep warm feelings for this person.

Univer appoints office attendants. I know for sure that I have just been on duty, but I am assigned again. I’m at a loss, I understand that I can’t do it alone. I ask for help from classmates &# 8212; no one hears me, everyone is indifferent to me. And then my beloved person comes up (we have never been together in reality), I draw attention to his well-trimmed black shoes with a round toe. Only he volunteered to help me &# 8212; some transparent vessel with pink liquid needs to be repaired. We succeed in everything, only we slightly stained our hands in this incomprehensible liquid. Further we walk along the street familiar to me in reality. Examining me from head to toe, he says: &# 171; Some kind of beauty!&# 187; (I am in short shorts, I have a slim fit figure &# 8212; as in reality).He tries to take my hand &# 8212; touches gently. I pretend that he is indifferent to me, and most are terribly pleasant to his touch. Only now his hands are very rough, but I think that this is, on the contrary, good, it means hard-working. I end up pushing him away from me &# 8212; After all, I look and it is not he who is walking next to me, but some mulatto &# 8212; with a good physique &# 8212; all in muscles, good-looking and compulsively sympathizes with me, but it is unpleasant for me. Trying to run away from him, he keeps up. I ran to my private house, closed the gate. And he stayed outside waiting.

Your dream, in which events developed like this, most likely suggests that that young man can be a very reliable assistant for you.

All about him&# 8230; I stroked his head, knowing that now we will need to go home. I looked back and looked up to the sky &# 8212; the clouds were gathering, a heavy downpour was about to go. From this and disperse in different directions you need to faster &# 8212; so as not to get into bad weather. But I don’t want to let him go and this doesn’t scare him at all &# 171; bad weather&# 187;. I look at the sky again &# 8212; and the clouds disperse, and a gap appears. So I wake up&# 8230; In real life, we are not together and have never been &# 8212; he is from another city.

Your dream, which you described above, most likely indicates that you may be strongly attached to him and concerned about his life.

Me, he (in life we ​​are not together) and our mutual acquaintances in the study room. I like him and I like him too &# 8212; you can see by the eyes. I talk with girls, he is with the guys &# 8212; and suddenly says in conversation &# 171;&# 8230; i am married&# 8230;&# 187; (I don’t know in my life &# 8212; whether we are married, we do not communicate much) Hearing this, I get upset so that I can no longer stay in the same room with him &# 8212; I run out with a bullet. And he follows me &# 8212; wants to talk. I want to run faster, but my legs are like cotton. I go down the stairs one floor below &# 8212; I hide in one of the offices (there is a renovation) and he loses sight of me. Going down another floor below. There are a lot of people and a stranger is spinning around me &# 8212; he likes me. He tells me something, tells me something&# 8230; I pretend to listen, but in fact I don’t care about everything and everyone &# 8212; it doesn’t come out of my head that &# 171; MARRIED&# 187;. But in the end I take this guy by the arm and we go up the stairs. I am returning with him to where I fled from. In front of this office, my beloved is sitting in a suit (looks very neat) at a table with his friend and drinking tea. Seeing me with a stranger &# 8212; does not take his eyes off me, and he is no longer interested in tea. We slowly pass by, I can hardly pretend that he (my beloved) is indifferent to me, I don’t even look at him (although inside it’s the other way around) &# 8212; from this he is beside himself with jealousy. I go into the office, but already alone. My beloved follow me &# 8212; and I see a lot of hangers with clothes in front of me, I pretend that clothes are more interesting than he &# 8212; for him I am no longer available. I choose a jumpsuit with ultrashort shorts in bright red (which in reality I would never have chosen) and take a queue in the fitting room&# 8230;

Probably, such a dream of yours indicates that you are suffering from subconscious jealousy, which has not yet been substantiated.

Hello, I have been married for 5 years, but I very often dream about the person whom I no longer love, he is indifferent to me.I dream that we are together, I feel his love, yes I like it, but for some reason I don’t care when at the end of my sleep he betrays me as he did on Eve 5.5 years ago and it doesn’t hurt at all. Either he dreams that he is drunk and says that he loves, that he cannot, that he is very bad without me, that his recent marriage is a mistake, I kick him out, but he does not leave and I have to pretend that I love him too.(We have been happy for 5 years)

Probably, such dreams with the participation of this person are attempts by your subconscious mind to suggest options for the development of events alternative to reality.

Very often I dream about how my beloved hurts me in a dream, morally, in one dream I dreamed that we parted, in his eyes he was upset, depressed, I decided to call him, but a woman I know picks up the phone and I scream in pain, tears do not come and I wake up from this, but today from Thursday to Friday I dreamed that we were at our birthday together and he showed me that we were leaving, when I left the entrance he took a taxi with a bunch of girls, and when he saw through the window I dropped them all, there were about seven people, and I tried to dial the remaining dream on 2 phones, but they did not dial, the phone generally dialed the wrong numbers that I wanted to dial. I dream about him very often and, basically, such dreams&# 8230;

The dreams in which you are suffering most likely reflect your addiction in this relationship and, accordingly, its dominance.

I dreamed that my boy found another and told me about it, allegedly found on March 8 and fell in love with her very much, and she is so beautiful, I saw her photo in a dream..
I have been dating my beloved for a year and the relationship is strained (

I broke up with my couple and I am worried about this, so I dreamed that I was in the apartment as it was before and he is what he was when we parted, t.e. indifferent to me, going somewhere, I ask you where, he says that at five o’clock, the hour of death, go and speak with me for a walk, I got ready and we went. To make it mean?? Dreams I dream sooo rarely.

And yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend, and I dreamed that he crashed in a car, and I also saw her ex-girlfriend in this dream. what is interesting does this mean.

I had a dream that I remember by touch. It feels like I haven’t even slept! what does it mean?

I had a strange dream. I see that I am lying on the bathroom floor, and next to me is my beloved. I kiss him, hug him, and he thinks about something, I cry, and he tells me I’m leaving for 20 days, call me where I’m leaving. Please explain what it could mean?

help me please&# 8230;
I have such a dream&# 8230; as if my beloved had disappeared, we were standing in the street, he said I’ll come now, don’t go anywhere.. and disappeared&# 8230; and then I got lost, I felt very bad.
You know, even in a dream, the state was terrible, so alarming.. and when I woke up, I felt bad too&# 8230;
what does it mean?

i dreamed how my boyfriend’s mom scolds him for smoking,
and I watch them and observe
and then I approached him and hugged him as if jelling him. And the young man kissed me.
(I love this young man, but the relationship has not worked out yet)

I dreamed that my husband was in my apartment, that he was like &# 171; designated&# 187; in my life, if he reappeared, I see that he loves me, that he is worried, thoughtful, he, as I understand it in a dream, thinks that we have already made up, but he has to go&# 8230; I’m upset about this again, but my soul is calmer &# 8212; how if everything is working out for us.I hold in my hands a very expensive wristwatch for men, everything is fine in them, only the glass is spinning, I twist it with my finger, my husband sits next to me and sees this, expresses his willingness to help with the watch.
And the other day I dreamed that he was again in my apartment, and I was restrainedly glad that he was leaving again and I was crying so much, wiping my tears, all my cheeks were in tears, I could feel them directly, wipe them and calm myself &# 8212; like let it go..

Most likely, a dream involving a loved one indicates that you may encounter his appearance in your life.

I dreamed that I asked my loved one to choose a good photo of ours with him, and he gave me a photo in which I and HE are small and so funny. BUT WE DO NOT HAVE PHOTOS IN REALITY, firstly such, and secondly, this age, only youth. Thanks for the early.

And I forgot to add: I was so surprised by these photos and terribly happy.Showed to loved ones. And then we went outside&# 8230;..and started kissing so passionately&# 8230; that there was no strength to stop&# 8230; but it was necessary&# 8230; we were very late somewhere.

help me please! I’m dating a guy, he was married, and he has a child, at the moment, we broke up, we had a fight.. And I had a dream.. That my boyfriend is returning to his ex-wife, they are together, cheerful happy, I can see it all right&# 8230;. What does it mean?

In a dream I sleep and I see a dream. I’m standing on a wide staircase. I don’t notice anything around. He approaches, embraces with the words: &# 171; It was very hard for me&# 8230; I loved you so much&# 8230; and you loved me&# 8230; but your parents were against&# 8230;&# 187; Kisses hard, passionately. I feel good with him. I’m already happy that he is with me again, but he leaves me down the stairs without saying anything. And I remain, frozen in place from the pain that he will no longer be there. I wake up impressed&# 8230; First in a dream, then like this&# 8230; but his words do not leave my head. In reality, I left him 3.5 years ago, my parents believed that he was not a match for me &# 8212; and I followed their lead. She loved madly, realizing the mistake, wanted to return, he did not accept. A year later, he was already trying to get me back. I decided to leave everything as it is, although I suffered. We do not communicate for 2.5 years and he dreamed about twice during this time&# 8230;

Your dream, in which there was such a meeting, is most likely a reflection of your experiences and thoughts about this relationship.

I am going to go to a rap concert soon, but due to health conditions it is questionable. I dreamed that a loved one (we are friends, not shared love) first sits and urges me to get ready faster (I changed completely and put on makeup in my underwear but did not feel embarrassed, there was a feeling that it should be so), and when I was almost got ready, he hugs me and asks me not where not to go, it is with him, he leaves with our mutual friend, and it hurts me a lot.(I really love him, but lately he has been very depressed and we do not communicate after he had a falling out with my best friend because she told me that he felt bad. He didn’t want me to know, the reason for this behavior is not known to me.) Then in excerpts, my dad gave me a lift, whether it is necessary to say that the action took place in an unfamiliar apartment to me, but I was sure that this was my house. I arrived there, but it was not the place, everyone was friends there, but for some reason there was a feeling of uselessness and misunderstanding&# 8230;. This dream haunts me, and the whole situation as a whole..Help please..

This is probably a dream in which you behaved like this, most likely, it indicates that you are afraid that this person will move away from you due to the fact that he will have an affair with a girl.

In real life, we quarreled with our beloved, right up to parting&# 8230; That night I have a dream, somehow everything is in a hurry, the dream is gray&# 8230; He casually approaches me, hugs me tightly, with the feeling that we are parting, but I don’t understand what’s the matter, he tells me that we are parting with him because another girl who was before me is pregnant with him and after 2 months he has a daughter, he loves me, but he cannot have his child grow up without me&# 8230;.I’m shocked and then&# 8230;.it seems to me that we have been together for more than a year, that no one can expect a child from him or maybe he was cheating on me?I want to ask him about it, but he seems to be carried away by the crowd&# 8230;.he comes back in pieces and hugs everything &# 8230; tight&# 8230; as if saying goodbye&# 8230;.Help me deal with my sleep&# 8230; I love this man, but he wants to drown out his love for me&# 8230;.

Your dream, in which there were such events, most likely suggests that you can find out that in fact your grievances are rather petty.

I dreamed that my beloved (we flirted with him, but I did not let him know that I liked he has a different one) all the time he calls me to talk, says that he simply cannot leave her, and I also dreamed that we were kissing, and then he remembers the girl and says: sorry&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;..I love you&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230; and goes to her.what is it for. help me please. I love him so much.

A dream in which the image of this person was present most likely suggests that you wind yourself up in this form.

And if a girl is dreaming that I clearly love, in life we ​​are friends, and in a dream we communicate with her, coo, it feels like in a dream we are together. What is it for?

I have a night from this sat. on sunday. I had such a dream: my beloved young man, with whom we are together, but have recently met and cannot openly. both are not free. We stand with the whole company with friends, I see him another, he stands with her and hugs her, and she is what I am, gives him the happiness that I give and can only give, feels for her what only with me,
he and I are in real life destiny and rare ideal relationships, and in a dream they are flooded on the sunny side, on the contrary, I am not so much jealous as I feel abandoned and it hurts in my soul, I don’t know where to put myself further. In real life, there were no prerequisites for experiencing such anxious feelings, in a dream this girl cannot even be so good and replace me in everything, he does not need this. This is his ex, who is not at all like that, and in a dream she is all like me, but only this is not me, and she completely replaced me for him. Please tell me what this dream is for.

Your dream, which you described above, most likely indicates that you can lose disappointment in your loved one.

And I dreamed about a friend, for me he is beloved, and I for him &# 8212; it is not clear, and so lately I have become often dreaming of him, especially after quarrels with him. He dreams as if he awkwardly takes my hand, and we are going somewhere, he is behind, he apologizes for something, says something quietly, and white swans soar to heaven..

Why would such a dream?

I have been dating a young man for two months. Serious relationship, he’s in the mood for a wedding. Took, as his own, my one and a half year old daughter. The person is quite complex. The first one who can me &# 171; build&# 187;. I have no desire to contradict him. On the eve of this dream, there was a conversation with him (in a semi-joking form). He said that if I left, there would be no turning back.
And from Wednesday to Thursday I dream that I left him (we had a fight) and I understand in a dream that now it’s all over. And as if from the outside I see him that he is also bad without me. The dream was very vivid (like in reality). I was very worried, cried, realizing that, most likely, even if I return to him, he will not accept me.
And at the very beginning of our relationship, my friend dreamed that we broke up (but after that incident, everything, on the contrary, became even better).
Please tell me what these dreams are about! Thank you in advance for your response.

Such a dream involving a loved one probably indicates that there will be changes in your relationship, but not necessarily negative ones.

Hello&# 8230;.tell me please, I dated a guy for 2 months&# 8230; and how we parted, he dreams me&# 8230;.and dreaming that we put up with him&# 8230;.but in real life there is none of this&# 8230;.I just don’t want to go to bed anymore because I’m very tired of these dreams with reconciliation&# 8230;.please tell me what this dream means&# 8230;..

When I just started dating my boyfriend, I dreamed that it was as if the girl of my ex-boyfriend, the father of my child (like by video call) called me, asked how I was doing, then began to tell how they were doing, that they now we got married. And showed me a wedding ring on my hand. And then the young man himself appeared. I hardly remember the ring on his girlfriend’s hand, but I remembered the ring on his hand very well. Bright, shiny and stone bright. Moreover, in a dream I did not experience any unpleasant sensations. Well, in terms of what I’m jealous or insulting (I also treat them in reality &# 8212; indifferent). They are not actually married, they just live together. What could such a dream mean? Thank you in advance.

Your dreams of such content, most likely, reflected your lack of confidence in your own strengths to maintain that relationship.

we are in a quarrel with a loved one, I dreamed that we were walking, and then I was going to leave, he let me go indifferently, I was offended by his indifference and was about to leave, and he suddenly hugged me sharply and said:&# 187; sorry darling, don’t go&# 187;
what does it mean?

The man who dreamed of me is my beloved.with whom we currently do not communicate at all do not communicate at if in reality we are not together, but suddenly there is such a dream that he is sitting at the laptop, and I stand from the back facing him, put my hands on his shoulders as if hugging, and he takes a kiss and then kisses me on the forehead, and then then continues to print something on the computer&# 8230; help please what it could mean&# 8230;.parted with him for about 4 months, and were together for a year with something&# 8230; I dream about it more than once&# 8230;
and in general, do you think it is true that when a loved one is dreaming, whether you are together or not, then before he went to bed he thought about me?and so came to me in a dream..
I beg you to answer as soon as possible, everything gnaws at me inside so that this could mean&# 8230;

Most likely, such a dream with the participation of a loved one indicates that soon he will begin to pay more attention to you.

I dreamed of a very lavish funeral of my former beloved, whom I parted with 10 years ago, I was afraid to look at the body, I saw only a lush orange draped bed on which he was reclining. But when I decided to look, he turned out to be alive, healthy and looked at me with curiosity. thanks.

And here is another continuation of my dreams associated with Sergei.

Every day I dream of a person I love, but unrequited.
Today I dreamed that I came to his house, sat on the sofa, he sat down next to me and I asked him to kiss me. He kissed, then invited him for a walk and added &# 171; goodbye&# 187;. We went for a walk. He constantly said goodbye, and then said that he would leave for another city.
The fact is that we no longer communicate with him, he sent me and rejected my feelings.

The dream that you described above most likely speaks from om that you can distance yourself from this person.

Hello! I had a dream, it seems like me and my beloved person, we sit talking, but nothing is visible from faces, just voices&# 8230; And he tells me that he loves me and that I am his family &# 8230;
Please tell me what it is for . thanks!

Hello. I often dream of scenes in which my beloved takes my hand&# 8230; please tell me what it is for?

Hello! I have already described my dreams several times in other topics, and now I decided to tell you about a series of my dreams that have been dreamed for over 10 years. I just don’t know, I chose the right topic, so don’t judge strictly.
We parted with MCH for a long time, the news that he would soon marry came from third parties and was a strong shock for me, although somehow I was expecting this. 2-3 years passed, I began to forget him, but then I had the first dream in which I was told that his wife was pregnant (I don’t remember the details of the dream, but I still remember the feeling with which I woke up, I was sure that this was how if I know for sure). This dream had a dream on the eve of his mother’s birthday. I called her and congratulated her and she told me that she would soon be a grandmother, and she also had a similar dream about the same days, as she told me. Several months passed and I had a second dream: I am standing in the hospital with a bag of apples and various toiletries in order to convey all this to his wife, so she gave birth to his daughter (we don’t know my wife, and we don’t see him either). In reality, within a week I meet his sister and find out that his daughter was born that day. A few years later, I was again told in a dream that his wife was expecting a girl again. In fact, I don’t even know if he has a second child. Then I began to periodically have dreams, the actions unfold in different ways, but his mother is always somewhere nearby in a dream and he either left his wife, or decides to take a similar step, and is always sad in a dream and says that he wants to be with me, not always words, often as if I were just reading his mind. I also often dream that I walk around the house where he used to live and as if he lives there again, sometimes I decide to go into the entrance and even go up to his floor. Once in a dream she even rang the doorbell, his mother opened the door and turned away saying go. I went into his room, after a while he came in, said that he would now see her (wife) and would return to me. I was left alone in the room, I heard that all his relatives were at home, but they did not pay attention to me, and after a while he came, as always in dreams, tired, sad but with happy eyes.
After such dreams, the days were always not entirely successful, most often I quarreled with someone.
Here is such a series of dreams, I dreamed about them several times a year, sometimes 2-3 times a month. During this time we have never met with him. I only remember him after such dreams.
I apologize if this is a flood.
And another small addition to the previous post. In my dreams I never showed any activity, I was not the first to go to him (except where I went to his house), talked with his mother and stepfather. He himself came up to me and say that soon we will be together and now finally I am with you. And in one of his dreams, his mother took me aside and said that he was very bad and hard, but he decided everything. In my dreams, they never hugged me, nor kissed only silently talked, t.e. he said, looking into my eyes with some kind of hope.
Of course, all the feelings and details cannot be conveyed here, and some have been forgotten over the years. But sometimes I remember all these dreams and, as it were, I look through them again and relive them again, but I don’t sleep, so today, for some reason, I suddenly remembered them.
Thank you for listening.

A dream in which you saw a loved one in this way most likely suggests that you may be subconsciously concerned about the life of this person.

And I will add a little more, in all my dreams I was always silent, I didn’t see his eyes, I didn’t hear his voice, I didn’t see him, I just felt him near.

Hello, please help me explain the dream, I have already dreamed twice that my beloved person with whom we have not communicated for two months has been communicating with my dad, for the first time they ate fried fish together, but I saw my beloved it was not very pleasant to communicate with him , and today I dreamed again that HE was sitting in a cafe in the circle of my family (with my dad and there were three other children), my dad was telling him something, but he was not very interested&# 8230; In life, dad and HE do not know each me please&# 8230;. why does this usually dream.

A dream in which there was an image of a loved one most likely suggests that these two can get along well if you introduce them.

Hello! I had a dream like this &# 8212; I stand in a completely white room and smile, but suddenly the room turns black, the light falls from above and I see my former beloved, whom I have not remembered for a long time and I do not love, although we see him every day. And he stands, sanctified by the light and smiles at me, looks straight into my eyes. Then he takes a step forward and beckons with his finger, saying &# 171; Let’s go! I’ll be by your side, let’s go together!&# 187; I walk up to him with a smile, we hold hands and walk into the light, with our backs (I kind of saw a dream from the side), sanctified by the light, we go as if into a white tunnel, hold hands and then he tells me &# 171; I love you!&# 187;. I answer him &# 171; Me too!&# 187; And then there is a bright flash and we disappear, after which I wake up. Why such a dream can be dreamed?

The dream with the participation of your loved one, described to you above, probably indicates that this person can return to your life again.

Hello! I had a dream in which I saw that my beloved came to my home, but was indifferent to me, flirted with my ex-girlfriend, and left after the arrival of my parents.Please tell me what it means, thanks in advance!

My lover is in jail.And I had a dream that my friends are calling me and they say Artyom is free for 2 hours, and wants to talk to you, otherwise you won’t talk soon enough.And as luck would have it, the battery ran out and my friends also had communication problems, I never spoke to him!

Hello. help solve the dream.
broke up with her boyfriend almost 3 months ago after a long relationship.
recently appeared, they talked heart to heart, he does not dare to start a relationship.we don’t communicate at all yet.
I have a dream today that I have to go by bus to study. I’m sitting with friends at home and waiting for the bus. my ex came, we went for a walk&# 8230; and overall it looked like we were starting all over again. we did not kiss, but in a dream we felt good and calm with him. in the end I remembered about the bus and I understand that I am late for it&# 8230; we ran to my house for things, but it was too late, he left (although I didn’t see this bus) in time he had to hit the boat.
it so happened that I stayed with my ex&# 8230;
what is it for? write, pliz&# 8230; (by the way, my ex hasn’t dreamed of me for a long time)

Such a dream involving a loved one most likely indicates that you can begin to reassess this relationship.

I had a dream that they wanted to leave me in some kind of correctional camp. I have a boyfriend. But in a dream, my former boyfriend, whom I still love, came to pull me out of this camp. What does it mean? Thank you in advance!

I dreamed that my beloved had a daughter from another friend of ours!What does it mean?

A young man, with whom we are not together, shows me a huge frame for a photo (or painting) the size of a human being &# 8212; empty, no image. Strongly framed, looks like an antique and is broken on one side. He is interested &# 8212; do i have a photo frame. Without hesitation I answer that there is. He is happy and smiles &# 8212; this is what he wanted to hear in response.

Such a dream involving a loved one most likely suggests that you may face hypocrisy on his part.

I dreamed that the man I love confesses to me in love (he drank and was in tears and hugs me tightly), but in life he does not show interest in me, we just occasionally communicate, and does not drink alcohol at all. Tell me what this might mean?

One day last fall, I dreamed that Sergei came to my house, along with another classmate of mine, Sasha. It’s like I’m sitting in a large room (hall) and I see them heading towards me. The walls were as if glass, they were the same as they are, only transparent, so I could see through them Sasha and Sergey. They approached the house, called me through the intercom and told me to open the door for them. As soon as I opened my street intercom door for them, and as soon as I opened it for them, they immediately entered my apartment and began to ask me some important questions, I just forgot about what they were. But I remember that they asked me seriously, with specificity. I even felt myself in a dream, for a while a celebrity.

Dreams in which a beloved comes to the house, as a rule, indicate that the dreamer is waiting for the initiative from this person.

My ex-man, (with whom we broke up 6 years ago, but recently met and had a falling out t.To. he still cannot forgive that I married someone else, although all these years we talked very warmly on the phone), he always dreams of sub-you on Sunday. And not long ago I dreamed that we were lying in bed and he tells how he worries about me and because I am far away, after that he begins to take off my wedding ring from my hand, but does not have time to.To. I am waking up.Why is this please tell me?

A dream in which a loved one was in such an image most likely indicates that there is still a strong affection between you.

I had this dream on Saturday, before Valentine’s Day, this year. I am standing in my entrance, and next to me are Sergey and his brother Andrey. And along the road, near our house, his mother passes. Her hair, as in real life, is white, dyed, but dark. Only in a dream, for some reason, they were a little gray and so long that they were earth. And in real life, she always had one short haircut, up to her shoulders. I don’t know why she was there with such long. She walked a little further, where a three-year-old boy rode on a children’s bicycle. And then, I don’t know why, but it seemed to me that this was not their mother, but the mother of that boy. And then I asked them: &# 171; This is your mom?&# 187; They have replyed: &# 171; No, this is not our mom, this is that boy’s mom&# 187;. And then, I don’t know why, they added: &# 171; Our mom died&# 187;. Then it seemed to me very strange, and I, just in case, decided to ask them (although I myself knew what their mother was called), since things went like this: &# 171; What’s her name?&# 187; They have replyed: &# 171; Irina&# 187; I thought that at least the name coincided with his mother’s real name. And then, their mother approached the boy who rode his bike and sat on it with his left side to her. She walked up to smile at him and stroked his head, ruffling his hair. He smiled at her too.

A dream in which there was such a plot with the participation of a loved one most likely reflects all your thoughts about this person.

Please tell me what this dream means? I’d like to know the answer to it.
August dream. In this dream I was in different scenes. Wherever I was, Sergey was near me everywhere. Whichever door I open and where I open it, and he is already behind it and smiles at me in full breadth.
Even when I turned, he was already behind me. When she opened the door, and he was already behind her and smiled at me. This dream is as straight as it was in reality.

A dream in which there were such events most likely indicates that this person will take a key role in your life.

tell me what my dream means
I dreamed that my beloved was hugging me, although we no longer communicate with him and he doesn’t care about me (it seems to me)

I dreamed of a person who I really like.
As if he was accompanying me (this has never happened in my life), but as if not as usual, but with some kind of tenderness.
And then I called him home, then the dream was blurry, but I remember exactly that we kissed.
what does sleep mean?

dreamed that the beloved had gone somewhere and was gone for a long time, then he was declared missing, showed his grave.I was in great pain, I did not believe and continued to wait for him.even at the moment when they declared him missing, they said that my mother had died, they killed my younger brother and showed me three graves &# 8212; mom, brother and boyfriend, but without reality, my mother died a month later from cancer.please tell me what this dream means?

A dream in which there was such a plot with a loved one most likely indicates that you may be worried about separation from him.

I had a dream yesterday, how my beloved was very upset about something.. just walked in a bad mood and looked down constantly&# 8230; answered very shortly. I hugged him, but my arms and body were cold. Please tell me what it is for?

I dreamed that my beloved and I were supposed to get married. I see us dressed in a wedding dress in a tailcoat, I see rings but from the side not on the finger, but in a box. I see that we are going to the registry office, but he suddenly leaves, there is some kind of fight on the side, and he participates there. I am going on with the guests, and I am waiting for him, I know that I’m about to appear&# 8230; The phone rings – he calls and says wait dear, you are still my wife, just wait&# 8230;.
There was such a dream, but in reality he just disappeared, I don’t know what happened to him, we have been dating for 9 years, he’s not a wife, but new passions periodically appear. I dropped the SMS does not answer. I know that I’m alive and well, but what, because of what I don’t understand&# 8230;

A dream in which there were events related to this person most likely indicates that you can spend too much time thinking about him.

I dreamed that my beloved boyfriend and I were sitting on a bench and just talking. In reality, this never happened, since we never communicated in real life, although we saw each other every day (we studied at the same school). I just really liked him, but here I am&# 8230;. Do not know. He left school and I haven’t seen him for a long time.And here’s a dream for you. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I was happy, but he was somehow sad&# 8230; then we parted..Iya walked and thought that now we will be together..forever and ever..

A dream of this content most likely indicates that you are experiencing a strong subconscious attraction to this person.

I saw in a dream that I took his suit from my beloved to my home, and hung it on the table&# 8230; I smelled this smell and still can not forget soon as I remember this smell I have me please((

Thank you for your advice. Believe it or not, today I dreamed, almost the same as then! We sit in a cafe, talk about Donetsk (we don’t live there, but I recently went there) then we say goodbye, I go out on the street alone, and walk on, I don’t remember why. Here’s what’s interesting: in my dreams I’m always cheerful, but he’s serious, maybe even sad&# 8230;

Tell me please. constantly dreaming of a person whom I love (but not in a relationship), he tries not to pay attention to me and avoids

Terrain unfamiliar to me. Summer. We are in light clothes.We hug each other tightly. He holds me above the ground and circles&’Long&# 8230; slow. It seems that time has stopped for us. And it seems that we are happy. So good&# 8230; He does not let me out of his hands. And I stroke his head. We kiss tenderly and passionately&# 8230; Suddenly I notice a small sore on my left index finger, it breaks off. And I leave him under the pretext that I urgently need to find a plaster before the wound bleeds&# 8230; I find a patch and wake up. In real life, we are not together and have never been

The dream in which you saw a loved one most likely reflects your closeness with him.

In a dream, I often dream of a loved one.

I had this dream somewhere at the end of April.

Our whole class is sitting in a chemistry class, waiting for the teacher for some reason alone in the whole school. I was sitting with my sister, and he was in front. We said something like that, and he abruptly ran out of the class, my sister followed him. I went too, and another guy followed me. I go down to the first floor. Nastya with him near the dining room.
N: Well, why are you doing this to her? She loves You.
He: I would like to meet with her. I like Ira too&# 8230; But I can not.
At this moment I have a knife in my hands from somewhere, and I open my veins. Runs up D.I, grabs me, shouts to him. My beloved comes up, yells that I’m a fool, hugs and puts on a bench.

In another dream (at the end of May), for some reason I lived in the same house with my class. I suddenly began to receive threatening letters, phone calls&# 8230; I was driven to suicide. I’m standing in some kind of bath (a very bright room, white walls, a marble floor, the sun is shining, the windows are plastic), I open the window, I’m going to jump, and HE comes again. Again he stops and asks why I am doing this. Then he hits my offenders.

And in the last dream, he and I were sitting in algebra. The teacher handed out some pieces of paper and said, sort of leading us as an example to our whole class: &# 171; Oh what a good pair. How they love each other&# 187;. She walks away, and he whispers to me: &# 171; You understand that all this is not true, and I do not love you?&# 187; and I agree with him.

This last dream, most likely, promises you the beginning of favorable changes, many will envy you.

And if I dreamed that I found a bracelet (wristband with a guy’s pentagram) and put it on my hand happily and go to him what is it?

I dreamed that my beloved was sitting on a bench and he was very upset about something.I go up to him and ask what happened.He answers me something, then I sit down next to him and hug him.After that, he takes my hand and we get on the same bus.

I dreamed on Tuesday&# 8230;
I’m sitting with Sergei, a man who is very dear to me, you can say I love him, but it’s too loud, (we met with him in the winter, then we stopped, the reason was like I’ll go to study in another city, and it will hurt, and did not communicate for months 2, then I could not resist wrote sms hello how are you? he called, and since then we communicate, walk, well, in general, very good, I know he likes me, maybe more, but we don’t meet.. He’s 22 I’m 17, well, my parents know, and they know him, but he’s never been at my house, and I don’t know my parents)
well, in short a dream, we are sitting like that at my house in my room, everything is so tender in an embrace, everything is wonderful in general, and we watch TV, although there is no TV in my room, and it’s already so late, it’s night, we almost fall asleep, well, my mother comes in , says they say Seryozha is too late, it’s time for you to go home, well, we said goodbye and he left&# 8230;
I would really like to know what this dream means&# 8230;&# 8230;

Such a dream of yours most likely indicates that you may be concerned about the influence of your parents on this relationship.

Hello..I dreamed that I was walking and walking home late with my parents and then the guy I love called me.we did not communicate with him for a week, and did not see each other for a long time. when he called, he offered to take a walk, in a rather cheerful tone.and I was in a dream in a good mood.what does it mean?

Hello!Please help me explain the dream.
I came to work, there is a guy that I like, we talked with him and I start walking along some corridors, go into offices, talk to people, and then I sit somewhere at the computer and this guy comes up to me. like it, I got scared, because he unexpectedly came up and he tells me, don’t be scared and hugged.
Thank you in advance!

A dream in which there were such events, most likely, indicates that you can expect from him initiative in communication.

Hello! Please help me explain the dream.
I dreamed about a guy I really like.
The situation is this:
I dreamed about my prom (which will only be) and for some reason this guy turned out to be at the prom. I danced some kind of dance with him (kind of slow), and then he hugged me so tightly that it even hurt me. I asked him to let me go, and he says that he will not let go anywhere (but not with a threat, but loving). Then I say: &# 171; Well, at least let go a little, otherwise it hurts me&# 187; and only then did he loosen his embrace a little, although they remained the same strong and strong.

A dream of such content, in which your loved one was, most likely indicates that you are striving to establish a relationship, but are waiting for his initiative.

I dreamed that I was in line at the hospital, sort of like for a vaccination. But when my beloved person came (he had something with his hand) and asked why I was here, I replied that I had something with my leg (I showed him a scratched knee). In this line there was also my friend and some other girl.
But then the dream changed dramatically. And we all ended up in a huge supermarket with few people. We walked through the rows where the books were. Girlfriend and girlfriend moved away from us, and we were left alone. But for some reason they began to kick us out of there, and we had to run.

The dream that you described above most likely suggests that you can neglect your interests, for the sake of the interests of others.

i dreamed that my beloved came to me with 2 bouquets of flowers: one &# 8212; an armful of red, already withering tulips, another &# 8212; from some huge blooming beautiful flowers with a golden tint. I reach for a bouquet of tulips, and he throws them out and gives me another bouquet, then he hugs me tightly, and I cannot free myself from his embrace, but at the same time I feel absolute calm and serenity. And he begins to circle me in a slow dance, I look to strangers and see that we are already in a huge hall, on the parquet and there is nothing around except us. The next moment I see him taking me somewhere.

Your dream. most likely indicates that a new favorable stage will begin in your relationship soon.

help me please. I dreamed that I was sitting in a house near the window, my beloved man was walking past this house, I ran out into the street, I ran after him, I screamed his name, but he didn’t even look back. What does it mean?

Julia, I had a dream that I live with the mother of a guy to whom I am not indifferent, in a dream he kisses me, then it turns out to be on the other, in the future I call him, I say that I need to help his mother, call in, he is angry, says that he can’t, but then calls back and asks where to drive up. It’s raining outside and I’m afraid his car will crash. But always when he is near the sun begins to peep out. When he is far away or with her – he is rude and angry. When next to me is affectionate and gentle. I had a dream from Sunday to Monday at 12 lunar days

The fact that you saw such a dream most likely indicates that you may experience difficulties in contact with this guy’s mom.

Hello! Please help me explain the dream..In real life, I have a person whom I really fell in love with, but for some reason we stopped communicating, he just stopped calling me and ignores my calls&# 8230; And tonight I dreamed that an acquaintance called me on the phone and said that everyone already knew about our relationship (in real life we ​​hid our relationship), and he speaks very unflatteringly about me, says that he was very bored with me, badly, that I am fat (slim in life) and he does not want to communicate with me more and regrets about our relationship, that he has a girlfriend with whom he is in love Anya.I type him and start to sort things out with him, but I feel that he does not want to communicate with me and communicates with me indifferently&# 8230; and then I meet him on the street, I take him by the collar, I start to sharpen him, from somewhere a belt appeared in my hands and I start to beat him with a belt, he has a fright in his eyes, he falls to his knees and I leave crying, and not turning around I hear him crying heavily.Sorry for the long story, but my heart is so sad and incomprehensible, help me please, maybe your answer will explain to me about his attitude towards me.thanks!

Your dream of such content most likely indicates that you can strive to keep this attachment of yours secret.

Hello! Yesterday I had a dream like this. Dreamed of a loved one. We sat with him at my house in my room. He was upset because he didn’t pass the exams as he expected, although he passed on good scores (we really pass the exams, today we passed the last one, and he really passed the exam in real life, but he was upset, because he didn’t count on this result). I sat next to him and consoled him. He said &# 8212; well, where am i now&# 8230; nobody needs me. I said &# 8212; what are you! I need you! After all, I love you very much even without your points! After all, you’re the cleverest, the kindest, the most caring, the most honest, the most modest (I told him a bunch of compliments, I don’t remember everything, after each complement I kissed his cheek), the very, very, very. When I said all this, I hugged him, and after the last words he smiled at me and we kissed. Here’s a dream. Tell me what he can dream about?

A dream of such a plan, it is likely, was a harbinger of real events of recent times.

Sometimes I dream of a person whom I loved very much in real life, but he did not reciprocate. I dream that he loves me and we are fine. This, of course, can be regarded as a desire at the subconscious level, but what if you no longer love him, if everything has calmed down and your soul is calm.

Hello! I just had a dream where I call my beloved guy and make an appointment for him, which he refuses. He’s far away now. What it could mean.

We were in a quarrel with my boyfriend for three weeks&# 8230; on Saturday I found out that he was on another&# 8230; but the fact is that we study together in the same group, and his new girlfriend too&# 8230; he is 25 years old, she &# 8212; 35, to be honest, it’s a shame that I was exchanged for a woman with a child&# 8230; and without even informing&# 8230; Says that nothing happened to her, they say she likes to communicate. But our mutual acquaintances told me that between them. I don’t want to call, try to return (I can’t forget, but I try&# 8230; Seen dreams with him before&# 8230; but the last dream was very strange, I had a dream yesterday: We walk together through the city, not on the sidewalk, but on the high road (there is not a soul on the street except us), he bent his arm behind his back, and I hugged him around the waist like- then strangely I hold the finger of this hand (in my opinion, the thumb). And then I stop and stand in front of him and ask how he treats me&# 8230; he says that with me&# 8230; and hugs me around the waist with both hands, respectively, I let go of my finger, I hug it with both hands behind the neck and, bending my legs back, I hang on it. And so we went on and went, or rather he with me around my neck&# 8230;
Amazing dream, explain what it is for? This is very important to me now&# 8230;
Thank you very much!

The dream that you described above is most likely a reflection of your strong feelings about the situation.

I broke up with a guy, the initiative was mine, t.To. I can’t figure it out lately, in feelings for a week has passed, and I saw him on another, at first it was normal, and then it pissed me off&# 8230;.I roared for several hours, came home, went to bed and had a very bad dream that he was killed&# 8230; and I cried a lot in my sleep, I felt sorry for him, his beloved&# 8230; I couldn’t accept it&# 8230; what does this dream mean, please tell me&# 8230;.thank you in advance!!

The death of this person in your dream most likely indicates that this is how you express the gulf that has formed between you.

Today I dreamed that my beloved was dressed in a tailcoat, but passed me by without even looking in my direction. What does it mean?

lately my boyfriend and I stopped talking on the phone and see&# 8230; he refers constantly to being busy
And then suddenly I dream:
I talk with my friend about him, I say that I love him and she answers me: he doesn’t want you, too, but he doesn’t want to meet with you until you change&# 8230; because he wants you to give birth to his child&# 8230;

that’s what it means?thank you in advance

A dream in which there was such a conversation, most likely, suggests that you can assess this situation yourself subconsciously.

I dreamed of a person for whom I have feelings and who has feelings for me. At the moment we are with him in different cities and I am waiting for him, soon he should come to me. So in a dream I dreamed that he had arrived, but he looked completely different, in life he was tall, but in a dream he was low, in life he was pumped up, and in a dream he was sickly, in general, in a dream I experienced some kind of feeling of disappointment. What does it mean? Thank you in advance.

The fact that in your dream he looked like this, most likely, indicates that unpleasant things can happen in his life.

Hello! For the second day in a row I have been dreaming that I am sitting on my beloved’s shoulders, please tell me what it is?

I dreamed that my beloved was leaving me, as if he was running away from me. please tell me what it is?

I had a dream where I met my beloved boy and we just started talking.In a dream, I decided to talk to him, although in fact I am afraid to talk to him
what does it mean?

I dreamed that my beloved tells me that for the sake of the child he will try to improve relations with his wife! And if everything works out, it gets divorced until it is!

I had such a dream today&# 8230;.as if I had a fight with my beloved, freaked out, went for a walk with another&# 8230; well, it seems like some time has passed, I’m already with another.he takes good care of me&# 8230; sit at his house, talk, he begins to hint at sex.lays out his farm&# 8230; and I say,&# 187; take it away&# 187; =))) then I leave him, I come home.stood at the doorstep and began to comes, I start to ask her for forgiveness that I didn’t listen and begin to regret that I lost my beloved&# 8230;
* kick-ass dream!I wonder what it would be for?!

A dream in which there were such events most likely suggests that relationship problems may arise due to sex.

Hello! I recently had such a dream &# 8212; in very bright colors &# 8212; I get up very early in the morning and go to the station to meet my beloved.Arriving there, I see his mother and grandmother on the platform. They, noticing me, smile at me, when I approach them, his grandmother, smiling, says: &# 171; Hello Sonya! How long have I seen you! Artem warned us (this is the name of the beloved) that you would come to meet him and was very glad when you agreed!&# 187; Mom picks up the conversation and asks: &# 171; You talked to Artem, yes?&# 187; I said:&# 187; Yes.&# 187; And suddenly we heard the hum of the train and our conversation was interrupted. The train pulled up and stopped right in front of me, and I clearly saw the outlines of my beloved in the window. He noticed me too and smiled.When he got off the train, his mother and grandmother covered him from all sides and asked him a bunch of different questions about the trip, re answered something, but what, I can’t say for sure. All this time I stood on the sidelines. And then Artyom’s mother said: &# 171; Come to us, what you stand aside!&# 187; I somehow timidly approached him, smiled at him. It was clear from his appearance that he was very glad to see me and would like to hug me, but he was eager to do this in front of his parents (we really didn’t see him for some time). I also really wanted to hug him, but I did not dare to do it for the same reason. He put the bags on the ground, and, shaking hands with me, said:&# 187; Hello! I’m glad to see you!&# 187;.&# 187; Me too!&# 187; – I answered.&# 187; How did I get there?&# 187;&# 187; Fine!&# 187;.&# 187; I’m glad!&# 187;. All this time he held my hand and did not let go, looked into my eyes. &# 171; And you haven’t changed at all&# 187; And you look very good&# 187;, – he said. He examined my outfit (I was wearing a sundress, with which pattern I don’t remember, but summer, in trimmings, and, oddly enough, I was wearing pretty decent makeup, although usually I either do not dye at all, or I do it, but at all imperceptibly).We kept holding hands. I was happy. And then my grandmother said:&# 187; Well, let’s go, why stand on the platform!&# 187; Dark obediently took the bags and we went to the exit together. There were no emotions on the face of my beloved, but his parents seemed very happy and were constantly whispering about something, but I clearly heard that our names appeared in their conversation.Moreover, the parents let us go ahead, while they themselves walked behind. We gradually approached the tram and at the same time a route stop.&# 187; What are you driving?&# 187; – he asked. &# 171; I’m on the tram!&# 187; Then the voice of the grandmother was heard:&# 187; Will you go to me or to mom?&# 187; He thought for a while, and said:&# 187; I will go to you!-he replied (this is how he refers to his grandmother, t.To. respects her very much).Mom said &# 8212; well, then come to me in the evening, and I will go to work.Just then a minibus drove up, my mother got into it and left. We were three of us. Grandma began to ask about something, and I shrank a little so as not to interfere with them. I turned away. And all the time, while I was talking, I felt his gaze on me. Then a tramway drove up. We all got into it and drove off. Artem said: Let’s meet today?I said that I do not mind, just need to clarify when. He suggested in the evening, I said so he called and gave him my number. Then it was time for them to go out, we said goodbye and I drove to the house alone. While walking home, I thought about him all the time. The dream ends with the fact that I come home, open the door with a key (which is strange, because.To. parents were at home, and usually, if they are at home, they put the key in the door), went in and closed the door behind them with a key. Why such a dream.

The dream in which there was such a meeting, most likely, suggests that you and Artem can become very close in the near future.

My mother dreamed that she was talking with Sergey’s brother, Andrey. And Andrei tells her that they want to be taken into the army, and then they leave somewhere else. And, he said something separately about Sergei. That something like this is happening to him too.

I am in love with a young man, he himself does not even know me.
I constantly dream that we walk together, go somewhere, in general, we love each other.
Such dreams disturb me only for one reason: it hurts. This man is very popular, he is surrounded by many girls, and he himself seems to have a girlfriend, in any case, I know for sure that he is in love.
Moreover, I repeat, he does not know me, and is unlikely to ever recognize me.
Tried to meet &# 8212; completely ignores.

The fact that such plots are often present in your dreams most likely indicates that your subconscious mind expresses your feelings in this way.

Julia, I constantly dream of a guy with whom I am in love, but we are not together, dreams are different, but they are constant and in them he tells me every time that he wants to be with me, but for some reason he cannot, why would this is?

Yesterday I had a dream, as if my beloved comes home from work, I meet him, he kisses me on the cheek, I ask how he is doing, he replies that everything is in order. I don’t feel very well in this dream. I’m leaving for the kitchen. I start to put him dinner, then I feel him kissing me on the neck &# 8212; I say wait (everything floats before my eyes). He notices that something is wrong with me, asks a question &# 8212; what’s wrong?I speak &# 8212; everything is fine, go, everything will be ready soon. He’s leaving. I am left alone in the kitchen. Then suddenly it gets really bad and I faint. He comes running, frightened, shouts &# 8212; what’s wrong. starts to bring me to my senses &# 8212; pours water on, hits on the cheeks &# 8212; nothing helps. He calls an ambulance, she comes and takes me to the hospital. All the time we drove to the hospital, he was there, holding his hand, kissing his hands and saying &# 8212; hey, everything will be fine. Then they put me on a stretcher either in the ward, or in intensive care, I don’t remember exactly what kind of medical actions they perform &# 8212; take analgesia, something else, I don’t remember exactly. I lie unconscious in the ward for a long time, and when I regain consciousness, I see a doctor in front of me. I ask &# 8212; what happened to me?He says &# 8212; you fainted. You need to be careful, as you will soon have a baby. I was completely shocked by what I heard, but I was very happy. I asked the doctor not to say anything to my beloved, t. To. I wanted to say everything myself. After a while, he entered the ward and was very happy that everything was fine with me. Asked &# 8212; how are you?I said &# 8212; Tyom, I need to tell you something important, only you first sit down. He was very surprised and even a little scared. Sat next to. I took his hand and began hesitantly &# 8212; In general&# 8230; Understand&# 8230; I’m pregnant. He was speechless, I looked at him with happy eyes and waited for him to tell me.And then he laughed and said &# 8212; I love you!and hugged me, he was in 7th heaven. Then the door of the ward creaked, the doctor entered, a smile was visible on his face, and with that I woke up. I saw the whole dream as if from the side. Tell me why this can dream?

A dream in which there were such events with the participation of a loved one probably indicates that you will try to hide something from him.

I dreamed about my ex, whom I still love. In a dream, I met him as if for the first time in my life. At first, he did not pay attention to me, then he began to give some gifts and invite different&# 8230; I remember that it was very good for me&# 8230; But I asked him: &# 171; Why are we not together and when will it start all over again?&# 187; He replied that until I change. I promised to change and he just came up and hugged me without words. I felt all emotions as in reality. Then I woke up immediately. Tell me how so? We broke up a year ago and he says that all my feelings are my illusion. Why dream?

A dream of this kind most likely indicates that you can overestimate these events in the context of your life.

Hello!i dreamed that my beloved very much asks to give birth to a child..please tell me what it is?

Hello! Yesterday I dreamed about my beloved twice a night. The first time I was standing somewhere in the forest. Then she suddenly went ahead and came out into the clearing. Suddenly I saw him in the dlek. The sun was shining very brightly, right in the eyes. He called me, then held out his hand and said &# 8212; come with me! I slowly walked towards him, stretching out my hand, walked for a long time, then our hands touched, we stood holding hands and smiled at each other. The sun was shining brighter and brighter. Then I woke up. The second time I dreamed that we were dancing a white dance with him and kk and in the first dream, we look into each other’s eyes and smile. What is it for?

The fact that this person was in your dream most likely indicates that you may be thinking about this person for too much time.

and if you dream that you are walking with your beloved and then you run away from him

Hello! We recently parted with my beloved man, I lived with him in another country for about six months, and now I have returned home. I felt very bad, we parted due to the fact that he did not trust me very much. We communicate on the Internet. He does not hide that he loves me, but he says that we cannot get along with each other. Wrote how painful and hard it was for him. I feel very bad too. Before parting, we often quarreled. Then I had a dream like this:
We have a child with him, he is already somewhere around 2 years old. He kept the child all the time. Was about to leave for work &# 8212; he is a taxi driver, and he took the child with him, so that out of pity, as if he were supposedly a single father, clients would tip him.
When we parted, I had other dreams. Today it’s like he came for me and took me to him. But he didn’t admit that we were in a relationship again, but I seemed to know that he didn’t specifically talk about it, as if so that I would not flatter myself.
Please tell me what it means?

A dream in which there were such events, most likely, expresses your need for this person and his presence.

Recently, I very often, almost every night, dream of a loved one. What is it for? There seems to be nothing bad in dreams based on the plot, but there is nothing good either. Either I meet him at work, then at school, then he just passes by along the corridor. Although in one dream He really wanted to talk to my mom.

Hello! I dreamed that I met a loved one on the street, he tells me &# 8212; Hey&# 8230; I &# 8212; Hey. He &# 8212; how are you?I am &# 8212; OK, you? He is silent for a long time and looks into my eyes, and then he says &# 8212; I’m sorry&# 8230; I’m sorry for everything&# 8230; For not saying anything to you then, for leaving you alone, forgive me&# 8230; I feel bad without you, very bad&# 8230; I want you to be near&# 8230; I say &# 8212; I heard that you are already married, so don’t&# 8230; He &# 8212; yes, I got married, but I feel very bad next to her! She is not the same! I only need you!Then he kneels down and takes my hand &# 8212; I feel bad without you&# 8230; I say &# 8212; me too, but I don’t need&# 8230; He &# 8212; I only think about you all the time, I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you then! sorry! I AM &# 8212; stop it&# 8230; He &# 8212; Do you love me? I AM &# 8212; I love&# 8230;. He &# 8212; so let’s be together. I AM &# 8212; I can’t, I don’t want to destroy your family.. He &# 8212; we have no family, and no love either. Please, do not go! I AM &# 8212; I dont know&# 8230; Then he gets up from his knees, we look into each other’s eyes. He says &# 8212; please&# 8230; I AM &# 8212; You know? If fate really is, then we will be together&# 8230; But I don’t want to ruin someone else’s life&# 8230; He &# 8212; there is nothing to destroy, I do not love her and she does not love me&# 8230; I AM &# 8212; then why are you together? He &# 8212; I dont know&# 8230; I &# 8212; I still can’t&# 8230; Silence. Then he suddenly says &# 8212; I am single&# 8230; And I didn’t have any girl&# 8230; I AM &# 8212; what. He is silent. I AM &# 8212; I do not believe&# 8230;. He &# 8212; this is true&# 8230;.Here, take my number, call me, I beg you! He took out something like a business card and gave it to me. I answered &# 8212; I don’t know, I need to think it over&# 8230; I turned my back on him and went my own way, all this time I felt his gaze behind my back.

The dream that you described above most likely reflects the behavior of this person, which you expect from him.

Hello! I very often have dreams in which my fiance says that he no longer loves me. I’m so scared. In a dream, I experience all the emotions as if in reality. I ask him to change his mind, but he is not in any. What could it mean? Moreover, such dreams I take off very often and I wake up in a cold sweat

Hello !I dreamed of a man whom I love, but whom I never saw alive. We have been communicating on the Internet for 4 and a half years&# 8230; I tried to erase it from my soul, but this dream prevented&# 8230; I dreamed as if I came to some building where he was. The meeting was not the first. I came to the office where he was&# 8230; There were many girls laughing, discussing hairstyles&# 8230; Then it somehow happened that we were left alone&# 8230; I sat opposite him and we just talked&# 8230; Then he asked to sit next to him&# 8230; I sat down&# 8230; And then he hugged me straight while sitting, I sat in his arms, hugged me back and tried to say that I love him very much. Then he started kissing me, but not on the lips, but just my face&# 8230; And then I woke up. The dream was so clear&# 8230; It feels like everything happened in reality&# 8230; What this dream could mean. I have never seen such clear dreams before&# 8230; Thanks in advance for your reply!

Your dream with the participation of that person most likely indicates that you can express affection for this person in this way.

Julia, hello!
I just can’t get away from the impression of a dream. Woke up, just shaking with fear for a very long time&# 8230;
I broke up with my boyfriend in May&# 8230;
Dream: we sleep with him alone in my father’s house, then he looks out the window, and there is a club opposite the house&# 8230; and he goes there. I lie in bed alone and I think I lost him&# 8230; he will never return. And then he enters the room and sits on a chair opposite me and looks at me. But a white cat was sitting on the chair, he, without looking, took it and threw it from the chair&# 8230; but she hit the wall, fell on her back and began to convulse.I started crying with pity for her. Sister came and began to say what they say to do with her now, she is in pain. He decided to finish her off, hitting his head against the wall, took the cat by the hind legs&# 8230; and I ran to another room so as not to see or hear&# 8230; but he came for me to kill her in front of me&# 8230; I turned away from him, covered my ears with my hands and eyes. He finished her off behind my back&# 8230; and I woke up abruptly. I still can’t forget&# 8230;
What does it mean? Thank you in advance!

Your dream, in which that person was, most likely indicates that you can spend a lot of time thinking about her.

I hardly think about him lately&# 8230; very rare. And, on the contrary, now I began to see him in a dream, although at the peak of suffering I did not see him in a dream even once.

I used to dream about HE&# 8230; all the time wanted to help me and even held out his hand. Sometimes he drove up in a car and wanted to go with him. But in a dream I felt either resentment or mistrust. And either she just looked at him without saying a word, or she asked &# 8212; you braked so sharply in front of me, you understand you risked my life, it is not dear to you&# 8230;
I dreamed that he came to me and said, I don’t know what to do.
a The last time He dreamed .. HE saved me from bad people, and with a prayer I just rushed to him and tearfully asked him to take me away and never leave me alone. he was distanced somehow and coldly said I can’t show my feelings. I sighed, said goodbye to him with my eyes and quietly left.
Since then, my beloved never dreamed of me anymore, I really miss him and I think every day&# 8230; but I don’t dream about it.
What do my dreams mean.
if he no longer comes to me even in my sleep, he has forgotten me? I am indifferent to him?

Your dreams with this person most likely indicate that you can consider this person the main dough in life.

I had a dream &# 8212; everyone kissed and praised each other like &# 8212; you are the best, beautiful, good, kind, and so on.NS.- and confessed their love to each other. What is it for?

I constantly dream of my young man, he is now in another city and we love each other, and I constantly dream of him in different situations, then we talk to him on the phone, then we just stand in silence and smile&# 8230; then some more situations..please tell me what this can mean?maybe I just want to be near him?

I dreamed that I was walking down the street, and suddenly I saw a person very similar to my beloved, almost a copy, but it was not him, I was so delighted (in reality I cannot be with my beloved and I understood this in a dream) but when I came to my senses where something happened, I ran to look for him, asked passers-by, and caught up with him in some building, deliberately stood in his way so that he would see me, and look at him myself, looked him in the eyes, and he went on. I really didn’t want to lose sight of him.

The dream that you described most likely indicates that you may be afraid that you may be afraid of contacting a similar person.

hello decipher my dream please.I dreamed that I was talking to my beloved on the phone.I tell him that I will go out at the military school, although he is now in the army, and I myself am at my technical school.he is in a completely different city, and I generally have no opportunity to go to him.he told me that I would go to the technical school, and asked to be called, although he is not at all in my city.what could this mean, please explain.Thank you in advance.

Probably, the dream you described is an expression of all the attraction that is between you.

Hello! I dreamed that I was walking past the room in which my beloved was lying on the bed and I saw as if some brunette was lying on his shoulder. I first walked by, and then came back, and when I approached him I saw that it was actually not a girl, but a closed book on his shoulder, and he was reading another book. and we talked a little more about these books, but I don’t remember what exactly. Please tell me what this could mean.

I ask for your help. I dreamed that I woke up in my lover’s room. I was VERY surprised by this. Then he comes in and asks how I feel! I absolutely don’t understand anything. Then he is very surprised that I do not remember anything! He begins to tell that they wanted to kidnap me, he found out about it, and saved me! So that they would not find me, he decided to hide me with him!! I never remembered anything. He showed me his house, we walked. He confessed that he saved me because he loves!! We’ve been together ever since. But one day he came to me sad and said that he was marrying another girl!! It was agreed a long time ago! I took offense at him and left! I don’t understand: why did he save me, if he knew that he would marry someone else?? it was clear that he didn’t want this wedding!!

Your dream most likely suggests that you may find yourself in a situation in which it will be difficult to navigate.

I dreamed that my Beloved One and I fought very much about the fact that He wanted to talk to my mother, and I forbade. I have been dreaming about him almost every day lately.

Hello! Today I had a dream that I seemed to be in the forest and it starts to light up, I run away from there, then I see a room where a loved one is next to me, like he is trying to incline me to intimacy, but I understand that I cannot&# 8230; here three men enter the room, one of them is his brother&# 8230; they start to look at me openly and make fun of me&# 8230; and the beloved laughs with them and does not try to protect me&# 8230; please tell me why all this was dreamed, a very unpleasant sediment on the soul after sleep.

A dream of this kind may indicate that the situation around you is now unfavorable, be careful.

Hello! Yesterday, for some reason, a former young man dreamed, and he dreamed that we were somewhere on the rink, the scenery was turned on there &# 8212; in general, the impression is that I just skated the number and he came to me. Children were spinning nearby, and I was sitting on a bench and was resting, suddenly he came up and started talking to me, and very strange &# 8212; his voice was higher than usual, like a 12-year-old teenager, and for some reason very quickly, and I constantly asked him what he was saying, I had to sit closer and closer to him and finally it turned out that he hugged me, we had good next to him, and then all of a sudden it started to rain out of nowhere, I said &# 8212; it’s late, it’s time, time is 9 pm, mom will be worried!He &# 8212; I spend. We went to get things and for some reason our physicist was in the wardrobe, she took things. I was looking for a bag for a long time, and when I found it, we drove along the rink &# 8212; I’m skating, but he just walked on the ice on his feet. I said &# 8212; let me teach you how to ride!He &# 8212; not&# 8230; do not!)) We laughed and the dream ended! What is it for?

A dream of such content most likely reflects how much you cannot be unsure of the stability of this relationship.

Hello!I dreamed that I went up to my boyfriend, kissed him and then called him out to the street, we went out.He sat down on a chair and sat me on his lap.What is it for?

Hello.I dreamed that I was with a young man. We hold hands, but in life we ​​have known each other for a long time and he has long been equal to me, but somehow it didn’t work out.and met with his friend. Now we parted and in this dream he stood with another company communicating.Saw him from afar, back from back.

Hello. Half a year ago I broke up with my young man, with whom we practically do not communicate, but lately he very often dreams of me walking with him, we are fine&# 8230; dreams, as dreamed in reality. What is it for?

somehow, a month ago, my boyfriend and I had a conversation about the delay, both were worried because.To. are not yet ready for children: in a controversial conversation, the phrase was thrown at me:&# 187; yes, if you are alone&# 187; (the person was drunk)&# 8230; recently the topic came up again (of that conversation), I recalled that phrase, the person was surprised, saying: &# 171; i said so?&# 187; this was the end of the conversation&# 8230;..
and a few days later I have a dream that my darling tells me that he wants a child from me&# 8230;.

what is it for? or is it just a play of my imagination, echoes of the hope that the person still really did not want to put it this way then&# 8230;..
if it’s not difficult, tell me your opinion!Thank you in advance!

The dream you told about most likely indicates that you are not sure about the honesty of that guy.

dreamed that a loved one would give me to another.but not just giving, but selling.
please tell me what it is for.thank you in advance

Falling asleep, I heard that from the opposite house someone turned on my favorite singer loudly, and controlled the volume back and forth, but this could not be, I heard the song clearly, but listens to her a little, and at half past three in the morning this is not turned on at all, and I was glad they turned it on) Probably, I already dreamed about it, I think now. Then I dream:
I, and my beloved in the company, he is old-fashioned trying to hit the road with me to smoke (we secretly meet from everyone), comes up, blocks me, shows me a cigarette, but now (it will be so in real life, and it was in a dream) with him don’t let go so easily. I looked out, noticed mine that I wanted to leave with another, told me to stay and not go to me to smoke with him, because I was worried. I stayed.
I know that my beloved will still be in the company in the evening, it’s like a day, but I think in a dream that suddenly it will not be possible to communicate like that, all evening while, maybe we see each other, so we will look at each other without retirement together and then without words stupid goodbye. (and then he must leave for a long time both in real life and in bed, we were lucky to see each other and were able to see each other on almost the last day). But in a dream, maybe he won’t leave, he doesn’t know yet. May remain. I decide to put a letter to him in the mailbox,
I go there to his house, near his house (but in a dream he does not live there and I don’t know what kind of house it is) there is a mailbox, or rather lies on the ground, a large (for all apartments in the house a box), rusty square, 2×2 meters and 1 meter in height, looks more like a trash can, but this is a mailbox, it just doesn’t open there. when you open the piece of iron, there are many compartments. I walked around it, I could not open the lid, I recall a hint that this mailer opens only if you put sausage somewhere in it, for a cat). But I don’t have sausage with me, in a dream I knew that I had already come there 4 times already, the first 3 times I did not know about the sausage, and on the fourth I simply did not take it with me. I prepared a letter, I want to throw it to him, but it will reach if I cannot retire with him at the next evening and tell him everything. We (I and someone can see my friends) are visiting further in bed not far from this house, in a large room with a balcony on the first floor, the weather is normal, semi-sunny, not rainy, but semi-foggy or clouds. It seems to me from the house of friends. I see that not far is his house and this mailbox. I’m going there again. (no attention to the weather outside. I don’t see which one). I stand by the box, an aunt, a janitor or a postman comes up and says – here the sausage should be put to the cat, then we will open it, etc.d.) Well, I don’t, I say, I forgot. She says which apartment, okay, that she wanted to send a letter there? I’m showing, yeah. I say apartment 26. Although he does not have an apartment in real life. She opens it for me, lifts a rusty iron cover, here she says for 26, I throw a letter there, in a shallow long cell, she closes. I’m coming back
already to my home, not to the house of friends, and there, in the evening, I know they all came, and my beloved too. I haven’t seen him yet, I thought And why did I leave the letter if we talk today. )) And I also began to doubt in a dream, he has either 26 apartments or 6. And I tried to go there to pick it up, but there was no one who would open for me, I did not know where to shove the sausage and it was already getting dark). I have not seen my beloved yet or have caught a glimpse, returned, I stand in front of the mirror. In the apartment where everyone has already gathered. I look, I have one clothes, then another (in real life I don’t have one) – a white skirt is very short and a white blouse, a top, button-down front is always unbuttoned = this one my 3-year-old daughter has, this one is the same in my size), a short jacket made of hard material appears on top of the topic. And I think it’s time to go home and change. (I have a second apartment in the same entrance in real life and in a dream). I go there and stand there by the closet, take my friend with me, because I want to tell her: Come with me, I want to try to pick up the letter. (I don’t really see the face of more than one in this dream, expressions, but the body in the mirror is clearly visible, I did not see my own face in the mirror, I did not look at it). Although, in principle, it is useless to go and try to pick it up again, but you never know she will come up with something.
I change at the closet, behind the door, as it was in my childhood, I always changed outside the closet door. A friend is slightly closer to the threshold of the room, the door to this apartment is not particularly closed, it can be seen, she changes without fences, and I am careful behind the closet.
Here we hear the guys going up the stairs – the voice of everyone from our company. We shout that we’ll go out now, my friend is in a hurry to get dressed, but I didn’t change, stayed in a white skirt and a short and thin top (horror, unbuttoning indecent). One guy from our company comes in, breaks in, I’ll call him D., he is stupid in life, he does not understand anything, he can go like that, but in life if we told him that we were changing clothes, he would hardly show such impudence. And he just grabs my girlfriend from behind, I’m trying to hit the corridor (because the other guys are in the entrance and I want to call them, save my friend from D.), I can almost see how my beloved will cope with it, is already rising, shouting them, and D. – I do not have time to run out into the corridor – I grabbed and I was already in the doorway, I was trying to escape, in a dream I feel how he was holding me. We break out of sleep, of course, and we all have a rest together, but I don’t see this anymore, I understand that it all ended like this, young people from the company came in and everything worked out, I was shocked, I just wake up. Thanks in advance for the toddling.

Most likely, your dream expresses those fears that have recently occupied your thoughts and are associated with those relationships.

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