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Seeing the Bible in a dream means that you will have the opportunity of pure and bright pleasure. Seeing yourself rejecting biblical teachings is a sign that you are ready to succumb to seductive temptations.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

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Miss Hasse’s medium

what does the Bible dream about?

See or read – an important but harsh life awaits you

Modern dream book

dream Bible dream book

To see the Bible in a dream – to visit the church in reality, morally cleanse, repent. In addition, it means the possibility of some sublime pleasure, inner satisfaction for you. Reading the Bible in a dream, interpreting its texts is a symbol of a clear conscience, a noble deed that you will perform, throwing away doubts. It is also likely that you will be able to very wisely manage your time, money, property. If in a dream you do not understand the biblical texts, you will face difficulties in business. If you reject biblical teaching, you are ready to be tempted by some kind of temptation.

Esoteric dream book

what does it mean if the Bible is dreaming dream book

Seeing, buying – it’s time for you to think about the meaning of life and your purpose. Reading, receiving as a gift is a sign of fate; you will soon find your true purpose. Antique, richly bound – you are destined to occupy a high position by fate.

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