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Dream interpretation big kind dog 😴 dreamed of what a big kind dog dreams about in a dream

A big kind dog in a dream indicates help in a difficult situation from an old friend. Your suddenly stopped communication will not prevent him from helping you in a crisis situation.

Large friendly dogs symbolize the presence of patrons that you dream of all the time, now they can appear in reality.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

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I dreamed of a big kind Dog, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the big kind Dog is dreaming of in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I let my dog ​​go for a walk! And the neighbors also released their dog even stronger and my dog ​​ran to catch up with the neighbor, hiding out of sight! I ran after them and when I saw them they walked amiably

I dreamed that I live in a new 2-room apartment, on the first floor, and a large light brown dog lives near the house, someone makes a fence around the house and the dog remains for me, I look at it with fear, but I immediately understand that she is kind and caresses my leg. I think about what to feed her, I go to the kitchen to take her something to eat.

dreamed of a brown big dog not evil clean neat. I locked myself on the key from her. it was in the basement.

First I found him a dog, she was homeless, I liked her very much. We played with her, ran, recognized and I decided to take her home. We ran to my car, but in fact I don’t have a car, through an underpass, a group of people who walked us to meet me partitions the road. Then I remembered how they told me that you can’t walk through this passage, because all the murders take place there. I start asking them to let me go and I call the dog, but it doesn’t seem to hear me and I don’t think I’m calling quietly, but for some reason I cannot. I have a panic that I’m going home now to mock and kill. And then I don’t remember exactly, or the dog heard and turned in my direction and began to look for my trail, or immediately ran to me, I don’t remember, I immediately woke up.

In a dream, a large black dog came up to me and grabbed my clothes, led. I went and saw a little kitten and found a large amount of money there. She brought them and hid them in a chest of drawers under the linen, and immediately there were people who began to look for this money, but never found.

I dreamed that I had a huge white-black dog about 2 years old, she was kind, I stroked her and thought how she appeared I always had cats, but the dog was very good and smart sitting and looking out the window

The dream was amazing even in a dream. Somehow, I ended up at the dacha of my ex-husband (with whom I have not communicated for 3 years), he had a huge brown dog with the face of an elderly man, the dog greeted us. All the closets of the ex-husband were full of clothes, different jackets and coats. In a dream, my classmate was also with me. We were in a hurry with her where-.then they even caught a bus, but I was looking for shoes and the bus was waiting, I said that I could not go barefoot. And when the bus still left without us, I looked at my feet and found myself shod.

A big beautiful kind dog, we made friends with her, immediately invited her, played like 2 friends, Loved her in a dream

I lie on the bed, a large gray dog ​​jumps up to me, I stroke it, it fins a little, takes a comfortable position and falls asleep calmly, part of it lies on me, I stroke it

I liked my old apartment and it was as if I had brought there a homeless, but large dog. The dog was brown and very kind to me. In a dream, it so happened that I looked after and walked with this dog. In real life, I really love dogs, I have a dog near my house. Even in a dream, at some point, the dog disappeared somewhere. I already thought that my mother could kick her out, but after a while she came home herself.

It was raining outside, I was in a hurry to get home as soon as possible, but I saw two dogs, as if they were trying to get something or find something near the water-filled sewer. I went up to them and tried to call for them so that they would not stand in the rain, but in response I only saw the eyes asking for help. This ended my dream. This is the second dream with these dogs, more precisely, in the first dream there was only one dog, the same one, also looking for something, although there was no rain. In the first dream, it seemed to me that the dog was lost and I went up to her to console&# 8230; The dream ended again on the begging eyes.

My husband keeps the dog on a long leash, she bites me, but he does not protect me, but on the contrary, the leash allows her to bite me, he bit me once, but there was no blood.

I dreamed that I met a dog on the street, it was big, black, fluffy. She was very affectionate to me, kind. I tried to persuade my parents to pick her up, but they refused, when we got into the car, the dog ran very quickly after the car, unable to bear it, I jumped out of the car and ran to the dog. So, in general, I took the dog for myself.

I dreamed about a dog on a chain, she just ran over a ditch.And I was afraid of her and wanted to bypass.And walked across some field.

I dreamed that my dog, a home labrator, was already walking around the city with my dog, and then she started to break away from me, I started asking my friends what she was trying to break out, I was told that she wants to leave you, they said that it happens that all dogs want to leave, I said that I won’t let her go to anyone, she’s mine and only kept her on a leash and she wasn’t angry, the dog didn’t growl and didn’t bark at her, she somehow managed to break out again and again, but I caught up with her and then they told me that I had to let her go, let her go wherever she went the road will show I sat down next to her and began to cry, saying that I did not want to melt with her. And then I had to let her go, I got into the car and we left, I started crying wildly in the car. And then I see her running after our car, I said to stop and I ran out to her and started clawing and stroking her, saying that I would not give her to anyone.

My husband and I came to the field to walk 3 large dogs, the dogs were running around the field and suddenly from the left I see the tobun of wild horses, all beautiful and early-morning, more white and brown, and this herd ran straight at the dogs, after the tobun ran the dogs lying but we were alive, we took them and put them in the car and I woke up. What does this dream mean.

I dreamed of a big kind dog, light color.I wanted to go with her, but without a muzzle and a leash they would not let her.Therefore, almost all night I was looking for a leash and a muzzle for him, but, alas, I did not find

Hello!I dreamed that I saw from the window how a big kind black dog with a red brisket was trying to hold a sack of gauze on its nose.This bag wants to fall, and the dog turns its head in different directions and does not let this bag go away.It was funny.

At first I saw myself and my brother walked, saw a peacock, then a big calm dog, then the lion chased after brother, we closed the door and ran away

Tonight I dreamed of a Tibetan Mastiff dog, not mine, she nailed to our yard and in our yard gave birth to five beautiful puppies.

Hello! I dreamed of a running wet, dirty dog, ran close to me, but between us there was a fence made of metal mesh. German Shepherd Dog of its natural color. The action took place in the dark. There was a female man with the dog walking in front of.

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