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Dream Interpretation Biology Faculty of Chemistry. Why does the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry dream of seeing in a dream –


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Dream Interpretation – Faculty

Dream interpretation – chemical element

This is an iconic Dream, about "transition period", based on personal Responsibility for your Choice and with the Possibility to have an Assistant (maybe, what an influential Friend. ).

And rightly so, any Choice is a Road to one End (one Exodus), which must be done Knowingly so as not to regret if something goes wrong.

Your Choice / Element in your Blood is the essence of Intimacy and Blood Link.

I chose Gold – this means Material benefits, Social status (in my blood already – this cannot be changed!, suggests about Children).

It will not be possible to return, one Choice – one End – about the once Lost intimacy that cannot be returned. But..

There is a Man, a master is a technician, he is sent back and forth to do some Works – this is about the possibility of Work on Oneself and Changes that become available in the Result (and you can walk back and forth, Work is "conductors" among People, helpers in any "transition" or in a difficult period).

All Changes outside – begin within themselves, and in no other way (their Vibrations change – the Inaccessible becomes available!).

Strange, the Dreamer still has Chances, when others no longer have.

What does it mean. And the fact that the Dreamer is most likely Young and faces a Choice for life, when the people around him have already made a Choice is irrevocably.

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