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Dream Interpretation Bort why Bort dreams in a dream – interpretation of dreams


If a woman sees in a dream that she agrees to an abortion, then this dream is a warning: apparently, she is going to do something that will entail trouble. If a doctor dreams of such an operation, then this dream warns him against neglecting his professional duty.

Modern dream book

see in a dream Abortion dream book

The dream that a woman agrees to an abortion warns her against actions that can lead to trouble. A doctor who has had such a dream should know that this is a warning against neglect of professional duty.

see in a dream Board a dream book

Seeing in a dream the side of a large ship with an inscription means that you will have a great opportunity to relax. Such a dream promises a business person a profitable deal with new, possibly foreign partners. If in a dream you fell overboard, then a bitter disappointment awaits you. Looking at the water, leaning over the side of the ship, is a sign of the upcoming changes in your life. For the girl, this dream portends a move to a new home. Feeling like you are on board an airplane means that you will be haunted by a feeling of self-doubt until you find a way to assert yourself. For a woman, such a dream means her uncertainty about the reliability of the chosen one.

Esoteric dream book

what does it mean if you dream about abortion – for a woman a dream book

Doing to you is your fear of the negative consequences of the planned actions. You are a surgeon – the body warns of fatigue, requires rest.

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