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Dream Interpretation Break 😴 dreamed of what dreaming of Break in a dream see


Breaking a thing is a sign that you will go through certain problems.

Break the iron – you can achieve great success.

What did you break in your dream?

I dreamed of breaking a tree branch ▼

Breaking a tree branch means you will be alone.

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of Breaking, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what you are dreaming about Break in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

broken right leg, a cast on the leg, the right side of the lower and upper jaw fell out, gynecological surgery

Olga, if in a dream you break your leg, lose your jaw, then you better take care of yourself, perhaps this is a disease.

Hello! Please help me decipher the dream! From Friday to Saturday, I dreamed that in my hands my wedding ring was so soft, as if it was made of plastic and bends, and then it broke into 2 parts, I shouted to my husband that my wedding ring was broken, he took it from me and threw it into sea&# 8230; What does this dream mean?

Running from sharks, broke my arm. Yes, not just broke, but the whole brush fell off, even bones were visible as in a cut. Did not bleed. Then a friend just took and stuck her hand back, and I walked around and then took care of my hand so that it would not fall off.

in a dream I saw my 4 year old daughter as she jumped from the windowsill and broke her leg, I held her in my arms, consoled her.I saw how my husband called an ambulance and brought us ice..the child whimpered but did not cry, I woke up from the fact that I screamed loudly from this incident in a dream.

Help decipher!I dreamed that I came home, and my mother’s boyfriend broke my jaw with his hand and then my teeth fell out, there were only 4, like, pieces.And I saw the teeth that fell out. terrible&# 8230;

in a dream broke her legs when falling. very much. I even saw the leg turn 90 degrees. i went through the pain

hello, I dreamed that my leg was broken and my foot came off and got up back into place, and most importantly, there was no pain

I tried to drive the stranger away from us, for some reason I decided that she was hostile and wanted to harm us. In the process, we are already fighting in a hockey box filled with water. Then I look at the struggle from the sidelines. Naked bodies flash. As a result, I take her by the hand and try to break it, for heightened effect I bite at the place of the fold and it crunches. I notice with surprise that the blood is not scarlet as usual, but blue. Letting her go, spitting out blood. And she stands in a long dark gray dress and prepares to attack again. The alarm clock did not allow me to watch it, I woke up with this &# 8230;

I dreamed that I broke my left arm, they gave me an injection in my right arm and my left arm stopped hurting, then I waited for a very long time until they put a plaster cast on me and didn’t have time to put it on, I woke up.

Hello! I had a dream in which I broke my leg and they put a plaster cast on me, and then, I hobbled along some &# 8212; then the road, relying on what &# 8212; then the person, I don’t remember exactly

My left arm is broken in the forearm, but today I dreamed&# 8230; The brush is hanging, and they tell me that I also have a broken brush&# 8230;

Hello. I had a dream that I was standing near a very high building, almost a skyscraper, and I could not raise my head up to look at the top of the building, it becomes terribly scary from this height.At the same time, an idea is created in my head that this building is nothing more than the Polytechnic University in Feodosia, which I vehemently told my mother about in a dream, supposedly it is the largest university in the world. Then, probably while on an in-class excursion with a teacher in another city, we stopped in some building resembling a hotel, and my friend and I seemed to have broken some object in the teacher’s room and quickly ran to our room, i.e.To. the distance was very large, and the corridor was dodgy, I could not, while running away, turn without crashing into the wall. But still we ran and locked ourselves in the room. What does it mean?

I recently built a barn and now I have a dream today that this barn is being broken, I looked, I was a little upset, but I left and I thought, after they left, I would somehow fix everything

In a dream I dreamed that there was an explosion&# 8230; and at that moment the boy called for help&# 8230; his leg was already broken&# 8230; but she was not in plaster, but in knitting needles&# 8230;.and after the explosion it completely fell off from him&# 8230; I grab his leg and run to the doctors&# 8230; realizing that you need to run faster, otherwise the leg will no longer be restored&# 8230;.

I dreamed about my broken arm and the arm of a friend, whom I had not seen for 4 weeks, that is, we did not communicate with him at all . Still broken . There were a lot of people, but I remembered only my friend, my teacher and my aunt. We were either in a wooden house, in a bath (sauna). Then my friend began to break the plaster cast on his arm with a hammer, and for some reason my teacher was holding me. Then somehow my plaster was broken in half. Then I saw that my aunt was sleeping on my windowsill. Then my teacher held me again. And I woke up.

i dreamed that I broke my left arm and my arm bone was sticking out, they told me that we were going to the hospital now, I got scared and woke up

Snils, the propeller shaft of the car, it was held on two bolts and the other two were missing. When I had a dream, I felt anxiety and did not understand why it happened

In a dream, she was in a hurry and broke the refrigerator door.saw an angry brother in the bathroom, nephew and mother completely indifferent to all this

I go into my room, at first I didn’t notice these things, and then I think I’ll play the button accordion, I have 2 of them and I notice one half is put on top, and the other, as if glued to the snot, keeps and I cried

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