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Dream interpretation Bristle 😴 dreamed of why Bristle dreams to see


If you dream about stubble on your face, you will have to take on additional worries and tasks. A dream speaks of a dream in a strong and caring partner who can provide support at a crucial moment. Recently, however, you have only received disappointments from members of the opposite sex.

Who has you dreamed of stubble in a dream?

What is the dream of a friend’s stubble ▼

We saw a dream about the stubble on the face of a friend? Such a dream was sent to you as an indication that communication with him should be stopped. This subject will not only not lead to well-being, but will also begin to erect obstacles on the way to a dignified existence.

Bristles in a child’s dream ▼

Why does a child dream of stubble? There will be trouble in life that will affect the whole family, and especially children. Trouble will not be associated with health, kids can have problems at school in communication with peers.

I dreamed of my father’s stubble ▼

The interpretation of the dream, where your father had stubble, informs that the family will soon be replenished. You are entering a period of life when a lot of happiness and joy awaits you.

Where did you dream of stubble?

Stubble on the face in a dream ▼

In the dream, the stubble was on your own or someone else’s face? A dream in this situation hints at the presence of wisdom and experience. You will be able to cope with many problems without spending much effort and without spoiling your nerves.

I dreamed of stubble on my chest ▼

If you dream of stubble on your chest, what you see portends prosperity and well-being. Will be able to successfully cope with numerous problems. Well-being will be greatly improved.

I dream about stubble on my stomach ▼

In dreams there was a stubble on my stomach? Dream interpretation Felomena notes that this is a sign of future conflicts in love relationships. There is a chance that you will need to sort out your feelings and decide whether to continue the relationship or it is time to end it.

There will come a period in life when the opinion of some people will radically change, which will affect your worldview as a whole.

What stubble did you dream about??

Black stubble in a dream ▼

Why dream of black bristles? This picture serves as a symbol of excellent health, success and well-being – both in business and in personal relationships.

How other dream books interpret?

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

Dreamed of Bristle, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why Bristle is dreaming in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I dreamed that I woke up in the morning and my whole face was covered with stubble, like men. but, they gave me a promise. boil 2 eggs and apply to the face. I did so, in the end, after a few minutes everything went away.

I have had the same dream 5 times already. I see myself from the outside, I have stubble on my face, I’m talking to someone.

Bristles on the tongue. I pull it out in bunches, and it seems to grow back. and so several times. Suddenly the dream disappears.

I dreamed of a young man who is sympathetic to me, he comes to my apartment and says , &# 171; why when I come to you, your door is always open?&# 187; this is what I remember.Then he comes up to me, and so fleetingly begins to hug me, and wants to kiss me with his lips, I turn away into a lung, I want to pretend to turn away, and in the end we touch all the same, I feel his stubble, and my lips come together ..and I wake up) what does it mean?)

I have grown stubble on my face. I removed them with tweezers .At the same time, there was a man next to me (our Russian actor), but I like him.

dreamed of a woman who looked like a gypsy, but for some reason with stubble on her face and with a hump on her nose&# 8230; she said something to my face at this time I pretended to be asleep.She opened her eyes, she whispered (spoke) for some time, and I answered her: What you wished for me, take it for yourself (something like that).She answered me the same and quickly left.How to interpret this dream, what does it mean?

tonight I dreamed of stubble on my face, I stroke it and wonder at it, because I don’t have stubble on my face

I dreamed of the stubble on a man’s face, it seemed to be a loved one, but at the same time a stranger’s man (since the face was not specifically visible.Just stubble, or rather a close-up chin.The dream was dim, black and white.

I had a dream as if I saw my boss unshaven (overgrown with stubble). I touch his cheek and say that I should shave. And he’s kind of tired &# 8212; kind of brushes it off and turns away. And then I see that he has a beard. Moreover, it is very long (up to the waist), rather thick black with gray hairs. Clean, beautiful. I liked the beard. In general, I was surprised by the stubble, delighted and surprised by the beard. In reality, the boss has neither stubble nor beard &# 8212; he is always clean-shaven. And we don’t have any conversations on personal topics.

I dreamed that I had thick stubble on my face but not long! although there is no such thing in life, then I began to shave it off, and partially dry, and at the same time I thought that I would need to show off a beard to a comrade, or rather to a work colleague. the dream was colorful but not bright.

i dreamed that I handed over my old coat to second hand, and there I took myself an expensive mink coat. and then I saw my ex-husband with his current wife and she had stubble on her face like a man.

I dreamed that my face was overgrown with stubble, I went to the mirror and saw it and began to touch my hands for 20 years and there were no such dreams before.

I had a dream that I had stubble, but not like my real one, but thicker and darker. The bristles grew the way I would like, in a dream I liked it&# 8230;

Me (girl), my little sister and our mom took a walk, rode a car.
Then they came to our yard, my mother (she used to play in the basketball team) decided to take a basketball and play with the kids in the yard. (here I was surprised in a dream, because she has not played for a long time, moreover, she does not lead an active lifestyle). My sister &# 8212; Anka &# 8212; followed her .
And then I saw my face, as if in the reflection of a mirror, but there was no mirror, there was no reflecting surface. The facial features were believable as in reality, so there was no doubt that this was my face. And then I saw a dark stripe on my neck, began to examine it more closely and saw a tight stubble (I myself am a brunette, so the realism goes off scale)) Rather surprised, and not from fright, I began to call my mother: &# 171; Mom, look, my beard is growing! it’s all hormonal!&# 187;
Here is such a strange dream I had today.
Thank you for your time.

cnulos sto u menja na lice vyrosla setina ot cego mne bylo nelovko. vso vremya v sne ja chotela jejo kakto ubrat i vernut svojo preznee luco.

Hello! I dreamed that I saw myself, probably in the mirror, as I saw from the side, but I felt movements. I looked at my face, I see a strong unshaven, almost already the beard has grown, but did not shave, but began to comb it. The color of the beard or unshaven is black, but in reality I have it now with gray hair. In general, I smoothed it, then began to comb it so that it was beautiful.
Well, here’s a dream. thanks

I’m driving in the back or the bus, and a girl is sitting in front of her, I caress her face with my hands, play with her hair, she throws her head back, I kiss her, and she has light stubble))) and I am like that, that’s why girls don’t like it when not shaved, and I kiss her neck and nose and lips)

A guy I like came up.We stood talking with a friend.He greeted and we are abruptly transported to my house.He asked something (I don’t remember), I denied it, and he said that he would show my mother a photo, and my mother stood behind, and then I bent down and told him&# 187; Vov, please don’t say&# 187; and most importantly, I remember how I fought against his stubble, when I got up, this feeling did not disappear.I like this guy for a long time.And to dream in 3 months of communication for the first time, precisely from Thursday to Friday 13, what could this mean?

I dreamed of thick stubble on my face, (I’m female) and I had unpleasant and painful sensations on my face, I got scared and began to pull it off my face with my hands&# 8230;.The bristles were very thick and black&# 8230;

Hello! Today is my real birthday. And I dreamed today somewhere around 13:00 my birthday. There was my husband, my sister, his brother and my grandmother. There were many more people, but I don’t remember them in person. For some reason, we somehow did not celebrate my birthday. For some reason everyone had to sing a song. I have a bad memory. When my turn came to me, I forgot everything and started looking for a piece of paper with the words. I came across many different sheets, but all of them are not the same. Then for some reason the whole story disappeared. And I see myself with my husband. we hug constantly. His brother comes up. Hugged me congratulated. Then I hear he comes up to my husband and asks if everything is all right with me, what kind of I’m not like that. I go to the mirror and see myself in the mirror in a long summer dress (which I actually have) and absolutely not made up. And my face is really mine without makeup with all the acne as in reality.I do not understand. then in the process of sleep, I somehow noticed.that one breast is falling out of me. I calmly tucked it in front of everyone. But then she constantly checked if she had fallen out again. Then, for some reason, I went to the mirror and saw the hair on my chest like that of men, and before my eyes, thick stubble began to appear in the mirror and I felt how it was growing further, tightening. I went up to my sister – she just joked that it’s okay now you’re going to shave. I am horrified to my husband – he calmly felt that there was no Adam’s apple. When I approached my grandmother, I already felt the contraction so strongly, but no one took it seriously. went to the mirror, and I had blue vessels sticking out like tubes.
I woke up in a cold sweat, feeling the same as in a dream. Very scared. I looked in dream books, but there is nothing similar, only individual words.Please help me to explain. Thank you in advance.

on the cheeks . the beard on the neck had hair not solid bristles but separate hairs of different lengths but of the same color dark but not black and the more I tried to get rid of them, the more they appeared, which began to lead me to panic

Hello, I have not found the interpretation of one dream. In it I hold in my hands a child’s drawing (probably with crayons), given to me (I do not know by whom), dolls or girls in full height; on black paper / canvas. I have not found such a phenomenon anywhere, please consult.

I saw the growing short stubble next to where the whiskers were black and where the chin was white and I stroked the stubble what does that mean

I, on Monday in the office at a seminar among employees, touch my face with my hand and remember that I forgot to shave

I dreamed that at first I felt soft stubble on my face, then I looked in the mirror and saw a light stubble that was bigger than a mustache, I understand that I need to get rid of it, but I know that I can’t shave off with a machine, and I clean it with an electric razor, after which my face becomes smooth to the touch&# 8230;

I had a very strange dream today, I scratched my cheek and the face of a loved one, there were scratches on my cheek that caused a burning sensation, and even after I smeared this place with baby cream, the burning did not go away

this dream was actually not me but my man, it seems as if we were sitting at my house at the table there was my late father and some other man and my man saw a shield on my face, he was surprised and asked if she had been with me before, I said Yes, I didn’t bother today because I didn’t have time

I dreamed that I was looking in the mirror and I had stubble like a man’s, but I’m a woman and I think I should shave it or you can still be like that

Hello, I dreamed that I had long hair and a beard like my grandfather, my hair is black. I wanted to cut them off in a dream, but I didn’t.

In a dream, I talked with my work colleague and saw that she had stubble, like a man’s, for which I advise her to buy wax strips, but she refuses, and says that when she shaves, her face becomes smooth.That’s all my strange dream!

I am a girl and I dreamed that I had a beautiful short stubble!black color!

I dreamed of a shield, black as night and I was very happy that it was black and thick, touched it and bragged to friends

I dreamed that I was looking in the mirror and I had stubble on my face as if I hadn’t shaved for 1 week, why is this dream

I had a dream that I was washing my face and a man of Caucasian nationality with gray stubble came up to me&# 8230; and kissed me

I dreamed of my little son with dark stubble on his face, I drew attention to this in a dream and pointed out to my wife&# 8230;.we were both surprised by the thick dark stubble&# 8230;

my son died on March 12 this year&# 8230; I dreamed about it for the first time today&# 8230; I saw him standing&# 8230; he smiled at me&# 8230; his face was slightly unshaven, but the stubble was dark and thick, and he never had a thick . I asked him if he would eat, he just smiled and did not answer me&# 8230;&# 8230; and I woke up&# 8230;&# 8230; thanks in advance! I have the most wonderful son.

Dreamed of a brother, now a deputy, allegedly he has an unkempt beard

Some strange gray and eerie dream . All the time I try to find a way out from some unfamiliar street. I really need to get home urgently, but I wander and can not find the right way in any way. Then I sharply see myself from the side: my face, it is overgrown with thick black stubble, I get scared, I cry and wake up.

I dreamed on Monday morning that my left breast was covered with stubble, and my mother was going to help me pluck it out, holding tweezers in her hand. I took the tweezers from her and intended to pluck the stubble myself, that was the end of the dream.

I saw myself in a dream one face with thick stubble on the face that I scratched or stroked. the image of the face itself was against the background of darkness. I had a dream about three weeks ago.

Hello!i dreamed that with tweezers I pulled out hard hair from my husband on a litset with a color like yellow.well, very tough.

several men with stubble on their faces took turns they didn’t know me, they don’t want anything from me, but I’m a little bit wary of them

I recently broke up with a girl&# 8230; I dreamed about how I was already near a door I didn’t know. She opens it to me, I see on her face not a big smile and white eyes, we start talking about something and I notice she has not big stubble

I looked in the mirror and saw stubble on my face, there were a lot of people talking to them as if they were acquaintances, but I don’t remember them&# 8230; started looking for a razor, they helped and woke up

I don’t really remember
I remember that I was sitting talking with some person, then I went to the bathroom to look in the mirror and I see that my width and hair are quite long and black and where the mustache grows too, and I still stand like this and I think where it came from and I think I need to shave. and if I shave it won’t get any worse then I think it is necessary to look on the Internet what the others are doing and whether they had such a problem and that was the end of the dream

An acquaintance comes into the house and he had a beard that was long to his chest and well-groomed . Also with him is jashod his sin and some other person. With everyone’s mouth open, the man with the beard actually owes my wife a lot of money . Help interpret the dream .

I’m a girl . I see myself going to the bathroom . I went in, looked in the mirror and saw stubble on my chin. It was neither short nor long . But it was clear that she hadn’t shaved for a long time . There was no panic and feelings of fear . I left the bathroom, and then I don’t remember .

good day! I dreamed that my friend and I were standing in front of the mirror and I was looking at the stubble, and he seemed to be washing it under a stream of water, and in the meantime I was stroking my evenly shaved soft thick stubble). thanks

I dreamed that before the exam at school I went to the toilet and saw black stubble and a mustache on my face, as soon as I pulled one, it immediately pulled out very easily. Then I went into the classroom, and there was a guy who I like in real life, and he invited me to visit him and take a walk.

Black shield on the face, black thick grew, tried to shave them, it did not work, as the razor turned out to be dull


I dreamed that I saw myself as a poorly chosen shield on my face wiped out in pieces. At the same time, I am not upset and not upset, rather surprised

Dreamed of black stubble on my chin on my face. I am a woman. They were prickly. I touched them with my hand

i dreamed that I was looking in the mirror and saw myself with an un-shaven face. Sleep is pleasant, colorful, in warm colors.

Good afternoon, in a dream in the mirror I saw only my face with a black shield, and then two men appeared in the room and my wife degenerated sympathy with me.

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