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Dream interpretation Brother 😴 dreamed of why Brother dreams to see


If you dreamed about a brother, the dream may be a reflection of the fact that at this stage you do not have enough friendly communication and support.communication. In addition, if you and your brother do not get along very well in real life, such a dream plot may indicate that you are worried about how stable your position in society and social circle is.

What brother did you dream about?

Dreamed of a second cousin ▼

A dream about a second cousin, if he really exists, is a signal that you need to see relatives. As an abstract character, a second cousin means the presence of a close-minded person in reality.

Seeing a younger brother in a dream ▼

The younger brother in the dream book is the personification of the lack of spiritual intimacy and warmth of dear people. A sibling younger brother indicates additional responsibilities.

Dreaming of a nonexistent younger brother ▼

To dream of a younger brother who does not exist in reality means to face betrayal, duplicity and problems in the family of a very different nature.

Why is the older brother dreaming ▼

Why is the older brother dreaming? You need protection, protection from a powerful person. The elder brother is a symbol of stability and well-being, excellent health and the implementation of the outlined plans.

What your brother looked like in your dream?

Why is a drunk brother dreaming ▼

A drunken brother dreams as a symbol of deterioration, the appearance of difficulties in relationships with close relatives. Quarrels and conflicts are not excluded. A drunken brother warns against committing rash acts. Take care of your own health.

Dreamed of a naked brother ▼

I dreamed about a naked brother – in reality, he may find himself in a difficult position or an impartial situation. At this moment, you need to be next to him and provide all possible help.

Sweaty brother dreaming ▼

A dream about a sweating brother foreshadows that in reality you will have to sweat hard over a confusing case or an intricate plan. There is only one way out – be patient.

Seeing blood on my brother’s hands in a dream ▼

You see blood on your brother’s hands in a dream – in reality, communication with someone close to you will grow cold. Failures, difficulties and destruction of hopes are possible soon.

To dream that a brother has blood on his hands – can speak of temporary alienation among loved ones, possible failures and problems.

Dreamed of a brother in blood ▼

A brother in blood dreams of excessive attention to his own person and selfishness. This behavior may soon have consequences, and far from the most positive.

What did you do in your dream?

Dreaming that you are hitting your brother ▼

I dreamed that you were hitting your brother – there will be disagreements in the family for a variety of reasons. The peace that has existed for a long time will be disrupted, mutual understanding and harmony will lose their existence.

Marry a brother in a dream ▼

Why dream of marrying a brother? An indication of emotional attachment to a waking brother. You are not indifferent to the events taking place in his life, you want to take an active part in this.

What did the brother do in the dream?

Brother cries in his sleep ▼

A dream about a crying brother portends disappointment and sadness. If you managed to calm your brother down, get ready to put a lot of effort into the successful implementation of the conceived project.

Brother split in two in a dream ▼

The bifurcated brother is interpreted by Felomena’s dream book as the onset of a serious illness, serious troubles in the life of a relative he saw. If necessary, show participation and provide assistance, it will not be superfluous.

In what situation did you see your brother in a dream??

Seeing a brother in a coffin in a dream ▼

What is the dream of a brother in a coffin? A dream in reality promises exactly the opposite – a long and happy life. It also reflects feelings for their loved ones and dear people.

A dead brother dreams in a coffin ▼

The dream interpretation considers the deceased brother in the coffin as a series of failures and difficulties coming in reality. This will especially affect the family. Quarrels and conflicts will soon begin at home.

What happened in the dream?

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

Brother dreamed, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Brother is dreaming about in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

Often dreams of a cousin who died long ago. In a dream, he and I are very close, although this was not. Moreover, we both have a sexual interest in each other. In a dream, I feel comfortable with him, and when I wake up, I feel a sense of shame.

Mila, perhaps a dream is the result of your subconscious processes, which may reflect a lack of communication (sex) in reality.

Hello!I dreamed that today I was standing on the balcony and watching a stranger propose to his girlfriend!and all the people are running around rejoicing, letting fireworks!Suddenly, things began to fall from the balcony downward, and I began to tie them!at the same time I look into the neighbor’s window that some kind of celebration is also taking place there (there were young people)!My brother comes out onto the balcony and shows them something through the window, and a young man of non-Russian appearance comes in, drunk&# 8230; and starts to run over, grumble..they say you will get it now!But to my surprise, my brother begins to cry, although he is 24 years old in his life, and he still can give change!I restrain my neighbor and he obeys me!He started asking if there was a club nearby, and asked to take him there!If you don’t take me, they say, threatening me with my fist!We went downstairs and drove (brother was driving)!They turned in circles, and saw a young man and a girl walking along the road, it was quite late) and my brother decided to give them a lift) we were all driving in the car, the neighbor again began to grumble at my brother, but I stopped him, and he obeyed me, sat next to me with me) and I noticed that my brother was sad, sad) worried!we drove up to the entrance, the boy and girl left after thanking!and I went home, and my brother and this neighbor left in an unknown direction!I go into the apartment while opening 3 doors, I was still surprised in a dream, like we had 1) and I start to wash the floors thoroughly straight, climbing into every corner!at the same time I’m waiting for my brother, but he never came!tell me what it all means?

I see my younger brother in a dream, he recently died. I see a dream, he comes to me and we start to dance, I directly felt his warmth. Then he starts showing me something, I don’t understand and he gets angry. A car arrives two men in black fit, one is short, the second is tall, and they start to show everything together. I only understood to fall, clap, get up and run. And I went out and ran.

Liza, most likely such a dream warns you that in reality you can expect some kind of danger.

Why do I often see my younger brother in my dreams as a small child, although he is already 23 years old??

Irina, probably, in your subconsciousness, your brother appears as someone defenseless and not independent.

I saw my brother who disappeared 5 years ago. He stood in the bath dressed and poured water from the shower, the water was clear. And he also poured water on his wife, but in a dream they were unfamiliar

Natasha, the fact that your brother looked like that most likely means that you can find him soon.

an unknown woman came from far away with bags to my house and said that my brother was missing, with whom he last met and that his trace was gone.he is not.

I dreamed about my brother as if he came from the army ahead of time – we hugged with him.cried, laughed

I dreamed that I was talking with my brother at school and he seemed to be offended at me and with such a sly smile he was trying to get away from talking with me&# 8230; what does it mean? Thank you in advance)

I dreamed about this on Sunday afternoon: I met my relatives so cheerful, but they are not very cheerful and tell me that my half-brother died by some ridiculous accidental this moment I get hysterical and everything that should have happened to me from such bad news.Having calmed down a little, I see the wife of this deceased brother, who is not particularly bored, but she informs me that she is pregnant and expecting a child from my a fit of joy I start to hug her. At this moment I wake up&# 8230;

Probably, such a dream warns you that this person may go on a trip for a while.

I dreamed of 2 little children, three years old, and for some reason they are my brothers, but I have no brothers in my life? They played in the next room and were so equally dirty, in old, gray, large and dirty sweaters. I touched one and it’s so cold. I quickly took him in my arms, hugged him and carried him to my room to warm up, then left him there and went for the second brother, when I brought the second the first one was gone&# 8230;&# 8230;.

A dream in which you had such brothers, most likely, indicates that you did not communicate much with peers in childhood.

Hello.Please explain my dream.I dreamed of a brother who is away in reality.I dreamed that he arrived, but I find out about it while in a minibus.I change to the seat closest to the exit and suddenly someone covers my eyes with their hands behind.I turn around, and this is my dear brother.He says that he has just arrived, but he is not going home, but somewhere on business.

I sometimes see my cousin, and my brother and I often have a love relationship in a dream, most of all in a dream I have sex, what can this mean?

I sleep with my cousin as if we had love. The second dream is a lot of tomatoes, both along the escalator, and good and not so.The two guys on top are throwing them at him

Hello!Please help with the interpretation of sleep.Thank you in advance.
On the roof of a multi-storey building at night in cloudy weather I am, a brother with his girlfriend and our mother, still some young man appears there and claims the rights to his brother’s girlfriend, a fight ensues in which mother also participates, as a result, the young man throws his brother from a great height, I understand that my brother is dying, the young man seems to be too. Then I find myself in the apartment, waiting for my mother and she does not go, I go out into the street already on a clear sunny morning and instead of that multi-storey building there is an empty place, just nature in front of the entrance and the grave of my brother with initials on the monument, next to my mother, who says:&# 187; where do you think I have been all this time?Vanya buried&# 187;.
I had a dream from 29 to 30.03.2011
Brother is now in prison.

Your dream, in which there were such events, most likely suggests that after release, your brother will not be able to restore communication with the girl.

I dreamed that my brother and I were in the garage and my father called me and began to question me in a sad voice, and at the end of the conversation he said that Denis (cousin) had died. At the beginning, I did not believe, but when he came home to Denis, his mother said that this is what life was born in such and such a year and died in 2011. Why would you tell me

i dreamed that my older brother wanted to steal money from me, but I noticed it, and he asked me for a loan, but the amount that was in the wallet was not enough. I forgave him, said that this should not be done.

The second day I dream of my cousin, we go for a drive in the car and have a rest&# 8230; Who knows what this is for, tell me!

The second day a brother who is in prison is dreaming, as if he just comes to visit us from prison

dream of a brother who is in prison, but then everything is fine with him and he came out like there was nothing.

Hello. I dreamed that I had a half-brother, Gleb. I met him on the phone when I called my younger sister. He revealed regret that during his last visit to Russia. he was absent and we could not get to know him personally. And when I asked my sister about my parents, she said that they divorced last New Year. In reality, I only have two younger sisters and not divorced parents.
thanks for the answer.

Such a dream, most likely, speaks from ohm that you can make contact with someone who will claim to be part of something of your.

dream: we fight with my brother, and share food, I knock over a plate of food on his head, and so on. for some reason there are a lot of different dishes and we are trying to spoil each other. which means? and for some reason I constantly dream about my brother, different situations and with him, although we do not have a very good relationship and we often do not communicate ((

I dreamed of a long-dead older brother, as if in a dream he was chasing me with someone and wanted to set me on fire.. I ran away from him and I managed to escape from him only when I crawled under a pile of fresh firewood.. but at the same time I felt that he saw me, and he asked someone where I was and pretended that he could not find me.. and I was afraid that he scares me with this.. then I woke up.

Well.. I answer myself.. after this dream we moved to another city.. lived there for three weeks, and my husband died&# 8230; and after that the brother stopped dreaming.. used to dream every week.. now my husband is dreaming.. hard.. hard.. I can’t live without him.. love him.. I did not expect this in my life..

dream for the second time that my older brother is hungover and is going to go to Moscow.
Please explain why this dream.
Thanks in advance.

My best friend and I are sitting on the fence, it’s spring outside. A girl walks by and suddenly she stops and says that you are sitting around so many beautiful girls meet. I got up and invited her to meet me, from somewhere a friend appeared and sat next to my friend. That girl took me in hand and offered to drink beer and we all went together.

dreamed of a brother who died, but dreamed alive and told me in a dream that his death was a mistake and in fact he is alive, in a dream he was healthy and full of strength.

Hello, I had a dream about a cousin.He came to our kitchen and asked to give him any plate, I gave it to him, left, then a minute later he came in and took a spoon holder with him, what could it mean

I dreamed of my dear brother that he came after the army and we meet him. He is in reality doing military service at the moment and about a month is left by his return. Why is this dream dreaming?


Hello, in a dream I dreamed about my deceased brother, he held my granddaughter in his arms and covered her with something, please help me died 4 years ago and never dreamed of me.Thank you in advance.

I saw in a dream a dead cousin, he was 5 months older than me, recently died, he laughed playing what does this mean??

The cousin began to dream often and how we kiss it all started with the fact that we sat on the couch and started kissing and then I myself woke up in the middle of the dream, but still falling asleep this dream began to dream again what it means

i dreamed about my second cousin. he hugged me tightly and did not let go for a long time. I do not communicate with this brother at all in real life and do not contact him at all. although I don’t think about him at all. please help me interpret the dream.

I recently found out my second cousin, the last time I saw each other on November 15, after that I constantly think about him.I often dream about him.Recently I dreamed that he hugged me and I felt so good and easy&# 8230;

Brother has died for 4 years.I see in a dream a relative comes up to me and says that your brother is waiting for you in the next room.When I go in, I see he sits contented, handsome.Came up and sat down beside him.And he says to me that he came to see you.Find out how you live.Not enough, I answered him something in a dream.I want to note that now I have a strong mental crisis.Brother says holding out his hand to me, if you want, come with me, so we will always be together.After his words, I woke up abruptly, I had such an emptiness in my soul, everything seemed to be cut short.It felt like I was dying.And fear and horror gripped me. All day I could not come to my senses.For some reason I thought it was my time to die.I’m scared.

I dreamed that my parents had 2 children named Andryusha, but I never had a younger brother. I am not happy with his appearance. When I woke up, the dream seemed very realistic to me and I was uncomfortable&# 8230;

I dreamed that my brother took off my beautiful hairpin and put it on a girl&# 8230; or rather changed our hairpins.. I got angry and wanted to take off her.. the hairpin is tangled in her hair.. What is it for? Thank you in advance! P.S. I am unfamiliar with his girlfriend.

Help, I’m not very calm. I dreamed that I was standing in the kitchen sorting out products from a bag from the store. My brother sweats behind me, naked, hugs my shoulders and asks &# 171; and you bought me some bread?&# 187; I tell him in response that I forgot, and he &# 171; gir, how’s it going? I want so much white bread&# 187;.
I can’t understand this Dream at all and I can’t forget it either, although I called up with my brother alive and well.
thanks for the help.

my brother comes to the city, and I accidentally meet my brother’s wife at the entrance, she says your brother is waiting for you, and we go into the apartment and meet my brother and his friend, brother: I need money, I: where?credit will be brother?brother: nope, people have by force&# 8230; what could this dream mean?

I dreamed that my brother and I (not family, 3-family) ended up in our store, we skimped, for some reason he bought cigarettes (the cheapest, in reality he does not smoke), and it also turned out that we would have a wedding and we went to her we buy up, supposedly he needs cigarettes for a wedding (like this is a tradition). And so we leave the store, walk down the street to my house, he hugs me, kisses me on the cheek, holds me by the waist. And this is where it all ends, please help, I really want to know what this could mean! (the dream was from June 1 to June 2)

I dreamed that I would find out that my younger brother shot himself (in reality he is alive, he is 17 years old), I felt terrible grief in a dream, did not understand why he did it, why it happened, and could not calm down. When I woke up, I felt fear, I did not immediately realize that this was just a dream.

I dreamed about my dead brother (he died in winter).Summer, my family and I are doing something in the garden. My brother suddenly entered the garden and we were all in shock. He’s so joyful. we hug him and say that you died. And he says I’m alive, it was just a joke. We were all so happy. What could this mean? Thank you in advance.

Hello! Today I dreamed of my own deceased brother, died 11 years ago, and not once in all the time I have never dreamed of&# 8230; I loved and love him very much, this is my favorite brother.He dreamed of me and said that he came, returned, even went to the bathhouse, then met with a friend, I was very happy that he was with us. &# 8230; what is it for ?

my brother returned from the army ahead of schedule, we’re running somewhere, we’ll get them to our school, there are my and his classmates, he wants to put his name down for his arrival, he asked me for money, I gave it to him.

My brother returns early from the army, we run somewhere with him, we end up in our school, there are my and his classmates, he wants to put down and asks me for money, I give him 500 rubles and he leaves

Hi, I dreamed that in my old house I met my deceased brother, uncle, aunt. The brother was in some kind of costume that was incomprehensible and, most importantly, he had some kind of medal on his chest. It was as if I was very happy and decided to hug him, hugged him by the belt and tore him off the floor and whirled around, and he says the main thing, they say, I really thought you would never come or hug him, I don’t remember shorter. In general, there were a lot of people there, and they were alive and were sitting at the table, celebrating something. Then I looked out well the street and see a drunken father-in-law who was leaving his house and heading towards us. When about. Began to rise to us, I pounced on him and began to drive away. then with my mother, she is alive, I began to talk about this, well, I explained to her that I had to endure this person a little, she said they say someone needs to babysit the child. Well, something like this. there is a lot that was, you can’t write everything, it’s a very long time.

i dreamed that my husband was fighting with my brother, and my brother said that I was pregnant, but I did not know about it.

mne vse vremya snitsya brat i rasskazivaet chto on utonul .ya ego vse vremya viju mertvim na dne vodaema.i na samom dele ego net v jivih uje god.

I dreamed that my brother died. I need to tell my dad about this, who is no longer alive. Dad is like in a hospital.

I told the brothers that they didn’t love me in tears and left then they came for me and said they went home and disappeared behind the door, I thought to follow them or not and still followed them, but when I left the door I could not get out there there was a snake that would not let me in, I ran back into the office and waited for them to come for me, but they never came

Hello, I dreamed that they told me that my brother crashed and I was told him in a dream. What and what, not like that.

I dreamed that I found my brother, or rather, he found me..wrote an SMS on the phone, they say I am so, finally found you..Let’s meet&# 8230;

I already dreamed a couple of times that my married brother comes with another allegedly beloved girl. why can this dream?

my mother and I were standing outside, there was a strong wind, and she was braiding my braid. Then we came home, open the door, and my brother, dear elder, is sitting on the threshold, we talked with him and I woke up.

dreamed of the house of a deceased grandmother. In which there was a cousin as a witness, smartly dressed. Then a baby appears, calmly lying on a bench, I took the child in my arms

I’ve been dreaming of a cousin often lately. They used to communicate with him closely..we didn’t quarrel, but we communicate. I dreamed that I came to visit them&# 8230;.then there were some competitions&# 8230;.In their house was my brother and two of his friends&# 8230; they all flirted with me and took me in their arms&# 8230;.and my brother was in hatred&# 8230; jealous&# 8230; and they were his friends to protect me&# 8230;.

Hello! I often have a dream that my mother gave birth to a brother for me, although I have neither brother nor sister. I babysit him in a dream, and I love him very much. What does it mean?

My late brother wanted to kill me, stuck a dagger in my heart and slashed my back and head with the words &# 171; for not looking for me&# 187;

I had sex with my late brother and after that I was afraid and happy that I would get pregnant . I was afraid that a sick child might be born, but I was glad that I finally got pregnant . And then I woke up.

Hello!I very often dream of a long-dead older brother !he inclines me to have sex in a dream, I like it for some reason, but I wake up already creepy and not pleasant!what does it mean?

the deceased brother dreams in a dream he cries, I see him at the age of a child (he was 20 years old), I take him in my arms and calm him down, he falls asleep and I lay his coffin on his grave – on that day a monument was erected to him
thanks for the interpretation of the dream

the younger brother is 7 years old, I am alone in the family
he comes into my room, and I take him in my arms and he introduces himself to the guests who are sitting in my room, there are two of them and to those who speak to me on Skype. but I don’t see the faces of the guests
but my friend had the same dream, but she saw everything in more detail

The younger brother dreamed that he was at school, a boy came up to him on the stairs and began to pull him and push him says that he should give his money, which his mother sends him to school, as a rule, the brother does not give him and he pushes him down the stairs. his face is covered in blood and at that moment I woke up.

I dreamed about my late brother (he died 2 years ago). And I see him sitting on a bench in prison and talking to some man. On the way home, what kind of woman told me that he was imprisoned. I go to jail on the way to meet former colleagues. I am angry with them that they did not invite me to a meeting. I ride the bus and walk. At the end of my dream I go to the tent of the circus and I am sure that this prison.

good day! Dreamed of a late cousin.He came to visit us and sat at the table with me, I wanted to leave the table, but he did not allow.And he said only one thing that he missed me very much and so that I would not leave.I hugged him and kissed him on the back.

A relationship with a brother that grew out of love. We understood that this was impossible, but the feelings were strong.

i had a dream that near my house there is a coffin in which my brother lies.I go up to him to say goodbye, kiss him on the forehead and he opens his eyes, starts talking to me. Why do these dreams come true??

I dreamed about a child, in a dream it was a son or daughter of my father who was at most 3 months old, probably, our mothers were different and she left him and I really wanted to take the child for myself. As a result, after a year I still took him.There are no small children in our family, that’s what surprised me. I have a brother, but he is 5 years older than me.

I dreamed of an older brother who died 2 months ago, and today is his birthday &# 171; today I dreamed&# 187;. as if calling me and saying that he is alive, but did not confess because he had an accident and knocked a pedestrian to death.And he announced, t.To.found out that the pedestrian is alive.The whole dialogue was on the phone and as real as in life.I see his number on the phone and ask all the questions &# 171; who did we bury&# 187; I don’t remember the answer.Immediately woke up in shock.

Hello! The fact is that more than a year ago my brother died at the age of 29. But I haven’t seen his funeral. And for the second or third time I have been dreaming about how I am sitting with him in an embrace (in every dream), how we communicate and he is so easy to communicate, he smiles and I feel him as if in reality. Experiencing such joy and happiness in a dream, for the fact that he was alive, he did not die. I feel very light and incredibly happy throughout my sleep&# 8230; But the morning comes&# 8230; Mom also dreams of him, but not so clearly and not so close their communication in a dream. Everything is as in reality&# 8230;

i dreamed that my brother contracted some kind of disease.His whole body was covered in blisters. I cried a lot. Then me and my friend where &# 8212; then let’s go and I met a boy that I like. This is where the dream ended

We stand on the bridge and talk calmly with our younger (6 years old) brother, his wife sits on the railing, grins maliciously and looks in our direction. Then I want to leave, and I see, in order to leave, I need to jump over a ditch, which is lined with concrete slabs (i.e.e. when rivers and reservoirs are encased in concrete). But there is no water, it’s dry at the bottom. I jump over several of these ditches, and they are all dry, and calmly leave. Thank you in advance. Olga. e-mail: [email&# 160; protected]

I dreamed that my brother was hanged in the courtyard of Babashuk’s house, but when I took him off he turned out to be alive. and dad and grandmother covered him with a blanket when he hung and calmly called me.

My young man had a dream where he saw an older brother who was lying in a coma, what could this mean? and two or three days ago he dreamed that his classmate died

i dreamed that my brother died in a dream, they tell me about it.But in general he is alive and lives now .And when I was informed about this in a dream that he was no longer there, I began to cry very hard .and from this I woke up.

I sleep at night in an unfamiliar house. I hear steps. Evil entity approaches. Begins to threaten, performs some kind of ritual. I call my mother for help &# 8212; she doesn’t hear. I call my brother, he approaches, drives away the essence, it does not threaten and disappears. My brother and I go out to the balcony. The brother throws away everything that the essence brought with him. Says that now I have nothing to fear. We go into the room &# 8212; there is mom and 2 shabby Christmas trees on the floor. Mom says: &# 171; And throw it away immediately&# 187;

Me, my uncle and friends were going to go to nature to celebrate my brother’s birthday, and my brother was distracted for a long time because he was drunk (he drinks a lot in life and does not work, he is also physically not quite healthy, because of this there are a lot of troubles in the family ), then he gets into the car (a red cornfield, although neither I nor my friends have one) with my friends and leave, forgetting me who hesitated, by the way, I was very angry about this, I don’t know how long after they returned, I left the house and saw a scuffle outside the yard with the participation of a brother and an uncle, I jump out to help my brother, until my friend Vlad (by the way, I just know who, by the way, I just know, and in a dream he is almost my best friend) hits my brother in the face. But the strangest thing is that everyone talks about his brother with disgust, they say, who did you look like from your drunkenness, etc. d., and out of annoyance (I already got it in my life) I start hitting him in the face&# 8230; three times four&# 8230; in he without emotion, with open eyes and a dull look (like not in a living one) does not resist, but only throws him back under blows, in the end he falls with the same expression on his face&# 8230;. then I woke up probably out of fear&# 8230; I ask for an answer without sparing my feelings, as it is&# 8230; Thanks in advance!

My ex-husband’s brother drove up to my house in a car and hands me some kind of luggage bag, and kisses me on the lips and cheek, and I woke up from his hot kiss. I just had time to ask: Why on earth are you kissing me? And he replied: Why not

I dreamed that I was lying in bed with my cousin and as if we loved each other like a guy with a girl, he kissed me, but not on the lips.

My brother was lying on the bed, sleeping, but he was lying with his ex-girlfriend, she stroked him, and winked at me, but then I left the room, and the dream ended.

I dreamed that I came to Ternovka (This is in Ukraine) with my daughter to my cousin. Arrived unannounced, they knew nothing. My brother has a best friend, and so I was looking for two of them around the village. I met some young man there, he said he knew them and would help me find them. I seemed to see my brother, but he was asleep, I did not speak to him. And then my daughter and I went to a cafe, she drank tea and we went to my beloved man, for some reason he also ended up there (in reality, he lives in the Smolensk region, and I am in the Kemerovo region). And we easily found him, he was very glad to us. and even during our search, I met a woman, she complained that she could not cure her son of a cough, and I told her in detail how I treated my daughter (she actually was sick recently and in a dream I told how I really treated her). I rarely have dreams, and this dream is very unusual.

I dreamed of a brother with his son in a dream, he was not much sad and I knew that he left his wife. Then he got on a bike with a child, they laughed and left for a ride. The sun was shining outside and the weather was beautiful. After that, I remained standing at my entrance and saw a car approaching, an awfully fat man and a woman were sitting in it, they began to kiss. Then the woman went out and came back with another who turned out to be her mother. She began to swear with me. Then I found myself in the winter, my car in the snow. There is no evil grandmother and a man with a woman is no longer fat and disgusting at all, but very cute and pleasant and they help me collect a car like Lego sweep away the snow they cheer. And suddenly this is not a car at all, but a beautiful carriage trimmed with velvet and everyone is happy . after which I woke up.

The dead brother dreamed in a coffin, pale in a suit, slightly covered in blood below the breasts, then they wanted to bury him next to our late grandmother, it’s not clear why.

i dreamed that my brother was sticking to me and offering sex. he is 18 years old, he is 6 years younger than me and is in places of imprisonment at the moment. What can you dream about, please tell me?

On May 4, I dreamed about the late second cousin. He died last year at about the same time in the spring abroad. In real life, we almost did not communicate, and he also had a high opinion of himself, and he always looked at me as a failure. In a dream, I dreamed that we love each other and that we want to get married. I think I was still expecting a child from him. I loved him so much in my sleep that I didn’t care that he was my brother. We walked along the street hand in hand, not paying attention to anyone (amazed relatives met there). I was very happy that we are together. I sat on his lap and kissed him, and he hugged me. Didn’t want to wake up. In a dream he made me so happy&# 8230;

my brother’s name was Maxim. in a dream he called me and asked me to go outside. I went out and got into his car. we drove along the road and he told me that he wanted to introduce someone, when we arrived there was another brother of mine, he is alive and a guy I don’t know at all. Maxim got out of the car and went to them, then the three of them came up. but I refused to meet him. they got into the car and we drove on. then I told Maxim let’s talk, he stopped the car and we got out. he came up to me and we started talking. I told him maxim why we didn’t communicate much during your life, and he answered me, you didn’t really want to communicate with me. I cried and he hugged me and cried too. I wanted to ask why he was killed and why? but I woke up all wet and no matter how hard I tried to see this dream again I could not. what can this mean, please tell me, otherwise I don’t know what to do anymore. I consider myself guilty in front of him, for the fact that we did not communicate with him during our lifetime, although almost a year has passed.

My brother dreamed that we were eating with him in the car and I with my girlfriend. But here we stop and friends sit down to us in the same car, about 10 people.

I, my brother and some other young man (I don’t remember his face) fled from a pack of hunting dogs in my opinion. They were huge, sighthound breed. The area was rural and we ran from one site to another from these dogs. We climbed over fences that were high, but out of fear we managed to climb over them. In the end, we went into a house where a small family lived (3 people). The woman happily accepted us, fed and hid us, the man washed as if he were sick, and there was still a child (girl). When we hid, we somehow magically changed clothes without taking them off. The dogs entered the house, but the woman kicked them out. And I think someone sent the dogs for us..

my brother raped me as a child.he is a mentally ill person.
I dreamed.that in a dream he does not let my husband or girlfriends approach me..they are all carried away by a wave from me..and my brother sits and looks at everything with a stone face&# 8230; I say to him in tears &# 171; let me go!let go!I am already an adult!I have a husband, a child!I’m not your property, let go!&# 187;.
He said go away.i left&# 8230; went out and the husband screams &# 171; look back!look back!&# 187; I turn around – brother runs at me with a knife! and I woke up

I dreamed that the elder and younger brother were in a coffin, but they were alive, but their heart did not beat like corpses, I talked to them

I dreamed about my cousin. I don’t have any relatives, so I’m close with him. But now he lives abroad with his family.
I dreamed that I was standing by his car at night, somewhere in the city center (but the city was not mine), and it seems that there were races or something like that. My brother liked it, and I began to dispute the correctness of such entertainment, I said that it was all stupid and very dangerous. He got angry, got into the car and drove forward. Only the roar of the engine was heard. I was waiting for him, I was very worried, his father was also with me &# 8212; my uncle. And after a while I saw an ambulance in front of me. Inside was a body, completely bloody, for some reason wrapped in cellophane. It was difficult to understand who it was, but then I looked, it seems, at his temples, at his hairstyle and realized. that this is my brother. I started crying hard. My relatives were still standing next to me, but I don’t remember exactly who. I woke up crying. This is how my dream ended.

I often dream as if I have a love relationship with a cousin, or I am pregnant from him, in a dream I feel ashamed and uncomfortable.

Hello. I dreamed about my older brother. I dreamed that I went into his room and he was lying dead on the bed. And then I already stand after the funeral in his room and look at his bed and think that he is no more, that I will not see him and cry. And then I woke up and realized that I was crying not only in my sleep but also in reality.
Thank you in advance.

I’m sitting with my dead brother at the table, he hands me 5,000 thousand and says take your sister, it’s hard with finances, I answered we don’t need to handle it, and he put them on the table, I pushed them back to him, and he pushed them back to me, and yet I had them didn’t take it, then I woke up.

In a dream, my brother hurt and annoyed me. What angered me the most as a child, he did to spite me. Feeling that I have survived a day from childhood in a dream.

I dreamed that I had a brother. Although I don’t have it. I remember now only a moment as someone, I do not remember the face held him in his arms, he was small, about 4 years old, very cute, he had black hair, beautiful eyes, I liked him very much. Here, I would really like to know what this means.
And you know, on the same night I had a dream, as if people were carrying a piece of tiles from which they make paths, they brought it to the place where the tile already lay, and there was no piece, this is what they were carrying, and they inserted it, as it were ?but it turned out to be the opposite, on that tile the stripes were vertical, and the stripes on a piece of plates were in the other direction. Please tell me what this means?

brother came with a friend and brought a lot of ham and ate it himself, then the kitchen flooded, he fixed the tap. then I had a fight with his friend

Hello. Dreamed of a dead father and brother, lying on the ground in the courtyard of the house, there are many strangers around. They are still alive, we talk, then I leave, I return &# 8212; both dead, brother in a lilac shirt.

in short, we were sitting in nature, except for me, I don’t remember where I went, I didn’t see them all, there was a construction site, I got there and someone started to catch up with me, well, I scrambled, I felt very confident, I pulled myself away from him, and descended 1 floor into the 1st room there was furniture sho surprised me with things, I started a ball on the bedside tables and took a couple of toys and then sleeping brother Dima says who is? This is Annya (sister) I say &# 171; no, it’s your brother&# 187; he asked something else, I didn’t know, and then I realized that I was in the future, I told him that I said that Dad was here and Mom, I heard the voice of Batin, I went out to him and my brother followed me, Dad and I told my brother Odetsa ato coldly he went clothes, dad said go eat atoms there cooked something.

Mom called my brother in jail. I wondered why my mother hadn’t done this before, she got up so calmly and went to call, got through, I don’t remember the essence of the conversation.

i dreamed of a brother who was in the army, sitting without outerwear at my work at my desk. he’s feeling hot. I tell him to put on clothes, I will turn on the air conditioner now, but he does not listen to me.

I haven’t talked with my brother for a long time since I got married for 4 years I didn’t think about him at all and nothing like that, and even when I don’t think of anything like that. good brotherly communicated, I woke up straight and felt good in my soul, but what does this mean without a clue &# 8230; Brother was stolen by a girl with some kind of love spells or spells: D honestly .Doesn’t want to see anyone .. And he has been married for 5 years so far, they have no children or anything, in general, complete nonsense and not a family &# 8230;

Hello, tell me what this could mean?
i dreamed that they told me that my brother had died. On my question &# 8212; how did this happen, my father told me that my brother dived into the water (some special dive, something like research) at night, the cable that was tied to him broke off and was lost. that is, in fact, he was missing. it was a month ago and everyone thought he was dead.

As if I was supposed to meet a guy, but my cousin brother came and went for a walk with him. The place where we met was some kind of school, where the renovation was going on, everything around was yellow. We got lost while walking and got caught in the rain. Something like this.

I dreamed about my little nephew. He behaved very defiantly!And when he came home to his parents, together with his nephew, he found his deceased brother in his parents’ room!He lay on my mother’s bed, looked at me and was silent and he was not the same size when he died, but a little less, but an adult!When he died he was 20.

I can only understand a break from this dream. I am in some field and a horse is running nearby, and on the left a river flows and then a waterfall forms from it, falling from which you can find the sea, and at the top, where I am, summer, and below, where my dad and brother are, winter. I try to climb on a horse and I succeed, and I saddled a horse on which there was nothing (i.e.e. there was no saddle cloth, saddle cloth, etc.d.). Then she jumps forward very quickly and I cannot control her, then suddenly dad appears and shouts something to me&# 8230; I don’t understand how, but I’m standing on the grass, and the horse is swimming in this river, and it’s not just swimming, but rather drowning. She falls from this cliff (waterfall) into the very sea, and there, on a big ice floe, my brother is a year old and he falls from this ice floe and begins to sink. Together with my dad we jump from this cliff to my brother, and then I don’t remember anything.

DD, dreamed of a second cousin brother who died. for a moment he held my daughter in his arms. did not say anything in a dream. then I took my daughter like.(vaguely remember)

I haven’t seen my brother for almost 4 years, but today I dreamed about him. In a dream, I came to visit him, he was very glad to see me, we talked for a very long time and laughed. They told each other about themselves about how they lived

I dreamed about my brother, who is now alive, having dreamed of being dead, I cried even more, and then I spoke to him dead and asked a new vibe for those who didn’t tell him why I love you like a brother, but I’m talking about you in a way how is it that I can still love and not look at me, who can be a dream.

my dead brother dreamed of me, we were at home, sat at the table there were also some girls, we were afraid of something, I wanted to protect my brother.

such a situation that I am visiting my older cousin, we are alone at home. we are sitting in the room talking, then he shows me books, and then we kiss. Although in life we ​​do not communicate very often. What is all this for?

Dreamed of a recently deceased brother in a black and white dream and asked for smoking. He smiled, shone all over. We hugged. I asked him how he is? He said one hundred everything is fine

My brother went to Switzerland and I told him that he would bring me a gift and he brought the wrong one.And such a dream is already three days.

The younger brother came to Kamen, he is 1 year and 3 months old and it is strange when we went in and did not let him in and he left, fell into the fountain and died.

My brother died 10 years ago.I dreamed of him alive and we talked with him on the phone, said that we miss, that I really want to see him.When asked when you will come, he replied that soon&# 8230;

the deceased brother and two living sisters came to visit the apartment they had just bought, with suitcases. did not talk about anything.


It was a terrible dream and, apparently, a short. Can’t remember anything else. It seemed more like a cross between dream and reality. I was lying in my bed and suddenly my elder brother seemed to jump close to me and abruptly leans close and just as sharply, in a moderately slow, numb voice, says: &# 171; Stop the demon&# 187;. My brother is alive, he recently turned twenty, and now he has left to study in another country. Honestly, now I can’t even say that it was really my brother, and not someone else&# 8230; It happened so abruptly that I instantly woke up somewhere exactly at 05:00 in horror and tried to utter the name of God, my voice did not listen to me at first. I was so afraid that at first I just hissed quietly and tried to pronounce it. Maybe you know what all this can mean?

today my brother dreamed that he was taking me away from the yard where my grandmother lives, we have not communicated for 10 years . neither with my brother nor with my grandmother, as they did nastiness and razor to our family. and here he is dreaming, he is also driving somewhere else in a car
here is my email [email&# 160; protected]

dreamed that the brother took the ring from the ex-girlfriend went to his new girlfriend, and she said that she didn’t want anything, they were breaking up. All those present were clearly reflected in the dream. What does it mean? I had a dream tonight

I dreamed of a deceased brother, came to visit, I was sitting in a wheelchair, although a healthy person, and my brother spoke the same way as during his lifetime

I had a dream that my brother was very, very sick about to die. Mom cries because she knows that he has a fatal disease

Hello. I dreamed about my brother, he serves me in the army. I dreamed that I came to visit my brother in the army. we had a good talk with him and sat. we didn’t fight, we sat with his’s just that we’ve been fighting a lot lately.and even in this dream I remembered when I already met my brother. and went home. at the station a woman came up to me and asked for juice I had juice in a small bottle and in 2 liter . I don’t stick to her a lot from a small bottle. she drank and I began to take the bottle and she began to say something out loud that it seemed to curse me and my family too. tatka bottles. and then I woke up.

I dreamed that while walking, I was going to go home and my brother decided to take me by car, since it was night. He got behind the wheel drunk and drove me, but leaving the courtyards backwards, at speed we hit a homeless man. I went to the police to hear what they have, and told my brother that he would remove everything. Then my brother came to the police for me and we began to leave, as I saw bloody footprints from my brother’s shoes on the floor and we quickly left.

Hello, I dreamed about my brother. I am a student, I am very rarely at home. In a dream, I dreamed as if I came to visit my family, to my home, go to bed after a long journey with my mother to bed, which had never happened before.It should be noted that in a dream, my house is my grandmother’s house, not ours.And at the time when I almost fall asleep, my own younger brother comes to me to kiss before bed, I kiss him on the cheek.We have a very warm relationship with him.But the fact is that after a kiss on the cheek, he asks me to kiss him for real: &# 171; How are you with Nikita, &# 8212; he says. Very unpleasant and awkward feeling after this dream&# 8230; What could it mean?
Help decipher.

In a dream, I clashed with my cousin with whom I had not seen for a long time, it happened where I live, this kiss on the lips was like goodbye and it felt like he was my boyfriend%)..for me this is very strange, never before such dreams have been.It would be very interesting to know what this means.

my brother is 7 years old.I am 17 years old. he sleeps with mom and dad on the same a dream he was lying on this bed, his face turned to the wall. he didn’t sleep. I took him in my arms, because for some reason I felt sorry for him. he cried in my arms. then I cried. he took pity on me and offered me money. I didn’t take. I woke up.

dreamed that the younger brother is not afraid of heights, although he is only 5 years old! and he does acrobotic exercises at a high altitude, and at the same time I felt fear and pride for him!

I’m looking with the whole family (the deceased younger brother) there in a dream he is alive, but I don’t see him, we just worry about him and we are looking for: we look out the window at the car that drove up the truck, the brother came out of it, but the other elder brother – we call all the friends of the younger brother very much we are experiencing

I dreamed about my second cousin who lives in the states. The strange thing is that, in a dream, I was looking for him at the school where I myself once studied, in Ukraine; I was looking for a class, I thought to enter the room and was not mistaken with the door. There was a teacher (I know her), children&# 8230; I asked if she knew a boy like that&# 8230; and then she sharply shows me him, Alex’s brother, and says that she if she knew my question before. He smiled at me, was a little different from himself in a dream (it often happens to me that people are not like themselves in my dreams). I walked a little scared in a dream, was a little scary&# 8230; And he, as he knew that I was looking for him.

I dreamed of an older cousin brother that he drinks like his father (my uncle’s own) drank the kingdom of heaven to him, my uncle died. I kneel and ask my brother not to drink, but he swears at me. In general, we decided that my brother would drink less and less every day, at least he promised me. and in the same dream I want to mow the grass with a lawn mower, near the house, but the house is not familiar to me. and another neighbor lives next to us, who also drinks, but he is already at an age. help me why I had this dream?!

i dreamed that my boyfriend’s friends stole a large amount from my cousin, I saw it and started running after them and shouting, we caught them, but then I woke up

I dreamed that I was having sex with my brother and as a result of which I got pregnant and feeling that there are two fruits.

To my little brother 10.
In a dream, I was somewhere on the territory of a summer cottage, nature. I decidedly went somewhere to solve the problem (I don’t remember exactly what the problem was). I saw a man of short stature, his face was not visible, it was hidden behind large metal plates (then this suit made of plates did not seem strange to me). Then there was a flash of anger, since it was this person I considered the source of the problem. I started hitting him, through this suit, as hard as possible. Then, when I stopped, the plates fell off, and inside was my brother. Through carelessness I hurt his eyes. They were badly damaged and mowed badly. He did not say anything except my name, as if he was calling. I tried to help, told him not to be afraid and that everything would be fine.

The dream left a terrible impression and sediment. I don’t watch movies like Saw, so I don’t understand where such a terrible scene could have come from.

Dreamed of a late brother in a suit, with a tie, going somewhere. The late aunt, lay down to rest (all this is in her house). The deceased mother, but she was in the back room and her sister (she is alive), her mother was braiding her hair, the setra was also going somewhere. It seems we should have gone to some kind of holiday. I had a dream almost all night.

I dreamed that I have a younger brother, but in real life I do not have a sibling
we were sitting at home, I was playing with my brother in the room, then the time was dramatically shifted and I and my parents walk down the street, here we see some kind of children’s clothes, my mother says &# 171; and where?&# 187; I speak &# 171; we forgot him at home I think I’ll go get him&# 187; mom said &# 171; just dress him up warm&# 187;

It was a dark night outside. I stood on the threshold of my house, tried to enter. I turn around and see my little brother in one diaper, he comes to meet me. I take him in my arms and we run home

1) My older brother and I were holding hands and running across the river on the ice, running around the frozen ice-holes; 2) We just crossed the river over the bridge, in some places there were no railings, but the bridge was wide and not dangerous.

I have an older sister, she had a dream that I was shot and she carries me to the hospital, I am very difficult! What does it mean? Thanks in advance

My friends and I were going to swim, I jumped into the water at that moment when everyone was on land there was a very large and long stone.Suddenly I began to feel someone else’s leg, initially, of course, I was scared, but then I dived to see that it was suddenly I recognized my brother, he was lying with his back to me, I pulled him onto dry land, but all my friends were all right .I started crying, they told me to throw him back into the water, since he was already dead, I threw it out and cried, woke up and saw a living brother against me))) but the tears were real

My brother broke up with his girlfriend. And I dreamed that she came to our home. At first they just sat, and then they started kissing, and then they disappeared altogether.

In a dream, I accidentally met my brother, I was glad that I met him. We got to talking, after a short conversation he went to some other place and I followed him&# 8230; then nothing is possible to remember.

Hello! My name is Irina, I am 10 years old. Today I dreamed that my mother was pregnant and my little brother

I dreamed that I saw in a dream a twin who is younger than me by about a couple of years ! I don’t have a twin as I don’t have a brother ! But neho had a completely different character ! Much rougher than mine ! All the pictures that I saw in a dream happened as if in my past !

Hello!I saw as if my brother and I were going I came to visit him, went to his house.let’s go means we caught a ride.arrived somewhere..we went further on foot, there is water, and you need to come across the bridge..I wanted to go, my brother stopped me and said that we were in the other direction..and so we left..he smiled, was there, but the dream is so dark..

I dreamed of a cousin brother who came to me and offered to buy spoons from him for days, I refused, then he asked me to give him money and not take a spoon.I didn’t give him the money.

I really miss my older cousin Sasha, whom I saw at the end of June. I live in Moscow, and he lives in Kazan.

I live in a village, and not a long time ago a cafe-bar appeared in us.I dream about it, I’m sitting at the gatherings, I’m looking at the phone, and I’m in contact with it (I’m sure I don’t remember), and if I saw it and looked at the right-hander, then I kicked my brother (cousin).Win vibravsya on tsey maidanchik from tієї sides de nemає shoots.For the sake of it, there is still a handrail.I, terribly angry and embraced yogo.I can’t remember anything more, I’m singing a dream.
And so also have a brother, a good friend, not for good reason.

Hello! I had a fight with my brother before.And so I think about him every day, I want us to be friends.And many times I see my brother in my dreams! I saw in a dream how he came to my house and we made up! I was so glad! I hugged him so tight! I knew it was a dream, but I didn’t want to wake up.He smiled at me! But the house was not mine! I don’t know whose house this is)

My brother can now be considered in the war and should have returned, only after a few months, and in a dream he suddenly returned, just entered the room and sat down at the laptop and I woke up.

Hello Tatiana! That night I had a very strange dream: My family and I were at some holiday in the house of my aunt, uncle and their son (i.e.e. my older brother), and the house had a completely different layout, we were sitting at the table and discussing something cheerfully, soon I went to the restroom and heard steps in my direction, I went in and my brother closed the door behind me. He began to tell me that this is impossible and something like that, in response to which I began to kiss him and my little brother saw it all, he ran away somewhere and then the rest of my sleep I sat with my brother at the table in an embrace&# 8230;

Hello! I dreamed that they called me from the police and said that my mom and dad and brother were killed, I did not believe it, and it seems that while I was talking on the phone, a picture flashed through me as I looked from the side of the road and mom and dad and take a drive by me and I see a car a little pre-braked and some guy put a bottle under the door so that it would not close and then I woke up in tears. And the police called and said that your mom, dad and brother were killed, come for identification. what is this dream.


I dreamed of how I came home and my brother was sitting there, who arrived with a friend by car from America to Belarus, he was asked to give only a photo of his father and go back&# 8230;..

Hello!!I saw my brother in a cousin’s dream, we are not on friendly terms with him, so he hit me right in the face with his fist and cut my eyebrow and the black eye came out besides, I saw this bruise as if it were real&# 8230; how can I interpret this dream??help please in advance thanks!! After that, I saw my brother who died 3 years ago, I burst into tears and told him what he replied to cite&# 187; Live as you live, you yourself will divide your destiny into 9 parts and you will be fine&# 187; what does it mean??help me please, I can’t find a place for myself, sleep from Thursday to Friday besides

I dreamed that we were walking with a friend and that a brother who had not seen for a long time and the late grandmother came to visit.We met near a lake overgrown with reeds and as if my house was standing nearby. My brother hugged me, not like a sister, but like a girl, and my grandmother just stood by. Then he was going with his grandmother to go to her apartment (although it was already sold in another city), but my grandmother had gone somewhere, we walked with my brother and I returned to my home. Everything was so gloomy, the walls of the house on one side, and on the other, all the same lake, a friend with my daughter met me and said that my mother was sleeping. I went up and looked she was sleeping near my room on a small bed, and next to her was a friend’s daughter.We went to my room for us, my daughter talked about something and were going to go to smoke, my daughter said that she would go with us. Nearby, my late sister turned out to be, took cigarettes and left the room, then instantly flew back and said that we were not going anywhere, Yura came (friend’s husband). I left the room, and they stayed there Yura went in with the words where my girls are and went to my mother’s bed and began to wake her. I went up and grabbed his hand and told him not to wake her up your girls there and took him to the side of the room and woke up

my brother died 4 years ago I miss him very much he dreamed of smiling and I tried to bring him back to life told him that you can bring him back to life he smiled

I was walking along the corridor of a certain bright building, suddenly in the corner I saw my cousin, whom I had not seen for a long time, went up to him, kissed him and hugged him. He was wearing a light brown sweater.

I dreamed of a younger brother who is 7 years old and in a dream I dream that he died and we all cry for him&# 8230;. He died, I don’t remember why&# 8230;.And for some reason I was crying in my sleep and in reality my tears were rolling down my cheek why?

I dreamed about a cousin. We were with his friends at a party. Recently I began to think often about him, about his lifestyle and about his friends. He himself does not live in my city. And he also began to dream me often lately, but not every night. Somewhere 2-3 times a month, maybe less, maybe more. But in a dream we felt good. We joked, laughed, had fun. Again, there were his friends whom I know and do not know.

In a dream I saw that my older brother had returned home, but in a few days he was supposed to return to prison

My brother died in February, I dreamed a lot about my brother, but I don’t have one yet. I dreamed that the ego was not for a long time, he was in the hospital, and then he returned, since that time everything has changed in our family. My dad drank, but he stopped and my brother did not know about it. Then we went into the hut in his room, dad started yelling at mom and my brother got scared and thought that he was drunk again. My brother wanted to go out to them, but I did not let him. Then we sat down on the bed and he hugged me and I started crying, he asked me: &# 171; Bad without a brother?&# 187;, I roared even more and said: &# 171; Very bad, very. Don’t go away&# 8230;&# 187;
so that is all.

Hello, I dreamed that my brother hurt my hand very much, then I twisted my hand somewhere with him in some corridor, some guys wanted to rape me, I grabbed a knife and hit one then the other they had blood, but they didn’t get on me, then I left and already on the street she fought back from someone only with scissors and then they wounded me in the back with scissors saw my blood whipped scissors from my back I sat on a bench felt that I was dying and I woke up

Tonight, I dreamed of my late brother Sergei, who died at 33 due to being hanged (but we are not sure that it was a supernatural, it seems to us a murder, since in dreams he comes to relatives and says that it is not himself) In a dream he was in the image of a 5-year-old child with whom they were fishing, talking, the water was clear, transparent, gurgling, and on the other side of the river there was a little thin girl with blond hair who sat and was silent and played with water. They say that suicide is hell, then why are there so many bright good moments in this dream?? Please sort it out.

I am at school. And my brother, who is 21, is also studying there. I ran away from the lesson and hid from the teacher, and he helped hide me in the locker room. Everything.

I dreamed that our house was watched, strangers were killed, and my brother and I were looking for my mother, who went to the market and was gone for a long time .and I followed her and then she herself came

I dreamed of an older brother with a swollen face, and I assumed that he had cancer, and I tell him who of us will leave this world before, but it will not be good to leave with resentment in my soul.

I saw in a dream some kind of house as if I was entering it and there my brother was lying in a black coffin and I was crying so much and after a while he got up and came up to me and calms me down

I dreamed of my brother, who is now dead, lying in a coffin in a black suit and in a white shirt

I saw in a dream my older cousin, he lives far from me, I saw how we talked, talked, it was winter outside and we played.

i dreamed that my older brother died, we stood straight as a family and buried him. what is it for? in fact he is alive and everything is fine with him

Hello. We have no plans to have a third child. I have an older brother. I dreamed that we were taking my mother from the birth house. A boy was born, handsome. We always said that if someday there is another boy we will call Yaroslav. And in a dream, my mother categorically refused all names, and said that they would call him Sergey. Then we went to the store with her, I was carrying the boy. In the store, my mother saw a little boy about 4 months old, and came up to him, the boy also had beautiful black hair, beautiful big eyes. In the dream, there were red, white, orange and yellow colors.

I dreamed that I was running away from the police and I was running into a house of strangers and my mother was standing there, I walked on and there was a child and my cousin was sitting with this child

I wake up in a dream, the door opens, a brother comes in, who is missing behind him are all the relatives .I ask: Lesha is you? He replies: yes, it’s me, I’m back, and as if everyone already knows about it. He says: everything. Alenka, I served my time. I say: how so? He replies: he made a lot of mistakes, served, then there was no money, then it was a shame .then we ended up in a chair, he was sitting opposite me with his forehead to forehead, I stroke his face, he almost cries.and then suddenly an orange hat appeared on him and he completely covers our faces with it, we find ourselves under it. And he says. : everything will be fine .

I was running along the road, I had a wallet in my hands and I was counting a trifle, a second cousin came out to meet me, we said a couple of words to each other, I went straight to my side. and he in his

I asked my brother for help. He was, not benevolent. Quarrels from the grove, scandals. And I, pirpala with him. And yet he gave me help&# 8230;

I dreamed of my younger brother who drank vodka from his throat like water, it scared me a lot, I could not stop him

I was traveling by train, and then got off, but not on a platform, but in an incomprehensible place, and suddenly I was not deep in the water, and then a coffin appeared with my brother and it felt like I brought this coffin with me, but only by water, and then my mother appeared and saw her son in the coffin, but she did not cry, she just looked at him, and I looked at him and cried and could not understand anything ((((this is such nonsense I dreamed.

Meeting my brother, walking through the woods is very good, light warm.I pity him, cover, kiss.Then I say goodbye, cry, say good words and ask to see each other again.

The meeting with the late brother was very warm, a lot of berries were walking in the forest, they were happy to meet him, I kissed him, hugged him, covered him, felt sorry.talked a lot after parting.Then I said goodbye, I asked to meet again so I cried a lot

The late brother dreamed, the meeting was in the forest, it was light and warm, they walked, talked, rejoiced at the meeting, there were a lot of berries.I felt sorry for him, covered him, kissed him, then said goodbye, asked to meet again, cried hard.

the younger brother dreamed, he graduated from the orphanage and was taken to school and then I started dreaming of him as if he was afraid of something

umershie brat poyvilsy porvannim maeke

I dreamed that I have a brother who in reality does not exist. at first he seemed scary and frightening, and avoided us. but I gathered my strength and shouted to him when he was already leaving &# 8212; &# 171; why are you acting like that, you’re my brother!&# 187;. he turned and we were talking calmly elsewhere. I asked the reason for his indignation at my mother and me, and he said that it was because politics was bad, and I just nodded in understanding. after we talked about something else. and already sitting at the table, I thought of him as the nicest and best brother. in a dream I loved him very much and repeated to myself -&# 171; so good that I have such a good brother!&# 187;. and longer I woke up. but even after waking up, I felt that he was very dear to me, and there was some strange feeling. in reality I have a brother, but he was present in your dream, albeit in passing. in a dream I succeed, there were two siblings.

I had 2 dreams! In the first (a couple of days ago), the brother dies! In the second one, we were in the water, during the whole sleep there were stingrays! And as a result, my brother, after being electrocuted by this stingray, remains alive, but becomes down, does not realize anything and does not understand! All the time repeating one phrase and that’s it! I am a little scared by such a chain confluence of dreams!

In real life, my brother is in prison for 10 years (since 2012).
08.09.2014 he dreamed, came home and said: &# 171; That he was released on parole&# 187 ;, I asked: &# 171; this is how much time has passed?&# 187 ;, I have not received an answer &# 8212; woke up. Until that day, I had never seen my brother in my dreams, the last time we talked for a long time.

my late brother dreamed drunk with his late daughter. I was driving in the car I saw and stopped the car, I got out and shouted, they stopped, but the reaction was passive.I called them into the car, they came with me, but did not go.

Dreamed of a former boyfriend’s brother. I was picked up after the hospital with bags and we came to my house, and the brother of the former Panrya with fishing rods, he came into the room, lay down on the bed and began to read, I offered him tea, and then he called me and said that he had put the fishing rods on the windowsill, so that they are not visible

Dreamed of an older brother who is in prison. as if he came home. I ask him&# 187; they let you go completely&# 187;? He says &# 187; no, the Dagestanis let me go for a couple of days&# 187;

good day!Today I dreamed that I broke a vase, at this moment my brother (drunk) enters, then suddenly we start talking and he sober up in the eyes, and later, when I do chores around the house, he comes up and asks me to sing the song that I I sing very often, I start to sing this song to him and he hugs me tightly, as if something terrible happened and starts crying, I ask:&# 187; what happened?&# 187; and on this I wake up, I would not pay attention, but I was really excited about this dream.

I dreamed of an ex-girlfriend, we broke up very badly and I loved and worried very much! in a dream it was as if we did not understand who each other walked around the educational institution and just laughed and talked hugged but did not kiss although I really wanted to and she seemed to beckoning on purpose

I dreamed about my brother, he is 1.5 years older than me .
As if I left the room where we were together, but they told me to come back . When I got back there I saw my brother killed.
And yet, me and come back &# 8212; it was necessary in order to supposedly make sure that he was killed .

at first I saw my older brother with my husband and not a lot of drunk, and then I saw a young gypsy in my bed&# 8212; like I had a sex with him.

Hello!I dreamed of devils who reincarnated in my loved ones, and especially in my brother, who in a dream asked me for cigarettes.I couldn’t understand if it’s a brother or if it’s a devil and I couldn’t drive them away.Why is it interesting that my living brother asked me for a cigarette in a dream?

No matter how stupid it may sound, but in a dream I dreamed of a second cousin, our chance meeting with him, how we walked around the city, kissed and hugged.

I am in my garden, I open the door, there are two bulwarks, they start to threaten, to present something, themselves in civilian clothes, but the feeling is that from the organs, after that we are already in some kind of apartment (like a neighbor’s budo, at home) balcony with his brother, he tries to help me, how to teach me, says what to do, at the same time I feel that something is not right, he says somehow not confidently, chtoli, after that he gets up on the fence, sways and falls down, I see him screaming something, immediately in horror I start to run out into the street, I call an ambulance and hear someone talking to me &# 8212; alive and i wake up

I turn around and he is pulled out of the pit of the dead. I look closely, he starts to cough. then I see him dressed in a suit in a coffin there were all my relatives, even my ex-husband and already deceased uncle. I screamed very much and then woke up

there was my brother, me and mom and dad, we were looking from among the children of my brother, it was in the high volochek in the boarding school, we were looking for him and the nanny gave us a photo of him, but it was neither he then we took him and arrived in the village we passed the bridge and little brother neupal I now live in a friendly family and I have 2 days to clean up dreams about my own family. I am 13 years old I came to a piyem family this summer

dreams that there are three friends of mine, my deceased brother&# 8230; and one of them is wearing brother’s black leather jacket&# 8230;. I asked them where is brother&# 8230; they told me that Vaska’s at home&# 8230;.feeling something restless, I ran after him&# 8230; entering the house I saw a lot of people.and in every bedroom&# 8230;.as if they were all walking, having fun&# 8230;.and my brother sat gloomy at the table&# 8230; when I approached him, I saw that he was barefoot (I dreamed before that he was walking barefoot) and he had big and dirty nails&# 8230;..I TOLD HIM OLEG LET’S SHARE NAILS&# 8230;..AFTER THIS I WAKE UP&# 8230; WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.

Hello! I dreamed of a deceased brother, he had a lot of money in his hands and he offered to go visit with him and have a drink. At the same time, he did not call me to him.

mother and father deceased next to brother alive now next to me he won 80 thousand then another 1,000,000 what does this dream mean

I came home with a friend and saw that my parents and brother in army uniform were sitting in the kitchen, we began to hug and kiss, and when I looked at him again, instead of him there was already the son of my second friend

I dreamed about my older brother, we talked about something with him, as a result, it turned out that he was sick with cancer, and soon he was dying like a younger brother! In general, what &# 8212; then fear!

I dreamed that my brother died, t.I know that he died, but I did not see him dead, his wife was so calm, as if nothing had happened. Then I dreamed of some kind of money that I gave money to someone, but to whom and for what I do not know. But there was a feeling that I was giving the last

hello, I dreamed that I was walking through the teacher training college, there was a hospital there and I was looking for my brother, but I could not find it, and then I saw that he was &# 8212; then he writes that I do not know exactly, but when I approached him he told me to do something that I do not remember .I went somewhere and then the roof, he was with some people on the roof, it seems they were going to fight with someone, I wanted to stop him and he said that I would leave, they say it’s dangerous, he hugged and wanted to go, Nov did not let go of him and stood for a very long time and then I woke up

I dreamed that my brother came to my house and had a child in his arms, a boy. He told me like &# 171; Take it, it’s my baby, boy, I need to go, let you have it&# 187;

I dreamed that I was at a performance when suddenly I see my brother. I run to him from the stage, I hug him and kiss him (in a kindred way), he reciprocated, then we sat down and talked to him

Brother died in January. Dream every night. I used to dream about transparent, now usually.And he says that no one sees him except me..

I dreamed about a brother who died two years ago, he asked me for pills that beat in my hand, I threw them to him, then showed him with my finger to my mother, he said that she doesn’t see me

I dreamed that my little brother was born, already the third..
All the sleep he smiles at me, all the actions take place in my house, I remember the smile very well
I had a dream on the night of Sunday to Monday..
A dream like this, where my third brother is born, this is not the first time
And we also have a lot of conversations in our family to start a third, but then somehow the desire disappears, then it reappears
my brother and I insist that our parents have a third&# 8230;
I think about it a lot)

I dreamed that I came to visit him and started yelling at him, yelling like this: WHY DO YOU TAKE THE PIPE FROM US WHEN WE CALL YOU ? And then darkness and I woke up

in a dream it was like it was the night of October 31 and my brother passing into another room said that the windows should be closed. I smiled and went to the window to close it, and suddenly a duck crept through a small crack, I caught it and wanted to throw it out into the street, but I was careful not to open the window completely, pushed it through the crack and ducks began to burst into this crack from the street side and from the roof the head of a goose or a swan too I climbed into the gap when I closed the window, the birds were all bursting and my brother said to put a glass of milk, I put it or not, I don’t remember, but it all stopped

there was something like a robbery I’m a brother and one type I don’t know climbed onto the roof the money was quietly and silently I cry I meet my father his face I found out we tell the boys t.e brother and that man slazy and he throws his brother off the roof and I wash out

I had a dream, we were in the village.Literally 2 weeks ago, my uncle died, we went to the funeral, but in a dream I dreamed about how we arrived in the village and everyone was at the commemoration, first my brother and I came there.All my relatives were there, they were all already drunk.Then my brother and I went for a walk, I took a lighter and started playing, he took it from me and said you can’t play, then he hugged me.

I dreamed today of a brother (whom we kept on Tuesday), he dreamed of being cheerful and joyful and said that he was doing well, he was standing the dream was very colorful.but I do not sleep well, or rather, in general, I am afraid to sleep at night.

I dreamed about my brother on the 40th day of death, he was in a new apartment and he hugged me and said that he had not been with me for a long time

My brother is very far from me. I miss him. And I dreamed about my brother tonight. It’s like we’re at school, I cry the whole dream, hugging him, and he says not to cry. I didn’t let him go. Help me please:)

I dreamed today that I went to the store, and then my aunt and my brother came up to me, they asked for help, on this I woke up

In a dream, I was with my late brother and had sex. It seems to me that I liked everything. But in the morning when I woke up and remembered my dream, I was shocked.It was as if he warned me against something.

I was walking in the park, my second cousin came up to me who died not long ago and said hello to me, I’m ALIVE, I talked to him and asked how? where were you then I stood with my friend and told me that I saw him and she told me that he was not there, what are you?

i dreamed of my cousin brother that I had a relationship with him how we were meeting and we kiss us well, but we understand that we are brother and sister and we are hiding

I saw in a dream a deceased twin brother and I hit his head for telling me that no one would live with me for 5 years. and his nose started bleeding, and in my dream I tasted blood. and all this happened in the parental home, in the children’s room. There were three of us: me, my brother and some girl with me. I recently broke up with my girlfriend

My mom and I went to ride a Ferris wheel, we drove two laps. I kept my brother at the highest point so that he would not fall. I was afraid, I couldn’t look around. Before reaching the ground, the brother suddenly jumped from our booth. It wasn’t high, it didn’t crash, but I was worried that the guards would scold him. When we all went out, they shot my leg, I don’t remember how it happened

Dreamed of a cousin who recently died.He stood across the street from my house with friends and there was a car nearby, but not him (which is strange, I did not know any of them, although I know most of his friends).I was walking home and saw him, crossed the road, while feeling strong joy because of this meeting and was surprised to see him there, he saw me and for some reason was also surprised and asked &# 171; Oh, and where are you from&# 187; (happily) I replied that I was going home.And he said&# 187; wait a second, I’ll talk to the boys right now..&# 187; and he put his hand on my shoulders, as if hugging, and I hugged him with both arms.And we stood there, I listened as he emotionally tells something to his friends.And I was very calm and pleasant in my soul to stand with him in an embrace and that’s it&# 8230; I woke up and we never spoke..

Hello, I dreamed about a brother who died 1 year and 4 months ago, he dreamed earlier, cheerful today, I dreamed in a cemetery in an open coffin, I talked to him, he cried he wants to go home to him cold, he used to say Katya come to me, I told him I’ll come to him tomorrow and covered him with a blanket and used to say sleep, I’ll come tomorrow, I dreamed about what he was buried in and before that I dreamed that he was in light clothes

I dreamed that my brother was a cousin, he is 10 years old
He fell from the roof of some house
We were on the rooftops together
I got scared and went down to him
I approached he was covered in blood and bruised, but he was alive and did not seem to break anything
He cried and said that he was in pain
What does it mean?

I saw my brother sitting, went up to him and immediately sat down next to him and hugged him so ciarche me for 10 years.I love him very much

I did not see my older brother for about 5-6 months, I dreamed that I had a strong rite of passage and started kissing him

I dreamed that I was walking near the school and saw my brother, and at the same time, when I was running, I turned over three flowers in a pot, asked for memorization to allow me, so she allowed me, I ran to him hugged his friends and him .I bent him into my arms and hugged him, and then I woke up

I dreamed about my brother, after the death of my parents we have not communicated with him for 3 years. he broke into the apartment in which I live, tried to open it with his key, and I held the door, but he still got into the apartment and said&# 8230; well hello sister.

I dreamed of a brother who had recently died in battle, but dreamed that in an American film he was not alive, dead, and I and my other brother went everywhere with him, because.did not carry with them.

Hello, I dreamed that the cousin who was killed invites me to marry him and presents 4 wedding rings &# 8212; I refuse. Before that, I often dreamed that we were living together with him, sex.

I’m in the courtyard of my home, next to a guy who I like in real life, but we don’t meet (I would like to), he turns to my own younger brother, they say &# 171; let’s get acquainted, now we are family, brothers.&# 187; they communicate, I watch from the side as if thinking &# 171; you’re not my husband yet, why call my brother yours?&# 187;

my older brother started dreaming, he is now in a mask, I was in the balnitsy and he died when I came by a lady, I saw him plowed in the garden, I pissed off from the tavo that I know what it could be

my brother is now in intensive care (already 19 days). Today at night he dreamed of me very pyatim and thin, that he does not want to talk to me and go away to drink further. Why is it. Thank you

Edward, last night I dreamed of a brother who died 6 years ago in a dream, we darling hugged for a few seconds about nothing, then they lost my email [email&# 160; protected]

Thanks in advance for your reply&# 8230;.best regards Leila

Karina I dream of a second cousin, we have a relationship with him not as a brother with a sister, but as a guy with a girl, but now I have a boyfriend, and now he alone does not want to see me, and we often kiss with him in dreams

dreamed of a younger brother who died a long time ago from an illness. He was sitting at the computer with headphones, in our room with him, he was very cheerful. During his lifetime, he always sat at the computer with headphones. I went up to him, hugged him tightly and said &# 171; how i miss you&# 187;. And woke up

I left the city with my brother and his girlfriend (and some other people). We stopped by a beautiful lake with beautiful nature. And then a friend called me (now pregnant), who now does not communicate with me very much.

Today I dreamed that my deceased grandmother and my family (she’s not alive), me, my mother, my stepfather, and two brothers of my family (moreover, in my life I only have 1 brother Denis). after a while Denis says that the second brother is not breathing, that he died. the next day..again at the table when everyone was eating Denis dies. after I meet the girl and she leaves in my bathroom photos of insects that crawl on the tiles and says that because of them brothers died

Hello! my brother dreamed as if we had a memorial day for him, and he himself was present there. he was looking for someone. I called out to him and he ran up, everyone close to him armed him, but my sister and I were closest to him, we cried, hugged, kissed him. and all the time he looked at his watch and said that he had to go, that he had to go, that he was still among us, but now it is necessary. our chandelier went shaking until forty days, then no. I asked him for this in a dream, and he laughed and said that it was from his efforts. he was standing under the clock and he looked so sad as if he wanted to stay, but he needed to leave. he was gone 2.5 months ago, it was only 24. what does my dream mean? explain please. thanks in advance

dreamed of a brother who called me and asked me to ask my mother to bring him a drink of water

older brother dreamed that he was sleeping and calling another brother named Zhora Zhora did not open his eyes, but I dreamed young, but in fact he died at 75 years old, I asked him Yura, and why did he not answer here, I woke up

I’m sitting on the train somewhere, I’m going somewhere, I know that the station is coming soon, and I felt an urge to go to the toilet, I go to the toilet and turn on the light there, then I said that we were not eating against the current, but I didn’t understand what it was about, they turned off the light there, I went in I didn’t have time to do everything, the train stopped I go out I see my brother, my grandmother, he came up and hugged him without a uniform, his cheek was covered with an adhesive plaster, I ask what happened to him, he even muttered about the wound that was crumbling, then I saw our friends, colleagues at work, they stood in one shigenga, then our boss came up, saying, disperse, all let me look at him. and our grandmother, came out, spread her arms to the side and began to push everyone so that they would stand in the shirenga. also said. that he came first of all to her. then he told me that on his way, he had very good partners in Sex, I told him that he wouldn’t talk about it so loudly that grandmother wouldn’t hear. so everyone laughed and he said that his friends would come right now. will tell. and I see how they come up and smile, I didn’t ask anything. then my brother turned around and approached someone. I don’t remember if the dream ended only forgot

My brothers and I (he is red) were lying on the bed, and there is a refrigerator nearby. A red-haired boy comes up to the refrigerator, Artem, he &# 171; sort of&# 187; school friend. I like him a little.
P.s. They had natural hair. He dreamed me for the first time, what is it for?

I first rescued my younger brother from under the car, then heading to my house, he began to follow the dogs, but for some reason I knew that they were luring him somewhere, and cried, called him for help, then I saw how the dogs he was led to the lake, and he fell there, I jumped after him, but I could not raise him above the water, not float with him, although I myself could, and I woke up crying

Well in general. I dreamed that my father and stepmother got married and gave birth to a brother for me, then I was driving my father’s car to the bridge and there I saw a bus accident and my father and stepmother and my brother (in appearance I would give him 3 years old) and he stood on the abyss and shouted&# 187; mom&# 187;

I dreamed about my brother, he says that he is alive and will come soon&# 8230; we don’t believe he died &# 8230;.he dreams of the whole family and in a dream he says that he &# 8230; alive&# 8230;.

I dreamed that I was driving my brother in a stroller (now he is 4 and a half years old) and in a dream he was 1.5-2 years old, I began to rock him and he cried, and then the stroller ran, turned upside down, the brother fell out and his head got stuck between the spokes of the bike that was lying there, I began to pull it out and it turned into a baby doll, and he had an open mouth. as if he could not breathe, he was dying, his parents panicked and cried nearby. I began to give him a heart massage and he took a few breaths and his sleep was interrupted

Hello! brother is not 15 years old, December 15 was 15 years old as he 27.12.2014 I dreamed about him, I never dreamed about him a dream he saw him smiling, I hugged him and kissed him, his lips were dry, his hair was not like on the day of death, but longer, I told him not to show up, you were not 15 years old, she would be very upset. I talked to him but he did not answer me anything, he just smiled. Why could I have such a dream if I had not dreamed of it before?

Hello. At the moment, my brother is very ill in the hospital, and we are preparing for the flight for further treatment in London. A day ago, I had a dream that I would take him out of the ward, he was sitting in a stroller, wrapped in a blanket, and when the doctor handed it over to me, he told me &# 187; now you can carry it further&# 187;

i had a dream that i am marrying a second cousin what can this mean ? I had a dream about a second cousin that we were getting married and that he had a choice between me and some girl, I confessed to him that I loved him, he did not answer me, we have no communication with him at that moment and there was no but I I love him very much as a brother and every day I dream about him for 2 nights in a row I see him every day but we do not communicate with him and even when he chose between me and that girl I cried a lot I don’t even know why and he chose me but the most important thing is that I know that I was in a dream, I saw myself clearly and saw him very clearly as never before and I did not see the girl, but I knew that she was what it could mean ?

I dreamed that I had a younger brother, he was less than a year old, the deceased parents were alive in a dream, I remember I asked him to treat him next to him and stroked him, felt such tenderness and joy and the feeling that another full-fledged member appeared in our family, just my other brother 7 years older than me and drinks, my parents left us, and here it is so lovely, and even light. then I saw the moment when he became a grown-up handsome guy. after waking up, I felt both joy and regret that my parents did not leave a third person who could become a full-fledged right person, this is how I saw him&# 8230;

I came to my brother as a lady we were talking then he cut a rubber brooch very thick inside there was a kayat net and then he suddenly said I had kidney cancer.please tell me what this all means, otherwise I am very worried thanks in advance

My own brother really died on January 2 7 years ago. I saw today lying in a coffin wrapped in a white corpse (like a mummy), and two Women (our relatives) were sitting next to me . When I approached the coffin, my brother stirred and then found himself lying on the floor, with my knees pressed his head to her chest (as one soothes small children) and tried to quietly remove the fabric from his head. In this position, my brother died in my arms.

I dreamed that it was not my brother at all . It was a boy from grade 9 A.He went in, went to the table, what did he do . I had a notebook in my hands. I laughed a little. He said: maybe already enough?He read my name and surname on a notebook . Then he disappeared. I went to the window and looked, and he was already walking in the distance.

i dreamed that brother and sister turned into a monster, and I killed them because they were chasing me&# 8230;.why is it.

I dreamed of my cousin who wanted to kiss me on the lips. In the same dream was his girlfriend with whom he lives. But at that moment she was not there.

a brother who was not talkative with people came to our old house, someone dropped money from them big paper bills I raised wanted to hide it but then all the same asked who dropped the money from the guests no one immediately responded only after a while he said that oh and I asked what were the bills he could not name I left the money happy

Brother live far from me.You can’t take it through the deyaki of the furnishings (it’s real). And the axis is no longer a dream. It’s all the way to see the booth, which has not been long since (I am from my family) passed. Not from sight, but spontaneously, in clothes from the room, a brother appears spontaneously;.I have to sit on the podlozi and loose legs, and the litter of growth, on some healed small wounds, there is one more troch, and from the right there is a number from one side because of the rozrіzana and the roof on the early dried up and wounds.

Brother dreamed without a tooth. Cousin from St. Petersburg. We were in some apartment. There were a lot of people. They sat on the floor drinking tea. There was also a cousin and a brother’s wife. My brother looked at me in surprise. The color scheme in the dream prevailed orange.

i dreamed that the father of the 2nd brother died, go to the funeral for some reason, as I remember, he was left without adults &# 8230; was glad that we will see him t.we don’t communicate right now&# 8230; as and on occasion&# 8230; I dreamed that when we were going to the apartment, a red-haired strange cat got into the apartment, our cat did not attack him and smelled everything, the cat himself came out through the window, I swore at my mother that she closed the door and did not close the window that thieves can get to us

Hello!I am 12 years old and my brother is 18 years old 24.eleven.2014 he left for the army and after that he already had 3 dreams for me the 1st dream: as if he came from the army and we meet him with the whole family at the train station, the 2nd and 3rd dreams were similar as if he came home at night and no one knew about it, I was sitting near the computer and listening to music in headphones.I always do this, he immediately came up to me and touched me with his hand, I was scared at the beginning, and then I saw him and immediately hugged me, I was delighted and after that everyone woke up and saw him too and were delighted too&# 8230; As you understand it was my whole dream. Why is this dreaming, you can explain it?

I had a dream,&# 8230;&# 8230; what a fortuneteller told me that my brother should die this week,&# 8230; I cried a lot in my sleep, what can this mean.

I really wanted to buy a TV. And I dreamed in a dream that I bought, and my brother. he died, says he shouldn’t have bought it. Now I am thinking whether to buy or not.

I dig a coffin from the grave with an alleged brother (I don’t have one), and I open the coffin to prove to everyone that there is a living person in the coffin, and so it goes out, I open it, and the person gets up and everyone is happy

I walked among high-rise buildings, and my brother at the age of 6 = 7 years old stood on the balcony and threw something up. Father and another young man were standing nearby. I shouted to my brother&# 187; Watch not fall&# 187;. I had a dream on the 9th day of my brother’s death. And he’s 43 years old. Father is alive but sick.

walking with my boyfriend down the street, we reached the railroad tracks..while walking, I saw not most of my friends, each of them was doing their own thing&# 8230; reaching the paths I saw my cousin’s mother&# 8230; soon the train arrived and I saw my cousin Yuri walking, I ran to him with a joyful face, hugged him&# 8230; like he said what he missed&# 8230; he also said that soon he would go back to the war, then I looked back and saw that his father also got off the train&# 8230;.soon my boyfriend and I went somewhere..I don’t remember the rest of the dream&# 8230;

a year ago my brother died suddenly in the prime of his life. today I saw him in a dream walking past me with a baby carriage (blue), I called him and with great joy, seeing me, he came up and hugged me tightly, he was very cold and his body was hard, I told him about it (perfectly understanding that he dead and should be so), he answered me: &# 171; well, what did you want&# 8230;.&# 187; he also told me , &# 171; that he is afraid that they will take me away from him&# 187; who they are, I did not understand, but I assured that no. then we ended up in my sister’s room and he wanted to give me a video cassette on which I was supposed to watch the third episode, but they called me and he went somewhere. I Woke up, went to another room and fell asleep again&# 8230;&# 8230; I dreamed of a man in black clothes in a hood (but I know that this is my brother) around an icy desert, next to a frozen car, in which I want to get into the passenger seat, the windows are frozen, my brother asks &# 187; where are you going&# 187;? and I told him that I have a day off and I want to rest, then I remembered that in my first dream I wanted to ask why he died so suddenly? , I asked and he disappeared&# 8230;&# 8230; The most interesting thing is that I was not afraid of him, but perfectly understood that he was deceased, although I spoke to him as if he were alive. THANKS

Today I dreamed about my second cousin. We rarely communicate with him, if only on holidays. In a dream, I dreamed that he came to visit me .hugged and then invited for a walk. we walked and talked about everything.what happened to us during this time.

I stood near the grandmothers and they talked about how they wanted to kill my brother, well, I ran to him right away, I told him everything, but he did not believe it and went for a walk on business and I spied on him, then he went behind some stone and there I heard some shots and I ran to them and there was an aunt with a pistol and aimed at my brother. I pushed her hand, she flies and my brother and I run away

we can say that we played, who will collect more! we run into the garden with the deceased cousin, into the garden the earth is black and on it earthworms will be deprived in a bunch and we collected them.

I dreamed that my brother (he died for about a year) tried to steal money from me in a dream. Rather, I found a box of money with a smile and just wanted to leave the house with it. At the same time, he was happy both before and after, but in a dream he was looking for something well, not so clearly. I noticed this, but without arguing with him I just took the money and put it in another cache. What exactly was the amount I don’t know

In a dream I saw my brother.Who returned from the army.Everything was in warm colors.I hugged him and cried at the explosion!!What is it for. My brother still serves in the army today!!

i dreamed that my brother was put in jail for 10 years for drunk driving. In a dream, I try to save him, I try to take all the blame on myself, I remember that I cried a lot, and he repeated &# 171; 10 years old, 10 years old, 10 years old!&# 187; I wanted to talk to him, but we were not allowed&# 8230;&# 8230; As if by his look, I realized that if he was imprisoned, then he could not stand it and would do something with himself&# 8230;&# 8230; I woke up crying&# 8230;&# 8230;

Dream brother of a small child
Although already an adult. I’m 10 years older than him. He is 25 years old, and he dreams that he is five years old. And I’m always there and help him and the nanny. We live far from each other

My brother is dreaming with a crocodile in his hands, which scares me with a crocodile. Then my cat comes into the room. I don’t remember anymore

Hello.I had a strange dream!My own older brother harassed me!I refused him, and he said that anyway he was guessed that I would be his.What is it please tell me?

Hello! I remember that it was like an entrance and a staircase between the third and fourth floors .everything is in blue. I opened the door and he is at the bottom of the stairs, I ask, will you come in, he says no, it was raining outside the window at the entrance. I closed the door and looked through the keyhole, he stood and went to my top.I don’t remember whether I opened the door or not. but he ended up as if in the hallway. then his parents appeared and he quickly hid under the bed. that’s how it would be.I don’t know the apartment. he died 8-9 years ago, cousin brother. my mail [email&# 160; protected] thanks.

Brother is in the army now, I miss him. But the dream was very realistic: my father sat at the computer, my mother was watching TV in another room, I heard a knock on the door, opened it, there was a brother with two bags (one with groceries, the other with clothes). He entered and went straight into the room (it is located opposite the door, there was no one there), I ran to my parents saying:&# 187; maybe I have glitches?&# 187;. My brother came out, I hugged him strongly, I had tears (like joy), and while I was crying, he staggered a little (either from laughter, or from tears). On this I forgot my dream.

I dreamed about my little brother.It was clear that he was swimming (very clean), was wearing a clean white shirt.Sat on a chair in my apartment and I sat opposite.Tell him &# 171; What have you done?&# 187; then cried and he cried.

Hello, I dreamed that my cousin hanged himself and everyone did not understand why, because his wife was pregnant&# 8230; and the whole dream, I somehow did not believe in it.All relatives were in terrible shock&# 8230; and after a dream, as if a few days later another cousin hanged himself, although in real life he died.and not alive.

Hello. I dreamed of a brother who died 2 months ago and called me to rob a store next to the house, armed with bats, we went, there were a lot of people in the store and I told him that we had no chance of robbing him, but he said that he didn’t care and he will go. Someone from the passers-by heard our conversation and called the police when the PPP arrived – suddenly my beloved appeared, in real life she is now pregnant, but in a dream it wasn’t – taking the bits in a dream – she disappeared into the crowd and thanks to which the PPP let us go. Well, that’s the end of the dream

I’m going home, they tell me on the phone that my cousin has passed away! Naturally, I cried a lot, but when I arrived and saw him in the coffin, I could no longer cry! And he was not lying at home, but at my mother’s house! Almost all the relatives were there, including his wife!

I was sitting at the computer, my second cousin sent me my private nude photos, which were with my close friend. He spoke well of these photos. I called my friend to ask why she did this. She didn’t answer. There was a close friend nearby, she scolded my best friend. Then we went to the store with her. There we saw her mother and began to run from her so that she would not notice us. But she saw us and scolded my close friend very much. Then I opened my computer and saw in the photographs sent earlier by my brother, &# 171; likes&# 187; from classmates from the former school. I called my best friend again, she answered, but she was silent, I scolded her. Everything.

That night I dreamed about my younger deceased brother. I dreamed how my friends and I crashed a bus, but no one saw it and we disappeared. When I returned home, we had some people and were looking for something, they seemed to be from the police, and there was also my mother. Seeing this I ran out into the street and disappeared. Then in the middle of the lake my younger brother was sleeping on something, I somehow ended up with him and fell asleep. When I opened my eyes, I got up abruptly and from this my brother fell into the water, I was scared, because I can’t swim, but still I jumped and saved him. Then we returned home, there was a mess, and my mother disappeared somewhere. I put him on the bed where I am sleeping right now and put him to bed, while I cleaned up this room myself.

I dreamed about my cousin. We were at the university (in reality, we study at the same university). I accidentally saw him kissing a girl. I was very surprised because he thinks only about studying and he has not yet had a relationship. Then his friends asked something about a kiss and a girl, but I don’t remember exactly what. When he noticed me he felt uncomfortable

I dreamed about my brother, but he lives kilometers from me and we went to the same school. The strangest thing about this dream was that I dated him. Well, of course, like all teenagers, we kissed, hugged and our parents knew about it. This brother is not my own, but a second cousin and we rarely see each other, why did I have this dream?

Why have a dream that I was walking down the street, I ran after some kind of man, he seemed to owe me money, and then my brother’s friend appears and starts to fight with him, and then my brother appears, they also fought

Dreamed of a deceased brother. It’s like I’m in the bathroom and I hear him calling from the kitchen, but not me, but my sister. I go out in the kitchen, and there my brother smiles, a small stubble on his face. I began to illuminate it with the sign of the cross. I did it wrong and he showed me what I needed to do from left to right. We are, in general, Muslims. He was in a good mood. What does it mean? Sleep from Sunday to Monday

I dreamed that I was lying on the bed and looking out the window I see my brother and he took my place and played football instead of me and then called me but I told him I didn’t want

I was in the supermarket, I was choosing purchases and as soon as I paid for them I was told that in 5 minutes the action would start, I wanted to contact the seller with a request that my purchases be canceled, and my second cousin called me and asked to meet him from the army (in real life, we are not we communicate, but he is in the army) I met him there were his 2 friends who I do not like, but in a dream I treated them neutrally and my brother wanted to spend time with me.We went to his house for a snack, but for some reason his mother should not have seen me, and as soon as I saw her from the back and she was in the bathroom, the dream ended and I woke up

my brother is sick in a coma and how would he be cured and I was glad ash cried for joy in a dream my brother will recover

in general, I was sitting in the backyard of my school, and in some incomprehensible way I was cutting oranges. and soon they turned out to be slices in front of me. they lay on the asvalt in a special order of letters incomprehensible to me. when suddenly, instead of asvalt, a platform appeared from long thick but long planks. and the whole school gathered here. suddenly it got dark, although it was 3-4 days no more. my grandmother sat down to me, everyone looked at the sky, shouted and rejoiced. but I didn’t look, I was attracted by the boy that was sitting next to my grandmother on the other side of her. I asked her to change places with me. we moved quickly. and I saw that this boy is my younger brother. the fact is that in January 2009 there was a car accident in which my parents and younger brother died. I am the only survivor of the family. and so. I saw my brother, he looked at the age at which he was at the time of the car accident (4 years). I took his hands and began to call him by name and try to look into his eyes. he looked at my hands and then he says &# 171; where is the byaka?&# 187; I was surprised and made a remark to him that you can’t call people that. but he kept asking, I asked &# 171; who is byaka?&# 187; and my brother began to repeat &# 171; where is mom?&# 187; suddenly he jumped up and went to the lower floor of the courtyard along the stairs, I caught up with him and on one of the platforms between the flights of steps I stopped him and, holding his hands, again tried to look into his eyes. he carefully looked at my hands and then without letting go of them began to look around and repeat &# 171; where is the byaka? where is mom?&# 187;. I took it and say &# 171; let’s go I’ll show you something&# 187;. we went even lower, I brought him to some corner where there were several pots of flowers and strange figurines, one gnome, the second, a cat with an iron scoop (there were some kind of coal or burnt paper on the scoop), I began to show my brother what and how. but he almost crying began to repeat where byaka where byaka after he pushed me and ran out the door. that it was strange from somewhere from the top there was a staircase and when my brother ran away from there a delegation of 5-6 students in blue clothes descended as if they had received diplomas (as in American films) they looked at me in surprise but went further they went out the same door where and my brother ran out. there were different lights burning as if there was a disco. I heard screams and fun and laughter. there was no music. then I heard my grandmother (on my mother’s side) go downstairs and call my brother. and I sat on the floor on my knees and was even afraid to run after him. I still heard him calling mom or byaka&# 8230;
I watched what it means to see a dead man in a dream. said to the rapid change of weather. and indeed the next day after sleep, instead of the cloudy weather that promised, the weather was fine, and the next day it was cloudy again.
maybe everything went but&# 8230; a strange feeling of loss does not leave me&# 8230;
why did he call byaka?
why did he look so closely at my hands?
why didn’t you look me in the eye no matter how hard I tried?
to the bee, he ran away from me?
&# 8230;.and why I did not freeze at all, he was sitting on the ice floor at the end?

I dreamed that I was walking down the street I used to live with (it was cool outside) and when I approached my house I saw my brother trembling with fear and cold, all in tears, in the area of ​​his mouth he had everything in snot and saliva , I ask what happened, he answers &# 171; I owe money, I didn’t find it, now they want to kill me&# 187; and I woke up

In a dream I see a strong baby, as if it were my son. He was about a few months old. All my sleep, I breastfeed him. What is this dream for, what do you think?

And then I also dreamed that my mother gave birth to a son from another man, not from dad. And I rejoicingly hold my little brother in my arms.

Very interesting, I will be grateful for your help.

I dreamed of my brother (who is now in the army) that he returned, and we were lying in my room on the bed, talking, then we went to the table, why do I have such dreams??

I dreamed about my brother eating at the moment for 11 years, but he was a baby there, the next day I also have a dream about him only in this dream I tell my mother about the dream that I had earlier, my mother was very alarmed

Hello! From Monday to Tuesday, I had a dream in the morning that I was at the funeral of my younger brother, I don’t remember exactly whether I saw him in a coffin and whether I was in the cemetery&# 8230;.but I remember exactly that he died in a dream! Please help me to interpret this dream! thanks!

I was at school, my brother had bad grades, he asked to help him improve them .Having received a good mark, they put a blue bracelet on his hand and this bracelet joined our hands . When we went to get ready for home, I heard singing, it turned out that my brother was singing .He sang in gratitude for the help, but I don’t remember.

I dreamed that another girl and I were getting married, both in beautiful white dresses, both have grooms&# 8230;.my brother, only with this girl he is well dressed and looked like a groom, but with me this same brother only already looked much worse, looking like a bum, so to speak. a strange dream, especially the fact that I am marrying my brother.

I often dream of a late cousin, when we meet we kiss each other on the cheek, hug, talk, once I dreamed that we were on a train, he goes out and the doors close, I stay, I try to open but does not come out, so I did not open left. today I dreamed that we were hugging, kissing, talking, he says to his father, if not for my sister, you would not have taken me

I dreamed about my cousin (small), but now he is already 8 years old, I held him in my arms, we played with him, he laughed, and I don’t remember anything else!(

My brother died.But in a dream I am a snake alive, a snit, as if I were at home with my child and unas the door does not close, then the hole in the door is scary to me and as if there’s something there and I want to look at the roof and I’m afraid.then snits my brother, how are we alive, we are supposedly awake at home, and then the glass breaks in the room door, I got scared and he says this to me and I go out to another one, where his friends will take him to krisha at home, I like I can’t keep up with him and start to call him so loudly but they ran away I wanted to follow him on the steps there is a teacher, I thought now he would see that I was going to krishu and didn’t go. I thought I should go to his friend’s house and went with my mother to the grocery store and I say mom you left the child with an alarm clock she played so hard that she wouldn’t even notice that we were not there.She is 3 years old, but I sabotaged a haircut and my mother says maybe they cut their hair badly here, I say right now, I can get the catalog and vibe the haircut, everything is fine and woke up.

in this my brother was in a car with friends, he turned very abruptly with this car, the door opened in the car and 2 of his friends, how to say, they kind of flew out of the car when he turned abruptly, after that he drove a little and in my yard near the trash can again like this I turned abruptly and this time everything went wrong and the car was spinning and crashing like that, but when I myself approached the car, all the people were leaving for the hike, there was a lot of blood I was in hysterics and when I opened the door I thought that my brother had already died, and I began to cry and called the cops and doctors, but before they arrived the door opened and my brother came out of there, I was shocked, but then when I told this to my friend, she said that if a person dies in a dream, he will live a long time and I thought if he survived that I’m even afraid to think about it !? please write your opinion about this dream I really need it and it is important .

swam in a beautiful blue sea with grapes ate grapes treated my brother saw her dead father cried and missed him

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