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Dream Interpretation Cabinet 😴 dreamed of why the Cabinet dreams in a dream


The study, according to Felomena’s dream book, is evidence of extraordinary employment. Your future will present a lot of urgent matters at work, there will be practically no time left for individual personal questions. Try to muster your strength to fulfill your obligations in a quality manner.

I dreamed of a study? The vision identifies an upcoming business meeting that can turn out to be key, initiating the career of a successful person. Be extremely collected when conducting negotiations, remember the need to think over what has been said, exclude unnecessary gestures, facial expressions should correspond to the situation.

The working office of a minister or deputy in a dream speaks of the importance of hiding an upcoming date, for which they have been preparing for more than one day, and the meeting will have a personal, not a working character. Keep your mouth shut, a slight intrigue will allow you to successfully complete what you started, learn something important.

What did you do in your dream?

Dreaming about walking through a long office ▼

A dream in which I happened to walk through a long dark office is a sign of an unpleasant incident soon to come. What happens little depends on you, any rash actions will aggravate a difficult situation. Try to stay on the sidelines, then you can get by with a small amount of blood.

If no one met on the way to the door of a closed room, such loneliness in a dream in reality, on the contrary, promises the support of relatives in life circumstances. Relatives will share the undertakings, will provide all possible help. Know that you can always count on them. Hope for a favorable outcome, then everything will work out easily.

If you dream, how are you looking for an office ▼

If in a dream you had to look for the right office, the plot reflects the ambitions of the dreamers. Most likely, the work sphere is disappointing, you dream of a high position. It is recommended to assess the situation sensibly: if you are underestimated, look for a new duty station or gain experience and knowledge to get started.

The interpretation of the dream in which the cabinet was changed ▼

The meaning of the workplace change dream is invariably associated with the work area, and vision can predict both positive and negative events. Remember your associations that have arisen in connection with the new room in order to interpret your dream as accurately as possible.

Liked the newly acquired cabinet? The room was especially comfortable, beautifully furnished, and a positive experience in all its views? Things will go uphill, you can safely start any of the most risky projects, it will certainly be crowned with success.

Whose office did you dream about?

Seeing the boss’s office in a dream ▼

The dream of the boss’s office draws your attention to the need to become more responsible. Particular interest should be shown in the work sphere, the near future will bring many different work assignments, the successful implementation of which will ensure a comfortable existence. Be patient, the results will please you.

Why is my office dreaming ▼

A middle manager who dreamed of himself as the owner of his own private office should critically assess the scope of personal relationships. Most likely, you have a conflict with a friend or problems at home. Dedicate at least one weekend to loved ones so that the old harmony reigns in the family circle.

The plot is of particular importance for males. Their office in vision for them is a symbol warning of adversity. A person will appear ahead, dreaming of cruel revenge due to the resentment received. Remember everyone who has been hurt, apologize to warn of anger, hostility.

I dreamed of a personal account already available in real life? Creative plans will have a positive outcome. Do you dream to prove yourself in a new role of art critic, artist, writer? Forward to achievements! Stars promise dizzying success and fame for creative personalities.

What office did you dream about??

Dream about a new office ▼

The new cabinet instead of the previous one usually dreams of the length of the path that must be overcome, walking towards the cherished goal. Any wish is feasible – however, it takes a little wait. Stock up on perseverance, get ready to overcome adversity, then everything will certainly work out. Happiness is near, wait for it.

If you dream about an empty office ▼

If in a dream you saw an empty office – it’s time to take up a career. Your workplace is shrouded in chaos: papers are scattered, you spend a lot of time daily searching for the necessary documents, as a result – a complete lack of career growth prospects. Get organized, results will be fast.

How other dream books interpret?

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed about the Cabinet, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Cabinet is dreaming of in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

On the 3rd, I had a dream: as if I went to the office of some aunt (then after sleeping for a long time I thought &# 8212; looks like an aunt from my, a long time ago) But in general, such a personable, beautiful woman. years 40. in a dream she sits in an office, works in some &# 171; instances&# 187;.I go to her, on business, she has a request for me &# 8212; she didn’t have enough food on a plate in the dining room (there is something meat and a green salad), he asks me &# 171; run away please, if it’s not difficult, report to me)&# 187; And she finishes a piece of paper: that it is true that she asked her for a supplement in the cafeteria-&# 171; Here, now I’ll write that this is from me&# 187;.
Of course, I will quickly fulfill this request (as the boss asked at work),
I’m running down to the floor &# 8212; there is our school cafeteria, I come up with this piece of paper (A-4 format as a document &# 8212; She gave such a sheet), she is reported even better than something than she asked (and she asked for a little salad) and she seems to have meat and salad..))
I sit down at the table in the dining room to put it all down neatly, and lingered while laying for about 5 minutes
Before going to her for food, I came to her on business and asked: find out important information for me, where is my friend and how is he doing now, etc.d. and t.NS. Because there is no news and she can learn a lot from her position.
She- as if she had no time for it &# 8212; according to her position, maybe she can find out something, but not out of spite, she is just lazy and indifferent to such simple people as me. So; she to me &# 8212; not before my trip to the dining room &# 8212; not after &# 8212; didn’t show and didn’t find anything. Maybe I couldn’t, maybe I didn’t want to. She rummaged through papers and discs &# 8212; that is, in all media. And he says: &# 171; You see, I have nothing here. And then I’ll look now. And here, too, no&# 187;. And when I lingered in the dining room, everything had already cooled down, and it was uncomfortable for me to ask again Well, how, was there anything. (Although she did not even notice that the food was cold, it was not so important to her) With a smile, she said goodbye to me, without saying anything to me. Thanks in advance for the interpretation.

This dream most likely suggests that you will soon need to contact some official bodies.

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