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Dream interpretation – cap

Dream interpretation – cap

Dream interpretation – cap

Venus in Taurus and the 5th House.

Dream interpretation – cap, cap

If you put on a cap in a dream, this can be considered convincing evidence that you have decided to protect yourself from the outside world and what is happening in it.

You yourself have placed yourself in greenhouse conditions, and, I must say, as long as your fragile artificial shelter manages to protect you from life’s problems.

However, the dream warns that this state of affairs cannot persist for a long time; sooner or later you will have to see and learn on yourself all the "delights" of the real world, and you, as a greenhouse plant, will seem even more unsightly.

Treat yourself more humanely, without giving up a fulfilling life, because in addition to problems and falls, there is still a lot of room for ups.

And in general, life is a great gift, and therefore you cannot treat it as carelessly as you do.

In a dream, they put a cap on a loved one – this speaks of your great desire to protect him from the terrible, in your imagination, reality.

Sincerely wishing this person well, you nevertheless chose the wrong method to help him.

Instead of shoving a dear person under a cap, it is better to try to teach him how to successfully avoid the pitfalls of life, its dangers.

We started to sew a cap – you are anxious, you feel uncertainty about the future.

But in order for you to look into the future with optimism, you need to take some measures.

If you go headlong into your worries, then you are at great risk of earning a nervous breakdown.

If you took off your cap, it means that in reality your isolation and detachment have already tired you.

You seem like a bystander that life passes by.

Quite a little time will pass, and you will be ripe to plunge into real life.

However, beware: due to long-term self-isolation, your resistance to life’s troubles has noticeably decreased, and therefore you must make this transition gradually, in stages, giving your psyche the opportunity to adapt.

They took off the cap from some person – you intend to reveal to him some unpleasant truth.

You are required to do this as delicately as possible so that this unfortunate person is not overwhelmed by your revelations.

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