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Dream interpretation Cape on feathery shoulders. Why dream about a Cape on feathery shoulders to see in a dream – Dream Interpretation


Dream interpretation Cape on feathery shoulders dreamed of why in a dream Cape on feathery shoulders? To select the interpretation of a dream, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing a dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a Cape on feathery shoulders in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books!

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Dream interpretation – Drape (cape on the shoulders)

Dream interpretation – Drape (cape on the shoulders)

Dream interpretation – Cape

Buying a beautiful expensive cape – sleep promises a stable financial position. If you are presented with a cape, friends will help you realize your ideas.

Imagine that you are wrapped in a beautiful cape made of good, soft, solid wool. You feel comfortable and warm.

Dream interpretation – Cape

You see a cape in a dream – you will soon create your own family; you will feel more important when you realize that the weak are completely dependent on you; you will be moved when you see the little ones hiding behind your back.

You see a cape on yourself – you will be able to withstand all the tests that you will meet on your way; your endurance is worthy of the highest praise.

A young woman sees herself in a dream in a cape – fate protects this woman only for the time being; who sowed sin yesterday will reap despair tomorrow.

Dream interpretation – shoulder

Shoulders in a dream – a symbol of strength and ability to survive in any conditions.

If in a dream you feel pain in your shoulders, then great difficulties and experiences await you. If the pain is unbearable, then misfortune and failure will fall on you, which will break you. Not seeing one shoulder in a dream portends an eye disease, due to which you really cannot see one shoulder, or the loss of a person whose help you were counting on.

To dream that you have bony shoulders is a sign that you will have to endure a lot of life trials.

Dream interpretation – Shoulders

If you put your hands on the shoulders of a breathtaking man, spinning with him in a dance, then in real life such a dream will turn into a profitable deal, profit and new business acquaintances. If at the same time you see yourself in a dress with seductively bare shoulders, it means reciprocity between lovers.

Seeing powerful, steep shoulders of a bodybuilder in a dream is a sign of future unhealthy desires and an incorrect lifestyle. Thin, bony shoulders portend that your own recklessness will give you a lot of trouble. Shoulders tanned to black means that your ideal of a real man is waiting for a meeting with you very soon and you feel it latently.

Dream interpretation – Shoulders

"lend a shoulder" help.

"cry on someone’s shoulder" trust, confess.

"like a mountain fell off my shoulders" relief, end of worries. "Shrug on your shoulders" or "lie on your shoulders" heaviness, responsibility.

Dream interpretation – shoulder

Dream interpretation – Shoulders

symbolizes strength and confidence.

Seeing your shoulders strong and sturdy: a good sign that portends serious success in a difficult endeavor.

If your shoulders look weak or sore: this means that something at the moment may be overwhelming for you. You may be trying to solve too many problems at once, or you may want to take a break and rest.

A dream in which you carry a heavy load on your shoulders has the same meaning.

Strong shoulders of the other person: means that you can count on someone’s support during a difficult moment.

Dream interpretation – Shoulders

If you dreamed of your own bare shoulders, you will remain “naked”, you will face large financial losses. Another person’s shoulders are the people you put so much effort into will let you down.

Imagine that you are throwing a beautiful silk cape over your shoulders (see. Cape).

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