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Dream interpretation car wiper. Why dream of a car janitor in a dream – Dream Interpretation


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Now you can find out what it means to see a car wiper in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books!

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Dream interpretation – Janitor

Seeing a janitor in a dream – to slander and lies.

Talking to him means that you will feel the "fruits of upbringing" of your children, who at one time did not receive proper attention and care.

Giving money to the janitor in a dream – to experience ingratitude for a perfect good deed. Being a guest of the janitor – to troubles in relationships with friends.

Look for a janitor in a dream and not find him – your peace of mind will disappear due to troubles that will make you nervous and irritable. Finding a janitor means that in reality you will be engaged in arranging leisure for representatives of a delegation that has arrived from afar.

Dream interpretation – Janitor

Dream interpretation – Janitor

A janitor cleaning garbage on his territory – minor troubles.

Giving money to the janitor – ingratitude awaits you on the part of the person to whom you have rendered a service.

Being in the house of the janitor is in trouble.

To see a janitor with a crowbar in a dream is a harbinger of difficult times, problems at work, difficulties in completing serious business.

Dream interpretation – Janitor

Dream interpretation – Janitor

Saw the janitor – upset because of the disobedience of children.

We looked for a janitor and did not find it – you will experience a slight annoyance.

Found a janitor – your business will go well.

Dream interpretation – Janitor

Seeing a janitor is a minor nuisance.

To see a janitor sweeping the street is a surprise.

Wipers nowadays, and even sweeping something, such a rarity! How not to be surprised.

Dream interpretation – Janitor

Seeing a janitor means that the poor upbringing of your naughty children will fill your soul with longing.

Looking for a janitor and not finding him means minor annoyances that will disrupt your serene existence.

If you find him in a dream, you will be entertained in reality by pleasant communication with foreigners and your business will go smoothly.

Dream interpretation – car

A dream in which you see some kind of machines means a measured life, into which something will suddenly burst, requiring from you the exertion of all physical and spiritual forces.

Seeing a car standing without action means that your peers and peers will succeed in life more than you.

Starting the car into action portends incredible difficulties for you when organizing a new business, when your faithful friends rush to your aid.

A car working with a crash, clank or rattling – to big alarms that will shake your home foundations to the core and make them change something.

To do in a dream repairing a broken car predicts losses from transactions with unscrupulous partners and other monetary losses.

Seeing the flywheel of any car, be it the largest or the smallest, is a sign of confident movement forward on the way to the intended goal, despite any opposition from ill-wishers.

Seeing a steam engine in a dream means views of a very real possibility of obtaining wealth.

The washing machine foreshadows minor changes under significant circumstances.

A sewing machine is a sign of a fast promotion of a new business, which will immediately pay off the money invested in it.

Seeing a typewriter in a dream – in reality you will settle a dispute or quarrel between quarreling friends; work on a typewriter – to receive a small amount for a large amount of work.

A sprinkler and sweeper seen in a dream suggests that you will rush to the rescue of a friend in trouble; driving such a car means impending danger.

A fire engine rushing to the scene of a disaster with the lights on and a roaring siren – in reality, congratulate your friend on great luck, which you yourself have contributed a lot. To see a fire engine engulfed in flames – an incident will happen to you, in which everyone who you tell about it will refuse to believe.

Riding in a dream car like a convertible, that is, an expensive passenger car with a convertible top, is a harbinger of good luck and the acquisition of wealth.

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