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Dream interpretation disco why dream about disco in a dream


If on the eve of how you dreamed about a disco, you visited a nightclub or took part in a dance battle, then you should not look for an explanation of why this fun event is dreaming – just a brain overflowing with impressions gave you events that take place in life. Another question, if you have not danced anywhere for a long time, but, in a dream, lit on the dance floor. Then the dream has its own interpretation, dream books broadcast.

Miller’s interpretations

Dances, no matter what orientation they carry in themselves, that youth parties, that classical balls, according to Miller’s dream book, always promise fun.

I dreamed that a modest guy or a sultry macho who you liked called you to a disco club? You can hope that the relationship will continue, the psychologist pleases. And if you see in a dream that you got into the club by accident, then this dream is a harbinger of unexpected events.

Modern discos: From spoiled reputation to cheerful frivolity

Why dream that you are the star of a trendy club dance floor? According to the version offered by the Wanderer’s dream book, this literally means the following: you can make a mistake by being arrogant, which will result in the loss of your friends’ respect and a damaged reputation.

But, dancing in a dream at school means frivolity, which will bring you nothing but fun time, the dream book pleases. It is especially great if you dreamed about a disco at a school that you once attended.

Dances "To whom for …", as an indicator of the degree of responsibility

Wanting to understand what the dream is about, in which you see yourself at a disco, for a certain age group, first clarify whether you belong to this age in reality, advises Pastor Loff’s dream book.

So, for example, if you are young, and at the disco in a dream there are people who are much older than you, then this means a desire to "jump" over certain events that should soon happen in life.

And if you are too old for the contingent who gathered at the disco in a dream, although the dances are designed specifically for your age stratum, then such a plot can be explained simply: you are sure that only you are able to cope with the boss’s instructions.

Retro parties are a sign of the "unrelenting" past

The interpretation of a dream, in which you are going to a disco dedicated to parties of past years or even eras, promises sadness and melancholy over what has already passed and does not have the opportunity to return, explains the Modern Interpreter of Dreams.

And if you dreamed that you were having fun with the music of past years, then such a vision means a casual but joyful meeting with someone whom you have not seen for a long time.

Disco contingent

Depending on who exactly you saw in a dream at a disco, the explanation of the plot also depends, dream books are sure. So, here’s what the dream is about:

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