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Dream interpretation dresser why dream dresser in a dream


Why does a chest of drawers dream at night? In a dream, this furniture personifies family relationships, promises security, the onset of mutual understanding, harmony. But the dream book also gives other interpretations: troubles, discord, secrets of spouses from each other are possible.

Discord is possible due to secrets, distrust

This piece of furniture symbolizes the marriage of the sleeping person, but more often its negative facets. So, opening a chest of drawers means: the secret of one of the spouses will soon become known to the other and bring serious discord.

I dreamed of closing it? The dream interpretation reports: the sleeping person will close his soul from the second half. This will cause trouble.

Ahead is well-being, understanding from the husband

Why dream of a chest of drawers full of linen? In reality, prosperity, prosperity awaits you. If things are neatly folded there, things will go well.

To a woman to see elephants on a dresser in a dream portends: her husband will understand and will appreciate her efforts to create comfort.

What was he like?

The interpretation of the dream is possible according to what it is:

  • very beautiful, carved – you will live in luxury;
  • white – you will find out good news or receive a parcel;
  • old, mahogany – to prosperity, security;
  • ebony – troubles are coming;
  • scratched – family discord due to lack of funds.

Pleasant meetings, wedding

For an unmarried girl, to see a very beautiful chest of drawers in a dream means: a chance meeting will take place, which will turn out to be fateful. It can lead to the creation of a family.

A dreamed white piece of furniture has a similar meaning. He promises a long-awaited meeting, pleasant surprises or even a wedding.

Miller’s dream book: you really miss something

Why dream of an empty chest of drawers? Such a dream, as well as the plot when the sleeping person cannot find the right thing there, indicates: he really lacks something long forgotten.

Family quarrels, troubles

I dreamed of pulling out the drawers of the chest of drawers? Possible family quarrel in the presence of a stranger. It’s better to sort things out in private.

A mess in it or things that have fallen out in a dream signal, according to the dream book: someone will find out about your secret, and this will cause trouble.

Seeing dirty laundry there – unpleasant memories poison your life. Try to come to terms with the past, forgive your mistakes.

Someone betrays you, beware of conflicts

Searching for something in the drawers of the chest of drawers and not finding – one of your acquaintances or friends has been betraying you for a long time, moreover, he was able to get benefit for himself in this way.

A broken piece of furniture, according to the dream book, promises family strife, conflicts, troubles. Try to find a compromise with your spouse to avoid a breakup.

Successful marriage, mutual understanding

Seeing an antique beautiful handmade chest of drawers in a dream means: you have to communicate with a very interesting person. Each time a person will amaze you with originality, the depth of his thoughts.

Why dream that it perfectly matches the interior of the house? The dream interpretation explains: in the family of the sleeping person there will come a time of happiness, harmony, mutual understanding.

I dreamed of a solid, solid piece of furniture? The vision promises a very successful marriage, a good relationship.

Bought a new one and brought home? The dream prompts: soon you will begin the construction of a new house.

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