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Dream interpretation dried Lake 😴 dreamed of why a dried Lake dreams in a dream to see

Seeing a dried-up lake in a dream means unexpected business problems. Sources of income will soon run out, you will have to look for new ones. Timely measures taken can prevent unpleasant consequences, for this it is necessary to analyze the situation and try to identify possible sources of danger.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of a dried up Lake, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the dried Lake is dreaming of in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I know this lake..Chalk Cancer is called&# 8230; , someone always drowns in it.. but for some reason I was always interested in the bottom relief.. and then I go out onto the balcony and see that all the water has become very transparent .. then I returned to the house.. there were some graters.. going back.. the picture is .. the sky is overcast .. burgundy flowers&# 8230; and the relief is very dry.. cracked&# 8230; and stepped in the middle ledge .howl&# 8230;.after a while, the entire relief was covered with green green tra

Hello! I dreamed of a lake without water and I dig gold in it (rings, earrings, jewelry) while I ask my boyfriend to help, but he doesn’t want. Please tell me what this means.

I suddenly saw a familiar reservoir without water But the bottom impressed me.Such beautiful reliefs There were several of us. I tried to take a photo .But then there were obstacles with access to the surface.Then I woke up

I had a dream that we were walking with friends in nature and there was a lake surrounded by a dam.. and so, when I decided to dangle my legs with my loved one, the lake dried up and there was only a bright yellow sand-bottom.

there is a lake not far from my house&# 8230; in a dream the same lake but dry, then I find myself at the bottom, then on the outskirts, and in all places I find gold, where I wanted there and found it, but I was looking not with my hands, but with metal

I dreamed of a lake that at one time dried up, and at another it overflowed like the sea. In it, people, different, fished huge fish, but sometimes when the weather turned bad, some monsters appeared there, similar to huge monitor lizards&# 8230; But in good weather there was normal good fish and clear water

i dreamed that my sister and I were swimming with someone else in the estuary and the water in it began to leave abruptly, and a hole formed into which we fell, and I quickly got out of it

a dried-up lake which then began to fill with clean water through which the bottom can be seen

I dreamed about the beginning of the wedding of my acquaintance, just an acquaintance, not a friend. The building where the wedding took place was on the shore of a dry lake.huge cracked bottom katlavan. And I was on the other side of this lake in some kind of shack, I was waiting, when I got to this wedding, there was a lot of little things in my pocket. Then I went down to the bottom and went along it in a different direction and came to a building. There were two trampolines next to him. One less, the other more. I looked at them and thought how good it was for those people who jumped from them when there was water in this lake, I would have jumped

I was catching up with a colleague who did not give marks to children after the exam, she ended up at a bus stop. Together we returned to school on a dry lake covered with sand.

I came to the lake to rest and instead of the lake I saw a shallow lake and another lake is located nearby, fenced with a high fence, to go there, you have to pay.

I walked near the lake in which kupalas as a child and it turned out to be dry

good day! In a dream, my friends and I arrived at the sea, and it was dry. Friends did not walk in the mud, and I began to look for all kinds of water resources in a swimsuit, while getting dirty. The day was gray, cloudy, dry.

It was noon. It was incredible, incredible heat. My young friend and I walked along the path along the motherwort. When we approached the beach, I saw that the lake near which we stopped was half dry, while the other half with water was robbed by a wall of sand. People worked in the deserted half, they scooped out the sand and served it with something similar to a gentle coating. At that moment I wanted to close. Why did that place feel like home to me. I started to run along the deserted part of the lake. I jumped mountains and sand norms. It hurt to run. The feet were on fire, and besides, there were small black pebbles on the sand that looked like gravel. I remember how I ran through that desert until someone called out to me. This voice was not clear from where, it even seemed to me that it was in my head, but then this voice, painfully familiar, by the way, called me again. I stopped, turned.
And that is all. Either I woke up, or I don’t remember what happened next.
I really hope for your help. The first time I write like this to someone about my dreams. But I don’t know why, this dream made me nervous.

I swam to pick up the boat that was carried away from the shore, took it and the water began to rise sharply, but it did not scare me, I easily swam to the shore, pulled the boat out and went into the house, there were many friends of mine, then I went out and saw how the lake abruptly began to flow where and at the end it disappeared and around there was a semi-desert, a lot of sand, palm trees. then I returned to the house and went to sleep, when I woke up one friend told me that my friends went somewhere on business and that I slept a lot of time and they left me credit cards, they told you that. and then I looked at the time and saw that it was 8 in the morning, and when I went to bed it was 2 in the afternoon, and then they told me that your time is not right, now it is 5 in the evening and then I woke up.

Dreamed .that Lake Ladoga is completely dry and I walk along the bottom of the lake on the sand and occasionally I come across various empty bottles and garbage

I dreamed that Lake Lahozhskoye was completely dry to the very bottom.And I walk along the sandy bottom of this lake and see bottles that occasionally come across.

3 ashen lakes. One is not very deep and not very large, the second is larger and deeper, 3 further is very deep. And they started to fill up with water, very quickly

I don’t remember what, but in a dream I had to do something and I was not alone there were a couple of friends nearby and instead we went to the lake and fished especially the catch, we went there where someone was fishing and big fish 2 meters long, I caught a couple of fish and I went fishing to another corner and from where there was a girl with me, there was a good light fish everywhere, after a rest or sleep, the lake almost everything dried up and even from where there was pure white snow, but it was not much there were a lot of people and the dream when it was warm and sunny when the lake was snowing it was also warm after I woke up

&# 8230; We’re on some kind of cruise&# 8230; And now we swim in the lake&# 8230; Everyone managed to take pictures for large group A4 shots, but I’m not there&# 8230; And I look at someone’s photo, standing right in the water up to my waist (they gave them to me from the boat), &# 171; and somehow releasing them&# 8230; The night is around and they sailed away, visible in the distance&# 8230; I’m embarrassed in front of the owner of the pictures&# 8230; I go ashore, some woman volunteered to go into the water, and now she is already bringing these photos. She walked over the water&# 8230; I look back at the lake, and there are piles of earth, like a dug field, and there is no lake anymore&# 8230; That bottom of it rose, it dried up&# 8230; I’m at a loss for the wonders of nature&# 8230;.

Dreamed of a dried lake. People are sitting around on the if they are resting, sunbathing.I walk along the bottom of a dried-up lake and see that the lake begins to fill with water from a nearby full lake.

I dreamed about how I and some people came to the lake, next to the house where my grandmother lived, people ran to swim, I also began to go into the water and it dried up

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