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Dream Interpretation Drowned Man 😴 dreamed of what the Drowned Man dreams of in a dream


A drowned man seen in a dream is a warning of an external negative impact on the dreamer. These can be evil thoughts directed at him or open actions of an aggressive nature, the purpose of which is to cause moral or physical harm to a sleeping person. Also, this dream can be an understanding on a subconscious level. So to speak, a presentiment of impending disaster.

Where did you see the drowned man in your dream?

Why see a drowned man in a pool in a dream ▼

If you dreamed that the drowned man was in the pool – you have to hit the road. The road will be associated with rest and entertainment. During this journey, meet a person with whom you will spend unforgettable days. The interpreter says that a fleeting holiday romance can drag on for a lifetime.

Who was the drowned man in a dream?

Why does a drowned man dream ▼

To see a man in a drowned man’s dream means to feel a feeling of hostility towards him in reality. This person is so unpleasant to you that a subconscious desire to inflict suffering on him is reflected in night dreams. In some cases, this may mean, on the contrary, a strong emotional attachment and fear of losing a person who appeared in such an image.

What does it mean if a drowned child dreamed ▼

A drowned child in a dream symbolizes your regrets about unfulfilled hopes and shattered dreams. Having spent a lot of time and effort, you tried to breathe life into your projects. But, for various reasons, it was not possible to bring the plan to the end. And it leads to despair and makes you doubt yourself.

Don’t Let Failure Break Your Willpower. No matter how many defeats you have to endure, luck accompanies persistent.

How the dream book interprets the vision where the woman was drowned ▼

A drowned woman, according to the dream book, reflects internal uncertainty. The events that take place are forced to think about the correct choice of the life path. On the one hand, you are afraid of change and the unknown, on the other, you understand that this cannot go on any longer.

Trying to make the right choice, remember – it cannot be right or wrong. Any of your decisions is correct, it just leads to different consequences.

What did you do to the drowned man in your sleep?

The meaning of the dream in which the drowned man had to be caught ▼

According to Felomena’s dream book, catching a drowned man in a dream means that, thanks to a fortunate coincidence of circumstances, your life will make a sharp turn and head up. Events will unfold at such a speed that you will not have time to realize what is happening.

No special action is required from you. It will only be necessary to be able to take advantage of the situation in time and not miss opportunities.

If, according to the plot of the dream, you happened to pull out a drowned man ▼

If in a dream you had to pull out a drowned man, you should know that the success of your enterprise depends only on you. If you can focus on the goal and not be led by emotions, you will reach great heights in your professional activity. Having succumbed to the slightest weakness or doubt – you will remain where you are now, without any merit and personal growth.

Why see a dream in which you swim from a drowned man ▼

The dream in which you swim from a drowned man means your escape from reality. You prefer not to notice troubles and problems, rather than solve them. With this attitude, relatives and close people help you to survive in this world.

The sign seen foreshadows that soon you will have to face a situation in which no one can come to your aid and it will not work to escape to your illusory world. Be prepared for this in advance and take some action to awaken from mental slumber.

What happened to the drowned man in his dream?

Why dream that the drowned man came to life ▼

If you dreamed that the drowned man came to life, it means that in the depths of your soul you harbor hope that what is left in the past will be reborn. Perhaps this is due to a past relationship that you miss or, having failed in business, business, hoping that it is still possible to fix it.

If you recognize your acquaintance in a drowned person, it means that you yearn for him and want to meet. Chances are, you have been apart for a long time or stopped communicating due to an argument. And now the resentment has passed, and there is an empty space in the soul intended for this person.

What does it mean if a drowned man surfaced in a dream ▼

According to the dream book, if you saw how the drowned man surfaced, you have to face a cruel reality. Find out information that has been hidden from you for a long time, and it will hit your feelings. It is not yet known which development of events will be more favorable, so take time to think about the situation and do not jump to conclusions. Perhaps clues will appear in other visions.

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed about the Drowned Man, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Drowned Man is dreaming of in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I dreamed that my granddaughter drowned in the bathroom. I look for her, I go into the bath, there is a naked boy, half-dead, I shout:&# 187; Where is she?&# 187;. He is silent, I pick him up, he is alive, and under him she drowned. I pull her out, start to press on her chest, she does not breathe, then I cover her mouth, I do artificial respiration, I don’t remember I have to do it once or twice, and she comes to life.

But all this was dreamed in the context of the fact that in our family who &# 8212; then who &# 8212; then he killed who and whom is unclear, but they suspect my father-in-law and another stranger. I don’t know him there, but in a dream he is a very close person to us. And he swears to me that he didn’t. And it turns out that this is the father-in-law. And my dog, who died recently, was there in a dream. And it seems that in our niche above the front door, although, of course, there is no niche above our front door in reality, there are some &# 8212; then the homeless, and he, the dog, that is, drives these homeless people away, barks evil at them like this. Well.

And yet, when I saved her, that is to say, she saved her, I shout to my daughter: &# 171; Close the curtains. Close the curtains!: It seems to us from the street &# 8212; then evil is watching, watching.

Olga, perhaps the granddaughter’s drowning in a dream, the murder of the father-in-law, the appearance of homeless people, symbolizes the fact that you will have some troubles in your life that can threaten you and your loved ones, and the dead dog, on the other hand, acts as a protector for you, she tries to warn.

i dreamed of a living drowned man who was swimming in the water and then he was pulled out of the water by a drowning dog

Ekaterina, maybe what you thought you lost forever is actually not so, it can still be returned back.

I dreamed that I was swimming in a river, near a storm, and then I see someone’s little legs, and then another one, and I understand that this is the 2nd child, a boy and a girl, and they are very close to me, and I run out screaming with I can’t get out, an ambulance is passing by, but I don’t see how they are being pulled out

alina, perhaps a dream in which you see drowned children around you promises you to find yourself in a terrifying situation, an environment associated with someone else’s grief.

I dreamed that I went to some kind of pond, it was all overgrown with algae, dirty&# 8230;.and from the water some man pulled a drowned man, a boy of about 15&# 8230;..when he appeared on the surface, he began to cough up, give the first signs of life, even opened his eyes, but his skin was very white, even with a bluish tinge

Julia, most likely a dream in which you see a drowned man being pulled out, and then he comes to life, suggests that you will become an eyewitness to an event incredible at first glance.

Tell me, I dreamed of a situation in which I seem to be looking after a girl who swims in a specific pool. Her parents are nearby, as I understand. Then they say something like &# 171; we’ll get away for now, let the baby swim&# 187;. I walk them to the hallway door, turn around, but the girl is gone. The first &# 8212; &# 171; thought is a joke?&# 187; After all, the dream was absolutely peaceful and cheerful. And then I begin to understand that she apparently drowned or is drowning. I dive into the water, it is very cold, I don’t know how this girl swam there for so long.. stabbed chtoli. I dive and almost immediately notice her below, and I clearly see a blue, lifeless body, eyes are open and arms are stretched up. Here fear attacks me, a very eerie fear, t.To. I still understand that this is still a dream, but it is very believable. In this moment, there is an internal struggle &# 8212; get her or call for help, for some reason, with difficulty, I decide to swim further under water and get her. I swim up, embrace and with all the strength I begin to swim up. And at the moment of getting up, I wake up all in a strong fright and in front of my eyes this girl who could no longer fall asleep. I just close my eyes I see her.

Anton, a drowned man in a dream can portend hypocrisy, an unforeseen waste of money.

Hypocrisy on whose side? My or third parties? Broad enough explanation 🙂

I had a dream in which I drowned, and then my soul surfaced and sat on the shore and began to cry&# 8230;

Tatyana, perhaps the dream in which you drowned, and then your soul began to cry, suggests that on a subconscious level you feel some kind of danger that you can threaten.

I dreamed that I returned to the pre-war times, although I myself had never been there. My friends, whom I don’t even know, are buying a plot &# 8212; two houses, and I discourage them, I explain that everything will be taken away from them soon. Nobody listens to me.
Then another situation. Black sea coast. The water is muddy, but not dirty, the bottom is not visible. People walk on the shore, fun. I stand on the shore, swim and regret that no one believes me, that I am not from this time. I dive deep and stumble upon a drowned woman. I take her over and drag her to the shore, a doctor runs up to her and pulls out a dry cane from her nose, and then says that she needs an operation, because otherwise she won’t come to life.
I keep diving into the water. I have a longing that I am not where I need to be. I dive deep, swim on the bottom, want to stay underwater longer. I already want to drown myself, but at the last second I break down and go upstairs. There is not enough air, I am afraid that I will suffocate, I can already see the light, but I still have to swim..and on this I wake up.
Thank you in advance for your reply.

Olga, perhaps a dream in which you found yourself in the pre-war time, and saw a drowned man, and then you yourself wanted to drown yourself, can say that in reality you will find yourself in an unusual situation, in which perhaps only you can show your judgment.

Please answer, I dreamed that the goddaughter dived into some kind of aquarium and we cannot find her there.We are looking for we are looking for and I find a boy in the water who does not breathe. I start doing artillery breathing and heart massage, and he begins to breathe.Then we continue to look for the goddaughter.Hysteria is nowhere.and then I just say &# 171; anya, come out.I will not scold you!&# 187; and she comes out from behind the curtains&# 8230;

Lyudmila, perhaps a dream in which your goddaughter dives into an aquarium and you cannot find her, and after the words: “anya, come out.I will not scold you!”- she herself comes out, says that you should be more attentive to your actions, words, as they can greatly affect your loved ones.

Julia, my father, who has been drowned for 9 years, is dreaming that he is standing in a boss (I work at the aquopark) and my legacy is with him, but my fiance will not let me in! What should I do the same dream for the same week?

I had a dream &# 8212; For some reason, I had to meet a friend in a foreign city with whom we both were passing through this city, she is pregnant, at 8 months old, in a dream we text about a meeting, then an SMS comes from her -&# 171; i’m in water, i’m drowning&# 187;, I run to look around the city, I find a place, there I suddenly meet another friend, I tell her and we go together to search and look. I see a picture of my pregnant girlfriend drowning in water, trying to scream, crying, drowning.. but this picture is like in the brain, in a dream, in principle, I did not see it.. We walk along the embankment on which the bodies of drowned people are laid out &# 8212; it seems like the bus drowned, and the corpses are like old ones &# 8212; old drowned, they are wrapped in cellophane, and fresh.. there are also things of people pulled out of the water.. we consider everything, looking for our girlfriend.. we do not find, then I find her bag, the phone rings there, I do not have time to answer.. but we never found her body, although there is a persistent feeling in a dream that she was saved and she is in the hospital.. then I woke up.. what is it all for?

Olga, perhaps a dream in which your friend has an accident and says on the phone that she is drowning, suggests that in reality a situation is possible in which she can get into trouble and she will need your help.

For the first time in my life I dreamed of a drowned man. This is very scary 🙁 I dream that I go into the river, the water is warm, but I feel what &# 8212; then discomfort, I look into the water and see a drowned man emerge, my husband stood right next to me on the shore and gave me his hand to get me out of the water.
Then I looked at the water, and the woman, rising a little from the water, reached out to me and on that I woke up ..

Tatyana, perhaps such a dream serves as some kind of warning for you, try to understand what it may refer to.

I dreamed that I was from my friend P. and P. I am sitting on the beach and one of them went swimming with a familiar guy and he drowned himself there. Then there must be judgment. The three of us were tried, but he was moved by the fact that R. wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the railing of the stairs, but she jumped and only hurt herself a little, as she was caught. And so everyone went home. I’m with my friend P. stood on the street and two guys came up to us and entered into some kind of agreement.
I don’t remember anything else.

Irina, perhaps such a dream about a drowned man, serves as a warning to you that in reality, in the near future, it is better for you to beware of potentially dangerous places.

I dreamed that a drowned man pulled my drowning sister out of the water.At the same time, he did this by pushing her ashore with SUCH terrible force!And then he quietly lay down on the water again.However, the strangest thing is that no one else saw him except me&# 8230;

Marina, your dream hints that your sister will find herself in a situation where her fate is already a foregone conclusion. But everything will suddenly turn into a positive direction.

I dreamed that my family and I went for a walk.And when we were on our way back home.We had to cross the bridge.It so happened that I crossed it first and waited for mine on the other side.My son started to open some kind of gate on this bridge.And while opening this gate, my son came to the edge of this bridge.And I feel that a little more and a terrible thing will happen.And so it happened.He falls to the input, my wife jumps after him.I run to them for help and at this moment I wake up with horror.

Yura, the fact that you saw your son as a drowned man most likely means that you will defend his name when he is convicted.

I saw in a dream not just a drowned man, but I also saved him. Pulled it out of the water, pumped it out. My efforts were crowned with success, so I think, why would it?

Ilyas, the fact that a drowned man was saved in a dream most likely promises you success in your work.

I dreamed that I was in a village, in a house similar to the house of my deceased grandmother. There is a toilet on the street, I run to open it, and there a dog drowns &# 8212; medium-sized great dane. I take him out, but we both stay clean, he is snow-white with black spots, but he has a wide chest like bulldogs.
For some reason I understand that he is very hungry, because he spent a lot of time in the toilet. He begins to chew my clothes, hands, but I do not feel any pain or fear.
I close it so that he does not bite anyone, and I start to cook food for him. For some reason, I think that it will be useful for my stomach to eat porridge, I cook it, add a little meat or sausage there, turn away for a minute, and when I turn around, they threw my porridge out, a woman who looks like my mother says that it’s bad porridge.
I am very disappointed, I am sorry that the dog is hungry, and he urgently needed to be fed, I look at him, but instead of the dog I see a big cat with a huge head..

Natasha, the fact that you saw a drowned man in a dream most likely promises you the discovery of some kind of secret.

my husband dreamed that our granddaughter drowned in the sea and he barely found her, she was alive

raisa, you dreamed that your granddaughter was a drowned man, this probably promises her illness or other problems.

I dreamed that I was going somewhere, I meet a little girl and her mother, then somehow I find myself at a cliff with water (clean, normal), I hold on to an iron stick that goes into the water, and I think to myself &# 171; the last two times when I was pinned, the distance was small, this time higher, it will definitely turn out to be broken&# 8230; I jump with the stick, release it from my hands, then I come up, I try to scream, but the voice seemed to disappear and there were some wheezing.then my brother and wife swam and everything seemed to be

Julia, the fact that you dreamed that you are a drowned man probably promises you a lot of worries.

I had a dream that I was like at school and the class and I were fishing.Then I look into the water and see two drowned people, although a second ago they were not.This picture was seen by the whole class, but no one reacted to them.Then the teacher ran up and started shouting at us that we were not saving them.He pulled one out and he came to life! What could it be for?

Lyudmila, the fact that you dreamed of a drowned man at school most likely promises you to reveal some secret of those years.

In a dream, they swam with friends of my young man in the river (with sea water and waves for some reason). Then I went ashore, looked at the swimmers, turned away to talk to someone, and when I turned back, there was no one to be seen. I ran into the river (there were no more waves) with a bad feeling and I see everyone drowned, I start to find everyone on the surface in turn and pull out. I want to be rescued on the shore, but I wake up in horror.

Evgeniya, the fact that you saw your friends drowned most likely means that you will be able to discover something secret related to them.

I had a dream, as if my daughter was bathing in a bath in the bathroom, I regulate the water, turned away from her, &# 8212; turn around and she drowned. I take it out, start doing artificial respiration, turn it over, but nothing helps. I was in horror and despair in a dream and am still a tribute.

Natasha, the fact that you dream of your daughter drowning probably means that you are not sure that you are giving enough time to her.

I dreamed that I was standing on the shore of a lake, and children were swimming in the water,
and the boy tries to get out and nothing works for him, I tell the children (help him get out) and I leave myself, and I meet a person who has done a lot of bad things for me in real life, I talk to her, and imagine how I start to tear her apart as soft toy, it disappears.
I return to the shore and the boy who tried to get out starts to drown, and I can’t do anything, a lot of people come running, everyone is crying, but I understand that I am to blame, and I wake up

Ksenia, the fact that you saw someone drowning most likely promises you to feel your own helplessness.

I dreamed that I was on a pond&# 8230; (With someone)&# 8230; Saw a drowned man in the water&# 8230; The guy began to pull him ashore by the leg&# 8230; The water is bright bright green&’And the drowned man is all green&# 8230; I recognized him&# 8230; It was a person I knew well&# 8230;

Mikhalych, the fact that you found a drowned man in a dream probably means that you can find out something hidden.

i dreamed that in some abandoned dirty pond I accidentally find two drowned boys. Their hands are tied and they are also tied together. I pull them ashore, you can see from them that they have been in the water for a very long time. I begin to take turns pressing on their chest, with little faith that this will help. But they slowly come to life, come to their senses and in the end everything is fine with them. They jump into the water again, swim and have fun. and then I go and tell everyone that I saved two boys.

katerinka, the fact that in your dream you saved two boys probably means that you can open something that will make you proud.

I dreamed of a friend coming to visit me.We sit chatting, then for some reason he went to the bathroom.I’m behind him.He turned on the water and said he wanted to relax.Then a second acquaintance called me and asked him to meet.I went out, said which floor, I’m waiting for him at the stairs.He got up and couldn’t see me.It was light, he stood in front of me but did not see.In the corner sat either a watchman or some kind of security guard.I thought sho he was kidding and said shob he asked if he saw me, but the watchman also did not see.Then, somehow, having dealt with this phenomenon, we came to me.I suddenly remembered about a friend, went to the bathroom.I go in, I see a bathtub filled with water and a friend floating in the water.Immediately I start pulling out of the water.He is alive: saved him.But he was not happy to be saved.Shows his legs and I see that they are broken, his knee is shattered.The thought comes, how could he even walk with such legs.And he starts crying and tells me &# 171; See? It’s better to die with feet like this&# 8230;&# 187; then i woke up

Nikolay, the fact that there was such a drowned man in your dream probably means that this friend can reveal to you a certain secret.

Hello. Usually I don’t remember dreams, but today I dreamed as if I was riding, in my opinion, on a motorcycle (I didn’t see the motorcycle itself, but I definitely didn’t look through the car window) driving at a very high speed (I didn’t run away from anyone, I just rushed), I wanted to overtake some girl (unfamiliar to me neither in life nor in a dream). And so I overtake her and, as soon as I get out of the bend (and I am driving through the tunnel on the Third Transport Ring), I see how the baby strollers are lined up in front of me in an arc (and they lined up like this for a long time, as if just mummies were walking and put it like that) and I try to fly OVER them and then I understand that there is a cliff on the right and that it turns out that there has just been an accident here with a motorcyclist (but not with me) and that everyone here crowded to look, and someone even helped to catch him out of the water. I noticed how he was carried by the current, but I did not know if he was alive. I only saw how several of my acquaintances separated from the crowd and dived into the water. I don’t remember anything else. Maybe you can help me understand this dream. thanks.

Natalya, the fact that you drove your dream on a motorcycle and then saw a drowned man, most likely, warns that risky behavior can lead to adverse consequences for you.

i dreamed 2 sisters drowned each other but I could not do anything. one saved me but there was a struggle between them. one drowned the other, holding me by the shoulder, swam to the shore, but the one that drowned quickly swam after us, already being drowned blue, a terrible dream. we swam quickly, but she constantly embraced and tried to drown. what is it for.

nelya, the fact that in your dream they behaved like this, most likely, indicates that you will witness their violent quarrel.

I dreamed that I saved a drowning grandmother unknown to me, doctors came, took her to them and said that everything would be fine with her, and then I waited on the bank of my grandfather to inform him that everything was fine with his old woman and she was the hospital!What does it mean??

Hello. What does my dream mean? I go to the kindergarten to pick up the children. And there the water is kind of like a pool that has never been there. I see a man lying face down under water, starting to pull him out, he pulled him alive. Then I saw other men, I ask them to help pull out the drowned. Thus, I pulled out 3 men, the third was pumped out for a long time, I thought that I could not save everything, but he opened his eyes and said: &# 171; I’m in paradise?&# 187; I answered:&# 187; No, you’re alive&# 187;. And then in some apartment there we talk and then I wake up. thanks. Waiting for your reply.

Oksana, the fact that there was such a drowned man in your dream probably means that you can learn something that you would not want to know.

Like we swam&# 8230; and my friend fell off the boat and I followed her. it so happened that she seems to be far from me.her boyfriend threw a small boat, she lay down there.I swam to her and she is not there.I searched, searched, searched and did not find.

good day. help me please. I dreamed of a lot of clean, clear water. She’s around and she’s a lot. And then I see how the water disappears under the sand and my husband disappears with it. What does it mean?)))Thanks)))

good day! help me please&# 8230;
Today, from Tuesday to Wednesday, I dreamed that I was swimming in the river with my parents, and a boat passing by was covering me with a wave, I dive, after, I try to emerge, but suddenly a wave covers me, and I go to the bottom (( ((After, my father saves me!

I clearly remembered this dream, I remembered how even the very taste of water&# 8230; and how I was out of breath.
Please come up, what does this mean!

Maria, the fact that you were drowning in a dream probably means that you will soon be captured by unpleasant emotions.

I dreamed that my beloved was locked in some kind of box with some other person and they were carried by some people from one place to another, as if checking how long they could hold out there without air, look at the stopwatch and count, that they may not be in a hurry to open the drawer. When they put the box, I shout, open it faster, they opened it, and there is my beloved one completely in the water. I lift his head and shake, press it to me, one eye is half-open and filled with hemorrhage, but he is still alive. They pick him up, put him on some kind of stretcher and carry him away.

Lera, the fact that in your dream he was isolated with this person probably means that you can find out that your loved one prefers to spend more time with him.

Hello! My mom, from Thursday to Friday, dreamed that there was a flood in our apartment. Almost to the ceiling, everything is filled with water. everyone who was in the apartment was saved except me. I disappeared into the water. mom tried to save me, cried. but I disappeared without a trace. mom woke up with tears in her eyes. what does this mean, please tell me?

Sevinj, a flood in an apartment, as a rule, portends the dreamer family problems, a lack of funds.

Hello! I dreamed that my daughter drowned in the bathroom, it seemed like I pumped her out after that, but she became kind of&# 8230;.hard to explain&# 8230;.zombie barley, what would it be?

Hello, I dreamed that I watched through the window as a man carried his drowned wife and daughter, and I saw his wife trying to open her eyes&# 8230; and he does not react to anything around him carries them further outside of himself with grief&# 8230;

I dream that my friends and I are swimming in a deep clear river. Funny. Suddenly I hold my breath, dive and see a girl – my friend from childhood, I see that she is dead, her hair is developing with water. It’s all underwater.
Then grief. misfortune, I mourn this girl, I thought.that I should tell her boyfriend in contact, what happened to her.

Evgenia, the fact that in this dream that person was a drowned man probably says from him that you can learn something about her that will upset you.

I dreamed of a young man who was completely unfamiliar to me drowned, but he looked like a living

We sat on the shore and went swimming, saw that someone / something was swimming, swam and found 3 drowned people. One man all in tattoos and 2 girls. It felt like we were looking for them. One girl was the girl of a friend of a guy and he was with us, he swam, looked and swam back. In general, everything is somehow muddy and it’s not clear what’s what&# 8230;

I had a terrible dream!how my girl drowned while swimming with me!I tried to save her, as I was a good swimmer, even the 20-meter depth did not stop me!but unfortunately I didn’t find it!and all the sleep I cry&# 8230;&# 8230; what it can be:?

I dreamed that I was sailing towards the pier. The water is very calm and clear. And suddenly I notice through the clear water that at the bottom near the pier supports are full of drowned people, and they stand upright as if holding on to the supports. Terrible fear and panic seized me, I started screaming in my sleep. What does it mean?

i dreamed that I saved a girl of about 7 years old who almost drowned in a puddle. what does it mean??

I had a dream that my friend and I were splashing in the lake, then we went to the store and were going to go home, I tell her that I don’t want to sit in the house, let’s sunbathe and at this time we pass by the lake in which we swam, and there is a dog and some then people are diving and looking for someone, when we asked what happened we were told that some man drowned, for some reason Caucasian nationality. They say that their torus was until the 2nd departed, the 3rd drowned. Then another guy joins in the search (my former classmate, with whom I, in general, never communicated). They are looking for, but they cannot find, although the lake is not deep (170 cm from the force), but the water is not transparent (dirty green). And all I woke up

Probably, such a dream, in which the deceased was, suggests that an unpleasant message awaits you, which will seriously disrupt your plans.

I dreamed of a girl whom I hit in the chest and from this her heart stopped. She turned blue and passed out. I started giving her artificial respiration and heart massage. After a while, she had a heartbeat and woke up.

I dreamed that I got a drowning brother out of the van. when I took it out, he replied that porsto fell asleep.

i dreamed that first my acquaintance drowned, then woke up went to bed &# 8212; still onin drowned unfamiliar fat drunken man =)) I read &# 8212; who was born in winter &# 8212; drowned man to drunken money&# 8230;. &# 8212; drunk on the weekend a lot of money, still suffering from a hangover&# 8230;.and 2 times went for money! exactly! =) I quit drinking 😉

I sit at the edge of the ice hole, and someone dives (I can’t see him) and raises drowned people from the bottom of the dark water, they are all middle-aged women, in clothes and there are a lot of them. When I see another frozen hand of a dead man emerging from the water, I have to pull him out of the water and drag him aside. There are some troupes around me, some people load them onto buses and take them away, but I don’t see it. I’m cold, disgusted, I don’t want to, but I have to get them out. It seems like it will never end. The one who is in the water &# 8212; a man without a diving suit, I don’t know him and I don’t see him, but I have to help him, why I don’t know.

The fact that there was such a dead person in your dream most likely means that you will be entrusted with a difficult and unpleasant occupation.

From Thursday to Friday I dreamed. I’m in the pool&# 8230; With your beloved. And suddenly a whirlpool began.. she got carried away, I swam after her I got carried away too&# 8230; This is such a bad dream.. Maybe because we had a fight on the eve?)

I need to get the drowned man (the deceased husband of a friend) out of the ice, since our children (my friends and mine) are tied to him by a rope, everyone convinces that no one can do this except me.In a dream, I’m ready for this, I see this whole picture, but unfortunately I don’t remember whether I pulled it out or not. for what? friend’s husband died 2 months ago

Dear interpreters of dreams. I dreamed that I was walking with a friend on a large bridge, I saw a little boy waddling over the railing. I grab him by the leg and pull him out, it turns out to be my son. I look down, and there the drowned man was nailed to the shore. I didn’t see the face, but I saw a thick gold chain around my neck, and the fact that it was a man.

Hello!I dreamed that my dog ​​was drowning.I dived after her, pulled her out of the depths and rescued.

I dreamed that I was looking at my mother, and she was talking on the street with some aunts&# 8230; and suddenly they look around and realize that my little son is nowhere to be found.Everyone starts looking for him, including me..everyone is running, screaming.At some point I look into the well of my neighbors and see circles on the water.. I begin to understand that he is there.through a small window at the bottom of the well I hoarse wheat (I don’t know where it is from) After a while I see his body in the water, but I don’t see his face, only the outline of the body.I woke up in a terrible state, I was mortified at my son &# 8212; sleeping sweetly.But the imprint of a dream haunts.Help me figure it out.Thanks a lot in advance!!

Your dream, in which you saw a drowned man, most likely suggests that you can move away from the child, not find proper understanding in communicating with him.

Hello! I dreamed about a rather large dog, it seems a Rottweiler. This is the beginning of sleep, the middle fell out, but at the end I found this dog drowned in very muddy, dirty water. Tell me what it means?

Hello! I dreamed that I and my young man were near the lake (autumn weather) with us my acquaintances (who exactly I can’t remember, like 2 guys, in a dream they are familiar to me) then I notice that my young man disappeared, I look with horror at the lake and I understand that he drowned, of his own free will, and I don’t want to believe it, one of the guys jumps into the water and gets him, but he was dead, and all blue, we are helping him on the shore and saved. What can this mean, please tell me. Thank you in advance.

The fact that there was such a drowned man in your dream most likely indicates that you may learn something unpleasant.

I dreamed that I was walking along the edge of some neglected pond with a company of people I knew (but who exactly I do not see) (the water is muddy and everything is in a quagmire). We pass a wooden dilapidated bridge, under which a dead man is tied and hanged (in reality, my friend. The company and I decide to call the police, we don’t approach the corpse, we stand aside. And then I notice that the corpse comes to life and pulls its hands to me. I rush to help, pull my friend ashore, she finally comes to life. She smells unpleasantly musty. I understand that it is necessary to change her clothes. On this I woke up. Horror..

The fact that you saw such a deceased in a dream most likely indicates that news awaits you that will disappoint.

I dreamed about my sister. As if she was complaining about life, then drowned in a small well (!) in our garden. Then the rescuers arrived, pumped out. In a dream, I was ashamed that I did not come to visit her at the hospital. What does it mean?

my daughter is 2 years old.I dreamed of such a situation, I go into the bathroom and my daughter lies under the water, dead, blue.I take it out and turn it over on my stomach and start pounding on the back and it comes to life.but in a dream I still understand that if I went into the bathroom after 5 minutes it would be too late. and of course I started crying in my sleep.What would it mean, please tell me, it is very important to me?

A dream in which you saw such a drowned man probably suggests that something unpleasant will soon open to you.

I dreamed the following: I was walking along the river bank in the evening, I saw that a man in dirty clothes, with long hair was jumping from the pier (but on his face, oddly enough, he looks like my father), apparently wants to commit suicide, all the people standing on the pier rush for him, they pull him out, but then I suddenly find myself on the other side of the same river opposite the pier, together with my beloved girl, whom he pulled out of the water, gave her artificial respiration, she woke up, gave her a slap in the face and said: are you crazy why did you want to drown?, she answered me – you don’t understand! this is where the dream ends.
I dreamed it all against the background of the fact that I have a tense relationship with both my father and my girlfriend!

The fact that in this dream you saw a drowned man, most likely, it means that soon something that you previously hid may be revealed.

If I dream about my ex-young people, this is to their problems.Every man has influence over his woman, but why do I dream about my ex-boyfriends.

I dreamed that we were sailing with friends in a boat along the Volga – some kind of bottleneck. We swim past thickets of white lilies, and in them, face down, a drowned man, a man. I look at it as if spellbound, I understand that no one but me notices him, and I am silent about it. And then we float out into a wide body of water&# 8230;

Hello! I dreamed of a young girl, she was dead in the water, and in reality she had already died, drowned! What does it mean?THANKS!

I dreamed of a young girl, she was dead in the water, and in reality she had already died, drowned. What does it mean?

My husband dreamed that our son drowned in an open well and this well was also covered in water. He was not visible. He was told about this by his deceased grandmother that his son had drowned. He dives into a well and takes it out. Makes artificial respiration and wakes up&# 8230;. Then he falls asleep again and dreams again the yard is full of water and the abandoned open well and already another grandmother, who is no longer alive, tells him where to look for her son. He dives again, gets him. Makes artificial respiration and wakes up&# 8230;

A dream in which there was such a drowned man, most likely, suggests that problems may happen to his son that cannot be left to chance.

i dreamed that I found my beloved girl drowned and I pulled her out of the water, she is already dead and very scary, the water was clean and transparent&# 8230;

i dreamed that I was swimming in a pond and then a baby emerged in front of me, I screamed and I saw he was so terrible&# 8230; horror, and a woman runs up with tears and takes this baby, her type, and my boyfriend soothes me from shock

I dreamed that two women dived into the river and drowned, but I stood and looked, and I don’t know what to do, I’m afraid to save them, they were pulled out and they turned out to be alive.

I dreamed that two women dived into the river and drowned, and I look and am afraid and do not know what to do, when they were pulled out, they came to life.

I dreamed of some kind of holiday, scene, shore.then I ask where mom and dad are, and my brother’s wife says here, and we come to the’s shallow there and they lie.she says to me at night mom, in front of our eyes, and then dad.I grab my dad by the leg and try to pull.

i dreamed that in the sea a dog smelled something, and they took out a drowned cocker spaniel. Then the ship immediately sank, so calmly and quickly went under water&# 8230; on it before that, my grandfather and I swam and like we were warned that he might drown, but I don’t remember exactly&# 8230; then my best friend immediately drowned and I called her on my cell, sobbing, and she talked to me &# 171; from there&# 187;, I ask how there is, what does she see&# 8230; then woke up abruptly

The fact that there was a drowned man in a dream most likely means that you can reveal an unpleasant secret for you.

I dreamed as if we were swimming with the whole family in the river, and when I was standing on the bank I saw that there was no younger sister, began to scream, she was under water&# 8230; tried to pull it out, but failed&# 8230; what is it for?

I had a dream – we are sailing with my husband in a boat on the sea, suddenly the boat overturns and I cannot find my husband, I am looking for crying, but there are no tears.I think he drowned, but I really can’t cry, longing in my soul.

I’m in the middle of a huge river under a bridge with a child, it seems this is a little girl a huge ship is sailing on us&# 8230; the child goes under the water I’m trying to pull him out I can already hear crying but I can’t reach my heavy hands&# 8230; wake up&# 8230; next dream I’m at my grandmother’s house with friends and we are all mutants, terrible decaying mutants&# 8230; I look out the window I see a young grandmother with someone else, cows &# 8230; I say goodbye to a friend thinking that we are dying&# 8230; but we do not die but fall apart as we mutate&# 8230; at some point I wake up&# 8230; what does it mean. thanks

The fact that there was a drowned man in the dream most likely means that you can receive unpleasant news for you.

the guy dreamed that he was at the rate and saw the girl drowning, he wanted to save her, but did not have time. Why did this dream? Explain please.

I had a nightmare: my son is serving in the army in Novorossiysk (this is reality), in a dream I came to him with my two daughters and my mother. We are standing with him talking on the seashore, and suddenly he says that he needs to go and leaves very quickly, I start to run after him, and he goes further and further, I run and meet along the road, walking my mother with my eldest daughter and ask her, where is Darina (this is my little daughter), and my mother replies that she thought she was with me, I run back to the sea, I scream, I call her, I ask people, and suddenly some guy points to the sea and says maybe this is it. And there in the water lies my drowned daughter. I began to scream heart-rendingly, yell and woke up from this, for three days now I can not find peace. Help!

The fact that there was a drowned man in this dream most likely suggests that you may find yourself in the epicenter of revealed secrets.

my sister had a strange dream in which we walked with her and went to swim on the river, she did not go deep, but I went, the water was clean and transparent so that the bottom could be seen. I wanted to show her the depth dived and didn’t duck. tell me should I be afraid of this dream, because he dreamed of her from Thursday to Friday.

good day!
I had a dream today, as if it were guests, and I take 3 girls (like girlfriends) with me to go somewhere on business, while everything is being prepared at home.As a result, we find ourselves in some kind of room and there are still three guys, and I only remember how they seemed to swim and began to drown because of me, I personally saved one, the second drowned and floated up, I pumped him out, pressed on chest so that the water would come out, and pulled out the third and could not pump it out, he died, more and more I do not remember anything&# 8230;..
And the day before that I dreamed that we were resting with my husband and my parents at the recreation center, my parents went to the bathhouse, and my husband and I were walking, and then an airplane was flying in the sky and I decided to take pictures on my phone, I was filming, and it starts to fall, everyone screams, I start to fear that it falls on us, but in the end it fell on my parents and the bathhouse burned out&# 8230;..
The last three days, bad dreams, what is it for? what do they portend?

Your dream, in which the drowned man was, most likely suggests that it will not be easy for you to hide what may present you in an unpleasant light.

Play! I saw a very strange dream. I walk with my mother along a thin plank past the shore, and near the shore, something lies covered with a suspicious cloth … I fall there, and there are drowned people … there are so many corpses near the river bank and near boats … I understand that it is impossible to get out … and suddenly mine Mom gives me her hand and pulls me out … and she falls, and then I pull her out … a very strange dream ..

The fact that there was such a drowned man in your dream most likely indicates that some truth unpleasant for you will soon be exposed.

I dreamed that I was going to swim in the river with someone close to me in a thick fog. Water is clearer than air, warm and pleasant. I am swimming exactly to the place where in the thickets, behind the concrete slabs, there is a drowned man, as if knowing that he is there. This is a young man who has long been put on the wanted list. I pull it out and on the way to the shore I come across another drowned man, also young. I bring them home and wrap them in rags and blankets so that they don’t smell. I call the police, but all the outfits are busy with some kind of public holiday. while I wait for the police, the corpses rot and talk to me, I look into their eyes, and there &# 8212; black void. The police eventually arrive, but I am in charge of all actions and formalities.
in general, lately, I have often dreamed of the dead, often unfamiliar. When I see them, they tell me about their life, the circumstances of death, they want me to listen to them.

The fact that there was such a drowned man in your dream most likely indicates that things that you carefully hide may soon be revealed to others.

I dreamed of a flood so that there were a lot of people walking in the water up to their chests, the water is clear and the sun is very bright and shines through the blue water. Many families are looking for their missing children, drowned people come up from time to time, I saw two or three boys, besides there are a lot of adult drowned people floating around on the surface. And living people in this water pass by the drowned, no one pulls out the drowned and there is no particular grief.

Such a dream most likely indicates that you can experience stress from the fact that something that you have tried to hide for a long time will be revealed to the public.

i dreamed that I was pregnant, the water was running out, I don’t see childbirth, and now I’m already holding a child in my arms, who choked with amniotic fluid. In fear, confusion. I make a decision &# 8212; I turn on my stomach and with force (even inadequate) I hit on the back twice &# 8212; a green lump flies out of the child &# 8212; very large, twice. I turn it over and I don’t know how to bring it back to life &# 8212; I apply to my chest &# 8212; and he starts sucking barely

Such a dream of yours, most likely, suggests that you may discover some unpleasant information for yourself.

I dreamed that I was a daughter and some kind of acquaintance splashing in the river. The water is clear, we splash each other. And suddenly my daughter goes under water. I see her sinking&# 8230; Then I woke up, fell asleep and, as it were, thought out a dream how I was looking for her under water, I found and pumped out

I dreamed that my friend and I were engaged in some kind of business, in terms of business in different areas and was legal and not legal (I don’t remember exactly) we had a companion whom I had never seen and I don’t know in my life, and in one of the meeting places with his opponents drowned, in such a way that two people, including our companion, dived into the lake, then surfaced and say that they drowned him, we did not believe we also dived and saw that he was tied to something heavy at the bottom, the action took place either on a rocky shore or in a cave , because they dived right into the depths like into an ice hole. after they surfaced we were told something but I already woke up.

The fact that in your dream there was such an image of a drowned man, most likely, it warns you that your lodge may be revealed.

My father had a dream that I was his daughter drowned. They are taking him for identification, they swim up to that place and from the boat he sees me lying on the bottom, the water is very clean and transparent!Then he woke up

i dreamed that I went into the bathtub and the bathtub was full of water and my drowned child lay in it, it seemed like I pumped it out for what?? in a dream, a friend was still present with whom I have not yet communicated this year help pliz.

I dreamed of a bath, the water there was clean, and a little boy, they bathed him there, then he began to choke, I ran up and pulled him out of there, and everyone stood and looked at it indifferently

I dreamed of a drowned man who somehow &# 171; hooked&# 187; for me when I swam in the sea. I was able to swim to the shore, they helped me there. The drowned lump turned out to be a young man with a scar on his neck, handsome and untouched by decay.

wandered along the river and came across a drowned girl was taken out of the water and then she came to life

saw very &# 171; real dream&# 187; in which he pulled his brother out of the bathroom and tried to pump out .I even remember the music that was playing in the apartment.

Good hour. Please help me explain the dream. Husband dreamed of being dead, floating in a bathtub full of water. Going into the bath, I was not surprised that his corpse was floating there, as if I knew that he was there&# 8230; Horror&# 8230;


Today is the ninth lunar day. On this day, if I’m not mistaken, we dream about what we did not do or did wrong, and this is what prevents us from developing correctly. And also a dream can carry information on how to correct this situation.
Today in my dream I saw a ship wreck. At first, a screaming &# 8212; "What happened with me?" Man. Then I make out the silhouettes of drowning people. I myself am deep under water. I understand that I cannot emerge. An unbearable weight on the chest. What pressed me down, I don’t see. I try to turn on my right side to get rid of the weight. Nothing works. Gasps for air.
During sleep, there was neither a sense of fear nor dread. Only the perception of a sad inevitable fact.
If possible, please help me understand this dream.

My beloved dreamed that we were swimming in the lake and she drowned, then surfaced with dull eyes =) Why is this?

tell me please, I had a dream the other day&# 8230; I swam in a clean lake, there were a lot of people there. after a while, I began to get out of the water, or rather swim to the shore, and drowned men began to emerge from the bottom..for some reason there were a lot of them..I especially remember the little thing that surfaced almost near the shore..I don’t remember how she looked, but when I got out of the water, I pushed her away..

I dreamed that I was wandering along the Volga River, under a bridge (I generally live in St. Petersburg, and somehow I never thought about the Volga) among the floating corpses of women and where I step on the calla lilies with my bare feet.

Hello. I dreamed that with my husband and our son’s chair they took out a drowned naked woman of 35-40 years old and very beautiful for her age from a small konava, and we were not scared.

i dreamed that I was leaving the dorm room and walking along the corridor to the exit to go down the stairs. I open the door, and there is no staircase, instead there is a huge room, and there is water below, the distance to the water is also far away (as if I’m standing on the 9th floor).Then I go back, I see a room with a door ajar and friends who are talking to each other, I watch them outside the door, I really want to hear about what one is talking about to another, but I just can’t hear or make out. Then I see a man in the corridor, he says something about the fact that he does not want to live, or rather doubts that he should choose to live on or die. He is looking for a way out of the building, a friend comes out and says that there is only one way out. A man walks to the side where there was a staircase, but now there is a room with water. Then I somehow find myself on the street and see a car passing by, on which lies the blue body of that man, and it is all in the fish that clung to him. And I understand that he still jumped and drowned.Then I woke up.

i dreamed that I was kind of researching something with experts or rescuers on the river.They tell me about the drowned people, while we find 3 drowned girls under the ice, later, a guy runs up and says that his girlfriend recently went to the side of the river, we didn’t find the ice holes right away, then we approached another one and saw this girl.The guy rushed into the hole to save her and saved her, she was still alive, but completely naked

my mom today dreamed that she found me in the bathroom, flooded, then she got me out of there, I was all icy, but soon began to come to life on the sly, what does it mean?

i dreamed that my husband fell off the pier and drowned, why would it?


my mother dreamed that I drowned, she began to get me out of the water and began to pump it out, and after a while I was gone, but there was some kind of mouse, or rather a rat, but she pumped it out .
I had a dream from Thursday to Friday
means prophetic according to the idea
and I dreamed of guts, which means an early death

I dreamed of a river bank. I stand waist-deep in black water and give birth to a child (I see myself from the side) into the water. I take it out and it seems that he is not breathing, and then I see about a healthy one-year-old girl and in my thoughts I choose her name. I begin to emerge from the water, and a drowned woman is swimming face down in it. At first she took her hand and wanted to pull her out, and then the thought comes that she is fine there too. I come out of the water with a child in my arms and wake up.

From Wednesday to Thursday, I dream that my husband and I and my son are on vacation in Thailand. We are lying with my husband on the beach, and I asked my son to run to another beach, where I forgot a beach towel.
And suddenly a phone call is heard on my mobile, my favorite melody is playing, which I put on my son’s call. I pick up the phone happily, but an unfamiliar male voice says: &# 187; We’ve got a drowned man here.&# 187; I stupidly ask what kind of drowned man and wake up abruptly from a buzzing guess.
Please help me explain the dream, I have been walking for the third day in fear for my child.

I dreamed that my wife and I and my 3-year-old son were resting on the ocean shore. Suddenly the tsunami takes away the wife and the child. Two days later, I start searching myself and find my dead son at the bottom. I pick it up and carry it to the shore. For some reason, not my relatives are waiting there, but the relatives of my brother’s wife. It is worth his mother-in-law and her friend. Everyone condole and sympathize with me, etc. d. I turn my son face down and release water from his lungs, after which he comes to life, but his face does not look like and close to my son. Then my wife appears (who was also carried away by the tsunami) and we are happy again and everything is fine.
Tell me how to understand such a dream. I am very worried about my family. Lately, everything is not very good, and then there are these nightmares (I woke up all wet).

Dream. I ride my bike on a swampy and grassy road, the road is straight, narrow, and solid water on the sides. I need to go to a wide road, it is 20 meters from me. In some place I almost fell. Thank God I drove out, I see a white car rushing along the same road, followed by a white car, suddenly it overturns and its front side begins to plunge into the water, only the hood remained looming outside. Watching this scene, I started shouting to people who were nearby that car to immediately rescue people who were in the car, I was not able to do this, through the rooting. I see how they pull out a child, somewhere 4-5 years old, and bring it to me. The boy is not breathing, but I believe that I can save him, I quickly massage him in the area of ​​the heart and artificially breathe. I see him clearing his throat, he is alive, I cry with joy, I take him in my arms. Next two other boys, 6-7 years old, were pulled out of the same car, but everything was fine with them. Strangely I thought, there must be adults, but it was not so, it turns out the children themselves drove the car. When I spoke to the boy I saved, he answered me in an unfamiliar language. What could this dream mean? Thank you in advance.

I dreamed that my beloved drowned. I did some business, then they called me and said that she drowned in the pool. I quickly ran to that place, and when I ran, they carried her out on a stretcher. I walked over, opened the towel and saw her face.I ran to the exit and at the exit I screamed violently, hitting the wall, and then I woke up.

I dreamed that my beloved drowned. I was doing some business, then they called me and said that she drowned in the pool. I quickly ran to that place, and when I ran, they carried her out on a stretcher. I walked over, opened the towel and saw her face.I ran to the exit and at the exit I screamed violently, hitting the wall, and then I woke up. Please reveal my dream to me. Thank you in advance.

I had a dream that got drowned people out of the water, a woman, and several of her people, the water was thaw, drowned people without outer clothing. Rocky shore.There was still someone with me, a man, but a stranger to me. Then everything disappeared by itself. What does it mean. I had a dream from Saturday to Sunday.

good day.. But I dreamed that I was swimming in the sea, there were a lot of people, the weather was kind of gray..Suddenly everyone starts screaming in panic, look, the girl has surfaced..I look &# 8212; a corpse is floating behind me. Naturally, I’m ashore. ITrup get pulled out..he’s all blue, but I can’t see his face.. one woman says she knows this girl..and calls my name.. What is it for

While swimming in the river, bumped into a drowned man. Pulled ashore a young pretty girl with open eyes. As of &# 8212; drowned 3 days ago

In a dream, a man came and asked to tell another person to forgive him. I have never seen the one who came in my life, I only know from the description that he drowned 2 years ago. Then he came a second time and asked if I had fulfilled his request, he also said that if he was forgiven, then he would forgive for bringing him fired vodka and that he still feels bad from this vodka

I dreamed that I went into the bathroom and there a naked girl was lying in clear water, I was trying to get her out and she seemed to be alive and as if she looked like me, I took it out, then I let it go again, then I take it out again&# 8230;&# 8230;.

I dreamed about my grandfather’s house, still in a normal state (now it is no longer there, but we spent almost all of our childhood there). but that’s not even the main thing&# 8230;. There was a well in the yard, which in real life has never been. he stood in the place where there used to be a cellar in which potatoes were stored. there was a lot of water in the well, not to the very top, there was still about a meter and a half to it, the water was more like a river. floating on top of the water a small blue raft made of planks, on which I stood and washed something, seemed to caress. there was a washing machine next to the well and my husband helped me . Suddenly my husband’s nephew jumped into my well, he is a year and a half, naked, so pretty. I began to worry about him, lest I drown. suddenly he slipped and fell into the water. I was scared, I wanted to shout to my husband to dive in and save him, because the water was cold and I was afraid that I would have seizures, or that I would drown myself, not being able to save the child &# 8212; the well was very deep and I understood it. but didn’t shout, I realized that I could save him myself. the child first plunged slightly into the water, and then in the water I saw his head, dived and grabbed him behind his back with my teeth and pulled him out of the water with my hands, gave it to her husband. there are marks from my teeth on the back of the child. I got out of the well, was very worried about everything that happened, entered the house. The child played quietly on the carpet, on the floor. His mother came, I told her everything, and she began to be a little indignant, like: here and trust you child &# 8212; almost drowned.

good evening. I dreamed this afternoon that we came to rest in Sochi by the sea. I am my mom, stepfather, grandmother, and younger sister. We walked along the sea and all my relatives wanted to swim, but I stayed on the shore, because.I can’t swim. My stepfather began to drown, I jump into the water and start saving him. His legs are entangled in seaweed. I manage to save him, pull him ashore. I pump it out and it is alive. Everything is fine. We go further with the whole family, along the sea. Then my stepfather gives me money and says thank you for saving me.
What could this dream mean, after it was a very anxious state.

An adult dacha was drowning in front of my eyes, but I could not do anything, I was on the shore, the water was not transparent, I did not see it, I saw only small bubbles, two girls in the water could not help, I sobbed very much, and then I look near the shore under the water, I see my daughter already transparent, she was lying at the bottom, I crawled into the water, took her out and put her on the sand, she bent over her and cry, suddenly she opens her eyes, and I knew that she was alive,

Hello, I had a dream from Friday to Saturday. The dream was very clear and distinct. It contained all the acquaintances, real people. It starts with the fact that during a party, she is my friend suffering from unrequited love and getting drunk while no one sees jumping into the pool. Later we find her already dead, everyone has sediment, an investigation begins. Time passes. Gathering at a party again, narrower, with our own company. Not much fun, the whole dream is very gray and gloomy. We drink vodka with strawberries. A friend goes to take berries.. She’s gone for a long time, we go to look for her and find her already dead in the pool.

Today, from Sunday to Monday, I had the following dream: A familiar girl came to me and went to take the bathroom, I go to her, undress and sit down next to her, we’re talking with our feet as a widow, we are having fun, and then I see that she falls asleep in literally, I hit her a couple of times on the cheeks and she woke up, then I left the bathroom for a couple of minutes and then some voices say to me&# 187; Don’t let her work, don’t let her sleep!&# 187; I go back and she is with her head by the water, immediately thoughts scattered is a joke or she fell asleep?I pulled her out of the bathtub, put her on the floor, did artificial respiration, pressing on her chest, after several attempts she began to inhale, but the water from her lungs did not come out, I stubbornly began to continue saving her life and then I saved her all the same&# 8230; I was woken up by a phone call just after she was rescued, and what would have happened next I can’t imagine&# 8230; What do you think this dream can be connected with?thanks!

my grandmother dreamed that I drowned in a river in a dream.
She’s a storyteller so
: &# 8212; your uncle was holding you on your knees and you fell off them&# 8230; second uncle dived and did not find.and some boys stood in the distance across the river and tried to catch but did not see me&# 8230;.
What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that at first I was trying to go through some very dirty road, at the end of the road was my friend, then I stumble and fall into the water. Then they start to scratch me, I put my hands in the water and feel my hand and hair there and I understand that this is a corpse. I start floundering and grab onto some piece of wood, trying to pull myself up and get out of the water, slide off and wake up abruptly

I dreamed that I was taking my grandmother (in fact, she is alive) home. She barely walks, suddenly there is some kind of body of water ahead or the river has overflowed, it is not clear. Everyone walks up to their waist in water. Grandma stepped forward into the water, I followed her. She tells me to go, and she will catch up with me. I walk on the water for about five minutes and I can’t turn around, although I understand that something is happening there. When she finally turned around she was nowhere to be found. I start to search, call, dive and find her. I understand that she drowned, but when I take her in my arms, she begins to breathe. But the grandmother cannot say anything intelligible, as if the tongue was taken away or the mind moved. Woke up in great fear for her health in reality.

I dreamed that we were resting on the shore of the lake with a company, walking a little into. The lake, my young man’s father is fishing with friends, but the bottom line is that when we turn to see how they lie under the water without moving, it’s shallow, it seems like it choked, it was pumped out, everything fell into place and then it happens again&# 8230;.please explain what it means

Hello! today I dreamed that my father and I were driving in the car. then dad did not have time to turn and we flew into a cliff. there is a river and rocks. dad pushed me onto a rock, and he fell into the river in the car. I screamed, asked people to help, get him. and they all said that he was already dead. what does it mean? Tell me please.

dreaming we went with an older brother and his friends on a UAZ to the taiga to hunt, arrived at a forest lake or river, got out of the car near the shore there were many different birds, I crept up and caught a wild duck with my hands, then walking a little along the shore I saw a bunch of dirty, oil-oil clothes I I thought that my brother had been here before and left something here last time covered with unnecessary dirty rags .I asked him, but he said that he was here for the first time, then we approached this heap, he took a stick and began to rake it, throwing aside some dirty jackets, in short rags we saw three male troupe, they were obviously killed and seemed to be lying there for several days.

The bathroom is dreaming, I collect clean water, when I get into the water I see that my naked mother-in-law is lying in it, I ask her to leave, she does not react, I touch her, she is dead (although she is now alive). And then I understand that I’m knee-deep in &# 171; dead water&# 187;&# 8230;.After I left the bathroom, I began to prepare for the funeral, going into her room, I saw that the mother-in-law had copied all the things with lists, where everything was, documents, gold. It feels like she knew when she would die. And I’m still getting ready for the funeral&# 8230;.And now I’m thinking why this dream. (dreamed from Thursday to Friday&# 8230;)

please help explain the dream I had a dream as if I fell into a deep hole with water, I started to lose some thing, I try to get it, but instead I take out the decomposing corpse of my child.

I swam in a dream in a warm ocean or sea, something just grabbed me by the leg and dragged me into the depths, I remember these sensations, I remember how quickly I was leaning into this depth and realized that no one would save me, and that’s all..I could not swim out and woke up, from the fear that I was dying

I saw in a dream that a drowned man was caught in my presence. First they smelled a cadaveric stench, and then they began to look for where it was coming from. But when they pulled out the body, the face had already rotted, and when they began to drag it, that face seemed to recover, and the drowned man looked and smiled.

dreamed that we were driving past a river, there was a bridge, trees all around, greenery &# 8212; very beautiful. And we there, supposedly, were with my mother before, swam and her hat floated away there. And when we were driving past I got out of the car on my business and saw the hat, I did not take it right away and we left. But here we are again driving in the same place and I already went for a hat, I wanted to walk along the coast and suddenly I saw a boy in the water, drowned, there were no eyes, my mouth was wide open and there were fish near the teeth of something &# 8212; then they eat there. Of course, I was scared, I screamed, my husband came running, but I took my hat. And I had the feeling that when we drove for the first time, I saw him alive and well.

i dreamed that my boyfriend with whom I broke up was drowning in the pool, and when he was pulled out from there he was dead and then comes to life, and then I dream that I baked a pie with cheese and he ate it
please tell me what it is.

I dreamed of a grave covered with matting, and I see how the baby’s body peeps out from under it, I lift the matting and there is a dead mother and two babies, and suddenly the babies come to life, breathe, I tell them that they were buried alive next to their mother, I want to warm them up, I give their breasts, and their sucking reflex is triggered, they kiss, I want to pick them up and wake up

i dreamed that my own sister drowned&# 8230; my grandmother called, who is still alive, and says my sister drowned, her body was not found, I still had her child on hand&# 8230;.. at first I told everyone that I can’t believe it.. and did not cry, and on all faces I did not see anyone crying&# 8230;. and on the same lake my dog ​​and my sister drowned, but I finally didn’t believe in it because the dog could just run away&# 8230; then I just started looking to find out I went to where it happened &# 8230; and then I came to the lake with her husband and sister, but it was not her sister, but her soul.. I swam to the tree (((((and helped her swim since I saw that it was difficult for her)))). and talked to her and cried that I felt bad after she died&# 8230; (she had in her bag before she drowned my phone)&# 8230; and I ask her Katya where is he, she said only, look in the cosmetic bag in the bag and that’s it&# 8230;

I dreamed that I was swimming in the pool, there are a lot of people swimming too. The girl grabbed me by the neck and drags me under the water, to the bottom. With difficulty I unhooked her hands and she immediately sank to the bottom, without any attempts to escape, as if the inanimate was already. I see many more drowned people at the bottom and I know that they are already dead. And this girl is one of them bright (the rest are all gray), red hair, a tanned body, painted, bright lips. I ask my brother to dive for her. The brother pulls the girl out, the pool is deep, and he did it so easily. I press my chest a couple of times and it comes to life.

Today I woke up and had a dream: I was sitting in a room, and the boy was bathing in the bathroom, and suddenly we remembered that he was there, I ran in, and there was water full of water, and he was lying with his back up (.I pulled it out, and began to do heart massage, artificial respiration, turn it over so that the water comes out.everyone tells me that it’s in vain. and his friend opened his eyes, and I tell him I will never leave you again !!((((

I dreamed that my husband and child and I were sailing on a yacht, but the son was not sitting next to us, but a little far away. There was a storm and I saw myself sailing towards the jet ski to get to the shore. There they told me that my loved ones did not survive. She was very scared and in a dream she screamed so that, having already woken up, she could barely cope with this state. Help me explain, because in the morning I can’t find a place for myself.

I walked with my wife along the shore of the reservoir, the shore is rocky and in the water I saw something light, as if a piece of cloth had been unwound. The sun appeared, looked closer and saw that this was a drowned man and the fabric was unwound from him. He turned his wife away, said don’t look and went to call the police. And the very thought in my head that spring, everything is concealing the beginning and soon there will be many of them. What does it mean?

i dreamed that my brother and I were swimming in a river and suddenly I felt that I had swum on a fishing net, I started to shout to my brother that I was tan, but then I would go down myself and suddenly I felt something strange under my feet I was diving and lifting from the bottom a drowned girl of about seven years old she was entangled in a fishing net I I can’t get it out and swim ashore I call the ambulance and the Ministry of Emergency Situations but no one picks up the phone I run to the hospital there they tell me that there is no car take it to the morgue I run back but I don’t find any net or her I have a pregnant wife and they told me that there is a threat that I have a baby girl can get tangled in the umbilical cord

Hello, I had a very bad dream, I see tornadoes approaching, but then, when they reach me, they dissolve.We survived a flood in the city of Krymsk 9 months ago.I again dream of big water, like after the water disappears, I walk along the destroyed street and meet the mother of my friend, with whom we have long lost our relationship and have not seen each other, I did not even think about her, and I dream as if she says that Nastya, that was her name ex-girlfriend, she drowned, I say how, she could not, and then it seems to me that she comes to me and talks about me (this supposedly drowned friend) explains how she drowned and all that means, because this girl is alive

I dreamed that my parents and I were swimming in an incomprehensible place, my mother was swimming with a child of 4-5 years old (I am 1 child in the family, I don’t even know who it was) and suddenly 2 of them began to pull to the bottom&# 8230; we did not have time to pull them out because the leg caught on something.. help please i’m very worried

i dreamed that my mother and I went swimming all of a sudden, what happened as if all of us there were covered by a wave, I swam out and began to look for my mother, all the rescuers come out, they get them safe and sound. and I went out and there was a woman with her back, I immediately realized that my mother, they told me no, I turned her over and it turned out that I was right. I began to do her heart stimulation, after which she began to deflate somehow and eventually divorced and it turned out that there were not even bones inside her

I dreamed when I was walking with friends, we saw something like a pool, but it was very high and deep. And one of my friends bent there, 10 minutes passed, but he was not there, the rescuers were looking for him, but there was no result . Then, nevertheless, these rescuers lowered the water, after which they found him.

I am standing on the other side of the river and I see a girl who, in despair, realizes that her son or brother or a related little child who does not belong to her has swallowed water and is on the verge of death. I shout out so that she toss him to me and begin to give artificial respiration to the already insensitive child, and he makes attempts to return to life.

I dreamed on Friday afternoon (now that is) that I jumped from a bridge into the water and my legs were sucked in some kind of silt and I try to move them to get out, but it’s hard in the water!and then I kind of started blowing bubbles so that they could see that I was drowning..Well, in the end, I kind of drowned, I already woke up

Hello! Today I dreamed that while swimming in the pool, I find a dead girl at the bottom of this pool. Then I went out and went into the water several times and dived to look at it, but I did not take any action. Then she began to emerge and I with some woman pulled her out. As soon as the girl was taken out of the water, she came to life and left. What does it mean? thanks!

I had a dream, some girl came to my husband and I home. We mind our own business, she went to the bathroom. Some time passes, we all do our business, and suddenly we remember her, at the same time we run into the bath, she lies under water, like in a movie&# 8230; The water is clean &# 8212; clean! Her husband grabs her and begins to pump out, squeezes her breasts, and from her mouth, with a stream, very strong pressure, like from a tap, clear water pours. That’s all))) That’s what it could mean&# 8230;

Hello!I dreamed of a strong noise, going out into the street I see a huge, dirty, seething wave approaching me over the entire horizon.In a panic I run into the house and lock myself.I run to the gym, with my husband we grab the children, he presses us to him and awaits a blow.Terror is experienced by the strongest.And now we are covered!And the house withstood the blow.There are no curtains on the double-glazed windows and I can very clearly see how many meters of clean, transparent, blue water has covered us and the sun’s rays go deep down to the bottom where we are in the house.And in this water, as far as the eyes are gnawing, thousands of drowned people float vertically.And they all so calm and clean float over our house.And I keep my eldest daughter’s head down and forbid her to look.And the drowned people all swim and swim vertically, and the house did not let the water through..And then the water abruptly disappeared, I go out into the street, and everything is clean there,-.the grass is green, all even and only the strip goes under zero mowed grass exactly to the house and from the house to the side where the water went.I see the road below (in a kilometer) – there the trucks get up to pass, they cannot, and the road and everything around the road are all in corpses that floated in the water.

good day. I dreamed that I was turning off the water in the bathroom and suddenly I saw a hand sticking out from somewhere deep in the pipes supplying water. Then the body kind of slides down and I already see the head. This is my dead eldest son, he is 8-10 years old.
In fact, my son died 9 years ago at the age of 20 in an accident. My heart is very hard, but in a dream I somehow control myself, called the police, etc.d. I would be grateful for the answer

Good time of the day!)
I dreamed, Wednesday to Thursday, of a man drowning in a pool. Two other strangers tried to get him out. But something pulls him&# 8230; and pulled out. His face was something demonic, then everything became normal. What does this mean? The water was clear.

dreaming many times already, as if I climb up through the air by moving a rolled towel higher and higher. and then it turns incorrectly and I fly down. I almost did not feel the blow, but flew to the very bottom. the bottom is solid and above me are rows of frozen drowned people, while I flew to the bottom, I touched them with my body. clear water below but muddy on top, t.e. if you just dive you will not see what is happening below. I am disgusted by looking around. I see that this building is red with well-preserved windows, an entrance. through the window I saw that there was some kind of buffet.. I jump up, crawl along the wall to the edge, push off with force and rise to the edge of the water, fly through the rows of drowned men, fall between my legs alone, throw them off and understand that instead of the edge of the water there is a wooden floor. hit my head, look for a place where the wood is thinner, go through it (!) and emerge in a clean pool, and not in the river where my friends are looking for me.. and such a dream is constantly. especially the element of penetration through a wall or hard surface haunts. help please explain

Hello!I dreamed that two small children I knew were drowned in a well.The well was filled with crystal clear water!A man was standing next to me, when I looked at him, he said, you think I will jump there?! I looked into the well to somehow go down there and help the children, but I realized that it was too late.I started crying out loud.

Husband dreamed ..There are a lot of people on the beach, but my head is in the sand &# 8230; And he asks -&# 171; Why are you lying like that?&# 187;&# 8230; roll over, so uncomfortable But I slide down the mountain into the water,. and disappear&# 8230; He dives for a long time and into the depth .and on the surface, but does not find &# 8230; And on the shore there is one, so the people also disappear ..Hope for help..thanks .

good day. In a dream, I walked very close next to an unfamiliar guy, for a long time I could not understand why he did not react to me in any way and did not pay any attention at all, I went straight to him, and then I realized &# 8212; he does not see me, as if I do not exist, I do not exist, dead, but he is alive! and then he changed all, was calm and indifferent, and then as soon as he ran, he panicked, the two of us ran to the parent’s abandoned garden, people everywhere were digging in the beds, the weather had also changed, it was sunny and warm, and then suddenly it became disgusting, cold, damp&# 8230;.in the middle of the garden is an old well filled to the top with dirty water mixed with garbage, everyone is looking at it! and the young man will jump into the water! I was wildly scared, then I realized that I was there. I’m in the well!, that is my body! I ran behind the gate and look from the side at what is happening &# 8212; the young man emerged and, with shouts, pulled a bundle to the ground, a human body &# 8212; it was me! coiled, hidden in straps, rags&# 8230; he quickly freed the corpse and began to take off his clothes, with the words &# 8212; it is necessary to warm it, it can still be revived, and fell on the corpse with his naked body&# 8230;..and on this I woke up&# 8230;. I never saw myself and did not even imagine myself dead, I am wildly afraid of water, I don’t watch horror films and I don’t think about anything like that&# 8230; why this nightmare? thank you in advance

Today I had a dream that I am with an employee who is 15 years younger than me, we are on the bank of a river, it enters the water, I stay on the bank, it goes deep, and then it seems that something is grabbing it in the water, she goes under the water, (I never saw her again) I can see that the water is a little worried, as if it is struggling with someone under water, I start to beat the water on the shore with my hand, something incomprehensible appears from the water , but not completely, but slightly, I move away from the shore and go to call for help, I see people, I call them, but no one came to help. What could this dream mean?

Hello! I dreamed that I was walking across the bridge with friends.. And there was still a couple on the bridge (grandmother and grandfather) They saw boots in the water, began to pull for them and it turned out that it was a girl&# 8230; She drowned. And this couple (grandparents) pulled her out and put her on a chair.. Yes.. chair on the bridge. And everyone forgot about it.. As if nothing had ever happened. That is, the fact that the corpse was lying on a chair.. On Bridge.. In short, no one cared about this, but it worried me very much. And after a while I called an ambulance and the dream ended.
What does this mean, tell me please.

good day! I dreamed at first that I came to old acquaintances to visit them, they were not at home, then they said that their son had drowned. then I dreamed that I was in the pool with friends, two girls came and said that a man had recently drowned here. What does it mean?

I dreamed of a 10-year-old girl’s soul coming out of the water and I understand that she drowned.For the soul, a beautiful white horse descended from heaven and took it. I tried to grab the horse by the tail and did not have time to catch&# 8230;.then I decided to find the girl in the water and try to pump her out. But instead of one, I found 2 more dead children&# 8230; But it was too late to save them&# 8230;

Hello! Please tell me what my dream means. In a dream I walk along the river, a ladder is lowered into the river in one place, children climb along it (unfamiliar to me). There are four children in total. Suddenly they find themselves in the water, I understand that they will drown now, I call for help. There are people around, one man pulls out one child, I catch the second, two others also end up on the shore. Then I see these children happy and healthy in their father’s arms.

Hello! On the night from Saturday to Sunday, I dreamed that, through my fault, a girl of 3-4 years old drowned in muddy water, I did not drown her on purpose, accidentally pushed her off some kind of wooden flooring into the water along with boards and no one even saved her, because -my, although we were not alone. I very clearly saw how her blond hair went under very turbid yellowish-green water, I felt guilty in a dream. For several days already this dream does not give rest, help, please!

I dreamed that I was walking along the road and next to the river, in which drowned bodies float with the flow, several people completely unfamiliar to me. And I thought in a dream &# 171; if I would have seen this in a dream, I probably would not have woken up anymore&# 187;. What could such a dream mean?

i dreamed that I was standing on a bridge and looking down, it smelled of water, I distinctly feel. From above I see people swimming in the water, children. The water is clear but some kind of brown. I’m there a lot of drowned men and babies. The most interesting thing is that they were not seen by the people who swam there. Tell me what this dream is about?!

I dreamed that a lot of people, including myself, were swimming across the river, the current was very strong in the opposite direction, it was very difficult to swim&# 8230;&# 8230;.I turn back, and there my son is swimming far away&# 8230; I float on, once again turn around and no longer see him .I swim back, I do not go out to the shore, I shout, I do not respond&# 8230; I go into the water and start fumbling with my feet along the bottom..I bump into my leg, pull it out by the leg, and he is already numb&# 8230; screaming, calling for help&# 8230; and then I fall through somewhere&# 8230; When people around woke up, I ask is alive, they say yes&# 8230; And there is a bed and my son lies there alive under the covers.

I dreamed that I was fishing with someone, not far from the coast of Panton (this is a familiar place for me)! Why was everyone looking for a drowned girl! I climbed on the panton and saw her near the shore, sweating with water, she almost decomposed! She seemed to want to be found! What does it mean&# 8230;.

I dreamed that we swam across the river on a steamer with friends and a young man, began to swim to the shore, for some reason I ended up in the river waist-deep in water, I was covered with a big wave from the explosion of the steamer, I went ashore and the young man was not there, he drowned, I cried a lot, tried to call someone, but I couldn’t press the buttons, why is this dream?

I dreamed of a young girl whom I pushed into the water and she died, immediately after that the wolves came running and I began to run away from them&# 8230; Does anyone know what this dream means?

I dreamed that I was standing on the seashore, I wanted to enter it, and there are many drowned dead naked people in the sea, it is impossible to enter

My child (boy, 4 years old) tells the same dream only in different circumstances that he drowned. As a mother, it’s scary for me to hear about such dreams

Hello, I had a very incomprehensible dream, it all started with the fact that I was talking on the phone on the shore higher than my friends were sitting, I turn around and see a woman in the river right near the shore, with her back to the sky, she was dressed in navy blue dress and she had short gray hair, I shout to my friends:&# 187; look a woman drowned, there is a corpse&# 187;, and I look at the woman somehow twisted, and she began to lie face to sky, they ran to pull her out, she was dead, friends pulled her by her hair and put her on the grass, I ran to call the police when I called the police , I come back, and I look this woman got up and looks at us, we ran to her, began to ask if you were alive, she just looked and did not say anything, then we all went upstairs to the road with her, and asked how so, she answered something incomprehensible, then we went home through the military.part, and there were soldiers, everyone told them &# 171; hello&# 187; and I said &# 171; good afternoon&# 187; and the soldier Says to me&# 187; I’ve never said hello to you, probably you can cook borscht too, I answered&# 187; poor soldiers, always hungry, the wife will be chosen according to culinary possibilities&# 187; and said that I cook borscht excellently

Hello&# 8230; The dream is like this: warm summer, I swim in a large pond, there are a lot of people around. The water is very clean and clear.. and then I notice a silhouette at the bottom. I dive in and see a child 4 years old (boy). He turned out to be drowned, I lifted the body and carried it to the shore. And when I was lifting I saw a drowned girl nearby, about 6 years old&# 8230; I also picked it up and carried it to the shore&# 8230; What does it mean? thanks&# 8230;

I dreamed that my neighbor with a child, a boy, and I were swimming or walking along a river that was up to our waist and the boy suddenly turned and tried to swim away from us and we saw that he was drowning and the river was dirty and muddy and near the shore he was almost drowning, she pulled him out of the river onto pier head thrown back and he does not breathe she screams that she could not save him, I stand in a daze and wake up

I was washing the child holding his legs, he was lying on my knees and his head was in the water, and when I felt that he was wooden (dead), I took him out of the water and began to ask him to wake up because I realized that he had drowned

Our river is nearby, and boy. Stands near the river, goes knee-deep, and just disappears under the water.
Flounders, and then everything dies down. And under the water like a face.
And everything is so black and white.
What is it all about?

I dreamed that I was swimming in the lake and suddenly my husband, who was on the shore, saw that a drowned man was emerging. Shouted to me, I saw too. And then another drowned man began to surface. I was very scared and began to swim away from him.

I was at the sea, everyone swam, and then I dived with him, and then I see that my friend hasn’t surfaced for a long time, I start to shove her with my feet, and when I understand that she doesn’t react in any way, it becomes clear that she’s dead , I scream, push it to the Pier and start pumping it out, trying to save it, but it doesn’t come to life .

I dreamed that my young man drowned, he was taken out of the water, I cried a lot, he was all blue, his mouth was open, his tongue &# 8212; a small hole, blood from his mouth (a little), and then he opened his eyes and said that he was tired! Please tell me what it is?

i dreamed how my young man drowned in the sea.I was looking for him in the sea, I could not find.but he himself announced and asked for a white shirt, but he did not want to return.

Hello Tatiana! Today I had a dream, only one thing was clearly remembered: my father, who died 17.5 years ago, falls through the ice in his car and drowns.We tried to save him, but could not.

i dreamed that the person I like almost drowned in the river, then we rescued him and he went to the hospital

first my daughter drowned, then in the same place the second child is not familiar, I climbed to save him and immediately pulled out my daughter who drowned there. they were both alive, but some daughter was not like that, she changed and something bad appeared in her.

I dreamed about how I entered the bathroom and refilled some water and then I saw that there was a lot of water and saw my little sister there, she was lying on the stomach, I grabbed her and screamed anya anya anyutka

I sit on an armchair and look into the scribble and through the mirror I see a person. Who don’t know. but I look at him and see him entering the water. here I look away from the mirror close-up of my mother’s face. I scream loudly I drown him aaaaaa&# 8230; and I see in the reflection of his mirror at the bottom of the sea

Hello Tatiana! Today I am 08.04.2014. I had a dream, which is not ordinary, in a dream I helped to hang things in the store (skirts and jeans), a little time passes a young man comes in and says such words that the guy drowned himself could not get out&# 8230; the next man comes in and he has a funeral wreath in his hands, and a man also came in; he also had a funeral broom, they passed me somewhere and disappeared, I then turn to the left and see a drowned guy lying on the table in some shorts and some the woman dressed him and that’s it. So I wanted to know why I had this dream. I often began to dream of the dead and I do not know what it is for!?

I dreamed that my mother and I were walking on the embankment.
We stopped by the river, which was surrounded by a concrete fence half the height of an average person.Mom was talking on the phone.Holding the phone with her shoulder to her ear, she lit a cigarette.And then she dropped her phone.Trying to catch him, she fell over the fence into the water.Stretching out my hand, I tried to pull it out, but nothing worked out for me.She went under water.But for some reason I didn’t do any further?&# 8230; Coming home, I was scared to tell my family about what happened.And for some reason no one even asked where mama was?&# 8230; After thinking it over quickly, I decided to go to work at night, and then talk about what happened&# 8230; But&# 8230; in the morning without having to come home&# 8230; My stepfather called me&# 8230; And having covered with good obscenities, ordered to go home&# 8230; It was scary, but I rallied my strength, I decided to hurry up&# 8230; Coming home&# 8230; My stepfather told me to go to the bathroom&# 8230; And then I was dumbfounded and shocked by what I saw&# 8230; My mom was in the bathroom..wrapped in some kind of transparent film&# 8230; her lips were blue&# 8230; And here&# 8230; i just &# 8230; began to roar loudly and even yell&# 8230; And then she opened her eyes and said..&# 187; THANK YOU VERY MUCH. &# 187;&# 8230;&# 8230; Waking up..for a long time I could not come to my senses and collect my thoughts..My eyes shed tears&# 8230; But I couldn’t sleep..I wanted to go to my mom..Entering the room, I saw that my mother was sleeping&# 8230; I kissed and only then I fell asleep&# 8230; And still I still can’t understand why I didn’t take any action in a dream&# 8230;

Please help me interpret the dream&# 8230;.
My friend, from Tuesday to Wednesday, dreamed I was drowned.Supposedly, my boyfriend came to her and said &# 171; she’s gone&# 187;&# 8230;
Brought my friend to a place by the clear river where I lay.The bottom is dressed, the upper part of the body is naked, but the body is clean and the skin is very smooth (not like corpses), the hair is dry, the face is beautiful.But on the cheeks, depressed pits as from pressing fingers – they drowned me
In fact, in life, I recently broke up with a boyfriend, it is very difficult for me to endure the separation.The house has been biting a sparrow in the window for two weeks – every day&# 8230;..
This is all very scary&# 8230;.
Help please, tell me what can happen in real life&# 8230;.
Thank you!

I dreamed of my teacher’s son, I did not know him in life, and so I met t.To. we live in the same village. Well, that means in a dream I dream that I am at school, and he is standing on the stairs in a black raincoat and a transparent bluish color (he drowned, recently there was his funeral, this is in real life), well, so he stands and looks at me and follows me throughout the school, and I was so scared, I even cried. Help me understand why I dreamed it.

I dreamed that my friend’s mother drowned in the bathtub&# 8230; і I єї began to vityagat і carried to the room and won a warm ale so yak a dead man&# 8230; less price nalyakalo belaska spread tsey sleep

my sister and I swam in the lake and where it was deep I got up on something and it turned out that I pushed with my feet what I stood on, we did not betray this value and swam to the shore and the next moment the corpse floated up next to me and my sister and I screamed and swam to the shore then I woke up

Hello Tatya! She pulled out of the hole (the water is very clean and beautiful) her drowned-dead cousin.There was no fear, only surprise. For what? I usually decode my dreams myself very accurately, but not today&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;.

I dreamed that with other people I was going down a long staircase leading from a ravine, going into the water..Let’s go swimming&# 8230; And one old woman in front of me. dives into the water in clothes and shoes, swims up and as if someone is pulling her to the bottom, I see her through the water, she drowned.They took it out and tried to pump it out, I don’t remember successfully..

i dreamed that we were on some lake and went swimming, and suddenly one of my friends started screaming that she had accidentally dropped my girl and she went to the bottom.I was hysterical, they dived to find it, but everything was useless, since the water was very dirty.I ran to look for help, but not far from the lake I saw my daughter, she was lying motionless, and when I sank closer to her, she began to breathe and opened her eyes.

The dream was vivid, as if they found a drowned man on the river, I approached and saw my face under the water with my eyes closed and my face was calm. But I was terribly scared.


I had a dream that my cousin drowned in a deep river, I found him dead and the river was muddy cold

Hello)) a friend rented a bus and we went for a drive in a crowd, drank a little, while driving near the bridge, the driver (friend) talking with another got distracted and we drove off the bridge into the water, I broke the glass and for some reason I was able to get out with incredible dexterity, out of 21 people, three survived, including me.After I and two other people got out, an ambulance arrived and began to get the corpses of friends from the bus.The view was terrible.What is what I still can’t understand; dreams rarely appear))

my daughter stepped into the dirty water at the bottom of the iron bars garbage I scream so that she doesn’t walk on the water my daughter didn’t obey and disappear into the muddy water I try to scream and I cannot know if I rush to save I will not find myself drowning and with me on the shore of this huge puddle the youngest daughter

I swam there were very big waves and then I saw a woman drowned in the water, I jumped ashore and the waves carried her out, I looked at her and she began to cough and spit out water, I was very surprised and scared how she coughs if she is dead? and I left

Dreaming dream&# 8230; I stand on a hill, and below the reservoir looks like the sea. the water in it is so transparent that you can see the muddy bottom near the coast. Below on the shore is a girl, 13 years old. And a few meters from her under the water (face down) lie two drowned boys, who have already been covered with silt a little. She didn’t drown, but they drowned. I stood on this mountain and looked down at these boys, and inside I had a feeling of pity, pain for them. There were many people who also stood and watched. But nobody pulled them out. And I left.

I dreamed of an unfamiliar drowned woman, they lay face up under water with open eyes. the grass in the wild was withered, spring (like dry grass in spring). Sleep color is the same color. This woman wore a long, short sleeved dress. To her right in the water, also with open eyes, lay a man in a black old frock coat. I ran for help to the nearest village. peasants came running in clothes of peasants of the 19th century, with fakils. The water was clear. then I remember talking with these drowned people in the attic of a peasant house. what the conversation do not remember.

I dreamed that I was putting my little child to sleep and then some kind of abnormal woman drowned him in a well

I saw what I walked around the lake from my childhood and looked into the water and my sister lay there with long flowing hair and there was evening in a white dress and there were candles around the lake..then I could not get her out of the lake and went home .and sat with her brother and cried that we have neither parents nor sister (there are parents in real life)

my mom today (from Friday to Saturday) had a dream that she could not save my daughter (her granddaughter).A wave of dark water in the river covered the girl with her head and her grandmother could not save her.It was dark, cold&# 8230;.Mom woke up terrified and told me a dream.Please write an interpretation.Mom is very worried, she is a diabetic and after sleep the sugar went up to the border.thanks.

in a dream I saw two bodies of drowned people, but they were not near the reservoir.they seemed to be transferred to the studio where people lived, I discovered them because there was a smell.then the people gathered around.the identity of the corpses is not familiar to me.

hello, I dreamed of my friend who drowned a year ago, but he dreamed alive and in a dream he did not let anyone near him&# 8230; was very scared, and at this time I was crying because he did not let me hug him&# 8230; what is it for?

Good evening, I dreamed of a man who drowned in my bathroom, I tried to pull him out of there, but it did not work.Why did I dream about this ?

Good afternoon, Tatiana!
I vaguely remember the dream. A moment is remembered when the body of a boy, for some reason twelve years old, hangs in the dirty water, and his husband tries to pull him out of the water. Unpleasant sediment and disgust after sleep. And in reality, our husband is now a moment of strife and quarrels. Almost both come to the thought of divorce. Our marriage is 9 years old.

I see that my boyfriend is lying under water in the bathroom and some people say that he is asleep, and I shout to them that he cannot breathe under water and pull him out of there, but everything is fine with him. And again, in the same dream. I go into the bath (the bath, as well as the room is not familiar to me) and he lies there again, I take his hand, pull him out, try to do something, I was very frightened, screamed and he, as if nothing had happened, opens his eyes and says something like:&# 187; Well, what do you want from me&# 187; I do not remember exactly.
Thanks in advance, the dream scared me very much.

my sister went swimming, it was shallow&# 8230; but she was sucked in by the whirlpool, I shouted to two guys, but they did not have time, then I went into the water and pulled another girl out of the water&# 8230; time passes, I cry, climb back into the water and reach my sister by the leg, pump it out and she comes to life

I dreamed that my child wants to swim goes into the water, I don’t let him cry, then he breaks free and still runs away.He enters the water but is carried away by the current and he hides under the water.I run into the water and start looking for him with my hands along the bottom, the water is dirty, nothing is not visible.I grope a little body in the water and take it out, and this is not my child, but someone’s long drowned, I put it on the shore and look further I find it and get it out, it is alive.and for the whole sleep of the child, this was how the dvadzha saved, only the dead children were different, the first time the child was about 4 years old, like mine, and the second time a little for several months and the water was dirty here and there

I dreamed of children swimming and suddenly one boy went under the water, no one noticed this except me, I reacted very quickly and pulled the boy out of the water by the hair.

I swam in the sea, almost near the coast. the water was very calm, not a single wave. The water was clean, pleasant, delicate color, a mixture of pleasant green and blue. suddenly I saw a drowned man, a man is familiar to me. and woke up

All the events took place in the bathroom. In the bathroom, I found the body of an unfamiliar boy and the body of my mother, who had died long ago, floating under water. Their bodies were in a fetal position. I pulled the boy out of the water, but he was no longer breathing. I began to scream for help to pull out my mother’s body and woke up.

Hello Tatiana.This is my dream. I walk along the shore of some reservoir, the water is clear. I see a child at the bottom of the reservoir, and next to him is a woman, I know, this is his mother. I dive into the water, grab the child, take him out of the water and try to revive.I lift it up by the legs, a huge amount of water flows out of the baby’s mouth and the girl comes to life. Then I dive for the woman, get her out, and she comes to herself. I began to doubt if she was a simple woman.The face was scary at first: gray, angry eyes, rotten teeth and there was not a smile, but like an animal grin.I concluded that this is most likely a witch. Then her face brightened, became like ordinary people and&# 8230; I woke up.

I dreamed that I was walking down the street with my child, a horse attacked us, and we jumped into the river out of fright. Where I came across several drowned people of different ages, about 2-3 people, there was also a beach on the other side where a lot of people swam. But for some reason we swam to the bottom of the current and got out of the water on this bank, but a little further. To get out of the water, we had to overcome a big rise to the top, at the very top of the mountain there was a fence. I transplanted the child, but I myself could not climb. I returned to the river and began to swim to the place where we entered the water for the first time, but the current pushed me back onto the sand&# 8230;&# 8230;.. And I woke up. Well that’s all, please tell me what it all means.

They persuade me to swim in the pond near the house. I am afraid of all sorts of tadpoles, well, in general, the inhabitants of stagnant water, I move slowly and now my fears come true – I cling to something with my big toe. Something turns out to be either hair, or something else of a drowned woman, whom I gradually pull out of the water to the shore (now I don’t understand, with my big toe or something?). She is Uzbek (in traditional dress). I run into the house and shout not to let the children out into the street (I don’t know whose children they are, but there are many of them and like all children in the world, they are screaming everywhere at the same time). We wax, I’m sorry for the woman, I’m terrified. A man appears from somewhere, whom I begin to suspect of a crime, because I gradually remember that this man tried to drown me and another man (my relative) the day before, and, like, apparently this woman somehow tried to counteract this, and as a result she drowned.

Two drowned women lay half in the water, women with dark hair I stood on the shore, seeing them I hurried to leave. There was debris, branches and leaves in the water. The sky was covered with clouds.

I dreamed that my friend, Nikita, jumped off the bridge and drowned, and they got him, and I want to bring him back to life, and I seem to have succeeded

I sail on a raft, the raft pulls the ship, and I control this raft. There are a lot of people on it, about 100. A storm begins and I can’t direct the raft correctly and I understand that it starts to roll over, I manage to climb to the other side right away, and I didn’t end up in the water at all, but people have a terrible panic, they scream and fall into the water. The raft turns over again and again I’m lucky, but there are no more people except me. Then I somehow find myself in an unfamiliar room with a large carpet, with the captain of the ship and various people, and it turns out that those people who went under the water are now suffocating under this carpet and it is still possible to save them. We all start looking, there are two unfamiliar guys whom I constantly ask for help from one to the other when I find something that looks like a drowned man under the carpet. We get the girl and I try to save her, hugging and pressing on her chest. She is saved, and no one is looking for more corpses except me, but I have a panic and I scream and prove that I need to do something faster, I cry and I am very scared that people who can still be saved may remain under the carpet. I rush to the first thing I see, but it turns out to be not a person, but a bunch of rubbish, and they reproach me that there are no more corpses.

i dreamed that I was swimming in a transparent lake on an inflatable ring. my sister was standing on the shore. I did not want to return to the shore, but I saw a drowned woman (girl) at the bottom of the lake, lay face to the bottom, pressed by some object. I quickly began to swim to the shore so that my sister would pull me out of there

The house is standing, I am in the yard with the children, and either the river or the sea starts to worry, and it can be seen now it will move in our direction, I managed to run behind the house and was covered by a wave, I felt it nailed to the ground, and somewhere in the top a sheaf broke off the chimney sparks, and it seems like understanding that everything has drowned :)))

I saw something floating in the river. He came closer and saw that it was a girl, but she was wrapped in cellophane film

From time to time I have the same dream, there is a lake near our house, it really is there, and I walk along it and see a corpse there, or a dismembered corpse.I am very scared in a dream. There is also a dream that I go into the water, it is either a river or a sea, I am carried away by the current and I cannot swim out, but in the end I always swim out, but with difficulty

at first my child swam in the sea near the coast, not in clear water, but in mud and then, as if limp, turned over on his right side and was carried away by the current.I could not catch up with him.

I dreamed that I found a drowned mother in a red bathtub that looked like a basin, tried to pump it out, screamed, cried. But everyone around didn’t care. what does it mean?

going to work while in some institute in Moscow with two friends. dressing a new woman’s dress. fighting some guy who calls me names. driving my car to the edge of Moscow. forgetting something we go back. I meet the love of childhood who says that he has cancer who I don’t remember with a classmate who drowned many years ago. the drowned man does not speak but seems to be waiting for me. I don’t remember where my friends disappeared. woke up

I felt someone’s body in the water and realized that it was a drowned man, tried to &# 171; wave&# 187; move away from people&# 8230;. then someone pulled him ashore, I saw a blue-purple body, men or women are not clear

I dreamed of two drowned women, one, my boyfriend’s sister, survived, and the second, a blonde I didn’t know, called out my name from the water but was drowned

At first, people swam on the Volga, then somehow they got a drowned man in a black suit out of the water from the middle of the bank

Hello, I dreamed of a dead uncle (it seems to me that we buried neither him), in a dream he drowned in the river and that I walk and talk with his soul (for some reason I see him dead and alive at the same time). Please tell me why this dream.

I had a dream, it was like a plot from a film, many people with scuba diving, and in particular I swam in a pond, there was a drowned woman on the shore at that time, some people were engaged with her&# 8230; then I was on the shore, we looked for a coffin for this girl and could not find it, I rolled off the cliff into the water right next to this drowned woman and was afraid not to touch her. then I woke up and fell asleep again, I dreamed of a continuation, I was already standing near the car and they tell me that she drowned herself due to the fact that she gave birth early&# 8230; then we left, there was mud on the side of the road, and my mother was in my shoes, and all I woke up

Good morning! I had a dream today. I only remember a small passage. I seem to be standing on the road, and 100 meters away from me, it’s like a cutaway sea. Black water. And there the drowned girl swims. I look at her, and she abruptly opens her eyes and these eyes shine with bright fire and they stare at me, and smiles evil. The girl is similar in age to my daughter and her hair was also long and dark. What is it for? I close my eyes in front of me still the gaze of this girl is. Thank you in advance.

First, I went with two girls to dad’s house (which in reality does not exist (perhaps there is, and I saw him, but I don’t remember, since that house burned down 2-3 years ago, and in general it stood in a different place), but the area I once dreamed around this house), there dad was a ball with his fellow co-workers, in general, then I went to see them off, one of the girls ran after me, later we returned home and the mother of the girl who remained at home was already with us. When we came home, the girl was gone, and the whole house was covered with incomprehensible symbols, and later, when I decided to leave the house, I saw the corpse of a boy and a girl (younger than me), they possessed a blue, almost black. skin and I did not see from my eyes, they were dressed: a girl &# 8212; in a white, dirty dress, and the boy &# 8212; in a white, very dirty knee-length blouse.then I ran into the house and suddenly woke up.

I dreamed that I was sitting at home with the daughter of a loved one. He is at work. It is raining. I look, and the water has already risen above the level of our window, I see whales. Without thinking twice, I take my daughter, we run to the door, at this moment the window cracks and all the water is poured inside. We were miraculously saved. It’s all over. On the street, as usual, there are puddles of slush, the rain is dripping. I return to the apartment, my daughter left with the neighbors. Looking for a phone. I call my beloved. Phone disconnected&# 8230; and such knowledge comes that he drowned. I feel unbearable pain. Crying. And wake up.

I was sitting on the beach. there were big, huge waves. my daughter was next to me. suddenly everyone began to come out of the water and there was a complete calm. and a drowned girl swam to the shore in a small ripple. she came out of the water. people crowded in a bunch, I closed my eyes to the child and closed my eyes myself. woke up.

I dreamed that we went to the Dead Sea, I want to go there and my dad tells me not to go, you can drown, then I see an empty boat and people who are pulling the corpse out of the water, it was covered, but then he looked at me sharply

Hello, I had a similar dream several times that a guy was drowning, and I ran to the water to save him, but my friend stopped me, in her last dream, she grabbed my hand and said &# 171; it’s too early&# 187; and we watched this guy drown. then, when he started to go to the bottom, she let me go and I jumped into the water, from which I woke up.

I dreamed of a night on the seaside. 2 unfamiliar men swam in a boat at night in a storm, began to sink. I, a young man and another stranger sailed to rescue them on a raft. Soon I saw their upside down boat and their bodies sinking to the bottom of the sea. I managed to grab only the phone of one of them. After that, they looked that they could no longer be helped, returned to the shore. In the morning, they continued their search, but already along the coast, they asked people, in the hope that they still managed to escape. Soon we were told that it makes no sense to look for them, since they actually drowned.

dreamed that they pulled the girl’s corpse out of the water, put the body on the ground, sort of like near an open hatch. The picture was like old black and white photographs. After waking up, the state was anxious. (now we have the question of buying an apartment)

I had a dream, as if there was a well in the ground without edges and a passenger car accidentally entered and fell into it and went under the water with its nose down along with the driver. And everyone around died and no one could move.. the driver did not surface. Realizing this, my husband jumped into the well to get a man.. but the water above it also calmed down. And I began to realize that he could stay there. Looked back &# 8212; but nobody moved around.. although a long time passed, and no one rose from the depths. then I grabbed a hook and began to fumble in the well.. and suddenly caught my husband.. he spilled out to the surface, gripping the hook with one hand.. he was alive, but already practically unconscious. ..and then it turned out that with his other hand he was dragging a man behind him&# 8230; this is where the dream ended..
thank you in advance

I was on the bank of the river, then I found a boat with a drowned woman (I was sure that this was a drowned woman) with a blue face. who was next to me (possibly with my wife). I wanted to find what to take from the drowned woman, but found nothing. then he got scared and caught up with two policemen, to whom he handed over the drowned woman

The husband decided to buy a house where there were ghosts of a hanged boy 12 years old and a drowned boy 6 years old .the house stood on the bank of the river the river is clean

The girl walked not far from the highway with friends, after taking a walk, they began to move away along the path from the road and immediately went to the plant where there was a bet. Bet clean but abandoned. The girl was upset and stood a little further away from friends. Then she turns to her friends and says goodbye and jumps into the water. (Up to this point, I saw everything as the author or with other eyes from the side, and when she began to sink, I saw with her eyes) The water was clean and transparent, I even saw her friends from the water who did not immediately realize what was what. When she was rescued and pumped out, I saw everything again as the author, when she was rescued, I saw her again with my eyes. All the characters are not familiar to me who I saw in a dream. Before, when I had dreams, they always happened in reality, word for word. What could it be for?

A school-age boy was drowning, choking. I walked by and noticed it. Suddenly, I see him already lying on the shore unconscious. I rushed to him and helped him to recover. At first he did not breathe, and then he began to cough up water and thus he survived.

I dreamed of a little richer and I am swimming in the river and I am swimming and my friend and friends, but I will not remember him and I were fooling around and here I kicked my friend already dead

A little granddaughter swims with her grandfather and begins to go under water.. The dream is dreaming a second time. Nobody has time to do anything&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;.

The same dream was repeated twice, the husband is swimming in the sea with his granddaughter &# 8212; and the granddaughter starts to drown .Nobody pays attention to her &# 8230;&# 8230;..

I swam in the lake. the water started to decrease. on the shore (formed) I saw a drowned man. man lying face down.

I dreamed that I was standing near the river, and a dima came up to me, I tell him what he was doing here if he drowned, and he said that he first drowned, and then somehow woke up and got out, I asked how he drowned, he said that he did some tricks, or stood on his head, and drowned, and then got out

Hello. I dreamed that the guy I love drowned. He hit his head on a stone and drowned. From a dream, I remembered that at that time I was not in my city. I remember that I cried very much in my sleep at every mention of his name. The guy’s name is Alexey.

In the village, the father catches fish with nets and brings two drowned men ashore. One of which lay with the body from head to chest. Another drowned man gets up and starts chasing me. I run to the house, fly through the window, back, and he follows me. Didn’t catch up. Woke up

I dreamed that my aunt had drowned, and we swam to look for her corpse, but could not find it, and only when the music began to play, her corpse, like a witch, swam to the surface

A plump woman who drove into the river in a car drowned!two young people tried to get her, but they did not save!I saw her in clear water, at the very bottom

My mother dreamed of my son that he approached her and said that he was a drowned man.And my little daughter called her somewhere.

I dreamed that my mother was drowning my son.I try to push her away, I want to take my son, but she pushes me away and drowned me .and then says everything.I do not know what to think.

I dreamed like a guy I like, but we don’t meet, drowned, I saved him. It was winter, he fell into the water through the ice. I called the ambulance, but I realized that they would not be in time, so I took off my jacket and jumped into the water myself, pulled it out. Then he lay on the concrete and I was next to him, waiting for an ambulance, holding his hand. at this time he gradually came to his senses, even smiled. then I woke up.But I think in a dream he survived =)

I looked into the clear water, cars were jammed in the water, there was still a man under water (probably a drowned man), he called me with his hand to him, but I thought it was dangerous and did not dive

I had a dream in the morning, or rather, I woke up when I saw him at seven in the morning. were fishing. a pond is not a pond, more like a big puddle. well, in general, at first there was a whirlwind on the water, as if a large fish were spinning.then it was as if a huge bubble came out, and a wave formed towards the shore. all this was repeated once more, then with the next exhaust the body seemed to spit out of the water. the body is completely unfamiliar and it is clear that an adult. appeared in the air, as it were, an unpleasant smell and we buried faster ashore.

I dreamed that I was jumping from something into the sea, and I touched the drowned with my feet, I told my young man that I had to leave, and he said to me: &# 171; wait, my friends might be there&# 187;.

Hello!I bathed my child (girl), so carefully, each hand, and then I started to wipe it myself, I wanted to wipe one hand in the water and pulled it, but it turned over and turned out under water, I started to panic, but I was in a hurry pulling her out, and then when she pulled her out, she began to do heart massage, but not for long and realized that she had died already turned white. I don’t remember exactly the end, but it seems to me I went and told my grandmother, but so that I was very worried in a dream, somehow I didn’t think so, but I woke up screaming&# 8230;

I dreamed that my friend and I were standing on the bridge and the current was very fast, There were our younger sons with carriages in them, and the elders somehow ended up in the water and I just remember I looked into his face and he was already dead and the current carried it away from me

Hello. Today I dreamed: I see how an unfamiliar man in uniform without shoulder straps rushes into the river from a boat and drowns, I see it already under water, and I see a lot of drowned men who did not swim in military uniform and that’s it. Next dream: I try to change the water in an aquarium with beautiful fish, change the water strangely, because.e. I pour clean water into their water from a hose, thinking that I will save the fish, two fish died, the rest are alive. What does it mean? thanks.

Hello, I had a completely incomprehensible dream, something related to a sunken ship &# 171; Titanic&# 187;.As if we were there, and it so happened that I was saved, and my young man drowned, and I saw it clearly.I remember in my arms I had someone’s baby, and I remember that I cried terribly, to the extent that when I woke up the pillow was wet with tears

Hello!I dreamed of a drowned man with secondary signs of death?the face was swollen, all the veins were visible, the eyes were falling out, and there was someone’s torn out eye in the mouth

I dreamed that my mother had drowned, there was also a will in it, it was written that she would bequeath the house and everything else not to me, but to my brother, of course I was offended in a dream, why tell me please?

I am 14 years old and I am very tormented by my dream, my parents and I went to some lake, there were people with fishing rods, and then suddenly one pulls out a green corpse on a fishing rod, all the people screamed, and then I don’t remember, I had this dream somewhere a week ago, but only remembered today. It’s just that usually if I dream something bad, then in the morning I start to think. But the worst thing is not this, my friend has an older sister who has gone far, we did not have very good relations with her, and we rarely saw her, for 2 years I did not see her, well, here she tells my friend that she dreamed that I drowned! Although we did not see each other for two years, and ksatati she had this dream recently, so there are suggestions that we had these dreams in one night! What does this mean? I’m afraid of water anyway! Please don’t hesitate to answer, I’m scared

I dreamed that I was walking on a narrow iron bridge. Closer to the shore, the bridge was wide, but the further I went, the narrower it became. There was a lot of water around. It seems the bridge stood on the lake. Where there was almost the end of the bridge (the end was approximately in the middle of the lake), I saw already dead men. One of them was sitting in the water. The rest were waist-deep. Frightened, I went back to the shore. But it was hard to do. On the narrow part of the bridge, I could hardly keep my balance. And here the men began to stir. Frightened even more, I ran to the shore, but there I saw people who, in panic, fought back from the skeletons. I ran to some church. When I entered there, a lot of blood was flowing over Jesus. There were also revived skeletons.

I dreamed of some kind of baloto or lake, in which a woman drowned with children, or with one child, but when they got them the girl came to life

I stand on the shore of an icy lake. People go ice skating. Ice cracks and many people drown. Then the fashion seemed to be leaked and all the drowned were on the gun.

I stand on the shore of an icy lake. People go ice skating. Ice cracks and many people drown. Then the water seemed to be drained and all the drowned were on the gun.

Hello Tatiana! Today I had a dream about a drowned man, or rather it was a girl. In the dream there were 4 people, me, my husband, my sister’s husband and sister. We came to the river, the river is not deep, the water in it was transparent, it so happened that I came up first and, as if from above, saw that a girl was lying under the water, she was wearing a skirt. She lay face down. I got confused and I moved away, and the men dug a hole in the water and buried it in the same river. I vaguely remember my sister in a dream.

I dreamed that I was walking in the animal park and a boy came up to the room with a request to help find his little sister. Then I, together with his older sister, found a little girl drowned

I dreamed that my husband and I arrived at a huge reservoir, and for some reason I already knew that corpses could be hidden here&# 8230; we climbed in to swim, I was very scared, when I went into the water up to my waist, these bodies began to surface, they were in a terrible state, they began to decompose, in some places there was no flesh&# 8230;. terrible dream, please help me understand what this is for? is it worth paying attention? I remembered the details, the weather was cloudy, gray colors prevailed&# 8230;

Recently, our friend drowned on vacation and no one noticed how he disappeared.And I dreamed that all the relatives came to my house who was there, and he was the last to enter. I say that we have already buried you, and he answered &# 8212; Why bury me then. after sitting for a while, he says in a sad voice &# 8212; All of you on the beach are tanned, but I am not. And he himself, all wet, sits as if just out of water

I dreamed that I would climb near the water-river, and my friends were pulling the drowned man, I saw him&# 8230; I was scared, they sailed away, they put him on the shore and I was afraid to go out

I dreamed that my cousin drowned. At first I stood with someone by the lake and she went to the shore . We turned away, turned around and she is gone. There was a pipe in this lake that sucks in or cleans water. Well, my sister entered the water where this pipe is! Help me say what it means.

Hello, I had an unpleasant dream.I was sitting near the river and my son was jumping into the river for 5 years, he had a diaper on his shoulders after a while I noticed that he was not.I went to look and saw a diaper on the water and next to my son he did not breathe, I pulled him out and began to press on my heart.water came out of his mouth and he began to breathe.what does it mean

I dreamed that I was swimming in clear water with a child..there are a lot of people around, they are resting in pairs, in groups&# 8230; different&# 8230; calm&# 8230; just like me&# 8230; but when I look at them they are underwater&# 8230;.the water is very clear..and I understand that they are there ..under the water&# 8230;.

From the slope, my friend and I ran to stop the car, I was able to jump into the car and stop, and he fell off a cliff and was carried away by the river

I dreamed that my husband went on a business trip and wanted to dive there and drowned, which my colleagues told me on the phone, she herself did not see the body. I cried a lot. I woke up terrified, because I love him very much and am afraid to lose

I drowned and was washed ashore by the water. I watched all this from the side, came up and took myself in my arms.

It was gloomy as twilight, only a bluish tint.
At first something happened (what exactly I do not remember).
Then I saw a man, it’s hard to tell a guy or a girl, his whole body was disfigured, and it wasn’t visible whether there was at least one of his clothes on him, I remember that he had a big hole just between his chest and stomach. From fright, I began to wake up, but before I could wake up I thought that he was a drowned man

Talked to my grandfather (deceased 6 years old) and he began to smile. I realized that something was wrong and ran. She ran to the bank of a river and saw an almost dead, blue mother, rescued her and ran on

we were with friends on the pond were going to jump the water and when we got up I stopped abruptly and my friend jumped then he got out and was scared and then I jumped and a woman and a man grabbed my hands before I did not see them and they seemed to at the same time they drowned me and themselves
that’s all

I saw my child drowned in the bathtub. He was naked, curled up. I got him out in the confidence that now he would come to life and began to massage him. Some kind of violet-acid liquid was splashing out of his mouth. I began to understand that I could not pump it out and woke up from fright.

dreamed of water&# 8230; pond..warm summer day..besides, when I swam..started to the bottom there was like some kind of stream of cold water and sucking..The martyr tried to save me, but he also got into this hodgepodge..then woke up

Dream of a closed room inside which there is a swamp and a path. I walk the path. The first drowned man looked like a bump in a swamp. I understood that this was a drowned man, but I did not feel fear. Going further, the water bubbled up with bubbles and I saw the second swollen one float up and at that moment I turned away. I only understood that these were drowned men, I saw the outlines of bodies, but I did not see the head and face.


I saw that I drowned in the river in a dream, then I saved myself by pulling my hair out of the water, pulling it to the shore, I did artificial respiration to myself, people around said that I had already died, and I saved myself, then I woke up and did not see did I revive myself or not

I dreamed that the person I love drowned.I didn’t see it myself – my friend sent me an SMS .I cried and scolded myself for not knowing this before

I was at my grandmother’s house, then we went out with friends from her to the street for a walk, there is a small lake near her.So we pass by this lake and my sister and grandmother get some things out of the lake.We ask what these things are, to which the grandmother answers us, damn it she calls some surname, I don’t remember, but we don’t see the corpse as such.then she points her finger a little further and then the corpse of a man emerges, in my opinion a bald man of about forty&# 8230; but for some reason no one now goes to get it, that’s the whole dream, sorry I don’t remember the last name

My girlfriend went to the toilet. I noticed a strange noise, but did not understand it. Some time later, since she did not return, I became worried and began to look around. I noticed in the elevator shaft, below, something red, but did not attach any importance to it, some time later, I began to look closely again and realized that it was her. I was torn by the knowledge that I could come to the rescue.

I dreamed as if I was a teenager, arrived in the village, decided to cross along the river along the fence and fell into the river, the water was warm, but someone grabbed me from behind. there was a sister on the shore, I asked her for help so that she could help me get out of the river, I took her hands and realized that she was not helping me. I somehow got out a catfish and saw a drowned man, he was blue-gray and talked to us, asked us to swim with him. this is where the dream ended

We went on vacation with family and friends. My daughter went on a field trip with family friends and never came back. I was told that she drowned. In a dream I had a wild hysteria and now remembering I cry. What could it be for ?

We were walking or driving across the bridge, some guy drove up either on skates or rollerblades and I see as if he took him and they are going in front and then this guy jumps with him over the fence of the bridge into the river, the guy pops up and the husband does not, I run down, they are looking for him in the water but they do not find him, I woke up

Hello Tatiana&# 8230;.today I decided to start at lunchtime&# 8230;.I saw in a dream how I and a young man swim in the pool in some beautiful room &# 8230;.then a man drowned there&# 8230; his friend&# 8230; he lay dead long enough in the pool&# 8230; then my boyfriend, after I told him that there was a man in the pool, pulled him out and covered him with a white sheet&# 8230; and oddly enough this room turned out to be the office of my boyfriend&# 8230; he was sitting there and a corpse next to a drowned man&# 8230; I was afraid to approach and asked my young man to cover the corpse with a sheet of ato that his face was visible and then I noticed that the dead man blinked an eye ..just horror then I woke up with fright and fear&# 8230;.dosihpor fear&# 8230;.tell me what this dream is about *?

in my city, a river flows right along the roads very stormy cold gray people stand at stops and are afraid to cross someone is blown away by water and I walk along the river somehow I get to the other side then I know back that with difficulty and approaching the bank I see that it is reinforced with concrete nailed I pulled out a dead girl, then at another stop, another one and at the end of the city the guy actually does not have such a place in our city, but in a dream there is and it is very familiar to me

i was on ice! u saw a man dead underneath! and as if I knew him! then I tried to pull it out, but I myself fell as if under the ice, but at the same time I was not under it. something like this! then I went to bed again and dreamed that I came to the restaurant while looking for an entrance on the walls I saw blood! later, allegedly to my girlfriend as an adult, but I have never seen her at all in my life – the restaurant owner pesters first! and I stabbed and dismembered him! then I seemed to live a little higher on the floor and saw how the police arrived there! and mother says run! I ran it started to get dark as if I had to catch the train for work! I work on shift myself. the boss calls me, I say that I’m late and he says that they say, finish your treatment first, then come! by the way, lately I have become often sick with various diseases! mainly related to heart and breathing! and I’m only 23 full

Hello, help me to understand, I could not, I remembered the army as if we were marching and then I saw a lieutenant in front of me was walking somehow not happy, I was looking at me and I walk 10 cm from him and I passed by at this time when I was walking I touched his document and he fell the water dirty there the garbage floats as if we are in the circle of this garbage go there all the waste garbage.T.he just noticed how he was gone, he looked at me and asked me if I took it or not, I said no, I said no, he still Matter then he saw that there was a document in the input, then okay, we left and suddenly our officers came, they arrived on snowstorms on water and a quad bike and again they are going to leave for a branch and my friend also wants to leave a place with a mini, but he needs to accelerate, he asks me to pull him out of the garbage of the dirty water of these waste, and there it is deep and I stand on the battery and he is entering I pull out trying to try to take it badly and I face and into the dirt waste help dived and came out then took good and pulled out the ATV and it out of the water then. He sat on it and rode through this dirty water. I can’t understand it

so! I go out to a small lake and see all my ex-boyfriends&# 8230; they drowned and erupted on top of the water! I scream to get them and bury them, but all the people ignored me.

In a dream, I saw how I gave birth to a baby, then my baby and I went to my mother, my mother had a grandmother, the mother took the baby and carried it somewhere, my mother and I sat drinking tea, then I asked-&# 187; Where is the child?&# 187; to which my mother answered: &# 8212; grandma drowned him, don’t write it off too early for you! And what is most interesting is that she said in a perfect calm voice, and at that the dream ended

i dreamed that my daughter drowned. I found it and pumped it out, but for some reason it is much smaller and looks like a doll.

We walked to an abandoned house.Some guy was walking with us.I told everyone that he died a long time ago and that this is his ghost.Then the guy got angry and pushed me into the water.I drowned and became a ghost.Then he told me &# 171; Welcome to my world&# 187; And we again went to an abandoned house with him and began to frighten our friends.But they didn’t see us.

My friends and I skated on the golden spring ice, the ice fell through, everyone went under the water, I escaped and helped one friend, they all got stuck and I look, I think, I think who is not there, and a photo of a relative is not from our company

I dreamed that we suddenly baptized our daughter and forgot to call the kresny, and then a storm began, the Volga was on the way out of the church, my husband swam to the trays, strong waves began and he disappeared. I stood on the shore, crying and calling him. the storm died down, the waves died down, but he was gone. Mom came up to me and said that I would calm down, he is not alive, that I would just forgive him everything and let him go to another world. (I have a Masulman), and my mother said do not worry, we will bury him in an open coffin. And the woman stood next to me and said that it was not my fault that I didn’t have to climb!

We swam in the river with dad.and for some reason I took the phone with me into the water. then something started, like a storm, but it seems not.I do not remember. and we got all out of the water.I say to dad: they say, dad, I lost my phone (and in my thoughts right away that I will not receive an SMS from the guy I called, but his phone was turned off..well, sms that he will not come in touch) when I told dad he got nervous, but did not shout.and when they started looking for a phone, it suddenly appears in my hands and I just say dad here is the phone, I have it..and all.

Hello! I dreamed that I was swimming with my mother in a stormy sea. We hold hands, mom starts to drown, I try to pull her hand to me, and she gets confused to sigh. Then she goes under water, I woke up. What does it mean?

I came to work, my colleague was there, and for some reason she brought to my post the corpse of her aunt, wrapped in a white sheet, supposedly she should not be buried, chronized, since she is a drowned woman, while we were discussing all this, the sheet begins to unfold and her aunt gets up and runs after my colleague and she only chases after her and that’s all I woke up with, but in general I very often dream of dead people who come to life.

Let’s go swimming on the river, there were already acquaintances.One acquaintance was with his bride.Something happened and she rushed into the lake.It seemed like a boat picked her up.But for some reason they were looking for her in this lake. And then they began to look for her in another lake and, strangely enough, they found.she surfaced, but she had a strongly protruding blue tongue and her skin was as if she had been under water for a week.Then she was brought into a room like a morgue and I saw there that someone was spinning near her, I thought it was a medical examiner, but he behaved somehow strangely, he molested and kissed so that from the side it looked like he wanted to have sex with her.It turned out to be a friend of the groom.He was in love with a bride.

Hello! I had a very strange dream like me. That my husband is holding two of our sons in his arms, and I am a little girl, up to two years old. And we are standing in kalamut water, and suddenly this girl falls into the water and we cannot catch it, and she drowns. Then they found it, took it out of the water, I hold it in my arms and cry very much, because this is my daughter in a dream, whom I do not have on eve. She lies on the table, and I cry on my knees. And for some reason I call her name &# 8212; Angelina.

I dreamed that I was walking home along the banks of the river, around the green grass and trees, from a distance I see an unfamiliar woman lying on a half-sided elbow on the board, her body is in the water, on the surface there is only her head and bare shoulders, she seems to be resting, I walk past close, I look at her, and she with open eyes in which horror froze, then I understand that she is dead, I look at her and seem to recognize in her a resemblance to my acquaintance, with whom we have not communicated for a long time, finds me unpleasant feeling, fear. Nearby, people are standing, well-dressed, beautiful, looking at her, crossing themselves and waiting for the body to be taken out of the water. I walked past them, next to me were some old grandfather and grandmother, very tall, at first I did not see their faces, it means I am going about my business, and they are walking next to me, I speed up my step, they too, then my grandfather started pushing me, pestering me, the grandmother grinned at first, then disappeared. I woke up at the moment when my grandfather frightened me with his unusual behavior.

At first, my friends and I were sitting on the shore and a bearded man (drowned man) was also with us. Then we all swam, I sat in the water with my boyfriend and another boy like on a stove, but in the water&# 8230; and I start to swim and I see this man on the surface of the water. and all my friends too. and I woke up

I dreamed that I was swimming in very dirty water, in a huge deep pool. At the bottom I see the body of a man. And then in parallel, already being not in the water, but on a wobbly wooden bridge above the water, practically on the water, I see the bodies of drowned people being pulled out from this pool. These are boys about 12 years old. I see that one by one they are pulling out somewhere 4-5 bodies. The dream was very frightening. As in a dream, and in reality, I felt horror. Please tell me what he can mean?

I dreamed about my friend from school on the shore of some kind of lake, he was lying dead,
bruised and dressed in ordinary clothes, then I don’t remember what happened next.

I dreamed that I was going to be staring and passing by the rate of a lot of people, and at the rate even more, I energized, as it turned out, but I was told, as a boy I love to drown myself.yoy were from the water and all were here.and then they told me that I’d drown myself in my darling boy.

Bachila yak from water buli distance 5 drowned people: 3 &# 8212; dvchini ta 2 &# 8212; lads. Oh, they got away from one great sitts, from which drops of water dripped. I walked through them in an hour and got magalized, no specks dripped on me. What can mean a Danish dream?

dreamed of a granddaughter drowned in the bathroom. went into the bathroom, there the linen was soaked, began to get it out and there lies a drowned granddaughter . I took it out and carried it to the bed.

I saw it as if during the war the Germans were killing defenseless people by putting them in large metal barrels of water and closing them with lids, and people drowned there. I don’t remember if I was threatened with the same fate, but the sensations were terrible from the fact that I saw it.

Woke up at about 7-00 o’clock today September 20, 2014. I had a dream that while swimming in the quarry, people pointed out to me that there were two drowned in the water not far from me: a guy and a girl. Coming out of the water and looking from a small hill, I saw two people in clothes in the water. The girl seemed to be sitting on his shoulders, only both were in a horizontal position, nothing fantastic or impossible in their poses. Then from the stories it became clear that the girl and the guy on the other side of the quarry were beaten by the locals, and then apparently the guy wanted to wade the girl to the other side and, having stumbled in a deep place, they drowned. The teacher of the Russian language came up (so it became clear to me, I don’t know why, and if I knew her), she began to be indignant, why the police hadn’t been traveling for so long. I asked, and somebody went to report. She replied that probably no one. Taking his things, he began to dress and woke up.// About 8-00 o’clock fell asleep again and woke up at 8-10, remembering the continuation of sleep. I walked to the militia checkpoint, and with three militiamen (the motorcycle driver was a deceased militiaman in 2004, or maybe just a similar one), we drove to the quarry, where we found no corpses. A family (a woman, a child bathing in water and two young men) was sitting next to that place, on the bank of the quarry. The woman began to tell that a local authority had come (sort of like from former cops), and told her thugs, since the bodies cannot be taken away, they must be drowned. They cut holes in the stomachs and stuffed stones into them, and then drowned the bodies in a dung pit. The policemen who came with me, having heard the name of the authority, stood rooted to the spot and did nothing. I asked the woman to show me the place, and her roommate or husband began to object that they did not need any problems, and that they themselves could be closed, since they came from another country, and they were not doing well with their documents. Taking the phone out of his pocket to call the ATC woke up. There was nothing unreal in the whole dream, and therefore it worried me. Suddenly I saw reality with someone else’s eyes, and did nothing. And what about the one who began to call the ATC?

good day,
I was having a dream &# 8212; many people, including.h. and I splashed and frolicked in the dark water like bets. Then, all of a sudden, almost everyone disappeared, and I and someone else remained, presumably a woman. And the water, which is not disturbed, suddenly became translucent and I saw a woman lying under water.
The feeling that she needed help and fear overwhelmed me, as well as the understanding that because of fear I cannot approach her and maybe she can still be saved.

A young girl went to the bathroom. After a while, I followed her, and I saw her in the bathroom, she was very blue and did not breathe. I took her out and started, it is not clear to myself, to give her a heart massage. It helped her, she woke up.

Hello! I dreamed that I decided to wash my hair and for some reason there was both a shower and a sink on the balcony. I called my daughter, she came to visit me so that she would stand next to me and tell me what she was telling. Then I went to the bathtub for shampoo and when I go into the bathtub, there is a drowned man in the muddy water in the bathtub, who turned out to be my husband (we are divorced). It all happened in an apartment in which we have not lived for a very long time, my mother sold it.

Hello! I dreamed today of a man who was lying in the water with open eyes, then he dragged someone into the water, but that man managed to get out of the water! the water is clear but in dark shades! I also dreamed of a girl who was walking along the edge of someone’s cliff and was afraid to fall! tell me it please, as it is not very calm at heart!thank you in advance!

I was standing on the raft&# 8230;.girls were swimming in front of me, in my opinion they had a graduation&# 8230; and as soon as they dived into the water they drowned&# 8230;. there were 8 of them 5 of them drowned at once three managed to get out and run away, among them there was one friend of mine&# 8230; Bodies floated to the surface&# 8230;&# 8230;..immediately.

Hello, today I dreamed of a young girl drowned. came to the reservoir, there were a lot of people, a girl was lying on the shore, half naked, and the grass around was light green, the water was transparent, and the girl herself was flesh-colored, like an ordinary person during her lifetime. She was carried forward with her feet, did not cover, and suddenly she wheezed, breathed, fell, turned over, got up, looked at me and said: I wanted to die and hissed at me like a snake..there was river sand in my mouth, apparently. thanks.

Hello, I had a dream that while resting at the sea, I saw a little girl walking to the sea, she left and disappeared from the sight of her parents. They started looking for her, and I helped them because I saw where she went. But unfortunately, I pulled her out of the sea, I’m already dead. What does it mean?

pool cadaverous smell the water is clean few people and in one hole in the pool in the pipe they found the corpse of a young guy [email&# 160; protected]

I go out of the water to the shore and see the small body of a child in the clear water.(up to a year) I take it in my arms, take it to the shore. The child does not move, does not breathe, but not blue. i am doing art. breath and after a while it comes to life. all

Hello! i dreamed about my best friend (he hung himself recently for 40 more days) in a dream I see a well in it my friend is dead. I take his hand out of the water and touch it, the next day I came to look, but his body blurred.

Hello Tatiana! The other day I had a dream that shocked me a little. At first, nothing seemed to start, with my friends we were sitting in some unfamiliar cafe on the street, for some reason there were glasses of vodka on the table, although I don’t drink strong drinks. we were funny, joking and laughing.Then with 1 of them we went shopping and tried on things.But then the dream changed dramatically, it remained as bright and colorful, I dreamed of a small pond, as is usually done in my garden, the water in it was crystal clear, but what I saw in it&# 8230;. There were 2 lifeless children’s bodies, right at the bottom, completely&# 8230; Boy 6 years old and girl 3 years. Some woman started to get them, but then I woke up&# 8230;

Previously, I dreamed that a river with some kind of super powers. like the fact that when people fall asleep on vacation, on the river, he somehow miraculously ends up in the river itself, on a mattress and far from the shore. And today I dreamed about the same river, but only when I was walking along the shore, I saw a little drowned boy. What is it for?

I dreamed of a playground and a grandmother with a little girl rode on a swing, then grandmother began to fall and the child with her, I was on some surface, there were people around and as if everyone wanted to help and no one could do it, they drowned.But when the girl turned over, she turned out to be like a doll&# 8230;&# 8230;..and her mouth is open&# 8230;.

I dreamed that I was resting at the sea, but the sea, for some reason, at my grandmother’s in the village. I jump into the water (it is clean), I swim fast, I dive – I see a child in the fetal position, I suddenly get out of the water and swim further. some girl said:&# 187; look, there is a drowned man in the water! help pull out&# 187 ;, I refused and swam to the shore. That girl pulled him (man) by the leg and offered to look at him. I refused, referring to the fact that I am afraid

I dreamed that my friend and I were sitting at her house. She called our mutual friend. She left us both alone and went to the bathroom. Friend, after a while he left. And I went to look for a friend, I found her dead in the bathroom. I started screaming and trying to bring her back to life, dragged her onto the bed and started doing artificial respiration. She did not move, and it is at this moment that the parents ring the bell. I quickly run to the door to open it. End

I go into the water, a lot of people are swimming. and then I look closer to the shore a child unfamiliar 5 years old, face down. I didn’t understand at first, drowned or just dives..then I look my face like it is buried in the sand in the water. I began to call my friend to see. then I woke up without realizing whether he was dead or not

i dreamed that I see a boy in a white shirt at the bottom of a river or pool, I dive after him and pull out, the water is clear .

swam in the rate at first the water was mixed with the earth, but when I got to my feet the water was clean as in a pool. I saw a baby, he was back to top.But when I drew the attention of others to him, he raised his head, opened his eyes, looking at me, swam at me. I jumped out of the water, and this child (baby up to a year), ran after me. I remember running away from him. Then I woke up, creepy.

I swam in the river, and in the winter, I accidentally pulled a chill for something .but eo a woman who drowned, I left her and started screaming later.and woke up

There were a lot of us, water began to arrive on the ship resko, but the ship did not sink; the doors closed, but I saw them sinking

Sleep: in the morning my friend and I were told that a girl of 13-15 years old died from our house. And in the afternoon we walked in the yard. There are two public toilets in the yard. We opened the door to one of them, and there a girl of about 7 drowned herself. She seemed to be sitting and someone just threw her back. Feet were on the ground, and the head was inside.

In the morning we were informed that a girl from our house of 13-15 years old died. And in the days my friend and I went out into the street. We have two public toilets in the yard. We opened the door to one of them, and there was a girl of about seven. Feet on the floor and head inside. It was as if someone had overturned her and at the same time held her legs when she sat

I am standing on a bridge, under me is a clear transparent river, the water is very clear. Suddenly a diver pulls out a drowned girl, and I see that the whole bottom is covered with drowned people

Very beautiful bay enclosed by high walls on all sides. Walls made of some kind of colored stone are dominated by green-blue color. I go down to the water while thinking how I will get out of the water. Pure clear water. the bottom is visible at the coast. I admire the beauty and suddenly I see a man near the shore I understand that he drowned. His hands and blood are tied. I’m very upset waking up.

Hello. When I walked to the washing machine that was in the bathroom, I threw my gaze at the bath and then I saw: the body of my mother was immersed in water and only the head was clearly visible. And after what he saw, he instantly woke up and fell asleep literally a minute later.

I dreamed that we were resting on the lake, it was late autumn, I, my husband, mother and a couple of friends were taking ice&# 8230; my friend and I left, and then when no one came back, I went into the house that was standing on the shore of the lake and suddenly my friend’s behest&# 8230;. screamed so hard that I got scared and ran to her, and there in the water my mother&# 8230;. only leg to knee could be seen from under the ice, there was something incomprehensible on the leg that looked like a rope, a friend began to pull and we pulled her out, rescued her and began to ask where others are, where is my husband, in response we heard that they were floating on the board turned over and drowned, I ran to look for but did not find anyone and woke up, the dream was as if it was happening in reality

I’m swimming with some girl in the pool and suddenly I see a corpse at the bottom dressed in outerwear. I tell this girl, she has zero emotions, she swims further, but I was terribly unpleasant, I woke up.

My friends and I were walking near the lake, it was autumn, we watched the leaves fall into the water and suddenly a corpse floated up in front of us, with its feet to us and it began to carry a current that was not previously in the lake, but it was also with our feet. It was a young guy. I was so scared at the sight of this, as if in life. I don’t understand what this is for.

I open some kind of door and see my former teacher (he drowned last November) he was sitting on a chair . he wanted to tell me something and from fright I immediately closed the door and immediately woke up

I was with a recently acquaintance man (or not acquaintance) on the shore of the lake. the conversation was lively, but I don’t remember what exactly. I wanted to swim, but they told me that the water is cold. But I ran into the water. Partially the surface of the water was covered with mud, and reeds and tall green grass grew on the side. I ran into the water almost knee-deep and was about to jump further and almost touched the water with my chest, when I saw on my right side a drowned man walking into my side in the water. His face and body were blue-gray. I started to balance and try to get out of the water. And how to push yourself away from the water with your hands. I ran out of the water and began to move backwards along the sandy shore, and the drowned man continued to walk in my direction. I began to scream, but the voice was not heard. I turned to the man with whom I was originally, but he did not understand why I was so scared. Laughed. And when I turned to him again, he, too, began to change the color of his skin and I did not understand if he was alive or dead. Then I woke up from the fact that a child woke me up, asking why I was moaning.

I dreamed if I was flying on a flying ship over the beach and I understand that after the hurricane a lot of people drowned, and I see many drowned people in the water

I am with my mother who died this year (in April) in a beautiful resort. I don’t see my mother, but I know that it’s her. We swim in the pool. I can feel something at the bottom with my foot, but I’m not afraid. Then we get out of the water, because my work colleagues come and call us to get ready for the road home. One of them says that some man has disappeared, our roommate, and at that moment I see him at the bottom of the pool, I don’t remember my fear, I don’t remember any further actions. The dream is over.

I dreamed of a man who drowned in a dream and I took him out of the well and he came to life in my arms. dreamed alive and he is my older brother.

I dreamed that I heard the news that my former classmate drowned herself and she had a month-old baby. It was very surprising and unpleasant to hear it. Actually, I have never heard such news in real life.

Hello. Today in a dream I swam across stagnant water, muddy with my daughter, I pushed my daughter out of the water, I began to drown myself and even woke up from this. Tell me what it might be, thanks in advance for your answer.

Good afternoon, my name is Irina, not so long ago my dad’s 2 friends drowned in Lake Ladoga, they still have not been found, tonight my sister had a dream. A green lawn with very tall grass, my father’s friends are sitting on it, one of them is playing the guitar, and he says to my sister: &# 187; It is very deep here, and there is a candle burning (points with his hand to the top) &# 171;. Sister lifts her head up and sees &# 171; naked&# 187; trees, and a candle burns in the middle. After that, she woke up and was already afraid to fall asleep.thanks.

there was a river or a pond.there were a lot of people, as well as this guy who drowned himself ..he drowned after I talked to him.time passed and he was gone..then more people came from girl said that the type I was going to fight with her right now, but everyone said that I was not in a state, and I was not going to.To. I am coming and do not live in the village and these problems should not concern me..then it seems like my friends and I ran away from there&# 8230; while I was closing the door, a car passed from which everyone was staring at me&# 8230; in this we closed the door, but entering the room I saw a silhouette from the window..I was very scared and seemed to scream..

Hello?I dreamed of a dirty lake and a lot of divers who were looking for a drowned man, and they asked me to find one, but I did not find in this lake, but a little further in the swamp, and there turned out not to be 1 drowned man, but a lot

Hello, I’m Natalia. I dreamed of a huge aquarium, I look at it from above, and there is a man in it in a terrible pose among the river grass and crushed by some wooden sticks so as not to float up. I run away in horror and scream. This happened in the house of my late grandmother, this house has already been sold. And there was an adult unfamiliar woman, a cat.
offered to free the drowned man from the sticks.

I was fishing on a river near the reeds, then they told me to move to another place I went there I just want to throw a fishing rod and then a drowned person pops up, I don’t remember, but this is an adult man

at first I wanted to poop and put a bunch, and then I collected it in a newspaper and hid it in my pocket, went on and ended up in some house where they sell beautiful ballroom dresses, I spent the night there and there was water in this house. my friend noticed people at the bottom, pulled out a man and a woman and they were alive, I helped him with this

dreamed of drowned people, which a certain person (on whom attention was not concentrated) was gradually getting out of the water

I walked along the shore, turned around and saw two drowned men, an adult man and a child. But it seemed to me that they were still alive and I began to call for help

We swam in the lake, I felt something under my foot, when I looked closely, I saw that it was a girl. I pulled her to the surface of the water, and she suddenly came to life, I recoiled and was frightened, among the crowd of girls she began to walk towards me, stretching out her arms, came up and desperately and with pain said: This is the share of a lion, you know!? I am a mistress! She began to lose consciousness and we dragged her out, brought her to some house and put her on the bed.

I swam in the river, I saw the child turned upside down in the water while not moving. like a boy about 7-10 years old. the panel that drowned. decided to swim past but he touched me without moving his hand. it was not for myself but not scary. then we skimto him you put it . I don’t remember anymore.

i dreamed that my husband and I were walking along the lakes and suddenly he dives into the lake to swim and no longer emerges. The lakes were solid, that is, there are many of them, but they are not divided among themselves, it is like one tremendous lakes, and trees grow right among these lakes. I remember the water was green green. Then the dream spilled over into another, and there I was already with a small child, a baby girl, like our daughter, we have no children yet. And in this second part I was worried that my daughter does not have a dad now.

I don’t remember what happened before that, but suddenly everything changed everything turned black gray river concrete bank some grandfather got out of the river holding a dark drowned child brought me up I pushed it away and woke up

black river concrete bank some grandfather came out of the river with a drowned dark child gave it to me I pushed it away and woke up

I walk along a deserted path, and on the left there is zero, on the shore not very far I see someone’s body, I go up to him, it was a boy of about 12 years old, the body is all blue and swollen, then he abruptly takes my hand and whispers: &# 171; better go away&# 187;

I dreamed of a drowned man with long hair, he tried to take me away with him and strangled me, but I broke free and woke up
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I drowned in a bathroom in clear water, I call my son but I can’t speak, and then such ease I lie with my eyes open in the water and breathe

I dreamed about my classmates. 4 people. Classmates close to me. We stole a tank from a military unit. Then the military caught us, put barbed wire around each neck and tied our hands behind. They put it in the car, and threw it into the water area (I don’t know what happened, the pool, the river or the sea). We were drowning slowly, couldn’t get out for a long time. We ended up drowning.

Hello . I dreamed as if I was going down the stairs, either to the basement, or to the underground filled with water. and I understand that the human body is floating there. then he rolls over and I understand that this is my deceased husband. and i have such a feeling of dread&# 8230;

I was in a pond, perhaps the pond is not deep overgrown with grass, I was with my beloved and I saw a drowned man (woman), or rather her hand, and rather called him to the bank, we were there felts looking for something or somewhere else we were making our way

I was walking with some kind of tourist company, suddenly we found ourselves near the lake, suddenly everyone found ourselves in the water (swam), and I stood on the shore, then a man began to drown, then he emerged, but then everyone saw how another man from below began to drag him under water and drowned him&# 8230; despite the fact that I do not know any of them, and the area including

I just dreamed that they told me that my daughter had drowned, I don’t see her myself.people reminded me and remembering it cry.I say that she is a swimmer.why drowned.

There is a concreted hole in the ground behind my house (rain drain) . I left the house to meet my sister and it started to rain. The rain drain was filling up. My friend (who later drowned) was also supposed to meet my sister, but while she was gone, he decided to walk along the house. We waited for my sister, but we forgot about him. And only in the early morning they came to their senses that he was not. We walked along the river (formed) and behind a huge stone we found it by protruding feet from quicksand mud under water. No one cried

a small person (dwarf), the feeling that he is chasing me, I am hiding (everything happens in my yard) behind the old collapsed wall of the barn.Near the well. Something floats in it &# 8212; rubbish. He looks inside and in a moment next to me I lower the metal structure into the well – and there is a karloik inside and it plunges into dirty water in the garbage. Then I caught myself pulling out the structure and let’s pick out where there is a dwarf and he can’t see him (a feeling of horror) here I move the dry floating grass in the well with my hoo and see his lifeless body. I go to the neighbors to ask if someone is familiar in the prosecutor’s office and what would I do if I found myself in a difficult hypothetical situation like this (I do not admit the truth to them) And on the other hand I am afraid to call the police because I feel that my corpse is buried next to a well me and shallow – if they find with the dog.And I’m tormented by guilt. With these feelings I go down into the half-flooded basement – it is not clear whether it is of natural origin, like a cave and where it leads – in the passages – there are narrow crevices below – and they lead even deeper – but you can’t see where &# 8212; damp and walk along the aisles with neighbors exploring caves.

I dreamed as if it was already late, evening. I slowly go into the water (river, lake, I don’t know) and in front of me, by the way, a girl comes out of the water, pretty sweet, smiles at me. I went into the water, somewhere on the shoulders, and dive and suddenly it turns out very deep there, I open my eyes, and I see the legs and then the whole person, it was a man, he was standing with his head bent. I grab him and drag him to the top, swim to the shore with him, and that’s all, I don’t remember further&# 8230; what does it mean??

Hello.I dreamed of something like this.Swam with friends in the water on concrete slabs.many plates, one on one.they slide into the water, but after I put them on the slabs from the water, they fall into the water, a lot of slabs, and I see that a girl is floating..I shout to my friends to help save her, because I can’t myself, I understand that it’s my fault if she dies, but I’m afraid to jump into the water myself.In general, when about 7 minutes pass and it seems that it is too late her friend pulls out and makes artificial respiration, I fall next to her and cry, with the understanding that it is too late and she cannot be saved.And suddenly she..opens eyes.I hug and kiss her..very much.such a dream.)

I walked along a narrow path and watched from above in the river, in different places, drowned people, there were many.And in each place for 3-4 people.

I dreamed that I was sitting at the bottom of the river (at night), and after a while a person falls into the water and I watch from below how he drowns, after which the topline (a man of about 30 in a black raincoat) begins to sink to the bottom, where I was, in the moment the topline touched me, I woke up.

Hello. I flew with pleasure over some kind of backwater and then I saw how bathing women scream and pull out of the water a fat woman of about 30 years old from the water trying to pull it out from the bottom. it was strange for me to observe but not scared

I dreamed of a girl, she had black hair and with a sick face, she wanted to kill me and she was drowned in front of my eyes, but in the end she seemed to be alive in the water there

we swam with someone on a motor boat or a scooter, I don’t remember, on a narrow reservoir, then I suddenly saw a girl drowned and she was head up (not with her face but with the crown up, I didn’t see her face), I was very scared, then we drove back and it seems according to her. that’s all i remember

An ex-girlfriend was drowned in my bathroom filled with yellowish water. (I must say that we were friends for 3 years, we were inseparable, and a year ago she stopped communicating with me. I was very worried. Recently, I began to get used to this thought and accepted it. But my ex-girlfriend, sometimes, began to remind of herself again with a desire to communicate, meet, and then disappear again, and so on several times.) I was paralyzed from what I saw and I did not try to pull her out. The feeling of sleep was very unpleasant and terrifying.
The dream was very real. It’s just that my grandmother died 2 months ago. And when I saw my former beloved girlfriend dead, I did not believe that she also died.

I dreamed that I went into a pond to swim, and they shouted at me not to swim, there recently a man drowned, and I was already waist-deep in water and I was looking at the bottom and there was a red-haired girl in a white dress, I ran out of the water, I was told so I went to the other side to swim, but I didn’t go like everything.

Hello! Today I had a dream in which a person I know (former lover) lies in the middle of a reservoir like a drowned man, on the surface of the water. The water is stagnant, as in a lake or pond, he does not move and lies with his back on the water in clothes. Lies for quite a long time. I sit on the shore and watch. It’s summer and the weather is nice, the trees are green. Slowly, the water begins to decrease and go into the ground, become shallow. When there is almost no water left, he begins to move, as if he came to life or came to his senses. I cannot move from shock and silently watch from the shore&# 8230;.What does it mean?

In the dream there was a whole family of drowned people, mother and children, they were almost on a level with the water, they could be seen, the water of the river is sandy yellow..when I began to examine them, the woman opened her eyes and I thought that she was still alive, I jumped into the water to save her..but she, like all drowning people, tried to drown me in order to save myself, I dived and tried to unhook her leg from something that prevented her from getting free, and she tried to drown me .. after that I began to run away from her and climbed onto the shore.. I don’t remember anything else)))

the dark room began to flood up to the husband and I began to drown and strangers, all died, corpses floated!there is little air left and the water began to decrease slowly&# 8230;&# 8230;

we have a small hole at the end of the garden, there is a lot of water near it, and so in this water I saw a man, then they took him out of the water.the drowned man had his hands tied and his mouth sealed!

I dreamed of a drowned man, I dreamed on top of him &# 8212; he swam as if in a coffin but under water. I was not afraid &# 8212; it was a girl unknown

my daughter grabbed an ashtray in the morning and smeared herself in ashes, I took her to the bathroom to wash .when I opened the door to the bathroom, I saw that my brother (he was alive) was lying there with some guy and they drowned, I grabbed them and pulled them into the corridor with my head to the front door and began to pump out my brother, a dirty one came out of his mouth (like dirt with water) water and he woke up

i dreamed of people coming out of the pool in clothes, and in the background there was a drowned man face up and he had red skin. besides this, I constantly have a dream in a dream. I wake up in a dream, but I still understand that this is also a dream. and today, quite tangibly, some otherworldly force pressed me into the bed, while holding me by the shoulders. please explain what does it mean?

Hello!I’m a pregnant girl!I dreamed of a drowned woman, my mother and I stood and watched as she was pulled out of the pond, then she came to life, asked to call her mother, I call her mother, she said that her daughter had died, but I was able to convince her, and this girl left.

I dreamed that I was swimming in a very dirty river.Everything was very gloomy around.And black &# 171; spirit&# 187; a drowned man (the drowned man is only dead in a dream, but in reality the woman is alive) pulled me along.But I was able to get out of the water.And woke up

I dreamed that I woke up and my daughter was not on the bed, it was night, I was scared where she could be, I remembered that she was in the bathroom when I was already asleep, went into the bathroom, saw the muddy water, I stuck my hand there, and took out her daughter, who was no longer alive.

3 drowned women serve in front of me on the seashore and they get up looking at me, maliciously smile and two have their eyes sewn up, and one says something to me

I was standing somewhere, and suddenly I found myself somewhere near a pond and something appeared from the water and it was a girl of about 16-20 years old.and I started to run away but she disappeared and appeared next to me .but I understood that this was a dream, but still I could not wake up .and suddenly I find myself at the bottom of this lake or the sea, the bottom was as light as the ocean and she lay at the bottom and held on to some kind of chest or wooden box and she could disappear and appear anywhere.ALL

For some reason I dived into the water and found the corpse of my sister in the water, he lay in the water for about 30 years but was well preserved. sister in school uniform with braids. I told my brother in a dream about my find, who in reality disappeared back in 2003, he was not happy with the fact that I found this corpse. he said so everyone knew why to advertise. I woke up from the incredible reality of events. could not believe that this was a dream. By the way, I can’t swim

Hello. I dreamed of the following.. Feast.. Apparently, with relatives, in the previous apartment, where the bathroom and toilet were at different ends of the apartment. I go to the toilet and see that water rises in the sink, it is clogged. I hear the screams of relatives &# 8212; grandma drowned. I come to the bathroom and see grandmother lying in a bathtub with water at the bottom. By the way, I never saw this grandmother during my lifetime, she died before I was born. Then, as the corpse was carried out on a stretcher, she came to life and smiled, she said, don’t worry, I’m alive. Like this..

two drowned men swam in shallow water where there was a lot of vegetation, then another one followed them and one more did not find these people, I know.

I saw a girl, she was like a ghost, water was running off her and I was sitting on a chair, she came closer to me, I asked who she was, she said that she was a girl who was drowned for nothing and that she came for me to pick me up, she took me for hand and said let’s go, I woke up

I see a dead man lying in a swamp, the police don’t believe me and do nothing, then I go to that place with my night-light and in front of my eyes drunk men drown him and then hunt me down. And all the people who were with me at the beginning of the dream disappeared, I was left alone.

In a dream, my acquaintance and I in diving suits had to get the bodies of the dead from the bottom after the plane crash, only now he got them out one by one, and I was looking for an oxygen cylinder all the time, and when I found it, for some reason I didn’t dive, but just like that and walked in a diving suit

I pass near the canal in the canal drowned men and women and people are looking at them from above.Relatives were already standing next to one of the girls and they all did not cry, but smiled.

the dream was very long, at first I dreamed that I was crying because my mother was driving me out of the house (but I don’t know her, another woman..) after that I take 3 children in my arms and kiss the sick child, and at the end I am waist-deep in water and a dead woman pops up next to me, I take her in my arms and pump her out after that she comes to life..

dreamed of a pond, the water was rotten and the bottom was littered with skeletons, bones and their things.began to fall into it, but they pulled me out of there by the hands, the water did not touch

the drowned men were dragged out of the truck-car: two young people and a child-girl, at first she was like a doll, only she was rescued, and to me, the people around did not seem to be going to help them, then two more girls were found in the car, but they were doing well with health

Sea. I push a man I know into the water, he is afraid, but he goes, dived and did not come out of the water, but I found him, pulled him out of the water, but could not save

I was visiting some girlfriends. There was also an adult man, about 50 years old, with a dark beard, very confident and somewhat angry, who read on cards for one guy. This guy really liked my girlfriends. And although I liked another young man, they explained to me that this one is generally the most wonderful, and I decided to tell fortunes too. And then some action began, which I would call a performance if I saw it in my life. Darkness, thicket, perhaps some kind of lake or swamp, for we ran along the shore and fished out the corpse of a drowned woman. Or rather, they snatched cunning from each other, trying to get her clothes and become her. And the meaning was this: this girl really liked the guy whom they were guessing at, and in order to get his sympathy, everyone wanted to become like her.

little girl. like I am, like a girl and 2 guys were on the go kudis. stop going. mi viishli. know yak oce buva, type of rails go, and for them on the sides of type wide nakavi. water froze і evil bilya kamishіv girl at the water bula. type of head and legs under the water, but live above. the type of yak won on the bridge became, and then the water began to freeze and the won was flowing through me. in a pink coat and in pants. and ruin her, she will have a yak at the living.

I dreamed that my close friend and I were swimming in the river, everything was fine, and then I saw that my friend was coming to us, looked at her, and the friend who had disappeared in a dream, and in a dream I understood that he had drowned, but For some reason I didn’t start to dive and try to save him, at the same moment I realized that my phone had drowned, and I started asking someone to dive and find my phone, a classmate was next to me and pulled out my phone, then I remembered that my friend drowned, and in a dream I understood that I had already seen such a dream.

I stand on a high mountain and see a girl and a boy of 10 years old swimming in Nezha, then a baby who was also on the mountain falls down from the mountain. I run up and look down, and he floats to the shore. I ask my husband to save him, he goes down to the water. I also try to go down, but the coast is very rocky and I can’t, but I see that the girl and the boy have drowned, but the baby is gone.

Initially, I dreamed of a girl (with dark long hair and hard bangs) in a white robe who falls into a bathtub full of water&# 8230;.and I don’t remember either the room or the walls&’Just a bath in prostration.
I woke up and then all night I dreamed about this girl underwater&# 8230;.

I dreamed of many souls of dead people who flew past me, one of the dead made faces at me, thereby frightening me, I asked him what he wanted, he answered I did not come to you. Then my friends and I were looking for a drowned man, in a place where there has never been a river.

in our village they are looking for a ninth-grader boy and in a dream I saw a type of basement in it the water was clean there were many boys swimming there, I called them and they all came out of the water then I looked at the water and there the disappeared boy was lying on the blanket did not move I was lying on my back thought he was dead

A man drowned, dived looking for, then they gave a diving suit, and found pulled out a Beautiful girl with big breasts, and woke up

i dreamed of the house in which she grew up, in front of the house there is a road, dirty water flows along it, in a large stream.Men take the drowned man out of this water.It is muddy, dirty, but for a while 4 open wells became visible.Then another drowned man is taken out of these wells.I pick up the phone and want to dial my ex-husband’s number, but this number is not in the phone’s memory.I begin to cry and tell my mother, who has been dead for 11 years, that I have lost my husband and will never be together again.And I love him so much.

Hello Tatiana.
I was walking along the road. Nature . The sun. Good.
Dad and boy ahead. The boy jumps into the water and drowns, followed by dad. And they’re underwater. I go to them .Diving. I remember pulling out my hand. It seems like a corpse and a pink hand. And in
rodeb all alive.

Sleep is not colored. I came to the river with a friend and sat by the water. She sat, thinking about her own, and a drowned woman emerged from the water, she was too pale and disheveled. At first I was scared, and then she spoke to me about something. I was awaken

Dreamed of 4 young men and a girl.In a dream I was familiar with them, but in life I do not know them!They drowned in the river, but I managed to save 2 of them!I tried to find the rest, but in the end, while I was pulling these two out, the rest were carried away by the current and I just realized that they had definitely drowned, I had already reanimated one of those whom I managed to pull out onto land and literally brought back to life!

I saw, and very clearly, how my husband drowned in front of my eyes.And then the deceased dreamed that she had died again and were going to bury her

As if next to me a girl of 3-4 years old, her name is Polina, and the feeling that this is a daughter (I have no children), and we go to swim either in the pool or in the sauna.she already somehow turns out there, and I scream fields, fields. I open the wooden door, and she smiles at me and jumps the water, my soul is calmly cheerful, my gaze falls to the left side – there is a guy (I have never seen him), water is up to his nose, and I understand that this is a corpse, water is known, muddy and it pours out on me (the fields were swimming without noticing this guy) on this I woke up

I was resting at my dacha, on the river. The mood was not very good. Someone told me that our neighbor from the opposite bank had disappeared (but I don’t know her and in general we don’t have such neighbors in reality).Then I decided to take a dip in the river. I dived off the bridge and swam. What i noticed &# 8212; the water was very warm, even disgustingly warm. I was swimming and suddenly remembered about the missing neighbor and thought that she could drown. And almost at the same moment, at a depth under water, silhouettes of a female body began to appear. I swam very fast to the shore. On the shore, in a conversation with someone, I said: &# 171; Well at least I didn’t touch&# 187;. I don’t remember anything else, the dream probably ended at this.

my son drowned in the bathroom, the cat who died 3 years ago brought me to the bath. The son was lying at the bottom of the bath as if sleeping, on his stomach and palms under his cheek. And above him the water&# 8230;. horror. And I took it out and tried to revive it and woke up from the fact that I was crying

I dreamed of a drowned son, and his face was not visible&# 8230; It was just a merged oval mass.. They tried to save him, did artificial breathing, but in vain.. I grieved and cried in a dream, and my family pretended as if nothing had happened..

I’m a police trooper myself. I dream that we are patrolling a forest park area &# 171; Readovka&# 187; and I see that unfamiliar men are swimming in the lake and are looking for someone, we drove closer and found out that someone had drowned, then they pulled a man, a woman and a child out of the water.

I dreamed that my aunt was missing, and the young man and I went to look for her. I saw her foot in the river from under the water and woke up. and later she dreamed of her funeral, but she seems to be walking around alive.

I dive water someone was drowning occupy I open my eyes transparent water I see drowned people I saved to him they themselves began to come to life

Before going to bed, I saw enough video from the Maidan&# 8230;. At night, I dreamed that our city was bombed, terrible explosions were heard, from the windows of my apartment I saw broken windows, holes in the walls in neighboring houses. Our house was rocking a lot, but no shells hit it. Then the house turned around (dodged the shells) around its axis. It was very scary, but our house and we were left safe and sound. Then a continuation completely unrelated to the previous one. I was told that my brother drowned, but no bodies were found. Me, mom and some kind of man, I don’t remember who &# 8212; relative, began to look for him. Mom lives in the village, and so a dirty stream rushes from the central street to ours at a speed, everything happens at dusk, everything is black, we are waist-deep in this dirty water looking for our brother’s body. And now this is no longer water, but mud, stinking slurry, sewage, I don’t want to go, but I see that my mother is walking in front, and I follow her. In place, the stream turns into our street, the water becomes cleaner and cooler. We’re looking for brother’s body, neighbors join us. Instead of a road, there is this stream between courtyards along the street and everyone walks waist-deep in water. The water is already clear. And now, before reaching our yard, someone finds a drowned man, this is a young, completely naked man curled up in a ball. Against the background of all black and dark, his light body is clearly visible. Mom runs and cries, but&# 8230; thank God it turns out that it is not a brother, another woman runs up and recognizes her son in the drowning and begins to sob. I wake up terrified. Depressing nightmare. From a dream, as never before, as distinctly as in reality I heard explosions, how the house rocked from side to side. And also this viscous, smelly, dirty goo. how we made our way along it, and then the feeling of purification, when clean, cool water washes away dirt from the body. I didn’t see that it was pure water, since the action of the dream took place at night, but I clearly sensed it and knew.

I’m swimming across the pond. A dead man rises from the bottom and carries him in my direction. I’m trying to sail away from him. Then I see another drowned man. .. and wake up.

Hello. I dreamed that my husband and I were resting at the sea. I see the sea from the window of the apartment where we stayed in a dream. at first it was calm, then the waves reached almost to our house, then I saw the ship sinking and people drowned in the water. I didn’t like this apartment, I was going to look for another in a dream. What could it mean?

my former class and I went on a joint trip!everyone got off the bus, went to some forest and then fell into a swamp where my classmate shouted&# 187; help, there is a man&# 187; and I see a blue corpse floating through the swamp

I dreamed that I was at sea..summer..very hot..there are a lot of people in the circle..yellow sand beach..and suddenly in the water near the shore I see a drowned woman lying upside down..I decided with someone to pull her out of the water to bury her..took one hand..someone took the second and pulled her to the shore..but only reaching the shore of the wave was it washed back into the sea..the farther from the coast, the stronger the wave rose and still carried away into the sea.attempts continued more than once&# 8230; eventually I realized that the sea would not let her go..this is where the dream ended..This is the first time I dream..What does it mean?

Hello! I dreamed of a familiar drowned woman, she was lying with a rope in the water, the water was bright blue, she even glowed.

Lake. A little water, just below the knee. Silt is clearly visible at the bottom and along the banks of the thicket. Three children are clearly visible: a boy (eldest and dressed in a suit &# 8212; trousers, shirt, bow tie), a girl (smaller, I don’t remember her well) and another little girl, a baby. There is another girl my age (23 years old). With this girl we are trying to save two children (a boy and a girl are NOT a baby) &# 8212; we stand in this lake and carry our hands along the bottom (to save not how to get out of the water, but at least find them in this silt) Specifically, the corpse children are not visible, but I understand that they are in this lake and they are already dead. In the end, they never found the children, but they still had glasses in their hand (they just got them from the bottom and I understand that these were their glasses).

I dream that at first I am as an observer from the outside. Two girls decided to swim in the lake.,in the evening. The coast is full of greenery and entering a lot of greenery.And the evening is quiet. Well, they come to the lake and begin to swim, and suddenly someone by the legs and under the water, they kick, but they can not do anything. I look and I’m scared, but I can’t help.Then I run to my parents (I see myself as a girl, I’m 32 now), I tell my mother everything.She smiles and reassures me that nothing happened. I again to the lake, it pulls me to itself, the bodies of the drowned women were not found, I did not see them. I go and think that I need to find them and pull them out, I think I’ll take a pole and look, but when I come to the lake.I see that for this I need to enter this lake and walk a little.But there is so much algae and everything seems to be not good, not calm.I hesitate, I am afraid and I do not enter. Woke up more than once tossed and turned, thought about something else, but when I fell asleep I saw the same dream. And on what I woke up the moment, on that I began to look further.scared.Before going to bed, I did not look at any horrors and did not swear, did not get angry.

I saw my 3 year old son drowned in the pool. Face up and open eyes, in pajamas and an unbuttoned envelope. I dived, pulled him to the surface, calling for help, tried to revive him, but could not remember what to do&# 8230; I woke up in horror, realizing that I could not save him

Grandma (she’s not alive) bathed at night!(at the bottom of the water it was white as if the paper was big! and the whole bottom was visible!) a large lantern still shone from the top. Therefore, the water was clear! Grandma dived and the lantern went out, I started shoving the boys so that someone would look, no one agreed for a long time&# 8230; the lantern turned on and I saw my grandmother at the bottom, as if she had bent over for something and didn’t move. I shoved someone into the water and the grandmother began to surface, and came to life.

in a dream I was fishing, namely herring with someone. then she took a drowning child out of the water and immediately began to do artificial respiration and heart massage. the child in my arms came to life and I tied him to my home. he gagged ghoul.

my friends and I were was warm, nothing pecked and I began to pull the rod out of the water, and suddenly it caught on to something.I pulled closer and saw &# 171; there were 2 babies in the stroller, about 5-6 months old, they were blue, and were already decomposing &# 187; I pulled ashore and woke up. what could this dream about?

good day! Today I had a dream: something like a submarine is floating on a pier on the river nearby (it looks like a leash), but a man is sitting above the water and on top (he says something, even some kind of dispute with us), he slightly accelerates and knocks with his side about pier and suddenly there is a dolphin between the boat and the pier, he squeezes it as if to crush it trying to I push the boat away trying to save the dolphin.. then immediately this man and I swim in the water near this pier, and as if he was holding me and saying something (convincing me of something), I suddenly hit something with my foot &# 8212; I see that this is a drowned man, tied to his leg somewhere at the depth of his growth, swimming, I am terrified trying to escape and woke up.

My husband and I were driving our car.There was a sharp bend and a lake ahead.We couldn’t turn and drove into the water.Then suddenly I was separated from the car and my husband was in it.They pulled me out first, but no one was going to pull out my husband, everyone already thought that he was dead.Somewhere his mother came from with some woman.We sat on the shore and discussed something.Suddenly, I wanted to pull out my husband, I did it and he was alive, he had something like a bag on his naked because of which he was supposedly able to breathe for so long&# 8230; Then we abruptly ended up in some place on the street where there were a lot of people.I called an ambulance and woke up&# 8230;.

dreamed of men drowned people a lot upside down &# 8230; and I’m sitting in the water&# 8230; trying to get out to me someone shouts out of the water I get up and a drunken drowned man pulls me by the leg but I break free

saved a former friend. went under the ice. got from the bottom. the water was clean and clear. did not show signs of life at first. then I woke up. probably from the warm rays of the spring sun. the sun was very warm.

I am standing on the porch of a wooden house, there is a lot of water around, the trees are flooded. And women all in headscarves enter the water, look at me and go to drown themselves, but I can’t shout anything to them to stop them.

hello, my name is Julia, I’m 29 years old, for a start I wanted to start with this, the dead people who have recently died, or before the pamines, death, or big sacred holidays are constantly removed.this dream also scared me.On March 8, it was 9 days old, my uncle dreamed as if we sat on a bench and talked to him while gnawing seeds, talked about his illness, then woke up in a cold sweat.when I fell asleep, I dreamed of something, they were preparing for the paminks, I didn’t understand who for some reason, the bathhouse was heated, ooooooooo tall guy went to wash and drowned, I found him and asked the guy to get him out of the bath, but I asked the guy who almost drowned in the same bath, he was pulled out he was heavy because he had a gulp of water, but suddenly he began to come to life, I cried very much, it was scary, he came to life, but I was still scared even to listen to him, then it turns out that relatives collect paminka and at the commemoration they do not allow me to help collect the table and mine was sent to me her late sister was 3 years old in February and she said that I was late to collect the table, but it was necessary to either place the icons, or maybe the candles are somehow correct and from my hands, or rather not even from my hands, but I don’t know how I do something dropped it and she said it badly, like this, if you can help, please help, I’m starting to be afraid of myself.

I walked along the coast, the coast was very steep. I looked down and saw the silhouette of a man, then his blue hand appeared, I rushed to save him. Pulled it ashore and started pumping it out. There was a guy in the distance, I tried to call him for help, but I had no voice. I was able to bring this man back to life, but he was very angry with me for it, as if he did not want to live.

I had a bad dream. As if my 8 year old grandson dived and didn’t duck and I see him under water and cannot save him, because the bed linen holds me and I wake up in hysterics

I dream that my friends and I are going to save someone, but before that I have a type of conduct, then if we see a drowned man, everything will be bad.I told them about it, but they didn’t pay attention.We approached the old house, opened the gate, there were three of us and I was the last.To the right of the house there was a huge slide, like on children’s playgrounds, and under it was a pool and a drowned man was swimming face down in it.More precisely, a drowned woman with dark hair.Was in a shirt.And then I realized that it would be shitty not for us, but for me.And she chased me.I ran, I ran, and then I woke up.

I am a girl, I dream that I am a man and I am sinking a large ship on purpose (I install explosives, turn off some mechanisms).I want to drown in a dream.And I fall into the water with the ship, but I continue to breathe.Then the dream ends.What could such a dream mean?

my husband and I have 4 children.Some strangers, young people in our apartment.I’m worried of husband doesn’t listen to me. then I go out into the street to ask for help, since I myself cannot drive them much time has passed, I don’t know and I see they themselves went out into the street and left laughing in my face.I sensed that it was happening I was going up to the apartment .there is silence I scream children.but I don’t have a voice, I’m looking for children in the apartment, no where. I go into the bathroom and all four of them are drowned faces I did not see them only to the top with my back I scream in horror and pull out the youngest and she is dead .I immediately woke up and am still terrified.what could it be

Wife had a dream.We are standing on the shore of the lake, and some unfamiliar men pulled a drowned man out of the water, a little boy.Suddenly he comes to life and walks in our direction, and his wife says to him:&# 187; Get out of here, go, water!&# 187;.Why she called him water, she herself cannot explain.The child turned and walked back.The men are trying to keep him, and the wife says that they would not hold.

i dreamed of how I was swimming in the sea, with a busy beach, and the body of a young teenage guy was floating near me, I pulled him out of the water and brought him to his senses

Hello. I just woke up, and now I was reading the dreams of people, various people on sites with dream books, and I just have goosebumps, it turns out that many people have the same dreams!! I am sitting on a bridge, 15 meters above the lake level. Behind me there are many similar bridges and transitions between them in the form of ropes, people rest there, including.h. my relatives. And I jump from this bridge into the water, screw it up and jump again, and the third time I jumped, in flight, I saw that there was a full lake of drowned people with a blindfold on it.
That is, I jumped into the water, and while I was flying I saw that there were heaps of corpses in the water below, and the depth of the water was a meter somewhere

I dreamed of three men, I did not see them completely, but the men’s faces in the water, I don’t know them at all, they were not alive, water flowed down on them from above, the water was clean and transparent.

In general, I came to the holiday with my ex-girlfriend, there I saw many familiar faces: relatives, classmates, and just acquaintances. My brother was sitting in the chair next to me, he drowned about a year ago, said that he &# 171; there&# 187; good and that the lights are on at 5 am and until 7:20 pm. Then I told him that I was fine and here, in the world of the living, I said goodbye to him and then he wished me death.

I float on the water and suddenly I feel something, I start looking for a hand, I wake up, and this is a sunken child, a boy, I swim ashore with him, I take him to me, I’m looking for help from people, no one helps, suddenly I feel like the boy’s cilia twitched, he turned out to be alive , smiled and then I woke up,

my family and I went across the bridge (me, my husband and the child), the bridge was practically destroyed and there were a lot of drowned people under the water, rescuers worked, pulling corpses out of the water, my son slipped on the boards (there was ice) and fell down, I didn’t I managed to catch him and he went under the ice under the water.

i dreamed that my 3-month baby fell from a stroller into a well&# 8230; I ran to her &# 8230; people outsiders shout and pull out of the well little things are not ours and shout no her no her&# 8230; I began to rummage around the well with my hands&# 8230; water full well up to the top&# 8230;.found a child&# 8230; this is my little daughter&# 8230; I got it..SCREAM OF BREATH&# 8230; BREATHING&# 8230; BREATHES&# 8230; shake her&# 8230;.and they woke me up&# 8230; I screamed at the whole apartment

on the river bank, strange divers were looking for a drowned man, I climbed into the cold river and began to walk in their direction, and then swim . divers said they found it. the water was gray.

good day. Had a dream today from Thursday to Friday. I looked out the window and where our road passes I see a river, clean. And I see how some festive events are being prepared on the other side. The flow of the river is fast. I see boats gliding along the river. And I see how one boat-boat with a roof stumbles upon a coastal fortification and begins to unfold it. Then I see the roof of this boat open and I see that the boat is almost completely flooded. Inside the boat I see a girl who at first seemed to me to be drowned, but suddenly she comes to life, albeit in a bad state. I shout to her from the window of the house that I will now come to her aid and at the same time I am afraid that it will take a long time to run around the house and I will not have time to help her. And I start calling her to me right from the window. And it appears at my house and I begin to turn it over so that water comes out of it. She comes alive but very pale.I remember calling an ambulance. But I looked at the saved girl and I understand that an ambulance is not needed &# 8212; she begins to come to life and becomes more and more beautiful. Then I got distracted by something &# 8212; I return and see that she is not where I left. I know that she is nearby and I am looking for her.

my ex-boyfriend was taking a bath, I walked and said that in 5 minutes I was going to bed. When I returned to the bathroom (I was absent for a short time), he was lying on the washing machine, which stands near the bath, on top, and was swollen like drowned people who get out of the water for a long time, like a ball, and his head hanging from the washing machine hung stuck in the nursery pot

Hello! Grandmother bathed her grandson in the bathroom, went out, and when she returned, he drowned. Why is he?

In the middle of the pond there was a small island on which a drowning boy, in winter clothes and a hat, was trying to climb. I didn’t save him.since his mother was on the shore and did not really want to climb into the cold water. I see .that she swam to him, took and began to swim to the shore.but he got lost under water. Then I entered the water and began to think in what place to dive after him. although I already understood that we would not find him. I woke up in this place.

i dreamed that they were swimming in the river and then suddenly someone finds a jelly and everyone immediately realized that someone drowned, they called rescuers, they were looking for and I was standing on the bank and suddenly saw that the drowned man was floating up right in front of me it was a man . What does it mean?

I dreamed that I was driving a red car, I stop near the river, where they take out a drowned car with two dead men on the crane, I stand and watch this action, the crane stops over my head and water is dripping on me from the drowning beds! A terrible dream, what would it be?

Hello, my dream is this: I was walking with a friend and there was a small bridge and below the water, there were 4 bags of things and all sorts of boots floating in this water. We began to dive and get it all, when we got it, a woman came up to us and said that it was not necessary to do this and these are the things of drowned people. I was very scared when I woke up, could you write me the meaning of this dream. thanks!

Hello.dreamed of 3 people (2 boys and a man) drowning in some kind of small container .they die see them and dead in the water . [email&# 160; protected]

dreaming of a huge very tall and wide man, skin color like a drowned man’s face is not visible, covered with hair all in black and with very long hair, too, strange things happen to black in a dream, for example, he seems to be looking at you and bending slowly to his face or holding his hands over you and you see your body from the side and he leans to his face too slowly very scary tell me what it is

I dreamed that my son and her husband swam in the river. the water was cloudy. And at one moment the child goes under water and the husband does not have time to save him. I scream we lost him. Woke up with horror.

I’m walking I see someone is drowning, well, I passed by, and then my conscience tormented and I decided to come back, I look at him already pulled out and there was still a child with him

i dreamed that my husband and I went to rest somewhere, then we went across the bridge, I looked down into the water. and there the drowned men are a guy with a girl, the guy still had an arm torn off next to him

I had a baby &# 8212; miscarriage. After a while, she gave birth to a second, a girl. With beautiful eyes, but I left her in the bath, by accident, and went to another room. When I returned, the girl was already blue, shook her for a long time and cried, and she began to acquire a flesh color and came to life.

I went for a walk around Moscow with my child, I saw that on the embankment of the Moscow River they made narrow suspension bridges from the island (2 bridges). the bridge was a rope, new, hanging low, almost touching the water and swaying from that. the weather was sunny, the mood was good. I stood in front of the bridge, thinking if I could cross it and then I saw a boot in the middle of the bridge &# 8212; and then suddenly a drowned man was thrown onto the bridge by water . I got scared and left

there was water – not deep. and I knew that a man drowned there. began to get – (water about waist-deep) and took out the woman’s body. began to reanimate – but realized that the woman had died in the water a long time ago and her body was already numb (the water was also cold). I just threw it over my left shoulder &# 8212; well, since you can’t save her anyway and the man began to look further. the taste remained salty-disgusting on my lips – woke up with the same disgusting taste on my lips. beee, but it was not scary, just disgusting

Hello! Had a dream that a former young man drowned.. We drove with friends in a car and flew from the bridge.. he drowned alone&# 8230; in life he knows how to swim&# 8230; communicate with him well..

I am swimming on the lake, there are a lot of people around (literally I can’t push through) and I want to swim away from the coast – there is more freedom. I feel great! The water is warm, pleasant, clean. I see the opposite shore – very beautiful – forest, mountains. Suddenly I look down into the water and I see vaguely the outline of a person at the bottom, he lies on his back and it seems to me that this is a child. I’m swept away! I do not know what to do! I do a few strokes to the side and see another one of the same – also lying on my back all swollen at the bottom and, again it seemed to me that this is a child! And then I woke up.

Beach. Ocean. Lost my sister. I do not know how, but when I entered the ocean, the water parted in front of me, I saw the allegedly drowned, as soon as I approached them they got up and happily ran to the shore, I saw the gorge down, and there, like in interstellar, the worlds repeat one after another, like endless lift shaft&# 8230; I found my sister, sat at the stars and looked..
And then I sang on stage very cheerfully and kindly accepted this song M. Leonidov &# 8216; Dugout&# 8217;
And then a sad dream about a zombie and a dog&# 8230; So the frame, the black infected dog barks, everything around it, I’m like a surveillance camera, I’m not present in a dream, some scum people appeared and attacked people around the dog, the dog attacked bad people, then a couple of zombies appeared, the mess ended and the dog became normal! But there were a few people who were bitten and it was urgent to bring down, and here the love story unfolds! So out of the bitten people 6 they are still people, and everyone is under the gun, one of them is a guy from a good company, five others are scum! The first group (good ones) were in several cars, now they are already driving off, and the girl is trying for the last time to look into the guy’s face, but she doesn’t succeed, she shouts to him that she doesn’t want to like this, and wants to take him with her, watched all her experiences dog&# 8230; He got on this bus and the dream ended

in the sea near the ship a woman in a colored dress, her name is Alevtina, then she ended up in a bath with water on the same ship, and an investigation was already underway about her death

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