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Dream Interpretation drunk Beloved 😴 dreamed of why a drunk was dreaming Beloved

Seeing your beloved drunk in a dream is a sign of a very strong feeling. You can rest assured that the groom adores you, he will do everything for your happiness.

The location of colleagues and superiors is guaranteed to you if the person who captured your heart was having fun and joking, and those around you were also tipsy.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

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I dreamed about a drunken Beloved, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why a drunk is dreaming Beloved in a dream, just write a dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I dreamed of a beloved man (we parted) who drank a little, first called, then came to visit

Hello, tell me, many times for a long time I have had a dream, my husband is in the image of my brother, he is drunk and we constantly swear and get divorced, I just don’t understand the meaning of such a dream&# 8230;.


Hello, I dreamed that my beloved man was drunk, so he opened the door to the house and I saw him drunk and closed the door in front of him and further and further I woke up

I dreamed about a drunken beloved guy, and we were in the store with him and for some reason I offered him tea, then he went out of the store to the street to his grandfather &# 171; he arrived by car&# 187; and his grandfather did not drive much from the store with him, to some kind of yard, and asked him to buy a big bottle of water, then my boyfriend went and bought water for my grandfather, and my boyfriend and I went somewhere!

The former young man was not far from the place where we rested with the current. At the same time, the Present was terribly drunk, he could not even get up from the ground, in the meantime I left him to sleep off, and I myself ended up with the ex in the car and struck up a long conversation (I don’t remember the details so clearly), but the point is what he said about crazy love for me and that he is afraid that I will not be happy with my current boyfriend. The dream was as if in reality, and even in that very dream I caught myself thinking that something like this had already happened in my life, the situation is just the same, but this, of course, is not so. I even woke up for a moment.

I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend being drunk. Just came to visit me.himself drunk and holding a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

Husband does not live at home for 2 months.Dreaming constantly avoids me.Today I dreamed in the company of people who drank

My beloved was heavily drunk, he is sitting, I go up to him gently touching his hair and he has them long on the neck and gently call him by name. He turns his head and says well, I have no love. I turn and leave with resentment and in my subconscious I think that he will get up and follow me, I go and then I woke up.

good day! Today I dreamed in a dream of my former young man, with whom we recently parted very badly. And it was very hard for me. I dreamed about him without upper right teeth and with a bottle of beer. In fact, he is an athlete and does not drink, does not smoke at all.

Hello!Dreamed of a beloved drunk &# 171; insole&# 187;, does not want to talk to me, repulses.His appearance changed: either ugly with long hair (like he was not), then as in real life.At the same time, we are at his house, everywhere is not cleaned, water and drain in the kitchen burst

I saw a drunken loved one, I put a jacket on him, he said that I was good, stood on some cliff and looked down from a great height, there was a green forest

my loved one cried and asked for forgiveness while we gnawed hazelnuts! were in some kind of private house, my head lay on his lap and he talked and cried

Loved by the puff and will see constantly from a crowd of women and from a former woman .As if he wants to kill himself. And he is with her but, but with me he constantly goes out from the crowd of women

In a dream from Friday to Saturday in the morning I saw my former beloved man, he was in fishing clothes and he was drunk. I looked at me and smiled, then I fell down, I picked him up and escorted him to the door. He said come, I said well left the entrance and woke up .Please explain what it is

My young man dreamed drunk, came to my house with some man, I ran out of the house, he came out after me was calm, I also told him that we were parting because he came in such a state

good day! my beloved is married, met for about 2 years, broke up a week ago, I dreamed that he was very drunk, said something, but I don’t remember. Before that, the other day I had a dream how I drink sweet red wine and I like it, although in real life I do not drink wine, in this he seems to quarrel with me

good day! For the third time in 5 years of my love for a man with whom I had dates several times, I dream of him drunk, without showing any emotions of feelings in a dream. In reality, he has the same behavior, the initiative of the meetings is mine. In today’s dream, from Tuesday to Wednesday, he went to bed drunk, and on the next bed lies a baby girl, as if his daughter (in reality, his daughter is 6 years old), and I will pick her up in my arms to rock her, try to feed her, in general, surround her with attention and care. Sleep fast, dreamed right after falling asleep.

I dreamed of a beloved man, drunk, weak, upset, kissed me, but I did not give . I left, I fell, I wanted to help, I felt how much I love him and I worry about him, he was so gentle to the room at the same time, he left and repulsed

Hello Tatiana! I broke up with my loved one a long time ago. almost 3 years have passed. But sometimes I dream very vividly.That night I saw him drunk. And my late father said in a dream that my man was drinking. Then his wife dreamed of how she was trying to talk to me, wherever I was. I really wanted to get rid of her. His wife was calm in a dream, she wanted to leave with my beloved, but did not leave.My man stayed in my parents’ apartment. and I accompanied his wife to the stop and she left, muttering something under her breath.When I dream about him, I always dream of myself in a white shirt.Even in my dream there was a little boy with me. I realized. that it was their common son had a dream. Their son was always by my side. and not with his mother, and cuddled. I know that they did not live well with each other, perhaps even now, although I always wished him happiness and wish. What does this dream want to tell me? Thank you Tatiana!

I was sleeping, my boyfriend arrived in a car and honked for me to get out, I woke up in the yard it was dark.I was in a foodball cap and underpants, took a large handkerchief and covered myself with it and went out into the street!I look from afar there was a fire and a cheerful company that stood around it!I went up to see my boyfriend among them in shorts, too, he was wearing a very thick knee-length fur coat!I come up to him from me, he runs away from me, as if to hide, I screamed and cried, saying like you are kidding me, he then comes up and laughs, but he was pissed off his inadequate state!I asked you what did you drink, to which he said yes!and began to laugh with this company and fuss, I burst into tears and began to beat him and hugged him, we cried too!in general, such an incomprehensible dream!but still I would like to explain it!please, help

I entered a dirty hut and there my beloved lay on the bed in a drunken state and beat an empty bottle next to. His phone rang in his hands, I answered the call and apologized for my husband’s condition. (The caller was a man)

Hello. Had a dream where the beloved man was drunk. In reality, we do not communicate and we do not maintain contact. In a dream I was very drunk and I accompanied him home. First he said he hated me, then he said he loved me. Then he cried and asked for forgiveness, then pushed me away and said that he wanted to forget me. Then he cried again. Leaned towards intimacy. took pictures of me and said that as a keepsake. Then we reached the monastery and he left for a church service. I followed him and scolded him for being drunk in church. And that’s all .

Hello! Today I dreamed of a beloved man, drunk, untidy, scandalous, with a bandaged hand. We made a scandal. He talked about finding another. And I drove him away. What a terrible dream&# 8230; Help me explain it, please. We are breaking up?

I dreamed of a drunk man with whom we parted a week ago on my initiative, but he does not drink at all even on holidays.I could hardly stand on my feet.

I dreamed of an ex. We parted with him, but in the end we saw each other very often. Then he told me that he was marrying another. She was blonde. In a dream he was also a little sad

I dreamed of a beloved man with whom we do not communicate now. We were at his house, at first he was sober, we lay on the bed, hugging. Then I went to put my daughter to bed (she was not his), and since there were guests in the house, I began to look for a free bed. Two men slept in the same room, whom I do not know and, as it seemed to me, they were drunk. In another room, his nephews were sitting on one bed, the second was free. I put my daughter to bed and returned to my man, and he was already asleep drunk. I was a little confused, but not for long and woke up.

2 weeks ago, I parted with my loved one several times saw him in a dream, the last time was drunk and in dirty clothes, lay on the bed and said that he returned to me, and I had already married another and his ex was still present wife&# 8230;

Someone from my acquaintances told me that my man drinks again and does not go to work. I came to him. He slept in a room on a bed, dressed in light-colored clothes. I woke him up and talked about the impossibility of our further relationship and he replied that I did not understand everything correctly. That he received money and gives me some amount of paper money. At the same time asks for cigarettes. I give him cigarettes and take the rest and wake up

I dreamed tonight my beloved man, as if we were walking down the street separately and by chance we even bumped into each other with him and he says hello to me, and I look he is very drunk I want to hug him, and he turns away from me with a sour face and tells me he wants to give me to a brothel so that my breasts can be caressed there and I woke up. What is it for

Hello, today my beloved dreamed of me, as if I was walking down the street and he was alone, as if meeting each other, we even bump into each other: And he says to me, oh hello, I’m trying to hug him, and he turns away from me with sour face, then turned, and I see that he is very drunk, he takes me in his arms and tells me that he wants to give me to a brothel, so that they could caress my chest there. What is it for

My man is drunk at my house, he vomits a lot, with pieces of food, I take him to the bath, try to wash him, send him to the shower, knocks on the bath, my father says something bad about him, at this moment he deliberately lowers his head into a full bath, my mother sees this and the two of us take him out of there, he vomits again, my father is unhappy, he says he is bad, I wipe vomit everywhere.

My man came to me drunk. I made a bed for him, and went to bed. I wanted to kiss him, but he dodged.

I saw my boyfriend in a dream, we lived for 3 years, we had a fight recently and he left. In a dream, I come as a lady and he wrapped himself up in the house and slept, I sat looking at him. Suddenly he woke up and began to say something, I didn’t understand only he didn’t look at me directly, he lowered his eyes and wanted to hug me, but I didn’t let me come close and sat crying, saying my grievances and telling him to choose friends or me and woke up from knocking I’m looking at no one.

I dreamed that I was walking with a friend along the street, and a person who likes my friend carries on his shoulder the person I love . he comes up to us, gives me Vova (❤) and leaves, and I take him home and leave. Then he calls me and asks about what happened, and I laugh it off

The former dreamed in a dream, was drunk and cheerful, asked for a drink with him.He was wearing a Blue shirt, where exactly we were I don’t remember.

I dreamed about my boyfriend, we were talking on the phone, he was drunk, he smiled and spoke pleasant words to me

Today I dreamed that my beloved came to me drunk and asked for forgiveness (in reality, we are in a quarrel). What is it for?

I dreamed that a drunken lover was flirting with the other, hitting him on the cheeks, it was very unpleasant and insulting

We live in different countries.We meet every two months.He hasn’t introduced me to his family yet.And today I dreamed very drunk.And I even saw his ex-wife in a dream.In general, I never dreamed of him&# 8230; and today this dream.It got me excited&# 8230; especially since I’m going to fly to him in a month.

My man, sitting in a work car, prescribed alcohol .was very drunk and dirty.the whole.drove a car.tried to develop.did not answer phone calls.and snapped at the persuasion to stop drinking

My beloved and my sister went to rest on some kind of hut there were men and one unfamiliar girl. One of them began to touch me, I screamed, and my boyfriend saw and was silent. I left, came for him, and he left, they said and the dream ended

Dreamed of a love man. at first it was his face, then the aneness completely changed. They started cursing, he started drinking, took the bottle and left

I dreamed about my fiance drinking, and in front of my eyes he began to kiss another.I got up and left, he followed me, I was with my guys, he caught up with me, gave me water, overtook and fell, and when I got up, my nose was broken and he was dirty.From behind I poured water on him to wash away the dirt.I don’t remember further

I saw my beloved drunk and her mother and weaving yen in my feed turned out to be.and put on a new bathrobe and made it dirty

I had a dream that my boyfriend left for work and after that he began to fill in and write to a bunch of girls about sex in three and even four, I had screenshots of these correspondence. Then the video was thrown to me by his guys as he already got down to business with these girls (whores). I called him, and he sent me:&# 187; Go fuck you!&# 187;. When I started calling, he did not pick up the phone, and sometimes he dropped.
Why this dream, I am very worried?&# 128557;

My boyfriend was drunk, we haven’t talked with him for a month in a dream, he offered me an intimate relationship, there was one girl next to him, I ran away leaving them

In a dream, I am walking with a friend and I meet a person with whom I am in love. He doesn’t know about my feelings and he was drunk. He started joking and said something, I was excited, and then I don’t remember&# 8230;

I went into his office, he is there with several blonde naked girls and he is also naked and very drunk, they kiss on the bed all. And his secretary says I brought him from him, brings him coffee there. The beloved man saw that I see everything and jumped up, then left there. Then I see him sleeping among these girls and they are all naked with him.


In a dream, the beloved man was drunk, at first I saw him at the table with his friends (not to say that they were drinking, they were sitting talking about something and the table was not empty) and after he got drunk and lay down on the bed he said something about me but I don’t remember. What does it mean

My young man came to my house, it seems drunk, but we practically did not see each other since I left

Good morning . I saw a friend’s mother, she flew in and brought many flowers of various beautiful rare
Then we were swimming in the aqua park
We changed our clothes and went to some place where they sell and grow flowers, as it seemed to me in a dream, and there when I went in I saw my beloved leaning on the car in a very drunken state, when he saw me he said and it’s you who are so supposedly in the pool, I answered came to plant flowers, in my thoughts there were many questions what he was doing there why he was so drunk what happened &# 8230;. came closer got into the car his friend got out from somewhere and called him by a different name, you told me you know him, you can bring him to your senses, but he does not listen to me . I said yes I know, coming up to him the face was very drunk but not funny, but on the contrary, somewhere sad or even disappointed, it looked like it wasn’t even neat chtoli looking at me was like pain and resentment .

In a dream I saw a lot of people (some kind of parade), the phone broke down and it was being repaired, my beloved appeared in a dream (we parted), he was a little drunk (which is strange), he hugged me. Then I ended up in the apartment where I was born and there were parents and a daughter. She called her beloved and he appeared in front of me. Said he had been waiting for the phone for a long time.

Hello, I had a dream that my beloved drunk and does not want to talk doubtfully sent other people to bring another drink.what does it mean?

I dreamed that a drunk man was flirting with me. It seems like a meeting should take place, and he leads it. People gathered, a full hall. And I stand near the table, collecting my things from him, and then he comes in, drunk. Starts talking to me flirting. What does this man have to do with.

I dreamed of a drunk person with whom I am currently in a relationship. In a dream, I tried to avoid him somehow, even in the last place I tried to close the door so that he would not come out.

I had a dream in which I saw my loved one drunk, but in real life he does not drink alcohol

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