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Dream interpretation ex-boyfriend returned to what he dreams in a dream


Why dream of a vision that the ex-boyfriend has returned? In the dream book, you can find several diverse meanings: from regret for lost relationships, the desire to return a former lover to difficulties with a new chosen one. Details in a dream will prompt the correct interpretation.

Your internal communication has not been interrupted

The dreamed plot, if the dreamer felt joy, according to the dream book, indicates: the former boyfriend is bored, remembers her and will soon make an attempt to resume the relationship.

Seeing in a dream how an ex-boyfriend returned to you means: your subtle psychological connection still remains. Such a dream portends a quick meeting with someone who was so dear.

The past will remind of itself again

Why dream: he returned, and the parting was gone? The dream interpretation tells: soon the past will remind the dreamer of itself. She will meet old acquaintances or find a thing that used to mean a lot.

A dreamed vision also promises a repetition of a certain situation from the past (with the same or another person). Think carefully about your actions, because there is an opportunity to act differently and get a slightly different result.

Would you like it all back

In a dream, putting up with an ex-boyfriend – according to the dream book, the girl still has strong feelings, she would like to be together again.

You often see the return of your former lover in a dream? Do you dream to revive this romance. It is necessary to carefully approach this task, to avoid the obsession and persecution of the young man, so as not to push away even more. Better flirt, like at the very beginning of the relationship, when you were strangers to each other. And no proprietary claims!

What they were doing?

The interpretation of the dream depends on what you did together:

  • walked hand in hand – there is hope for reconciliation;
  • he reproached for something – considers you to be the culprit of the break;
  • swore – parting turned out to be the right step;
  • you ran away from a guy – you want to forget him as soon as possible;
  • kissed in a dream – often remember the best moments (no need to get hung up);
  • had sex – really want to return your lover.

Miller’s dream book: feelings have not faded away

I dreamed of seeing my ex? Your heart still retains the old feelings, hopes for the renewal of this connection.

Possible troubles

Why dream: the ex-boyfriend is back, and you are depressed? The dream interpretation warns: a big trouble can happen, which will be very difficult to overcome. Show perseverance, resilience, activate your ability to survive under adverse circumstances.

Such a vision in a dream means: you will have to deal with the mistakes of the past, correct their consequences. It is not necessary to avoid reckoning for past mistakes – it is better to solve everything in a timely manner, quickly, in order to avoid complicating the situation.

You can overcome difficulties if you wish

I dreamed that the ex-boyfriend returned and asked for forgiveness? The dream interpretation reports: the sleeping person will remember old grievances. Perhaps he caused mental trauma that cannot be forgotten, but we must try to do it.

Why dream: the old guy hugs, kisses, declares his love? In reality, difficulties with the current chosen one are possible. Try to avoid comparing these two men, because with a new partner, many pleasant moments are yet to come.

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