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Dream Interpretation Extinguish Fire 😴 dreamed of why dreaming to extinguish Fire in a dream to see

To extinguish the fire, according to Felomena’s dream book, means that you will not agree with a hot-tempered opponent. This misunderstanding will result in a big and loud scandal, which will cause a lot of trouble for you, and not for the enemy.

Try to avoid an explosion of emotions and enter into an argument only with a clear head and firm confidence in your own righteousness.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of extinguishing the Fire, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why you dream to extinguish the Fire in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

my friend dreamed that my balcony caught fire and she began to take a bucket to extinguish it

Hello, I dreamed that my daughter set fire to the tulle with matches in the hall, she started to light up the current, I put it out right away

Hello. I had a dream, I am walking near the sheds with my husband and the dog begins to bark, as if he wants to say something. The husband drew attention to her that she was pointing in the direction of a small chicken coop, the size of a doghouse. We came up and saw that it was on fire, someone threw a cigarette butt at it. I saw a bucket standing next to it and began to stew, save chickens, chickens, ducklings. Poured out the bucket, until the end the fire went out. I was looking for something else to pour, I saw a pot of water and poured it out, after which the fire stopped. Tell me why you had such a dream. thanks.

I dreamed about a closet where firewood lay. I smoked there and threw the bull .Firewood caught fire.I wanted to leave. But I understood if I left someone else’s house would be on fire. I came back and poured water on the fire. And it went out

A chimney in the attic caught fire in my house and I extinguished and extinguished it, but a hole remained and I was worried that winter was coming and the cold would come there

Hello, Tatiana Miller. Help decipher the dream. He dreamed tonight, and during the day there was a continuation. It was a cloudy evening, I was sitting in a dugout with the rest of the people. Going outside, I realized that I was at a parquet factory, where I used to work in real life. Those people &# 8212; these are workers, including me. A dim but very warm light burned in the dugout. I went for a walk and went to the huge stacks of wood. Vrdug, a man jumps from this great height and shouts for help. There was fire at the very top. I had to save the tree. The flame was thrown from the very lake, which was in the vicinity of the plant. Then small pieces of grass began to burn, about a meter to a meter, roofs and everywhere. Even on the backs of some people, but they didn’t shout, but they didn’t burn at all. Everyone was calm, and for some reason I liked the atmosphere. And at the end I went and put out the little lights with water.

I dreamed that the mother of my sisters’ friends doused them with gasoline out of spite and set them on fire . I was doused too, but the fire did not have time to capture me . I ran with the youngest and extinguished her head, because only her head caught fire . We saw a barrel of water and I doused her head . Then they took water into buckets and ran to help the older sister, since she remained in place and her head was also on fire .

The place where I was &# 8212; the courtyard of a house in the village (owned by my relatives). I saw somewhere in the distance (as if from another island) a large (grandiose, wall) bright fire from earth to sky, which a little later began to spread flames to our yard and the roof of the barn began to burn. I began to extinguish it with water, looked for additional water, as a result, it seemed to extinguish it, but I realized that I would need to return and continue, but I was distracted by a parrot. We have a parrot in our family, it was he, he was scared, but I called him, he flew in, I took him in my hands and went to hide him in a cage in the house. There were several cages and several parrots in the house. I found one free one to place my bird there, I realized that it was necessary to replace water and food in this cage, but there was no new grain, so I had to separate the whole grain from what was to be put back into this cage. After that I woke up

good day! I dreamed that a fire appeared in three places: a cabinet, a stove, a refrigerator. Everywhere I put out the fire with water. There was a calm emotional state in the dream.

I went into the room, and there was a table and under the steel the wallpaper caught fire in two places and I put it out and I woke up .Slept for about twenty minutes

I went into the room and there was a table, and under the table the wallpaper caught fire in two places and I put it out.slept for about twenty minutes

He extinguished the fire in the barn, hay in the house where he lived 12 years ago. The fire reappeared chaotically in different places. Extinguished with water from a bucket or saucepan. An acquaintance was standing next to him, I had not communicated with him for a long time. Wife page. I’m Postaralkin Andrey Yurievich December 16, 1975 .

I put the child in bed and opened the curtains. At this moment I see a huge fire that was immediately extinguished by firefighters.

I dreamed that I was helping a psychic to predict something and I saw fire.At the same time, I was constantly hugged by men.

as if in a dream I woke up at 5 in the morning to run and through the window I saw that the grandmother and the child were entering through the gate in their hands they had something suspicious, and while I was letting out they managed to set fire to the fire at the edge of the house, I and the batik got it quickly and told my mother

The neighbors burned the hay and I had to extinguish them. I put out and filled the hay with water.

I dreamed that I was driving and my jeep caught fire, but I put it out.I took the fire extinguisher myself.Burned engine compartment

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