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Dream Interpretation Fall in love 😴 dreamed of what dreams Fall in love in a dream to see


Falling in love in a dream means that you are fixated on yourself and your interests, and this may not please the people around you, they will not hesitate to inform you about it. Perhaps a misunderstanding will even provoke a quarrel.

The feeling of falling in love, according to the dream book, is a kind of warning: moderate your selfish desires and indulge less in pleasures, otherwise you will find yourself in an unpleasant or scandalous situation.

Who did you fall in love with in a dream?

Falling in love with a stranger in a dream ▼

If you dreamed that you fell in love with a stranger, then you should remember in what image he appeared to you. A sad knight is a sign of joy and fun in reality, a mocker is a harbinger of support and help, and if you yourself are being ironic, then the plot promises strong family ties.

I dreamed that I fell in love with an unfamiliar girl ▼

Why a married man dreams of falling in love with an unfamiliar girl is definitely about scandals and quarrels in the family, especially if they had a love affair. Also, a dream can prophesy condemnation from colleagues at work or business with unscrupulous partners.

Falling in love with a man according to a dream book

If a married woman dreams that she has fallen in love with a man, then she is not satisfied with her life, including sexual, unhappy with her position. Therefore, the lady is looking for pleasure and entertainment outside the home

Falling in love with a young guy in a dream ▼

If a young girl dreamed that she fell in love with a guy, Felomen’s dream book promises her new acquaintances of an adventurous nature, secret dates. But if the beauty is careless and promiscuous in relationships, she will ruin her reputation.

What lovers dreamed?

Couple in love dreaming ▼

If you see a couple in love in a dream, then you really want to become loved and love in return. If a couple at the same time demonstrates their feelings in public – kissing passionately or embracing indecently – someone will try to force you to neglect your principles and morality.

Why is a stranger in love dreaming ▼

If a stranger in love is dreaming, but the object of his adoration is not you, but someone else, what he sees is a reflection of your real feelings and experiences. You may be jealous of someone else’s happiness or jealous of someone.

If an unfamiliar young man is in love with you, a dream hints that you want to assert yourself, and love for you is a means of raising your status. You are afraid of becoming unwanted in the eyes of the public, afraid that others will decide that you are not popular with men. And this for you is much worse than loneliness.

Why is a guy in love dreaming ▼

If you saw a dream about a guy in love with you, soon joyful events and changes will occur in your life, which can lead to a pleasant acquaintance.

How other dream books interpret?

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of Falling in love, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what you are dreaming about Falling in love in a dream, just write a dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

Happy Holidays, all of you!

I had a dream on the night of January 7 (Christmas),
I’m sitting on the street, waiting for someone, actively looking out for someone in the crowd, but I don’t know who.
Then a boy sits down next to me, he is so happy, calls me by name, and then I understand that I was waiting for him, although I don’t understand why.

Then we ended up at my house. Suddenly, my former friends appeared (in reality, we do not communicate with these 4 people), and here everyone is funny with gifts, they congratulate me on my birthday.

And a new acquaintance gives a gift, and then I understand that I love him madly. Although I saw him for the first time, and if not strange &# 8212; in a dream)))

They say 7 prophetic dreams. Maybe someone will tell you what this is all about.
I would be grateful for your time =)

Such a dream, most likely, promises you a new promising acquaintance, which will develop into a whirlwind romance.

I dreamed that I went with a guy to the store, but I felt cold while we were walking, he took my hand, but I knew that we both fell in love, he tried to do something, but was afraid. what is it for?

I dreamed about the participants of Doma2 Evgeny Kuzin and Margarita Kuzina))). I was a friend of Rita, since they are now getting divorced, I helped Rita to move from the apartment. But it so happened that I secretly fell in love with Zhenya Kuzin, and wanted a relationship with him, and knew that Rita would not mind since they were no longer together, but I was not comfortable in front of her.. I felt in a dream that Zhenya and I would have a relationship, some kind of confidence was&# 8230; Say what it means? even if this is nonsense, write it like this, but answer pliz)))

A dream involving the stars of this project can serve as a reflection of your interest in these persons in reality.

In real life, I communicate with a guy on the Internet, but I have never seen him in real life. I dreamed about him today, we were in love with each other.Walked together, a dream his father died, and I supported him in every possible way, and our love seemed to not allow us to be very sad.Why such a dream?

A similar situation, the same unfamiliar guy, whom I have never seen, is dreaming of me; only instead of my deceased father, I dreamed of an unfamiliar little child whom we nursed.
What does it mean?

I’m a girl. i dreamed how i fell in love with a girl older than me.. and this is the third dream when I fall in love with girls..and at the beginning of the dream there were aliens and the fear that they would catch me. I saw the people they caught from the window, people were hanging in the air like dolls, but they were not suspended on anything. and then I left them at home with fear.. but later he passed. then I met this girl and fell in love. what does it mean?

The fact that you fell in love in this dream most likely means that you will have a pleasant meeting with a person to whom you are not indifferent.

Today I dreamed that I met an unfamiliar guy, he turned out to be my friend’s boyfriend, and I fell in love with him, and he was with me too..this feeling is awesome&# 8230; I haven’t experienced it for a long time in my life&# 8230; I woke up, my heart was beating so&# 8230;.)))
but in real life I quarreled with my boyfriend because of my whims&# 8230; tell me why such a dream??((

I dreamed today Mr. Putin) He came to my parents to ask for my hand.I was so happy in a dream. I began to collect things. And he followed me everywhere on his heels and hugged me.I shared my joy with my ex-girlfriend, and she became jealous and did not even hide her anger. What could such a dream mean??
The most interesting thing is that I hardly watch TV and am not interested in politics.

The fact that you saw a similar plot in a dream most likely indicates that you will interest the enviable groom.

good day!please tell me how you can interpret my dream: It happened in one of the Islamic countries) I dreamed of a young man, while he was a Muslim&# 8230; very beautiful.allegedly he came to my house for help, but my husband kicked him out.after that, I did not refuse to help him, but began to meet with him in secret, I fell in love, and he too&# 8230; I don’t remember further than it ended, but in a dream I felt a feeling of love and happiness) what could it be?)

The dream in which such a young man was most likely suggests that you can get carried away by someone who is far enough from you.

Hello everyone, I rarely have dreams at all, and those that dream most often are like this: That I am falling in love with a beautiful girl, but under different circumstances.What does it mean?(litter for mistakes)

With me throughout my life, it often happened that I fell in love with the image of a girl, as I remember always beautiful, and waking up in the morning..the feeling of falling in love remains..very strong attraction..and the bitterness of what it is&# 8230; just a dream = (..what happened with me?it has been like this since childhood..

And I dreamed that I was sitting at a lecture in some audience, next to a guy, an excellent student, to my left. We talked and then he tried to kiss me. I refused with a smile, but then I regretted it, because I started to like him. I woke up with a pleasant and persistent feeling of love)

In reality, I never fell in love. But in a dream she got into, but in earnest. I don’t remember the guy’s face, but I know him from a dream and even in a dream I confessed my love for the first time. Inexpressible feeling. I knew that happiness would not last long and would soon be gone, he was a member of a special operation, so to speak. I was afraid for him, worried. When we were together, I felt the happiest. I asked him how much more time we still have, and he answered &# 8212; 2 weeks. Lied.We only had 30 hours, which I learned from his note&# 8230;.. When he was gone, no one told me about it. But I knew it. Miraculously ended up in the dean’s office. The secretary is my friend, she tells me something.. and I’m crying, because he’s gone. I knew that when he was gone, the last flowers would be delivered from him. And then the vice-rector of the university comes in and asks about a student by the name of such and such.. I say that this is for me, I take this bouquet (small, wrapped, with yellow flowers) and start crying heavily, in hysterics. There was another moment: I looked at photographs that captured good moments, where we took pictures and no one else&# 8230; Like a slideshow.. In general, in a dream, as she began to cry, she woke up and continued.. there was a feeling of pity that it was only a dream and that I had lost this person..Straight movie of some kind.

The meaning of this dream most likely lies in your first sentence. it will happen for the first time soon.

I dreamed that a guy was sitting behind me in the classroom and I really liked (in real life I have never met such a guy), and as if I found out that he was not indifferent to me either. Then he came to my house and said that he liked me and offered to take a walk. I agreed, and after we left the house, we immediately found ourselves on the street known to me. We walked, hugged and talked very nicely.And even though in my life I have a friend who I like very much it was not him.

Interestingly, before falling asleep, I just made a wish so that I would dream about my first date. Therefore, I wonder if it could be that I really dreamed about my first date or not.

On the night of the new year, I wished to meet the prince, and at night I dreamed as if:
I go out into the street and say some words I don’t remember what. Suddenly everything darkens around, a sign of darkness appears on the asvalt, the birds become silent. And in front of me appears a guy all in black&# 8230;
But I’m not scared and it feels so bad that I was waiting for Evo.
We walk with him, we chat, he told me about that world.
He killed people&# 8230; But I was in love with nevo in my dream&# 8230;
At the end of the dream he disappeared. And I ended up with a sorceress who said: you love him, but he won’t be with him, he’s not from your world&# 8230;

I dreamed that when I was hiding from one girl in the house, I met a very handsome guy there, then we both moved to the same bee-farm, and I fell in love with him, and then he had to leave, and he hugged me, and I cried, why would it be?

Hello! I had a dream on the night of September 01, 2012, as if I and a man were sitting in the car with him so quietly and calmly, he looks at me with loving eyes gently stroking my cheek, I feel very good with him, peacefully, and how if we are in love with each other. In fact, this man is familiar to me, but we have a business relationship, which I dreamed about with such tenderness?

I had such a terrible and at the same time unforgettable dream)) 🙂 In May I fell in love with a vampire, well, in short, we had mutual love&# 8230; The dream was like in reality)) he was a leader or a prince of vampires . Other vampires were chasing us, but we ran and hid from them . And we ran shorter, ran one of them caught us 🙁 we fell into the deep Sea . then They wounded each other (((((And when he died I kissed him, took his knife and left . But after 10 years we met and we wanted to get married)))

I dreamed that I was walking near the hospital with friends, well, an ordinary summer day, it seems, I just remembered the past, and then two boys ran up to me and my friends somehow disappeared&# 8230; well, one was 14-16, well, I’m 13.So they started sticking around, I remember I was below him, and I behaved so that he took me in his arms, and then we both looked into each other’s eyes and then I realized that I liked him, and maybe I even love him, well, so he said, like: maybe I can also offer you to meet?, well, I answered him with a joke, I really don’t remember which one.We went further to the store and he left in some kind of car, it was big, I went into the store and my brother and I (where did he come from?!O_o) bought a stuffed toy.then I don’t remember then I ended up in a large hall and this guy was something like a struggle with the supernatural, or just with evil.At that time, it was some kind of game that I don’t remember, but I remember that in the hall they noticed me (I forgot to say his friend was well old, gray-haired but still strong) well, they came up to me and asked what I was doing here, I said that accidentally got here and again we were talking, I don’t remember exactly, then he touched me to take me in his arms again, then I melted))) and he already took me in his arms and asked: – let’s meet? I said yes, then he asked if you would be in danger, I would have to put you at risk, are you ready?- I said yes with a smile of happiness, and that I watched a lot of films about it&# 8230; and he kissed it was such a kiss. and then we kissed everywhere, I then wanted to spend my whole life with him! and I woke up and I write in the ocean the sun was shining like at sunset (by the way, when I met him there was already a beautiful sunset!) I then cried all morning that I would never see him again. (((WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN HELP (

He’s my friend, in general, we were sitting somewhere and he just hugged me, I told him what are you, and he tells me let’s not, and we both smiled, and he kissed me on the forehead, I was very pleased, that’s the whole dream&# 8230; What does it mean?

Hello. I dreamed that my friend and I arrived at the summer camp and there I met a guy, we fell in love with each other, and then he cried and said &# 8216; do you think everything is so easy we are all from different cities as we will meet and went to my home))) for the first time such a dream is dreaming, what can it mean?

I dreamed that I, as in reality, am married and have my son, but I fall in love with a colleague at a new job. and he into me, then I admit it inside myself and tell him that I am married, etc., etc. he is offended, cries and leaves and he is not visible, he is always wearing a hat! and then he comes back at the moment when I try to stop what should I do in my life now, as if I don’t love my husband anymore. and he offers to just be friends&# 8230; and I woke up. still in my soul this strange stupid feeling..what is it for?

I dreamed of a guy, we met in a company, filled out questionnaires to go somewhere, then we flew in an airplane, and then there was some sort of selection, and during all this we flirted with him, he hugged me even kissed me sometimes and that it was so tender)))) and I also remember asked him, will you protect me, he replied, with pleasure, in general, romance and all the tenderness that can only be imagined)) I didn’t want to wake up, I was so pleased with him, and waking up, it was even a shame that this was a dream, with all this I have a boyfriend and we love each other and we are fine &# 8230;.. What does it all mean ?

I was in the hospital and could not sleep for a long time, after a while, I still fell asleep. I had a dream since October 2-3.
It all started with the fact that I go into a room very similar to a ward in a hospital, lie down on my bed and just lie on my stomach, across the bed with &# 171; emotionless&# 187; face. A girl sat next to me with her legs crossed. The beds were side by side, no space. The girl was somehow enthusiastically talking with girlfriends or friends. I didn’t notice her right away, but then I looked up, how sick it would not sound, but something skipped a beat, I was immediately flooded with joyful feelings, it seems, feelings of love or something like that. I looked her straight in the eyes, realizing that this was not polite, and if she noticed me, I would be terribly ashamed. I understood this, but I continued to watch without stopping. She still saw me, but my eyes did not flinch. I experienced even more happiness in my body. Unfortunately, further the dream I do not remember well, as it were, smeared. I remember that we had a conversation, we were discussing something. But our conversation was interrupted by the leader (I mean the person who led the group of people, i.e.e. us). We went somewhere else, but it didn’t matter, as it seems to me. The most important thing is what then began&# 8230; a little shameful. It so happened that we happened&# 8230; intimate atmosphere in the shower (I remember only a shower stall in the middle of the darkness) and we started&# 8230; fusion of bodies. Then everything is smeared again. After all this, we continued on our way and in general we were happy.

I have read some interpretations of sleep, but it seems to me that they are not entirely correct, because I leave my apartment only once a day to study, because.e. I visit the only place where I can make acquaintances, but there is no one there that I could fall in love with so that &# 171; jumped&# 187;. All this worries me. Usually I do not watch the interpretation of my dreams (although I dream almost every night), but this dream touched me. I decided to get a more detailed answer, t.To. he is very important to me.

Hello! I recently had a very unusual dream. In it I rode with my family (me, mom, dad and my sister) in our car along some kind of track. Now we all live together, but in a dream we were not with my two daughters, who are in reality. In a dream, we got lost and did not know where to go, the area was absolutely deserted, in the end we got out of the car and walked through the forest, and after a while we unexpectedly came out into a clearing on which there was a wooden old house. It looked rather neglected, we entered, but inside it was dark, gloomy, dirty and there was no one, but then I noticed a light from an open hatch in the floor, something like a cellar or basement, there was a staircase. We went down. The feeling while we were in the house was twofold, on the one hand the house was in the forest and it was so gloomy, but on the other, inside there was a feeling that nothing bad could happen to us here. There was a woman below, hunched over, all wrapped up in some kind of shawl or scarf, but not old, but middle-aged. I don’t remember exactly the conversation, but apparently we said that we got lost and asked how to get out. And she said that she can fulfill one desire of each. We were tired, hungry, and my family had corresponding desires: to eat, drink, etc. And before my eyes they all come true! And until my turn came, I stand and think, it makes sense to think of such little things, especially since all this is already there, you need to ask for something significant. And it occurs to me: a million euros. Then my turn comes, this woman looks at me and says: &# 171; And you don’t need to think about anything, you will have everything, until 2020 all dreams will come true&# 187; and then I see a picture, as if watching a video as I walk surrounded by my family, children, a very large company, and I understand that these are my relatives and friends, and I feel such happiness there, as if with a sixth sense I understand that this is the future that the children have grown up &# 8212; these are my children and that I am one hundred percent happy there. Then this vision disappears and I see this woman smiling, kindly, very sincerely. This is where the dream ends and I woke up with a very pleasant feeling. What could this dream mean? Thank you in advance

I dreamed of Katya, I don’t remember her last name, I saved her there, well, today she added me to VKontakte and when I saw her last name, Katya Maltseva remembered the rhinestone (And in a dream I fell in love with her)
Tell me what it is?

It was as if I met a girl, in some ponsionati, or in a hospital, started talking to her, or shares.And feeling that I like her, and sort of began to fall in love .

in a dream I was engaged in the creation of olive perfume and a guy came to order perfume for my grandmother and we fell in love with each other

Help please, I’m 14 years old, I’m a teenager, I have two acquaintances who like me, and I dreamed that first one met the girl Eva and I was insanely jealous, and then the second also met her, and I was no less jealous.and I cried with jealousy in my sleep.When I woke up, I realized that I was beginning to be drawn to these people, although before that I did not feel anything for them.And now we really liked it

So I am 14 years old and I dreamed that a thief climbed into our house and called the police, but during this time he leaves. The police arrived and inspected nobody’s house. And then this guy came and we fell in love with each other . We began to walk together to communicate, there was even a kiss, but then I woke up. What is it for ?

I’m an ordinary guy, just like in life. A rich girl falls in love with me. I’m 30, and I’m used to being myself, but since I understand that it’s time to be a place for a relationship, and then there is such a chance on her part of the whole initiative of falling in love and developing an attitude, and I just start mentally forcing myself to be together

Hello such a dream &# 8212; sits like my new husband and we are already married and I see him for the first time. And he is very interested in me, he is waiting for our meeting (but his wife is sitting next to him) &# 8212; we are officially two, and mega is not happy. Plus I got interested in him too&# 8230;

I dreamed that I was going home from a lobule on a bus. I sit and paint my nails with red varnish. The bus driver is a young guy who liked me, he also stopped on the road to rest, seemed to be playing for time, did not want to get there faster. When the planters left, we started hugging him. Why is this dream??

My friends and I were walking near the railway (no wonder, because I grew up near it), and a semaphore sparkled there. As soon as the train started, I pressed myself against the platform and almost fell under the train. Fortunately, the train stopped, and a stranger (the driver) got out of there and sat down on the same platform, began to read a book. The machinist, moreover, very young (ok. 19 years old), fair-haired, Belarusian. We even managed to find out his name and surname &# 8212; Andrey Chumakov. And we couldn’t exchange phones in any way 🙂
Here it rushed: I fell head over heels in love with him (and he, by the way, too), liked my mother, but he just had a son! He was married&# 8230; And his wife was good for his mother, and even grumpy was, forever &# 171; sawed&# 187; brains to a young boy. But he could not leave this woman, especially after the birth of his son.

Rather, there was an ordinary traffic light, not a semaphore.

I dreamed that I was in love with an unfamiliar men with whom we kissed in a dream.In a dream, he was like a native, as if I knew him, but this is not so.

I fell in love with a guy for real. We were dancing. I can’t live without him now. as if i fell in love in reality

I dreamed that my classmates and I came to a geography lesson. Then 4 guys came in. One of them sat down with me. He said he was in 9th grade.(I’m at 7). Then the bell rang from the lesson and I went with my friends into the corridor. There they started asking me about this boy&# 8230; I didn’t tell them anything. Then this guy came up to me and started talking. And I realized that I fell in love with him, and he did not hide the same feelings. I remember we were supposed to kiss, but I woke up!

I was walking with a girl older than me, I don’t know why, but I was very pleased with her, I loved her, and I didn’t want to lose her. but she got on the bus and left

I had a dream, I ended up at the sea with a friend, there was a house on the beach, he was one guy, I saw him live somewhere 2 times, there was no one else on the beach&# 8230; well, we started talking, I don’t remember what&# 8230; we flocked near the sea, he fell sharply, and asked to do artificial respiration, I started doing, and then woke up&# 8230; what does it mean ? I didn’t even think about him&# 8230;

It turned out that I came to the registry office to someone for a wedding, I was 16 years old, and in the registry office I met a very beautiful girl, she worked in this registry office, I fell in love with her, although at that time I already had a girlfriend.

I had a birthday, and my friend, in the company of our mutual friend, took my gold pendant and something else from jewelry, the three of us went to the pawnshop and handed it over, and later in my apartment this guy gave me a gold cross hanging on a chain , at the end of the dream I felt like I fell in love with this person

Gloomy nature, castle.They wanted to kill me, but the villain saved me, he fell in love with me and I am with him.And then I woke up

Hello!I dreamed that I was lying on a bridge, the bridge goes across the lake! People (2-3 people) swim in the lake and they try to push me into the water, I fight off them and go into the house. In the house, I see a stranger (I did not see his face), but I feel that he has tender feelings for me, just as I do for him. The whole thing happens to some kind of house (similar to a sanatorium) .
Help what this might mean! Thank you in advance!!

Hello. lately I have been dreaming that in a dream I have a love relationship with some handsome guy who is completely unfamiliar to me in reality, I am very happy in these dreams.

Hello!! I have already had a dream twice that I am falling in love with a stranger. it is mutual. two dreams and two different guys. and it feels so good when you wake up. Although in life I have a young man. What does it mean.

I dreamed that I fell in love in a dream and this is mutual. I saw this person for the first time, that is, in my life I have never seen him. We were flirting and as if &# 171; played&# 187; together. He confessed his love. I have such a dream for the first time in my life

i dreamed that I was standing at the bus stop and we somehow started to talk, he flirted..well, in general, in a dream, I felt that he liked me.. but I was looking at him like a friend&# 8230; in life, I know him, he studies in my school in grade 11 and I’m in grade 9

I dreamed of a girl of unearthly beauty (I thought so), we were traveling by train, she had to go to a job interview. I followed her. She entered the office, and I stayed to wait for her, she went out and I entered there. There was some kind of aunt, she tried to cure my eyes (in reality, my eyesight is very bad, one eye does not see, the other is bad), nothing came of it. I went out and she was waiting for me there. We met. We were walking somewhere (I don’t remember the details very well), I put her on the train and I woke up. When I woke up, there was a feeling that they had torn off a piece of my soul and he stayed with her. It used to be like this too, only always with different people.

I don’t remember how we met, but we walked with him and so on, then he turned out to be his friend, me and my girlfriend and kissed him on the cheek

good day!In a dream, a feeling of strong love came to me.Moreover, a young man from a dream, whom I know, but have not seen for 10 years.At the same time, earlier I did not feel any feelings for him, and in a dream&# 8230; a sense of stability, confidence in him, happiness that I am not alone and love.and we were sailing somewhere up some stairs, he supported me.

For the second night I have had a dream where I fell in love with a girl, and I am not particularly happy about it, rather alarming.
There were 10 of us, 5M, 5Zh, we had something like hunger games, only the task was not to survive, but to reach the finish line. I can’t remember the beginning, I remember the moment where I was looking for her. We stumbled upon a house, and we went into it, everything looked good and cozy there, but this was a trap that no one except me suspected. I ran out of the house and moved on. The road went in a spiral and it was very cold, but something was burning under my feet, it was burning very, very weakly, but it warmed up well. When I went to the highway, I decided to return, I realized that I fell in love with her. I forgot to say, before that she showed sympathy for me.I returned and my friends were sitting there, and I asked them where she was, they said she went further. There was a window on the highway, I made them come with me, and we had one parachute, each one. We jumped off the window, I landed fine and they didn’t. I run up the rest and help them, I run further, and I stumble upon a city, very strange, there are all sorts of monsters, and normal people. At the moment when I looked around I saw her with others in a cart, after five seconds she disappeared. I ran after her, although I didn’t know if she was there or not. There was a traffic light, it was green, and suddenly it became incomprehensible and a voice spoke &# 187; Pedestrian for monsters is open&# 187;. And then miracles, all the monsters appeared, and the cart disappeared, my friends ran up and began to help me look for it. We were noticed by a car, a monster car, it starts to aggro at us, we ran to the cosmetics store HD. And they started taking anything to change their appearance, she left.. And we started washing it all away and kept looking. Everything, at this moment I woke up.

I had a dream that some kind of guy, I really liked it, I could only dream of this, we began to meet, I had never seen him before in reality, I woke up with a feeling of love.

saw a guy in a dream and fell in love. this guy is studying with me in the same college, and there were still dreams where he took part.In a dream I see that he wrote me a note with a question of how are you, I tried to answer this note, but the pen did not write and could not answer his question, In college, in reality, we do not communicate with him, we do not even know each other, but in person we know each other.

Hello! I dreamed about how I came to a friend, she became seriously ill, then her father or relative came, he was young and handsome. (In my life I do not know this person and have not seen) I went to the balcony to hang the washed clothes and I fell off the rope . I went into the street after him and he and me we entered the elevator, the elevator staggered at each other, in general, we hugged each other and a spark ran between us. And I felt that I fell in love with a person and this is mutual.

I dreamed about a guy and I fell in love with him, and my civil husband, saw off some girl from work, and did not meet me, but I was in some unfamiliar town and how much I understood that I was there temporarily.. And this guy took me home from work, he was with a friend and then stayed with us for a walk, and I cursed with my husband..

Transferred to another school with friends, went out into the yard, there was a girl, I don’t remember her face. For some reason we started to dance the waltz with her.

had a dream that I met a guy, walked with him.I really liked him and I to him.I’ve never seen this guy in my life.

Tonight I dreamed that my husband and I met our neighbor, I don’t remember his name. Further, why did the volumes remain in the room with a neighbor and his friends, he hugged me and because of this, butterflies flew in my stomach, then I constantly tried to stay alone with him to hug and talk to him about any topic. The dream ended with the fact that I called him right in front of my husband because I could no longer tolerate separation from mime

I bought things, underwear, and something else, I don’t remember, then I met, Artie, he began to look after me, was embarrassed, but it was nice, he introduced me to 2 blonde women, they told me how good he was, I felt good with him, we got up from a walk along the stairs, there were wet footprints all around, and I was barefoot

I dreamed that after school late at night I left home, got on the bus &# 8212; it was half empty, a girl got on the bus with me . The bus was empty . we were driving along a deserted road somewhere outside the city (in cottages)
In the beginning we didn’t even look at each other, it was raining outside the bus window .
And with what friend &# 8212; then the moment we started talking, we talked on completely different topics . And I realized that I fell in love . But as soon as the conversation reached its peak &# 8212; unfortunately i woke up .

I dreamed of a young cheoovek, whom I do not know, but I fell in love with him very much and there was a lot of passion, I still remember how he would look.What is it?

I have not been married for over 5 years. And I had a dream that I fell in love with a man, and he, too, was a complete stranger to me (like, as we were introduced by relatives in another area (from where did my beloved in a dream). It didn’t come to closeness, but he seemed to invite me to meet his parents, and he told me that everything was serious with him and he wanted to live with me. But the most interesting thing is that I fell in love with him as I never fell in love with anyone, and even in my sleep I thought that this was true love.

dream that I fell in love with a guy, mutually..feelings over the edge.. to be honest, it’s already 6 years old, the 7th year went like not falling in love&# 8230; I even got used to this calmness and began to think that I myself was also good.. and here is such a dream! and for the second time in a row dreaming..second time as a continuation of the past. And the guy seems to be familiar, but I don’t know him! The essence of the dream is that I cannot forgive him and I leave, but there is no guilt as such.. then dream in general is nonsense – he is looking for me, and I deliberately avoid him (although throughout the whole dream I want to return, but I cannot force to return, my image in this dream refuses to obey. Although in most dreams I control what is happening). Somewhere in the middle of a dream, I find myself in the hospital, naturally the first thought is what happened to me??but nothing! it turns out I hid here from him&# 8230; well nonsense!I said to my image and a short dialogue began, the image answered – close your mouth!you do not understand! -I just understand, I can see better from the outside. -What do you know about feelings!? I myself have not loved anyone for 7 years! -6. 6 years. you are on emotions now, you better listen to the cold-minded head..come back to him. That’s all, this is the end of the diologue, a little later he will return.. but before that, there is generally nonsense about the hospital and black transplant doctors and reforms in health care&# 8230; lingering here, why little is clear..I still return to him..ends with the fact that now he cannot forgive&# 8230; in general santabarbara)), why do I need such dreams?? I live peacefully, I don’t like brains and they don’t like me&# 8230; mmm! forgot! in a dream I feel everything that my projection the way, before I left, there was no projection, it was then I watched the dream from the side

I arrived with my mother in a car and there was a company there, in my opinion this company also got out of the car.then we went to the house and they followed us, as strange as it may sound, I went for a swim, either on the street, or at the dacha somehow I found myself, the bottom line is that I was swimming in front of them.after that I went home and they followed of them said that the guy liked me, a little later the guy himself admitted this to me, I wanted to go as a lady, but this guy took my hand and leaned against him, then hugs began, etc.d,
P.s I do not understand how I could fall in love in a dream, but please tell me what it is for, and if I will meet someone later in the future.

it was a very interesting dream. I fell in love with a boy from the university, I like him anyway, but we are strangers. we met by chance, but immediately it felt like we had known each other for many years. and I realize that I fell in love. and he confesses to me that it is so easy and good with me, and that he fell in love in just half an hour)) we walked, such a pleasant feeling in our souls, then we got lost in a building that looked like a cathedral, a laurel, but not very religious. we found a way out. walked on, it was already deep night. then I ended up in the metro, but trams were running there, and so that the tram would not run over, I had to press myself against the wall. I went into the newcomer and met a girl, she was also so nice, we got into a conversation, then I gave her my shoes. then I saw that my stop, I ask to stop the driver, he stops, I get out, and I see that I forgot my shoes, I run inside and I can’t remember where it is, to whom I gave it. I go out, HE stands there and having calmed me down, we go home, and from somewhere the shoes still appeared. the dream was so pleasant, as if in reality I experience all these feelings, so pleasant, calm, comfortable.
I will wait for your interpretation. thank you very much)

I had a dream where I fell in love with a guy, he was a policeman by profession, he was young handsome and we even kissed.and he also called my mom and said that he loves me and wants to be with me.although I saw him for the first time.

I dreamed of Artyom from the show Heart of Three and in this dream he was polite, sensitive, he noticed everything in me shorter, he behaved as if he was in love and we are meeting with him

I wanted to ride a horse. I was given a horse, and we began to communicate with him. he told me a lot. he told me about his father, showed me animals, in this dream there was a tiger with a tiger, a white lion. all colors changed when there was a tiger everything was green, there was a river, trees. when there was a lion, everything was in ice. then some animal came with a big nose, then left. we talked with the horse, he was like a man, and I fell in love with him at first sight, probably. look like that’s it

Hello Tatiana. In general, I had a dream a year ago in October about a girl standing on the street in winter, she slipped and fell, I ran up to her, picked her up and asked if everything was all right. She hugged me and pressed against my shoulder and sang in my ear in French: La cristal cupid. I have not heard songs with such words and have not read such words anywhere. I looked on the Internet for a song with this name, no and never was. And on April 31, on May 1, I also had a dream with a young French girl, why I don’t know, but I’m already dreaming the second dream in which I fall in love, and they are both about a French woman.

I had this dream tonight on May 1, 2014. I’m standing with a friend on the street. It’s winter, it’s snowing heavily, it seems like a blizzard. I saw a girl in a gray jacket with a hood walking. Slips and falls, I run up to her, help her up and ask if everything is all right. She snuggles against me, puts her head on my shoulder. He calms down and sings in my ear in a gentle voice: La crystal cupid. In French. I don’t know what it is for, but after that I wake up, and in my ears I can still hear her voice. I still can’t forget this dream. Why don’t I understand.

I met a girl in a dream, but I don’t remember how I remember then we walked with her somehow ended up at my house. yes, I remember while we were walking between us some kind of relationship was formed mutual understanding. she stayed with me overnight and then I don’t remember.

I dreamed that I fell in love, most likely I clearly felt this feeling, I only remember that he was 10-12 years older than me, his hair was neither dark nor light, and I don’t know him for sure in real life.

I dreamed of a wonderful girl, she was about 17 years old, blonde, but not too bright, her height is about 170-175 cm.We met in a place unfamiliar to me, although this place a week so 2 ago I already dreamed of.I can’t forget the girl, her images do not fall out of my view.

I dreamed that I met a new young man and in a dream I gradually fall in love with him, I feel very happy

I dreamed that I was in some kind of large shopping center. And she was dressed quite usually (depending on the clothes), but my hair was not much different&# 8230; a ponytail was made from the side of a chestnut color and at the same time a cap (shovel) was put on and was painted stronger than usual, and a guitar was put on behind. And so I walk in the center and all the men, guys, boys look at me and some even followed me. What is it for? Never dreamed of such a thing&# 8230;

In a dream, I learned to dance with a guy on the water.Danced very fluently.He danced very beautifully. Later I fell in love and he also smiled back at me)

The boss called me to his place, I thought about work, and he hinted at me the same.After that, I began to experience feelings and sympathy for him.What did it mean?!On his part, in reality, there is nothing like this in relation to me.

the guy putting his head on my chest said something we were in a sitting position and I experienced a feeling of love for him and a strong heartbeat

I had an interesting dream tonight where I fell in love with a guy from another world.I myself went to look for him in this other world and found.our feelings were borrowed!

I dreamed that I fell in love with an actor.The actor is blond and has such a slightly corny appearance.Although before that, I had not watched films with his participation anywhere and did not even remember about him at all&# 8230; I clearly remember my feelings in a dream, I wanted to be a weak, naive girl who is tenderly taken care of, everything was very cute and romantic.There was also a dark-haired girl, supposedly his wife, but I was sure that he would soon leave her and love only me.The dream was more remembered for its emotions, they were so bright, like the first time 🙂

hello, I am all-willing for 13 years, I had a dream that my mother and I were sitting in some unknown room, and an uncle came to our friend to pick him up, we put him to sleep, but before this he said that dark spirits would come here and you sip my life, we became run away from home, but our car stalled and mom got lost somewhere&# 8230; I got out of the car and suddenly I see a girl in a coat, she is 13-14 years old, I walk up to her and we start to talk, she stood there, and as a friend we tell each other the foul pirudas from life, I saw her face and realized that this is my girl life and in the last days she died and for the fact that she did not eat&# 8230; vitality she died in my arms I was crying and now I am writing I do not hold tears that? what. this means.

hello to me, 13 years old, I had a dream that my mother and I were sitting in some unknown room, and an uncle came to our friend to pick him up, we put him to sleep, but before that he said that dark spirits would come here and you suck my life, we began to run from home, but our car stalled and mom got lost somewhere&# 8230; I got out of the car and suddenly I see a girl in a coat she is about 13-14 years old, I go to her and we start talking, she stood with her back and we tell each other frank parts of life to each other, I saw her face and &# 8230; that this is the girl of my life and in 2-3 days she was dying and for the fact that she did not eat&# 8230; life force she was dying in my arms I cried and now I write I do not cry &# 8230; what? what. this means.

In a dream, I fell in love with a friend, but the relationship went wrong, we decided to take a break, because.To. he is married. In a dream, my ex-husband owed a lot of money for the kindergarten, which my youngest daughter went to and where I worked, the kindergarten belongs to this friend. In the reality &# 8212; this is my best friend, but I don’t feel any love for him, my daughter is in grade 4 and I don’t work in the garden, and I don’t wear dresses, let alone a uniform (in a dream I was wearing a uniform dress). I’m 40

I dream of a man I don’t know, but I’m already happy. I do not know much about it and I do not like that. I don’t want to talk&# 8230;&# 8230;. I am married so same tsikave&# 8230; [email&# 160; protected]

I danced in the club and the club collapsed then I went home and saw a boy he fell in love with me and I fell in love with him) well, he was such a gentleman that my whole dream could not resist (and I would like to do it like that .

Hello, I had such a dream tonight: my friend and I (just a school friend) were lying on my bed, joking, just laughing and talking about how to tell another friend that we are now together.I was disturbed by this dream, because I was always wary of becoming a lesbian, but I really don’t feel anything for her.

It all started in a dark room, I didn’t know what to do, then I just decided that I needed to move forward, but I was not alone in these dark rooms there were like (zombies) but no matter how I looked, so I don’t know why they dreamed. Soon I took a screwdriver and began to fight with them on the way to the top, and soon I met one group and he began to guide me and together with him I made my way to the very top of the building, which resembled the school in which I study and a little school in which I studied, and then I saw strangers I had several guys and girls, they held the door and distracted a big zombie who could speak from themselves, at first I did not accept anything, assessed the situation, but the situation was worse than ever, and I got involved in a fight and then he said: ask a question, I said nothing pushed his throat with a screwdriver and then he became brutal and the massacre began, but in the end I won, then the zombies broke through the door and we ran downstairs, and in the window of the building I saw the lights next to it and it was clear that there were people in safety and we decided to go there, during the time that we stayed, I fell in love with one girl, but in the end we split up when going up to the floor, the door was closed by my classmate (or one of the guys), I tried with all my might to break through, but it did not work out and after standing for a while (I woke up) and thought about it for a long time dream!

It all happened on a street familiar to me, a stranger asked me the way, I prompted her and during a conversation we met our gazes, at this moment it hit me like a current, the sensations were as if in reality, then we went to a nearby cafe, where, during communication, a friend completely revealed friend.And then the alarm clock and I woke up ((I had a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday

I dreamed about a young guy, supposedly he is the son of our neighbor.I fell in love with him right up to butterflies in my stomach.
but I am married and in a dream I remembered about it, I resisted this feeling for a very long time, but after a while I gave up and we had a passionate kiss.Later, my husband came up to me, he knew everything, and asked me not to make hasty decisions. Before I leave him to think it over carefully, and also said that we have experienced so much together, and this guy is the first time I see.

In a dream, I saw a girl I was in love with for the first time, she ran with me for a walk and tried to find a girl for me, that is, she behaved like a relaxed friend, hugged, etc.NS. In a dream, I experienced oogram feelings for her, which flooded again after sleep, why would it?

I wake up knocking. I look at the window, a couple of guys are climbing in it. I dump, and I see that there are even more of them below, and they all climb up the walls to my window. All of good physique, very beautiful and athletic. Have fun talking and laughing.So I fight back the whole night and when it gets light they run away. Only one remains, we look into each other’s eyes. And I open the window and let him in to my house.

The dream was as follows: I am walking home along my street, when a girl suddenly passes by and asks what kind of music is playing in my headphones, to which I answer her this is "Oksimiron" in response she tells me, I am also a fan of his, after we went to she meets her parents at home, I met her, I sat with her and went home to sleep, I fell asleep in a dream, slept, and wake up in a dream and am going to go to her, I come, and she moved, I started looking for her in a dream, and then to a friend suits me, I know where she lives, she said, and we moved to her house, I knocked, that same beautiful girl opened for me, and we hugged, and then I woke up, that was the dream.

At first I was a little girl and at first I saw the boy in the heat, but then I fell in love and it was mutual. Then I don’t remember, but somehow I got into a very strange school. And also fell in love, my feelings were mutual. And we seemed to study in different dew classes, he was always with me in the lessons. We were together all the time. We promised to meet. There were very warm feelings. But then I dreamed that I was kidnapped . But they said that it was for my good. That that person is not good. But those who kidnapped me themselves didn’t look good. And then I woke up.

At first I dreamed that I was in a very strange world, but this did not surprise me. In a dream, I was a little girl and I hated one boy and plotted against him. But he himself was not friendly from the start. But later I fell in love with him and it was mutual. Then somehow I got to school. The school was strange. And there I also fell in love and it happened to us at the same time. As far as I can remember, he studied in another class. But he was always with me in class. There were such warm feelings. The last time I saw him in a dream, we agreed to meet. But then they kidnapped me, they said it was for my good. But the people who kidnapped me didn’t look very trusting. Then the dream ended

I dreamed that in a dream an 18-year-old man fell in love with me, I know him in a dream, but there is another person in front of me, and although the dream is connected with the person whom I know why I dreamed that he fell in love with me?

From Friday to Saturday I dreamed that a young man was courting me (my classmate, with whom I had not communicated for a long time), the dream was eventful, &# 8212; I was hiding from some people, pretending to be someone’s girlfriend, and all the time this classmate looked after me, was jealous, helped me in every way, and at the end there was a mutual declaration of love&# 8230;
And in the afternoon today I dreamed of a stranger who was just courting me, and for the whole dream I had a strong attractive feeling, at the end he wanted to kiss me, but the dream ended&# 8230;
And in that and in that dream, I felt happy and in love. And I often have dreams like this&# 8230;

I dream of a guy in a dream, we communicate well, hold hands, etc.generally we love each other. I have never seen this guy in my life, I just have him in VK as a friend, I added him half a year ago, but we do not communicate with him in VK!

I dreamed that I met a person from another city a couple of days before his departure.we fell in love.but I kept him at a distance, t.I knew that we have no future.the dream was very vivid.I felt very good in a dream.

There was a man, in his life I do not know, he was very tall and large, in life I do not like such. In a dream, I followed him, hugged him from behind, I also knew that he had a family, he was telling something, I was very interested with him, some kind of warm feeling inside, and then I realized that I was in love with him. He also asked what was wrong with you, but I was afraid to admit. In the end, she still said that she was in love, but I don’t remember what happened next, and then I woke up

I dreamed of an employee with whom the age difference is 10 years, a person by nature is quite chismatic, easy to communicate. In a dream, he gave me a helping hand when close people turned away from me (family). When we were saying goodbye, he gave me a sign that our feelings could be mutual (in a dream I was in love with him)..

I dreamed that I was at a holiday, there were a lot of people from my school, the holiday was held on the street, something like a party by the fire.A friend told me that that guy is just my type (although in life I like absolutely opposite guys), and besides, he likes me, and pointed at the guy standing a little to my right.He was not very pretty, but somehow I liked him.His hair was of medium length, light brown, he was taller than me, his physique was quite large, he was older than me by about a year or two.We talked (I don’t remember what), he said that he had been watching me for a long time and he liked me, but he could not tell me about it.Then he offered to sing in karaoke, I refused, he began to persuade me, I said that I had neither voice nor hearing, and ran away.He caught up with me, hugged me, and we went somewhere together, left the party.In real life, I really do not know how and do not like to sing.

In a dream I saw a girl I love (she doesn’t even know about it).She was surrounded by friends, there was communication, laughter and fun, to which I join.It was nice for me to communicate with her and hear her laugh (not only in a dream).

I dreamed of a boy I knew, but for some reason in a dream he was very much in love with me!I’m wondering what this is for.

good day! I dreamed that I met a man and fell in love when he took me to his house behind his back, everyone whispered, all the girls were in love with him.
He brought me into the house, there was sex, very passionate. I also remember from a dream that by the evening I was walking down the street and a beautiful young girl with long hair was walking and said that soon she would live with this man. And to her that I already live with him and get married.
After he comes and we go up the stairs and ask who he slept with, he said that with everyone and the last sex was with Natasha this morning, that is, after he spent the night with me. He explained that they were talking about me and it all worked out that way. After that I don’t remember, only a plump woman in a barn she said something and I gave a black chicken to some man’s hand.
Thank you in advance

I fell in love with a guy, but he fell in love with my girlfriend and my friend also loved him and he made her proposals after that she said that she did not want the national team to be friends

I had a dream that I was dating a guy hugging kissing me it was so good with him in a dream we are 14 years old in real life I am also 14 years old I have never met him in real life when I wake up I have a desire to fall asleep as soon as possible to be with him again hug and kiss explain what it means pliz.

I dreamed that I met a very interesting young man in my hometown. Mi kissed, without words it was clear that they started dating. We walked hand in hand through his apartment, and then he took me to his place. And I remembered that I have a boyfriend, but at a distance. And how is it, I kissed another guy who already wants to go meet my mom. I like him too, but with a regular guy we have already planned everything, a common future. And I don’t know anything new at all.

I dreamed that I fell in love with my friend, despite the fact that I have a beloved. The whole dream, I went to the one right thing, and then I realized that this was not right and went to tell my friend about it. But it seems I never found it. And my dream was abruptly buried in another, where my sister and I, for some reason, buried our grandfather, who had died long ago in life

In the church I saw the shadow of a man and fell in love with him in my arms was my son my husband wanted to take me away from there, but already at the entrance a priest yelled at me and showed his bare legs all in swelling said that I can help if I marry the shadow of a man and this the shadow will come to life. I agreed to send my husband to drive the motorcycle home, and I myself followed the priest up the stairs to the top, I was very pleased and calmly felt lightness and the presence of happiness

I dreamed that I was in some unfamiliar place, it looked like a village. There I saw a guy, he was the most handsome in those places. And all the girls were running after him. But I am not. I just secretly fell in love with him. Then I saw how one girl went with him like on a date, well, they were sitting on a bridge by the river and talking about something. I was upset, I knew that this girl is better than me and that he will not get me. But then, the next day, he came up to me and also invited. he kind of wanted to check: which of us is better? I was delighted and we also sat on the bridge, then we swam in that river (the water was clean and transparent). Then I dream that I am writing an exam and he is sitting with me in the same audience. I turn and smile at him and he also at me. We kind of stayed together and the dream ends.

dreamed of a guy who played in a rock group, he was very good, gentle&# 8230; and a spark flew between us, we fell in love with each other, in short, in a dream there were such feelings as in life)

i dreamed that I fell in love with a guy who played in a rock group &# 8230; and he fell in love with me was like in life&# 8230; he was a very nice and pleasant person

i dreamed that there was a modern prince and we had feelings with him, but we did not meet. He arranged a kind of casting, where all the girls came, one of whom he had to choose, I was very surprised and asked him why all this, because we are fine, he said that I seem to talk to him a lot and asked if you are already so used to it maybe to me? I didn’t answer and ran away, my friend caught up with me (she was aggravating me with him) calmed me down and said and you, too, take part in this casting, well, I go into the building (a former school where the participants are my former classmates) I was afraid that everyone was so beautiful all such dresses, hairstyles, but I hoped that he would remember our feelings with him and I would win, but then I woke up because I wanted to go to the toilet

I was walking along a poorly lit street and I saw a very beautiful girl. I approached her and asked what she was doing here. She invited me to sit on a bench and took my hand. And she said that she loves me. I said the same thing and woke up.

I walked to my window (I live on the first floor) and I passed a charming girl. I reached the window and then she gently took the hand. I turned around we started talking. She told me about herself, and I told her about myself and so on until the evening. Then we walked along the embankment, sat on a bench and started kissing. The girl was my height 170-171. She had blonde hair, beautiful, green eyes. In general, a sweet, beautiful, sociable girl. I fell in love with a little boy. When I woke up I started looking for her (t.To. the dream was very real). I was looking for about 5 minutes, and then I realized that it was a dream. World turned upside down! I’ve lost interest in other girls altogether. I see her face everywhere.

I walked to my window (I live on the first floor) and I passed a charming girl. I reached the window and then she gently took the hand. I turned around we started talking. She told me about herself, and I told her about myself and so on until the evening. Then we walked along the embankment, sat on a bench and started kissing. The girl was my height 170-171. She had blonde hair, beautiful, green eyes. In general, a sweet, beautiful, sociable girl. I fell in love like a little boy. When I woke up I started looking for her (t.To. the dream was very real). I was looking for about 5 minutes, and then I realized that it was a dream. World turned upside down! I’ve lost interest in other girls altogether. I see her face everywhere.

Today I had a dream in which I liked the boy and I to him.
But in our real world he is famous.

i dreamed of falling into a guy with a little sister. We meet by chance several times, he trusts me to look after the baby, and he goes to play foodball. This scene is in a cafe at a table, but you can see a football field and a guy playing and arguing with someone . The guy’s name was Paulo. Was handsome and kind. Then another scene: for some reason he is offended at me and I don’t know where he is. I realized that I love him and it’s such a wonderful feeling, but I don’t know his address or phone number. I or he is in some kind of trouble (I don’t know what happened), I told some woman lying on my stomach on the bed to tell Paulo that I was looking for him and I only hear the sound of my heels and then my mother wakes me up. I heard the clatter of heels and felt in love even after waking up&# 8230;

Hello. Today I dreamed that I fell in love with a girl, very beautiful, it is even difficult to convey verbally. It was such a wonderful, light and sincere feeling, it was so good. I wanted to spend my whole life with her. But also, she periodically turned into a dog, a big kind dog, for which there were also positive feelings. A very strong impression left after sleep.

Hello.I dream that I am watching a video created for me, in it, my supposed boyfriend, confessed his love. After watching the video, I said that I love him and kissed him.I was wearing red sneakers and the guy was wearing a red T-shirt.But this is my friend in life.
Please help me to understand what this dream is for!)
Thanks a lot).

the bottom line is that I had a fight with my grandmother, who lived with me in a dream (but she lives separately) after a quarrel, I went out into the garden (vegetable garden) and saw a small black snake with white spots, was very frightened and cut it with a shovel, near the snake eyes turned yellow and tears went, and at one point this snake turned into a guy of about 25 years old, then the snake appeared again and I began to ask for forgiveness for my blow and the snake forgave me (she had very kind eyes), but then a guy in a white T-shirt appeared again , he was very nice, then my family appeared and we sat talking nicely

the bottom line is that I had a fight with my grandmother, who lived with us in a dream (but in life she lives separately), I went to the garden (to the garden) and saw a small snake, black with white spots, was very frightened and cut it in half with a shovel, this snake had tears and turned yellow eyes, but then this snake turned into a guy of about 25 years old, then the snake appeared again and I began to ask the snake for forgiveness for my blow, the snake forgave me, she had very kind eyes, but then the guy appeared again , very cute in a white T-shirt I really liked him, but then my parents appeared and we all sat talking and looked at some kind of screen

I live in Ukraine, but now my mother and I have moved to Russia and tonight I dreamed that my friends from Ukraine had a party in Russia and there was one boy from Ukraine and I dreamed about him and I fell in love with him

It was some strange evening, everyone went to the disco, but the guys were not allowed. More than one girl helped me to change and I went inside the building. There are a lot of rooms and a huge room in which everyone is dancing. We went into one of these rooms, lay on the bed, talked and went to dance. Many people and some young ladies. The music played as if it suited my mood and the blue light was shining, shimmering with pink. The next morning I wanted to find her and found her, but I don’t remember what happened next!

I dreamed that 2 people fell in love with me, they are friends and they wanted to meet and looked after in the same way, I did not want this, but it was very pleasant

I was in my school there, they found out who is sick with chickenpox, who is sick, they exhibited children in T-shirts, there were red, green and some other T-shirts.That guy and I were pushed to the entrance and told that we were sick.Then I found myself somewhere near the river near this guy in the house, and in the window I saw a very very large clock, probably more than 10 meters wide.Then we were at some house, and that guy was from another city, there was a guy chasing us and we said:&# 187; want a freebie?&# 187;.I offered to give him 200 rubles by 8 pm.We were at his house and I told his mother that I really like him, and there was his father or grandfather with a hearing aid.I went up to him he overheard and looked to see if he had a hearing aid in his ear, but there he wasn’t he hid it in his hand.I remembered what he looks like.Then he said to me, something like what he said to his mother:&# 187; Mom, I like her&# 187; but she says:&# 187; No, she likes you!&# 187;.We kissed&# 8230;

Hello!Tell me what my dream is about, please!!I was walking through the park and an unfamiliar handsome guy followed me, I turned around, we smiled at each other and that’s it.Then we (me, he, my friends, and some people, probably his friends) met near the supermarket (I don’t remember how) it was very cold, we hugged, and I felt that I fell in love.Then I ended up at home, and they told me that someone came to me, I was very busy, and asked my sister to talk to this someone (it was him), later she brought a note with his phone number and name (Sasha).And then I woke up.What does it mean?I will be grateful in advance. ))

Hello Tatiana. On the first night, I dreamed of meeting a little boy, and on the second, there was already a showdown in a relationship. I truly remember the first dream, and now I will describe the second.
I walked with my brother and the dog, why &# 8212; then all angry and clouded. I wanted to see this guy as soon as possible. And so, finally, I went with my grandmother to the cinema, where I saw Sasha. (I will call him that, I don’t remember his name). After the end of the movie, I approached him and my words were as follows:
-Today I saw you with a girl, you walked in front of my house at about an hour, at that time I was walking with my brother
Sasha made a puzzled face
&# 8212; Come on, she is very cute, especially when you were holding hands &# 8212; I said with jealousy and left.

I don’t remember the rest, I already woke up and, so as not to forget anything, check in to you. Thank you in advance, Tatiana.

I dreamed that in one room there was a husband, and in another, whose man I saw a couple of times in my life, and in the morning I had a very strong attraction to him.

I had a dream that: A boy came into some house, I liked him, After a few minutes I asked which class he would go to, he answered at 1.

It all started with the fact that my younger brother and sister and I went to rest on the sea. Then somehow I find myself in the same way at sea, but with my niece, her mother and my sister and her husband. With my sister’s husband. We were on the beach, it was sunny . Then I remember that I rode a bungee on the seashore. I was rolling very high as if I was flying. I saw the whole sea. It is each of its banks. After that I woke up and the dream switched to that man.. Further in the dream, cold shades prevailed, subdued light in the rooms.. We had an intimate relationship. I was so drawn to a man for the second time in my life.(after my first boyfriend, who actually became my first man and we are still in a relationship.) he said such a phrase in a dream &# 171; you had the best sex ever with me&# 187; . Then we hugged and my dream ended with the fact that I was at the entrance to the courtyard where I live, with him and those relatives with whom I was resting. At that moment I had two women, customs officers asked what I was transferring across the border. I very rarely remember dreams with such precision.

I dreamed of a girl, the meaning of the dream was that I was resting somewhere on vacation and accidentally met her. We crossed eyes, and then after a while we met again and I met her. I distinctly remember how we sat in a cafe and talked about something and besides that I was accompanied by pleasant sensations. Then this dream ends (the neighbor knocked very loudly behind the wall and I woke up). But when I went to bed again, then I had a dark dream. The essence of the second dream: Kiev, something bad was about to happen and people were taken out of the city a little bit. And then I again met a stranger very similar from a previous dream, but this time she was less talkative, and in fact I just watched her from the sidelines.I also remember that she was in ammunition and with weapons (I am fond of all types of weapons in life, maybe this means something) at the end of the dream a helicopter flew behind us and we all ran to him. This ends the dream. The sensations in a dream, despite the gloom of the picture, were pleasant.

Hello, I had a dream from Saturday to Sunday, one of my friends was wearing my clothes and we just laughed, what does that mean?

good day. I am married, my relationship with my husband is good. But I often have dreams that I fall in love with other men and I feel very good in my dreams. Sometimes they are unfamiliar men, and sometimes those who I like in life.

I dreamed that I met a couple, I don’t know the name, then we got into bed and I kissed him on the lips and then passionately, then we did something!

I’m married. Today I dreamed of a man, handsome, military man (he was not in uniform, but I knew that he was a military man). He had to leave for distribution. In the morning he seemed to go to work, and left me a rose on brown paper with an inscription in English that he would take me with him&# 8230; Moreover, in a dream, I felt confident in him, I knew that he would protect me and help, that I would not be lost with him&# 8230;

In my dream, I kind of tell all this at graduation, but not in my own way, but for eleventh graders. She was there to her friend about a dream, as if my boyfriend and other people. We rode with him from a very small car descent in a car parking lot

Being married, in a dream she was carried away by another man. I decided to marry him, although no one called me. But I was sure that now I will be fine. interfered, only some woman in the background. I tried to take him away.

Good night) just for the sake of interest, a girl dreamed, she began to say something to me, I woke up immediately. Doesn’t leave my head for 5 days. It seems like I didn’t fall in love, but it’s not all the same (((

In a dream, I was dancing abroad and there I met a young man, tall, blond, quiet in character, but after a while, he leaves, I got on the bus on which he was supposed to leave, found him, hugged him and kissed him, leaving bus, I held his hand, then let go and he left.

I’m lying on the bed with a girl I don’t know. She is a fragile short haired brunette. It lies on my right hand and begins to hug me tenderly. For some reason I am covered in some kind of orange liquid that looks like paint. But she’s not afraid to get dirty. I hug her Stronger to me we start kissing and the dream ends. I remember that in a dream this girl is very dear to me.

I dreamed that I fell in love with my former classmate, he constantly looked after me, loved (according to him), but it didn’t go further. I only liked him externally.
And here’s the trouble, this classmate dreams me often enough . At the same time, I have a boyfriend with whom I have been for a long time and whom I love .
But where do such dreams come from? still dream as if I’m cheating on a guy. And it’s so scary to become myself in a dream, I blame myself, but why all this ?

At first I dreamed that my acquaintances and friends and I were playing in our city theater, that those who are constantly from the troupe, and not how we, the hallways, began to reward, but we went backstage, and there they began to eat all sorts of goodies, and here we are we are automatically transferred to the park on a bench in another is not raining much.People come up to us, ask something, and then one Chinese man grabs me by the thigh and says that it is good). Then everyone leaves and after a while, young guys ride up on bicycles, they start a conversation with us, and one reaches for my thigh, again! I dodge and ask what’s the matter, why are they all reaching for my thigh. He answers, because a good thigh, and a good chest, and a smile is so beautiful. I got embarrassed and turned away, hid under an umbrella, and he looked in there, and asked for a phone number, I don’t say, we exchanged a couple of phrases, and he walked away. He walks, and tells his friends, they say he fell in love with the campaign

in short, like, I saw him and met him, and so on, then he gave bouquets, I found out where he lives (Vitebsk), we went for a walk and so on

I dreamed that I was in some kind of room and a young man came up to me and it seems he began to get acquainted, for some reason it immediately seemed that I had known him for a long time. He was so handsome in appearance that I instantly lost my head, he had amazing diction and a very pleasant timbre of his voice. He was older than me and taller, not much, somewhere between 19 and 20 years old. He has such a nice and cute appearance &# 8212; my type, athletic build, light brown hair.
When we left the premises we got into the parking lot, he continued to tell me something and laugh, amused me, and then I stopped and asked him to kiss me. He wondered, his lips reached out to me. I have never experienced such a kiss in one word in my life, I am very sorry that I woke up.

I dreamed that a handsome guy fell in love with me and he fell in love with me too, but besides me, my sister also fell in love with him.and the three of us are sitting in some kind of cafe and not expected for everyone he chose my sister

in a dream I fell in love with a boy 14 years younger than me, and we made love with him .it was an unforgettable feeling

I dreamed of a guy in whom I fell in love for real at first sight and it was mutual. He was so caring, gentle, courteous that I thought it was not just a dream. But before that I had never seen him. He said that he had been looking for me for a long time and could not imagine his life without me.

I dreamed that I fell in love with my friend. And I started dating him. And it turned out that I was dating two guys at the same time. And in a dream I liked it. And it turned out that they did not know about each other, I somehow skillfully hid it

I went to school and 2 new boys came to us, and when I was heading to the store, 1 scared me, he showed me where he lives with his brother 2 brother was older, he said that their house was small and he was a poet, he received money with this and became they have a huge house and we walked with him, my phone rang and 1 brother answered 1 year smaller then he brought the phone to me and my grandmother answered I said that I was walking with the boy and then I woke up.

I had a dream where I was with some young man. in a dream we have clearly been friends for a long time, but in fact I see him for the first time. and we were good with him. in the same dream, I met my best ex-girlfriend with him. what does it all mean? such strange dreams are not for the first time. earlier I dreamed of a former boyfriend, a former classmate who was in love and current classmates. 🙁

first, darkness, then through the portal, I appeared a corridor with doors and the last door opened into a friend and a guy came out of there, he said come in, but I didn’t go in and closed the door, but then I saw a monster and ran to him, he turned into a cavota and we had a mission to kill a witch I also became a Kemta and we went through the portal together . We have a team of people I don’t know . We appeared on my street and I said that I had this dream and that now it was also a zone, I told them that we would kill the witch near the Belovs, I fought with her guards and he went to her, I jumped and he had already killed her and we became a couple with him! THE END

One night at 4 o’clock I wanted to drink in a dream and so I dreamed that I was going to the store and there was a very charming girl, of course I approached her from the beginning, we met there and all that, a few days later I had this dream again . i’ve been thinking about um sleep all day

Hi 🙂 I was walking with friends around the city.Saw a boy who was a military man.In general, I do not like military boys, they are usually some kind of peculiar.He liked me and he invited me to date.I agreed.For it was this guy that I really liked.We walked with him, every evening he came to pick me up, but once I was getting ready for a long time and unfortunately he took offense at me and left.I caught up with him.When I caught up, I saw that he was standing with his friends, not noticing me.Then my friends suddenly appear and we also begin to communicate with them.Then I start to wake up and somehow incomprehensibly a fragment of a dream appears in my head that I asked for his forgiveness and we kissed.He was 8 years older than me.

Yesterday I was shown a photo of a girl whom I last saw a very long time ago, tonight I dreamed that she said that she loved me and kissed me on the lips after that I woke up. The actions in the dream took place in the evening against the background of a scarlet sunset, but everything around except us was black.

I dreamed of how I ended up in the market near my old house and looked at different things there, and then I went out onto the road and it turned out that winter had come, and I was wearing a warm jacket, a hood on my head and a hat on top of it. Then I ended up in some kind of room where some people (doctors probably) were examining their noses, it didn’t reach me, because I sat down on a small children’s car and drove down the street (the same one next to the market). Then I saw two not quite adequate people (on drugs) who looked at me, and then I heard a cry &# 171; Health is OK?!&# 187; and we with those people answered in one voice &# 171; Thank you charging!&# 187; (all this time I was sitting on a typewriter) and then my transport disappeared and I found myself in the company of my two former classmates and a stranger. But apparently I knew him, because I really liked him in a dream. I heard music and stopped thinking &# 171; if he also stops now, then he likes me&# 187; and he stopped and then we walked next to him and on the street gradually spring or summer began, people were dressed in light summer clothes and a shirt appeared on him, I don’t remember about myself and he tried to please me, telling various ridiculous stories and showing some then tricks. and then I was alone near that very market, in a jacket, a hood and a hat, it was winter, thinking that I looked ridiculous, I took off my hat and hood. then I woke up.

Hello, I had a dream in which I fell in love with a guy. He was a policeman. He had dark hair. I also seem to have a knife in my hands, but not for bad purposes.
Even in a dream, I hurried to my father, who was waiting for me on the subway. I could just get to the station I needed, but my friends and I decided to go on foot through the city, and we didn’t manage to get where we needed to.

I dreamed that I met Lipnitskaya, we began to walk with her, holding hands, then I began to talk about what would be left of her with some German woman, she agreed with me and we were already walking in an embrace with Yulia. then to the basements, and then they began to climb into the house to my grandmother from the basement, and then I woke up

for the second night in a row I dream that I am meeting a guy..yesterday one was and today is different.and in every dream I am pleased with this acquaintance..i fall in love with them..leaving for them..leaving husband&# 8230;.I have never seen these young people in reality&# 8230; but I saw faces in a dream clearly.

Hello, Tatiana
Today (July 17) I had a dream that I met a girl I liked. We met her. Then everything started spinning. We went for a walk with her and, strangely enough, near my house.
This is where the dream ended, the alarm clock rang.
Say it is possible to continue or repeat. Thank you in advance

I dreamed of a girl, I did not remember the face, the dream was in the morning, and all night, the whole dream, as if they were leading to a meeting with her. Then the alarm clock, work, real relationships, but this girl from a dream does not get out of my head, I try to remember her image, but I just can’t

I dreamed of a girl, I did not remember the face, but all night, the whole dream, as if it was led to our meeting. Then the alarm clock, work, real relationships, but this girl does not get out of my head from a dream, I try to remember her, but it doesn’t work

I dreamed of a girl in the reflection next to me, she was short with short dark hair and brown eyes.
At the beginning of the dream, she was a nightmare. Tried to kill me or take over and control me. I think she &# 8212; a part of me.
I saw myself from the outside, how I cry, get angry and kill a friend &# 8212; but it is not important.
After I was imprisoned in the mirror, I got out of it and threw a cat in the mirror and she killed her,
Then she began to cry. I felt sorry for her and I fell in love with her (fast, but this is a dream).She smiled and rejoiced at me, and I.
I woke up from the fact that she saw the family position of VK with her ex (by the way, I did not put it) and made me haul.

Hello!I’ve been dating my MCH for almost a year now.Lately, I often dream that I am falling in love with someone or he is with me.And when I wake up, I understand that I like it and I want to continue.And so on until I see my MCH.Sometimes I even understand that I want it to come true.

In general, I dreamed that I was supposedly at a partner seminar, and there, as it were, the presenter was and played different games with us, told jokes, and this all happened on an inverted boat, it was so big that everything fit. then a girl came up to me from behind and clung to me and hugged me. her hair color is brown, a girl of unusual beauty. she was cold and she wanted to keep warm, I invited her to sit in front of me, and I hugged her from the back. she felt warm. She immediately made me sympathetic. I liked her very much. Then a dream took me to my uncle’s house. There were my aunt, grandfather, grandmother, brothers, and my acquaintances from the partner seminar (I already have them, and so they dreamed.) her name was Alena Bobyleva with her Mom and father. And the same girl that I really liked. We all sat at the table. We sat in honor of the fact that I am returning back to Kazakhstan. And in my life I make plans to move to Russia to my uncle. And in general, already, as it were, the time was coming to an end, everyone began to say goodbye., I asked the girl you are Alena Bobyleva’s sister? I don’t remember the answer, but I understood the meaning that yes. I began to feel a feeling of love for her, she answered me mutually. And so everyone told me by word of the road, but my uncle never said. grandmother said that he conveyed wishes to me through her and voiced them. She said that he was in a hurry somewhere, and left. I went outside, it was winter, there was a lot of snow, his car was stuck in a snowdrift. I opened the door he was not driving, although it should have been. Music was playing in the car, I couldn’t stop it. Then I looked out into the street, and there a train drove past me from nowhere and disappeared into nowhere. The last thing I remember was that I closed the car door and was very upset, but I was so upset as if I had lost him, at the same time because I fell in love with a girl, and I need to return to Kazakhstan. Thank you in advance.

Hello, I dreamed about where my friends and I were walking around the city, and suddenly I met such a pretty girl, I liked her, we started walking, I walked her home, I remember that she was a brunette, she started kissing me, I’m a little like that removed his head from the kiss, then she told me that she wanted me to remember her for a long time, and then only I kissed her, we kissed near the entrance, then we found ourselves in a completely different place – in the car, drove to another city, I took it by the hand and kissed it, she reacted pleasantly to it, then we just walked with the guys in the woods somewhere, without a girl, then I suddenly found myself on the plane, flying somewhere&# 8230; then I again found myself in the car with my girlfriend, she threw her hand on my shoulder, and I kissed her palm and settled down more comfortably&# 8230; woke up&# 8230;

I had a dream where I fell in love with an unfamiliar girl whom I had never seen in my life and met with her, and almost always walked with her in an embrace, especially in front of friends. But then I went somewhere without this girl, and I wanted to meet with her but did not know how. What does it mean?

fell in love with a stranger, walked with him in an unfamiliar city ! he wanted to introduce me to his mother, but for some reason she refused. and then he walked me to the train station! in a dream I loved him very much.

I had a dream . I was in the camp, or rather, this camp was at my friend’s house.There, at first, my fair-haired boy of the same age burst with me.But then we fell in love with each other.I don’t remember anything else.

Unfortunately, I do not remember the dream in great detail (Very bright, mutual feeling of love&# 8230; The feeling that this is him, the person I need for life. In reality, I know this guy, we are colleagues, but I never thought or considered him as a possible partner&# 8230; In a dream, I felt so good with him, we walked, he hugged me like that, said that he loved and I felt the same, I believed that he needed him and I really needed him&# 8230; Woke up feeling unimaginable happiness. In reality, I never felt so good with anyone

Hello, for about a month I have dreams that I fall in love with guys I don’t know, I kiss and in general I enjoy spending time with them, I have a boyfriend, and after these dreams I lose my feelings for him, so to speak, he practically disliked me in everything&# 8230; I don’t know what all this is about

I dreamed of a young girl who I really liked, I kind of like her too, but for some reason she didn’t want to talk doubtfully, it seemed to me that she was deaf (why is this?)

Today I dreamed that I went out for a walk near the sea &# 8212; in the evening, when it got dark. A boy came up to me and we somehow talked to him and made friends, he looked at me so sincerely, I thought it was live, I myself already fell in love with him, he spoke competently, was beautifully dressed, polite&# 8230; and then the dream was interrupted.I am also going to camp tomorrow, and they say that they find their first love&# 8230; What is it for?

In a dream there was a riot in some building, more like a school, a girl came out of nowhere and bit my hand 🙂 We talked for a long time because of what she bit me, and then we went for a walk around the city and in the end I wanted to constantly be with her and there was a feeling of love. Then this dream was interrupted and another began, there the former employee was already lying in bed covered with a black silk blanket, the bedding was all black, and for some reason she moved out of bed 5 times)

In a dream it was that we were on the bus, on the bus there were my relatives, people with whom I am friends and people whom I do not know, I and the one who was sitting next to him, I did not know him, but there was a feeling that we have known each other for a long time.We sat talking about something and then just sat and I put my head on his shoulder.Suddenly everything changed and I ended up in hospitals, I saw blood and that something was injected at me with some kind of sprinkle, my mother was nearby, she gvoarya so it was necessary, but I did not like it.And somehow I managed to escape from there and I found myself in the courtyard, this courtyard is familiar to me, I live in a high-rise building in an apartment and my friends and I walk in the courtyard.And I ran through familiar places, suddenly I saw that they were looking for me and when I ran I saw this man I took his hand and said we were running, he ran with me while we were running, I managed to tell everything, we ran to our entrance and the dream ended and and more I remember that he was wearing a purple checkered shirt .And I also know for sure that he is my age, but I did not see his face after this dream, I have a feeling that the guy who I dreamed of began to like me

I dreamed that I found my soul mate, we walked, kissed, then she just disappeared, I started looking for her and crying ! I don’t remember other details! I remember the girl was with long blond hair ! and when I woke up I wanted to find her))

good day! I dreamed that my boss is in love with me and I also have some feelings for him, at least sexual desire, attraction and even passion. Then there was a kiss, passionate and very sexy. At the same time, in life, in principle, he is not my type.

Mom and I went to the sea. First &# 171; loop&# 187; sleep was like that? that our shore was divided.. The first one was quite normal. You could swim. In the second, almost no one swam. And in the third were dolphins.. So many. I remember that on the second there was someone like a panton. And somehow I went there&# 8230; A dolphin literally jumped on this panton. I was terribly scared of him. And called the rescuer for help. He was about the same age as me. As I understood further, he takes care of all the dolphins that were on the third shore. I brushed this dolphin away as best I could.. I didn’t have a very good relationship with this lifeguard. We fought constantly. They called and grumbled at each other. And somehow he said something to me and I got angry and took the bracelets from him. And went to the first bank. There we began to quarrel badly. I said that he would not cross the part where our beach begins. And he said not to cross the part where the 2 and 3 banks already begin. We started to sit and grumble at each other. He slowly began to try to take his bracelets back. I started to dodge in all sorts of ways. And he couldn’t.. While he was trying to take away the bracelets, we talked.. And I looked at him in a completely different way. We have a good relationship.. I started to think that he is the best person.. When once again he tried to take away the bracelet.. he was very close.. and I kissed him. I understood that I loved this person very much.. In the kiss, I realized that he had the same feelings for me. We went to my room.. Started talking about life. We lay down on the bed and he hugged me tight. I told him a story and felt that he fell asleep. I started kissing him on the cheek, forehead, nose, eyes.. I thought how awesome he is when he sleeps. I wanted to own it my whole life. Again lay in his arms and fell asleep. I woke up from the fact that he kissed me as I did him. I have never felt so happy. (Although in real life I was terribly enraged when they touched, hugged, kissed, stroked me.) We continued to sleep in an embrace.. and then the dream ended.

I was visiting in another city, and it seems that guests came, I don’t remember exactly, and I met a guy whom I seemed to love for a long time, but I didn’t seem to say anything, but then we hugged and lay together, but then something- then I don’t remember what happened, but he died falling from the balcony, it seems, I roared very much and asked my girlfriend: &# 171; he died?&# 187; and she said: &# 171; yes he died!&# 187; Then I Woke Up.

Hello! I had a dream where I was sitting in the car with my parents, they went to the store in the back there was a car and a girl came out of there, came to our car and sat down next to me and we started kissing. Then they called me and said that she was bad. I arrived, and she lies on the ground dying, I took her in my arms and she died in my arms! Sorry for my grammar I’m just in a hurry! Waiting for the whole truth, whatever it may be!! Thank you in advance

Good evening, Tatiana! Today I had a dream in which I went to rest with my friends. I don’t remember where, I don’t remember who exactly was, attention was focused on the fact that everyone was with couples. Including me. In reality, I don’t date anyone. My man was perfect in everything. Our relationship was filled with tenderness. Thank you in advance:)

This morning I had a colorful dream that I fell in love with my lawyer and he with me too, I felt such a storm of feelings that I remember them now, but in life we ​​have a purely business relationship, now I don’t even know if it really is really real love?

I dreamed that a friend fell in love with me, she kissed me, and said that she loved me. I told her that it was impossible. She said that she had already told dad everything and left with a cry

Good day! Already the third day of my Friday on Saturday I have a dream, for I am teaching the boy. A skin-friendly boy and a little one. That skinny time I feel like I’m drowning in new, and wine in me. For good reason, in real life, I say the lads, more precisely the named. In us for 1.5 months. Ale tsei dream&# 8230;. For the sake of it, it is still acceptable for me in new &# 171; you know&# 187;. All the same, I would like to see you. Dyakuyu.

In general, I played some new game like the Slenderman game, only it was some kind of new and automatic &# 171; departed&# 187; when Slender appeared on the horizon in a game on this phone, but this is not about that. After that I saw a very beautiful girl and her and * n * a * and * o * al under the train &# 8212; nonsense, of course, but after that I fell in love with her not as after sex, but as a girl, after which the railway workers noticed me and noticed something suspicious. I answered them: &# 171; that I was passing by trying to help her and my leg got stuck under the wheels of the car&# 187; &# 8212; but I lied even in my sleep. Then I said that she needed help and I took her in my arms and carried her to the train. Oh, yes, I forgot another thing that everyone thought that she seemed to disappear and after that, as I carried her past the crowd, everyone considered me a hero and I carried her with great joy. Then I brought her to the train&# 8230; the train started and started looking for a medical carriage to help her. Then my dream ends.

I died in a dream and turned into a ghost, there were many other ghosts around me and everyone helped me to return to life, and I fell in love with one of the ghost who promised to come every night in my sleep

I walked along a flat road, a handsome man followed me, saw me and fell in love.And I fell in love right there.He was in a blue leotard and a T-shirt, normal build, about forty.We were both happy, he invited me to the stadium, we sat and did not take our eyes off each other.
I am married myself, but I experienced the feeling of love in a dream.

good day. I had a dream that I met a young man whom I fell in love with, he was so gentle, affectionate and caring, it felt like I had known him all my life, he seemed so close to me, the dream was beautiful, warm and unforgettable.

I had a dream that I fell in love with a stranger, but in a dream he seemed such a close dear person to me as if I had known him all my life, he was such an irresistible gentle, affectionate and caring. The dream was filled with such love, warmth and affection, everything felt like it was generally unforgettable in reality, Now in reality I am looking for it among passers-by.What does my dream mean.

Hello! I dreamed that for some reason I met a guy at school (I graduated from it long ago), I get to know him and I understand that I like him. In turn, he also reciprocates me. We hug him in some dark corner, kiss, next to him I was just happy, but guilt flashed, in a dream I remembered that I have a loved one (in life I live with a loved one together, I remembered about him) , but looking into the guy’s eyes, I melted into them, forgetting about my guilt, I didn’t want to let him go, he seemed to be a part of me. After kisses, this guy tells me about his, some kind of scam, and says that he and I will have a lot of money and we can go wherever we want. Then I dream that I really have a lot of money, but I can’t find that guy (whom I fell in love with), and while walking around the city I met him, we hugged him, and he tells me that they want to put him in jail, I invite him to leave together he doesn’t want not to drag me along. For the last time I hug him, kiss him, and I woke up.Feeling of euphoria, haunted me for about half an hour. But remembering this dream and that guy, my heart still flutters.

Hello! I very often dream that my boyfriend is cheating on me, even in front of my eyes, I saw how it all happened.Or even somehow I dreamed that he tells me that he no longer loves and mocks me.Tell me what it is. I just worry so much about these dreams. Thank you in advance.

I had this dream for a very long time and I completely forgot about it. and waking up today I realized that this is in some way a continuation of the dream&# 8230;
In my city there is a forest, I stand near it at night and there is a fireworks and then I find myself in some kind of circus with a girl, a guy, a clown with a hammer and a demon who sits on their iron throne, but at the same time he looks like a normal person, they talk about me, but I only remember a whisper, a vampire appears &# 171; Edward&# 187; from the movie &# 171; twilight&# 187; they start to quarrel and the demon takes him by the head and blood flows from his ears and he shouts to me &# 171; Run!&# 187;. I run away and already stand there near the forest and wake up. the second dream begins in the same place, only I am in a mask that was in my backpack on my back, I go up to the forest and explode something and again find myself in this circus and this time this clown with a hammer turns out to be the front man and I start to run away from him and I run to the same place where this demon was and all those whom I described before, I start talking with them about this girl with black hair and a little pale skin and tell them why I came back &# 171; I fell in love with this girl&# 187; pointing at her, she comes up to me and says &# 171; Prove!&# 187; opens her mouth and she has all the sharp teeth and tongue like a lizard, but I still kiss her. and after that they consider me theirs. in the morning we find ourselves in my city with this main demon, he can infuse people, we went with him to the store and there he possessed one woman and somehow abruptly he already appears on the street and I go out after him. and then he tells me that he needs to come back. it’s all.

I dreamed that a young man fell in love with me and he was very nice to me too. He was older than me, not less than 4 years. He protected me and seemed to keep me. I liked him too. But I only liked him as long as we &# 171; communicated&# 187; silently, with a look.

We stand in line, and then I saw her. Such a dear. I got it, fell in love. I went up to her and said straight in her eyes that I love. Took her hand, put it on my heart. It knocked very quickly.

Hello my name is Ilnar.I had a dream that I was visiting my grandmother and suddenly the room who started to add to Skype and this unknown person started calling, I answered and there she turned on the camera and parachuted off a cliff and sang a song on a guitar in the air when I was parachuting and she was me I fell in love with her and wanted to propose to meet, but she has already started meeting with my classmate and that’s what is strange in all my love dreams at school there is a room where you have to write the name of the person you love 30 some facts I don’t remember exactly and some last line and then your name and your beloved will write your names on a piece of paper and this piece of paper will always hang somewhere!!and I think that’s all

I had a dream that I was walking with a girl and we had a huge craving for each other, we constantly looked at each other passionately, I don’t remember whether we had her or not, but when I woke up in the morning I really felt that I was in love with her and tried to sleep to see her again, but so the dream did not resume&# 8230;

Initially, the dream was in the form of some kind of horror, I was in some kind of estate with various acquaintances and friends of mine, the estate was not mine, but some kind of woman.
The dream began in a gazebo with some of my friends, we played some kind of game with words, then someone came up with the idea to play hide and seek, another part of my acquaintances was already inside this estate, and there were people with whom I know, but we were not we communicate every day.
After the offer to play hide and seek, we went into the estate and began to play, I will say right away, the house was gloomy, it worried me ,
When we played, everyone scattered around the house, everyone was minding their own business, and somehow I went into a room on the second floor, there was a children’s room for me, there were two residents of this house..sisters they went about their business, in reality I don’t know them, but in a dream we knew each other.I went to the window, sat on the windowsill and started looking out the window.
And, as it were, the view was to the backyard where there was a vegetable garden and a plowed field, there were two people, one old, and the other a young guy, he is 17/18 years old, he has white white skin, he is quite tall, he has jet-black hair , I remembered only these features, roughly speaking, I remember only the image, although in a dream a face was clearly visible, as if it were in reality.I looked out the window to take a closer look at him and he saw me, and then we look into each other’s eyes and we fall in love, and it is strange that the second floor was low, as if the first, he went to the window and we looked at each other in emphasis and understood that they fell in love.
Actually, in reality, I like completely different young people, I’m talking about the type.Further the dream does not make sense to tell, because there will be a terrible dream, I will say that it concerned him, he was killed and then resurrected, and at the very end we left this house with him and these friends who were inside, but not all..
Now I only think about him (about the guy), I think this guy is real.

Rode on the bus talking to someone. I saw a very beautiful girl: long. but not really. black hair. Went out with her at the bus stop, caught up, asked if she had a boyfriend, she answered, shook her head or answered &# 171; no&# 187; &# 8212; I do not remember. then I asked questions which I don’t remember. then while walking I asked her a question, she refused. at that moment I fell to my knees, and sat like this, she was leaving. next morning sleep. I was at work and saw her standing near the door to the street. Came up to her, she looked at me apologetically. We didn’t speak. but stood next to. Then a lot of people came out (her team), they went somewhere. I found the address and drove to that place. There was a holiday (probably a new year) there were many contests, I participated. in the 1st of the contests, the girl’s grandmother felt bad, I helped her not to fall, everyone praised me. The girl also has a twin sister. then I vaguely remember. woke up, but the first meeting surprised and inspired me.

some kind of concert was going on. there were three of them, he was in the middle. very handsome and handsome. I think they sang. I was stupefied and wanted to meet, when they left the stage, for some reason they took places in the audience hall. I walked past them and gave him a sign to follow me. went to some poor but clean room. everything was in the color of brown wood. waited but he never came.then woke up.
two days before that, I also had a similar dream. but there was a man with a child, with a son. and there he felt his sympathy for me. but the little son was jealous, and attracted attention by whims. father took him in his arms and calmed him.

met a girl I met! then she kicked me off, after which after some time they met and stayed together

I dreamed that I was introducing my girlfriend to a guy (another friend) then in the middle of the conversation we kissed.

saw the deceased aunt gave me a white headscarf, woke up and later saw a stranger to me that we fell in love

I was in a pink room, the furniture was white.A young man enters, insanely handsome, looks at me.I don’t know why all of a sudden, but I was sure that it was mutual love and that it would live forever.This man was unfamiliar to me.We ended up holding hands.

I dreamed that my friends and I went on a visit before my unknown boy, my bully in this gorgeous house, swam in the pool and here come people like me and we welcomed me. At the same time, I went to work with him in the corridor and went to the street to his apartment, and there, in my mind, we started to talk about everything, get lost in memory&# 187; yata yak mi held hand, tse bulo so cool. I don’t know in real life, I’m just memory&# 187; yatayu, in a new cari ochi.

I am dreaming of a boy who I really like for a long time, but he is dating another..I dream about how he hugs me, we talk to him.He says that all relationships with girls before me were bullshit..And the fact that he loves me

Hello. I had a dream about a girl. I fell in love with. And she also reciprocated. And we became a good couple.What is it for?:)

I am a girl, I dreamed that I fell in love with my best friend and all that, I fought for our love, since my mother was not happy.

I dreamed that two boys fell in love with me, one from the parallel class, and I don’t know the other at all. One boy from Parallel Oleg could not stand me before, but now he helps me looking at me more in love (it was like that in a dream), and another invited me to a pizzeria when we were on the bus.He also said like &# 171; I will arrange a date tender and sexy&# 187; I didn’t get it right then&# 8230;.

Good afternoon, my name is Dmitry, Recently I had a dream as I was going home from school with a friend.Then I met my friends and there was a girl I didn’t know with them.I went for a walk together and after a while an unknown girl said that she loved me and offered to meet.I agreed, but after a while (I don’t understand why) I left her.We still took a little walk and the girls went somewhere.Then I realized that I could not live without this unfamiliar girl and ran after her.Confessed his feelings.And she began to ask me like: Why did you ask me? But what about&# 8230;..Etc&# 8230;.In general, I fell in love in a dream.And I want to find this stranger.Will I find her or not? And why is it?

Well, I am with this person every day at work) he is very handsome and cute at my discretion)!I dreamed that he was courting me and it was so nice)) between us there was some kind of spark that is not there in reality)

It was night, I went to the kiosk in front of my house. I walked along the road to the kiosk. there were strange people around, but I did not pay attention to it. When I got to the kiosk, I thought for a long time what to buy. Something made me look across the road. I turned, there was a man, even more like a zombie. He looked at me and suddenly moved from place to approach me. He seemed familiar to me, besides, he was very handsome. He spoke:
&# 8212; I’ve been looking for you for a long time.
At first I didn’t understand whether he was or not. I was scared&# 8230;
Then I saw a wound on his shoulder, I realized that he needed help. After talking a little with him, I took him home. I don’t know why, but home to myself.
When we returned home, we sailed on a boat (although I walked to the kiosk on the asphalt). Entering the apartment, I put him on the bed and went to get the first-aid kit, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him and said:
&# 8212; I won’t let you go anymore.
These words were followed by a kiss.
And the dream is over.

After this dream, there was another. Also about zombies..

I dreamed of a pretty young man who looked very much like a real person to whom I have strong feelings in real life) We accidentally met our eyes and I instantly fall in love with this person. I only look into his eyes and understand that they are insanely beautiful.Then I wake up.

I beg you, please help me solve my dreams! The sequence and the dreams themselves are a little scary.

Dream on October 9.
My friend and I ended up in a very strange place. There was a cliff. And very dirty. I still have a thought in my head, the main thing is not to fall. Then the dream ends and I go to the cemetery. There is my funeral. I see a tombstone addressed to me. Then I talk to people who mourn me. And the very last moment I remember is burying my coffin open.

Dream on October 10.
In 2009, I had a dream that my grandfather came to pick me up in a red car so that I could go with him. I said that I need to say goodbye to everyone, he was waiting for me. But when I returned, he left. (And now a couple of days later I had a dream that we were standing with him near this car and talking. He tells me it’s time. Then we gradually move away from this car and he says: you cannot be here.

Dream on October 11.
I dreamed that there was supposedly one guy in a dream, he and I loved each other all our lives, he had a wife. I wanted to confess my feelings to him, but he died. What is it for?

My beloved girl with whom we live together fell in love with another guy, and wrote it down on the phone as something very cute, I don’t remember how. She herself did not admit that she fell in love with him and was still with me. What is it for

Hello, today I had a dream in which I fell in love with a girl!
And in reality, I have not felt such a feeling yet, I really want to find it in real life. It was like this, I was walking down the street with friends, then when we walked I noticed one very beautiful girl and I realized that she was my love. Friends said to go with her and get to know her, I went, when I approached her, she got on the bus and left, and I could only watch her leave, unable to catch up with her. I don’t remember anything further. What should I do and what does this dream mean?

dreamed of a young man (Buryats) well, not by chance, he starred in one of the films. I didn’t like him from the film. and then I have a dream that he comes to pick me up in his car and I myself ask you to kiss me. and he kisses. here we come to an unfamiliar place. I get out of the car and he drives away. by that time his brothers arrived. after a while I find out that all three cars (he and his 2 brothers) had an accident.the outcome of the accident was not clear. he was, as it were, with me, but he was also considered dead in an accident&# 8230;.

I dreamed about the one I love very much, but he does not. as if we were sitting in his dressing room on the couch hugging and kissing. then his mom came in

today in a dream I fell in love with a guy – (via the Internet I found out &# 8212; currently he is an actor Vladimir Yaglych) &# 8212; (Films &# 171; We are from the future, a family business&# 187;). I haven’t seen him before and I haven’t even heard. I have been married for 17 years, I have a daughter. My husband is fine.

Hello Tatiana.I dreamed that I was lying in a hostel on a bed with a very nice girl, and she confessed her love to me.She was very similar to my beloved.Soon she should arrive by the way.Yes, I loved her too.Then I went somewhere on my own business.Later I decided to come back to her.I call, and she asks they say you want to live in a hostel?I say yes.She replies that they are not allowed and offers to meet and just take a walk.She also said that if nothing works out, then she will have to no longer communicate.This was the end of my dream.Please tell me what he means?And in general, I very often have painfully strange dreams.Sometimes I even see the future.Proof of this is that déjà vu is often caught.

met a girl with a guy on the subway, that is, a couple! began to get to know her, the guy disappeared, went home without her, in real life I don’t get to know anyone, I’m modest, and even more so I won’t get to know a girl who has a boyfriend, I fell in love with her eyes very much, please tell Tatiana what me to do? by the way, she also introduced herself to me as Tatyana

I dreamed that I met a man’s eyes and I really liked him.I understand in a dream that our sympathy is mutual and he does not take his eyes off me.I know in a dream that he will invite me somewhere in the evening to continue dating.In a dream, it’s easy for me, well, I’m in love.

I fell in love with a girl for a long time, but she has a boyfriend, did not destroy the relationship, almost forgot about her, and then in a dream I fell in love with her with a new passion.

Tonight I dreamed that I was at a party with a friend (in our life he has very warm friendly relations). In a dream, we do not communicate with him as friends, we flirted and even kissed, then as if he went home and later called me and said I’ll come to you now . It is very strange that this is not the first time I have such dreams with his participation

A crowd of people (men) was chasing me and my friends. We were constantly hiding from them. In the end they found us&# 8230; also while we were hiding, I saved the sister of one of the men who was chasing us. At the end of a dream I fall in love with
this man

In a dream, two guys fell in love with me.They are the best friends in real life.I fell in love with one of them.We met near the club, but suddenly my mother came up and told him to find an older girl (he is 3 years older than me) He agreed, but on the condition that if he didn’t like him, he would return to me.

Hello! I’m a girl, I’m 16 years old.
On the night from Monday to Tuesday I had a dream. Everything happened in the theater. I watched the play with one of my friends. Later, about the middle of the show, came a boy who is in love with me. And he brought with him a friend who liked me very much too. This friend sat down next to me. We talked. And then he kissed me somehow.
And I still had a similar dream the day before. That is, on the night from Sunday to Monday.
What can these dreams mean?? Or is it just like that, without any meaning or meaning?

Hello, I had a very strange, adult, erotic dream. In general, I dreamed of sex with a classmate (he got up), not even, most likely he wanted it, he pushed me at the desk and did it excitingly, then as I remember, I see a picture of us holding hands, then the next day he does not pay attention to me in a dream and everything is over. I very often see prophetic dreams and it’s just very interesting what this dream means. In life, I somehow do not pay attention to him, I do not even communicate, because I am very shy and squeezed. As a result, I fell in love with him in a dream and I feel like it was real, and I automatically fell in love with him. That’s what it was I even hated him. And one thing is still not clear why my dreams are such that then when I wake up I feel I know and say that it was in reality not only in a dream, although on the contrary. This with every dream. My dreams are like my other life is real and these two halves are mixed and I cannot find answers to all these questions. I would be very grateful if you put me in a dream and in all other dreams.

i dreamed that I had mutual love with a classmate. In my life I have never been in love with him, we were friends. I don’t remember sex, but hugged and kissed. He was very gentle and I reciprocated

Then we went into this underground house (I knew the house very well, despite the fact that it was well, very long).We walked along the house 2 times, and on the way back we began to examine all the rooms with interest, we met his familiar gypsy woman, he talked to her and we went on. We passed the room where children are engaged in theatrical art, the room where there is a piano. And when we passed the library, I began to look at the books, then he came up and said that we would have a baby (the gypsy told him). I was shocked, did not know what to do: cry, get angry, run to have an abortion and how to tell my parents.
Then we were sitting in a room, when this gypsy with a friend came to visit (she herself is fat, and her friend is young and thin), we watched a movie. When the film ended, my beloved went out somewhere, I sat down on the bed with the gypsy (she ignored me) and asked what to do, how to turn my life for the better. She bent down to me, looked intently into my eyes, sat down in her previous position, turned her head away and was silent..

there was a third world war, a sunny day.I got caught. an American took me somewhere and mocked me. I was not fed American guy gave me bread on the sly. he fell in love with me and I with him.

In a dream, I first fell in love with one guy, but he refused me, then I left and met another and we fell in love at first sight

I dreamed that a stranger was sympathetic to me, he also attracts me, I kiss him, but the kiss is not mutual, he wants, but cannot be with me

my sister came to me and you went for a walk, that picture changed and I left school. near the school there were people very well known to me, my friends, acquaintances and those who used to teach in our school, including there was a guy named Slava, he was 4-5 years older than me, I got up not far from him, and then he hugged me, but I was acting like it should be! and then the picture changed again, this time my sister and I, who is a year and a half older than me, walked along the street, accompanied by Slava and another guy of about the same age as him

I dreamed that my brother died (dear) . I cried very much and vented myself all over, but I don’t know why, on the eve of sleep we didn’t quarrel. Once I also had a dream about his death, that he and I had an accident in a car, and he somehow hit his head on a stone . It worries me very much. I had my first dream recently, from Thursday to Friday. What does it mean?

Hello!That night I had a dream in which many of my friends were on a flash mob, and there was a girl I didn’t know, during almost the entire sleep we did not communicate&# 8230;
But by the end of this flash mob, everyone began to disperse, and my friend and I, and it was with that girl, went in the same direction &# 8212; towards the sea, and when she stopped, I asked &# 171; Why did you stop?&# 187;, she said she was expecting a friend.When a friend was already approaching, she took my hand and a kiss occurred between us&# 8230; And I fell in love with reality.
Question: I will still meet this girl in reality?

Hello, I had a very mystical incident &# 8212; even as a teenager, he fell in love with his classmate Daria Malikova .Who died through the fault of her father, being drunk, he took his daughter to the city, lost control and crashed into a pole at a speed of 120 km / h.
7 years after that, I had a dream where I met a girl named Daria in the same blue dress, we went for a walk with her, then there was dinner, I felt so good and pleasant to be with her.
BUT IT WAS ONLY A DREAM, it’s hard for me to talk about it, I’m in complete depression.I would give everything I have for this dream to come true and never stop.

the first time I met a girl in the company at the table, she herself began to show sympathy and in this she fell in love.and she had to leave and cried when they took her away from me

I dreamed that I was on the bus and the driver was constantly looking through the glass at me, well, I realized that he fell in love, then it was as if I was at the dacha, and he calls me on my cell phone and says that he liked me and wants to meet&# 8230; I hardly remember further

Hello&# 8230; I dreamed that I went to the store in the evening ..and in the store I saw a handsome guy who was looking at me &# 8230; our eyes met&# 8230;&# 8230; leaving the store he was waiting for me &# 8230;..apologizing to me, he said that something incomprehensible was happening inside him ..that he never had such a thing&# 8230;..and he walked me home&# 8230;..he walked along the road ..and said that he could not stop looking at me that he loved me

I got into a dark alley and met a girl, I wanted to meet her, but she threw me on the asphalt and she ran away, but I ran after her, but she hit me and I passed out. I woke up at her house with ice on my head, but then I realized that I was in the hospital .she wanted to leave, but I stopped her, she said that we will see you again and I passed out myself. Then I don’t remember what happened, but after that I ended up at my house, but after a while the bell rang in the apartment, I opened the door, she stood there, all wet and cold, because it was winter in the yard .she was in a short blue skirt with a yellow blouse . I wrapped her up and sat on the sofa and began to ask how she knew where I live .she asked why I asked her to stay in the same hospital.I explained to her that I was in love with her . I asked her name, her name was Anya. She was the same age as I-10.

I dreamed of an unknown girl, I loved her very much, I still remember every feature of her face, in a dream, unfortunately, she was dying when we talked, she took some object rubbed it about me and said that she knew that it was me, after that I said that I will soon come to her, that is, to the next world, what can this mean?will i meet her?why i see no reason to live until i find her?

I dreamed that I met a guy, he was very handsome, he took me by the hand and began to introduce me to everyone as his girlfriend, I fell in love with him very a dream everything was perfect, I would like the same thing to happen to me in real life.this dream is my dreams about what a guy should be, and what a relationship with him should be.

In short, some guy is trying to stick to me, I’m running away from him, I’m running to my 8th floor, everything starts to get dark, I’m beginning to be afraid for some reason, some kind of gratings appear on the stairwells anyway, I’m running, I’m turning into my staircase, I understand that there’s not my door, and then huyak alarm clock

I was walking on the street with my friends and with my boyfriend, then the hurricane started, the terrible wind prevented me from seeing. I looked at my friends, but they were nowhere to be found. I stood a little longer and ran to my entrance. I took the elevator for a very long time. Arriving home, I found my girlfriends and boyfriend at home. They talked about something with my parents. The guy hugged and kissed me. Then I went to see off my friends. One of them hugged and kissed my father. I got a little bit of Figela)

Good day:)
Today I had, probably the most beautiful dream) I don’t know if it is possible to fall in love with a person from a dream, but I fell in love)) I sit and comprehend all day, but partially the dream is forgotten: with
So, I describe the dream itself:
It was in the evening, I dreamed that I was leaving some building, and my boyfriend was walking towards me, he greeted me warmly, we went into the car, and drove to my parents, they live in another city, from a dream I remember that he brunette, about 180cm, was in a black shirt, in a black coat, in his appearance and car, it seemed to me that he was a businessman or something like that, we were driving, he was holding my hand, he exceeded the speed limit, I I asked him to drive quieter, in the end we did not reach his parents, he had to return to the city, I don’t remember what exactly happened, but I went further by taxi, came home and began to tell my mother how cool he is and how I love him , judging by the dream, we went to meet my parents. well that’s all, the dream ended and I woke up..I think his name was Andrey.I don’t remember exactly, but the name goes like this)
I really hope for your help)

I dreamed that my best friend and a girl with whom we were in a very bad relationship went on an excursion to the house of a man who both of these girls liked.First, he took the two of them to show his house, I did not go with them, then they returned and he called me to show, I refused to sleep, arguing that I was married, etc.,he said he just wants to show the building.The house is really very beautiful, just a little unfinished (interior decoration).In general, I am very interested with him, gradually I tell him that I am married and I have two children, he says that this is good.We understand that just during this time we fall in love with each other, we go down to our friend and this girl and he tells them that they can go.They immediately understand that he liked me and the girl with whom we are in a bad relationship begins to offend me, but he cuts her off and stands up for me.What’s the strangest thing is that I tell this to my husband and he says, well, if you like each other, then you can go to him, but I feel that I want this, that I fell in love with this man and he will accept me with the children.

I dreamed of a girl in love with, she was with a guy, but when he walked away she walked with me by the hand and friends were walking by, then we stopped and stood in an embrace, she kissed me on the cheek

I had a dream that beautiful boys came and I fell in love with one of them, they were a group, they sang and I considered how to get to know each other little by little and we began to meet

Hello ! I dreamed of a girl with whom I immediately fell in love. I have already seen this girl before. We walked with her and kissed. All the dream took place in the New Year. Tell me what it is for ?

I came to another city. And immediately he began to run away from the police, either in the city or in the forest. Then I ended up at my cousin’s house, but because I needed an apartment, she left. Her relatives stopped her and asked me: “You love her (as a girl, not a sister)?". I said I love and they gave us a new apartment. It had two rooms with low ceilings: one richly decorated, the other without renovation. Then I looked out the window and saw the sea and, in the distance on land, a ferris wheel. I looked the other way there, an oil worker looked into a hole (some piece of iron) with the help of a pig’s head, similar to a shell. I woke up

I dreamed that I fell in love with my boss, that I was jealous of him for other women, he is much older than me

I dreamed of a village I visit several times a year. I was in the house. guests came to us. A guy, his wife and two small children. I fell in love with this guy and he with me, everyone noticed this, but they did not tell us anything bad, even his wife went and smiled. I’ve never seen this guy anywhere before.

Hello, I’m 16 years old, my name is Artem, that’s what I dreamed about. There was some kind of party, apparently in the open air, because I felt cold, then a fight with a Kavim guy, later they offered me a drink, but I refuse, then a girl of about my height and age approaches me, she has a pleasant face and voice, we hardly spoke to her, but I felt that she liked her and for some reason needed. We walked for a long time in a large wooden, log house, very beautiful and neat, then she introduced me to some woman of about fifty, then we talked with this girl, very warmly, then I suddenly woke up

I dreamed that my friend and I were at the recreation center and there we met two girls. one of them was blonde the other brunette. I fell in love with a brunette. We liked each other and so I decided to confess my love to her, but she left

I met a guy in some kind of shopping center, before I had not seen him and the feelings for him were very strong, I almost flew with happiness.We began to climb a very high staircase somewhere.And, most interestingly, I saw myself as a different person.Clothes like a teenager, a very short skirt, high knee socks and long dark hair, and I have short blonde.

Well, I had a training session (in volleyball), I was changing my clothes and suddenly I heard a knock on the door and my girlfriend came in and said something to me that there was no one for training, she lay down on the opposite bed and called me to lie with her, I naturally did it.

Hello, I dreamed that the guy I saw on TV turned out to be from my area and I fell in love with him, while I already have a young man and I was rushing about and could not choose between them. Tell me what it can mean?


ended up at the dentist, he examined me, did not perform any procedures, and I looked at him and that’s it &# 8212; all day I go in love and in reality))

I dream about how I’m resting somewhere presumably on the sea, with my friends, then I go to the room to pick up one thing, and there are two ladies in the room, as a result, it turns out that we should already leave the rest, and she very much asks me to stay , she was very beautiful, blonde with blue eyes, then it happens that I start to meet my old friends in this dream who were not there initially and I do not support relations with these people, and I wake up in a cold sweat

I dreamed that I was resting with my friends on the beach, then I danced in some kind of cafe, with their acquaintance girl and I fell in love with her, despite my vices, she accepted me (although there are many vices), then the tsunami washes us all away and we turned out. on the road, where we catch a taxi and go to her house . She is the daughter of a rich father, possibly a bandit, according to the plan. But I loved her with all my soul, although I vaguely remember her appearance. How can I find it, please tell me, or is it just a figment of my fevered imagination? :

I dreamed that I was in love with a stranger who did not have beauty, but I was crazy about him in a dream. In my life I have not experienced such awe and love for a person whom I do not know.

Hello Tatyana, I dreamed about a girl and in a dream a relationship with her began, I remember I looked at her and she has blue eyes. I don’t know her in real life, but I saw her in real life.

I dreamed of my girlfriend with whom we went to rest in the mountains with her parents, and they constantly kept her with them. The girl herself wanted to see me, she often flirted (very beautiful) the name she did not say . all I remember

I don’t remember the dream itself, the plot itself. But the fact of my imminent death is about to happen &# 8212; I remember exactly. In general, they should have killed me, and it seems, I even knew when. But they didn’t kill because I woke up. I remember that I was going somewhere, all depressed, around nature, some kind of gloomy oppressive in dark colors. Then I somehow find myself under some kind of awning and someone attacks me, this someone looked like someone’s soul. T.e. he hugged me and we fell in love with each other, I experienced a very strange feeling, passion or excitement&# 8230; But I did not feel his hands, after he hugged him, this essence seemed to take off and instead of arms, wings. In a dream, I clearly realized that IT was somehow connected with that bandit who wants to kill me, but he did not kill, because he himself fell in love. Nonsense. When he hugged me, I wanted to become straight. What is it?

I dreamed that after school in the winter I was going home and suddenly I met a guy (at that moment he was probably new).I didn’t know what his name was, but in front of him I melted.Suddenly winter turned into summer.There were warm colors.We walked and were silent, he hugged me and I just forgot.We walked down the avenue .Suddenly I remembered that it was time for me to go home.I told him that I would go home.He smiled and walked away.I went all happy.This is where the dream ended.

Hello! My name is Anna, I am 31 years old, divorced, I have a 4 year old son, before writing, I did not watch any films at night. I had an unusual dream. To dream that I am on a small ship or yacht (it is not clear), I see a very clear sea, color, greenish-blue, transparent, everything was visible in the flesh to the stone. I am in a beautiful elegant dress, white or beige, I don’t remember it, there were a lot of people like a ball, all beautiful, smart, then I stand on the deck and a handsome man comes up to me. I fall in love with him, he turns out to be a Vampire. The vampire does not bite me, offers me long and eternal life. but I see myself at a loss, I think about my son, then the dream changes abruptly. My son is being stolen by evil vampires, and this beautiful Vampire with whom I am in love saves my son. Then the dream ends and I wake up. I recently met a man and it is not clear in our relationship, maybe this is somehow connected, some kind of warning? Please help me interpret this dream! Thank you in advance.

First I had a dream where I met this girl in some hotel. We were in love at first sight, fantastic feeling. Then I woke up and fell asleep again and had a second dream with this girl that we were at her house, even though I was an adult, but she looked about 17 years old. And they, her brother was there, could not use the Internet, their father beat them constantly. Then I woke up again and after a while fell asleep. I saw myself, I was clearly over 20. I go to the store and again I see this girl, but she did not remember me, but I remembered everything. Her father was a salesman in a store, and they don’t even know who they worked there. While her father was serving me, I went up to her and asked her her name, her name flew out of my head, she introduced herself and I abruptly remembered her brother’s name and called him, after my phrase &# 171; I don’t mean to sound crazy to you, but I know you&# 187;. In a minimal period of time, I told them that I knew about them in previous dreams, and at that moment their father began to call the psychiatric hospital, I immediately ran away and her father ran after me. I ran to my house and my sleep was interrupted.

I had such a dream. I really want to know what it can be.

This dream was strange, I once didn’t get stuck, but then I dreamed at first of some kind of outrage and she was there with my girlfriend and she was dubious, but then I don’t remember exactly what happened and this chaos was what my good friend by family had and we stood on his veranda then they saw my brother in uniform running forward to the next house with an outfit after which we helped him then met this same girl against Kator fought after which I decided to help her and brought her to my house I don’t remember but how it turned out that with my girlfriend I ran away, but I just didn’t understand very much in love with this one, and then when at the end of the dream we met she was with my friend, she began to explain something to me, but I told her that I was really happy for them, and with the other, I’m happy in the morning when I got up, I remember how we hugged her in the morning and it was really warm

In a dream, a girl was sitting on my lap, I kissed her neck, after that our feelings flared up (we really wanted each other). All day I can’t get this dream out of my head. I don’t remember her face, I just remember she had a very beautiful neck, and I remember her name, Olga.

A few days ago, I had a dream that I was falling in love with an unfamiliar teenager, and so in a dream it seemed as if I knew him, then we had sex . And on this the dream was interrupted. And today I dreamed, at first I did not understand what was happening, but then I looked at the railway, and under it the sea or a large river, and along it I walk with him, I turned to face him and for some reason I told him that I was pregnant , and he was delighted, then he jumped into the water near the shore, and I reached the end and sat down on the grass, then the action changes and I see that he, my girlfriend and my father sat down next to me and suddenly a train drove next to us, through for some time the trains were empty without wagons and my father crossed over it while he was driving and I followed him, others remained on the other side, we entered a building, there we sat on benches, then a man turned on a presentation or film on railway.And that’s where the dream ended.

Hello! I dreamed that I got a job in a good team. and there I met a man with whom I fell in love and he too!and it was very good together..and I myself am married

in a dream I met a guy, and somehow we immediately liked each other, and within an hour he decided that he would take me with him to his city, I told him that I could not, I have a boyfriend. Then, as if in a day I came to his apartment which he rented and agreed that I would go with him. Here’s a series turned out))

For 2 days in a row I dreamed of one I know a loved one, on the first day I dreamed that we went to rest in nature, and somehow everything got mixed up that we got into someone’s apartment, it was very large, and everything was there. sitting at the table, looking around I saw 3 of my friends, a dance teacher he was 21, a curator from the camp he was 23 and his friend was 24, my parents were still sitting nearby and it felt like they did not see them, at all. A friend of the curator approached me, the teacher began to be jealous of me from the dance, but then somehow everything calmed down, because my mother woke me up. The very next day after this dream, I dreamed of a continuation, it was somehow strange, I somehow ended up in school, we had a dance lesson, (although we don’t have them in real life at school), my friend was there, but she abruptly disappeared, the teacher said something that classes were canceled, we all went out into the corridor, I started rushing around the hall and went into some kind of class&# 8230; There was a bed, in general, it was like at home, and my mother was, saying that she was married to him (although this was not so), then in bewilderment I went out and went to another class, there was an English teacher with a girl, suspicious of she looked at me and said go away! Okay, I closed it, opened the next one, a friend of the curator was sitting at the last desk, he described himself so clearly in a dream and it was even surprising not to ask what he was doing in my shirt, sharply shifting his gaze to me, he wanted to say something, but I left because they called me , someone called me and evaporated, then I went into the classroom again and he was sitting there, I wound around the class because I had to pass something, I was interested: he is 24 years old, he came to school and sat down at the last desk, what did he forget there ? Moreover, it was my class, and I was surprised that he sat down next to me, because I especially sit at the last *

In reality, there is a guy who constantly looks at me, and today he dreamed of me offering me to divorce my husband and marry him, that he loves me, and I rode the bus with him

I dreamed of a classmate who starts to cry and I ask him,&# 187; what is?what’s happened?&# 187;, he tells me&# 187; I like you very much&# 187; what can it be, and in life he is cute to me

Hello.My dream was.It was day, sun, warmth, I’m about 20-23 years old.And returned home from school.And at the same time I was talking on the phone with my friend Eugenia.And I confessed my love to her on the phone.I told her how I fell in love with her for the first time.I fell in love with her in the 9th grade (and in fact) we met by chance when we were going home from school, then it was September, she is studying in a parallel class.In life I love her, but I don’t tell her about it.But now we do not communicate practically, about 6 months have passed since that moment. And then I had such a dream.Tell me is this a prophetic dream?

Hello! I dreamed that Sasha’s second cousin came (I had not seen him for about 25 years, he is from another city.We are 42 already) And I fell in love with him, hugged him.And he says, turn on the music and we will dance. Thanks in advance for your reply.

I dreamed that she was in love with me and I was in her.And I specifically met with another girl to make her jealous.

My friends and I went to the office where they had to settle down to work, then we approached a building where there were a lot of people around, there was a long staircase and a handsome man, I even envied my friends, and he said that he would not lift one of them (this I didn’t understand) took me in his arms and carried me down the stairs, then hugged me and talked to me, friends stood at the top and watched and I liked him so it felt like I fell in love with him, but he called me (Alya) although me wrong name .

My friend had an accident while moving. I approached and asked what kind of girl was sitting in the back? He said that he was moonlighting as a taxi driver (this is my best friend, and why I didn’t know that, I don’t know). I called the girl an ambulance. As a result, I ended up with her as if in another world. I fell in love with her.

Hello, I dreamed that I was in love with an unfamiliar girl, in a dream we were sitting on the couch and I told her about my feelings, stroked and kissed her hands and face. she kind of reciprocated. To be honest, I once did not even look into dream books, etc.) but it was painfully real, everything was the same as during the first love) I woke up happier than ever)) I wonder what it could mean.

Hello, I dreamed of my old friend in whom I once was in love for a long time, at the moment we have not communicated for a year. I dreamed he wants to marry me and for some reason I feel that he is doing all this for the sake of money, and knowing about this, for some reason I am still with him, and in a dream he met my own aunt, and my aunt liked him, because he saved her from misfortune. Something like this)

Hello Tatiana! It was a very vivid dream. Dreamed in the morning, right before waking up. The state is still this (feelings of joy, elation, even jubilation &# 8212; as in youth), as if it were in reality. I dreamed that I liked an unfamiliar young man, 28-30 years old (I felt myself in a dream at the same age), I do not remember under what circumstances this happened, but in a dream I knew for sure that I liked him. For some reason, I went to look for him with an unfamiliar girl (in a dream, as if with a friend), for some reason, in some old rural hospital, very decent in design (he probably worked there), by the way in reality I myself work in a hospital, though not in such a chic. We went to different rooms with her, we met different young people who paid attention to me, but I knew that this was not the same young man. We stopped in a hallway and began to look at the paintings on the wall. The door opened behind me, I felt on my back: IT IS HE. Feeling of joy&# 8230; embarrassment, fear, what if he is not interested in me (such a long-forgotten school mix of feelings&# 8230;). I turned around slowly, as if by chance. It was he! And HE was mine. I knew it for sure! But he did not come alone, with some unknown girl who, in front of my eyes, was already holding out her lips for a kiss&# 8230; He gently pushed her aside, saying &# 171; sorry&# 187;. He was good in his light linen suit&# 8230; on this sunny summer beautiful morning&# 8230; He hugged me by the shoulders, and we went somewhere to the river through the meadows, and could not stop talking, although the words were not important&# 8230; WE WERE TOGETHER. With this feeling, I woke up and have been walking for half a day. A very wonderful feeling, I want it to last forever. I really hope that the meaning of this dream will not spoil the impression of the dream itself&# 8230; Marina (53 years old).

I dreamed of a deceased official, he treated me courteously with love, held my hand, then took me to the station, bought a ticket, gave me 600 rubles, I sent him a kiss and left cheerful.

I dreamed of a guy who was pretty cute with whom I fell in love and as it turned out he was in love with me, it was like a stranger, waking up in the morning I felt the same feeling of love as in a dream

Once we rode with a friend in an elevator, there was an unfamiliar girl, very beautiful, then a moment, and we were already walking with her, together. We started dating, and it all happened as if 3-4 months had passed. This girl in my life is not familiar to me. I do not know what it was about, but I fell in love with a dream..

I had a dream from April 11 to April 12 on Easter that I fell in love I found a man whose man I wanted to be near we rode in a tram hugged kissing talked for travel paid in trifle he got a little change and then I swear with my ex-husband and the dream was interrupted

Fell in love in a dream, was happy, laughed, there was no intimacy, but I was happy with him, I never dreamed of it, it never happened in my life

Hello, in real life I have a boyfriend.
in a dream I walked to the house where we live with him and on the side of the road between the kiosks there was a guy and seemed to be playing some instrument. I do not remember exactly&# 8230; but when we saw each other, this feeling of falling in love was mutual. I understood that I have a boyfriend, but I went with him anyway. I don’t remember where and why, but this is the feeling that I experienced in a dream&# 8230; I woke up with this feeling and I just can’t forget.

krch I dreamed that a friend called me to some kind of game, we went either to the upper birch or somewhere, in general, to where the forest was and there was a restaurant and a hotel, then, we started to play, I got bored and I went to see the courtyard , I saw a piano there and started playing) then someone knocked me out and I woke up in what shed!my hands were tied..I lay there and cried!then you appeared and saved me, we started to run, but a large bunch of guys and men crowded at the entrance to the restaurant, you hid me behind the fence and yourself went to distract them, while you distracted them, I looked through the hole, but one guy from those who noticed me was involved in my abduction, he took me by the hair, and began to pull me out, I cried and begged him to let me go, and asked to climb over to me, when he climbed, I put my hands on his cheeks and started asking him to let me go, I cried a lot and he cried too, then he let me go and kissed..
from the very beginning when we arrived there I liked him, I had to be silent and due to the fact that I was interested in many things and was curious, they decided to remove me..and he felt sorry for me..

Hello! My name is Grigory, tonight I had a dream that I was sitting on the couch with a girl I did not know, who is about three years younger than me, I myself am 17 .I am in love with this girl very much and it is mutual, she is beautiful, neat, sweet (it seems blonde) . What does it mean? Thanks in advance for your reply!

I first dreamed about a boy, we took a walk together, he was very gentle to me, and at night we kissed and he became my boyfriend, he constantly said compliments and gave different flowers, and I’m only 13 years old.

I dreamed that I was at school again and we had a new one. I haven’t seen her anywhere in the real world. She was beautiful as a rose. And she sat down at my desk, and she was very strange. But I fell in love with her when I got to know her better. And then I woke up.

I am married and have a little son. even when I was pregnant I dreamed of a man in whom I was madly in love, he is beautiful like an angel, but I didn’t see his face, when my son was born, I began to see my beloved in a dream, his body, hands, touches brought to ecstasy, but I still didn’t see his face , so almost 2 years have passed, and recently, in a dream, I began to see the outlines of a face, and today I dreamed of our acquaintance and meeting, from the ghostly angelic light everything became like a reality meeting acquaintance flirting. what is this ? maybe I will meet someone I can love ?

ya tochno ne pomniu chto bilo no mne v nochale prisnilos&# 8217; chto ya bila beremennoi i postoyanno oberegala jivot, posle prisnilos&# 8217; shto ya vstretila molodogo cheloveka ochen priyatnogo i ryadom s nim ya sebya chuvstvovala v bezopasnosti i ne vajno kuda ya hodila ili bila vo sne on bil ryadom, lizo ego ya pomni neu mutomim i sam son . i ishe mne prisnilos&# 8217; shto ya podnemalas&# 8217; na livte i kogda otkrilis&# 8217; dveri livta tam vihod na ulizu a vihod bil ne prost tam bil utios i mne nuzhno bilo kakto s nego spuskatsya v konze ya spustilas&# 8217; blogopoluchna .

At first I played basketball on the playground, there I dreamed that a man fell from the roof and broke his head, then I walked with an unfamiliar girl and fell in love in a dream, then it started to rain (it was generally cloudy, clouds) and I went home, it was a lot of people, and 3-5 wolves came running and it was me who attacked and I woke up

My dream was mainly about my falling in love with my friend and it was mutual. In a dream, an ordinary day of my life was described, only with his participation in everything. The dream was warm and did not want to wake up.

I am in a dream, in a closed educational institution. I’m a first year and I don’t know anyone, and here he is, he just has his last year. The details of the acquaintance seemed to be missed, but we often began to walk, run into the city, I got to know his mother, and all the time I fell in love with him. It was like reality. If not for the police and they caught us and he would not be in jail. He was framed. And after that I woke up.

It all started with the fact that we somehow accidentally met near my house and I had the feeling that my classmate was in love with me for several seconds and we were already kissing, and then he suggested that we meet me as it is very strange because somehow I don’t communicate with him and I don’t like him . And so help me understand what this bullshit is

Hey. I dreamed of how I suddenly fell seriously in love with a girl with whom I was very hostile . In the course of sleep, she and I ended up in different places and in different companies, she introduced me to her parents, with whom I got along very well, but the dream ended with her and I starting to cross the river on an unfinished bridge, in the end we started go back, but instead of the usual bridge there were only steel ropes along which we walked back, but she suddenly stopped at the very end of the rope and did not go further, I was very scared for her and because of this I woke up.Please tell me what this dream means?Thank you in advance.

It described it like this.I have a new girlfriend.We went to school together in the summer for practice, and there was also my classmate with whom in real life I do not communicate very well, and in a dream we were friends.I dreamed of a very handsome guy.My friend and I flocked near the school, we knew him and communicated with him.So, we were standing near the school, he drove up in a red or blue car, talked to us and kissed me (passionately.) After that, this dream does not go out of my head.And the guy is very handsome, but in real life I did not see him at all.

Good night) I dreamed that my classmate fell in love with me) hug me, I don’t understand anything) my friends say, hug him too) I say yes I don’t like him) then we went somewhere and met my classmate. He grew long hair tied up in a ponytail) despite the fact that he was 20 years old, he had a 12-year-old daughter, I was surprised at this) very strange dream) I was pleased with the feeling that they fell in love with me) and that I was walking with a guy) since long without a relationship) and I want it to be, but with another guy) thanks)

I dreamed that I met a stranger, after which he will become a good friend&# 8230; I met with him a beautiful girl (with whom I do not know in real life), whom I fell in love with.

Hello, I have strange dreams all the time. Today I dreamed something unusual. I celebrated a holiday at an educational institution and went out into the street. A girl walked past the building, but then for some reason she came back and called to her. I went with her.
Then everything changed dramatically, a lot of time passed. Everything is rusted and abandoned. We walked for a long time to abandoned places and somehow we met a crowd of boys. The girl talked to them, as if she knew all her life, but I didn’t.
It was already night. I told them that I should go home. Of course, they agreed to accompany me, but only to the place where I met this girl. We walked near the school. They stood on the asphalt circle and began to dance the waltz, at least they must dance to get through this place. I didn’t because I thought it was stupid. I went along the road, and behind me they shout, they say, get out of the way, we have a bicycle race. I began to get confused, I did not understand anything what was happening, and most importantly, where I am?
And so we reached the educational institution. Before parting with their strange friends, someone took my hand and kissed me. I looked up and saw a boy with wide brown eyes, pale skin and brown hair. He whispered in my ear &# 171; i love you&# 187;.
I woke up and realized that I fell in love with this bastard, (for some reason it seemed to me so) created by me and all the delirium that I saw in my dream.
If you can, explain. I really want to know what my fate has in store for me.

I had a dream, in it I seemed to fall in love with a girl.Rather, it was mutual
It happened in the 16-17 century.As I remember now 🙂
The dream was not colorful.Dark tones and constant anxiety.Anxiety to lose her, I guess.I hugged her and didn’t want to let go.
There were also scenes of eroticism in the dream.

in general, I dreamed of a long-haired girl with white hair, she had a motorcycle and a cap. There was an inscription on the number and on the cap too, only I don’t remember what was written there, if you add these two inscriptions, you get a funny sentence. I was drawn to her all the time. At first she told me her name, but then she began to say a completely different name – Nastya, but I was still drawn to her, but she began to push me away and the alarm clock immediately rang.

Hello. my dream began with the fact that I was just walking home along the road I was accustomed to. I walked and looked around, everything was very interesting.: somewhere the children were playing, somewhere the dog was walking and then I noticed a boy behind me (blond hair, bangs to one side, about the same height as mine, big eyes) I immediately liked his appearance, but I decided to go where I was going. I noticed that he was with a camera and was taking pictures of everything around, including me. I wondered how I came out on the photo and with some kind of boldness that was not typical for me, I approached him and asked:&# 187; can be viewed?&# 187;. I looked and I really liked the pictures. he said:&# 187; turned out beautifully&# 187;. I smiled. I don’t remember how I found out his name, but his name was Cyril. the next day, which in an incomprehensible way in my dream began from the middle, I was walking with a friend on the playground. the site was unfamiliar to me, or quite partially. besides us there were other people, as well as our classmates. then there was another frame / picture in my dream. we sat on a big swing, shaped like a circle. in general, an ordinary swing for several people, which swings back and forth, only in size it was slightly larger than usual. me and my friend were sitting on one side of the swing, and for some reason Kirill was sitting on the friend was not familiar with him and did not even pay attention to him. but I immediately recognized him and I was very interested to know what he was doing here, but I never found out. I looked at him and smiled. I remember he was already very nice to me and I fell in love with him. he answered me in the same way and timidly looking straight at me smiled. He liked me too, somehow I realized it. I sat down next to him and put my head on his shoulder. I felt such warmth, it was very nice. I heard familiar voices and realized that my classmates were somewhere nearby and raised my head. they were talking about something with each other right next to us. I don’t remember the end of the dream, but I remember that Kirill told me that he was in love with me and I told him the same. (I am 14)

Hello, I dreamed of 3 unfamiliar men, one of them loved me like a future, and I was in love with the second, he kind of reciprocated me, but in the end it turned out that he didn’t love him, then they killed him and they wanted to kill me and the second men too.and in general was left with nothing.thank you in advance

I dreamed that my friends and I decided to joke and called a completely unfamiliar number. The guy picked up the phone. I don’t remember the details of the conversation.
Then it turned out that we are on the same beach near the river. Naturally they (he and his friends) noticed us. They rushed to catch up with us. My friend and I quickly dived into the water, they followed us.Skillfully dodging, we managed to stop for a moment to rest. At that moment, we noticed that the guy himself, whom we called, was standing and watching, and next to him was another friend.
A couple of insolent shouts from my side and both of them rushed after. They dived under the water and swam under us. Miraculously, I managed to raise my legs in time and swim slightly. Then they surface, turn around and swim towards us. We try to swim away on our backs as far as possible. Naturally they caught us.I got caught by a friend of the guy we called. Actually, later it was he who would become the object of my sympathy.
Then everything is somehow in a fog. I remember that somehow I met all his friends on the beach.
I remember how he makes a fire so that I do not freeze and for the same reason hugs me. Then he took it to his tent and covered it with blankets. We talked for a long time, and then he invited me for a date. At that time, I still didn’t like him and I refused and asked when he would finally let me go.
The guy brazenly said that I would have to answer for my wrongdoing and therefore I simply had to go on a date with him. It’s clear that I had no choice.
Then he said he needed to leave. His friend came in. I don’t remember how we met, I know that we became friends.(this was not the dude we called.) He asked if I agreed. I answered.
Then he said that the guy is a surfer (my brain gave out a picture), and that he has a dog named Legend. She brings him good luck.
Because of me, this dog will either lose this ability, or die.
Then this overwhelming feeling of the loss of something important appeared. I realized that I needed this guy and that I didn’t want him to die.
And then I woke up feeling like he really died.

Hello. I do not remember the beginning of the dream, I remember that I ended up in some kind of castle or its ruins, there was a battle, two armies, then I ended up at the edge of the floor and had to jump, I fell into the hands of one of the soldiers, I remember that his face suddenly took such a gentle expression. Then this dream is interrupted. I go somewhere, turn around, and next to me this guy takes my hand and we find ourselves at his house, I somehow quarreled with his mother, then we wanted to have sex but there was no protection, I pulled him to the store , but instead we got on a tram that was going abroad, we paid for the fare, then we drove and hugged and that’s all, then woke up

I dreamed of an unfamiliar guy and we fell in love with each other, and it so happened that we lived very close, we talked, there were his girlfriends and friends, at the end he kissed me&# 8230;

I dreamed I was looking at a girl and her mother was sitting next to the little girl and she says that I fell in love well, she is getting married, we have nothing to fail and she replies that she also fell in love with me very much

I had a dream today in which I met a porno, we were in love. for some reason it seemed to me that he could die, so I protected him, before I had never seen this young man, but he dreamed so that studying in my class, in general, I just can’t forget this dream, I feel a feeling of love

I dreamed of vladmir yaglych and dmitry nagiyev.I dreamed about them when I watched episode 1 &# 171; family business&# 187; (Vladimir Yaglych starred in this comedy.Nagiyev was NOT there) please answer. Why such a dream .

I dreamed of a beautiful girl of 16-18 years old with whom I immediately fell in love and could not forget all day and wanted to find her what this dream was about?I am only 14 years old!!

i dreamed that I met a girl, fell in love with her and carried her in my arms to my grandmother’s apartment and laid there to rest. she had a cousin with her. and for some reason I told her that &# 171; was gay and dated his friend, but when he met her, he fell in love right away&# 187;. while carrying her in my arms, we talked, I really liked that I carry her in my arms, even to my grandmother’s home and without sex.

For several days in a row, I dream of my ex-girlfriend with whom we communicated well a couple of years ago. Now for a couple of days in a row I have dreams with her participation and that she fell in love with me. What is it for?

I met a beautiful girl, whom I had never met or seen before, I fell in love, met her and everything got to the point that we started dating, I don’t have a girlfriend and I didn’t have a girlfriend, EXPLAIN WHAT I HAVE DREAMED THIS DREAM!

I dreamed that a friend fell in love with me and I got pregnant from him and in this dream he told me that they haunted me, you forgive me of course for these words, but the fate of the campaign did not bring us in vain !

I fell in love with a girl I don’t know in reality. But in a dream we knew each other. and for some reason we got close . we liked each other and we kissed . then we decided to retire and find a secluded place so that no one interfered with us . Next, we started the search . we did not walk but flew over us so many beautiful places were but it was crowded and we continued to look for a lot of greenery, it was bright and colorful in a dream . from a height, incredible beautiful landscapes gave us a view. we finally found a place. I don’t know why, but I chose a place so it looked like a cave at the same time it looked very cozy and deserted very high on a rock in the mountains. when I flew into this place, I somehow did not touch myself a lot along the edges of this cave, it seemed narrow, she exclaimed oh my God from fright from the fact that I flew there so . I reassured her immediately said that everything is fine, don’t worry. then after a while we heard some kind of noise and approached by this noise to the place of its origin and there we found that we were not alone. there were some kind of creatures, I do not know such in nature at all. they walked as if they were looking for something . we hid with her just in case and hid . then this creature began to sniff out . and saw us . at that moment he grabbed her and ran to the exit, that creature rushed after us, I didn’t know what to do out of fear and crawled along the cliff in the place with her clinging to the holes of the flat wall there weren’t many of these holes, but I could hardly hold on to them, I didn’t I stood on the abyss for a long time, I was seized with panic that now I will break with her . I was more afraid for her than for hands were already slipping and decided all the same come what may and began to crawl back to this cave and when I climbed, this creature was not there .and her, too, she fell off while I clung to the holes in the wall . in my hands there was only some kind of chain with a brick on it there was another asterisk . I looked at this chain and I understood what had happened I started crying so much that I had never felt so lost and broken before. from this cry, I woke up in real life with tears, tears poured out of a bucket. this is the first time this happens to me like this I never dreamed of.

I came to visit with my parents, there was one girl (very cute and beautiful) she talked about something with her father so that he would not say anything, I don’t know why, but I asked her&# 187; you are a succubus?&# 187; she replied &# 171; no, I’m ranked less&# 187; for some reason, I immediately thought that she was an imp, the next shot was such that I was running after my father, I caught up and stopped, I took her away from my father, he became a vampire, I somehow had an aspen stick in my hand, I split (did not break) it into two sticks, I take in the manner of daggers and my father rushes at us and attacks them, then I woke up, but after a while I remembered this girl again and realized that I really liked her

I had a dream today, in which I met a guy (unfamiliar to me in life) immediately fell in love with him and it was mutual, then he took me to the entrance, we went into the entrance and kissed in the bright light, the dream was pleasant, but I don’t understand to what is he.

I dreamed that I fell in love with a girl who came up to me. She said I have beautiful eyes.
Then we just lay on the bed holding hands.

Hello Tatiana. I dreamed as if I fell in love and love was mutual. he was perfect: tall, slender, brown eyes, blonde hair&# 8230; I saw him very clearly in a dream. he hugged me and did not want to let go and in his arms I felt the safest of all. it was so calm with him. I woke up and began to choke. I fell in love with him so much that I can’t help but miss him in everyday life. it makes me hard. and such a dream is not the first. there were about 15 dreams. his appearance changed with every dream. all dreams are in warm colors and calm atmosphere. except the last. dreamed of some kind of zombie. what is all this for?

I went on a bus, most likely to a sports camp. I went inside, saw a place next to her, sat down. Somehow he joked and communication began, then the action on the street was already abrupt, I hold her hand and ask her interests. It turns out that we have absolutely the same passion for muses. group. I clearly remember the touch on her hand. That’s all)

I dreamed about a guy he was younger than me, but we fell in love with each other, he was dark, I was drawn to him, but he lived as if far from me, but we met on some kind of trip and we had a common friend from my city, but at the same time I subconsciously knew that I have a boyfriend at home, then we didn’t even say goodbye and we already went to the sea with another friend, but there I also thought about him, and before meeting him I dreamed of what kind of people with machine guns

I was running away from family. Then he came to the village. A 15-year-old girl who gave birth to a child came to the house there and the child was not around and she lost her memory before the child was born she does not remember the past and I fell in love with beauty) something like that)

I dreamed about a guy, and I have a feeling that I once saw him before. In a dream I called him Sergei. But he asked me to call him something else, and I did not hear exactly how. In a dream, he and I were in a bad relationship at the beginning, he kind of offended me and joked about me. But later, apparently, I gave him a rebuff, and moreover, a strong. I beat him. And later he wrote to me on the social network, they say, he didn’t want it to be that way, and joked at me because he loved. And we began to communicate well, he even began to show me the tricks he likes to do, and complimented me on my hobby. And I woke up. I saw pieces of this dream all night. I fell asleep and saw its continuation. How bitter it was to know that this was only a dream.

I dreamed that I met a man, fell in love with him .And in a dream, I realized that this is the same person, that same second half, that together we will definitely live happily ever after.Then a large black spider appeared in a dream, which I was very scared of and brought by my ex.But the spider turned out to be not dangerous, and then the spider turned into a big black cat.

I dreamed that there is a beautiful adult son (in fact, two daughters), and in a dream I fell in love with him as a man, realizing that this was wrong, I could not do anything about it. We walked, talked, I told him that I do not feel other men, but I feel that he &# 171; mine&# 187;. At the end of the dream he kissed me.

i dreamed that he met a guy 2 years younger than me, he looked after me beautifully, although in a dream I remembered that I have a boyfriend

I dreamed that I met a girl, she was decorated with different colors, we were standing on the road near the intersection and we did not want to let each other go.

i dreamed that a girl fell in love with me, clung to me sitting on my back, hugging my chest with her arms, I don’t know the girl in real life
, then I went away in a dream for a while, somewhere on business, but on a subconscious level I knew that she was waiting for me, when I returned, I went to messages, she wrote to me, I answered something, sort of like &# 171; i go&# 187;. And that’s where my dream ended

I’m on the train past Ukraine, I serve on the train, I meet a guy, but another guy was sitting in front of him when he saw a Ukrainian he runs away, and I’m just hiding under the hood! This guy tells me, and you are not one of the shy ones! I am silent, I understand that they are all freaks and Russia cannot communicate with Ukraine! And then he takes my hand, I don’t know what to do! He was about to get off the train, I decided to give him a number, I take out 50 rubles and write the number on them, he does not come out, takes them and kisses so that I completely and without turning fall in love!

I was carrying some things.there were several people about me, I took off talking about girls, but then I saw a red-haired girl, at that moment my heart began to beat faster in reality, and my sleep seemed to slow down, then she got on some kind of bus and left.I had such an impression that she is some kind of tourist in our country.

Today I dreamed that I fell in love for the first time. In reality, I never fell in love like in a dream. She was a very beautiful girl (blonde of medium height). We crossed paths with her in the hospital (how I got there &# 8212; I don’t know, but I only know: I didn’t lie there and didn’t get treatment). I looked at her and saw how sad she was. She was wearing a white and yellowish dress. I saw her looking at me, from the pontoon &# 171; take me&# 187;. I couldn’t do anything &# 8212; I was in a hurry somewhere, but I promised myself that I would definitely return to her.
I fast forward the dream, since I don’t remember what happened in between.
Then I kind of found a doctor and asked who this girl was&# 8230; He answered me something&# 8230; Then I give him a walkie-talkie and ask him to take it to the girl. &# 8230; DON’T REMEMBER&# 8230;. We talked on the radio, she had such a pleasant voice. After a while, I again decided to talk to her on the radio, but it didn’t work out, my beloved disappeared! I went to look for her&# 8230; She was no longer in the hospital, I didn’t know what to do. Then I go to some store. The crowd pressed me against the wall with a door and at that very moment I saw her. She stood and looked at me. But she was not alone, but with her parents. I wanted to propose to her, but I was pressed against the door&# 8230;. The people kept going out and going out. Again I looked in the direction where she was standing, but neither she nor her parents were there anymore. I realized I lost love, lost all the meaning of life.
Woke up.

I went to the hospital with my parents, there I had a fight with him, but I met and fell in love with a girl whom I do not remember at all . I remember that we hugged often and she touched me often . Then, unexpectedly, she left us in the hospital and Ochemu then the hospital had a skating rink on which we were with her for the last time

I dreamed about how I entered an institution where my acquaintance is studying, who is 7-8 years older than me. And somehow it turns out that we start dating. But, naturally, before that she began to feel in love with him. We were everywhere with him, many of my other acquaintances and friends saw us and were surprised. And I was happy. But the dream was dominated by night, rather than day or other times of the day. And I was a little worried because.To. felt out of place. Everything seems to be fine, but something is not right.

I rode with a friend in the car and we drove up to the store, just no, but it doesn’t matter, I think. And then we saw a couple of girls about our age, for some reason I immediately noticed one of them and we got into a conversation, after which we got into the car with her and I immediately confessed to her that she had a very beautiful eye color. In the car, she tore off a piece of paper on which she wrote her number and asked to call later. And the whole point is that we were abroad, something like a vacation in the country, but in another country, and as I understood it from this country. I turned the leaf over, there was an inscription in English. tongue and I asked her what it means, she answered- &# 171; Love forever&# 187;. It was clear from a dream that we were both aware of the fact that we would part ways and would not see each other for a long time. After that I walked her to the store where her friend was standing and she (that girl did not name the whole dream) kissed me and left with her friend. Then in a dream I tried to dial the number, but I could not see it and they woke me up besides. I also remember that she spoke to me in Russian but with an accent, I asked how she knows Russian, to which she replied that there are many Russians living where she lives.
I really want to know what it means, thank you in advance!

I dream that I saw him, and at first I was embarrassed, and then I had to save my friend in the forest and before I left to help my friend, I kissed him thereby realizing that I loved him without memory

We were sitting in a bar, I somehow started our conversation, started talking, laughing, later I took her hand and she took me with both hands (it was like in reality) then she said that she had to leave, for some reason I thought that I was out of the country or city.Then I and her friends (split) and began to catch up with her. I catch up with her in some supermarket, she ran to the second floor, I almost caught up with her, I see that she said something on the phone and a tear came from her, and she disappeared. A little later, I yearn and walk around the district, friends try to cheer me up but it doesn’t work out, then I wanted to go to that supermarket again, to the same second floor and look at the dressing gown, I ran to her, she smiled and kissed her on the cheek (as she started kissing me, the emoticon plate flew out and those emoticons that were responsible for the kiss became larger). I was happy. Then I wake up and she is not there, I want to cry. If that black hair was very beautiful. Will I meet her in life? (She was older than me, maybe in the future there are chances?) And yes, it was mom’s friend, only in real life there is no such friend.Thanks in advance for your reply.

Saw the girl &# 8212; a classmate I liked when I was in school. It started like this. I’m standing, she came out of a building and went down the stairs. Then he thrust his hand into me. I held and kissed her on the lips. Then she gave me a file in my hand. It was written there &# 171; And Happy New Year everyone&# 187; and holding my hand hurried to enter the building. As I understand it, there was some kind of event and we were leading. We went on stage and she started talking like &# 171; Hello, our dear viewers&# 187; and then I spoke &# 171; And Happy New Year to everyone&# 187; then everyone laughed. I looked it up and it is written. Everyone in the hall shouted Happy Our Year. And I realized that all my classmates were there. I guess it was our tenth year of graduation. Then I went outside and went down the stairs. After she came out, and when she came down from the stairs, someone shot and wounded her. I held her. Then he looked into her toes. It seemed to me that his two big toes were consumed and then when I looked intently they began to separate. She said &# 171; Everything is restored&# 187;. And woke up. I very rarely have dreams. Graduated from high school only this year. And I can’t forget about him.

i dreamed that I was asked to take some kind of box and while walking with it I met two girls and met them. Moving on together we talked and laughed and I really liked one of them. at the end of the way I asked her for a phone number to which she answered. that does not give the phone to little familiar people with boxes, then I offered to write down mine to her, and added if she liked me so that she would call. she wrote it down and immediately called me looking into my eyes! and then I realized that I fell in love. then when I came home I changed my clothes and waited for her to visit and she came&# 8230;&# 8230;. I don’t remember further

I dreamed that I was in some kind of TV show that looked like house2, everyone was in pairs and I fell in love with a person who reciprocated me, we walked everywhere together, hugged, took care of each other, but when we saw couples again (like the show house 2 was) we pretended not to know each other, but all of us got bored anyway.

Had a dream: beautiful quiet sea. Sunny, blue paints. And we walk by the hand with the guy (whom I fell in love with). At the same time, I am very pleased with him. (I don’t have a boyfriend). And in a dream I tell him that I have dreamed all my life about love and the place where we are now. And he tells me that all my dreams have come true and we will now live here together. At the same time, I fell deeply in love with him and he with me. At the end of the dream we were at work together, we worked together . He tells me &# 8212; I can’t live without you. At the end of my dream, I find a beautiful silver pendant with a blue cat’s eye. I feel very well.

I came to the carote competition and met her, I fell in love with her and she, too, then again got into trouble and I met her again and if I invited her as a friend in vkantakte

Today I dreamed of a very beautiful girl, whom I fell in love with at first sight, and still cannot forget, a brunette girl with a short haircut, a very beautiful figure.

Fell in love at first sight (mutually) with a stranger, we kissed with him, I remember his eyes well, brown are very beautiful, strong feelings of happiness were in a dream

met a stranger, we talked with her as if we knew each other, I fell in love, we were walking
where will I go there and she followed me

I was in some kind of room with my classmates and there was a man with us, he constantly shouted at us, he was beautiful, nevo constantly had blood, more precisely, wounded in the chest and could not help him, I had a lot of tattoos on my body (flowers are yellow with red, some kind of vase-shaped figure, an owl) I was in green shorts and a T-shirt, I remember that I loved him very much I don’t remember anything else&# 8230;.

I dreamed today that a good acquaintance introduces me to a guy and says: – like he dries so much for you, talk to him.. but he is not comfortable with shame.. I sympathize with him (that he was so framed) I come up saying they say do not worry, everything is fine&# 8230; we are talking&# 8230; and I feel that he really loves me.. and I was filled with this feeling&# 8230; woke up feeling in love)))

I was in the camp. And all this time that I was in the camp, someone who clearly likes me was looking at me. What is it for?

Hello, I had a dream that a guy was courting me and fell in love with me, but I didn’t love him and didn’t feel anything, and walked with other guys, and then when my reputation slightly deteriorated, this guy stopped loving me, and I fell in love with him, I cried and said that I wanted to be with him said stay with me, he stayed with me and I kissed him and I was very pleased. But then he went for a walk with a friend with other girls, and I cried, he talked to a friend how beautiful they are, I was hurt and hurt.

I fell in love with a girl named Nastya, in fact, I am a lesbian I myself have a girlfriend for 2 years, but that girl in a dream was the exact opposite, the blonde is tall and gentle, while my redhead sometimes yells at me and below 170 cm. I kissed the girl first, we sat on the couch that is in my girlfriend’s apartment. then it so happened that I did not call her, Nastya began to lose weight a lot and did not eat anything at all, her twin sister told me this. A little later, I wrote her an SMS about what she would eat, and the next day her older sister told me that Nastya was on the mend. When I woke up I thought about this dream over and over again and tried to force myself to fall asleep, just to see her face again&# 8230;

My grandmother sent me to the store at night, but I went to the store and started washing my hair there, when I started washing my hair there were dumplings, I washed off my hair and started asking passers-by if you like my hair, and there was such a handsome boy, and he said gorgeous hair, and it was winter outside, he started putting on a jacket for me and said come on, I’ll take you home, I said come on, he escorted me and went to his home, but there was an ice cream stall next to my house and he said wait near my entrance, I nodded my head, I ran for some reason in the circle of the stall and I almost fell, but he caught me, and said more accurately, then we went to him, and his mother was there and he began to introduce me to her, then there my boyfriend’s sister came at the moment, and began to say, like a fine fellow, that she left this Tyoma, and Tyoma is my young man in reality, well, she told me this,and at that moment a huge pimple crawled out on my right temple, I put on a hat, and he went to see me off, when we walked he hugged me and took out chewing gum, he ate it and gave it to me, well, that is, as he put it in my mouth, and we kissed him, but I really liked him, but I don’t even know his name, and in my life I have never seen him.
Why did I have such a dream, I am insanely wondering why I am dreaming of another boy who I really like, and although in reality I have a young man.

I dreamed about a guy I hadn’t seen before. Came to me with a bouquet of roses and wanted to meet my parents.(before that, he wrote to me on the Internet, but I did not want to answer, because I did not know him). Said my sister told me everything about me and he wanted to date me. Then we went for a walk with him. And I fell in love with him

I dreamed of a guy whom I had never seen in reality, but I fell very much in love&# 8230; he dreamed that he transferred to our school, to our class. At first I even pretended not to pay attention. But I looked at him anyway.
I don’t know what this dream is for&# 8230; yesterday I learned that he was ill with lung replacement

I dreamed that I woke up with a boy with whom I communicate for a very long time, it was at my house, my mother came, I had a fight with her, she ran over that I slept with him, although we had nothing, then I spent 3 days with him, just fell in love in a dream like a fool, but she is from another country (
he came to me and left

For the second day I have been dreaming about a guy, very nice looking. met at my college, he began to look after me, later I fell in love. with all this, he looks like a boy from our college, but I saw him only once

Hello Tatiana! I dreamed of an unfamiliar man on the night of January 7. He treated the stone warmly in a dream. But then in reality I saw him. Why did this dream?

I dreamed that I was flocking in the field, I see some girl of my age was sitting and I came up and sat down next to her, she looked like my classmate, but I didn’t really understand who it was. Time flew by in a second, I fell in love with her, she went through the clearing towards the forest, I stayed where I was, and then followed her, she was already near the forest and I was in the middle of the clearing. I went into the forest and saw the roofing felts temple roofing felts kakuetaa deep and overgrown with vines building, I fell in it and after I wandered in the building I met an adult woman and asked her who this girl was she understood and said that she (the girl) had died 25 years ago. But the woman was like a zombie. I somehow got out of the building and met her, the girl she was standing in the clearing, beautifully dressed, I ran up to her and hugged her.I was grabbed by the police as soon as I ran out onto the track that appeared in the forest, I got out of the car and ran along it very far at the end of the track there was a sharp hill and I heard the girl’s voice from all sides she asked for help and save me from something I started climbing on the hill but suddenly woke up from fright, although I was wondering that on the hill after sleep I had a feeling of falling in love with a classmate, although I did not love her

I came to my grandmother, there were a lot of guests and I saw 2 beautiful boys there and fell in love . They started to be friends with me and it was already beating in their eyes that they had fallen in love with me, and then I realized that I had fallen in love with them .

In a dream, I came to the dentist, looking at each other, we fell in love, he was older than me, but it did not scare me at all, but my boyfriend was always in my head even in a dream, I could not figure out what to do, and the dream ended

I dreamed of a girl I didn’t know, but I loved her. She cheated on me with a friend who stole my phone (about the phone &# 8212; it was actually) I beat this man, and took the girl with me. Then I immediately woke up.

Hello, I dream of an unfamiliar guy, we are in love with each other, I feel so good with him that I don’t want to wake up and I still want to be with him. He has a pleasant face, handsome, he is tall, but I don’t know the name, or rather he tells me and I don’t ask him, I don’t address him by name, no matter how we are together and we don’t need anything. And I have had such dreams for a long time, I won’t say that every day, but once a week I see him, and it happens that a stranger changes, however, even if they change, I don’t know their names, surnames, I’m just fine with him. When such dreams began, I thought that soon he would appear in my life, I was waiting for him, I thought that I just had to wait and all at least someone and a new person would appear, but no, but I dream and dream about him. I don’t know what to do, I want to see him in a dream, I want to love and feel it.Does this all mean that I will meet someone in real life,? Or is it just my fantasy, my dreams, maybe I need to react more calmly to dreams, calm down. If you can answer my dream, decipher it, thank you very much, it will be my pleasure to know!

My sister went to a club in a building that looked like a church.I was sitting on the stairs and a guy comes up to me and sticks to me, I pushed off, but then when I left I fell in love with him and then we started dating..We met and I woke up.

I was at someone’s house and fell in love with their daughter, she was about 20 years old. After a while, I could not stand it and confessed to everyone that I loved.she parents said that she had big requests, but I could not be stopped.for me she was the ideal of female a dream I tried to remember her name but could not. Very pleasant dream.

Well, I grew up as a boy. There my friend and I climbed the stairs . And there was a girl behind, she slipped and almost fell, I caught her and we fell together.Of course it hurt, but for me, not for her.She thanked me and kept looking back to look at me .But when she saw that I was looking at her too, she immediately turned away.Well, then when we grew up I already started dating her . We then ran through the banks . Jumped on chairs . Well, then when I completely fell in love with her, I could not confess to her that I loved her. And then I decided to give her gifts, but for some reason she did not smile. And when I looked at her, I realized that she had a different one, although she only met him today. Well then I realized that this is my friend when I turned around. But I don’t understand one thing, she continued to love me. I asked her what her name is ? She said: Robe (emphasis is on and) . I was surprised here ! My friend pushed me down the stairs and then we got into a fight . But the Mantle calmed us down and we ran away . While my friend was resting, he caught his breath and then ran after us. He was fast but could not catch up with us because there were three streets in front of him. I stopped near her house and kissed her on the cheek. Then I confessed my love to her and went to look for a friend, but as soon as I found him, he blasted me with a large tree trunk, I jumped 2 meters and fell . I saw that he had two piston barrels in his hands. He said put . I got up and we went to Matnia. She got scared and told him to drop the pistols . But I aimed the guns at her and I was able to seize the chance and tripped him, then I began to beat him. She realized that he did not love her and picked me up from him and we went to my house. Mom and Dad were surprised that I just found a girl. But I explained that it was me who had run away from home since childhood and we ran together. They understood . And this is the end what does it mean will it be real? Please tell me, although I saw her in reality . Please give me an answer .

sat at the table with a young couple. discussed something. And suddenly I realize that I like the guy. And I perfectly understand that next to him is his wife. We sat talking, I really wanted to touch him. At some point I went out, he followed me. Pressed against the wall and kissed.Then, during my sleep, I met with them, they were always together, but he took a moment to be with me and kiss. Woke up like it really was. The mood is super.

I lived quietly, and then a guy appeared, I somehow ended up at his house, and he drank tea with friends, I was cleaning, at that moment I was already in love with him, Some woman appeared, she wanted to kill me, I was with my friends ran away from her, in my opinion it was his mother, she was a witch, later I made friends with her and she disappeared, this guy and I had a daughter, I also disappeared for a while, he was looking for me, and one day he did something, and I appeared next to his house, with my daughter, we hugged, hugged for a long time, and he took our daughter in his arms, all the end of the dream.

in a dream I had a new company, in reality I did not communicate with such people.they dress in dark clothes, there are some leather things, girls have lace gloves and more. like to rest and use light relaxing substances. but not drugs. at one of these meetings, three guys came to us. they weren’t there before. and I liked one. he also paid attention. they sat down with us. the guy sat down next to me. when we parted, I kissed him. then, as if in a dream, not much time passed. we have a relationship with him. and then one evening my girlfriend and I were walking and dancing somewhere. but then suddenly we saw the police and began to quickly go somewhere. they followed us only from the opposite side of the street. then we climbed somewhere to hide and realized that we had climbed into some kind of store, and then our friends and my boyfriend appeared. they began to pull us out and we started to leave as cops appeared and started shooting . the guys followed us and started shooting back. my boyfriend was hurt. we stopped, I went up to him, but he said leave and kissed goodbye. a couple of friends stayed with him. and the rest took me and my girlfriend away.
this is how the dream ended

I dreamed about how I met a girl, she was as if all white on a gray background of everything, everything was gray except for her. I seemed to have lost my head, I wanted to be next to her, and so I lay down with her, hugged her and that’s it.

They give me a key and tell me to hide it at home, they say that a thief will come.I hid, caught the thief, but began to harbor warm feelings for him.It looks like it’s made of marshmallows, a little impudent, charming, but so warm that I didn’t want to let it go .We hugged with him, but without kissing, we were pleased to be together.(all this happens at home) I decided to hide the key.Then I took the handcuffs and put it on one hand (he said that he understands perfectly well that it should be so) we went to a smaller room, I chained him to the leg of the bed, although I knew perfectly well that he could pick it up and pull out the handcuff, I did it so that it was convenient for him. And I was so upset that I needed to chain him that I almost burst into tears and we hugged, very tenderly.

I dreamed that I was meeting a stranger in a dream, and after our cheeks touched, I felt that we loved each other very much.
In this dream, I have a former lover, although in reality I do not know him. He comes home, wants to kiss, and I push him away, and my new lover stands up for me. Then the rejected turns into a monster like Spider-Man, but vicious. Little of &# 8212; he turns into invisible, and from him comes the threat.
Then my new lover, who turns out to be a military man, wears a thermal imaging suit to find the rejected invisible monster in it and save us.

In real life, I am not fond of reading or watching books and films with similar plots.

Hey. Ine constantly dreams that in a dream I am in love with him and loved by a stranger to me, each dream is a stranger.Dream love is not real.I wake up longing that this is not real.

I had a fight with my boyfriend, and my friend came to my house, about whom I had never even thought of in my life, and we spent the whole night as friends, talked, laughed, but I felt that this was something more&# 8230; And in a dream I no longer knew whom I loved, but I was more interested in my friend. In life, a young man and I quarrel very much and he does not give me attention, affection, warmth, tenderness, care.. Increasingly he began to say that he wants to be alone, is not afraid of losing me.

there was a girl who fell in love with me in a dream, but she had a boyfriend, and she wanted to be with me, then I fell in love with her

the guy fell in love with me but I didn’t pay attention was defended by his side, but when I realized that I fell in love I could not find him, I changed everything in myself and did not find.I don’t remember his face, I saw only at the beginning of the dream and that’s all

it was near my house. I know this girl, but I have never shown particularly vivid feelings.when I left the entrance, she ran after me. she was playful and cute. we started to argue with her. then everything is somehow muddy. and during the argument I have time to tell her about my feelings. so we started dating her. we laughed, hugged, I felt just wonderful, I liked spending time with her. and when we were sitting on the couch, near the bed, the topic turned to saitia. then I woke up

I dreamed about a guy I met by chance, we liked each other, but then I preferred to leave for another and I tried to return him and prove that it was better

Hello! I have been married for 2 years, but I often have dreams that I am falling in love with another guy. Different guys and different situations in all dreams. What does it mean? In real life, there is no thought of betrayal. We love each other with my husband.

Fell in love with a stranger in a dream and kissed him. Walked with him across the destroyed bridge, bypassing all the pits.

in a dream there was mutual love, love with a guy. I don’t remember his faces, but I remember that we were drawn to each other, and when we touched each other, or hugged or kissed&# 8230; that was such bliss. it still feels like it breaks me and pulls me to sleep, to this feeling

Ended up in an unfamiliar city. Turned to an unfamiliar house for help. They helped me. This family had 2 sisters.A blonde with gray-blue eyes and wavy loose hair and a brunette, with gray eyes, wavy hair just below the shoulders, gathered in a ponytail. But she was somehow indifferent to me. Her sister (blonde) opposite reciprocated. And agreed to leave with me. Tickets have been purchased. Then I woke up&# 8230;

good day. I dreamed that I fell in love with a good friend. It was something like an all-consuming and blinding light, I saw only her eyes. Blue and very bright, I saw her smile and was very in love.
In reality, I love her in a friendly way, I love her strongly, but only as a friend, I’m sure.

today I dreamed of a girl whom I had never seen before, and just corny fell in love with her in a dream and was incredibly happy at this moment, with me this is the first. as I woke up immediately rushed to the computer to search in social. networks but unsuccessfully. walking down the street now I hope to meet her, I don’t know, maybe there’s something wrong with my head?!)) but damn it is still an incomprehensible feeling inside and I want to see her.

I dreamed about a familiar guy and we walked around and started to communicate, I asked about his exes, we kissed, we walked, I fell in love with him.the dream was vivid

I dreamed about a girl, I don’t remember my face, I remember that I fell in love. She was funny, I also saw, corresponded with her. She had light clothes, a pleasant voice.

Hello! I dreamed that I fell in love with a guy, and he fell in love with me. Previously, we had no relationship, and no sympathy either. I had a dream today from 5 to 6 June from Sunday to Monday.

I dreamed about how I moved to the 7th grade in a class unfamiliar to me! Then the prettiest boy in the class looked at each other there! Then I had a fight with someone and he saw it! And I ran from the place of the quarrel and he caught me and hugged me and I hugged him (he hugged me, so I turned out to have my back to him and he hugged me by the line of the shoulders and hugged me, I also hugged him! And then h woke up!

I dreamed that I was walking at night through the streets of my city and suddenly I saw a guy. He was very handsome. We walked with him all night, and when he hugged me, his body was very warm – I melted in his arms. Then we somehow ended up at his house. They started kissing and suddenly I woke up in shortness of breath, as if it were real.

I’m in the theater and next to me is a boy then my dad comes and sits down with me and then they began to pester me and it was this boy and the other who began to protect me and a fight began

we were driving on a moshin with my guards; it was dark at night in the forest and suddenly my mother turned into a thicket and we drove through the clay, we kicked out of the car and then I opened my eyes and the boy was giving me his hand, he was in a cap with a pope, then we pulled out the car and all where left and I closed the windows and I went into Andrei’s room and left him my phone number and went to the pastel and there something sparkled I looked and saw that there was magic dust in the jar, without touching it, I wrapped it in a blanket again and went to the window and saw him he stands bent over the tree there was a full moon and a clear sky with many stars and ferns grew near the tree where he was and only near the tree I ran to him but he grinned and went I ran and stopped near the cliff he disappeared and went down the ladder it was night and when she came out of the forest, the sun stood and it was 12 o’clock in the afternoon, then this city was round and there was no way to get out of it then the princess gave me wings, I flew a bit, that’s all


In my dream, I was in the bank with a mother, but only dressed as my sister and mother, when suddenly their relatives were twitching some girl whose name was Toli Anna, so you can’t say this name out loud three times you can die. Well, I said it once, and suddenly there is a girl mykh years! And having plgoriv sney I fell in love!

2 days ago a guy dumped me. He explained this by the fact that he still loves his ex, but I do not believe in it. And today I have a dream that I’m supposedly in love with a friend of my ex. Moreover, my friend does not reject me, on the contrary, mutual sympathy occurs in my dream. I don’t know what it could mean.

I had a dream today, and I remember it clearly,
there was a girl there, as if I had already seen her, it seems that a moment passed, but it was not so, there was eternity, usually I remember terrible dreams, but this one is good, I felt happy, we were walking somewhere, it was dark , and xs, everything is not out of my head, all day, I think about this dream&# 8230;

I dreamed that my friend and I were walking around the mall and looking for a T-shirt, certain . And then we went into a boutique where the saleswoman was a young girl, she showed us and told us about the T-shirt she was looking for, there were some stars on the T-shirt, then the guy of that girl came and I was going to leave with my friend and when we went out I confessed my love to that girl and it was mutual . I saw a girl in a dream for the first time

Hello Tatiana! I dreamed about my first school, my girlfriends from the class, the first teacher, there were still small children and they showed us the performance, then my girlfriend from college appeared there and the curator he made me also participate in the performance and I participated . Then they all left, I was my curator and a friend from college . I was bored, I looked out the window and it was raining, then I asked them how were you ? the friend answered the norms, and the curator nothing . My friend says that he is in love with you in pushi, I smile, the curator tells me why you need my photo on your computer, I say that I deleted it a long time ago, he says and on the phone? I was just going to show you, but my phone is dull . After a while, a guy came to the class and confessed his love to my friend and they made love, and the curator came up to me, I hugged him strongly, he kissed me on the lips and we made love. We ended up in my friend’s village and she introduced her boyfriend to her parents and they were delighted and immediately arranged a wedding, and the curator proposed to me and I agreed. my friend’s name is Elviza, curator Dmitry Nikolaevich and her boyfriend’s name was Denis ! thanks!

I am a schoolboy, 14 years old, nothing special dreamed of how a girl kissed me and we loved each other, walked and all that, then woke up.

i dreamed that me and my beloved girl loved each other in a dream

I am in an unfamiliar apartment of my boyfriend, although in reality I do not know him, in a dream he is older than me, he lives with his mother

In a dream, we played some kind of scene. And there was my girlfriend’s boyfriend. Several months passed and we played this scene. My girlfriend’s boyfriend fell in love with me and I fell in love with him. Then I ran away from him, and he was looking for me. I met a friend and she said &# 187; Sasha is looking for you&# 187; and looked with an evil eye. We met again. Then I woke up

I saw a girl (everything happened near my house), she hugged me and said how she loves, we kissed!Then she said her address in vk, but I only remembered the name.Her name was like Ksyusha and she even said her last name, but I forgot ((((((((((I wanted to find her in real life, but the problem, I don’t know her at all)!In a dream I was a teenager even though I was only 12!And she is 14, please help!

I had such a dream for the first time. As if this person was with whom I was previously familiar, he was looking for me, in the neighbors, somehow at first I did not want to be seen, but then I got out, I fell in love so much, I was so happy in a dream, and everything was mutual. But at the same time, an ex-boyfriend appeared from somewhere, but I did not pay attention to him.What does it mean?

It so happened that once I met her, and I fell in love with her, but she chose another and after a few years, she came to me and we were together.

I dreamed of a dream, I’m with my cohan, sitting on a bench, I’m getting a little quicker and because of a feat, to a lesser amount of money, and chick in a hickey

Already a month ago I had a dream. Very strange. It was all sorts of nonsense, aliens, zombies, government conspiracies. But this is apparently a side effect of not turning off Ren-TV?So here. I dream that I am with my fiancé at home and we had a little fight, and I called someone. And I called obviously to the one who came. O, dio&# 8230; It turned out to be a young man, good-looking, tall and he loved me so much, I had never experienced this in my life, in a dream there was nothing intimate between us, not even kisses, but this is how he looked at me, how he held my hand how I saved from all sorts of troubles, including the same aliens and zombies, and how I felt next to him, just beyond words, and I only felt in this dream what true love is. And moreover, everything is fine with the groom, as is the case with an ordinary young couple. And even in a dream I could not decide with whom to stay. And since then I cannot forget this dream, I am already nervous because of this.

Hello, it often happens like this, in my dreams I see my first love for what it is.I will be grateful to you.thanks

I dreamed of how I kissed a Tajik whom I love very much in life and he probably didn’t and we hoisted in a dream to secretly meet

A guy of 13-14 years old came to our house (I am 13 and, accordingly, I live with my parents) (I thought he was either a brother or a distant relative), but we have no similar relatives of such appearance! I don’t know the name because either I don’t remember or I didn’t have a name in a dream (but most likely it didn’t) . I liked him very much! We were furious, he hugged me, mocked me and the like . It was in a daytime dream, 11 09 16 and somehow that’s all&# 8230;

I dreamed that I fell in love with a man in uniform. And I saw him twice in one dream! But he paid no attention to me! He had a black shepherd with him and she threw herself at me. Because I had boiled eggs in my hands!

I dreamed that I was at a graduation or a similar event, and suddenly I met a beautiful girl and immediately fell in love. We kissed for a very long time, and we did not hide from anyone. I was very happy &# 8230;

well, I slept and saw that I was kissing a girl there, hugging and then we go to bed with her. and then I woke up, please tell me why this dream

I dreamed what I was; more precisely, I was adopted; and in this family there was a boy who started to like me; it was a Korean, dark-haired, height-165cm and we didn’t even kiss, we just had a sparkle.

I met a nice guy on the street, I remember that he fell in love with me, we went somewhere, went into the yard, there I met a guy with whom we did not get along, and a dog playing with me, it was either a fence or a wall , mine helped me climb up and helped me jump (caught me), I was also wearing a red jacket, I remember I was so pleased with his attention, thanks

my second cousin fell in love with me before his wedding ? we were preparing for his wedding, and as if on the first day he looks at me very often and on tomorrow he fell in love and cannot do anything, canceled the wedding, told his mother

I met her on the street, I still don’t remember her face, but she is a good person, then we get to know her mother, and my mother is very familiar to me, but I can’t understand where I saw her, she received me well, I stayed with them spend the night, and went to bed with that girl who I really liked, then her mother woke me up, and this girl said that I was sick, you don’t need to wake me up, let him sleep, then I woke up and went to my friends and we left somewhere, I remember one thing that we were in a village and the village is called &# 171; Sinister&# 187; I didn’t know the wrong girl’s name, not the phone number, then I woke up! now I really want to go back to sleep to find out who she is!

I dreamed that I was in love with a guy two years younger than me, I constantly hug him, he was a very correct, intelligent and capable boy, something like a batan, and his parents thought that I was interfering with him, and forbade him to see me, they moved, but it was not a hindrance to us, when his father began to threaten me, then his mother gave him some kind of pendant and said that they were leaving for another city, I ran home in tears and I was very upset, I felt all the pain. It seems that I knew all the time that in 4 years he would come, if we were both free, we would meet, and that is what happened, I did not move anywhere, because to find me, we saw each other and there was love again. There was no limit to my happiness. I keep this dream in my head all day, I can’t think of anything anymore&# 8230;

hello, I had a dream about a boy, but I don’t know him, and we were in love, he was preparing to eat!and we talked about how to properly cook the dish he was preparing . I do not know what this was for help please very interesting

I fall in love in a dream with a guy whom I have never seen, but he then leaves, and I have been looking for him for a very long time

In short, they confessed their feelings to me, but another is in love with him. And I said be with her because she loves you. And he stood his ground, and I believed him.
during sleep, he appeared, looked at me, and then suddenly said whether he was in love with me. Something sensual. That the breakup would be difficult, and I said that we hadn’t even met, it was outside the door. He asked to open it, and taking it by the cheeks said: "but these eyes" looking at me, so that she would not leave, and would not think about another. and I said that she loves him. Is gone. And woke up.

The guy was thin, he had long hair, he was gentle, he kissed me on the cheek, we sat on the beach or on the grass, he was so gentle and sweet to me. I felt this love, he kissed me so hard, I still remember how he touched me..

Well, here I am going from my last kindergarten, I saw a boy with red hair, he still looked at me and smiled like that, he caught my eye many times, as if he was chasing me

Hello, I dreamed that I was swimming in the lake with some very handsome guy . He rolled me on my back from one shore to the other, but half of the lake was with stones, and half with mud ! And then I don’t remember a bit . Then, as if I was running away from the kidnappers who wanted to steal the mine and ran into some kind of store there, I fell into swoon . Woke up in the hospital next to that guy!! Then they woke me up and I still can’t forget that guy . but in a dream I loved him without memory. HELP ME PLEASE . SPLIT THE DREAM.

I dreamed that I was going home and a boy I didn’t know was standing near my apartment. He said he knew me. I went into the apartment and about 20 minutes later he went to my apartment. Yura (that was his name in a dream) told my parents that he loved me. Parents offered to go and meet his parents.
We came to him and went into the house. Yura’s parents claimed that they knew me and my parents. I didn’t love him then.
The next day we went to see him again. We saw that Yura was sitting in a beautiful suit and a girl was sitting next to him. It turned out to be his girlfriend. Then I realized that I love him. I left the house in tears. Yura ran after me. He told me that he didn’t love her, but only loved me. He invited her only because he wanted to say that he only loved me, and he wanted to leave her. And Yura and I went into the house. He asked Katya (that was the name of that girl) for a few words. I decided not to overhear much. And I heard that he really left her. And the dream ended on this. Please help me to explain, I really need. When I woke up I really started to fall in love with him.

I dreamed that I fell in love with a young guy who works in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, just the job that I dream of in real life and he also fell in love with me, but now I have a boyfriend and in a dream my boyfriend found out about the fact that I fell in love, now I am afraid that this may come true, I am very afraid of losing my boyfriend, help me please..

Fell in love with a girl I know, with whom they put wads of money (euros) into a backpack. Then she carried him to hide, and a man with a pistol was chasing me and I grabbed the pistol and it turned out to be plastic and broke

It all started with the fact that my boyfriend and I lived, without the permission of my parents, we lay down to drink tea and then he spilled it on me, I got up and saw that people started to come to us, a lot of people, I thought that the parents, and they found me hiding they were telling something (but they were absolutely strangers) I went crazy and ran to rush under the train, but as soon as I went out into the corridor I saw a boy, very handsome, I fell in love with him, and it turned out to be from the police or the one who holds crazy, I ran on and I had to go through the dog, I went to the other side of the dog (right) and jumped over the fence (climbed over) and that guy noticed, he ran after me, I fell and stumbled all the time, said &# 171; Fucking drugs&# 187; when he longed me, I started crying and he hugged me, I fell in love with him immediately, forgetting about the fact that I have a boyfriend (and I had a boyfriend in my life, but we broke up with him).
I fainted, he held me with another guy. But he abruptly disappeared as soon as I woke up.
I told him excerpts from the film &# 187; Suicide Squad&# 187; and spoke &# 171; fucking drugs&# 187;.. In general, I don’t remember further, but at the end I remembered that he was almost hit by a train, but I pushed him and died instead of him, and woke up abruptly.I want to have another dream with this guy and talk to him, but I understand that it is not possible, he is very cool .

In a dream I fell in love with a classmate, although in life we ​​are just friends, I just fell in love in a dream and it ended

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