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Dream Interpretation Farewell 😴 dreamed of why Farewell dreams in a dream


According to the dream book, farewell is a reflection of the fact that very pleasant meetings await you.

What a goodbye was in a dream?

Farewell in a dream was sad ▼

If the goodbye was sad, it means that you may suffer losses.

Who or what did you dream to say goodbye to??

I dreamed of saying goodbye to the house ▼

Saying goodbye to home is a sign that you will hit the road, but nothing good awaits you there.

Dreaming of farewell to a loved one ▼

Saying goodbye to your loved one promises you to be at a dead-end stage in this relationship.

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of Farewell, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the dream is about Farewell in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I dreamed that the groom approaches the bride, kisses her and leaves. It’s on the doorstep of a house or apartment. I felt sorry for the bride in my dream. She, like the groom, is not familiar to me. If someone can explain this dream, thanks in advance!

I love one person who doesn’t reciprocate. And today, from Monday 18th to Tuesday 19th February, I had a dream. In it we were a happy couple in love. But soon it ended, and it turns out that he flies to California for a long time. We hugged for a long time, said goodbye, I had a sad, indifferent state. When he flew away, he texted me every minute. I wrote about everything. And it is clear that I missed you very much.
Please interpret my dream.
Regards, Anna.

I dreamed that I was looking for a child everywhere, and I had to go everywhere and then I was waiting for the bus to continue searching, my beloved saw me that I was leaving and hugged and kissed and I almost missed the bus, as a result I jumped into it almost on the go

I dreamed that the cat was scratching the coffin, what is it for? We don’t have a cat, but that night, the late grandfather lay in the room.

Hello! I had a dream that I say goodbye forever to my acquaintance, my friend tells us to hold hands and touch our noses and make a wish. I wished to be with him (although it happened by accident, I meant another person with that name)

I came to say goodbye to my Son’s school, cried that I wouldn’t see you again, others also cried, then I hurried to the train, there was a lot of baggage that I couldn’t even take everything, I asked my man to see me off and cried headlong when I saw him on the piron, but when he arrived at the place he met me.
in real life a few months ago my son and I were simply forced to leave far from my ex-husband and 2 months ago I met this man&# 8230;&# 8230;..

good day. I had a dream where I say goodbye to my aunt, I hug her tightly and say goodbye, I will not miss you and those days when you came to us. And I was leaving with Grandma, Grandma and I had to do some kind of operation. And when my aunt hugged me, she said this is not our last meeting. And there aunt I Grandma and another aunt all cried.

I dreamed that my ex-husband was leaving somewhere on business and saying goodbye to me, touching my hand. But as if we still live together. And when I say goodbye, I think that he doesn’t love me anymore.

I singled out my beloved girl and her mother . In the room . Then my grandmother is next to me and my relatives . Then we say goodbye to me . But somehow everyone is not sad . I remember my beloved girl looks in the eyes and I remember the words of the current, insanely happy . Then her mother looks at me with excitement and they leave .

Sleep: Lying on the bed, I notice how my beloved is going, I got up to hold him and say goodbye to him.Said goodbye and woke up abruptly

Hello, on the night of May 26-27, my mother dreamed of her youngest son: he would climb into a sleeping bag, and with his eyes closed, he said: – how tired of you everything is, I’m leaving&# 8230; Reality: On the evening of May 26, he went to a friend, and we still can’t find him. What does this dream mean? thanks a lot.

I dreamed that I waved my hand to my acquaintances and walked away from them. The field was strewn with flowers, which is difficult to say, because everything seemed to be black and white, but I walked strictly along the path . I looked around and saw the dead who followed me saying something. so we went to the graves before. there were berries on the graves that I began to eat. felt a cold hand on my shoulder and woke up..

i dreamed goodbye to my friend. we hugged each other, wished each other happiness. goodbye was not sad. but the most interesting thing is that there is a possibility that in reality this friend will leave.

I said goodbye to people standing at some door, the last was an ex-girlfriend who kissed me.It was neither fun nor sad.

I had a dream that I was standing on the threshold of my house and going to school, when I left there was a wardrobe, I chose shoes for a very long time, the colors were really warm, and then, when I did choose, I saw guests standing in front of me, I don’t even remember their faces, as if I had never seen them, and we had to say goodbye!

My friend and I were sitting in the car, waiting for a friend to say goodbye to her boyfriend, and suddenly the car started moving, we did not get into an accident.

I went to Simferopol to meet with my current boyfriend, I never got to the guy, I could only get through by phone.
then they called me from an unknown number and I answered the phone. At the beginning I could not understand who was speaking, I guessed from the phrases that this was my ex-boyfriend, who was supposed to be in Germany at the moment, recovering his memory after the accident. On my question &# 171; who is this &# 187; he didn’t answer. said to come to one place and I came.
there was some kind of concert.
my ex was a member of a rock band and dedicated two songs to me.
after I approached him, he kissed me and left somewhere evaporating.

I was walking in the park with my 2 holy brother, but in a dream it seemed to me that we love each other not as a brother and sister, but as if we were a couple, I stroked his back, laughed, but then began to talk about something sad, I smile sadly on the porch and I say goodbye to him and I know we parted, then I go home and there my nephews are playing I look out the window and see that my sister is walking and I’m scared, now I’m trying to understand the meaning of sleep, help me please

good evening. I had a dream with the following content: Farewell to the girl, where is she &# 8212; then I left and I remember exactly that her parents were standing nearby. The actions took place in the apartment (the very private house has an apartment, but not in my apartment), stood at the entrance, we hugged her, went into the room, said goodbye and the dream ended. There were ready-made bags with things at the entrance-exit to the apartment.

Hello! I sometimes write down dreams, and now I found records and there: after the birthday they smiled, hugged and kissed and he left. And six months ago he went far away and I don’t know when he will return and whether he will return

I dreamed this, my brother and I stood in a bombed-out room, talked and then he began to say goodbye and we hugged goodbye, tears went,

favorite last week from Wednesday to Thursday 26/27.11 dreamed with a sad face after a discord in correspondence. seemed to be making passes with her hands

I dreamed that a man who I like kissed my lips on a snuggle. At the same time hugged. It was clear that we would never meet again.

I’m married.and it seems in a dream, too, pregnant.I called my friend to my apartment whom I love.She lived on the top floor and tried to pull three-liter jars with compote down for some reason on several floors.On the same staircase, we somehow missed each other and when we heard that he had already risen at my apartment, we greeted him and asked to move the banks back. She covered the table, warmed up food (potatoes with cutlets, chopped fried fish) A lot of things gathered on the table.The kitchen was a mess.More precisely, there was a lot of garbage on the floor and some kind of water, fat&# 8230; I tried to sweep, but it turned out badly. He went into the kitchen and said that you don’t need to cook a lot there is enough. Then everything is vague.I ended up on the street.I remember that getting up in the morning he was gone. I met my cousin sister.I was definitely pregnant.I got a prick in my stomach and she went to my house. At the entrance, for some reason, I decided to make sure that there is no friend in the apartment by calling him.It was already lunch time.hours 12. He said he left in the morning.And that he does not regret the missed night, that there was nothing. Didn’t want to ruin everything with dirty sex before goodbye.That I am married and he has someone. And I kept repeating that he didn’t regret this night. I felt that he was very sad and bad and I felt very bad inside (at that time I was already in the apartment) but I did not show it and told him indifferently with a smile something like &# 171; Well goodbye&# 187;. He just hung up without saying anything in return&# 8230; I looked at myself in the mirror, not knowing what to do, and tears pressed from within.I didn’t want to say goodbye to him. There are some people around, guests, everything seems to be relatives.I didn’t know where to go&# 8230;

I said goodbye to the old team, everyone hugged me, some of my students even cried and I was going to go somewhere with a suitcase&# 8230; the elderly woman did not want to let go cried&# 8230;.

Hello, on the night of Thursday to Friday, I woke up at three o’clock in the morning, fell asleep a little later and I had a dream of some kind of building, room, bed, that I was having sex, one might say debauchery with some unfamiliar man, at this moment my friend comes from work and sits down with on our bed I got up and left the room walked down the hallway met a good friend she met me with a smile on her face her hair was big but dyed golden she asked me to go with her through some doors we went in I saw another friend from work her hair was the same color, only shorter she looked at me and said goodbye to her, I say goodbye to her that I was saying goodbye to the other world as if it was a joke, but she didn’t tell me it’s you I screamed no what nonsense and she went somewhere along with the other I woke up after that.Tell me what it means?

Hello!! a couple of days ago I broke up with a man whom I had known for two years!! today I had a dream that I say goodbye to him at the airport, we both cried&# 8230; and it was very hard&# 8230; then I woke up and did not see what happened next&# 8230;

I, my friend, and I don’t remember who else, were going to swim to the moon, either jackals or cheetahs to change something. We gathered and we already sat down and began to swim, we had water in the yard at home and we began to row oars on it. And I suddenly remembered that I needed to take home or take interesting books. By the way, now at the moment in life there is a book The Story of Hodja Nasreddin. And in a dream I remembered that I have it and I want to take it. And I jumped out before I told a familiar woman that I quickly answered yes. We were in a hurry but she answered me yes. I jumped out took everything I wanted one more book took. And there are notebooks and all that . Then she tore out a sheet from a math notebook. And she said that I would write a letter and I started to write it myself, but the end of the cooler we are going and all that was helped by the mother of my other friend. I wrote a letter to all the relatives who live at my house and to my married sister whose child is about to roll. And so when I wrote the letter. I thought and told another friend’s mom. T. How will my relatives be there if we do not survive if something happens to us?. And they say I want to see my unborn child, etc.NS. and I cried. And sifted, too, cried,

I dreamed that I had a man at home with whom I lived a year ago. If we continue to live in the same way, but he informs me in good form that he is leaving home and returning to his family, when asked whether he will come, he answers that no. Sitting at the dinner table, I tell him about the qualities of negative women, which for some reason attract men.

It has already been dreamed several times that my daughter, being in the water, says goodbye to me and leaves, and I understand that I am left alone, so that it means?

My daughter-in-law is dreaming, who, being in the water, forgives and leaves me, in a dream I understand that I am left alone.The dream has been dreamed several times already.What does he mean?

It is not so much the events of the dream that worried about the phrase itself. The dream itself was not connected with goodbye, just suddenly a phone call burst into another dream, I pick up the phone and my boyfriend says to me, &# 171; My joy, goodbye&# 187;.. And he serves me at a burning point, so now I’m just worried..

I just woke up at 5 in the morning because of that I was reading, I didn’t even cry, but really reading in a dream, my dad was dreaming like a normal boo, and saying goodbye to me I already called it, I was amazed at it, I hugged me, I let go, I left). This is my girlfriend’s dream, my father died more than a year and a half ago.

At first I dreamed of all my seed, we walked, then I stayed with my mother and grandfather. It was dark, and there was a huge lake nearby, it was dark blue, and when you look into this lake, the whole city is so sad! And grandpa is about to leave! I stopped him and asked
&# 8212; where are you going?
&# 8212; I have to go!
&# 8212; where do you go?
&# 8212; be a strong girl!
I started to fall into hysterics and I woke up for hysterics! All in tears, my husband says that I screamed in my sleep (no, don’t go, wait, stay).

It was the end of February and the beginning of March, there was snow, water outside, I said goodbye to my friends, especially to my best friend from class, because I was leaving somewhere. I said goodbye to each one individually, talked, then hugged my best friend, said that I missed her and went through the puddles and snow. They were waiting for me there.

Hello, help interpret the dream.First I dreamed of a big holiday, where we had fun with relatives, and then I say goodbye first to an unfamiliar woman, hug, and then I look at my aunt and start crying, when she sees me crying, she also starts crying and we hug.

I had a dream that I was walking along a quarry with a loved one (sand quarry), I was looking down, and the quarry was very deep.We go through this career, a man stops, hugs me and says &# 171; goodbye&# 187;, I do not want to say goodbye and let go of this person, because I feel that I love very much.The man in the dream is unfamiliar to me.

I had a dream that on the second day after our wedding we moved to our own house with my current beloved one, when I was packing my things, my mother helped me and I told her you see my mother and I became an adult and I cried afterwards, and I told my mother I I’m happy with him, then when all the things were collected, we said goodbye to my parents and left, then I dreamed about this house where we only woke up together and there was an incredibly gentle atmosphere in the house and that was the end of my dream! help me figure out this dream, by the way, I have been dating a guy for 1 year, but now he is in the army

I saw in a dream the apartment of a man I knew. She was cozy, clean, there was food, the attendants, three women: young and beautiful, I know one of them. The man was next to his wife, she waved her hand to me, as if saying goodbye. The man (her husband) is no longer alive. Maybe his wife died too ? Why such a strange dream ?

dreamed that I was saying goodbye to my son. bitterly and with tears. son didn’t cry.
in the airoport.

Hello! Ex-husband dreamed as if we were saying goodbye. What does it mean?

Good evening) I dreamed that I was saying goodbye to a friend, I know that he was leaving by bus and I say goodbye, and for some reason I know that I will not see you. Then my head teacher from school dreamed (he graduated from school 5 years ago) and convinced me that no one imposes some kind of food on us and that all ads with food just go on TV. By the way, I saw her today in the hairdresser

Hello, how would dad decide to sell the garage and I thought it was a house and went to say goodbye to every room&# 8230; and in the end it was a garage in another area but as if it was very close&# 8230; but I was calm..and I met people I didn’t know but the face of only one I remember schematically

On the doorstep, my roommate with whom I lived for almost 9 years reports that he is leaving forever and what I will not see anymore, he will not interfere with my life

I dreamed that my stepmother said goodbye to me and had to go to the operation. the dream was gray

If I flew to some kind of medical operation alone, and for some reason one beloved girl was seeing me off at the airport, and for some reason I asked her to kiss me goodbye, we kissed, she left the airport, and I was with tears watched her trail before my eyes

I had a dream that I want to say goodbye to my beloved, and I’m specifically looking for going for this.

I’m leaving for a trip, I’m going on the road, my beloved stays at home. We say goodbye to him, hug.

Very soon I am leaving to enter the university. I had a dream on the night from Monday to Tuesday. One guy-classmate is dreaming, who also leaves for another city to enter. He says goodbye to me, says that he loves and that he just can’t help but say goodbye.
Although I should have left earlier. The dream turned out to be prophetic

I was at the airport saying goodbye to my loved ones, after a heavy downpour

I sit in the boat, but not according to the movement of the floating device, but perpendicular&# 8230; next to my sister and mom&# 8230; they are all safe and sound now&# 8230; and my sister tells me that I need to say goodbye and it happens in life that I need to die.. and she is so joyful&# 8230; and my mother is sad, but does not want to talk to me, she just looks&# 8230; and everything is as dark as at night.. but everything is visible&# 8230; this is the essence

Good afternoon, my mom dreamed that my dad said goodbye to her before he died. Asks her if she can handle it alone, without him. As if his father, already dead my grandfather, is calling to him to heaven. Mom is very worried after this dream. I would be grateful for an answer

saw goodbye at work with the team, the goodbye was very warm, kind, and sad

It was like this&# 8230; my boyfriend played with the dog outside the gate (although he doesn’t really like them), when I walked, the dog ran to meet me, she was joyful&# 8230; but then, I sat on opposite her and looked into her eyes, and just started crying (calmly at first, and then strongly), it felt like I was saying goodbye to her&# 8230; after sleep, I woke up with tears in my eyes&# 8230;

Hello Tatiana.My name is Valentina.I had a dream, my husband came to turn around with me and said that he was leaving forever!The face of a woman older than him who said she was taking him.I didn’t understand if he was leaving for another or he would die!?I am very worried about sleep, because 4 years ago I had 3 dreams, where it was clear that my niece was going to die!And after 3 months she died.

Hello, I had a dream on the night from Thursday to Friday .in a dream, I lay with my former beloved person in bed, he got out of bed and began to carefully leave and looked around not to wake me up, but I woke up and he with a sad face as if he would regret what he opened the door and left as if he was saying goodbye to me .he doesn’t actually walk after the accident .in a dream he was wearing such a green-yellow sweater and dark denim pants, although in reality he dresses tastefully

I asked the guy, whom I loved very much before, to allow him to hug, since we may never meet again. She hugged her, confessed to him that she used to love him. In real life, I haven’t seen him in 11 years.And I didn’t tell him about love

My husband is very seriously ill. I dreamed about him today. Very calmly he seemed to me that he was leaving for friends.

I dreamed that my mother was diagnosed with some kind of illness, and she did not have long to live. And so, when that day came, our whole family and I began to say goodbye to her. But my mother did not look sick, on the contrary, she was &# 171; alive&# 187 ;, smiled, talked to everyone. Suddenly we went karting. On this I woke up. Maybe I missed something, but that’s all I remember

I dreamed that my mother was diagnosed with some kind of diagnosis, and she did not have long to live. And then the day came when I and all my relatives began to say goodbye to her. But she was &# 171; alive&# 187 ;, smiled. Suddenly we went karting to say goodbye to her. Maybe I missed something, but that’s all I remember

Hello! In a dream, they offended me, but in the end I forgave him, the plot: I hugged a person and forgiving his mistakes and cried.

I have a friend . in a dream we met and held hands, he brought me to his house. The house was very huge and beautiful. Then we walked. When we walked it was very pleasant. Then we said goodbye, he hugged me, and smelled by the neck .it was very touching and pleasant . Apparently he didn’t want to say goodbye to me

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