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Dream interpretation fascists why do fascists dream in a dream


The dream book offers a very curious forecast of what the fascists dream of. In some cases, a symbol in a dream portends a war, only not in the usual sense, but on a personal front or with oneself and one’s own fears. There are prophetic visions that predict large-scale events in the country and in the world.

What Miller says

The prediction of what the fascist Germans dream of was compiled in an era when Nazism was just gaining momentum. Nevertheless, the famous interpreter of dreams already knew then that the trend would not lead to anything good.

The images of the fascists in a dream symbolize the plight in which the sleeping man found himself. Perhaps in reality he does not yet realize this. The interpretation of the dream calls for moral mobilization: a lot of patience and strength will soon be needed.

Dreams of a married woman

If a woman dreamed of how the Germans were attacking with machine guns, the dreamer risks destroying her world with her own jealousy, greed and other negative character traits.

Fortunately, the plot of such dreams often leaves the possibility of miraculous salvation. The interpreter promises that this is most likely what will happen in real life. Sleeping in time will change tactics, and everything will return to normal.

Sometimes armed Germans in a dream personify justified jealousy. A rival who envies someone else’s count and cherishes the dream of taking your place really exists. Everything that happened to see in a dream should be taken literally. Events in reality will unfold in a similar scenario.

For example, if you dreamed that the Nazis retreated or surrendered, the mistress would leave your family alone.

Girlish dreams

If a girl dreamed of how she was escorting a guy to the front, in reality she does not really trust her lover. If in a dream you happened to see him killed, suspicions, alas, are not unfounded. The guy is really capable, if not of treason, then of an ugly act.

When a girl in a dream herself goes to war with the Nazis, the dream book promises her everyday hardships.

Political forecast

What is the dream of the world war with the Nazis, the dream book interprets almost literally. Important economic or political events are coming that will affect everyone and everyone.

  • If you happen to see the defeat of our troops, the standard of living in the country may decrease;
  • A battle involving tanks and aircraft means a tense political environment;
  • Defeated fascists foreshadow radical but positive changes;
  • Seeing yourself as a superhero who saved the world from the Nazis means prosperity and honor.

Warlike dreamer

Those who personally kill fascists in their sleep are encouraged by the Universal Interpreter. You are full of strength and determination, so that you can fix the situation or carry out your plans.

Curious to know why the dream is that you are fighting on the enemy side. Dream interpretation G.Ivanova believes that the point is in the rejection of the surrounding reality.

The modern oracle explains why one dreams of dying in battle. Your plans are in jeopardy. It all depends on resourcefulness and the ability to adapt to new circumstances.


If you had to run away from the Nazis, the dream book believes that you are subject to fears, often exaggerated.

This is not the only explanation why you dream of running away from the Nazis. The sleeper runs the risk of causing a lot of harm to himself and his loved ones in a panic. The dream interpretation advises to take control of emotions.

Running away from the fascists in a dream happens to those who in reality are not averse to sneaking away from their duties and difficult tasks.


If you dreamed that you did not want to fight, but you know how to hide well, the dream book foreshadows getting rid of the terrible danger.

The psychoanalytic dream book claims that those who find themselves in front of a fateful choice and find it difficult to make a decision have to hide from merciless fascists in a dream.

The plot in which you have to hide from a formidable enemy reflects internal tension, a conflict with oneself, which terribly interferes with interaction with others.

Time to act!

If you dreamed of how you had to flee from an aggressor in a German military uniform, a relationship that is significant for you was threatened. Their fate is in your hands.

When you dreamed that you had to flee from a numerous enemy, now is the right moment to start acting.

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