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Dream interpretation Father in church 😴 dreamed of what Father dreams of in church in a dream

Seeing in a dream how a priest leads a service in a church promises a long, measured life. Adversity and troubles will be bypassed, success will become an invariable companion of undertakings, and minor troubles will not be able to darken happiness.

A dream predicts a huge cloudless personal happiness. Married life will become the ideal you dreamed of, and the chosen one will meet even the most optimistic expectations. Joy, love and good mood will firmly enter fate, will never leave you.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

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Father dreamed in church, but the necessary interpretation of the dream is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what Father is dreaming about in church in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I came to the church to light a candle, the church was as if it was not finished inside. In one part there was where to put a candle, in the other there was no. Few people. I saw my father inside too.

I dreamed of a father. Go to church. Changing clothes. A lot of people. Big church. And in the middle of the service, some old woman took off her handkerchief and began to strangle me with it. I fell. Lying. She chokes me. So that I do not twitch other old women hold my hands and feet.

I enter the church. There are not many people in the church. Father leads the service. At the end of the service, he consecrates the treats on the table (pastries, dried fruits) and invites the parishioners to sort out the treat. I also collect treats for my family. I thank Father and leave.

I see myself in a temple with a young woman I know, praise the Lord.I see the priest (confessor), we sing the Symbol of Faith.My heart is joyful

Church, priests, matushkas and priests taught me life at the church, at night it all happened, it was scary, the church is white, I was often there as a child

I stand in the church above me a large icon of Matron, in my hands a large cross and I kiss him I stand next to the priest, he is in a golden cassock, but for some reason he shakes me

I am near the tolya monk tolya saint I cannot see my face but I feel the power of his prayer reads over my head from a book or the gospel I kneel down and hear a prayer and I cry so beautifully the voice is so beautiful and he covers mine with a pure golden cassock and at the end of the prayer he says get up and go to the people or tell me something

Near the church, a priest in a black cassock, dedicated from a broom, at the beginning, just like they sacred on Easter, and then holding them over their face, blessing. everything happened in the courtyard where the temple stood, at the exit, relatives who were there too, they did not believe in it all, but in my heart I hoped that all this was for the best, and now everything will be fine for me

Dream like I’m in church. Father said to write the name of his daughter about health. I stood writing 40 times the name of my daughter.

Hello, please tell me. I dreamed about my father, he came for me and invited me to church for a week. I didn’t want to go, resisted, cried, but in the end he took me away. What could it be for?

I sat in churches and talked to the priest, asked him if I could have children from my godfather since I live with him, he said I can toko if I didn’t bewitch him

I’m lying on the bed, my father comes up. Such a colorful one with a long beard, in a black cassock and a white hood. Smiling at me. Says: Don’t worry about anything, sleep my son. He takes out a piece of gauze from somewhere and puts it on my face and begins to choke. I see that my hands are tied to the bed, but I can’t do anything and I fall asleep in my sleep.

Often dreams of a priest in a cassock and a hood in the middle of the room sits on a chair. Tied. Is silent. White beard to the waist. I go up and take a handkerchief. I cover his mouth and nose and hold. He jerks violently, resists, but falls asleep. Then I untie him, take off his cassock and hood, change clothes. I sit on a chair and in a moment I am a father with a beard. Some people come. They take my head back and smother me with a white handkerchief, putting it on my face. And for some reason I can’t gasp for a long time. Strongly resist but in vain. Then I wake up.

I stood at the temple and bulo there is a church of priests.Buv yakis praznik stood the entire service, and in kіntsі Khristina yakis ditina.When I went to the church, I went out of the church and on the way to the end of the day.І all

I dreamed of a large and bright church, I saw only the priest and as if I was lying somewhere and saw only half of the priest himself

I dreamed about a priest on the street, he led a service, we walked by and he sprinkled holy water on me and my parents

I dreamed that in the church I choose a red thread with a prayer, I hear and see a butyushka, I leave money and I woke up

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