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Dream interpretation Father’s death


The dream about the death of your father is directly related to your relationship with your close environment. This is a warning that you need to be very sensitive and accurate when communicating with family and friends. Pay attention to their mood and desires, maybe your loved ones lack something in life, and you can help them.

Also, such a dream is a symbol of possible difficulties in the professional field. Concentrate your attention on current projects, do not get overwhelmed by trifles. If you manage to concentrate on a specific task, then the result will not be slow to affect.

What was the father?

What is the dream of the death of a father who is alive ▼

If in a dream you saw the death of your father, who is alive, then this promises him a joyful and cloudless life. Also, such a dream is interpreted as a symbol of the dreamer’s deep feelings.

Dream of the death of a deceased father ▼

If in a dream you saw the death of a deceased father, this is a warning against wrong steps in the professional field. Try to concentrate, think only about business, not be distracted by trifles, and then you will be able to bring all your work projects to life without any problems.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed about the death of my father, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the dream is about Father’s death in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

From Tuesday to Thursday, I dreamed of 3 deaths in one day, my husband was healed in the hospital, I don’t remember my father in the hospital from what and lastly my cat was dying in my arms, suffocating, I woke up, but I knew that he would die too (he had already died ). Please help me with the interpretation of sleep I’m very scared.

Hello. At first I dreamed of some kind of drunkenness, but as if the next morning I went out into the street and ended up at the house of my wife’s grandmother. And so I looked, my father was standing by the garage and staggered like a drunk (in reality there is such a thing &# 8212; drinks often). I go up to him, and he says, like everything, son, and falls into my arms. By the way, my wife’s grandfather died 2 years ago in the same house and sometimes my wife’s grandmother, grandmother or mother-in-law herself dreams.

I dreamed that my father died, I was in some kind of room, there were several relatives, everyone was in a bad mood, who were crying.

I dreamed that my father came and said:&# 187; I’ll be leaving soon, everyone.&# 187; My father is alive. Does this mean that soon he will die?

I dreamed about the death of my father
I was walking with someone along the road in the summer, and we went to a big house, but I was spinning 2 deaths in my head, as if my dad and someone else had died, we went into the houses, outside it was bright, but inside it was like night was (well, or it was already night xs)
and I think about my dad and then he appears like a ghost and says something to me (sorry I don’t remember what)
and wholesale we go xs with whom on the way from the house back

I dreamed that my father died in an accident. But we rode together. I could not find his body in any way, I was perplexed by this. Then I saw a piece of his skin next to the windshield. And all the sleep I sobbed, almost without stopping. There was also a talk about some kind of bullet. Where does she come from is not clear. Once I had a dream with a similar plot, but about a motorcycle.

I don’t remember all the details of the dream, I’ll tell you what I remember.
Everything happened in an unknown area in nature. The colors in a dream are cold: not my car is black, cloudy weather, the road is gray, the greenery around is dark green and all the colors further on are also dark. Initially, my family and I were driving without dad in what seemed to be our car (but judging by the end of the dream, it was still the car of the one I was traveling with). And I was driving with my mother’s god / brother, and we went and argued about something, probably this is due to his children (Anya and Inna), we all argued (mother, me, uncle; and my sister IRA was silent). And then I open the door and start sawing my nails along the road I am driving, I bring my nails closer to the road and maybe we are going, then the nails sawed off perfectly, but I was not the only one who was doing this, maybe this was my sister Anya, but she seemed to be not in car. And then (not in reality, in a dream) my mother or my heart stabbed, in anticipation of a bad. Maybe it was before I started cutting my nails.
We drive on and see an accident in a large area, on the right I see my family’s car, it looks like it has been rewound by something and lies almost completely upside down. Moving from right to left, I then saw an empty space, then I see the police and tables on which there were evidence and things from the scene. We stopped, I went to the table and saw my father’s work suit in a military style, my father was at work then and wore this suit. And then I begin to understand that it was my dad who crashed and I begin to sob terribly, sometimes even with screams, it hurts so much in my soul from what is happening, but I find the strength to go further and ask about what happened. I walk and hear someone say that the guy will pick him up piece by piece, and it gets even worse for me, and again I cry and scream in pain sometimes. I tried to find at least something that would prove that my dad is not this broken man, but it doesn’t work. I saw different things on the police tables that I did not understand. And to the right of these tables there were some storage rooms, they were highlighted, and a beautiful delicate bright blue color prevailed. Mom came and sees this camera, there was something connected with dad and mom was worried if everything was in order, she saw the number 99 there, said that there was something wrong with the pressure, which I thought was funny. We ask to show dad, but they do not allow us, and then I caught a glimpse of a skeleton, at first I saw something that looked like a person, but not a person. And the bones were very yellow, even slightly larger than that of a person. Then I thought that it should not be so and presented something human but it turned out badly. I felt really bad, all this time I cried incessantly. Then I thought that kapets that it was that all of my dad’s skin had flown off or burned out, I am glad, I feel bad and little by little I return to reality, I open my eyes, I did not cry in reality, but from what I saw I shed a tear.

Father died a long time ago. The dream is this: on the doorstep of the quarter lies the dismembered body of my father into three parts. The torso is naked, the head and legs are separate, the lips are slightly smiling. I go for help to a friend, returning to the door, the body disappeared, but wet traces of the body remained. Why is this dream?

We stand talking at home with mom, dad, sister, at night, a friend comes to us screaming in the yard, I go out to pick up the package he brought, dad comes standing with me at the door and looks and I suddenly see a stranger who is in our yard, this person all in black, I show it to my dad, he tells him hey saldat go away this man goes to the exit dad goes out into the yard and honey agaric says hey saldat quietly pulls out a toy pistol shoots at him, and that man got angry, pulled out a real pistol and shot my dad in the stomach I petrified, then this person took dad and put him in his car and was about to leave, I ran after the car, he rushed out, he pointed a gun at me, I ran away and then I woke up

I dreamed that I found some kind of black beetle that looked like a swimming beetle with a white pattern on the wings, I called him a samurai. As if she had studied it for a long time, so that all my relatives were offended by me. And so, my mother once came up and said that while I was doing nonsense here, my father died, and in my sleep I roared very loudly

It seems that I didn’t see my father’s death in a dream, my mother told me about it, but it was that I began to grieve for 9 days, which coincides with his 50th birthday, which has already passed.

Mom wrote to me that dad died. After that, throughout the day, my relatives and I talked with his ghost, he said that he cut his tongue and choked with blood. He appeared and disappeared of his own accord. I thought it would always be like this, but once again his ghost disappeared and never returned

I received news from my family about the death of my uncle and his father, and then my father. Was surprised in a dream, but not upset. I could not understand how this is at all possible, because in reality everyone is alive.
Help me to understand. thanks!

We were in the woods. Everyone rested except me, because they did not take me with them (there were no father and grandfather) I am going to the park, after that something clicked on me and I learned about the death of my father and father. I cried strangely a lot in my sleep, and my cousin recalled him how he planted flowers, dripped beds, etc.d (for some reason in the park, although my grandfather is doing these things in his garden), and I remembered my father how he rode with us in his car on the sea. Then my mother and grandmother took me and asked why I was crying, but I didn’t say anything, but only poured. And in a dream, in fragments, a little girl appeared (2 times, I don’t remember exactly when) and played with my toys and grandmother’s creams. I often scolded her, but she was naughty. Look like that’s it

I dreamed that dad died, I don’t know how, he just died. And here I sit on my knees with a knife in my palms in front of me. And I cry, I cry very much. And right in front of me lies the corpse of my father (

Dad lay on mom’s lap, said something&# 8230; something like &# 171; now my time has come&# 8230;&# 187; He and his mother were absolutely calm, and I just stood and watched with crying eyes&# 8230; it felt like they didn’t see me&# 8230; as if I was watching a movie in reality and just crying (which is not typical for me&# 8230; I don’t even remember when I cried the last time) There are still several thousand kilometers between me and my parents..I haven’t seen them for almost a year&# 8230; communicate only by video. Is it related in some way ?

Hello Tatyana. Everything in my dream was very fast and imperceptible.
We talked with my father about something, then he fell and did not get up again, then it turned out that he died&# 8230;
I remember looking at the date on my phone it was August 27.
Then there was something like some kind of hospital without light and there I was either with friends, or with one friend and told it all, the dream ended quickly and I don’t remember the ending&# 8230;

I was standing with my dad at the bus stop and then they started shooting. Dad said run get in the car I didn’t have time to run because the car was blown up . Then, seeing dad, she ran to him and blew up with him.

My father is still alive, but I dreamed that he died and was lying at home, and before the funeral he came to life and in a dream we see that he walks around the house and does not understand that he has already died

I was sitting in the kitchen (smoking a cigarette) my father comes in ate ate as if drunk (at the moment he is seriously ill!everything is connected with the nervous system) he approaches the refrigerator and falls sharply and starts to shake him and I start screaming loudly, woke up the same way screaming

we were driving in the same car with my father and sister, then something seemed to explode, like an accident, and I see a bottomless hatch that is half open and my father next to him, who is about to fall into it, and I start to crawl to my father, for a long time I could not do this, but in one instant when he was already half in this hatch and almost fell, I grabbed him and pulled him out

I dreamed that I came to a restaurant, there is a father with friends . Then I got out, got into my father’s car, which for some reason was driven by my childhood friend . We are driving and then they call that my father is dead, I get out of the car in a rage, I start calling my brother . Brother says he has a lot of missed calls from his father . And then I woke up .
By the way, December 1, in a couple of days he has a name day &# 8230; He celebrates it every year . The excitement is off scale&# 8230;

My father died in my dream, but I did not bury him, and did not see him, in a dream I could not believe that he was not alive, but still he died

The death of my father, and that I was crying on the windowsill, and I saw that his visit to the funeral, I dreamed that the TV was hung on the wall, and that I was hiding it from everyone

My father came to my house (but as if it was not a father but his son), and told me that as a father he was afraid, he died in the middle of Vatrunin Street and Lenin Avenue on June 5 or 6!and brought my father to me, my father lay as if he had fallen!then I saw my mother who didn’t know that daddy was dead, they didn’t tell her!and then dad says (although it’s as if it’s not dad but his son, although dad doesn’t have a son and dad looks straight) that they called him from the police and said that the corpse of a man was on the street!then I find myself at my parents’ house, bending over a chair and screaming sobbing, there are no tears, my chest hurts, I cry, I grieve and I don’t understand why he died like that, because he should have died a couple of days before his birthday, but he’s like a couple on the contrary days have passed

I dreamed that dad seemed to drown himself (the picture was depicted by the fact that the car flew off the bridge, but the bridge was torn in the middle) then I woke up and fell asleep again there was already some gray old room with old incomprehensible records, it seems to me some kind of alchemist, I looked around and woke up . Then I fell asleep again and already a dream goes to the fact that I call my dad in tears (I don’t remember what he said) and then his voice and silence suddenly breaks off, then I don’t remember what happened, but then I go to his wife in tears and ask &# 171; all?&# 187; She replies with a slight smile on her face that there was a beautiful funeral, the flowers on the grave are like a rose . And that’s where it all ended. But a few weeks before that I dreamed that my teeth were flying out like three or two flew out (I read that it was to the death of loved ones) then my great-grandmother died and I am now very scared for my father .

I was on the street with a child and friends, they wanted to go somewhere, and then they called me and said that your dad died, I continued to cry heavily and was in a mood, they calmed me down, they told the child come on and go to mom. Then I woke up

Sgilma is a house and it seems that we are in a hurry with my mother somewhere. You need to run somewhere. And I keep calling my dad and then I find him dead on the steps

I got up from the bed and went to my sister’s room, there is her bed, but in a dream there was my parents’ bed, I went there and saw my dad lying on the bed and there was a knife in his chest

I have a dream about how my dad and I are eating in the car, and they suddenly start shooting, all the bullets flew to dad and he died right there on the spot. Then I somehow suddenly found myself at home, sat on the bed and cried for a very long time, and then dead dad called, he asked where I was and said that he was already going home. And all with these words I woke up.

I dreamed that my mother-in-law called me and she cried a lot and tells me that my dad died. I started to hurry up and try to get to him quickly, but I couldn’t get there quickly, something constantly happened on the road, either a minor accident, or the police. And in the end, when I got to the village to my parents, I saw that dad was already being carried in an open coffin, and when they carried him, I saw my grandmother, also lying in the coffin, but she had already died a long time ago, and when they carried dad past my grandmother, they were like held hands for a couple of seconds. And when dad was brought to the pit, I fall into the pit, but I managed to grab the edge of the pit and get out, but it was very difficult for me to get out of there. And then some kind of uncle Yura moves into me (although there was no such thing in the family) and I start to say this to me for my father and that I have to go into the pit to him and start walking. But they grabbed me and managed to take me away from there.

The action took place on an area like a field. there were explosions everywhere. Me and my father walked side by side on a long and wide road. there were still people behind us. my father went ahead, and I saw the phone on the road, I decided to pick it up, when suddenly my father pulled my hand away from him, and I was in front, and I heard his screams and an explosion. everything went dark. I was in a dark room, there was a woman. I don’t remember who she was, but I heard her voice somewhere. I started crying and the dream ended.

Hello. Dreamed of the death of dad and brother. I don’t remember any small details. But at the end of the dream, the brother was alive

I had a dream about the death of my own dad. It was New Year’s Eve. I was 16. Now 15. My friend got something cool. And for me the doll that I dreamed of as a child. I got upset and went hysterically to my parents. Dad said that he would buy a new gift even now. We went to the jewelry. It’s strange that the jeweler robots at night on December 31, I thought. He bought me an earring. Then we walked home through a dark dark park without fanars, like in a dark forest. Dad was attacked by a man with a knife and put a knife into him many times. I got scared and ran away. Then I woke up.

I dreamed about the death of my father, my father is not mine. Dad died back in January of this year. The fact is that I have been on social networks for a very long time and follow American people, one girl has a dad &# 8212; Monty, and I, just dreamed of his death. What is it for?

My dad is sick, he has a temperature. And I dreamed that he died, everyone was crying. I got scared.

Hello, I had a dream where I went into the house, where my mother and grandmother and some other guy who was my friend in a dream, but in reality I don’t know him, started crying from the doorway. And they said my father died in the hospital. Then I lost consciousness

I came home, my father drank a lot and he wanted to hit me, we really started to quarrel, we were in a big house and he threw himself off hitting his head on the descent and died

A shop with cookies appeared under our school (literally under) &# 171; Oreo&# 187;. I’m leaving with Tanya and Arina. They talk, but they don’t pay attention to me, as always. I said that I need to go to the store. For 15 UAH I buy a package with 10 oreo. But when I get out Tanya and Arina are already going to the bus stop. I get upset and go to another stop. It’s hard for me. There are a lot of similar days, and they all dreamed of me. But one day Arina got sick, and Tanya finally finds out why I need so many cookies. This is for YouTube videos. I don’t remember exactly for what. I invite her to my place to film it together. She agrees and we went. We stop in the hallway&# 8230;. The atmosphere is eerie and gloomy &# 8212; house claw is shrouded in a dark fog. We are met by a Slenderman with a mark in the middle of his head, someone has taken aim. He’s glad that we finally came, and also there is some kind of 2D dude. They offer me to play a game. Despite the fact that a hundred recently died my very dear cat, and a friend in the family constantly yells and beatings at her, we agree. Some of them (I don’t remember exactly who) said, directly, but in a soft voice, that my father died. At the same time, my friend and I communicate.
&# 8212; losing the person you loved, who helped you for 13 years, is harder than losing the person who constantly beats you!
In life, I would not say so. Tanya (that’s the name of her friend) runs away, and I’m trying to catch her. But when she grabs the stick she lets go. Suddenly I manage to catch her, and at the same time sit on a butterfly on Tanya’s hand and on mine &# 171; peacock eye&# 187 ;, only small and dry.we go back home. My father died, but suddenly my friend disappears, and my mother, brother and father appear in her place. Oh, my mother was still sick. But now everyone is healthy, and the atmosphere has become happy and bright, fresh. But dad said It’s boring without cats, you will have to start when this one dies &# 8212; I answer further &# 8212; Thomas (my cat) is alive?! &# 8212; Yes. &# 8212; Mom answered it
Then I don’t remember what we said, like we were silent. And suddenly snow falls. I become plump myself for about five years, and I enjoy the snow. I am allowed to play in it. Then the dream ended.

Mom said that my father was dead, I came and told my mother that I was pregnant. I was pregnant and my father died (who is alive), I buried my father while pregnant, I cried very much, I told my father near the grave that I was pregnant

I dreamed a man killed three men and my father. My father ran away in every possible way, saved himself, but unfortunately it helped him. I tried to help, but it didn’t work either. To call the police, everyone rendered me. I cried a lot, I was in pain. Then at the end of the dream, I got into his car, cried very hard and drove it.

father was angry.he shot one guy, and he, before falling, managed to shoot him.that’s why I didn’t cry.promto took teleion and charger and left this apartment.

Death of a father who is alive, an accident,
I myself did not see his death, the dream was of ordinary color shades

In a dream, my father died, and he was in a jar that we opened in the morning so that he would be with us and in the evening they would bury him, but then there was something like the places of the dead, but it was like a separate world, there was a door, and some kind of person who maybe there was the main one who gave us a million and told us whether we would agree for this money not to have contact with my father, my sister agreed hastily and we left, but we were allowed to have contact with my father if we took a dishwasher with us

my father and I and some other people I don’t know traveled on a pirate ship. broke dad decided to swim. I noticed a giant pink eel (many times the human length), I tell my dad not to go there, it will eat you, he refuses, like everything will be okay, what are you winding up. I tried to persuade him while the eel swam next to him, but to no avail. then the monster tried to devour his father, but his own long fangs prevented him. after he transformed into something incomprehensible, like a trap, and killed dad. all this time, dad was absolutely calm and smiling, like everyone else who was around, and I alone fought in hysterics.
in the present my dad is alive and i’m worried about him.

I dreamed that my father was dying in a dream from some kind of health problem. Then, in some strange way, he is alive, but the doctors say that as if he died, but for several days he realizes that he is walking around and can answer a little. And as if he was offended at first that I was not very sad. In the middle of a dream, I cried very much sitting next to him and said that I would give everything just to get him back.Woke up with tears in my eyes.

Dad went to the village and died abruptly, he had no health problems, it happened unexpectedly&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;

I dreamed that my dad came home, and they were doing something in the garden, and suddenly he felt bad and we called an ambulance. And then everyone who was at home realized that he had died. I cried a lot because I am his eldest daughter. And I dreamed that I came to the cemetery to keep it, everyone came there. When they started to lower him into the grave on ropes, I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures. What could this dream mean?

Hello! I dream for the 3rd day in a row that my dad died.all these 3 days the dream is the if mom (we live separately) calls me and says that dad died.I go to them and see daddy in his coffin.that’s all i remember.

Hello, I dreamed of a racing stadium and my best friend was driving in a car in a circle, and I was standing with an unfamiliar uncle, my friend stopped and came up to me and said Artyom I want to tell you something and instantly tells me an unknown uncle will you tell him or I to which my uncle replied that I and he told me that your dad had a month left to live I fell and started crying I woke up in tears I am 17 years old and I can’t find peace help me please I don’t know what this means please tell me

I dreamed that in one saw comments about sympathy for my father’s death under my sister’s post. The post had pictures with a candle and a verse about this. Later in a dream I found bread with notes from my father in which he asked that my sister and brother stay together and not quarrel about the remaining housing, that he is glad that we began to communicate with him again. After that I woke up in tears.

I dreamed that he had a fight with his mother, wrote a farewell letter and when we watched TV he began to whisper forgiveness in my ear, I turned around and saw a knife in his chest. I started to frantically call an ambulance, once I made a wrong number then dialed it correctly, but as soon as the beeps went off I woke up.

On the 9th day of the commemoration of the deceased grandmother (really) I had a dream, where on the phone in the correspondence mode they express condolences to me about the death of my father (he is alive) they write this in a dream, it’s a pity, only the grandmother was buried, and then the father died, tell me what it means?the dream is clearly prophetic, since I had a dream on the 9th day of commemoration of the death of my grandmother

On the 9th day of the commemoration of the deceased grandmother (really), I had a dream where they express condolences over the death of my father (he is alive) over the phone in the mode of correspondence, they write this in a dream, it’s a pity, only the grandmother was buried, and then the father died, tell me what it means?the dream is clearly prophetic, since I had a dream on the 9th day of commemoration of the death of my grandmother

On the 9th day of the commemoration of the deceased grandmother (really), I had a dream where they express condolences over the death of my father (he is alive) over the phone in the mode of correspondence, they write this in a dream, it’s a pity, only the grandmother was buried, and then the father died, tell me what it means?the dream is clearly prophetic, since I had a dream on the 9th day of commemoration of the death of my grandmother

Father’s death
On the first floor of the apartment, my mother told me that my dad had died, I ran to the second floor to my dad’s room to check, but near his door I woke up without opening the door

I had a dream that my dad forcibly hit my mother in a car (I saved her), and he himself crashed. And it’s very strange, in my life I have a brother, but in a dream he was not. I already dreamed of such a catfish, but it is different from today’s

In a dream, I did not see my father’s death, as if after the funeral I was driving in the car and asked my mother for details, as if I had been in some kind of trance throughout this entire period and had just begun to realize. I start to cry and say how much I love him and how I want it all to be just a dream.

I dreamed that I would find out about the sudden death of my father, I don’t remember the exact reason, but something looks like a cardiac arrest or is very close to it. It was his birthday after 5 pm, and it was very annoying that I did not have time to congratulate him. The dream left a very unpleasant aftertaste, right in the dream I wanted to cry and everything happened very suddenly, there was a shock and seemed to be paralyzed.There was no funeral, but I remember that there was preparation for them, and we were going to bury him where my mother-in-law lives, although this is a completely different city and it is not clear why we decided to bury him there (in a dream, my mother told me that we had not in the city).

I dreamed that a living father was dying, ph in white socks, I lifted him in my arms and cry and persuade him not to die, live another 20 years &# 171;&# 187; you are still 80 years old&# 187; in fact, he will be 70, a deceased grandmother sits on the couch and looks, and he took off his white socks

First we went by car. Just me, dad and mom. Then we saw a man who was aiming with another gun, dad stopped in front of them and that man was aiming at mom. Dad fenced off mom with his head. The man shot, but dad was still alive. I went out and shouted to people to call an ambulance, then a crowd had already accumulated. But I did not wait for help and ran to the hospital in tears. Then I could not find a doctor for a long time, and when I came to that place, I found out that dad had died. Ugh ugh ugh

I had a dream on Thursday at 6 in the morning that someone says it is not clear who is on the phone, that my father is in the morgue, why is this dreaming?

I was in the kitchen. I was sitting on a chair, and I don’t remember how, but I found out that dad died. Mom then apparently was not at home. I screamed very hard and almost tore my hair out of anger that he died so early and from the fact that he left us. I screamed and sobbed at the same time. At first I didn’t believe that my dad was dead, but then I did. It was like after September 1 and it was a night like.

Hello. On the night from Thursday to Friday, I dreamed 4 dreams, as if my father had died. In the first dream, as if the father went to the village to visit relatives and died there. In the second dream, I also dreamed that my father died there in the village. I seem to come to the village, and they tell me that he died. In 3 dream he dreams, as if dad has something serious with his hands &# 8230;.they are sick (hands), in 4 dreams, I dreamed as if my dad was working in this village (as if there was his real work) and something huge fell on him there. And I come to this job, and they tell me that my father was sent from the morgue to Moscow, to his relatives. That something huge and instant death fell on him. What is all this for? tell?

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