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Dream interpretation Fear of heights 😴 dreamed of why Fear of heights dreams in a dream

The feeling of fear of heights, experienced in a dream, means the change of a black stripe in life to a white one, the resolution of all existing problems. Very soon everything will change for the better, worries will subside, and you will be able to benefit from failures.

If you dream about height and the fear of falling, the subconscious mind warns of the presence of not only strengths in nature. Elevation shows the desire to appear better to others than it really is.

The interpretation of fear before falling from elevations promises publicity for hidden desires to rise above the crowd and the associated troubles. The desired "pedestal" is not an urgent need and will only bring a feeling of burden instead of euphoria.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of Fear of heights, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the fear of heights is about in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I was on a tall gray tree without leaves, looked down, was afraid of heights, and slowly, slowly tried to go down, but did not go down, but woke up.

Climbed a skyscraper with small children: my son and friend’s daughter (close). I felt a sense of fear&# 8230;. overcame, how they got down – I don’t remember.

I’m on the roof (tiny site) of a skyscraper with 2-3 friends.In fear, I huddle in a corner and try to pull my friends who are on the very edge to me so that they do not fall. I am covered with indescribable fear. Somehow, an unfamiliar child appears in our company, whom I also try to keep.

I go up to the top floor of a high-rise building on a swinging staircase and I’m afraid, I am accompanied by two men and they say do not be afraid, I barely got there, I break down and one of the men supports me, but he smells bad of shit and I keep away from him, but myself I smelled like shit, but still we finally got to the apartment

Huge abyss. Lots of people I don’t know (sort of like a group that is recruited on hikes). There will be a rope between the two mountains. Everyone rolls from one mountain to another with 2 hands on the rope thrown over the rope&# 8230; they have fun, but I do not. I have an unreal fear of heights (in real life, too, until I faint) But I want to overcome it&# 8230;.and I do it, but after making sure that everything is firmly established and I will not fall. And as a result, I experience an unrealistic feeling of happiness, joy, etc. d.

I dreamed that I was standing on top of an iron tower, from which I really want to go down . The fear of heights scares me very much. I ask for help to go down from others

Wide stone staircase with very flat, lapped steps. I AM &# 8212; above, below the sea. I really want to go down to him, but fear prevents me from doing it.

I wanted to go down, I was on a staggering staircase, I was surprised HOW I could be so insignificant and I was afraid of falling down the staircase shatalas

I was standing on the balcony and I had to go downstairs over the sheets and I began to sob from fright, then my husband climbed up the sheets up to me to get off and I woke up

I stand on the stairs very high, and I look down how high I stand, then my sister runs up and falls on me, and then I almost on the edge of this staircase feel a terrible fear of heights .

My friends and I climbed onto the Ferris Wheel to the very height and watched the rescue operation of two guys who were hanging and could fall down. One of them was saved, and the other &# 8212; broke. We got scared and decided to go down as soon as possible so as not to fall ourselves. In the dream there was such fear that, as if in reality, my legs, arms, hands were shaking and my heart was pounding. Then my friends and I went down safely and I immediately woke up

Everyone ran away from the big giant, but at the same time they jumped to a multi-storey building and jumped from it right into his hand and pushed me very hard in the back and I flew, the giant caught me and lowered me to the ground where I saw that all the people were calm, but then I woke up abruptly

I am in an empty auditorium sooo big and I choose a place for myself and for someone else the chairs are at a decent height and I have a terrible fear next to an elderly woman giving way to a supposedly comfortable place, but it turns out to be like a staircase in a high-rise building without a railing&# 8230;.

I dreamed about how I climbed the mountain, I don’t see, I see I ended up on a high hill with green grass and I’m looking for a place to go down to the shore and the thought if I throw myself down, I will crash and die, my car should be there, white Zhiguli 1, although I have there is no car in Java, and there is no cliff going down and I walk almost crawling along a narrow part of the hill, and then I see it is not at all narrow I see beauty in front, I see that there is a little further down the mountain and ended up on the shore, but my shoes could not to find, at the end of the dream, I was holding my hand in my hands, she was cut off to the elbows I saw meat but there was no blood, it was as if my hand was replaced with a healthy one

I stood on the edge of the slope and was afraid to fall, but I asked for help to leave and they helped me. But then the dream switched to another.that I was on a date with the guy who helped me get away from that rock

I dreamed that I was climbing the stairs in my entrance. I live on the first floor and the stairs in life are quite short, but in a dream it was clearly longer. Then I reached the door of my apartment and where there should be a staircase further up, there was another staircase down, but somehow strange, it was not even quite clear at first whether it was down or up and the steps were some small, it was very long and went somewhere in the dark. I looked down and I was very dizzy and somehow I opened the door and burst into my apartment. In ordinary life, as such, I do not have a fear of heights

Climbing the stone stairs with glass intervals. And the horror that the glass section will collapse .

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