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Dream interpretation fight with a friend why dream of a fight with a friend in a dream


In a dream I dreamed of a fight with a friend? In the near future, life will seriously change, old attachments will be a thing of the past, and they will be replaced by new impressions and unusual acquaintances. The dream interpretation will give a clear answer: what else is the night brawl dreaming of?.

According to Miller

In a dream, they contrived to fight a lot with a good friend? Be prepared to be bored and tormented by idleness for a while.

Where to start decryption?

Do you want to get a complete interpretation of the dream? Consider the severity of the encounter first.

I dreamed that a fight with a friend was frivolous and even playful? The dream interpretation is sure: the nervous tension in which you have been lately will noticeably subside.

But to see a bloody massacre with wounds, fractures means that a grandiose scandal will occur in reality. At the same time, a vision can be a shape-shifter and promise a relatively prosperous period in real life.

This is inner discord and illness!

Identity identification should be the next step. For example, a complete stranger, whom in a dream you consider your good friend, is a kind of guide on the subtle plane.

In addition, friends at night are associated with various aspects of the dreamer’s personality. Knowing this, it’s pretty easy to understand what a fight with a friend means at night.

The dream interpretation notes: on the face, the inner gave. But if you dreamed of a desperate fight with a sidekick who looked like a monster in his appearance, then you will get sick and begin to stubbornly fight your illness.

What do you want?

Why dream of a fight with a friend you know in the real world? The dream interpretation suggests that you are trying too actively to impose your opinion on him.

I had a chance to see a scuffle with a familiar friend? It is possible that in your soul you want to punish or take revenge on him for something.

I dreamed that they beat a good friend? In reality, earn the respect of colleagues and the admiration of the opposite sex.

If a friend beat you in a dream, then you will suffer from enemy intrigues. It’s good to see that they managed to give a worthy rebuff to their abuser. In fact, manage to upset the intention of ill-wishers.

Do not forget!

Why do you dream of a fight with your best friend? This is a warning: you made a big mistake, so you will fail.

In dreams, they managed to fight with the best friend? Having received the desired success, you will undeservedly forget those who helped you at the very beginning. At the same time, a fight with a friend promises a major but pleasant surprise and joy.

The dream interpretation reminds: the plot is under the influence of inversion. Therefore, in reality, it guarantees very warm and trusting friendly relations.

How they fought?

Dreamed of a fight with a friend? Check all the features of the dreaming incident.

  • Blood on kitchen knives – happiness.
  • Swords – conflict with a business partner.
  • Kulakakh – family, work disassembly.
  • Pistols (duel) – confusion, frustration of plans.
  • In the ring – pleasant leisure.
  • In the middle of the street – participation in a public event.

Act decisively!

Why dream about how they quarreled with a former comrade? The dream interpretation suspects that you have to understand a case that you have long forgotten about.

The same plot indicates that an incompetent, but rather wayward person will seek help.

In a dream, they started a fight with a former boyfriend? The time has come for decisive action, delay is dangerous now.

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