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Dream interpretation figure why dream figure in a dream


A figure seen in a dream can promise many different events and incidents, both joyful and upsetting, popular dream books broadcast. To understand what exactly your plot is dreaming of, remember what kind of figure you dreamed of: what it was from, what it was and how it related to you – these details will allow you to understand what to be ready for in the near future.

Miller’s dream book

According to this interpreter of dreams, to see a beautiful female figure in a dream is a symbol that you are on the right path. And if a man dreamed that he was admiring the slender figure of a beloved girl, then this means that he misses her attention and affection.

Little baby figurines in a dream foreshadow surprises, Miller explains. Moreover, the younger the child, whose outlines or shadows you see in a dream, the greater the surprise.

The figure of a person will tell about relationships

The dream book of Nostradamus, explaining why the beautiful slender figure of a woman dreams, assures that this is a sign of the coming fall. Perhaps you will cheat on your lover or he will.

According to the Eastern interpreter of dreams, a beautiful girlish figure dreamed of by a guy means the dreamer’s desire to achieve harmony in a relationship with his partner. And if he sees in a dream that a representative of an ideal body has an ugly face, then he is wasting time courting a new passion – this relationship is doomed to failure.

Vague outlines as a warning of danger

Pastor Loff’s dream book explains why the vague black figure of a monk or a man in a cloak with a hood dreams: you have started something bad, so your conscience constantly reminds you of this, "throwing up" such images.

Dark clouds in the sky in a dream took on funny outlines? You will be able to cope with any difficulties. And if "curly" black clouds scared you in a dream with their images, then try to avoid dangerous situations so as not to get into trouble.

I dreamed of a black figure of an angel? An illness awaits you, and a very complex and protracted one, Vanga’s dream book upsets. The angel was in white? To a speedy recovery or improvement of the situation.

Chess Piece, or Get Ready for Updates

Why do chess pieces dream, the Chinese dream book undertakes to explain: you are "on the verge" of something new and interesting.

It is very good if you see an elephant figure on a chessboard in a dream. This means that nothing will stop you on the way to your goal. And if you dreamed that the elephant fell under the battle, then be careful, calculating your actions and steps, there is a chance that you will be mistaken, dream books warn.

Geometric Shapes: From Joy to Sadness

If you dreamed of geometric shapes drawn on a sheet of paper, then be prepared for anything: both for joy and for trouble, dream books assure.

So, explaining what the rectangle is dreaming of, dream books warn of the likelihood of being captured by your illusions. Stop hanging in the clouds and get busy if you want to achieve something!

See a circle in a dream? You are depressed and do not see a way out of an unpleasant situation. But the triangle promises happiness and contentment.

Other figures as a symbol of the variety of events

Remember what other figures you dreamed about, and dream books will tell you why such images are dreaming.

For example, to see in a dream figurines of animals, especially strong ones – a lion, a horse, an elephant – carved from ice – a sign of indecision and detachment. But if they were carved from wood, then this, on the contrary, symbolizes self-confidence and self-confidence.

A cake with figurines in the shape of a heart or a bride and groom predicts harmony in love. And if you dreamed of a photo of cartoon characters cut from a magazine, then be prepared for surprises and surprises.

What it was made of?

The interpretation of a dream about figures is also greatly influenced by the material from which they were made, dream books suggest. Here’s what to expect if you saw:

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