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Dream Interpretation Find an Earring 😴 dreamed of why dreaming about finding an Earring in a dream to see

The dream that you have found earrings speaks of stability and well-being in your life. Luck and luck are on your side in all your endeavors.

At work, a promotion and a big breakthrough are possible, but in your personal life you are definitely ripe to take your relationship to a new, higher level.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of finding an earring, but the desired interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why you dream of finding an Earring in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I, in my dream, found an earring, one, it is like a chain. And I immediately put it on my ear in the last two holes. And from Tuesday to Wednesday 24.06-25.06.14 years old I dreamed of my and someone else’s gold rings, and from 30.06 to 1.07.14 my husband and I had an accident ourselves alive, but we broke the car very much, everything seems to be fine, but it’s scary that experts say that it could be worse because of bitton plates. Tell me what these dreams can mean? Help please, I’m very afraid, because we have a little son.

rode in a minibus, began to find some things in it&# 8230;.what exactly I don’t remember, but they were all valuable. I told the driver about this, he told me that I need to look well, because he often has gold earrings. I began to search and found a gold earring under the rug with rubbish, the earring had a triangle that dangled on a ring. I took the earring for myself.

I found an earring not gold, but yellow. This earring looks like mine. I thought that I had lost mine, but I touched my ear, and my earring is in place.

I dreamed the second time that I found my beloved gold earring that I had lost, a woman found it, and I took it away from her, saying &# 171; mine&# 187; knowing that the second earring is in my bag. [email&# 160; protected]

I dreamed about walking along the street and wondering how little the little girl was lying down and trying to take a small bag with a blue stone;&# 8230;.

under the metal steps in the garbage I found old jewelry, I remember well earrings and a bracelet, the garbage was dry, and there were almost a handful of jewelry. And everything happened at work

I dreamed that at work I pushed aside the table, and under it there was dirt and in this dirt there were many lost earrings. Some of them are my colleagues. She picked them up and gives them to me, says let them be for you. I do not want to take them, but she forcibly gives them to me. Then I saw my earrings there, although in reality I did not lose them, and I also found strangers in the form of rings.

Sleep, I’m walking down the street, not alone, there is still a man and a woman with me. The street is swamp and then I notice an earring, gold, I went through it but then came back to pick it up. The woman who walked with me was also looking for her and wanted to take the earring first, but I took it. It turned out that this is my earring and I did not even notice that I had lost it&# 8230; there was no other earring in my ear, but in a dream I realized that she was somewhere at home.

I dreamed that my daughter and I were bathing in water and she lost a gold earring, which I later found in some locker

A friend lost her earring (gold carnation). And a woman’s voice called out to me that the earring was lost. I went into the room, and there was an earring on the floor right at the doorway. I picked it up &# 8212; examined and was going to take it to the owner.On this I woke up. thanks

I dreamed that I was buying earrings from fortune-tellers and what it could be, please answer

Hello!I dreamed that I found a lost earring and a ring with a gemstone.Dreamed from Sunday to Monday.

Hello, in a dream I found a golden earring with a small light stone on a clean, sandy bottom of the river, and then another one, not a couple. Then she passed one through the other, fastened and left in her hand.

I dreamed that I found my lost earring on the ground, I was delighted.And I pulled 3 more gold rings from the shell

I found garbage on the threshold of the room, began to rake it and found 1 earring, and I remembered that I did not lose it, it is paired with another . Everything, the dream is over

I dreamed that I found earrings that I did not lose in reality. Then I dreamed that I was already wearing other earrings that I wore the day before this dream. But when I look at myself in the mirror on my right ear, the earring changes to the one that I lost in reality, for a very long time. For some reason, in a dream, I think that I am color blind and therefore the earrings change when I look at them.

I dreamed that I found a lost earring on the ground. I began to pick it up, hold it in my hand and examine. She is whole, glistens in the sun. I don’t know if it’s gold or silver, but silver and gold. I picked it up, and I see many more earrings on the ground, began to collect. I hold a handful of earrings in my hand.

I lost a diamond earring from my husband’s gift set, lost it in reality, and in a dream I see how I find it safe and sound

I was looking for earrings. They fell behind the bed, it had to be moved&# 8230; And besides earrings, I also found things of my husband’s ex-wife: hairpins, combs (there were a lot of them, they were wooden combs, in a dream my husband explained to me, they say, my wife constantly lost combs and bought new ones), there were also all sorts of pictures, photos of my son&# 8230;

some guests, in the kitchen I am cleaning food from the table and in the scraps of vegetables I see a gold earring. next to my husband is preparing food alive (my husband died 8 years ago).

I dreamed that I was visiting and found a bunch of jewelry, but most of all I was thrown one silver earring &# 8230; in reality there are none &# 8230; but in a dream I knew I was lying at home.. and I kind of found her a pair&# 8230; and dreamed of 3 silver pectoral crosses. But I don’t remember if I took them

My husband and I could walk.I found a big earring, the largest sample for what.?Ana beat flat, long and wide.Found on the street on osfplte.

Found one lost diamond earrings. Daughter lost on the chow. We searched for a long time. Then I found her in a dream

Hello Tatiana? My little daughter recently lost one pair of earrings. And tonight I dreamed that I found her under the carpet. And I put it on my daughter. We were both joyful. When I woke up it was a dream. This earring was given to her by my mother when she was 1 year old. She is now 7 years old.

Hello) I dreamed that in the barn of cows I found a golden serga and I don’t know the baby, I took the earring and saved and took the baby, he choked, but I pulled him out!

I dreamed that I was walking with my daughter for 11 years, in an alley I found one earring, gold with a triangular yellow stone.I thought I shouldn’t take it, but I’m not going to carry it to the pawnshop right away and put it in my pocket

Hello, I dreamed that I found one broken gold earring, in a street toilet and it was voluminous, I crumpled it and put it in my pocket.and later I realized who had lost .but was not going to give it away.

I dreamed of one silver earring. I just don’t understand found one or lost the second. I do not have such. I really didn’t want to throw it away. I left hoping that I would find a second..

Hello, I dreamed that I was standing on a chair and on the shelf I found the gold earrings of my sister who was standing next to. I show her and say that I found your gold earrings, she replied that they were already old, she supposedly did not need them, and I put them in their place.

Good morning!
I dreamed that I found one earring and exactly the same pendant. And in a dream I realized that I also have a second one, although I did not see her
I have such earrings in real life.

I dream that I found a silver earring that I lost in reality for another 10 months, I found it at home.

In a dream, I found several pairs of gold earrings and rings on the closet, one pair of earrings was in the shape of a butterfly. I wanted to try on rings and generally steal all these products, but then I changed my mind and put everything back and left home.

I found jewelry made of gold and silver in someone else’s house on the closet, these were rings and earrings. One pair of gold earrings was in the shape of a butterfly. I wanted to measure and steal all the products, but then I changed my mind. I put everything in its place and left home

In my life I lost the piercing in my nose, and today I open the closet and the earring there is like new with a label and I think how I was looking for it and could not look into the closet

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