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Dream Interpretation Fingers on Feet 😴 dreamed of why fingers on Feet dream in a dream

If you saw legs in a dream, and in particular fingers on them – now you are on the right track, nothing bad should happen. Seeing injured fingers is a loss, something happens to your property.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of fingers on my Feet, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the toes on your Feet dream about in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

In a dream I dreamed of a lot of people in the room, I stand in line, open shoes on my feet, I look at my toenails, and a man (friend) strokes them. At this moment I think how good it is that the nails are well-groomed and painted with varnish (light). At this moment I was pleased.

Tatyana, would you like a man to kiss your feet in your life??

trimmed the corners of the toenails of the big toes, which could grow in, the legs and nails are clean, well-groomed, it turned out to be cut very neatly, however, a very small drop of blood appeared on the finger, bright red

in a dream, she unexpectedly discovered that a toe on her right foot was broken, tried to call an ambulance or a taxi to get to the emergency center

Hello! A friend had a dream that my husband sent me to his homeland with one of the relatives, and his toes were rotten and they were cut off to him.

Hello! I dreamed that 2 toes fell off my foot, and then I put them in place, they hurt then, they were red.

Good afternoon, I dreamed of a healthy big toe &# 8212; perfect, but looking inside I saw that the nail itself is peeling off – also looks great and I took it off. What is it for. There was no horror in a dream, without a nail, the ideal surface was a finger and pulp, but without a nail.

I dreamed that there was some kind of virus in the world and that it would not harm it, I had to wear red clothes, and now I was in red clothes next to me, a girl, I tried to wrap her up in everything red and I seemed to see that I was starting to approach the house and toes that were not were wrapped in red steel struck and giving a strange feeling and I understand that I have been infected

I dreamed that I pulled out a small splinter from under the toenail and first the nail cracked, and then the whole finger split into two even parts, without blood, it didn’t hurt, only scary. Thank you for your reply!

na levoy noge snylosj bez dvuh paljzev-malenjkih, na pravoy te zhe samye paljzy, toljko ih polovinki, bez krovy, chto eto znachyt

I saw my legs, clean, neat, but there was an additional toe, which at first got in the way, then I tied it around the edge of my foot and it became more comfortable and calmer

I dream that I’m walking through the forest, a man comes to the meeting, even a monster, twice as tall as me, my head is gigantic, my nose is a potato, we looked into each other’s eyes, I saw him, very scary and somehow wild, I saw him from my feet to head, was in a shirt that was tattered long and was all dirty, there was a stream not far away, I looked at his dirty feet and fingers that had grown together in two places and his nails were dirty, for some reason I was perplexed and led him by the hand to the stream, and began to wash his feet when I washed him, there were clean perfect legs and toes in order, and the nails, as if by magic, on this I woke up, still a strange feeling after waking up, we did not say anything, just glances

I was on a motorcycle and one woman and his son wanted to ride on her own and we were kotalis and bathed in the river and we came home but I didn’t want her to come to us and she was sitting with my father after a while I asked the sistra she’s still here a sister she answered until she left and I told my sister how many fingers can there be on 1 leg and I can be a sister and 10 I showed him my leg and said sew and we got 11

I dreamed that I myself, I could say, tore off my toe with my right right next to the little finger.Then when I understood the doctor appeared and we put our finger together so that he would ssros.I remember there was pain but there was no blood, I also held it in my hands.

A big toe fell off on the left leg, a state of prolonged terror in a dream.

Hello Tatiana!
Today I dreamed that I had 13 fingers on my right foot, additional, slightly smaller in size, of a delicate color, like in children, between the middle and further to the little finger.I was not scared, but I was very surprised that I did not notice this earlier.I look and think about what to do with it?

I had a dream. On the right foot, one toe is missing in half. There was no blood and no pain. Second finger.

as if someone, I didn’t see who just felt with all five of his hand took my toes and tried to tear off first on the right leg and then on the left, when they pulled on the left I woke up? but I didn’t see the severed fingers, it didn’t hurt

i dreamed that two fingers grew out of the little finger and two out of one also grew on the ring finger, and I tried to hide from my wife that my little finger and the nameless one had split . and woke up.

I had a very stupid dream that I put pieces of transparent ice on my toes, just like caps, and then I put on rollers on top and rolled on the ice.

I had a dream that on my legs I have a small process on my right and left legs, I looked carefully and this is a finger and a toenail, the sixth is obtained. What could be a dream? Best regards to you

Good afternoon, Tatiana!
Today I had a dream, from 13:00 to 15:20, that in the kitchen sitting with a friend (oh) her (his) gray, German shepherd lay and just strongly aggravated me, barked, then began to bite her big toes under the kitchen table. I barely removed my legs! There was no blood. At the same time, I felt in a dream how scared and painful I was! And I woke up!

The middle finger separated from the right leg, without blood or damage. I held it in my hands, thinking how to put it back in place. The finger was very beautiful and even and, most importantly,, &# 171; alive&# 187; I felt it. It seemed like there was also the voice of my father, they say, I didn’t need to do something there, this would not have happened. I put my finger &# 171; in place&# 187; in the hope that it will grow and woke up.

there was a swollen leg and then a finger fell off.and I hold it in my hands and think: finger fell off&# 8230;

In a dream I dreamed of two toes fused together on my left leg.I looked at them and decided to separate.I managed.

The toes on my feet grew together, and the skin was soft, as if I had been in water for a long time and I cut my fingers apart with a thread. I didn’t hurt, there was no blood, it was just scary

I dreamed that I was visiting someone.
I rode a scooter around the apartment, then fell from the scooter onto the carpet.
I was standing in the kitchen, and a beautiful girl had her genitals shaved, I went up to the girl and sat down on the floor, and she put her legs on my chest, her left leg on my right breast, and her right leg on her left.
Then I dreamed of a child up to 1 year old, I held him in my arms, he began to cry and he became hysterical, he started screaming like a demon and barely kept his escape, after they woke me up, the end of the dream did not see

I dreamed that my toes grew together..I tried to break them, but it didn’t work..

I lovingly kissed the boss’s toes, in an intimate setting in bed, although I had and do not have any love relationship with the boss.

I didn’t know where I was walking, and in the city, near the hospital, they were selling shoes, I liked some kind of pair, I decided to try them on, measured them and nothing happened, my leg didn’t fit, I took off to see what was there, and there a layer of skin with nails comes off, and under that a layer of brand new skin, like a baby)

On the right leg 2, the toe was rubbed, that the bones were sticking out and was bent to the right, he could hardly stay on the leg. At the beginning he was normal, but at the end, where there is a connection with the leg, he was terrible.
On the left leg with in front of the last toe it was the same, only even worse.
And my mother saw it and wanted to chop them off.

Hello. Today, February 8, at 2-3 nights, I dreamed that I saw my toes as if they had grown together.what does it mean?

I dreamed of big toes that were bloody and cracked in the middle. The fingers were oversized and had very grown nails. And they were cracked like a tree, in the middle and small branches.

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