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Dream interpretation fish in Water 😴 dreamed of why a fish in Water dreams in a dream_1

Fish swimming in clear water – meet your ideal life partner.

Fish swimming in dirty water – your desire to find the lover of your dreams will not come true.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of a fish in Water, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why a fish in Water dreams in a dream, just write a dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

Hello, I dreamed that I was swimming in the river. The river is very clean and deep, everywhere there is yellow sand and there is not even a pebble. Suddenly a lot of fish are swimming along the river, I went ashore and saw a pregnant fish there, I took it in my arms and when I turned to the river, it was already dry.I ran with this fish to find water for it. After running a certain amount of time, I find a small reservoir where I let the fish go, and it swam away.

dreamed of a clean deep lake.I was afraid of him and at the same time I was drawn to swim or even pushed&# 8230; I swam to the other side, small fish were floating nearby, there were a lot of them&# 8230; approaching the shore, a big fish was swimming next to me, and fishermen were fishing on the shore, then I saw a waterman coming out of the water.what is it for?I already see a lake and fish many times, but the dream is not the same.

Hello! I dreamed of an aquarium with clean water and fish, and next to the aquarium there are 3-4 fish hovering in the air.I caught one in a butterfly net and threw it into the aquarium. The fish turned out to be with teeth.She first ate a dead fish, and then attacked a live one and tore it to pieces. I caught and pulled a fish with teeth from the aquarium with my hands, and she dug into my finger until it bleeds. After that I caught another fish in the air (it seemed normal), threw it into the aquarium &# 8212; swims normally. Threw dry food into the water &# 8212; she ate food and showed me her teeth. After that, the water in the aquarium began to cloud up to a dark red color.After I woke up. I still think about this dream. Dream seen on the night from Sunday to Monday. eight.12.2013 &# 8212; nine.12.2013. What can you say. thanks.Waiting for an answer.

I hold in my hand a glass of water in which a small fish swims

Hello, I had a dream that I was sitting near the water in a cator, I see a flock of fish floating away, the water is unclear, not transparent.for the early thank you for the answer))))

I was visiting a girl with whom I had not communicated for a long time (they had a fight, although they rarely communicated at all before). We with her, and another girl, lay on a large bed and chatted about the fact that this girl (the first) gave birth to seven children and she still has a normal figure (although in appearance we were teenagers, 16-17 years old). All this time I lie on my side, with a glass in my hand (a tall glass, like those in which juices are usually served in cafes), and sometimes I drink sip. After drinking once again, I noticed that there was something dark, looked more attentively, and there was a small fish (probably half a little finger, dark gray), and the second time I also noticed a fish in a glass, but it was already dark gray but thick as two little fingers, and the water is dirty, as if the water had not been changed for a long time (poop, fish food)

I had a dream: a big fish with a mustache, similar to a catfish fish, splashing in very dirty water, similar to mud .The fish remained alive

I swam in the river, there are a lot of fish, I seemed to try to catch it, but since it was empty in my hands, it means I didn’t catch it, the water is clean, I feel good in it. but that’s all, I don’t remember anything else&# 8230; I sometimes stood. sometimes swam, and did not believe that the water is so clean

I saw in a dream how I fill the buckets with water, wash myself.I saw a fish in the water right in the room of my house, at first I caught one fish with a fishing rod, then I caught it with my hands.

Hello!I had a dream that I was filling a glass of tap water, the water was clear, but I found something dark at the bottom and it turned out to be a fish.Then I took a sip of water and spat out this fish.Please tell me what this dream was about!thanks!

I changed the water in the aquarium to the fish and they did not fit, they jumped out of the jar they were cramped, they were small, gray.

I walked with my husband in a forest area, saw a backwater and fishermen.walked on water, there were a lot of live fish, small and very large &# 8212; all the fish of the ball are alive.

I dreamed of a creek with clear water and large stones in it. Strange fish swim there, they can be seen, then they flash in neon color and disappear. Me and my ex-husband are trying to catch them. But it’s very difficult. And then I accidentally caught a sea turtle larger than the palm of my hand. And then my son and I go to some house where there is a large aquarium, and there seems to be one fish in it. And we stand thinking, maybe our turtle can run there ? The dream was very bright, colorful.

I dreamed that I was sitting on the edge of the river, it was muddy, two men came and caught fish and threw a large fish ashore that I also wanted to catch something I threw something but did not see that it was not a fishing rod then I saw that this fish was swimming up to less than in men, but also not petty, I took her in my hands and I can’t pull the magician out of the river only my head sticks out of the river in my hands and I woke up

The priest smiled at me.Threw the sphere, like a bridal bouquet is thrown at a wedding.I was not alone.Crossed and caught.It shimmered with the colors of the rainbow, then its parts diverged, then joined.I really wanted to catch her, I felt the excitement.

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