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Dream interpretation flag why the flag is dreaming in a dream according to the Astroscope dream book


For everyone who dreamed about the flag, dream books have prepared promising predictions. However, it is recommended to clarify what color the flag appeared in the dream, was it raised or, conversely, lowered. A raised flag in a dream, as in real life, symbolizes that your efforts will be crowned with complete victory, you can count on luck and success. The flag at half-mast indicates the opposite. Failure or complete failure awaits you. However, there are versions that prepared a very intriguing forecast for everyone who dreamed of something like this. This is a sign that some unexplored pleasures await you in reality.

To see a raised flag in a dream is a success, a complete triumph over enemies or circumstances; honor and respect.

A dream in which you yourself raised the flag is especially favorable. This is a symbol of the fact that all victories will be your personal merit and achievement. If a dream came to you at that moment in your life when you are just trying to realize something, be sure that your efforts will certainly be crowned with success.

Seeing a flag at half-mast in a dream is a failure in business, a complete failure; willingness to retreat.

You walked long and hard towards some intended goal. However, under the yoke of circumstances and problems beyond your control, your strengths were undermined, you gave up, decided to abandon your idea. You should not be disappointed in yourself, give up and put an end to your plans. Similar situations can arise in the life of each of us. Be patient. If you don’t stop fighting, sooner or later you will surely win.

To dream that someone is giving you signals with a flag – take a closer look at your health.

The flag serves to signal a danger. This is what the person in the dream conveys to you. The dream is symbolic. Probably, at the moment you are just starting to have some serious problems with the body (it was he who gave the signal in a dream). Take note of what you see and do not delay the visit to the doctor.

Seeing a flag for a woman in a dream – an affair with a military man.

This is indicated by the symbolism of sleep. However, most modern dream books do not support this interpretation, believing that the flag in your dream appeared as a manifestation of inner readiness for some intimate experiments.

Seeing a flag at half-mast in a dream – intimacy in cramped circumstances.

Freud’s interpretation. A lowered flag vaguely resembles a person in clothes that have been partially removed, not completely. Hence the assumption that this dream foreshadows you engaging in sex in some uncomfortable, non-standard place, where neither you nor your partner will have the opportunity to completely naked.

Miller’s dream book: Flag

I dreamed of my national flag – to victory, to financial prosperity The flag in a woman’s dream predicts a deep feeling for the military. The flag of another state portends a break in relations or a violation of agreements between nationalities or neighbors.

Watched another person honking a flag – to a threat to your reputation and health

Flag in a dream according to Freud

Saw many flags in a dream – have numerous love interests

Hanging flags – tend to indulge in love fantasies

They held the flag in their hands – strive to enter into a love affair

A folded flag – your love tone has subsided

Why is the Flag dreaming in the Modern Dream Book

I dreamed of a national flag – to victory in a war or to make large profits in commercial activities For women, a flag in a dream portends an acquaintance with a man in military uniform.

The flag of another state – to distrust; to break up relations with friends

Someone honked you with a flag – to a threat to your health and reputation

Faded or disheveled flag of your state – to defeat in the war

Had a dream: Flag – interpretation of the Esoteric dream book

Love dream book: Flag

In this case «flag at half-mast» – this is not completely discarded clothes that will interfere with you during lovemaking.If a man dreamed of a red flag, it means in real life he is behaving too aggressively and impudently in relation to his chosen one. The white flag with its appearance in a dream foreshadows that during the next communication with a person you like, you will not be able to contain a flurry of passion and your casual conversation will quickly turn into a love channel.

Flagpole according to Freud’s dream book

I dreamed of a flagpole with a waving flag – you are in magnificent love form A flagpole with a rolled up flag indicates a decrease in love tone.

To see a banner in a dream – to joy

We took the banner out of the mud – stay true to moral principles

Tore up the banner – to the readiness to defend themselves with their last strength

They used a banner instead of a sheet – to disappointment in a loved one after his base deed

The flagpole in a dream according to the Modern Dream Book

Coat of arms in a dream according to Miller’s dream book

Coat of arms in the Modern Dream Book

The dreamed coat of arms is a sign that all your efforts to gain public honor, universal fame and respect will end in complete failure

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