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Dream interpretation flood dream interpretation of sleep


Dream interpretation flood dream interpretation of sleep. The dream book of the Magickum project is based on the analysis of fulfilled dreams, which is why it is the best dream book on the Runet, according to users. There are many rules for decoding dreams, however, having read even this characterization of a symbol, you can understand the essence of what your subconscious has shown you.

Read the symbol options below and find for yourself those that correspond to the plot of your dream.

A flood in a dream indicates events in reality that will become an unexpected disaster for you. The main characteristic of this symbol of the mental world of dreams is an all-consuming feeling of fear and hopelessness.

Therefore, it is very important to fully understand the context of the dream. If you only saw a flood or flood from the side, then the event that frightens you so will be external to you. Well, if you somehow fell into a flood, there was a lot of water and it swallowed you up &# 8212; you will be involved in the event itself and it will be a collapse of hopes, failure of plans and disasters. Additional aspects in the dream will indicate what exactly this will concern.

Flood in an apartment or house

dreams of scandals and troubles. But, if the water that pours or floods your house is clean, know that some unpleasant events will upset you, but at the same time problems will go away from your life. Since clean water in the house &# 8212; it is a symbol of cleansing, but this cleansing is not always painless.

A flood in the bathroom almost always indicates illness or recovery and getting rid of illness, if the water is clean. Typically bathroom &# 8212; this is the territory &# 171; sexual relations&# 187 ;, diseases will also affect the genital area. If there are children in the bathroom &# 8212; means, an indication of the relationship of the parents.

Flood in the street

indicates large-scale events that affect many people and entail great changes in life. These are usually political and economic crises.

global flood &# 8212; global life changes. Well, if you were able to escape &# 8212; this dream means rare luck and happiness in the future.

A flood and tsunami or large waves in a dream mean changes that will cause very strong emotional experiences. After that, a lot will change in your fate and life, including because of your own &# 171; internal coup&# 187;.

A dream come true about the flood

Dream come true about water. Hello everyone, I’ll tell you how my dream about water came true&# 8230;

I dream that I look out the window in the room and see that water is running along the road in a flood and is approaching my house. The neighbors all went outside. Further, I notice that the water did not reach my house, it stopped half a meter. I think in a dream: &# 8212; Well, thank God, everything worked out. On this I woke up. And on the same day, I began to slowly prepare for the New Year: I began to cook food, cook something and decided to go out to throw the garbage into the garbage chute)).




And what do you think? My door slammed shut and something jammed there. I tried to open it for a long time, just like the neighbors came out in a dream to help, but to no avail. I had to call my dad (and in a dream we looked out the window at the flood with him). And only when he arrived, they were able to open the door and get into the apartment!! I had such a dream related to water. Maybe someone will come in handy. Flood &# 8212; it’s like an emotional shock.

Synonyms &# 171; flood&# 187; : flood, spill, flood

* In all dreams there is an indication of the time of realization! Webinar &# 171; Time in dreams&# 187; &# 8212; how to determine when a dream will come true &# 8212; HERE

Author: Victoria Sokolova

Comments on the forum article:

I am on the 4th floor of a 17-storey building. I talk to some girl, I ask her where she usually swims, she says that in the lake, not far from here and points her hand out the window. I look out the window, but I know that there is no lake anywhere near. And then I see a beautiful yellow-red sunset and everything is flooded with water everywhere.

I understand that this is a worldwide flood,

and that where there is water, all people have already died and everything is flooded, but we are not yet, t.To. we are in a house on a hill. I throw everyone who was in the room (friends, acquaintances), I run out the door. At the same time, when I was indoors, some girl gave me her ring and said that it was very important. So that I can save it and then give it back to her. The water is already near the door. Run around the building on the right. Running around the house, I waved my left hand and the ring easily flew off my finger into the water. I realized that I couldn’t get it anymore and I was running further. I run into the building from the back side and see that there is this girl in the room who gave me the ring. I understand that I have nothing to say to her. I silently walk past her and quickly climb the stairs.

She was not angry, she just stood and looked at me expectantly. Further I climb higher and higher stairs. Some more people are running with me. Then a guy comes up to me and wants to come into the room with me, but I understand that he and his friend are not good people and will not let them. Then I look out the window and see that the water is rising at a fast pace (the water itself is clean and transparent). But it won’t reach us.
I read the transcript about the flood itself, but about the girl’s ring is not very clear. help me please.

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