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Dream Interpretation Fly 😴 dreamed of why a Fly dreams in a dream


When flies dream, you need to be attentive to your colleagues or acquaintances, perhaps among them there are secret ill-wishers, envious people who should beware.

Dreams about flies are considered harbingers of petty quarrels with loved ones and disappointment in trusted people, health problems and obstacles in achieving goals.

Where was the fly in your dream?

Why does a fly dream in an apartment ▼

To see a huge fly in the house, this dream is a good sign. A vivid impression awaits you from an unforgettable meeting with your loved one.

A small fly in your apartment – the dream book warns: "be careful, beware of conflicts and do not get involved in disputes, they can be provoked by envious people, trying to make you look unsightly and defame".

I dreamed of flies on the window ▼

Flies stuck around the window, the dreaming warns of caution and the need to control the environment and the situation, since there are ill-wishers near you, enemies and their actions can harm your reputation or career.

If you dreamed about flies in your hair ▼

Seeing in a dream that flies are in your hair is a warning that it is time to take measures to strengthen and restore your health, take up an active lifestyle, proper nutrition, rest, leisure, pay more attention to yourself.

How many flies did you see in a dream?

What a fly looked like in your dream?

Flies with maggots in a dream ▼

If you dream of flies with small larvae, then you will surely expect minor disappointments.

But flies with large maggots dreamed of in a dream portend great trials and problems that cannot be solved alone. Seek help from relatives or specialists.

What did you do in your dream?

What color was the fly in the dream?

Green flies dream ▼

Green flies in a dream – to concern, any actions taken during this period will be useless. It’s not worth starting anything new. Wait out this time.

Black flies according to the dream book ▼

A dream where you see black flies warns you to be careful and keep the situation under control. Your position in society may be shaken, and your reputation may be threatened, Others will start spreading dirty gossip and rumors about you.

White fly in a dream ▼

If you dream of a white fly, this is a sign that in reality you may face persecution, slander, gossip of spiteful critics, ill-wishers. Be carefull.

What did flies do in a dream?

Flies bit in a dream ▼

Flies bite – means that the dreamer will be hurt, which will leave a painful mark on the heart for a long time.

Fly bite – the dream book warns that rather large, significant troubles are expected that will need to be resolved.

Flies flew in a dream ▼

When in a dream you see many flies that fly over you and buzz, it means that rumors will begin to spread about you. To prove your innocence and get out of the situation without losing your own dignity, you will have to sacrifice the reputation of another person.

In your dream, besides flies, there was someone else?

Spiders and flies dreamed ▼

If in a dream a spider devours a fly caught in its web, this symbolizes that you are working under the guidance of a very insidious and dangerous person who will stop at nothing on the way to his goal. Be very careful.

Also, if you dream that a fly has got into a web, this is a warning against committing frivolous acts that can subsequently bring you trouble. Consider your actions before taking action.

How various dream books interpret the fly symbol?

Miller’s dream book ▼

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

Fly dreamed, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Fly is dreaming of in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I dreamed that a swarm of flies was flying silently in the room above the bed and I was arguing with my mother and she had a black scarf tied on her head

sergey, probably your dream about flies suggests that you will have a serious conversation with your loved ones.

Hello, I had a dream in which I saw my daughter surrounded by many flies.

Natalia, perhaps a dream about your daughter being surrounded by flies, suggests that in reality she can be surrounded by many small obstacles.

I dreamed that in a large hall with a high ceiling, two flies were sitting on red curtains. And I try to slap one of them&# 8230; and the fly, in turn, begins to fall down and its size increases, approaching the bottom. And she falls on my pastel, a huge fly the size of a man and starts kicking. I’m in shock, I feel her swinging presence

Michael, the fact that you saw such a fly in this dream probably suggests that unpleasant news can serve as the beginning of serious problems.

Yesterday, t.e. from Thursday to Friday, I dreamed that a big black fly landed right on the face of my future mother-in-law (my mother’s already almost husband)&# 8230; What is it for?

Ekaterina, a fly in a dream can mean a lot of trouble.

I dreamed of a huge yellow fly. who sat on her chest. Scared then tore apart. All the walls were covered with her filth&# 8230;

Valgas, a fly in a dream can mean a meeting with a stupid annoying person, from whom you want to get rid of.

This morning I dreamed: I was passing by summer cottages and I see a plot that I abandoned in favor of my brother after the death of my grandmother. The door to the house is wide open. I went there, and there it is already crowded from flies. They buzz loudly and fly chaotically, many hit me, sit down and even bite. I am very disgusted, I fight back with my hands and reach for the towel on the wall to kick them out, but I just can’t get it and wake up&# 8230; What is it for?

Veronica, perhaps flies symbolize problems in this house that cannot be resolved without you.

Killed the flies tonight &# 8212; drove them away from one sleeping person, whom they interfered with and clapped them.

Ricci, flies in your dream most likely symbolize bad rumors about a person, that is, in real life you will protect someone.

In a dream I dreamed of a huge (probably about 30-40 cm) large fly that was sitting on the ceiling in some the end, I kicked her out with the help of some kind of paper-cardboard outside the apartment door..
Why such a dream?

Dima, the fact that there was a big fly in your house most likely promises your family illnesses and other troubles.

Tonight I dreamed of a clear sea, and a huge number of black dead flies floated in it. Why such a dream?

Olga, a dream in which you saw a lot of flies probably promises you difficult times.

I dreamed from Thursday to Friday a lot of flies that flew around me, it bothered me very much, I woke up and did not understand what this dream was about. The dream generally dreamed in the morning after six in the morning. Why this dream, thanks in advance for the answer.

Elena, the flies in your dream probably indicate that a period of unpleasant troubles awaits you.

Dreamed from Thursday to Friday. My friend and I go to the store. There is a black fly flying. a demon possesses us and we start spinning on the floor, we cannot stop. I understand that this is because of her. I find myself in my parents’ room and I see her there.I start hitting it and with each hit it gets bigger and bigger. As a result, she becomes a big monster like a worm with a large mouth and teeth, slimy and nasty.what does it mean please tell me!

Elena, such a fly in your dream most likely promises you unpleasant news, which will initiate a series of problems that will be extremely difficult to cope with.

I dreamed from Friday to Saturday that I was drinking juice from a glass and specifically taking it like dead flies, I throw them in glasses and drink with the juice, then I went and caught them and threw them into the juice again, and then I kind of ate them and pulled them out from a glass&# 8230; it’s something bad to dream?

I dreamed of a fly that drowned in my mug of tea. Sleep from Thursday to Friday, in the morning. Why can this dream?

And I dreamed that I gave birth to a fly and I loved it, what is it for?

Hello, this morning I dreamed that I was sitting in a cafe with a friend.They just ordered everything, but nothing else was brought and I find myself on the street.I pull out a very long thin branch from my thumb out of my leg.There is a hole in the finger and a fly crawled out of there.I look at her, and she is very big and seemed beautiful to me.I stepped on it, but not hard.And stepped aside.She took off abruptly and flew right at me.I felt sick and woke up.Please tell me why I dreamed about it? If before going to bed I pulled out a shard of glass from my leg. thanks a lot.

Probably, such a dream of yours portends events in which you will have to give up your outdated connections and relationships.

I sleep I am visiting with me they agree to put me to bed and bring flies in the box they are not visible they are under the peel of the seeds they are covered I sleep peacefully I wake up they are open circling around me and my stomach is all in bites

I dreamed that I was bitten by a Tsetse fly, and I sucked out the poison.

I have a dream, there is a penny and flies around it

Please tell me what it could mean.
I dreamed that I was holding a transparent bag full of big flies. They are very unpleasant to me and I feel that I am about to release the bag from my hands and they will fly out.

Good afternoon, I dreamed that I was sleeping and I saw a large fly patching up. When I got up to kill it, I noticed a bunch of large flies and cockroaches of various types and sizes sitting in the corner of my room throughout the corner, I was surprised that my father came into the room and we began to kill them , in my opinion everyone was soaked, tell me what to expect, thanks

I had a dream that green flies stuck around my tongue and the area around my mouth, they seem to bite in and I tearing them off, I see that there are bite marks and then I show everyone these marks, I had a dream from Monday to Tuesday

I dreamed of many flies landing on raw meat.The dream was from Thursday to Friday. What does it mean?

Hello..I had a dream..I enter a room unknown to me..on the bed lies the corpse of a person I don’t know..decomposing corpse..and there are a lot of flies flying around..what can this mean.

I dreamed that there were flies in my head. But they did not buzz, I went up to the mirror and saw flies appear on my face, as if from the inside, one by one, then many. What is it? And I asked my parents to help me with this! They promised to take me to the hospital. .

I dreamed that my husband’s mistress brought a lot of flies to the apartment in a jacket and threw them on the floor and said &# 171; this is for you so as not to bother us&# 187;

Hello! It’s very strange, but I dreamed of a fly that I save, not kill. The fly is on the verge of death and I really feel sorry for her. I am very sensitive to the fly.

I sleep. Dreams that there are a lot of flies on the table top. It’s like I wake up and try to take a closer look at the blackness on the lid. And the flies begin to take off and hang in a swarm in the center of the room. At this time, I try, as it were, to strain my eyes from a sleepyhead, in order to understand flies or not. Then I finally wake up.

I had a dream in which I saw two flies, one very large and black and the other smaller.In a dream, I did not hesitate for a long time to immediately kill a big fly and then a small fly

Dreamed of a big yellow fly. I tried to slam it and throw it out into the open window, but I didn’t succeed. While I was clapping on her, she looked at me with such pitying eyes. Then I managed to throw it off and it fell into a large web, a spider began to creep up to it&# 8230; And then I woke up.

Hello, my name is Natasha, I’m 19 years old, my mom had a dream from among on Thursday, I do rearrangements in the room, and she lies on the couch looking at the raft, and he is covered in black fly and my uncle eats and interrupts.

Hello, my name is Natasha, I’m 19 years old.My mom had a dream from among on Thursday.In this dream, she slept and woke up from what I was doing in her room, I put furniture from other rooms to her and ask her for her opinion.Mom says it’s better this way and then lifts her head and the ceiling is covered in black flies of a small size and my uncle is trying to interrupt them, and mom says that it is better to poison them.

flies fly out of food

I dreamed that a fly flew into my eye and I pulled it out with pain by some thread.

I dreamed that a brother and a friend went to a meat store, and the meat was all gone and there were so many flies just like a wall. We decided to leave the store and left. Then I got sick of my dress and put on a black mustard T-shirt.

I catch small fleas on my dog ​​and suddenly a large black fly flies out of one flea and flies under the door of my father’s room – he has been lying down after a stroke for almost a year. I try to kill her, but it doesn’t work, and my father in a dream stands in the middle of the room healthy and handsome and laughs

a big black fly flew into the room. and with her smaller and lighter. I just look at them and a thought flashes through my mind. that it will be bad for me. I didn’t even try to drive them

a big black fly flew into the room and the second is smaller and lighter, and a thought flashes through my mind.what is it bad

Ja shol cerez darogu po peshehodnamu perehodu, i pocustvoval, cto u menja pod odezdoj cto to meshajet i scekochit! Ja ostanovilsja na seredine darogi, i snjal s sebja shorti.I v shortah uvidel celij roj navoznih muh.Ja ne izpugalsja, i nacel ih vitrahivat ot odezdi.Kogda ja otrehnul odezdu ot muh, ja uvidel sorokonozku! Potom prosnulsja.

I dreamed of fat flies flying over me. There are a lot of them, they swarm over me. I stand and look at them with my head up. and next to the deceased grandfather, who picks watermelons from the tree, and forbids me to pick them. But I still remove one watermelon from the tree, or rather, it falls into my hands by itself. Grandpa scolds me, says that this ripe watermelon is his and takes the watermelon from me.

From the top of the refrigerator, I shook off a piece of meat, and it was in flies, then a human hand fell from the refrigerator, I was so scared in a dream that I even woke up.

Hello, today I dreamed that a fly got entangled in my hair and when I tried to remove it, it bit me, it was very unpleasant, but a bump formed on my head at the site of the bite. And in general, in my dreams insects often haunt me, why would it?

Hello, in my dream there were a lot of flies at home, I killed them, while I noticed that there were many new beautiful things at home, but there were flies on all things and I destroyed them, I didn’t remember anything else&# 8230;

Hello. I dreamed about summer, a meadow, there must be a river or a lake nearby and someone bites my heel, like I take off my shoes, and flies of different sizes bite my heel, the heel stuck and I started to throw them off.

I had a dream today that I got up moved the table and there were a lot of dead flies under the table, they were both large and small and they all lay on their backs, their color was black.

Granddaughter, 7 years old and she had a dream that there were a lot of flies around her, she drove them away, but they did not fly away. She cried all night and was hysterical.

I dreamed that flies flew into the house, I drove them out into the street, but I caught a few flies with my hands and killed them, but I remember that I drove all the flies

I dreamed of three black small flies that flew into the house through the window on which there was a mosquito net and I looked with surprise there that the net was standing and the flies flew anyway

Hello! I dreamed that I had black boots on my legs, which were so brown, but the fur seemed rubbery, like a bath mat, and flies flew out of there. many flies&# 8230; and I drive them

Hello, I had a dream in which I first crush a lot of white large spiders (I accidentally crushed one and had to kill a lot) and then a black fly flies into my ear

She opened the door of the apartment, and a neighbor put garbage on the stairwell. And from it big green flies appeared. As soon as I opened the door, they began to fly towards the open door, I quickly began to close it

A huge yellow-green fly appeared in the apartment, I ran away from it. Then I banged her on the window with a sheet, she was stunned, but still alive, I told my husband to finish her off. he began to strangle her, and when he strangled her, the fly turned into my child&# 8230;

I dreamed of a lot of flies that I killed, they were so big and buzzed strongly&# 8230; and it annoys me very much&# 8230;

a swarm of bees flew home, but it turned out to be black flies that I started to fight off, but they sat on my pants, the dream was a gray misty color. Could this be somehow related to health??

my child’s nanny came to our kitchen and brought something in the net (it seems that meat.. but I’m not sure), with which several large flies flew.

everything happens in the bedroom. my husband and I lie on the bed and almost fall asleep. I heard the buzzing of flies, turned to the sound and saw that 3 large flies were flying in the bedroom. flies black. I got out of bed with a desire to drive the flies out of the house.
on this I woke up)

as if I was pulling some long worm out of my hand and where I pulled it out there was a big hole and a fly flies out of there.

I dreamed of a piece of raw meat (pork) in a bag, I open the bag, and flies fly out of there, and I started waving my arms to chase them away

I am in an unknown place, and there are few peoples.somehow we started building a house and built 2, 3-storey houses, such as summer cottages.and there 2 tigers appear and they follow me.and I was afraid, scared, ran away from them

I had a dream about two snakes, one was black, dead, dried up, covered with flies, sitting in a dirty pit.And I walked by.Another snake crawled behind me, red, wanted to bite.I was a little scared.but then I found the strength in myself and cut off her head with a shovel, and the poison sprayed on me, on my tongue, I was disgusted, I thought that I would be poisoned!

I dreamed that I saw myself from the outside, I was fifteen years younger.I see myself in different outfits, I communicate with my beloved, with whom I still live, and I understand that I need to look like this, it’s time to do something. There are many rooms in a dream, many neighbors and friends among them. I also see two flies on the transparent glass wall. At first they played, then one began to devour the other, starting from the head. Flies the size of a large dragonfly

I removed flies with long wings from my eyes and put them in my palm in front of the mirror. and as if I opened my eyes – I could see.

I dreamed of cows, I grazed them with my sister and mother, then, when we started to return, in the evening, the cows began to scatter, we could not catch them. Then suddenly I stopped noticing my mother and sister, they disappeared from sight, disappeared somewhere.. Then when, I was already driving them, I tried to collect them all, I saw a huge white bull in the field, which had already caught one cow, he looked as if in my eyes. Then I saw someone’s yard, there were like rabbits, goats, a farm, in general. (I don’t know where the yards came from if I was just on the field) I already caught up with all the cows to the place where their owners should already meet them, they began to turn around, wanted to run back, but I managed to wrap them up, alone the cow even bumped into me (It seems to me that this cow wanted to run to that white bull, after all, the male)
Then I saw that there were people around, but they stood, without any reaction, they just looked at me, they did not come to help. Why did it happen?? I started screaming, begging for help, but no one reacted, did not budge, except for one.. He came up to me and began to calm. Then I suddenly felt something in my mouth, took out the rest of the fly, apparently, I chewed it a little..(And that’s it, I woke up

good day ! In a dream, I saw relatives with whom I do not communicate at the moment, and I was in their house, I saw raw meat and there are a lot of flies on it, then I saw three large very beautiful torata and huge flies that were not real were sitting on them, I wanted to drive them away, but from I didn’t work (they were just healthy), and I thought that they were preparing for a holiday or wedding (they have three adult unmarried daughters) and then I saw their mother, they cut food with a knife and the table stood her straight, closing my way to the door and I couldn’t get out.

I was at school, I was asked to do something. When I went down to the first floor, some girl from elementary school said &# 171; Help us&# 187;. The girl ran into the office. I started looking around. There was a fire extinguisher on the wall and there was something behind it, but I did not see that. Flies began to crawl out from behind him, there were a lot of them. What is most interesting, they did not scatter, but crawled in a heap. When I started pushing them, they started to crawl over me. I started jumping and tar, took off my shoes and climbed onto the bench. The flies stood for a while and crawled back. And that’s it&# 8230;

Hello Tatiana. In a dream I dreamed of a lot of flies, in every room, then in my mouth I felt them, as if I were chewing. What could have such a dream? [email&# 160; protected] Regards Natalia

those. I dreamed of 3 black flies, two half-dead snails and one flew into my left ear. There I killed her and pulled out a piece, but the pieces all remained exactly&# 8230;

there was a large accumulation of flies in my room, and they flew like flocks, while at the landing sites there were bags with larvae, very nasty! I tried to pass them all, as a result, there were a couple of flies in the room! But it was disgusting, Horror.

Hello. I had a dream that I was going to a party with my friends, I put on a dress and I had to pick up sandals under it, I took off one sandals from my foot and a swarm of flies flew out of it and there were many dead that stuck to my feet and I brushed them off.

Hello! I am 13 years old. This was the first time I had such a dream. I dreamed of flies and mosquitoes, as if they flew into a box, then I don’t remember anything. Sorry.

Hello!I dreamed about a lot of flies that landed on me, I brushed off with difficulty, but in the end I ran away from them

a swarm of flies near me and I displeasely brush them off, trying to drive them away.and a couple of weeks ago I dreamed of a big green toad with a light belly and I looked at it with surprise.

in the bathroom took a red bath towel to dry off&# 8230; and it is black from dead flies stuck to it, I threw it away from me on the floor, the dream was on Monday

Kindergarten (I work there) and there are a lot of flies in the corridors.I hear them buzzing.They were going to be poisoned and I left the building.The area is unfamiliar (not the courtyard of the kindergarten), there are people who seem to be working in a kindergarten.And one, seemingly blessed, reads something about how heavenly punishment will descend on earth, including.h.and in the form of buzzing creatures.When I glanced at what he was reading, there was not a book, but something like a school magazine.It’s not the whole dream, but this is the part of me I’m worried about.

Hello Tatiana! I had a dream from Saturday to Sunday.On this day, my ex-husband was buried, the dream was as follows: I was in some room (I don’t know this one) and a lot of big (sorry) fatty blue-green and black flies flew around and I killed them. I killed a lot and then they lay on the floor

hello, I dreamed that I drank liquor from a bottle and it was with a huge number of dead flies. I immediately spat out a sip, and then I took out and threw the flies out of my mouth, threw them into the sink, and when they fell there they evaporated and turned into demons and instantly incinerated

Standing in water with my hands, I began to peel off the shabby and, for some reason, liquid paint from the door jamb. Flies that accumulated there flew from there. They were large, a bit like flying ants. they didn’t bite but were aggressive. I left and fenced myself in the room from flies with an armchair, one got through, I wanted to kill her, but I could not. The place – the bath and the room and the chair are unfamiliar to me.

I started killing flies with a firecracker, and then the more I killed them, the more they multiplied from one point, a bunch and I turned that they are very black, but I continued to kill at that end

I dreamed tonight a lot of flies on the ceiling and walls, everything was straight in them! But I didn’t do anything, I just looked at them! The dream was black and white!

I stood in the room looking at the chandelier and there were a lot of flies flying over me and I was surprised that it was. then I went out into the street looking there my front strap came off the people’s shoes

Small black flies stuck around clothes, a window in the kitchen and a small kitten (this is a pet at home in reality).I sprayed flies with exterminator to get rid of.But I woke up and I don’t remember whether I got rid of it or not.I was very scared in a dream.I had a dream during the day, literally for 15 minutes of rest.

Write your dream here for interpretation&# 8230; dreamed of a big fly, I wanted to kill her with a pillow, she flew out and buzzed and I began to brush it off and woke up from this

I see some big mouth-watering pies. There are flies on it, a lot of flies, I drive them away, they fly up in a cloud, some remain on the cake. And I see that there are small holes on the cake, traces of flies

the fly was a large striped white-gray
she grabbed my finger
I began to tear it off and the head remained then I cleaned my finger from the head, but a lump appeared at the site of the bite that began to move and move all over the body as if the skin was deteriorating there and I woke up it was very unpleasant

there was a big fly with a beak on the top of the kitchen set, and I had a terrible fear of her, I asked my husband to kill her, they tried to catch her for a very long time and still succeeded and we killed her

Trying to drink some water from a bucket. The bucket always contains the purest practically spring water. I pick up a bucket and it’s full of dead flies floating above. In horror I look into the bucket, and there is also a Samoyed

We were in the market, which was at the very bottom of the rocky slope, there were 3-4 of us, they were my acquaintances, comrades, we were choosing something and then my forehead was swept up, I went to the mirror and saw the seam on my forehead, (opening the seam), gradually flies began to fly out from there, about 6-7, then I went somewhere and the dream ended.

I was in the house of my grandmother (dad’s mom) and suddenly flies began to appear and fly around all the rooms, I began to kill them with a fly swatter. The flies first flew small and then large flies appeared.

I’m putting someone else’s nursing baby to bed, boy. Old grandmothers are sitting around in the room..and suddenly a lot of flies are sitting on the wall

I had a dream where big gray flies were stuck to all my legs and they tried to bite me, I killed them, but not all of them were killed very many. then i woke up.

An uncle came to visit in a black leather cloak and a fur hat with a black face and asks the husband to set the table to have a hangover and his sister wakes me up, she died 2 years ago and says that she will show me something now and I’m going to set the table and there is a bunch of it on the floor flies and cockroaches and I hunt them the dream was in the morning

there were a lot of large black flies on the bed .I cleaned them up and a week ago, as if I starved them in a dream.They cleaned up with difficulty and there were a lot of them

I dreamed that a fly flew into my ear, and then a wasp or a bee appeared from outside, I can’t say for sure.And I kind of drove the fly out of my ear, but then a wasp or a bee flew under the sleeve of my jacket, and I pulled it out of there again, and woke up just out of fear.

Was in her house where she used to live. There was a husband with whom we are not divorced, but we have not lived for several months. In the morning, when my mother saw me, she was afraid that her husband would see that I was at home. And I almost ran away from him with a child (in reality). On the table there were two basins of raw or minced meat, and above them a swarm of green flies.

I was in the holes that the flies did, I was worried for this reason, then my husband passed and the flies dispersed / poisoned / in a dream my daughter was still . flies were not killed all but I healed 22 I had a dream from Thursday to Friday

To dream that many flies fly and buzz around me, I chase them, but they do not fly away and it makes me very angry, probably because in my life I can not stand the sound of flying flies

like a cape with mom came out of town&# 8230; to the village to the country house.And when we arrived, the house turned out to be not ours at all&# 8230; And the house had to be removed, some old, uncomfortable&# 8230;.Mom collected insects in a bag, very similar to flies, but they crawled slowly&# 8230;..And this bag of flies ended up in our house&# 8230;.somehow flies crawled out and crawled on the floor&# 8230; I noticed them and shouted to my mom&# 8230; We began to collect flies together&# 8230; Here’s a dream&# 8230; Thank you very much .

a big fat white fly that flew out of the closet when I opened it, flew out with a noise and caused fright. I caught her, but I was afraid to take it with my hands, I was looking for something to crush her. For a long time I could not do this, then pressing down I heard a crunch, which caused a negative reaction and saw a lot of white poop))) and in my thoughts it was that these were was so big that I hardly took it with both hands in the paper, but it still struggled..and with her paws she grabbed my hand and scratched me. in the end, I kind of finished it off)))

good day. i dreamed that a swarm of flies with blue eyes bites me very painfully, they are everywhere in my hair, under clothes, in shoes&# 8230;

good day! I dreamed that many flies and mosquitoes are trying to fly through the mosquito net on the doors. I know she’ll hold them, but I try to close the door anyway. Suddenly I understand that there is no door. Thought I’d turn on the fumigator and get rid of them – and calmed down. Before that, I tried to drive cats and cats out of the house, and they all appeared from somewhere and appeared, and I drove them out and drove out. Help me figure out what I want to get rid of and what I don’t let in my life. Thanks to.

The fact is that I recently got married, about a month ago
In a dream, I went to bed, but in our room with my spouse there were a lot of flies, they were everywhere and the spouse suggested that they would interfere with our sleep, but we did not have time to kill them

I seemed to wake up in my room on my couch, everything was very real, so I really thought I was awake.and in my room they flew and sat on more and more large green flies, about 20-30 pieces (figuratively), I tried to drive them out, but they did not fly away.that’s the whole dream
Maybe this will help – my wife recently left me, half a year ago, and I still worry very much about this

I dreamed of a man. A swarm of flies flies out of his ear, we then went to the hospital, took out a white capsule and a bunch of flies flew out later, small
to their

near my house where my husband and I live there were many guests somewhere 7 all my husband’s relatives and mine.And someone I do not remember opened some kind of ceiling and some kind of midges began to fly out from there, I scream do not open more, you see the midges fly out and I see a swarm of these midges more and more, they open further and then there is a full house of these flies, or midges, and more some beetles somewhere up to 7 cm on the floor everywhere .I opened the doors to the corridor so that they flew out there and we drove them out, I closed the doors and sit in the house thinking what to do my sister laughs at all this.She took out a bottle of chlorochvos, opened the doors and let’s sprinkle on them, they’ll bite me, I closed the doors in the house and I take out a sting from my leg, I say they bite. I sit and wait when they get to sweep it with a broom I open the doors I see more than half is already lying, well, I think I’ll wait .I walked into the hall I see through the window and that smoke the fire is burning something near someone I am screaming look there is a fire my dad is looking through another window we have a pipe from the boiler on the roof explodes and the smoke went dad ran out into the street I’m looking for my child around the house my daughter 3 years old and she hid on the bed under the blanket, got scared, I ran out into the street after my dad, I see and he is raising some kind of child, either alive or not alive, and I woke up

A swarm of flies attack my head, try to bite. Once it turns out.Then I take a fly spray and water both the flies and soy hair. Flies die.

I left the room into the corridor, and there were flies from somewhere, a lot, as if they were specially released there, returned to the room and closed the door, very unpleasant sensations were

My son is dreaming of me as if he is 1 year old (he is 8) and he crumpled, his wife wipes it off and a fly (small) flies, I caught it with my hand and threw it on the floor (I always do that), she knocked like not small, my dad (he is now 78 &# 8212; thank God it doesn’t hurt), I lift her up and tear off her wing and say to bata: &# 171; let him live &# 8212; now she won’t get us, because after hitting the floor, she always comes to life (they are like muffled)&# 187; And another one flies nearby, but it really does not look like a fly (like a little more than a midge, but the color is green) .
Then the dream switches to the fact that I am with a pistol, someone is chasing me, I stop and he (I don’t know who) shoots at me, the breathing valve is blocked, but it is not painful, there is no blood, I think I’m probably insensible due to the shock and I shoot him 4 times, he has almost no blood, only 4 bloody holes in his chest (on his shirt).
This dream I will say that it was non-colored, but some shades were colored (child’s diarrhea, bloody holes, and midges).
P.S.: Why am I so worried &# 8212; On December 16, I dreamed of a fly (small, domestic), I killed it in my bed, and on December 17, my VERY GOOD FRIEND (he was like a brother to me) crashed in a car. I somehow did not connect this dream with this, but then I watched the battle of psychics on TV and there they said that there was a fly in a dream &# 8212; this is death that comes in the form of a fly (or the one who sees, or close people) and then the puzzle came together.

I dreamed that I was riding grass around me, maybe even reeds and just a huge swarm of flies attacked me, they bit me through my clothes and the bites were sore

Hello! Black big flies dreamed.In the beginning there were few of them and I stomped them with my foot, and then there were so many and they bit me on my left hand that a purulent wound appeared.And then more and more of them began to appear.And all so ugly black and a lot.Then they started getting in my face.And I brushed them off my face with a scream and woke up.thanks

I go into the bedroom, and there my husband is sleeping and there are a lot of flies on the wall.first they flew out of the room, and then they came back and I kicked them out through the window

3 green flies living in a cardboard box, when they were released, they eventually turned into many colorful and beautiful large and small butterflies, they crawled on my hands, I stroked them

i dreamed that my mother pulled out a big bag full of black flies from the closet, and some flies were on my stomach a lot


In a dream, I dreamed that when I entered the house there were a lot of black flies. And 2 dead sisters are poisoning these flies. And my daughter and niece slept on my father’s bed. And I said: &# 187; The girls are asleep, see that they do not get poisoned!&# 187;. And another sister is poisoning flies outside. I said: &# 171; why poison outside&# 187; and woke up.

I dreamed of a dead fish, flies flew over them, but there was a fish lying nearby, not yet dead, breathing alive! And the rest of the fish were almost decaying

I dreamed that I was visiting very close relatives. I came to pick up their puppy. They gave me a very beautiful, small (the smallest of the litter puppy).I go to their kitchen. I really like it there.Beautiful, bright spacious kitchen.With large windows. But flies fly here and there, it makes me angry. And the two most arrogant sat, at a distance from me, on a melon lying in a bowl of fruit. And mate. I don’t like it, but the lady of the house says that we don’t need to drive them out, let them sit&# 8230;.

guests came from my husband’s side, but somehow the table wasn’t set and there were a lot of flies, my older brother looked at me like that and it’s all

Many small flies sat on my wife when she slept, I started to chase them away, and they began to bite me hard and painfully.

I dreamed of flies crawling along the wall in an apartment. 2 large and several small. It seems that we started repairs and opened the hood. And they kind of flew from there. We were going to kill them, but I woke up.

Hello! Today I dreamed that a lot of flies were flying around the room and two dragonflies I pissed them off in a dream with insect deodorant

I dreamed that I was sleeping with the child in the bedroom as usual, my husband came in and started hitting the flies . one green could not kill chased her and she pestered me wanted to bite.and I woke up .then I fell asleep and dream about my deceased grandmother, I kind of dropped in to visit her.

I dreamed of two strange big flies. It was unpleasant to look at them, the dream caused anxiety . I was in the room with them and it was creepy.In the end I woke up .

the weather is spring but a bit dark in the room . I was very surprised that it was still cool, but from where there were 2 flies crawling along the floor to the door to crawl out of the room

I dreamed of flies big and small and I tried to kill them, but nothing worked for me, they eluded me

I dreamed that I was having sex with my ex-husband, and then I start hitting flies, one was big and buzzed, I killed her and two more small ones, I also killed them, and one remained alive, why would it be?

I was in my parents’ house and suddenly a lot of flies and mosquitoes appeared, I said that they should be killed because they were bad, but I didn’t kill them, but only dispersed them, and then I woke up and I don’t know what happened next.

I dreamed of a village street, along which there were shops, went up to one, my mother was standing near the entrance (she died) and called to her. I came close to the door, there was a sign (I don’t remember what it says), knocked on the door, a woman of 45-50 years old opened it, my mother and I went into the store, inside it was surprisingly large, the room resembled a market, there were counters along the walls along the walls with large iron trays. And then I felt a terrible smell of rot (I still have it in my nose), I became curious and approached the trays.Each had raw meat, somewhere in pieces, somewhere in the form of minced meat, meatballs lay in one tray, cutlets in one, there were many trays and flies crawled in each&# 8230; many flies. I felt creepy and woke up

I was vacuuming I stumbled upon some thing, I started to vacuum it, a cloud of flies and bedbugs flew out of it. I got scared and some bugs started jumping near me

I dreamed that my husband and I were sunbathing and a lot of flies of big flies fell on us.I drove them away from him killed.what is it for?

I dreamed that I was driving several rats out of the house, one of them wanted to take my kitten with me and I began to beat her with a stick, and beat her to death. After some time, flies began to fly out of the corpse, many flies.

i dreamed that at night I was at home alone, a fly flew after me, I ran away from it, then I climbed out of the window for some reason to close the window and there was a toad under my feet, she got scared and jumped on a tree, then fell on top of me.

I sleep. A fly flies, I hear it, and sit on my cheek. And I’m trying to wake up to drive her away, and I can’t wake up.

The window is clean, the window sill is also clean. On the windowsill there were two pots with flowers in one, the plant drooped and I wanted to water it and noticed that a cloud of flies was sitting on it, when I took the pot they flew up, and in another pot the plants were green, but the buds were eaten by flies. I put the first pot aside and went into the back of the room and took the dichlorvos and sprayed it, a lot of flies disappeared through the door and I remember one still flew in the room and that’s it.

Today, those. From Friday to Saturday I saw a dream where I drove away a lot of mosquitoes, a few flies and a lot of midges from my sleeping son, so that it meant?

I wanted to drink heavily flies fell into my mug of water and did not give me a drink, everything fell and fell into my mug.

Tatyana, I dreamed as if I saw a lot of flies on the carpet and started hitting them with a crap. In this room, someone came and I say that wait, I will kill the flies&# 8230;. It was not clever for me in the morning that they had come from somewhere&# 8230;

In the house in which I live, when I entered through the curtain, I turned on the light, and they flew in a swarm into the half-open curtain. I stayed at the entrance.

Hello Tatiana Miller. I had a dream.I go into the kitchen and there flies fly over the crayfish, I kill them and they become even more and I thought so in a dream it would be better not to touch them at all

i dreamed that my husband and his relatives were digging the ground to plant potatoes and then the husband lay down to rest and covered himself with tulle so that the flies would not bite

A fragmentary fragment of a dream:
I’m somewhere outside the city, near a small village. I am standing in the low grass, in front of me a dirt road is a few meters away. A large swarm of flies is flying along the road. Each is the size of a butterfly cabbage, with black and green stripes. A small number of them flew at me, I began to brush it off. And one sat on her leg and bit. It felt like a prick. And after that I woke up.

It’s a very strange room, I’m lying on the bed and the ceiling is covered in flies and some kind of insects in black that crawl on the bed and I’m very scared and not pleasant.

I stand, washing the dishes in a dream, and suddenly I hear, chpok! I understand that the ear is deaf! I feel that someone is moving in my ear and I understand that it is a fly.

I saw bees in a dream. By some miracle I found myself in a panic, some honors were in poor condition and I began to treat them with someone, another person taught me how to do it. Then we went to another place and when we went it turned out that among the bees there are flies of considerable size and one of them bit me, I certainly wanted to kill, but it’s a pity that the dream ended. The dream was populated with a very high concentration of colors, more intense and brighter than in real life.

I dreamed that two flies were circling above me. And I look and do not even try to kill them or drive them out. Flies are small&# 8230;.medium size

I caught a large bream or a breeder with my grandson and we went to look for flies, looked in the old building on the windows, walls, ceilings, spiders interfered and gave advice about fishing along the way, the now deceased teacher in torn clothes, he was stupid in life, had many children&# 8230;&# 8230;

There are a lot of flies on the wall, I swear that they opened the door and let it out, I try to kill one all the time, I wanted to step on it, but it split into two in flight. I said: look, they fly together to disguise themselves, and in case of danger they separate. Everything.

good day! I’m 47 years old. Today I dreamed of many golden fly brooches with turquoise inserts. I prepared them as a gift to my classmates for graduation from school as a keepsake. But they did not take them and threw them into the corner, where I saw them.What does it mean? thanks for the answer!

I dreamed that I heard a buzz in my right ear and felt movement.
Then she pulled 4 flies out of the ear with her hand and neatly laid them out on the table in one line. I thought: &# 171; Four flies. There must be a fifth&# 187;. This is where the dream ended.

there are a lot of flies in the room, whole swarms everywhere on the furniture, especially a lot in the middle of the sofa and it is not possible to drive out the window

There was a big black fly on the wall. She did not crawl, did not fly, only sat on the wall above eye level. No action took place anymore. As if I just averted my eyes, and then saw the same fly in the same place again

there was some kind of holiday. there was a queue and drank a drink can compote. I went up and took a glass scooped compote from a saucepan and saw several live flies and one spider in the glass&# 8230; I pulled them out, drank the compote and left&# 8230;

there are a lot of flies on the ceiling in the hall and kitchen in my apartment. I tried to clean them with a vacuum cleaner. there was also a black web, I took it off with a vacuum cleaner.

i dreamed that she flew into my ear, an ordinary one, I started screaming and through a dream to ask my beloved to help me get her out, it was disgusting and disgusting

There was a party and my friend threw a fly to me on a plate while laughing (supposedly a joke) I took a spoon and scooped up a fly and threw the contents of the spoon into it. What is it for?

good day! I dreamed of flies under my clothes, I tried to drive them out of there. It didn’t work, and then there was a feeling that they were somewhere deeper.
I wanted to ask two sisters dreamed that in a dream I was pregnant. There are some problems in life and we are now being examined (there were 2 unsuccessful pregnancies). What does it mean.

I dreamed that a classmate scared flies in biology, and then I felt bad and with a purple nose I went to the hospital, came, and went home&# 8230;.

There were a lot of flies in the house at the dacha, they flew in and out of the door, I tried to drive them out, hit them with a newspaper, then in a dream I went out into the street and was amazed that it was already cold, the garden was cleaned, and flowers (purslane) bloomed for us, pink and red Everything

We were somewhere around me, a lot of girls beat me, I know them, but I did not know them . There were many flies and one flew into my ear

I open the window in the room, and many flies are flooded through the window, although there was already snow on the street, I began to drive them out, some flew out, some still remained. I woke up

I am in a room and the room is so bright and clean, as if all its walls and ceiling were painted white, and suddenly flies began to fly and I began to drive them out so that they would not sit on the walls and ceiling and not get dirty.

Just in the morning I had a dream, in my opinion, without any special colors: the semitones most likely my mouth was not full, but there were several dead black small flies in it, which I shook off with my hand and woke up

A fly flew into my ear and while I was trying to pull it out from there, I crushed it in my ear. So many maggots were small, creepy! And such a thought in a dream, how am I going to walk with this fly in my ear, it stinks (((

I dreamed that many flies tried to stick around my legs and I ran away from them and they flew after me

Lights are on in the hallway and a small swarm of flies around the front door. I tried to catch, but I couldn’t. And before that, an elderly gray-haired man entered the apartment, went to the shelf and took a book. Probably short-sighted, as he moved very close to his face. I was still very surprised and ask him how he got into the apartment.I wanted to turn off the light in the room and in the corridor so that they flew out on their own, but I woke up. When I saw flies in my grandfather’s workshop before &# 8212; he died, then flies in the room where dad slept &# 8212; he also died later.

The room, the light is on, there are many midges in this light, and among them is a huge fly.

I dreamed of a lot of flies, and I thought I had driven them away from myself in my opinion. But I remember exactly that they were not very pleasant to me. And in this dream I dreamed of a very large snake that looked like a cobra, but it did not touch me.

I tried to kill two flies, but did not catch, the running refrigerator of the larvae, either flies or worms, worms from flies on fresh meat, I washed them off under water, one of the larvae got into the eye, I pulled it out, then in the room the FSUs went wild from some insects.

dreamed of mom’s apartment (mom recently died. Dead chickens were lying in the corner in the kitchen and black flies were flying over them. There were many flies and they were big. I began to drive them away from the chickens and my mother helped me.With difficulty we removed everything, but the dream left an unpleasant aftertaste..

Around everything in the snow in white warmth all the people are dressed in summer I see trees but the trees seem to have faded into the background and then a fly flies in and sits on the snow, I call my mother to look at this miracle in the middle of winter and my mother tells me so look how let it be warm for at least a couple of days this weather will stand, and then until the end of winter one temperature will be more than forty degrees.Second dream. I hold in my hands the icon of the Matrona of Moscow and I pray I ask for help, and the matron as if asks for help from me says help, and then I don’t remember what she said

I walk in the garden, park. I watch the prisoners (convicts) go to the special. clothes, one of them has water hung all over his body under his clothes. Then he washes my hair with shampoo and water, the sensations are pleasant. Then a huge beautiful fly arrives, I drive it away.

Today, my mother-in-law, who died 3 years ago, gave me 4 New Year’s gifts with sweets in a dream.I opened all the boxes and in 1 box the flies ate candy. Then they flew out and pounced on me, but I interrupted them all and woke up.

hello my name is lyudmila in a dream I chose sticky flies or tangled ones from my hair

Lying on my own bed as a swarm of flies began to overcome.In a dream, I chased them away, brushed them off as they stirred. thanks.

I dreamed about the room in which my late father was, the room was a mess and a whole swarm of flies was flying, I asked him where so many flies came from?He replied that he opened the window and they swooped down.And on this the dream was interrupted.

Big flies bit like gadflies, didn’t just bite, but bit like a midge. Bit by one. I’ll tear off one, the next one to sit down and bite into. I tear them off along with the skin. At this time, I see that outside the window of such big scary flies a whole swarm

Two large flies sat on their feet and began to suck blood.I brushed them off and blood flowed from the wound.the flies were dead after that.but my leg looked painful

I am under a huge bridge. And the flies in my head bite and I comb them out with my hands

Hello! Today in a dream (from Tuesday to Wednesday) I walked along the corridor, it was whitewashed with white lime, and on the floor, in places, or rather in rare paths along the width of the corridor, flies were strewn and some of them were alive, but none of them took off , it was as if they could not take off, although they were not closed by anything and nothing was holding them!
Please help me explain this dream. Thank you in advance!

I dreamed of toilet large flies, half dead, I wanted to clean and wash the toilet, but I woke up

like it was our fly and I wanted to take it, but it tried to fly away, and I caught it in my hands and accidentally tore off one wing, and it could no longer fly

Large black flies covered the tree and so densely that even the branches could not be seen, but they did not touch me or my loved ones. The tree stood beside the road. I was passing by.

I dreamed of sho three flies sat on the child and my sister screamed shob to catch up with a bite її

just a fly was sitting. President Putin donated several teenage red bicycles and two large black bicycles

I had a dream today.I go out on a road that looks like a forest.not dirty .like sawdust brown road. accidentally stumbled and fell and a whole swarm of them on their flies they on me on my face I wave them off.

on the wooden floor stacked felt boots lay in stacks and flies swarmed on them

I went into the apartment and there was an unpleasant smell, I thought that I had adjusted the kitten went into the room, and there were a lot of big black flies on the couch, they didn’t fly, they just crawled

from the first there was a fly on the left hand, sucking blood, I removed them, but on the right hand one left could not be removed

I dreamed that I was watching TV there, some mulatto guy was lying and we put on a lot of small flies, it seems to me that they were mosquitoes, and some of them climbed into the skin on a shift along the vertebra, then they say that he was treated for a long time, but he is not threatened. I feel the pain of a strong-willed palm, Kabul was bitten by a wasp, I look and there a fly crawls under the skin, I try to vomit and tore off half a fly, I have a panic and I’m going to the hospital, but then I see a striped fly, I scream another one, I started to catch it when I opened the door and try to kick it out but it does not work, and yet I squeezed her with slippers on the floor and undressed her .I look at the palm that fly is completely subcutaneous I look at the wrist and I see three big bugs or black flies I tear off one and it looks like a swollen part of a vein I look a lot at the wrist and there are three of them again and I woke up feeling very bad . what can this mean?

good day! I dreamed of a little fly that got in my eye. Flew there and buzzed. I pulled it out with great difficulty, already dead. Why such a dream?

I was bitten by a fly very painfully on the buttock and sat in my pants, and then I seem to have killed her.

summer cottage, black flies at the top of the glass, I’m sitting looking at it

Dreamed of three large bright green flies and two cockroaches of an unusual shape. At the sight of them, I experienced very unpleasant sensations and thought about the need to carry out a general cleaning.

The flies were in the house, but not mine, there were a lot of them on the ceiling, I tried to beat them .

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