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Dream interpretation dream interpretation foreign language speak dreamed of why in a dream a dream book speaks a foreign language? To select the interpretation of a dream, enter the keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a foreign language in a dream book by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books!

In a dream, see Keep your tongue between your teeth

Sleep Prediction Speak

Much trouble myself. Performing in front of an audience dramatically improving things. Expressing yourself in a foreign language is a big inconvenience, problems.

Why dream of talking

Talking in a dream with an invisible face – in reality you can lose a close friend as a result of sudden death. Talking to the dead – danger awaits you, and your loved ones – illness. Talking to a fool is to be a victim of a hoax. Talking with God in a dream – you can be awarded the patronage of influential people if the conversation is friendly; if God is angry, in reality you can be judged.

A dream in which you talk to a tree portends wealth in the future. Speak in a whisper – you will suffer from gossip.

To see in a dream Speak

To speak – with invisible in the face – loss of a friend – with a dead – danger, illness.

Sleep Prediction Speak

Buddha speaks to people – there will be great material help.

Talking to a bad person, a villain – there will be a quarrel.

Taoist monk or nun chio something say.

Someone tells you about death – portends longevity.

Opening the coffin and talking to the deceased – unfortunately.

Why dream of talking

Talking to younger brothers, sisters is a joy.

Chatting incessantly – success in business and study.

So explain it when you are told for the tenth time in class: “stop chatting!"

To see in a dream Speak

Hearing someone speak – to gossip.

Sleep Prediction Speak

Talking in a dream with a person you can’t see – to disturbing news.

Talking to a bad person – to a quarrel.

Talking about his death – to health and longevity.

Lying in a dream – to the simultaneous gain in one and the loss in the other.

Show off – expose the malicious intent of a friend or person you trusted.

Stuttering in a dream – to joy.

Telling a fairy tale in a dream – for news, a fable – for joy.

Talking for a long time and without stopping – you will receive confirmation of the correctness of the chosen path.

Why dream of talking

Talking a lot in a dream – you will have to be silent in reality exactly when it will be necessary to speak.

Speaking in front of listeners – coming to terms with enemies.

Making a speech from the podium – to improvement in business.

Talk something "out of place" – actively fight the enemy, and for lovers – to show selfish motives.

Talking to babies or hearing them speak – to the fulfillment of desires.

Talking to trees – to prosperity, wealth.

If in a dream you are talking with an invisible person, you will hear about someone’s death or you will lose a friend.

Talking to the deceased – to danger, illness.

Speaking in your country or at home in a foreign language – to get into an unusual, extraordinary situation.

To see in a dream Speak

Uncertainty awaits you, and, most likely, failure in the planned business.

Sleep Prediction Speak

Talking to an invisible person – a rumor of death.

Talking to the deceased is a disease.

Talking to a tree is wealth.

Why dream of talking

Talking with an invisible face in a dream – to unexpected events and the loss of loved ones.

Talking to the dead is a sign of danger and illness. See interpretation: voice, talk.

To see Language in a dream

One of the famous ancient rulers offered to bring to his slave something that is not more beautiful in the world. He brought him a tongue on a golden platter. To the surprised question of his master, he replied that everything beautiful in this world is accomplished with the help of language and with its help it is destroyed.

If this image arose in your dream, remember one popular wisdom: "The tongue gives water, feeds, and flogs your back.". Or: "The tongue is small, but it owns the whole body".

Perhaps an unexpected message awaits you or you receive a warning through your dream that someone will try to slander you.

Do not forget that your excessive talkativeness can cause you a lot of trouble and suffering.

If you saw some ulcers on your tongue in a dream, this means that your excessive talkativeness will have the most unpleasant consequences for you.

To see a cut off tongue in a dream is evidence that in reality you will be unpleasantly surprised by the insincerity of your acquaintances or friends.

A dream in which you feel that your tongue has been taken away means that a long streak of failures has begun in your life.

To dream of someone teasing you and showing you their tongue is a sign that they will try to provoke you into an unworthy act.

If in a dream you are preparing a tasty and original dish from the tongue, then in reality you can overcome all life obstacles.

To see in a dream how someone grabs you by the tongue means that in reality your lie will be revealed.

A dream in which you saw a long tongue symbolizes unexpected news or rumors.

Biting your tongue in a dream is a symbol of the fact that in reality you should trust rumors and other people’s speculations as little as possible.

To dream of a long, snake tongue means slander and slander, the consequences of which can turn into a serious problem for you.

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