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Dream interpretation dream book forgot the book dreamed of why in a dream the dream book forgot the book? To select the interpretation of a dream, enter the keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see in a dream a dream book forgot a book by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books!

To see in a dream Forget

Forgetting to say something in a dream is a bad memory.

Sleep prediction Forget

Forgetting something in a dream – forgetting in reality.

What is the dream of Forgetting

Forget something in a dream. trying to remember – to useless, inglorious work.

In a dream, see an old book and a book in an unknown language

Sleep Prediction Book

A new person surrounded (acquaintance); new business, occupation.

What is the dream of the Book

Seeing many books in a dream is a meaningful, pleasant conversation.

To see the Book in a dream

Seeing a book in a dream is a good sign.

Your future life will be very pleasant.

If a woman dreams of books, then her son will be very educated.

Sleep Prediction Book

it is a sign of strength and power. Sometimes she points to a friendly and interesting interlocutor. A book in the hands of a little boy – to good news, and in the hands of a girl or girl – to even more good news.

To hold a well-known, honorary book in your hand means to acquire great strength, and to hold a closed, unknown book is to near death.

Writing a book portends the acquisition of something condemned by religion. Tearing a book is to get rid of sadness and everything bad, and to achieve good and good.

What is the dream of the Book

Spiritual books read – fun.

Reading secular books is a joy.

Spiritual – gaining honor.

To see the Book in a dream

"read a person like an open book" see the essence of another person, direct access to his life and information. "Book novel" artificial, formal, artificial or formulaic relationships.

"book reading" employment, hobby, knowledge.

Sleep Prediction Book

A book – reading books is a reward, reading in a library is a surprise; to see how they burn – loss of hope, friends, buying is good. Ledger – cheating.

What is the dream of the Book

Read a book to sustainable stability buying – to well-being.

Write – for awesome news.

Antique book – meeting with past problems communication with childhood friends (girlfriends).

Read a fiction book – to gourmet food.

Writing it is a fantasy that is not destined to be embodied in reality.

To republish your book – to restore a broken relationship with a person of the opposite sex.

To see the Book in a dream

Seeing books in a dream portends a pleasant pastime, material wealth, honor and respect. Reading books is a sign of protection and wisdom. If in a dream you read books in foreign languages ​​- in reality you will receive recognition and awards that will mark your noble work.

Reading old tomes in a dream is a warning to beware of evil in any form. Read romance novels – receive false consolation. The catechism heralds an acquaintance with devout people. To study grammar from a textbook in a dream – in reality you will make a wise choice, deliberately going to great difficulties.

Having a dictionary in a dream means that in reality, quickly complete the assigned task. Look for a word in the dictionary – in business management you will depend on the opinion of outsiders, but only at first; by quickly mastering the system, you will take a step forward by improving it.

Reading some kind of almanac in a dream portends a great danger, especially if your lifestyle involves frequent trips to other cities. The book, in the form of a small brochure, says that your behavior borders on frivolity. Address book or telephone directory promises to add to the family. Trade or ledger – a harbinger of eternal debtors. A hardcover book – to the growth of your well-being, in a paperback – you will incur losses, a frayed or torn book – you do not know how to appreciate what you have, which is why you are always dissatisfied with something.

Buying books in a dream means that in reality you will receive help. Seeing yourself in a bookstore testifies to your literary aspirations, reading and good taste. If in a dream you rummage in a bookcase in search of the volume you need, it means that in reality you are successfully applying your knowledge and erudition in practice. Seeing an empty bookcase is a harbinger of frustration due to lack of money for the most basic needs and lack of work that can provide sufficient livelihood.

Borrowing books from the library means an irrepressible craving for everything new and self-improvement, thanks to which you will achieve great success in life. Donate books to the library – in reality you will make acquaintance with educated and erudite people. Sitting in the reading room, surrounded by a mountain of books – such a dream portends intense mental work, due to which mental breakdown is threatened.

Reading the Bible in a dream means that you will have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing vacation away from family and household chores. Marking the margins of the Bible is in trouble because you will not agree to act against your beliefs. Seeing children studying the Bible in a dream speaks of mutual understanding between you and your children based on common views.

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